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Israel Propoganda Wars: It's Not Genocide Of The Palastineans. It's Defending From Terrorists!

Israel has modeled itself after the United States and is now "Fighting terrorism". Identical to the U.S. model of the "War on Terrorism". Identical.. exactly the same.

Seems here in America we have a real problem facing up to the fact that our government has gone Nazi. Can't see it. Don't want to hear it. Not my child that's crazy! Doesn't matter how crazy that is.

Ok.. Be that as it may.. Try it this way instead maybe this will work. How about if someone else's child is doing the exact same thing? Unlike seeing our own faults we'd have no problem seeing their faults.. no? You want to know what America's war on terror really is? Take a look at Israel's war on terror.

Discovery: how media lies documentary film - CNN CBS FOX NEWS channel distorted contents

[UPDATE 031915]

Israel vs Palestine - feat. DAM & Norman Finkelstein [RAP NEWS 24]

[/UPDATE 031915]


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Artist: The Moody Blues: The Other Side Of Life

There's just way too much "Negative Energy" out there. Pointless and needless "Negative Energy" no less. It's downright suffocating.

Here in America we spend every year we have to borrow money to do it half of our entire GNP on the "Defense Department". Half of our entire GNP goes into death and destruction. We just love and feed off of all that negative energy. Hate, kill, cheat, rob, criminal, corrupt, extort, force, unjust and any other frosting that will work on the cake of blackness. The Military-Industrial Complex just loves negative energy the more the better.

That hellfire missile sent into the middle of a wedding party was NOT to kill a "Suspected terrorist". It was to blow to pieces innocent men, woman and children by the dozens at a joyous family occasion. Does "fanning the flames" ring any bells here? They may have killed one highly questionable suspect but in the process created 20 definite terrorists now. Exactly the point and desired effect that was wanted. We need enemies, lots of enemies, or we're out of a job.

More negative energy in the world. A few short years of war on terrorism and terrorists are everyone and everywhere now. What a surprise.

Now consider this: Our conscience energy has the power to alter and manifest upon the world around us. Proven, repeatable, definite. They don't want you to know about that.

You think it is just coincidence that they are trying vivaciously, more frosting, to plow all of humanity into a negative energy state of conscience? Coincidence they are fanning the flames?

Yes? Then go kill each other for them.

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Activism Spotlight: The Tenth Ammendment Center

The Constitution is a contract between the people/states and the Federal government it created. Basically the Federal Government is nothing but a collective bargaining authority for the people/states also defining uniformity concerning money, weights and the like.

As defined by The Constitution the Federal government is the LOWEST form of government in America. They have almost no contractual authority except for a very few and specific things. The rest of the authority is reserved to the people and states themselves.

Why does this even need saying?

Today in America, as I'm sure you're all aware, the federal government, Washington DC, is sold as the highest authority of government. The president is highest and decides everything for everyone. Just watch any TV or modern movie about that.

This is how it is, forget what the TV and Hollywood movies are telling you, it is contract. If you are acting outside "Contractual" authority, we didn't agree to this, it is invalid and illegal activity therefore it has no force, validity nor effect. Null and Void it means nothing.

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Blue Man Group Venus Hum I Feel Love in HD - The Complex Rock Tour Live

That's right.. we're all born here on Sol-3 naturally connected to "The Source". Now you know why Buba did what Buba did because he was all pumped up and in tune with the cosmos and eternity itself just like the Dalai Lama himself... the source.

When it comes to singing, dancing and creating music those Sol-3'ers got it going on. A unique gift of theirs able to tap into the power of and render intimate and artistic "The Source". An entire audience has paid to come and experience, be close to and a part of, "The Source" itself as it is transmuted by the artists into energy radiating into the entire arena of those in front of them thirsting for it.

For all you off worlders millenia ahead of us technologically but not naturally connected nor close to "The Source" like we are.... to us it's primal...

Don't you wish your eyes looked like this?

So you come along and take a biped creature here on Earth that is tightly connected to "The Source" and mutate them genetically engineering to give them sentience and self awareness? Made me a conscience able to abstract reason form of that creature did you? What did you expect? Did you even expect this? Back off man your not just messing with anyone that can be found naturally evolved in nature normal anywhere I'm a genetically engineered mutant! One of a kind in the entire universe.


DONNA SUMMER - I feel love (1977) HD and HQ

Lloyd Pye - Everything You Know Is Wrong

Seminal lecture by Lloyd Pye on our origins and enslavement as a species. Strongly recommended presentation

Google "Earth chronicle series"

Google "Morphogenetic field"

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ISIS: I Agree James The Italians Got It Right!

ISIS, no doubt in my mind yet another CIA terrorist creation, is being marketed as the "Mother of all Terrorist" organizations. Another new household word.

You've all seen the imagery and heard the reports. Look there's a man in a mask waving a knife and talking shit we're all going to die! Be afraid, very afraid. We need to declare Martial Law and have our "Department of Defense" blow up and destroy another dozen entire countries. He has a knife!! Where did he get the standard military issue camouflage outfit? Are those Foster Grant's?

Italians Show World How to Deflate Terror Propaganda

With all the gun control here in America the government is doing everything possible to keep guns out of our hands.. Why are terrorists holding not only American made guns but grenade and rocket launchers also?

It's probably only a matter of time before our own government nukes one of our cities. You know why? Because they desperately want a reason to nuke everyone everywhere. Wow.. ISIS went nuclear! They really are the "Mother of all Terrorists" just like the government said. Why didn't ISIS do the world a favor and nuke DC? The Pentagon? CIA headquarters? The Federal Reserve? The UN? Even Monsanto or Walmart headquarters would have been a better choice to nuke than a city full of innocent people.

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