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Use The Force Luke!

You all know this quote from Obi-Wan to Luke Skywalker in the first Star Wars released: Episode IV A New Hope - 1977. Obi-Wan is telling Luke to rely upon his ability to tap into a potential available to him that would make him more accurate than the targeting computers themselves.

Now I don't know what you would call it. I don't even know how it can possibly be explained. But it sure looked to me, in hindsight, like "The Force" was at work here in a true life experience of mine that happened a long long time ago and in a place far far away.

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Artist: Animusic: Future Retro and Pipe Dreams

Animusic, as the name suggests, is all about computer 3D animation of computer music. They have two DVDs out and a third on the way.

Think synthesizer, MIDI, Sans-Voice for the computer music. Therefore the Animusic creations are purely melodic with no "voice story line" as it were? The reason I am putting them up here is because Animusic creations are a wonderful example of things like Imagination, Creativity and Artistic expression. Demonstrating such things as visual talent, audio talent and computer talent.

Creativity and Imagination are two things that the government controlled education indoctrination system seems to stifle, suppress, in our children. Some think it is a side effect of a dysfunction system. I believe it is intentional and by design. I could be wrong as I myself am "Left Handed" therefore my Right Brain dominates. So this conclusion could be nothing but some kind of holistic intuitive creation imaginary fantasy dot-connected big-picture day-dream curious hallucination... in full color of course.

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Travel Is Fatal To Prejudice, Bigotry, And Narrow-Mindedness...

You may, or may not, recognize this expression put forth upon us by Mark Twain. No truer words were ever spoken. He was and is to this day still absolutely correct about that. You would be a fool to think otherwise.

That is exactly the kind of stuff that came out of him turning Samuel Clemens into Mark Twain. Timeless, Immortal, Profound a clarity of insight and vision that to this day is still very potent.

Here is the actual full fleshed out expansion of those.. "Words"?

Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime.

- Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens)

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Herd Programmed Mentality. What Happens To Those In The Herd That Realize It Is Insane?

That's right you are herd and your mentality is programmed. Change the channels on the TV all you want the programming is identical and the same no matter which channel you chose. Which flavor works for you?

What the TV tells you channel matters not is REAL! Welcome to insanity right there and now if you believe that. Herd mentality completely programmed. The next morning over the office water cooler did you get and are up to date on the latest herd programming the TV delivered last night?

9/11 was perpetrated by a handful of people armed with nothing but box cutters. They were able to penetrate the most heavily defended air space on the entire planet. Buildings that were designed to take hits from multiple airliners completely disintegrated after being hit by just one. Some completely disintegrated they were not even hit by an airliner.

Programmed herd mentality about just this one thing, 9/11, is completely insane. Yet here the herd is and the mentality they possess about it. And that is but just one of many programmed into the herd absolutely and utterly insane mentalities.

As the herd all goes off running in that insane programmed direction did you think, has it ever crossed your cortex, what that does upon those in the herd that realize the herd is chasing insanity and quite frankly nothing but utter BS?

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Linux Rescues My Data Held Hostage By Windows

A few weeks ago I had to finally let go of my old Windows XP computer. I thought a video card had gone bad so I plugged the monitor into the motherboard video circuits. Within minutes the motherboard video circuitry also went bad.

Ooops.. Bad monitor the bane of all video circuitry everywhere! Now I need both a new monitor AND a new Windows computer. Understand buying anything “new” is pretty much against my religion. As luck and fortune would have it I was able to get a used monitor that was even larger than the old one and a used Windows 7 Ultimate dual core computer much more powerful than my old one. I went less than 3 days without a Windows computer. Praise the lord!

I spent my first few weeks just reinstalling all the software I needed that new box to have and setting things up in it as they should be for me. It finally got to the point in which I wanted to recover all my data held on the hard drive of the old box. Bring it over to the new box. A simple thing to do I thought. Was I wrong!

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