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In The Wake Of Ferguson: America Blowback

I gotta tell ya it does my heart good, gives me a warm fuzzy even, seeing Americans all across the country, all ages, colors, walks of life coming out in major numbers to stand in solidarity with the people of Ferguson and Michael Brown.

So powerful it forced Obama into making a public statement and throw some bones of concession about it. He kept a black police officer very close at his side as he did. Damage control. Pay close attention kids.. take special note.. it proves that if the people lead the leaders will follow!

Here is some nice coverage from Democracy Now: The Root is Racism in America: Ferguson Activist Speaks Out on Police Abuses After Meeting Obama

....and: Will Obama’s Police Reforms Bring Change? Admin Urged to Seize Political Momentum of Ferguson Moment

Democracy Now is, once again, showing their qualities. A lot of good perspectives, discourse and going right to "The Heart" of the matter.

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Thank You Tyrel Ventura!!!

Poking around in The Internet trying to find news/current events and reversing the damage of government education as a child. I stumbled across a video clip from The Lip TV - Buzzsaw by Tyrel Ventura. Yes, Jesse's son.

The reason I am going to The Internet for News/Events is because you can't get that from MSM "TV" News "SHOWS". All the major MSM networks have been bought and are under the control of but a few corporations. "TV" news is a multi-channel coordinated attack pumping into us what they want us to believe. Pick what ever channel you want. They are all saying the exact same thing. And I mean "Word for word" exact same thing. There is no real news there. It's called propaganda.

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Day And Night

Another day comes to a close and is winding down. The sun is low on the horizon soon about to leave not to return till the next morning at the opposing horizon. Like the day I am done. Time to rest and reflect until tomorrow. Just about every living thing on this planet above the level of microbes is linked and tied to the daily cycle of life. It is split into two parts... day and night. The shift between cycles now happening again. I think about how it effects me the way I am tied into this cycle of life. What comes natural being a creature that evolved in this great web of nature. Half of the cycle I am up, moving around, active, expending energy to find and fulfill my basic needs of the day. The other half is time for rest, recovery, dormant till the cycle starts over again.

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50 Degrees. Sorry Mom I Must Be Getting Old

Well it's that wonderful time of year again in the great Northeast we here warmly refer to as "The heating season". That time of year in which people start turning on their house heaters after being off/idle since the last heating season. For most people that have their energy provided by a supplier this will mean that the monthly energy bill just took a sharp rise in cost. Depending upon how cold the winter gets the monthly energy bill could easily quadruple+ in cost for many.

Turning on the house heater is turning on a significant new monthly expense. It's a choice between the lesser of two discomforts. The discomfort of your energy bill vs the discomfort of your house temperature. There is a hidden cost and discomfort attached to the energy bill that too many people seem to not factor into their "Budget".

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Artist: Cher: Believe

Artistic expression is an amazing gift for humanity at large. The artist may have had just one idea/concept in mind as they created the expression. Yet march all of humanity through to view that expression and there are almost as many interpretations/connections made by it as there are viewers themselves. It instills a different experience/feeling in everyone.

Now I know when it comes to anti-government, Matrix Illusions, Cher is probably not the first person that comes to mind. And this song of her's was probably not meant to be interpreted this way.

What can I say? In all of humanity you get all kinds? They've always had a problem with me?

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