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A Tale of 2 Nullification Bills: Human Action Essential for Success

A brief Nullification primer. It goes something like this:

The Federal Government stands up and declares "I am God. Everyone everywhere has to do everything I say!"

The states, individual sovereign nations in their own rights, listen to this federal declaration with eyes squinting and mouths agape. They reply "No.. You're an asshole. And if we catch you in our state talking like that we'll have you arrested."

Now I know it doesn't actually transpire like this but this is, I believe, a good definition of the spirit behind it all.

This is usually how it comes down in practice:

The Federal Government enacts another UNconstitutional law that grants them more power and authority over everyone everywhere. They just love doing that.

The states respond by telling the Federal government "Wow.. that's a really nice new UNconstitutional law granting yourself even more power and authority. You seem to like doing that. But because it is UNconstitutional it is null and void. Not a law that will be enforced in our state. And should you come into our state and try to enforce that non-law we will have you arrested." Asshole....

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GLOBAL WAR ALERT: “Heavy fighting could flare up at any moment”

Seems to me that USA Inc has been trying desperately to ignite a global nuclear WW III for quite a while now. And as of late they seem to want to also paint Russia as the resurrected boogie man. They are evil! Now NATO is coming into the picture I can only assume to help prove how evil Russia is. We told you. Watch this short report from The Next News Network(N3) and then step back for a moment and consider what you are seeing and hearing.

Step back..

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Gary McKinnon: Hacking The Pentagon

Have you heard about this one? As I understand it Gary McKinnon gained administrative access into Pentagon computer networking. Once in as an administrator of course he could go where ever he wanted and do what ever he wanted.

I know of two different meanings of the "Hacker" label. An older one which was meant to represent a savvy computer programmer. These days it refers to someone who breaks into computer systems able to defeat all the security systems. In either case neither apply properly to Gary. He is not, as far as I know, some savvy programmer and he did not break into the Pentagon computer networks. They failed to assign a password to the administrative account basically leaving the front door wide open unguarded so to speak. Anybody can just walk right in.

No password required for administrative network access!?!?! How stupid is that? Proof positive Military Intelligence is an Oxymoron. That has completely destroyed for me all those movies that portray government/military combating computer cyber-terrorism. They are expert and the only ones that know what they are doing! Don't worry you are safe and protected. How could I have been suckered in so easy?

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What does this tell me?

  • Elections happen every year.
  • Yet only once every four years during a presidential election does it become a corporate controlled mass media spectacle. It is so important the public is beaten into a frenzy as to who the winners and losers are defined by the corporate controlled mass media.

What does this tell me?

  • Every presidential election the corporate candidates ALWAYS know and promise exactly what the people want to hear and have done.
  • Every presidential election once they are in office it is extremely rare, if ever, that they do what they promised.

What does this tell me?

  • Every presidential election the people vote for change.
  • Every presidential election not only does nothing change it just gets even worse.

What does this tell me?

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If "They" Are All Seeing, All Knowing And All Wise... Why Did The Internet Catch Them With Their Pants Down?

In this case I an referring to "They" collectively. "They" who are running and controlling it all globally. "They" who sit upon the boards of all major corporations. "They" who control the money. "They" who control the governments. "They" who control all mass media. "They" who are pulling all the stings from the shadows. "They" who decide who your choice of presidents will be. "They" who have been moving all of humanity slowly towards their NWO military dictatorship global nightmare. "They" who are sociopathic and megalomaniacal. "They" who use subterfuge, lethal force and deception to achieve their objective. "They" who have been doing this to humanity for decades.. probably millennia.

"They" have been successfully getting away with this for so long it's led them to believe "They" are all wise, seeing and knowing. "They" have it all under control. "They" have it all proceeding according to "Their" plan. "They" are Gods humanity is "Their" livestock.

"They" have used deception and the control of information as "their" weapon of choice against the global herd. You will only know and believe what "They" allow you to know and believe and it is pretty much all a lie.

War is peace.. Ignorance is strength.. Truth is treason.. Criminals are heroes.. "Their" government loves you and is lily white the good moral high ground. Change you can believe in!!

So.. the question that just begs asking here? If "They" have spent decades.. probably millennia.. controlling and restricting the herd's access to information? Why do we have the Internet now?

Understand the Internet completely knocked down all the walls around their one gate into information access. I mean really.. don't you think it's rather stupid and foolish having all this heavy guard blocking the gate to information when the Internet dropped all the walls around it?

If "They" are all seeing, all wise and all knowing.. Gods.. "They" have it all under control? Why did "They" let the Internet knock all the walls down around the information that "They" do not want us to have access to?

I'm confused.. That just doesn't make any sense to me. It seems rather stupid and foolish to me that "They" the all wise, knowing and seeing would allow such a thing to happen.

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