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Libertopia 2013

Libertopia 2013 will be held at the Town and Country Resort Hotel San Diego, California on August 30 - September 2. Join the Movement!

Libertopia is..

a voluntary community based on freedom and peace, where each individual’s dignity is respected. The community strives to live life according to the following five principles:

1. Live peacefully. The axiomatic and first principle of Libertopia is that we reject all forms of aggression, coercion and violence. All interactions with others are voluntary.

2. Honor the self. Each one of us is unique in the universe, endowed with free will, reason and dignity. We celebrate and radically express this unique individuality.

3. Rule Yourself. As free and sovereign individuals, we rule ourselves and are totally responsible for all our actions.

4. Accept and respect others. We embrace our diversity and uniqueness and share a radical tolerance and acceptance of different lifestyles and life choices.

5. Embrace spontaneous order. We allow order to arise by pursuing happiness, respecting each other, and engaging in peaceful and voluntary interactions — exploring, experimenting, discovering, creating, innovating, sharing, selling, trading, gifting, prospering and loving one another.

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Artist: Brothers Johnson: Strawberry Letter 23

My thinking here by posting this artistic expression is about the beautiful side of the human condition. There are a lot of beautiful, peaceful, loving, gentle and caring souls out there. A lot!

Yet the beast that is upon us is trying to sell and condition you it's all ugly and dangerous your mother is part of a terrorist cell that wants to kill you all. Of course the beast needs full Nazi authority, don't worry they won't abuse it, to protect you from your mother and only they can protect you from your mother. We had to kill a bunch of people because they were going to kill you.. trust us! Just watch most modern TV and movies they'll explain all this to you.

Back to the gentle peaceful side.. back to "Rainbows and waterfalls run through my mind".. OMG.. these people are severe!

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To Be Or Not To Be... Heckled?

What is it about a person that seems to invite heckling of them? Heckling is an activity expressing a negative attitude about someone in particular. For some reason(s) the heckler believes a person to be not worthy of respect nor even basic common courtesy. It must be something a person is doing, or not doing, saying, or not saying that incites heckling from other people.

It's certainly something to note if a person is heckled and even how much/often they are heckled. A statement as to how others feel about them. Some kind of measurement a "Heckle Index" or maybe "Heckle Factor"?

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Totalitarianism vs. Freedom: Korea

The simple definitions would be:

Totalitarianism: The state controls and decides everything.

Freedom: The people control and decide everything.

Now that we're all clear about that here is a comparison of, the difference between, each application:

North Korea: One of the most totalitarian regimes on the planet.

South Korea: Freedom still allowed there.

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Fantasy:The Siege vs. Reality:Bradley Manning

The Siege is a 1998 movie (Fiction/Fantasy) about Martial Law being declared in Brooklyn New York. The movie, as most all movies these days involving the government/police/military, has all the usual no relation at all to reality messaging. Just a few examples:

Etc., etc., blah, blah, GAK!

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