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The Reprocessing of Our Atmosphere: Take A Short Walk With Deek Jackson About That

I like Deek, I can relate to many of his expressions. But this video of his is rather unusual for him. Not the expected caustic, bitter, offensive and colloquially expressed candid brutal honesty that one would come to expect of him.

Seriously.. this video of his is rather, in my opinion, .... composed??? ...relaxed??? This is a good video as Deek takes us for a short walk reflecting on the insanity our entire system. In an unusual for him kind of way?? LOL

I think it's good.. real good. And in the end Deek tells us how simple and easy the solution is to it all.

The Reprocessing of Our Atmosphere - Deek Jackson

Hit them where they hurt the most.. their bottom line corporate quarterly profit statements. Stop buying into this system that will surely kill us all.

I don't own a car. I can afford one but that is not the problem. I don't want one as there is no car out there I can own and operate with a clear conscience. Much less unable to find the rational to endure the insane financial overhead that is forced upon me with it also. I'll walk.. take my e-bike. A bus or other mass transit if need be. Or just won't go there if no sane method of transit is available to me. I'll go elsewhere instead that is located on a sane transit route.


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Some More 'Real News' About 'Fake News'

I'm telling ya this 'Fake News" stuff is no joke. It's epidemic and it has been for decades. The 'Fake News' got Donald elected?? Well duh.. the 'Fake News' has been getting presidents elected for decades!

I got to the point I can't even take the 'Fake News' anymore. It's insulting and turns my stomach. Excuse me.. run to corner of room.. GAK.. Thank you for that? Screw it. I turned off the TV years ago. It's nothing but circus.. especially the 'Fake News' parts. I switched over to the net. I'll do my own programming thank you.

So let me see if I understand this right. The 'Fake News' has started a war on the 'Fake News'? Isn't that like shooting yourself in the head? Why would they do such a thing?

David Icke: The 'Fake News' Hoax - The System is Desperate


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CALL TO ACTION: Dec 7, 2016 #NoDapl Update

Things you can do all across America and the world, dispelling MSM "Fake News" and other "from the front" information.

CALL TO ACTION: Dec 7, 2016 #NoDapl Update


Lakota Law (Sign petition(s))

Google "nodapl actions" (Past, Present and Future)

And here is a video that will give you a "feel" for what is happening on the ground at the Standing Rock Water Protection Camp. It also contains a heart felt plea for help do what you can.. anything.. just do something!!! Don't sit this one out.

Anonymous #NoDAPL VICTORY: US Army Corps of Engineers rejected route of North Dakota Access Pipeline


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To The Standing Rock Water Protectors: Congratulations And Good Luck!

Congratulations on your recent clear victory of having the DAPL permit to cross the Missouri river denied. But as we all know though the battle was won the war is far from over. In my estimation now is when it is going to get really dirty, ugly and violent with paper work "legal bullets", public propaganda information "gassing" and all else that goes with being up against a criminal, corrupt and no honor system that "protects and serves" the corporations and not the people nor the environment.

Good luck with that!

How very interesting. When it was nothing but the gathered tribes and outside civilian sympathizers all unarmed defending the water against a heavily armed militarized police they used the power advantage to do their brutal violent Nazi thing no mercy no matter how criminal their actions were. That stance of theirs put the fur up on the back of necks all across America. Thousands of vets stood up and volunteered to go to the aid and defense of the water protectors. Tens of thousands of civilians all across America stood up and paid to help get them there! Now that the thousands of trained and experienced military vets were starting to pour into their camp it shifted who had the superior power from their side of the fence to the water protector's side of the fence. All of a sudden once they are overpowered they can be reasonable and make moves to cease all hostilities! My how quick that happened once they became the ones that could not defend themselves from the power on the other side of the fence.

Water is life. Indeed it is the life blood of the planet. That's not the Missouri river in front of you. Thats a major artery of a living biosphere giving and sustaining life.

Oil is death and destruction. A toxic poison that kills and destroys everything it touches. Everything about oil from extraction to movement to usage is all damaging and deadly to the environment. Just what we need.. another pipeline so we can export oil to the other side of the planet as we import oil from the other side of the planet. The planet is being destroyed wholesale but a lot of people/corporations/governments are making a lot of money in the process.

This is insane. At some point this needs to end before it kills us all including the people/corporations/governments making the money with this insanity.

Don't re-route the pipeline.. I say KILL IT!! Leave the oil in the ground. We have to learn to live without it.


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Veterans for Standing Rock #NoDAPL

On December 4th it looks like thousands of Vets will be "self-deploying" to join and stand in solidarity with the water protecting protesters at Standing Rock.

Wow! The military coming to protect them and not oppress them!!!??? That's a unique and novel concept...

GoFundMe has raised over $800,000 of the $1,000,000 goal in 20 days to finance this operation.

How sad.. "Our" government will finance by the billions to send our troops all over the planet to assault the innocent. And at the same time the innocent are being assaulted right here in America by that very same beast. The Vets are volunteering, self-deploying, to come to the aid and defense of the innocent being assaulted right here in America. And the people have to finance, pay for, the operation to help get the vets there on site.

I donated in a heart beat!

You can go to GoFundMe for more information and hopefully be able to support the cause. You can also Google "Veterans self-deploy to North Dakota" to see how the information controllers are playing it all down..

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