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Artist: Elmo & Patsy: Grandma Got Run over by a Reindeer

It's that time of year again. Christmas!!! A celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. You remember him? Immaculate conception? The man with a message from God? Bringing a new covenant? Messiah? Savior? The entire reason for Christianity and The New Testament? Cured the sick? Raised the dead? Walked on water????

I walk on water all the time! That is nothing miraculous. - Ice Fisherman

Why is it too often when someone expresses belief about a divine God in their life experience the conversation goes south? Get's all weird and confrontational? The majority on the planet believe in a higher consciousness/being. Great Spirit? Yet it seems today it is popular to ridicule and berate this majority for their said belief declaring they are crazy, insane and delusional to believe in a non existent imaginary thing!? Too many in the majority have become something of a "closet freak" about all this scared of the minority? What's wrong with this picture??? Should not the minority group be hiding in closets holding the unpopular belief? And honestly why does a person's spiritual belief even matter? You believe what ever you want to believe and I'll choose to believe what I want to believe. I've had my life experiences leading to my beliefs and you've had you're life experiences leading to your beliefs. Why must one belief be wrong and the other be right?

I believe in ghosts but I don't believe in life after death!

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Mysterious Death Plague Upon Witnesses, Incriminating Evidence And/Or Damaging Information

To become aware of this "Mysterious Death Plague" I refer to here you need to "connect the dots" and "see the patterns". "The Plague" itself makes doing that somewhat... problematic?

Corporate controlled mass media News "Kills" any reporting about corporate criminal activity AND "Kills" any reporting about their puppet government's criminal activity.

It really is a "Plague" in every sense of the word.

Corporate controlled mass media News "Character Assassinates" anyone that threatens their agenda and/or can expose their criminal activity.

Corporate controlled mass media "Terminates" the meaning of "News" transforming it into fear mongering, distraction, sensationalism, propaganda, crowd control and/or mindless meaningless "stories".

Corporate controlled mass media "News" puts to "death" any real, meaningful and important truth you should be aware of.

The "Plague" is upon much more than the corporate controlled mass media "News".

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Congress Floor Venting: Rep. Tim Ryan (D) Ohio

It's all lies!?!? I'm shocked I tell you.. shocked!

That's right Tim.. The "Same People" that have always lied to us and always been wrong are the "Same People" we call "Trusted Experts"!

Clearly Tim is NOT an accomplished politician if he has a problem with government lies.. Thank you TIM for not being accomplished!!!!


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Artist: Neil Young: Sample And Hold

I do design as in NOT you.

New design as in NOT old.

From the album "Trans" as in Transform.

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Thanksgiving is a holiday that is primarily observed both in America and Canada. Traditionally, classically, it is a celebration at the end of a growing season to "Give Thanks" for a good harvest. Though it is under some contention and there seems to be a lack of significant documentation it is believed by many that the tradition first occurred, started, with the Pilgrims that migrated to America in the 1600's.

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