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My E-Bike at 1,400 Miles.. Priceless!

I've had this "Mini-Motorcycle" for 8 months now in upstate New York. Winter and summer experience on it. As a side note I would not recommend winter usage unless you know what you are doing and are aware of the dangers for two wheeled vehicles in the winter. Even though mountain bikes with good tires have no problem in winter snow that patch of snow on the road may be hiding glare ice under it. And it is after all a "bike". So the weather condition in general is a major factor when considering traveling on it.

1,400 miles has covered pretty much ALL my motorized transport needs for 8 months in the city. I've already gone through one set of tires. Replaced them with higher quality/mileage tires. It looks like the brakes on the E-Bike will be the next major maintenance operation/requirement. That will probably set me back $20 or so.

It is my only means of motorized transport. I gave up, do not want any part of, the standard gas engine vehicles complete with all regulatory nightmares. It is an expense, the total cost, that to me is not nearly worth it. The big expense that I have major issue with is that it uses fossil fuels to power it. You know? Convert the atmosphere that I need to breathe to live into something toxic and poisonous it will kill me in a heart beat in an enclosed space? How many cubic yards of atmosphere per minute are converted from life sustaining to death delivering every minute? And you have the nerve to bust on me about cigarette smoking as your SUV is parked idling outside the convenient store less than a block from your house????? I'm poisoning your air? Threatening your life??? Get a clue if your concerned about dangerous atmosphere.. please!!!

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Managing Cookies

In our modern day world of public privacy is assaulted from any and all available ways possible one needs to take a "Pro-active??" position to protect themselves from government/corporate intrusion.

Now I know.. "If I'm not doing anything wrong..." is the government mantra crammed down the public collective psyche if any one has a problem with their privacy being violated by the said official protectors of our privacy. I don't even like my well liked and respected super market tracking my buying habits to use on me in an attempt to separate more money from me to them. It's none of their business what I buy! And BTW? Since we're here being beaten by inane and invalid mantra's.. How about you government/corporations? Seems just about everything you do is confidential, classified and of course private. And a sacred private that is to never be questioned! It wouldn't be because you are doing wrongs.. would it? Anything to hide?? National security means if they find out about this they will burn the capital down to the ground?

And I also know another inane and invalid mantra crammed down our public psyche is they need to violate our privacy so they can better protect us! I'm not even going to go there except to say it is the government itself we need protection from!! Understand?

For those of you that value your privacy and wish to protect yourself from government tracking using the information not only incorrectly.. as they most always do.. but also as another club of force to use against you.. as they also most always do... a true and the proverbial "double edged sword"... you might want to consider software to help you personally managing your cookies. It is not just yes or no to all.

Cookies for you I trust but NO cookies for you I don't trust!

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Anonymous - DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE?

Once again yet another "Stumbled upon" internet artifact? God only knows what will come across my radar, where I will go and what will be "In my Face" at this particular moment during internet "excursions".

It's the "choice" thing that makes it completely unpredictable you understand. The internet offers so many choices and I have so little time to view them all. So I must select what is next based solely upon "The heat" of my moment. Prioritize, filter and select where I will go next and what I will land upon. Which an hour from now the same exact trajectory could land me in a completely, radically!!, different place.

Not even close???? In my defense? Well that was an hour ago!!! OMG duh.. the far distant past... I was a completely different person then??

The "artifact" is a YouTube video by Anonymous entitled "Do you see what I see?" First off let me make real clear I am NOT a devotee, groupie, disciple nor big believer in the internet "Anonymmous" thing? It's the "Anonymous" that throws me off. Big red flags, lots of suspicion/mistrust as to where/who it is coming from and why is it hidden. Hidden? Red flag? So the grain of salt, or box, may need to be applied here.

Here is the video I felt worthy of echoing simply for the information presented to us within it. OMG it's embarrassing what are we doing??? This will not end good for us ALL if we don't put a stop to this and change. Do you see it to?

Anonymous - DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE?

You can ignore reality, but we cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.

― Ayn Rand

We can do so much better than this. It's the choices we make that define what we now will have to deal with. We have to lose the losers as soon as they have been properly identified. They rely upon us allowing them to make OUR choices for us all.

But let it not be said that we did nothing...

- Ron Paul


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With Hillary Clinton We Are Asking The Wrong Question!

Specifically.. the question is NOT "Should she be president?"

The questions we all should be asking and want answered are:

  • "Why is she NOT in jail?"
  • "Why are career criminals allowed to run for president?"
  • "Why has she never been indicted?"
  • "Why isn't MSM media reporting any of this?"
  • "How does she get into one position of power after another without qualifications?"

In all fairness Hillary should NOT be singled out for career criminality. Her husband, Slick Willy, is also a career criminal and WAS governor and president. So are Bush Senior and the apple doesn't fall far from the tree Bush Junior. Obama seems to be a newcomer to this field of political criminality but he is building a wonderful history of it.

It also seems that Hillary may be a "Congenital Liar". Seems this label is being applied to her from many different sources whom have had dealings with her.

Another question? Not a liar.. not even a pathological liar.. A "Congenital Liar?"

In the vernacular, a congenital liar is someone who just cannot tell the truth. Now, medical scientists tend to use the term "genetically congenital liar" for those people who are genetically destined to be liars.

I mean just google "congenital liar" and take notice of Hillary's name all over the search results. You know.. as in "See picture" in an encyclopedia? Imagine what ever image of Hillary that works for you in the encyclopedia next to the congenital liar definition.

It just begs another question:

  • "Why is anyone even listening to her?"

On the other hand being a "Congenital liar" could mean that you are a natural born politician and have what it takes to become president in America! May the best lies win!! Isn't that right Obama?

And it may be true that when she tells the American public she is "Working for us" it is a blatant and obvious lie. BUT!!! When she says it to her husband it is the gospel truth!!! Meaning, of course, that she is able to tell the truth therefore she is NOT a "Congenital liar!!" Once again Hillary is being falsely AND wrongly accused?

And finally there might be one more question we all should be asking instead:

  • "Why is there NO 'None of the above' choice in a voting booth?"


Hillary Clinton: A Career Criminal


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Put Them To The Apple Cider Vinegar Test!

Years ago I came across a book written by a doctor informing the reader about "Home Remedies" for many common ailments.

Yes it was a book... this was LONG before the Internet. And the information that doctor and his book gave me let me glean into the reasoning that may motivate those who think some books should be burned and their author denigrated.

The two things I came away with most impressive from that doctor and his book was Apple Cider Vinegar(Anti-bacterial) and Crushed Garlic(Gram-negative Anti-biotic). Both, across the years of my life since that reading, have proved themselves to not only be true but amazingly effective also! So effective and so fast that if you are anything like me? It will leave you all pissed off about modern medical science, their mandatory doctor office visits and pharmaceutical industry pill prescriptions!

Let me relate a few true experience in my life stories about them both.

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