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Is Obama'a Syria Fiasco The Last Straw that Broke The Ranks?

Obama, Mr. Nobel Peace Prize winner himself, Mr. I promise to end the wars and bring the troops home if elected himself, is pushing for another military act of aggression this time upon Syria.

Like most all military aggression upon other countries by the USA in recent history this one, Syria, is also for "sketchy" reasons. And of course no matter how "sketchy" the reasons were for these military aggressions by the USA they received full support from all the USA "Team" players. England, NATO, Most Western Countries, countries controlled by USA, The Media and otherwise all other international freaky bed partners with the USA.

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Post 9/11 2013: What Just Happened?

9/11/2001 was a national tragedy event in which every one can remember where they were when it happened. You know? Like that other bogus national tragedy the JFK assassination? Lots of similarity between these two permanent memory burning events as they occurred and then played out upon the public.

I know in both cases they were solved immediately. Instantly they knew who did it and why without any investigation what so ever much less "Official"! And then it was explained to every one by the "News Media" over and over and over and over just minutes after it happened. You remember..

...Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaeda, Terrorists!
...Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaeda, Terrorists!
...Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaeda, Terrorists!
...Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaeda, Terrorists!

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Rant: WTF are they thinking!?!?

Today I was trying to help a friend get their laptop Windows XP computer working. It had stopped with a hard drive problem. So I spend a few hours trying to find solution within the parameters it provided. No CD drive only USB sticks. No problem it can boot from USB! So I put my USB toolkit stick in and proceed to do what it can. Well.. windows NTFS needed to be re-FDISKed and formated.. the stick was useless.

Out to the net I go looking for free and appropriate tools to render solution. I try one or two and then I come across one that does one of these "wants to reconfigure my browser without permission nor even without notice moves" upon execution.

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9/11 2013: I will NOT forget...

...all the innocent people that were killed that day by a government they thought was protecting them.

They pick up a gun, kill a bunch of innocent people, then turn around to you and say:

"OMG! They, pointing at someone in a cave on the other side of the planet, just killed all these innocent people!"

...all the innocent people, good people, that were killed in the middle east as a result of that false flag framing by our "protective" government in our name.

Don't worry.. Your government will protect you! Then "your" government kills MILLIONS of innocent people, completely destroys several countries, protecting you from the man in the cave they pointed at and never touching him.

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Siskiyou County Board votes 4-1 to secede From California

You know a governmental system must be really bad when people want to secede from it. The bad out weighs the good? They feel the government does not answer their needs nor represent nor serve them? They don't like, disagree with, the direction the government is going? Things the government is doing? Too corrupt? Too criminal? Too treasonous? Too oppressive? Or any of several other reasons the people feel the government has become repugnant and they no longer want any part of it.

What ever their reasoning may be the Siskiyou County Board has voted 4-1 to secede from California.

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