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Rapper Mos Def Subjects Himself To Gitmo-Style Force-Feeding

Gitmo, 166 detainees for over a decade simply because "Our" government "suspects" them of wrong doing or that they will do wrong in the future somewhere? Understand, no charges, no right to face accusers, no right to due process, no right to fair trial, no right to legal representation.. absolutely no chance at all to prove their innocence, or guilt.

Welcome to America Today! Not only do we lock up people without charges, we torture, we lie to you about this and we make sure your morning "news" show is not screaming 24/7 about this like most international human rights organizations and other countries.

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Use Them Or Lose Them: Right To Travel

The Right to travel needs no permissions nor licensing of any kind from the government. As a free people you have this right to move around unrestricted, unimpaired, unfettered the government has ABSOLUTELY NO SAY ABOUT THAT!

Here in America today virtually everyone is not only licensed but actually believes that a license, permission from the government, is needed to travel around freely on the roads that you paid to build.

Only... repeat.. ONLY if you are in commerce operating a vehicle for profit is a license and government regulation required.

Why then if 95%+ of the traffic on the roads is not in commerce and simply traveling are they all subjected to government regulation? Why then has 95%+ of the population applied for government regulation to do commerce on the road when they do no commerce at all on the road?

You've been lied to, deceived and duped into applying for in commerce licensing and regulation though you are not.

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Is Your Microsoft Windows Computer A NSA Surveillance Device?

If you have a Microsoft Windows Computer(s) here are a few things you should consider:

  • The NSA has a PRISM data surveillance/collection program in operation.
  • All major electronic information handlers have given access to the NSA of your personal information through the PRISM program. The NSA just loves their back door access to your information.
  • Recent Whistle-Blower revelations by Edward Snowden, a NSA contractor, revealed that the NSA is surveying/spying on, EVERYONE EVERYWHERE ANYWAY they can.
  • It is openly admitted by both Microsoft and the NSA that they were working together to develop the "security" for new releases of Windows.

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Email Forward: NSA Monitor This!

I assume you all have heard about Edward Snowden? The whistle blower
that exposed NSA/CIA illegally spying on/collecting all electronic
communications on all Americans? Email, net traffic, cell phones..

WTF? Here in America today it is exactly the opposite of what it is
supposed to be. Specifically the government is supposed to be
transparent all their activity can be monitored and the public sector is
to retain their privacy from the government unless there is due process
probable cause to violate that.

Back in the sixties there was a lot of civil disobedience/peaceful
disruption of government operations. The one that comes to mind here is
the "Overload the system" attempt by everyone, everyday, at a specific
time, or several, turn all the water on in your house and flush the
toilet! In that spirit of "System Overload" is this email being

Assuming the CIA/NSA will be reading this:

Bill Of (unalienable) Rights: 4Th Ammendment:
The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses,
papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures,
shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon
probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and
particularly describing the place to be searched, and the
persons or things to be seized.
Can not be revoked or taken away. Given to us from God.
The Constitution:
The Bill Of Rights:

Some buzz words like

Government Constitution Terrorism

also helps to get their attention.

Now I know that having the NSA/CIA record all electronic traffic has
it's advantages. For example if I lose an email I could ask the NSA/CIA
for a copy of it. But really.. do you want these people, the ones that
can't even manage to correctly protect the Constitution and Bill of
Rights, to have your personal information? A flushing is long overdue!!


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New Bradley Manning Video: Celebrities declare!

Bradley Manning's trial is happening right now. And now more than ever would be a good time for the Calvary, the people, to arrive in his defense.

In defense of whistle blower protection.

In defense of justice.

In defense of free speech.

In defense of freedom of the press.

In defense of America herself.

If you do not defend and protect these things you will lose these things...

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