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Exxon/Mobil Can Kiss My ASS(Alternate Standard Substitute)

And the same goes for British Petroleum(BP) also! They both can kiss my ASS! I swear just the two of them together are going to kill us all on this planet. And kill the planet itself and all life on it. They are the poster childs for evil corporations. No conscience, no morals, no soul and no good. Shameless they have no problem completely destroying countries just so they can steal their oil reserves. Millions of innocent men, women and CHILDREN killed and lives devastated in this grand theft operation sanctioned and carried out by oil company puppet government war machines. And then take that stolen blood oil and sell it gouging the consumers in western nations to power their 12 mpg SUV's! It just doesn't get much more ugly than that.

Oh wait.... Looking at the entire oil energy industrial strength death grip on this planet it does get even uglier than that!

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Artist: Pink Floyd: Another Brick In The Wall Part 3

I like walls around me. I want really really small walls around me! The smaller the walls are around me the smaller my world is that I have to master and understand. Small worlds are good!

In a small world I know all there is to be known! Master of my universe. All wise and seeing of all around me there is nothing unknown to me in my small world!

I live in America. Land of the free and home of the brave. Checks and balances my government is good. Nazi brutal dictatorships can not happen here. I don't even have to worry about it.

One of the best things about small worlds is the safety it provides me. There is nothing allowed in my small world that is bad or can hurt me.

9/11 was the act of terrorists whom hate us for our freedoms! The three buildings were brought down because they were hit by two planes that caused them to implode upon themselves just like controlled demolitions.

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All Wars/Military Actions: The Good Guys have To Kill The Bad Guys

War must be a good and a wonderful thing! Why? Because EVERYONE carrying weapons and fighting in the War/Military Action believes they are the good guys that have to kill the bad guys. It doesn't matter what side you are on. It doesn't matter what flag you carry. It doesn't matter what age you are. It doesn't matter what gender you are. It doesn't even matter what rank you are.

EVERYONE carrying weapons and fighting in the War/Military Action believes they are the good guys that have to kill the bad guys! EVERYONE!!

USA? The good guys fighting the bad guys.

Russia? The good guys fighting the bad guys.

China? The good guys fighting the bad guys.

Any NATO Country? The good guys fighting the bad guys.

Any Occupied Middle Eastern Country? The good guys fighting the bad guys.

Anyone Under Any Flag Anywhere? They are the good guys fighting the bad guys.

The sad truth here? They are ALL only half right. They are ALL good guys fighting the other good guys. NO ONE is fighting the bad guys!!! The bad guys only start wars/military action. The bad guys do NOT fight in wars/military actions.


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ET Exposing TPTB For What They Are: Spoiled Brats

I believe in the existence of TPTB.. The Powers That Be? The very few rich and powerful whom are running the entire planet? The men behind the curtains, in the shadows and under the rocks? They completely own and control governments? Presidents, kings, monarchs and the like are their personal slaves and servants? The Bilderbergs? The Illuminati? The Rockefellers ET AL? Those born and raised with silver spoons in their mouth's? Those that believe they are a superior species separate from all of humanity? Those that believe all of humanity is their personal livestock and slave race?

There is never any proof that they exist but I believe anyways. Call me crazy!

ETs, Extra Terrestrials, on the other hand are not as shadowy and mysterious. Their existence is obvious as they are not trying to hide themselves from the public masses like TPTB are. Sightings and contacts with them measuring in the 10's of thousands per year? Occupying what ever air space on our planet they want? Bases on our planet, the moon and even mars? Have been visiting and interacting with humanity for longer than recorded history can tell? Different ET species that count in the dozens? "Official" they do not exist until they become an enemy wanting to kill and destroy us all then they will exist?

There is always proof of their existence but it is immediately confiscated by the government and then denied it ever existed. Call me crazy!

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No Worries. Never Forget ALL Government Is A Clusterfuck!

Be warned! As the blog title suggests this expression will be colloquial.

"Clusterfuck", for those unfamiliar with the expression, refers to a disastrously mishandled situation or undertaking. I believe it's origin was among our military troops on the ground having to deal with military bureaucracy. But it also applies to ALL government as that is what they do.. ie.. disastrously mishandle situations or undertakings. Dysfunctional and inept R U.S.

The founding fathers were well aware of this. That is why the Constitution was drafted in a way that tried, first and foremost, to limit and inhibit what government was authorized to do. Simply put it goes something like this: The feds can coin and regulate the value of money, establish weight/measure standards and a very few extremely limited other needs facilitating inter-state commerce and the like. Other than that the Constitution is VERY SPECIFIC. The federal government has NO other authority. Don't do anything, don't touch anything, don't even say anything. Sit in the corner, Shut the fuck up and stay out of the way.

Reagan, if nothing else, said it well the wisdom of the founding fathers. Government is NOT the solution government IS THE PROBLEM!! And as we should all know anything the government gets its hands on is an immediate disaster and destroyed. That's what government does best! Fucks things up. Fixes what is not broke by breaking it. Steals all our money and then gives it to people who have no idea what they are doing but do know the right people in government. With the force of a gun at our heads government insists it has to be destroyed to fix it. Yes.. quite insane.

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