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Got Internet Broadband?

Then you have REAL news available to you. You should be aware and informed completely healthy.

Working with the facts..

Knowing what is upon you..

Dealing with the real problems..

Identifying true enemies..

Smoke and mirrors does not work on you..

Spending all your energy, unwasted, barking up the RIGHT tree!

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Artists: Aquarius

There is a paradigm shift occurring. A GLOBAL paradigm shift! It seems humanity is evolving after all. A Great Awakening of the entire planetary human collective is upon us. People everywhere are waking up to, becoming aware of, the fact that the current rulers and controllers of the planet are, to put it simply, losers, not with the program. They want to rule it all, own it all, control it all, into power, money, death, destruction, violence, rule by force and view humanity as their private livestock slaves. We have to ditch these jerks they are holding us all back!

Make no mistake about this the rulers and controllers, call them what you will, Oligarchs?, Bilderbergs?, Illuminati?, Plutocrats? Banksters? Elite? or even my personal favorite.. clinically damaged psychologically sociopathic insecure control freak bed wetters? are well aware of this shift happening. They are fighting it all the way. Refusing to let go of their already extinct dinosaur mentality paradigm. To be sure the freaks are freaking out about this.

Oh well... No one can stop an idea who's time has come? Google this one, read it and weep, all you insecure bed wetters: "AQUARIUS global awakening" or just plain "global awakening"

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World Wide Wave Of Action

Global ORGANIZED movements are in progress right know collectively known as theWave Of Action. From their web site:

We Are A Movement Of Movements

The Worldwide #WaveOfAction begins April 4th and runs through July 4th. During this three-month cycle, people throughout the world will be protesting corruption, rallying around solutions and taking part in alternative systems. The new paradigm will be on full display. Studies have proven that it only takes 3.5% of the population taking nonviolent action to create meaningful and positive change. The #WaveOfAction gives all of us who want change a powerful opportunity to #EvolveSociety. Change-makers all over the world will be engaged at the same time in an unprecedented wave of transformation.

On April 4th, there will be launch celebrations at hundreds of former Occupy locations globally. We will honor Dr. Martin Luther King’s legacy of nonviolent action and spend the day connecting with allies and strategizing Spring action campaigns. This crowdsourced campaign will become what you, the people, make of it, self-organizing and organically evolving, a new culture will emerge. What are you most passionate about? What are you doing to be the change? Whatever it is, passionately be it in public this Spring. Get together with like-minded friends and have fun with it. We have power in numbers. United we are unstoppable. OUR TIME HAS COME!!

We shouldn't be yelling "Revolution, Revolution!" It should be instead "Evolution, Evolution!". - Bill Hicks inspired.


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Google And Pinterest Damaging My Calm

Routine is the name of the game in all of life around me. So every day I travel through the routine that life is all around me. When something breaks from routine, this is not their normal and expected MO, it kind of trips me up as I am passing through.. What's up with that? Let me give you an example of what I am referring to:

Every day, routine, MO, I go out and tribute the wild critters around my house with seed , suet, bread, etc. They, the critters, all have individual and unique routines, MO's, they can be relied upon pretty solid that they will exhibit. Their natures? It's Spring here in NE America and the Robins have returned, routine, to do their, routine, ransacking of lawns everywhere. I had the Robin MO routine down before I hit double digit in age.

The other day I go out to do my routine MO tribute thing and on my way back to the house I have to pass by the garage door. The garage door is slightly open exposing one foot between the bottom of the door and the ground. As I am passing the garage door a red red robin comes bob bob bobbing from out of my garage and moves onto the neighbors lawn. This breaks my stride, draws my attention, damages my calm. That robin is acting completely abnormal. The robin see's me stop and look at him. He stops and looks at me. The obvious question put to the Robin at this point was "WTF are you doing in my garage?" This is not normal at all I've never seen a Robin ransack a garage before. The Robin hops a few more hops away from me then looks back "Does that work for you?" No! I want to know why a Robin would be coming out of my garage?! The Robin hops a few more hops away from me then looks back "Does that work for you?" No! You can't be breaking from MO routine in front of me like that! The Robin seeing that I am getting upset about this goes airborne at this point and lands on a nearby fence. Apparently I am now damaging his calm. He looks back at me "Does that work for you?" Not really but I'll let it go. Let's not go here again. I walk away and return to my routine.

When something, someone or in this case some critter is not acting the way they normally act breaking from normal routine.. it draws my attention making me break from my routine. What's up with that?

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Artists: Universal Soldier

Hitler was a monster responsible for the deaths of millions! According to history books. However that is not really true. Hitler may have actually killed a few people personally. You know.. temper tantrums?, sociopathic homicidal damage?, just his freaky sex needs?, but Hitler did NOT kill millions. Who actually did do the killing of millions? The very sad truth is that we the people, you and me, did the actual killing of millions. Just give us a big fat believable lie and we'll all go off in the millions killing each other. Here is another big fat lie for you.. then they'll tell you you're all Heroes and saviors on "Thou shalt not kill" God's side himself. For glory, country, patriotic duty and honor! Wave a flag.. any flag.

Where does the blame lay here? Who is really responsible for the death of millions? The deceiver or the deceived? Fool me once shame on you. Fool me over and over and over shame on me? Recognizing the truth of this then you should also recognize who can prevent this from happening.

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