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One Morning In The NYS Eviction Court System?

Yesterday I had to appear at 9 am for an eviction case hearing in a NYS Court. No.. I am not being evicted. Why I was there was for my very old friend who could not appear as he is in Florida for the winter. He's a Florida Snowbird? Is that right? Takes off to Florida his home there for the winter. He also has several multi-unit rental properties here in New York. So before he leaves he gives me all the keys, a stack of bank deposit slips, a book a rent receipt slips and he gave me full power of attorney to handle his rental property affairs years ago. Basically have fun, don't call me, I'm now the landlord for the winter.

It's an honor for me and I'm happy to be able to do this for him. I will certainly do my best to handle it the way HE wishes it to be handled. And I know all his properties and tenants very well. And the tenants all know well the drill it's winter time I am now the landlord till he gets back in the spring.

Having Power Of Attorney(POA) is extremely critical and important in order to be able to effectively act as his proxy landlord. I have to be able to have that authority in that capacity and sign for him. It's wonderful how it works everyone accepts it no problem. Government agencies, corporate entities and whom ever else needs to interact with the landlord. I don't even always have to provide a copy of the POA. All except for one that will not ALWAYS accept and honor the POA. The NYS Eviction Court system. Sometimes they will, sometimes they won't. Indeed sometimes the POA isn't even required to stand in for him in court. It's all very confusing, makes no sense, can not plan for it and can cause major harm to all involved with this maybe yes, maybe no approach to it all from the NYS Eviction court system. You never know and do you feel lucky? What kind of court is this?? Kangaroo?

Apparently it is not illegal to stand in for someone in a NYS court eviction case hearing because it has been allowed at times not even needing a POA. Yet with a different judge I can come in with full POA and they refuse to accept me standing in his place. "Why not?" I ask. "It's technical." was my answer. Great.. you "Your honor" just did at least $1.000 worth of damage to the landlord with that "Technicality???". And wouldn't even explain it to me???

Yesterday morning I had to deal once again with the very confusing NYS Eviction Court system. You've aggravated me and my friends. Done them major financial damage over personal petty issues is it? Do you feel better now? My turn.. Let me take a closer look at this whole experience?

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Amnesty International Petition: Help Stop the Unlawful Use of Deadly Force by Police

Amnesty International has a campaign and Petition to reign in and stop the unlawful use of deadly force by police. Sadly this is getting real old here in America. Another person outright murdered by police for BS reasons? Totally uncalled for and way excessive. Just an unjustified and "Renowned ride in the Paddy wagon" killed them. Isn't that right Baltimore?

How the hell did you get a gun? Why are people with major unresolved anger issues getting guns? You felt threatened? Then run don't kill everyone around you because you're a pussy woose, in the most sincerest sense you understand what I am saying?, easily frightened by children even?

Completely unaccountable that is why this is happening. Just plain accountability would work wonders stopping this from becoming the epidemic it is. You outright murder someone? You go up on murder charges!! No paid vacations for you?

Protect and serve? NOT beat and murder? Get a grip man.. on yourself not your gun! WTF?

The police have a very special and honorable task to perform within our society. They need and must have our trust. You don't get it by killing first and asking questions later.. Relying upon a broken, unjust and dysfunctional system to protect you from your own culpability? You want our trust? Hold your own accountable!! Wrong is unacceptable do not tolerate it.


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The Paris "Terrorism"?

More insanity this time all across the people of Paris. My heart goes out to all those that were damaged badly by this round of becoming way to common "Terrorism".

I looked the "Headlines" over coming out of Paris. I'm in conversation with a friend living near me she is quite upset about it. .understandably.

I'm sorry.. but from what I can see at first glance this is just the same-ole-same-ole government black ops doing its herd manipulation thing with "people are trying to kill you" demand your government do something? AKA? More government homicidal power grab bullshit. Demand the ones you need protection from protect you?? Be afraid, be very afraid!

Heres my first take from the headlines.. it stinks something is not right in Denmark.. er, Paris.

Right away a criminal act is declared an act of war. Eh?

Right away the people all across the world are being told exactly what happened before an investigation to figure out what happened has even been started?

And excuse me but once again it is the innocent and harmless people that are being targeted and once again not those truly causing all the black nightmares across the planet. You know.. The White House? Congress? Slime ball corrupt reps? The FED? CFR? Bilderbergs? Monsanto or any other we need enemies war machine corporation? Oh wait.. this is Paris? Makes perfect sense to me.. target the people who had nothing to do with it never the ones that caused it all.

Plus the mass media all channels pumping this insanity into the herd on some kind of mission?

It was a highly coordinated and obviously financed criminal act. First ones that come to mind to me given that is government black ops. That's is what they do..

Oh! Another act of mass murder the innocent homicidal insanity? First suspect that is their standard MO who has a long history of doing just that? The Government acting as puppets for the homicidal maniac sociopaths that control them. Which, if this must be said, is NOT the people.


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When Did Buying "Farmed" Become Synonymous With Russian Roulette?

I must have missed that memo. Call me old fashioned? Out of date? A fool? Delusional? ...but I always thought "Farming" was a good thing.. or so it should be. And the idea that society has a high demand for some particular food product should be specifically "Farmed" to meet that demand produced by society so as not to stress nature into extinction by being unable to meet the demand?

In my disconnected view of reality to me "Farmers" are people that enjoy working in that endeavor wanting to produce high quality, nutritious and safe food products. The priority is producing good food? Yet somewhere along the way that seems to have changed and often times now the priority has become maximizing corporate quarterly profit statements it doesn't even have to resemble food? In fact not only can it no longer be actual food it can be downright poisonous and extremely unhealthy but the corporate quarterly profit statements are wonderful?

Let the buyer beware? It's Russian Roulette now. It may, or may not, be lethal? More likely just plain unhealthy and will make you sick eventually if you have enough of it. Do you feel lucky? Yes? Then put the gun to your head and pull the trigger?

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Bottled Water: An Exercise In Insanity?

Bottled Water has to be a testimony to the power of deceptive marketing. Right up there with able to sell water to a drowning person. Once again if you let the TV and marketing educate you you will be grossly mistaken. Hurting yourself even and paying to do it!!!!!

Bottled water is often nothing but tap water.

Tap water is often cleaner than bottled water.

Tap water is highly quality control regulated bottled water is not.

Clean water is critical to our survival it should be a right not a commodity.

Bottled water bears the hidden expense of major environmental damage producing, transporting and disposing of plastic bottles that have basically only a two minute usage.

Apparently a lot of people are laboring under the delusion that advertising/marketing can not lie to them.

Bottled Water! A testimony to the perfection of making the public psyop fodder.

Bottled Water? A fool and his money are soon parted?

Bottled water is "Manufactured demand". AKA? All free clean drinking water must be destroyed as it is the enemy of bottled water profit statements....

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