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Where's The Auto/Oil Industry Boycott?

Oil is an 1800's technology. Yet here we are today in the 21st century locked into oil only as our energy base. No choice about it as the oil empires have made sure any competitive alternatives to oil were bought out, one way or the other, and squashed. Alternatives to oil are not allowed. Even the government has been bought and paid for as the oil industry attack dog. They subsidize oil and crush alternatives under heavy bureaucratic red tape effectively stifling them.

Nikola Tesla figured out how to extract large amounts of unlimited free electrical energy basically right out of thin air. He actually tried to bring it to the world but once the big boys found out what he was up to they destroyed him and his knowledge in a heart beat. Free??!! Are you out of your mind? Not allowed. That's just one of many oil alternatives that have vanished under dubious circumstances.

And look at UFO's. Yes sightings are plentiful and common. Ever notice that not one of their crafts are burning fuels to propel them? In fact every single UFO seems to be powered by massive electromagnetic fields. Where do you think they are pulling their power from to traverse all over interstellar space? That's right.. right out of there isn't even any air! Sounds like a Tesla system to me.

We don't even need oil anymore and haven't for quite a long time. Alternatives exist but are just not allowed by big oil. Oil only is the no choice they give us. And they tell us we have free markets??

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Candace Owens: The Truth About Your Activism

Discovered this over at YouTube. The double edge social dynamics of the internet age? Recommended hear her out.

TEDx Talks
Published on Oct 20, 2016
Implementing strategies today that with positively affect the future of our human conscience tomorrow.

Candace Owens is the CEO of Degree180 LLC, a company dedicated to impacting the world through focused editorials.

She is also the founder of SocialAutopsy, a start-up aimed at creating a technological solution to Cyber-Bullying. Prior to her entrepreneurial pursuits, Owens attended the University of Rhode Island, majoring in Journalism and took Executive courses thereafter at NYU Stern School of Business. Owens also put in 4 years at a private equity firm in Manhattan, serving as the Vice President to their administration. She is a regular contributor to, and is enthusiastic about implementing strategies today that with positively affect the future of our human conscience tomorrow.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


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Affraid Of Aliens Are You?

Let me say right up front that I personally believe the universe is just teaming with life. It's a really big and very old place. Anywhere out there that is able to support life has life. In fact I also believe there are actually very old advanced life forms that go around the universe ensuring, seeding, that every life supporting planet has life on it. Our own planet would be a case in point. Across its relatively new life span after several extinction level events there is a burst and sudden creation of new life forms once the extinction event has stabilized. I'm talking entire and complete eco systems instantaneously and just magically appear. Darwin be damned imagine that.

Also here on Earth we get to witness a UFO spectacle. They are all over us all the time everywhere. You might know it as swamp gas, temperature inversions or celestial objects. Weather balloons are a good one also. But they are here and have been here since way before our current recorded history and civilization. In fact they are probably a part of our entire history and experience.

Here in America we have that Military-industrial complex thing going on. Basically it needs enemies lots of enemies the more the better. And of course the solution, for our protection, always requires lots of jet bombs and bullets we are saved from someone that never attacked us but corporations made out big time. That big money has biased and compromised our entire governmental system. The bias supports this out of control war machine, and worse, biases any international relationship we prefer you were an enemy that requires jet bombs and bullets to fight or a brutal military dictatorship that buys our jet bombs and bullets to kill their own people.

Ok.. you with me so far?

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Good Water

Here on Earth we all enjoy living on a planet that can support life. Earth is a water world in the "Goldilocks Zone", that is, the surface water is in liquid form. Too close to the sun and the water boils off. Too far away and it all freezes solid. Neither will support life as we know it. Living on a life supporting water world also lets us witness first hand how all living things have eviolved to rely upon and use the planet's hydrological water cycle to sustain life. So all we need to do is just take a look to see what nature itself considers to be "Good water" for sustaining life.

All the water on the planet can be divided into two major types. Fresh water and salt water. The same goes for all the life forms on the planet. Fresh water or salt water life forms. We ourselves fall into the the fresh water division. So how does nature provide fresh water on a planet that is mostly salt water. Nature provides fresh water via the hydrological water cycle. Water is first evaporated and turned to vapor, then the vapor cools and condenses back to liquid water and finally falls as fresh water rain all across the planet surface. This is an extremely efficient method of removing ANYTHING absorbed in the water and the resulting rain water is the purest form of water on the planet. H2O only. Also known as distilled water. Sometimes called "empty water" as it has been freed from all the dissolved elements and water being the universal solvent is ready to be filled up again with dissolved elements. Rain water has been "activated" you could say and is ready to do its universal solvent thing all over again.

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When Was The Last Time This Crossed Your Cortex?

And be honest as only you will know the answer to the question. So if you lie you are just lying to yourself. This also concerns posterity, if there is any, as they would probably like to know themselves where we all were when all this was happening.

  1. The rampant unchecked raping and destruction of Earth's environmental systems by corporations for profit?
  2. How does a congress bordering on single digit approval ratings enjoy a near 100% reelection rate?
  3. All the countries that have been destroyed and all the people killed or maimed by our out of control and totally unaccountable military-industrial complex killing machine?
  4. Why are all wars started with a lie, usually false flag event, just for imperial agendas and/or so resources can be stolen for corporation?
  5. Why does the government take all the money from America and give it to, usually criminal, corporations
  6. Why does the government enact laws that favor corporations often against the will of the people?
  7. Why is there almost a biblical amount of corruption and criminality in DC yet there are never any impeachments, recalls or even criminal charges brought?
  8. Why are peaceful protestors brutally beaten down by para-military organizations in a classic Nazi manner and they get away with it?
  9. Why to presidential candidates seem to ALWAY know exactly what the people want when they are stumping for votes but once elected they NEVER provide what they promised and give it to them?
  10. Why does the law seem not to apply to the rich, powerful and connected yet it always comes down extremely hard and unforgiving, many times even unjust, on the poor and impoverished?

The question isn't are these important to you it's when was the last time any of these crossed your cortex. How often do they even get your attention?

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