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Artist: Johnny Cash: Man In Black

What can I say? Solidarity?

I feel like I am stuck on a train that is headed 100+ MPH into the proverbial "Brick Wall" or over a cliff. It's obvious to me. OMG!! STOP THE TRAIN!!!!

Not only does the majority of passengers on this train NOT want to see the rapidly approaching disaster they in fact do not like having blackness put in their faces and lives... me black? I know I am not the only one that has to deal with this. I'll let Johnny take it from here. I'll be back.

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New Airport Gatebox Exit Portals

Have you seen these "Airport Security Upgrade Devices" yet? They're sold and we are told it is to let people move one way from a secure area to a non-secure area keeping the secure area secure. And as we all know there is nothing more important to U.S. Inc., than our protection.

Hmmm.. $25 million in airport upgades. Corporate mass media news spends 4+ as much time reporting about the portals alone than they do all other upgrades COMBINED!! Of course this is a wonderful addition.

I'm sorry.. I have doubts, reservations and suspicions about these new wonderful portals. I just don't see our government that way.

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Post Cards And Letters From Outside The Matrix

It may help to better understand or even just see the The Matrix from a non-Matrix perspective. Here is a nice video interview between two people outside the Matrix. There is lots to be gleaned and learned as they converse. Alternate reality is a good thing!

Jeff Berwick Invites You to Anarchapulco

Today James Corbett is joined by Jeff Berwick of and the Anarchast podcast to discuss Anarchapulco, the first international anarchist/anarcho-capitalist conference of its type that will be held in Acapulco, Mexico from February 24th to March 1st, 2015. With speakers including Luke Rudkowski, Dan Dicks, Roger Ver, Cody Wilson and James Corbett, as well as musical acts, special events and workshops, Anarchapulco promises to be an educational (and fun) celebration of liberty.


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Artist: Harry Chapin: Cats in the Cradle

"Our" government in bed with corporations are preying upon our children. Attacking our children, Assaulting our children. Damaging our children! Messing them up as best they can.

Government education is to fill our children full of historical lies, indoctrinate government good don't question authority, nicely trained M-F, 9-5 corporate worker drones, They spend more time raising our children than most parents do, cripple critical thinking and nobody loves and protects you like the government.

Corporate media is right in there with government they have no shame at all neither when it comes to preying upon children. Most modern TV shows aimed at children pass off terrible values and morals, These days it has gotten blatant the parents, if they are even in the picture at all, are fools the children should mock, ridicule and have no respect for. Children are wiser and know better then the elders!

There was a time not all that long ago when a child came into a family at least one of the parents were with them all the time. Not today. The parents are lucky if they can pay all the bills by both of them working multiple jobs the children are under non-parent care as they do.

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We Need To Amend The Constitution!! ...Eh?

That makes no sense at all to me. Why would you say such a thing?

Because we need the Federal Government to:

  • Balance the budget
  • Impose term limits
  • Remove corporate campaign donations
  • Stop the Federal government from doing something
  • Get the Federal government to do something

Oh ok! All good ideas that we should make part of the highest law of the land.

Just like other Constitutional mandates upon the government such as:

  • Only State and Federal government can coin money and it must be in gold or silver yet we have a Central Bank, The FED, a private banking cartel issuing worthless paper and ink as money?
  • The 16th amendment gave them no new authority to tax us yet we're all paying income tax at the point of a federal gun?
  • No Authority at all to control and regulate education yet they do?
  • No authority for most all Federal alphabet agencies yet there they are?
  • Second amendment shall not be infringed yet it is severe?
  • Freedom of the press guaranteed as long as they report what the government/corporations permit them?
  • Right of assembly to be beaten and tear gassed by militarized police?
  • Only Congress shall create law yet today so does the Senate and worse so does the President by executive order AKA a DICTATOR decree?
  • This list is far from all inclusive and could continue Ad nauseum?

You understand what I'm saying? What's the point of creating new laws if they don't even adhere to existing laws?

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