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Our Children.. Our Future...

I've always had a thing for kids.. they are real special in life to me.. they are our future. It's primal I am absolutely sure about that. Across the years of my life I think I have come to learn and know something about our kids.

It's pretty simple actually the premise is quite basic. We ourselves are frankly fucked up and flawed. Not perfect by any means. Yes.. mistakes in life R us. That is what it is to be an adult.

But when it comes to the kids, our children, and we can do nothing but hand them imperfect and flawed? We only have to get one thing right with them. Give them true and real love from our hearts. It will drive all our actions with them, right or wrong.. and it will define our entire relationship with them.. right or wrong.

If true love is our driving star with our children we can NOT do them wrong no matter what we do! Just give them our true love and all else will fall into place and be ok with them. It's all good after that... The kids know this instinctively and will forgive ALL our flaws if we are acting on our love for them.


BTW? Corporations are incapable of love.


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Artist: The Buggles: I Am A Camera

I am alive! Corporations are not...

I am real! Corporations are not...

I breathe air! Corporations do not...

I can see with eyes! Corporations can not...

I can hear with ears! Corporations can not...

I have a heart! Corporations do not...

I have blood flowing through veins! Corporations do not...

I have a conscience! Corporations do not...

I have a soul! Corporations do not...

I can hold a pen and write! Corporation can not...

I can feel! Corporations do not...

I am a camera! Corporations are a fiction...

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Good News For All Those Needing Proper Motivation Before They Get Involved!

Here in America we no longer take part in the running of our country. In fact we are all no longer even Americans! Years ago we all moved out of America to become U.S. Citizens. Chattel property of a bankrupt, corrupt and criminal foreign corporation owned and controlled by international bankers... the Nazi's themselves. The Constitution does not apply to us. We have no rights. We no longer have to worry about nor spend time on the running of America. By becoming U.S Citizens we have have given that obligation to U.S. Inc. to do that for us. U.S. Inc. can do what ever it wants to do with America we need not be involved in it as long as it is NOT in our yard, does not effect our life directly and is not kicking down our door in the middle of the night. We just wait our turn as livestock to be slaughtered. Then we get motivated to change what is wrong. Finally get off our "couch" as it were.

Well good news for all you waiting for the bullet to your head or dynamite to your couch before you will take an interest in and involve yourself taking back control of this country from the Nazi's flunky bankrupt corporation.. U.S. Inc. All kinds of motivation is coming your way and will be here very soon. Kicking down your door in the middle of the night, effecting your life and in your yard! Your wait is almost over. Nothing like people in your community killing each other over slices of bread to get those motivational juices flowing.

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Colloquial elegance? Well said? People power? Telling it like it is? Us vs Them? Viva la Revolution? Dragging out from under rocks? Calling a spade a spade? Cutting through the smoke and mirrors? Getting off the couch and hitting the streets? Learn how to be everything corporate/government does NOT want you to be and spoon feed yourself? Have fun storming the castle sharing laughs about it at the community pub afterwards? How about a different perspective? This shit is getting real old? Let it not be said we did nothing? Join the battle? Social networking? Do you see it too? Kids... Ya gotta love em? Kids.. There is hope for the future? Another trouble maker?

I don't know. Maybe this will help you to find your own definitions:

Give us your tired, your poor - REMIX

Act Out! with Eleanor Goldfield - Episode 1

Thats right... Fuck Corporate Power?


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You're A Witch!

Burnt at the stake in the public square.

No proof required.

No evidence required.

No fair trial required.

No facts required.

No truth required.

No rights for you!

The only thing required is the ACCUSATION alone to get you burned at the stake in the public square.

It seems to me nothing has changed since then.

All that is needed to summary execute someone is just the ACCUSATION. Nothing else.

And it seems to me also the worst among us just love using the power of ACCUSATION alone. Why would we give that kind of power to our most sick and twisted?

We all stand by and do nothing, even insist they are burnt at the stake, as long as the ACCUSATION is acceptable to us all. Be careful what you say and do lest you be ACCUSED and burned at the stake in the public square also.

You're a terrorist SUSPECT! Off to the gulags indefinite detention for you with no chance to prove you are not. Not even ACCUSED. Just SUSPECTED of being able to ACCUSE??!! You take it from there.

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