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Lakota People’s Law Project Call For Help Stopping The DAPL

I received an email newsletter last Friday from the Lakota People’s Law Project calling for help to stop the DAPL by defunding it. People are asked to sign a petition and/or close accounts held by banks that are funding the DAPL. They even suggest alternate banks to use instead that I assume are more environmental/Native American friendly.

You can visit their website for more information and the petition can be found here.

From their newsletter/website:

The movement to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) continues into the new year, and the Lakota people need your support now more than ever. President Obama’s denial of the permit to drill beneath Lake Oahe hasn’t deterred the pipeline’s developers, Energy Transfer Partners. They immediately vowed to ignore the order, and President elect Donald Trump has already stated he will ensure the pipeline is finished once he takes office.

Lake Oahe, for those unaware, IS the Missouri River. A tributary of the Mississippi River. Should an incident happen there everyone downstream will be affected. We're talking people counted in the MILLIONS. And this stuff can never really be backed out or cleaned up. Only massive amounts of time will remove it.

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe call themselves "Water Protectors" not "Protesters". With only their bodies to use against giant forces such as big oil and Wall Street they have already won some major victories. The one I think is most significant is they brought the whole pipeline issue to the nation's attention. Something that has been kept very quiet and away from the public conscience. And for good reason they have a terrible safety history. And the terrible history is compounded by the fact with spills they often times do NOT really clean up and entire communities are decimated instead. Why would they endure that expense? There is no government there holding them TRULY accountable.

Water is life, oil is death. Understand everything traveling though these pipes will eventually and ultimately all end up in the environment! There is no such thing as "Safe" with this stuff. It needs to remain in the ground. This insanity has to end sometime or it will surely end us.

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Screw Climate Change.. We Should ALL Be Worried About The Anthropocene Extinction Event Instead!

We've all heard of climate change. You know? The latest and greatest global ecological man made disaster we should all fear. Created after the global warming fear didn't pan out as valid. Of course, like with the defunct global warming fear, we are all gonna die if we don't demand a totalitarian world government to save us.

This rule by fear is getting really old. What imaginary fear should I be afraid of today that only more government control can imaginary save me from?

Global warming failed miserable as a fear. The data just did not support the claim. Even with all the corrupt science thrown at us, you remember the hockey stick, it was kinda comical to hear them explain why it is getting colder because of global warming! So now they had to shift to fear climate change instead as the reason we all need a (NWO certain death) totalitarian world government to save us from certain death. Here's a news flash.. that is what climate does.. CHANGE!! Always has for billions years and always will. I figure they're are safe with that bogus fear as 'See! We told you it would change! We need the NWO to stop it!!' OMG they can stop climate change!!?? They are GOD now!!!

Not the government's fault mind you. The "Environmental Protection Agency" didn't work because it wasn't big enough. We need more government so it won't happen again.. till the next time that is. It had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the EPA is completely corrupted and will fine you into insolvency but be a corporation destroying the environment biblical and the fines are a paltry fraction of your daily profits by doing so.

The false fears of global warming and climate change are now part of everyone's lexicon. The real global environmental fear we should all be focused on instead is rarely found in anyone's lexicon much less the government wanting to save us from it though they really could.

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You Can Easily Make A Difference

Just throw your "pebble" into the pond of life.. the difference you make depends entirely upon the pebble you throw!

Then I turned around and went right back out with that women's wonderful heart expression for the street people. Explained it to several women at the reception desk at Bethesda House. A women threw her car in park in the middle of State and Brandywine intersection, jumped out of her car in the middle of State and Brandywine intersection.. ran thru the middle of State and Brandywine intersection to give me this gift for Christmas. It was meant for a needy street person. I look like a street person but I am actually in pretty good shape. Could you please make sure this gets to the right person? She took the package, thank you, and I could tell every woman in the room, three of them, went all gooey with the story! It was a heart bomb..

It's amazing how many people will be affected by the waves that radiate out from your pebble hitting the pond water.


The Best: Crashes From The Sky

Artist: Peter Frampton: Do You Feel Like We Do


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Tis The Season To Be Jolly.. The Lizards Must Hate It!

This is got to be the worse time of year for all the lizards. All this peace, joy and love towards our fellow man?? OMG it's a lizard's worse nightmare! All that warm fuzzy positive energy glowing stuff? They're in severe agony please make it stop!

Those poor lizards. I don't think they're ever really happy. Combined they probably posses 90% of the worlds financial wealth.. not enough.. they want it all!

Combined they probably own 90% of the worlds material wealth.. not enough.. they want it all!

Combined they probably control 90% of everything and everyone.. not enough.. they want it all!

They seem to love negative energy death and destruction kill the innocent by the millions.. Not enough.. They want to kill billions!

There's just no pleasing them. Might as well not even try. Screw the lizards and their tortured states. Tis the season. Light the world up with peace, joy and love. We humans certainly enjoy it. The combined Maharishi Effect must be pure agony for the lizards.

A Message of Hope

Choose love! And here is a present from me to the lizards since I know how much they enjoy this. Merry Christmas!

Blue Man Group w/ Venus Hum: I Feel Love


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The Reprocessing of Our Atmosphere: Take A Short Walk With Deek Jackson About That

I like Deek, I can relate to many of his expressions. But this video of his is rather unusual for him. Not the expected caustic, bitter, offensive and colloquially expressed candid brutal honesty that one would come to expect of him.

Seriously.. this video of his is rather, in my opinion, .... composed??? ...relaxed??? This is a good video as Deek takes us for a short walk reflecting on the insanity our entire system. In an unusual for him kind of way?? LOL

I think it's good.. real good. And in the end Deek tells us how simple and easy the solution is to it all.

The Reprocessing of Our Atmosphere - Deek Jackson

Hit them where they hurt the most.. their bottom line corporate quarterly profit statements. Stop buying into this system that will surely kill us all.

I don't own a car. I can afford one but that is not the problem. I don't want one as there is no car out there I can own and operate with a clear conscience. Much less unable to find the rational to endure the insane financial overhead that is forced upon me with it also. I'll walk.. take my e-bike. A bus or other mass transit if need be. Or just won't go there if no sane method of transit is available to me. I'll go elsewhere instead that is located on a sane transit route.

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