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Artist: The Zombies: She's Not There

Ok.. this next song is dedicated to Hillary Rodham Clinton it should be her theme song!

I think Hillary should be voted in as the next president of the United States of America because she is the worst possible choice. Here is why she should be president:

  • USA Inc is a bankrupt foreign corporation. It is NOT America. They have usurped federal power and under the ownership and control of central bankers have been bleeding this country to death for decades. They now serve only corporations and we now serve them. Hopefully by putting "I'll sell and do anything for money and power" Hillary in office the whole thing will finally blow up and come crashing down.
  • Every presidential election they only allow us two choices. A republican or a democrat. No other choices allowed. And of those two choices we must decide between evil and less evil. We always vote for the lesser of two evils as if we are fighting evil by voting for evil?? I say screw it.. this time lets give them what they want the most evil choice! Again the hopes that it will finally, once and for all, destroy this beast upon us all in DC.
  • It doesn't matter that Hillary is totally unqualified for the office nor has the character to handle it correct. No president needs to anymore as they are just following the orders of their owners and controllers which is NOT the people. I mean really Bush Jr. proved a monkey could be president of USA inc and get away with it. Just sign when and where we tell you, do some photo ops pretending you're in charge but otherwise shut up and stay out of sight. Go travel the world or have wild white house swareys. She is perfect! Just give her money and she will do anything you tell her to do for it. White House For Sale. ANYTHING for ANYBODY!
  • It seems we always want the person who has the best lies. Hillary is a master in this area. Saying she did things she didn't do.. didn't do things she did do.. and indeed can flip back and forth from one person to the next. Just try and get a decisive answer out of her. She is amazing!! We all want change, we all vote for change, we all never get change.. and we're happy with that as we will do it again and again and again and again.. If we won't change they won't change. Promise me change but don't change anything and in fact make it all worse. Hillary is the best choice as pretty much everything she says is not real and will serve whom ever gives her lots of money. Same ole same ole. No change.
  • And finally we can all say America elected a woman as president to put the screws to us this time around! In that regard she may be the best president USA Inc ever had. Again, hopefully, bringing America to the breaking point! Finally..

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Ya Know?? I'm Confused!

I'm a big believer in...

The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper name.

- Confucius (551 – 479 BC)

The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their rightful names.

- Thomas Jefferson (1743 - 1826)

To NOT do so is NOT wise. In fact it can be argued that it is indeed a deception, lie, we tell ourselves. Now we're into tangled webs, muddy water and even barking up the wrong tree! Why are they all over there??? Talk about confusion???

Seems to me often times we label things in a manner that is not quite proper nor rightful. I myself am aware of just how hard this is to do when I am up against myself whom is desperately trying automatically to avoid proper and rightful names at times. No conscience effort required. Many times I don't even realized it happened!!

It's the "subtle" ones that I have to be wary about in myself. Close but no cigar? The difference is minor but incorrect none the less. With me there are many reasons this can happen including, but not limited to, preferences, biases, experience, likes, dislikes, limitations, inhibitions, ignorance, issues, phobias, intoxication, DE-toxication and just plain hallucinations. It is truly a struggle and quite tricky to master.

Many with me can be argued and debated just exactly what is the proper and rightful name. But what is thrown around in the media and marketed public arena is NOT EVEN CLOSE!! Try as I may I just can not connect it nor make that leap. I don't get it. It's got to be a lie... blatant and shameless even! I'm so confused.

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Artist: Sister Act: I Will Follow Him

Last night you could say I was feeling "spiritual". God and I were up close and personal with each other. Certainly not an every day event but it does happen from time to time.. for one reason or another. It always completely messes me up being in the presence of God. You could say it is a bit overwhelming.

Anyway it brought me to revisit and play the "Sister Act I Will Follow Him" performance. It is very spiritually potent to me they nail it and got it right. It's the "..ever since he touched my heart, I knew.." part that gets me personally. Understand, please, back when I was 30 years old God touched my heart (2014 Christmas Card Part 2 and 3). It was very impressive upon me to say the least. A profound and radically life altering experience. Go figure?? "OMG! THAT IS THE STUFF!!!!" I hope you now understand what the rest of "Sister Act I Will Follow Him" means to me.

What I think is really interesting to be acknowledged, hence this posting, is the view count at YouTube. Over 25 MILLION views. And climbing fast because 10 hours ago it was ~2,500 less and under 25 MILLION views. I suspect more than a few hearts have been touched by him out there..

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The Fluoride Deception

The Fluoride Deception is a book by Christopher Bryson that reveals quite nicely how an extremely toxic poison, hazardous industrial waste, came to be in your public drinking water. The corrupt politics and science behind it driven by the need to protect the industries that are damaging people and the environment with this pollutant from massive lawsuits as a result. Same as lead and asbestos.. ditto. With fluoride it has the government perk side effect of reducing IQ and inducing apathy. Perfect!! Plus the increase in medical industry profits with ailments caused by fluoride but never "pinned" on fluoride.

Here is a short documentary, less than 30 minutes, by Christopher Bryson himself that lays it all out succinct and nicely. Corrupt science, science for sale, what result do you want? It's "Official!" Good science buried and those trying to bring it to public attention for all practical purposes "executed" in every sense.

Fluoride Deception

Now that you know the basics, corrupt science for sale is now "official" truth, consider the "science" behind "Building 7 was brought down by a small fire in the building", "The towers imploded into dust upon themselves due to jet fuel fires", "Laetrile/B17 is totally ineffective against cancer" and "GMO health risks/product labeling". It's "Official", Standard operating procedure, business as usual and how it works. Government protection/Corporate profits first and your health last.

Have you ever noticed that any product containing/made with water will NEVER list Fluoride as an ingredient? An extremely toxic poison yet they don't have to list THAT ONE!

Protecting government and corporations. "Deception" is the operative word. Have a drink to that one!


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My E-Bike at 1,400 Miles.. Priceless!

I've had this "Mini-Motorcycle" for 8 months now in upstate New York. Winter and summer experience on it. As a side note I would not recommend winter usage unless you know what you are doing and are aware of the dangers for two wheeled vehicles in the winter. Even though mountain bikes with good tires have no problem in winter snow that patch of snow on the road may be hiding glare ice under it. And it is after all a "bike". So the weather condition in general is a major factor when considering traveling on it.

1,400 miles has covered pretty much ALL my motorized transport needs for 8 months in the city. I've already gone through one set of tires. Replaced them with higher quality/mileage tires. It looks like the brakes on the E-Bike will be the next major maintenance operation/requirement. That will probably set me back $20 or so.

It is my only means of motorized transport. I gave up, do not want any part of, the standard gas engine vehicles complete with all regulatory nightmares. It is an expense, the total cost, that to me is not nearly worth it. The big expense that I have major issue with is that it uses fossil fuels to power it. You know? Convert the atmosphere that I need to breathe to live into something toxic and poisonous it will kill me in a heart beat in an enclosed space? How many cubic yards of atmosphere per minute are converted from life sustaining to death delivering every minute? And you have the nerve to bust on me about cigarette smoking as your SUV is parked idling outside the convenient store less than a block from your house????? I'm poisoning your air? Threatening your life??? Get a clue if your concerned about dangerous atmosphere.. please!!!

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