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Overheard In Conversation

And I quote:

The boot time virus scan just finished.

Interesting it found several in google chrome add ons.

Even more interesting? I never wanted google chrome never intentionally installed it???


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Can They Dance? Can They Sing?

Snap! - Rhythm is a Dancer

Haddaway - What Is Love

Do they even get it?


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Apparently We Consent To It All

Years ago our Federal Government was usurped by a foreign corporation known as USA Inc, Washington DC. They were criminal and corrupt right from the start chartering their corporation with a modified copy of The Constitution. They dropped the original 13th amendment, just deleted it, no longer exists screw the Constitutional amendment process.

Years later they create the "Federal Reserve", a central bank, turning over control of America's money to a handful of private bankers. A blatant Constitutional violation. USA Inc goes on a spending spree borrowing central bank money they no longer require the people to provide it. The public is only required to pay back what USA Inc borrows. And of course in but a short 20 years later they default can not pay it back on time the money they borrowed and go bankrupt. Now USA Inc is in receivership totally owned and controlled by the central bank. That's what central banks do. They knew this would happen the day they created the Federal Reserve.

Today USA Inc basically serves only Oligarchs, corporations and bankers. Not the people at all. They're destroying America from the inside out to bring it into the Oligarch's megalomania New World Order. Basically a global brutal military dictatorship enslaving everyone on the planet. Consent no longer required. All of Humanity is now just Oligarch livestock. What's left of it that is.

Wall Street bankers rip off the American public for hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars with criminal financial scams. The public has to pay it back of course. Too big to fail and too big to jail. Did you miss the memo about the usurping USA Inc is now totally owned and controlled by the bankers?

An out of control military industrial complex we now attack countries that did not attack us in wars of aggression for corporations and imperialism. Compete countries destroyed and millions killed that did nothing to us. But business is good. Another glowing corporate quarterly profit statement. There's big money in blood as long as it's not mine.

Political leaders that are elected on promises they rarely keep. An election process that has become so corrupt it would make any "Banana Republic" proud! Corruption and criminality are rampant in USA Inc.

A corporate controlled news media that either does NOT report corruption and criminality and/or sells it as a good thing to the public. Will openly lie to the public regular! Basically all mass media under the control of only 5 corporations and they're all playing on the same team. Selling the same snake oil. America is under attack from USA Inc and doesn't even know it.

It just goes on and on...

In all of it? No one was impeached, no recalls, no one was fired/relieved, no criminal charges much less prosecutions, no one was thrown on a rack, no one beheaded on a guillotine, no one taken out back and shot, no one shackled in the public square for the amusement of our children, not one person had their doily taken away... Basically nothing was done for it all.

That's called and is Consent.


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You See It Too?

Years ago during the first Ron Paul Republican run for presidency something happened that caused me to stop, turn around and take a closer look at something I would not normally have looked at. I don't remember today what it was specifically that drew my attention as in "What just happened here?" But I do remember it was my eye opener. Things are not at all what I believed them to be. Which caused me to look at even more things. OMG NOTHING is what I thought it was. It's all one big lie and illusion. We're all living in a true real life Matrix! Because of my nature and character I had to do something hence the birth of the MatrixUSA website.

I quickly assembled MatrixUSA in a state of panic and duress with this newly acquired knowledge. We're under attack. By our own government! Protect and represent us? Where ever did I get that idea? And that is the big question that I have been studying for years now. How the hell could I have been so wrong about this. Most of the website displays this design foundation.

As wildly popular as Ron Paul was he had no chance of winning because he didn't serve the Oligarch's running this country. In fact his first run is a case in point study in itself of how they get us to believe things that have no basis in reality and are naught but complete Matrix illusion. I personally believe he stepped down from a clear and easy landslide victory because he was threatened somehow by these treacherous, ruthless and extremely dangerous Oligarchs. No one threatens their power and control and lives to tell about it. Isn't that right John?

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An annual national holiday here in America where we give thanks to God for what we have and got. It's origin however is a bit confusing.

In Plymouth they claim it started there with puritans/pilgrims celebrating a bountiful harvest in 1621 with some native Americans. Turkey of course was center piece of this claimed original celebration. It's a wonderful "warm fuzzy" story that has little historical documentation to support it. And many would argue that simply could not have happened the way it's told. But to this day most people are buying turkeys in commemoration??!

The folks in Virginia beg to differ about the original Thanksgiving. They have well documented historical record of settlers landing at what is today Berkeley Plantation in 1619. Southwest of Richmond shores of the James river. It was declared that the day of their arrival be kept holy forever as a day of Thanksgiving to God almighty for their safe arrival. No native American garden parties, no turkey's, most likely left over ship rations and oysters plentiful from the local waters. So I should buy Oysters today? Or maybe a ham, Virginia ham in particular?

There are actually several other claims upon the original of this holiday. They all seem to share one thing in common. Praise the Lord! Usually for their very survival. And I'm sure there are probably many celebrations of thanksgiving that fell through the cracks of history and are lost forever. Back in the day this was not an uncommon thing to do.

Even the date established has a bit of confusion around it but finally settled on the fourth Thursday of November.

As with all the original claims upon this holiday be thankful for what you have because it didn't have to turn out that way and could have been very different.

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