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Inspirational Pep Talk before...

...deciding on a college education?


...Before going to work for the day? Before the family dinner party? I know I know! Before going to the public hearing at your town hall!

Screw Risk! | ALPHA vs. BETA Personalities

Thank you for that Stefan Molyneux at Freedomain Radio.

Oh yeah.. I'm ready for that committee hearing.


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DAPL Fallout Continues: Defund Movement Passes $5 Billion

This came in email yesterday from Indian Country Media Network. Apparently the movement to defund the DAPL project by removing money from DAPL investing banks is starting to add up to some serious money. Over 5 billion withdrew already and much more at risk if DAPL investing banks do not rethink their DAPL investments.

Interesting.. I can just see the investment sales meetings at the banks securing investment in the DAPL project. Safe, clean, low risk, high return, power point presentations by power tie people, eco friendly, everyone wants it through their front yard and maybe even some paid junkets thrown in. You know.. the standard seller all good no bad blah blah. The corporate controlled media and MSM "news" outlets made sure you NEVER found out just how bad the whole thing is. And the whole thing reeks of criminality and corruption don't dare interfere with corporate profit taking! Clearly the government is there to protect corporate criminality not uphold the law. Where ever did you get that idea? TV?

Well the word got out anyways praise the internet I suspect for that. And now investors are backing away from this internationally embarrassing scandal. Especially the people based investors. And that is exactly why the MSM "News" shows are reporting on recipes, fashions, celebrities and your neighbors instead of DAPL criminality and corruption.

Great! Hit them where they hurt the most!! Their corporate spread sheet quarterly profit statement bottom lines. Watch how quick they will do the "Right thing". LOL


Senators Allege DAPL Builder Didn’t Have Permit to Build Under Lake Oahe


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Unlimited Free Electrical Energy!

Nikola Tesla figured out how to extract unlimited free electrical energy, literally, right out of thin air! That was back at the start of the 20th century. Here we are today in the 21st century and still nothing but fossil fuels is allowed as the energy base model.

Why are we stuck and forced into an oil based energy model that is destroying the planet to use when we have known for over 100 years how to have an environmentally friendly and harmless electrical energy model instead?

I've gone off about this several times it is INSANE! Why would we not kill ourselves and the planet along with us when we can instead? Is this all about the sound of an internal combustion engine as it is destroying everything to go to the corner store for a beer? OMG get an MP3 player of internal combustion engine noises and strap it to your electric vehicle with really big speakers if that is so important! Carry a can of SAE-30 to dump a little on the ground here and there where ever you park your electric vehicle if this will make you feel better about it.

Nikola Tesla & The Fake Climate Change 'Choice' - The David Icke Dot Connector Videocast

I've got to go out today and take my new ebike Mark II build out for a shake down test flight. I like that it is zero environmental impact. I like that it is quiet. I like that it doesn't leave oil on the ground all over the place. I like never having to pull into a gas station. I like that it doesn't turn the air lethal that I need to breathe just to go get a beer.


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Artist: Metallica: Nothing Else Matters

We sure are an interesting and complex species. Unlike all the others on this planet in many ways. Is it the sentience? Self-awareness? Abstract reasoning? Imagination? Conceptualization? Intelligence? Memory associative powers? Hormonal and primal chemistries at work again?

Then there is that pan-dimensional thing we seem to have going on. Connected psychic and para-normal to life and events around us. Able to see into the past, present and future. Able to connect with others in this world and also across the border into the spirit world. Connected with the great life force of the entire universe itself. Transcendental.

Then there is the synergistic effect of it all up on us. How many diverse tangents all crossed paths just now creating something new and unique inside each one of us. Why is one thing the most important to one and yet another is most important to another?

This song "popped" into my head several days ago. It has been floating around in there insistent and persistent ever since. Where it came from I do not know. Why it came I do not know. Apparently I just pulled it right out of the ether around me(???). But I do know it is here and has been and I must answer to it if I am to have any chance at all of letting it go and getting it out of my head.

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The Spirit Of Standing Rock

This is a new documentary produced by film maker Paulette Moore that I believe is intended to make people aware of where the native Americans are coming from about protecting water, and land, from damage by the DAPL. To help others understand how they see it and what their priorities are. And even to some degree be able to tell the story of this ongoing struggle from their perspective which, of course, MSM will NOT do.

Here is an interview of Paulette Moore by Eleanor Goldfield at Personally I believe this interview should be considered part of the documentary as it projects "The Spirit" of it very well. Eleanor and Paulette both bring the documentary into good perspective in this interview.

The Spirit of Standing Rock

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