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Start Mail Beta Testing Initial Impressions

Start Mail, as you may or may not know, is a brand new encrypted email service on the Internet. I signed up and promised to be one of the initial Beta testers for them. About a month ago they opened for Beta testing and I received my free testing account with them.

Sadly, alas, at the time Start Mail opened for Beta testing I was involved in some severe personal complications that were utterly destroying my functionality... my ability to fulfill obligations promised and expected of me... destroying me actually. All this unresolved anger and hostility why am I being punished for things someone else did to you a very long time ago? Not open for conversation of course just more unresolved anger and hostility if you think it should be. WTF!? So it was one of those I was in an extremely hostile insane environment and needed to "Get out of Dodge" quick things. Moving, recovering long story it is someone else's problem now God help them.

Anyways I'm back!! So I finally got to my overdue Start Mail obligation and did some initial testing of their new encrypted email system for them as promised. Sorry for the delay it was out of my control. Here are my first impressions of that testing.

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Lies And Deception Are A Good Thing!

Why would anyone tell the truth? All it does is make life difficult. With lies it is so much easier.

With lying you can do what ever you want to do. Empty the cookie jar/sugar shaker because you didn't do it. How dare you be aware of what I did, accuse me correctly of doing what I actually did. I refuse to take ownership of my actions you monster doing me a major wrong and it is extremely offensive to me that you don't beleive my lie about it! What a bad person you are for being aware of what I did. And build upon the tangled web from there it gets even more insane.

You can be what ever you want to be. All you have to do is say the proper deceptive words and if you are able to deceive someone with them then, WALLA, you are that because they believe you are that. If someone else does not beleive well they are wrong. Just ask the person who was deceived they will tell you what the truth is. How dare you think I am not what I am not!

There is no right or wrong. Anything can be made right anything can be made wrong with lies. There is no good or bad. Anything can be made good anything can be made bad with lies.

I can do whatever I want because I didn't do it!

I can take what ever I want because I didn't take it!

You can't do that but I can!

All I have to do is surround myself with people that don't really care about me and don't question what I say. They would be my true and very special friends I am safe with them!


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Heartbleed: An Internet Security Breech

Heartbleed, AKA CVE-2014-0160, exploits a security vulnerability in the OpenSSL implementation of the SSL (Secured Socket Layer) specification for internet secured encrypted communications.

I believe OpenSSL has since been "repaired" but that does nothing for "The horses that got out of the barn before the door was closed". You might want to change your passwords, and the like, on internet servers holding your secure private information.

You can test sites in which you have secure information held for Heartbleed vulnerability.


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Artist: Billy Thorpe: Children Of The Sun

Apparently ET has been on my mind lately. My current fever that needs answering as I do my eclectic information junkie thing out on the Internet.

Let it go man! Get some help with that. Why don't you try something novel like eating, sleeping or even getting out of the house once in a while??

Here's the thing I'm going off on here in this blog. It seems to me were approaching, going at, trying to get close to ET all wrong! Barking up an invalid access avenue as it were that ET can not respond to.

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The Arecibo Message: Be Careful What You Say??

Someone may actually hear it and respond? Did you think that was even possible? Didn't think anyone was out there listening did you? Are you even able to handle the apparently "I heard and understood it well what you said" response they returned an answer in the same exact language the message was sent in?

Here is one for you to "Put in your pipe and smoke it". It was not reported widely, or even at all, by MSM corporate controlled TV. Apparently it fell lower in importance than "Dancing With The Stars". Yet, how ironic, this is a profound completely change our understanding of life around us "Dancing With The Stars" event.

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