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The Matrix: Do You See It Too?

The Matrix's are truly amazing. Both the movies and the real life one that we all here around the world are caught up in. That's right.. ALL! One way or another it can not be avoided the Matrix will affect you also. It doesn't matter if you are in it or out of it. And it doesn't even matter if you are completely oblivious to it you will still, definitely in that case, be affected by it!

Back in the late 60's I just loved the popular question thrown around at the time "Do you see it too?" Many times it was just humor but many times also it had a very valid point for being asked. Is it just me or are you with me on this one?

The Matrix is basically one big reality deception. It sure looks good. Sure sounds good. It even feels and smells good. Wonderful even. And a lot of times it can actually make sense! The problem is that it is all an illusion masterfully constructed for easy viewer consumption and belief. The entire purpose being nothing more than parasitic control of the public. Get them to believe and do what you want them to believe and do for profit, power and control. Reality and truth, of course, are counter productive to that purpose. Sadly they have been doing this to the public for millennia.

Have you ever stood and stared at it, marveled at its beauty, its genius? Billions of people just living out their lives, oblivious.

- Agent Smith, The Matrix I

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Got Meds? Do You Even Know What They Do?

In today's modern medicine world it seems every and all medical problems require the heavy application of lots of pills. Things like diet and nutrition rarely come into conversation and in fact your doctor may know very little about that. But rest assured just about every time you open your mouth in a doctors office a pill will be prescribed!

It's just business you understand?

Don't get me wrong some pills can do some pretty amazing things and truly hold there place in the medical arsenal. But, again in today's medical world of its all about selling pills, many are prescribed that have no place nor should they be part of the medical arsenal. The negative side effects can often outweigh the positive effects of said bogus pills.

How can this be when we have the FDA protecting us from bogus pills?

Yeah.. Ok... If you ask me the FDA has become nothing more than a big pharma marketing device. Google "FDA Revolving Door" to learn real quick how corporate big pharma is actually running the FDA. Understand if corporate big pharma pushes pills on its own most people will recognize it right away for what it is.. snake oil.. doctor feel good. But when said doctor feel good snake oil has been endorsed by the FDA well there you go it must really be medicine I'll buy it!

It gets even worse..

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BREAKING: Judge Rules DAPL Needs Environmental Review

This is a newsletter I got a few days ago from the Lakota People's Law Project(LPLP).

Dear Trebor,

We just received breaking news that US District Court Judge James Boasberg ruled that the environmental review of the controversial Dakota Access pipeline (DAPL) was insufficient and must be reconsidered.

Your persistence and dedication to this cause over the past few months paved the way for this important decision, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Now, you can ensure that our movement to stop this pipeline and defend the rights of water protectors moves forward with strength by making a donation today.

After many defeats on the #NoDAPL front, we are beginning to see rays of hope that the Trump Administration/oil industry alliance can be unraveled. Judge Boasberg’s decision comes on the heels of explosive revelations published by investigative reporters from The Intercept. They shed light on wartime tactics employed by pipeline security painting our #NoDAPL movement as a dangerous insurgency and branding water protectors as criminals and terrorists. Leaked documents show that the Blackwater-style paramilitary firm TigerSwan, Inc. surveilled the members of our movement, stole equipment from our camps, spread disinformation online, and framed water protectors by torching cars and blaming their actions on us.

Make no mistake: Our country is under attack from within. You can be part of the movement to expose the corporate-sponsored, state-executed violence at Standing Rock by donating to our legal defense fund today.

My people have been here for thousands of years, but this land does not belong only to us. It is your homeland too. I hope you will create a respect relationship with the rivers and creeks and streams that flow through this beautiful nation and never fail to stand strong in her defense.

Wopila—I thank you for your care and support at this crucial time in our nation's history.

Chase Iron Eyes
Lakota Law lead counsel

P.S. Today’s ruling is a beacon of hope, as nothing less than the fabric—the heart and soul of our very democracy—is at stake. You can stand with us as our resistance continues in the courts. Our battle for water has become the defense of freedom. Join us by donating to our legal defense fund today. It is imperative that we act together. We cannot do this without you.

Is this how things work now? The DAPL was completed regardless of insufficient environmental reviews? Why do we have, or even bother with, these laws if they do not need to be adhered to?

Congratulations LPLP for this is a victory.


Breaking: DAPL Approval Illegal, Judge Finds


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Aaron Russo's Mad As Hell

This is something Aaron Russo produced in the early 90's. It has several references to Clinton as the current administration during its making. Aaron is Mad as Hell about the government and is quite colorful in some of his expressions about why he is so. He brings up a lot of good and valid points that justify that position.

I was again reminded of this production of Aaron's by yet another change of presidential administrations in which "the rules change" with the person. It's NOT supposed to be that way. Aaron was quite specific, and colorful, about that in Mad as Hell. Not only that but the government has become even more corrupt and criminal since Aaron pointed that out also in Mad As Hell back in the 90's.

I actually inserted this expression of Aaron's into the Doc's page of MatrixUSA back in 2011. But I'm going to post it again here for those that may have missed it back then. Or maybe were not READY for it back then. It's worthy of another look. The content is certainly still valid and applicable to this very day.

Aaron Russo's Mad As Hell

Personally? Myself? I value my freedom very highly. Especially from government bureaucratic corporate policy paperwork and regulations that are totally disconnected from life itself. Or even worse some.. jerk?.. claiming authority over me because they have a piece of paper or really odd clothing. I didn't sign up for that I was defrauded into it. If I have actually created a victim let them come at me with full authority!


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The Coming War on China

From IMDb:

The Coming War on China is John Pilger's 60th film for ITV. Pilger reveals what the news doesn't - that the United States and the world's second economic power, China (both nuclear armed) are on the road to war. Pilger's film is a warning and an inspiring story of resistance.

- Written by jacquiedwards

Well duh! Of course we want war with China!! And Russia.. And also everyone and anyone out there we are not at war with already or haven't already taken control of their country. The totally out of control military-industrial complex at its finest. It's the gift that keeps giving. This is never about protecting America. It's ALWAYS all about protecting corporations and advancing the megalomaniacal global domination aspirations of US Inc's owners and controllers the globalist bankers.

NWO! NWO! NWO! Start lots of Wars!!!

You can Google "The Coming War on China" for more information about this film. I found this link pretty interesting and informative:

5 mind-boggling things about 'The Coming War on China': Pilger's documentary airs on RTD

Yes.. I know.. it's from Russia Today(RT). Sadly they're doing a better job of critical news reporting about USA, Inc., than our very own corporate and megalomaniac controlled mass media news outlets. You have to go outside America to get some real news about America! And I mean how sad is that? Bookmark it!!

Pay special note and attention to the map presented at the top of this article. The location of all the USA, Inc., military bases around China right on their door step. Reminds me exactly of Iran. We have numerous military bases surrounding Iran right on their doorstep also. On the other hand neither China nor Iran have any military bases around America. Not one. Can one military base of theirs be found anywhere else in the world outside their countries? Yet they are threatening us??? I'm a little confused about that. Wasn't it the Cuban Missile crisis where a threat was defined as another country building a military base off the doorstep of our country? Just building ONE was totally unacceptable?? The question that just begs answering here based on our placement and count of military bases around their countries would be "Who's threatening who?" And personally I think the answer would be rather obvious.

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