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I'm A Life Long Smoker

It seems today that means I am some kind of leper trying to kill as many people as I can. I don't have to wrestle down anyone force exhaling my smoke into them to kill them. I can kill them simply by smoking a cigarette down the block upwind from them they only need witness it from afar.. they are now dead meat.

Thank God they banned cigarette commercials as God only knows how many people died of lung cancer because they saw those commercials!

I smoke it is a positive effect upon my life for a variety of reasons. Go figure? When I smoke a cigarette I try not to offend much less kill anyone with it. It is my personal choice not theirs. Smoking is something humanity has done since before recorded history. It is organic the body does tend to know how to handle it graceful in moderation.

When I smoke a cigarette I admit some will say I am polluting, what?, 2 cubic yards of air? 3? With a questionable danger. On the other hand you the non-smoker that just treated me like a leper killer because you saw me smoking not even in shared air space are damaging my air biblical and extremely deadly when you jumped into your internal combustion engine vehicle to escape being murdered by me the leper. That engine in your car turns air deadly and noxious 10's if not 100's of cubic yards per MINUTE!! It will kill you now in a heart beat if in a confined space. You don't even have to wait 20-40 years for the hope of maybe getting lung cancer.

Take a sample of one cubic yard of air from anywhere on the entire planet. Yes, that's right it will contain deadly car exhaust. I'll bet you can't find a measurable trace of cigarette smoke in it.

You don't have to breathe my smoking. I have no choice I must always breathe your absolute poison car exhaust. Can't avoid it no matter where I go.

Yet I'm the killer and leper?


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Ask Me Again Though I said "NO!" Twelve Times Already

I do a bit of Internet shopping. The price is good and it is delivered right to my house. Being on a fixed income and do not own a car these are strong selling points.

Going through Ebay/Paypal just now to secure some butcher twine, don't ask I can't even explain it, Something came to my attention that I have to endure and deal with every single time I do. It goes like this on the way to the checkout/payment:

[Check Box Checked] Can we send you promo offers?

I know it's coming. I look for it special. There it is!

[Uncheck Check Box Checked] Once again NO!!!!!!

What's up with that? It seems like all kinds of things out on the Internet remember every little detail about me. Yet they have no idea how I have answered that the 40 times before. In fact YES or NO matters not it will be asked again every time.

They want to send promos and will keep insisting till I mess up and miss the "No" or until I just surrender from the sheer exhaustion of the fight about it?

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We Lie And Manipulate But, Trust Us, We Won't Lie To Nor Manipulate You

We being the government and corporate mass media in ALL forms. Hopefully most of you out there are well aware of the rampant and epidemic duplicity and manipulations perpetrated by government and corporate mass media upon we the people. And not just people in America but people every where on the entire planet and all other governments also. World class deceptive manipulations. I'm sure there are those out there that will flat out reject this notion as ludicrous and not even look into the possibility of it.

My government would never lie! How dare you say such a thing.

Government controlled education is to ensure a quality education, It is not manipulative indoctrination and conditioning of our children. (Refer to block above)

The TV news must be true because it's against the law to lie. Government protects us from that.

...and Sodium Fluoride is for dental health. There will always be those people out there. I would like to think most of them have not had cause yet to stop what they are doing and take a hard look at what government and corporate media are actually handing them. They're taking it on faith it doesn't need questioning.

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Ever Notice The Syd Barrett's Are Kept Real Quiet?

Syd Barrett, as you may or may not know, was one of the original founding members of the band Pink Floyd. Pink Floyd, as you may or may not know, many will argue when based upon broad criteria is the best Rock N Roll band of all time.

Syd Barrett, as I understand it, "Went South" during the initial formative years with Pink Floyd. All the band members had to witness and experience up close and personal Syd breaking down and being destroyed by this "System and infrastructure" the government has placed upon us all. Engineered society government defined what is right and wrong. Where do you fit? He didn't.

Each and every one of us are unique and one of a kind. There are no two snowflakes alike? So the government and their engineered society comes along and asks which "Shape peg" are you that will fit proper in our allowed 6? 8? 10?.. 1,000 "hole shape" choices?

None of them!?

Nnnngh! Wrong answer! Government and engineered society will now shun and persecute you!! You are bad and something is wrong with you! Ask the 60+% kids in school that are in counseling and/or on psychotropic drugs trying to make them "Government normal" about that.

It's only a small minority that have government abnormality issues. 60+% your child is now very unusual in need of counseling and/or sever psychotropic drugs.

Real quiet.

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Researching An Epiphany About Public Education I Bumped Into John Gatto. Research Done.

The Epiphany: Public education drop outs, those not completely mangled by the education system, have distinct advantages and capabilities over those that did not "Drop out". In fact the higher you go in the public education system the worse off you are than those that "Dropped Out" earlier.

John Gatto: New York State 1991 Teacher of the Year. An renowned outspoken critic of the public education system damaging our children and stifling them in many ways.

I'll let John sum up he is expert about this.

"Who The HELL Are These People?!" - John Taylor Gatto - RARE INSIGHT!:

Back off you drop out. You wash out from the public education system loser with your imagination, creativity and free thinking. I have a PhD. in full indoctrinated stifled. In fact 3 of them!

I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.

- Mark Twain


[Video]John Taylor Gatto - The Purpose Of Schooling

Pink Floyd: Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)

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