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Artist: Peter Frampton: Do You Feel Like We Do

Being able to "Feel" for other people around us is, in my estimation, one of the shining stars that define our very humanity. Coming to the aid of those around us "Feeling" their distress is particularly beautiful. We are out of control we have to do what ever we can do to help them.

A small frail old lady freaks out in a parking lot when she sees a man on a motorcycle tip over he is pinned under the bike. She runs in panic, completely out of control, to the man on the ground under the bike and tries desperately to lift the bike off him. She is actually in more distress than he is. It was my honor and privilege to arrive just in time, stop/park my car in the middle of the road and jump out, to pull her off the motorcycle before she actually hurt herself trying to do something impossible for her to do. Yet trying desperate she was none the less. Together the guy on the ground and myself were able to get the bike up off him. We were both worried about the old lady. He thanked me and I left my car was parked in the middle of the road. He then had to spend a bit of time thanking and placating the old lady that he was ok.

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Election Day 2014: REAL Change made REAL easy

Once again we have an election day approaching fast. That annual spectacle of banana republic corruption, fraud, rigging and the MSM TV's deciding for us all who to vote for or not.

It's amazing the banksters can account with complete paper trail accuracy and accountability every single penny electronically transacted at ATMs and online. 100% accurate. Don't even think about pinching a penny from a banker.

Yet when it comes to counting votes it's almost exactly the opposite. Pinch how ever many you want. There are so many ways the count can be and IS changed no accuracy nor accountability we have truly become a banana republic.

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Don't Worry About It Till They Come For You

Our federal government is well on its way to becoming a full blown martial law military dictatorship police state. This did not happen overnight. It took decades to slowly move the entire country in that direction. Across the many years the government slowly but surly usurped a little power and control here, a little power and control there until they have finally usurped it all. This is what governments do. And that is how they do it little by little. It truly is “Creepy”. David Icke calls this The Totalitarian Tiptoe. The government knows they have to take only one cookie at a time from the cookie jar so it goes unnoticed and people do not get upset about it. If they were to just take the whole jar you'd be able to see the fires in DC from orbit. The jar is almost completely empty at this point and still no fires. So the government keeps stealing a cookie here a cookie there no big deal.

Don't worry about it till they come for you.

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The War On Drugs: Another Lesson In Government Racketeering/Complexes

Anytime "our" government declares war on something it is a guarantee that you will be seeing a lot more of what they are warring to reduce. Or a lot less of what they are warring to increase.

Ever notice that?

The "War on Drugs" is an excellent example as to what is really going on with most government declared "wars". It has absolutely NOTHING to do with reducing drug use. In fact it has everything to do with INCREASING drug use!

Let that be major lesson number one. The government, USA Inc., lies. What ever they tell you is their purpose it is a safe bet the real purpose is exactly the opposite. You know.. "We're here to save you!" as they are really here to destroy you. "We're here to protect your rights" as they strip you of all your rights. "We take oath to protect The Constitution" as they have all but completely shredded it. "We represent the people!" Anyone these days that believes that is an outright blind fool. "We are the federal government of America" No they are not a major lie. They are a foreign to America bankrupt corporation totally owned and controlled by international bankers. USA Inc. got every one in America to become contractually "US citizens" via fraud, manipulation and just plain criminality. We all contractually agreed to be chattel property, AKA US Citizens, of that bankrupt foreign corporation. As a "US Citizen" you have no rights nor freedoms at all. The Constitution does not apply to you. You contractually gave them all away in exchange for USA Inc., the foreign bankrupt international bankers owned and controlled corporation, protection and benefits. Your rights are now USA Inc. allowed privileges they contractually grant you and can with full contractual authority take away from you. Did the USA Inc. DOE controlled public school system mislead, lie, to you about that?

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Dr. Who Is Quotable!

Dr. Who as you may know is a popular BBC Sci-Fi series. As you may also know I have been reviewing different aspects of mass media as it applies to passing concepts and ideas onto the public conscientiousness. Basically how do they expertly get us to believe what they want us to believe without us even knowing it. Manufactured.

Yes, The BBC with Dr. Who is also playing the Military is good and needed once again to save us from the evil aliens trying to destroy the world once again. It seems repeating the concepts they want implanted is critical to the implantation. I heard the same thing from 12 different directions it must be true!

No.. in some cases it only means "They" were able to say the same LIE from 12 different directions. Remember the part about they are expert at this?

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