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Graham Hancock Mysterious Memory Association Invocation

What can I say? Just being human can have it's fun moments? Traveling down the road of life an interaction makes me think of, recall and associate to memories inside me. That's the way we work... no? It's wonderful when the association and invocation can be understood the why it was so. The connection. The relation. The actual reason for the association!

But.. there are the buts.. I don't know about you... but... for me there are often times in which a memory association is invoked yet I am completely clueless as to the why it was invoked. The connection. The association is unclear or even unknown to me. Yet the invocation remains and stands. Is it just me that has to deal with this?

For some unknown and not clear to me reason Graham Hancock invokes a memory association with Douglas Adam's Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Specifically the opening premise laid out by Doug in his book. That is, roughly as I recall, the Earth was actually contractually constructed by a race of superior mice as a computer to find the answer to the question about the meaning of life the universe and everything. The association invoked related to the computer program that was just nearing completion after running for billions of years on the problem. Someone in a diner/restaurant had the answer pop into their head and went to make a phone call to tell someone about it. Alas.. in Douglas's book before the call could be made the Earth was destroyed by Vogons to make way for an interstellar bypass??? Somewhere in all that Graham memory associates in me to it. I'm clueless. I don't get it the reason for the association is not clear at all. But.. the but.. it does.

I like Graham, his research and his resulting conjectural conclusions based upon his discoveries. He, it, seems rational to me. That in itself is note worthy and a big plus these days. I've seen a lot of his "stuff" out there but the one I will present here is the closest thing to my not understood memory association that I can think of. And honestly.. but... it's NOT that close?!

Graham Hancock - The War on Consciousness - Banned TED Talk

Maybe you are able to understand and see the reason for this memory association invocation of mine.


YouTube Graham Hancock


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The Deek Test

Every once in a while, maybe ten years or so if we need it or not, we should examine ourselves. The Deek test is a test of our ability to handle gracefully free speech. Take a look at ourselves. Test ourselves. Self awareness is a good thing.

In todays education indoctrination mass media psyop propaganda programming world in which it is specifically designed to put "Crap" in our heads. Mess us up any way they can as it were. The government and corporations do not like free speech and are doing their best to destroy it in us all. It is a good idea to run a test of ourselves now and then to get a measure of the amount of damage they have done to us regarding free speech.

Keep in mind and remember this is America. Free speech is a Constitutionally protected RIGHT!! So though I may not agree with what you are saying I will fight to the death your right to say it? And that includes however you choose to say it? The entire country is supposed to be one big free speech ZONE? Everyone is entitled to their own opinions? People should not be locked up, persecuted, harassed nor executed for exercising their free speech right? Would you not like to be free from threat to exercise your free speech right?

So on with the Deek free speech test.

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Exxon/Mobil Can Kiss My ASS(Alternate Standard Substitute)

And the same goes for British Petroleum(BP) also! They both can kiss my ASS! I swear just the two of them together are going to kill us all on this planet. And kill the planet itself and all life on it. They are the poster childs for evil corporations. No conscience, no morals, no soul and no good. Shameless they have no problem completely destroying countries just so they can steal their oil reserves. Millions of innocent men, women and CHILDREN killed and lives devastated in this grand theft operation sanctioned and carried out by oil company puppet government war machines. And then take that stolen blood oil and sell it gouging the consumers in western nations to power their 12 mpg SUV's! It just doesn't get much more ugly than that.

Oh wait.... Looking at the entire oil energy industrial strength death grip on this planet it does get even uglier than that!

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Artist: Pink Floyd: Another Brick In The Wall Part 3

I like walls around me. I want really really small walls around me! The smaller the walls are around me the smaller my world is that I have to master and understand. Small worlds are good!

In a small world I know all there is to be known! Master of my universe. All wise and seeing of all around me there is nothing unknown to me in my small world!

I live in America. Land of the free and home of the brave. Checks and balances my government is good. Nazi brutal dictatorships can not happen here. I don't even have to worry about it.

One of the best things about small worlds is the safety it provides me. There is nothing allowed in my small world that is bad or can hurt me.

9/11 was the act of terrorists whom hate us for our freedoms! The three buildings were brought down because they were hit by two planes that caused them to implode upon themselves just like controlled demolitions.

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All Wars/Military Actions: The Good Guys have To Kill The Bad Guys

War must be a good and a wonderful thing! Why? Because EVERYONE carrying weapons and fighting in the War/Military Action believes they are the good guys that have to kill the bad guys. It doesn't matter what side you are on. It doesn't matter what flag you carry. It doesn't matter what age you are. It doesn't matter what gender you are. It doesn't even matter what rank you are.

EVERYONE carrying weapons and fighting in the War/Military Action believes they are the good guys that have to kill the bad guys! EVERYONE!!

USA? The good guys fighting the bad guys.

Russia? The good guys fighting the bad guys.

China? The good guys fighting the bad guys.

Any NATO Country? The good guys fighting the bad guys.

Any Occupied Middle Eastern Country? The good guys fighting the bad guys.

Anyone Under Any Flag Anywhere? They are the good guys fighting the bad guys.

The sad truth here? They are ALL only half right. They are ALL good guys fighting the other good guys. NO ONE is fighting the bad guys!!! The bad guys only start wars/military action. The bad guys do NOT fight in wars/military actions.

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