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A New Disney Movie: Maleficent

I'm sorry but this just rubs me wrong. I remember growing up with legendary and iconic Walt Disney and his wholesome children's wonderland concept productions and places. Now that he is gone and a CORPORATION has taken control of his legacy a completely different animal is now "Disney". For example:

[muh-lef-uh-suh nt]

Word Origin

1. doing evil or harm; harmfully malicious:

"maleficent destroyers of reputations. (Ed: Isn't that special in the context of this expression.)

In other words the complete opposite of whom Walt Disney the man, heart, soul, conscience, spirit, morality and intent was. Disney and Maleficent are not words that should be associated with each other.

But that is not what Disney is now. It is a corporation no heart, soul, conscience, spirit, morality and only intent is power and money. A big team player with all the other big corporations working together to harm the public such as media control for their good, not ours. Maleficent describes the corporation quite accurately.

Just look at the iconic marketing image for this movie. What a children's role model as compared to Sleeping Beauty or Snow White. The difference in those images says it all as to the difference between Disney the CORP and Disney the MAN.

I may be a bit touchy here about this and possibly even over reacting as I have not seen the movie. But I can't help but feeling, first rub this is NOT right, that the Disney Corp is butt F*#king Walt Disney the man and his legacy. They have no idea what it means, clueless and disrespectful, to have ownership of and represent the name "Disney".

Corporations just love having control of a trusted name. Isn't that right U.S.A. Inc.?


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Artist: Iron Butterfly: In The Time of Our Lives

James Traficant passed away just the other day.

How you doing people that passed on yesterday?
Did you meet with justice on your judgment day?

- Iron Butterfly: In The Time of Our Lives

Jim was a congressional representative from Ohio. He was a rare bird in congress. A trouble maker as he was laboring under the delusion that he was in congress to actually represent his constituents. Not with the program in DC congress at all. How weird is that?

Jim was a vocal critic of foreign aid, the IRS and The FED. He spent 7 years in prison after being set up for federal corruption. Here is Luke Rudkowski, the founder of We Are Change, expressing honorably, as opposed to no honor at all absolute zero credibilty corporate controlled alphabet news outlets, about Jim Traficant. The man he met, interviewed and got to know.

The Death Of James Traficant

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Artist: Jackson Browne: Lives In The Balance

Mr. Nobel Peace Prize himself Obama once again is sending our military weapons we paid for this time to factions in Syria. Tell me again how our troops got killed by our weapons. Apparently Nobel is nothing but an empty sham.

Mr. Job one first thing I'll do if elected is end the wars and bring the troops home himself Obama once again is expanding the wars we are now bombing Syria. Apparently our electoral/justice systems are nothing but an empty sham.

Another international crime of aggression perped by USA Inc, us, against another country. Apparently The United Nations(UN) is nothing but an empty sham.

Once again we are attacking another country that did NOT attack us. Apparently our Department of DEFENSE is nothing but an empty sham.

If you have any idea in your head that USA Inc is anything other than a GLOBAL BRUTAL MILITARY DICTATORSHIP apparently that is nothing but an empty sham.

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I Just Watched The Green Mile Again..

And it completely "Fucked me up". I was sobbing a basket case the second, current, time through that movie. The first time I saw The Green Mile years ago it did not nearly do that kind of damage to me. Personally struggling to recover and re-compose after the experience.

The question that begs asking is WHY did this movie do this to me this time around and not the first time around?

The only and obvious simple answers to this for me is that the first time it was viewed by me as MOSTLY FANTASY. This time around more aware of what is actually going on around us all it was viewed as MOSTLY TRUTH. Or maybe it was that I am in a weaker and more vulnerable position emotionally this time around. Or maybe it is something I ate/drank last night. Or maybe something else completely different this time around. Whatever.. the result this time was..

..How utter, devastatingly and heart wrenchingly sad...

Amazing how just little pieces of information can radically change our views and perceptions as to what it is we are viewing and perceiving. How quickly we willl file things under "safe and comfortable". The way we want it to be. Not the way it actually is.


The Green Mile


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I Don't Get Involved In Anything That Is Cloudy

Yes! I am involved and associated with THAT and I don't even know everything THAT is doing. Seems to me THAT would be just asking for trouble. Hurt me please!

I really don't get it why people would use internet "Cloud" services. In a time of extremely hostile cyber attacks upon our private and personal digital information, by our very own unlimited money and resources government no less, it's almost impossible to keep our information safe and private on just one PC in our own home. It's not "Can be". It's all information "Will be" used against you!

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