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Time Mag Once Again Confirms Its A Rag

I find myself sitting in a waiting room today, yes, waiting for my name to be called. It wasn't looking good for expediency as the room was packed with compadre waitees.. So I dig in and get ready for the long haul finding something to read from the available material specifically there to help the waitees kill time and boredom.

The selection was rather sparse. Slim pickings? The best I could come up with was a recent issue of Time Magazine. Let me say right here and now I was forced into a corner about that selection.

It was the Olympics issue apparently right after the DNC convention. So I'm flipping pages starting to fear I'm out of luck nothing interesting worth reading at all. A complete waste of paper and ink. Then I stumble upon:

"What people are saying about Hillary Clinton" (after the DNC and her highly questionable nomination)

Something that caught my interest. I'll read that. It is one person's opinion and it reads all kum-ba-ya-ee. I'm talking it was a clinical warm fuzzy. Hillary's a warm loving person! Like this is what everyone is thinking and saying. A seen one you've seen them all typical opinion about Hillary. That's what they're all saying!!

Excuse me a moment.. GAK.. Sorry.. Clean up in the waiting room over the PA system.

OMG that is just so far from the truth and reality it is laughable. Are you kidding me? Are we talking about the same Hillary? The demon seed from hell Hillary? Everyone around her including Bill is scared to death of her Hillary? They literally have to have her on "Chill Pills" to stop her from mangling people Hillary?

They must have missed the issue of Time Magazine doing an exposé on the Clinton's long criminal careers and their cold viscous characters people mean nothing to them.

Once again Time Magazine shows itself to be a peddler of dis-information steering the public wrong. Yellow journalism at its finest.

I'd bet anything they would not print what I am saying about Hillary!!

It made for a strange scene in the waiting room. Someone puking in the corner and laughing hysterically as they did.


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Top 3 Reasons Why Hillary Should Be The POTUS

Now I know all you rational well informed critical thinking voters probably think there is no reason for Hillary to be the next POTUS. Not one! Indeed the ONLY thing she has accomplished, repeatedly, in her long political career is avoiding prosecution! You're right. There is no rational reason to vote Hillary into the POTUS position.

This blog is not for you. This blog is for all the irrational voters out there that will vote for her as POTUS reason be damned!

Number 1: She Is A Democrat

That is the ONLY thing that matters. I don't care whom the democratic contender is, I don't care if they are sane, human, cognitive, breathing or even in jail. I have been voting strictly democrat my entire life. In fact my family has been voting strictly democrat for at least 342 generations.. Maybe more. It's a time honored family tradition.

Number 2: She Is A Woman

Shades of Barack! De Ja Vu!! We have never had a woman POTUS before. This is finally a chance to put a woman into the POTUS position. That is the ONLY thing that matters. Nothing else matters!!! I don't care whom the female contender is, I don't care if they are sane, human, cognitive, breathing or even in jail. She is female she will get my vote.

Number 3: Her Thumb Will Be On The Nuclear Button 24/7

To understand the irrational(does that make sense?) of this one you first have to understand a few things about Hillary.

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Deek Jackson: Wanking Off To Planet Rape

There are times that I can really use a "Deek Fix". Kind of an anger release through the Deek proxy? That's right it is insane and absurd, I'm seeing it but still can't believe it, why not just go with it??? You know.. the Clinton's just made a mockery of our entire criminal justice system and "The Rule of Law"?? Rabid inane Hillary supporters want her for president even if she is a sociopathic corrupt criminal duplicitous psychopathic treasonous nuclear war-mongering anything for money whore??? It's clinical both her and her supporters????

To me, my opinion, Deek has the stuff in him that the likes of George Carlin and Bill Hicks were made of. He was cut from that same clothe so to speak. He is a first class comedian making me laugh anyways at our own absurdity and the truth about our system and culture. I think he's a really funny guy that can make me laugh about the things that anger and frustrate me. But Deek can be rather candid and quite graphic making us all aware of the beauty and power of "Free Speech" though it is not always put in a pleasant way. There is a point to be heard in all that harsh yet very colorful language and imagery.

Thank you for this Deek.. It was right on time!!!

Wanking Off To Planet Rape - Deek Jackson


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The Clinton Foundation: Another Example Of "Extreme Carelessness"

Now I know there is a lot confusion out there, mystified even, why the FBI director would define how Hillary was being criminal but then recommend no criminal charges. She was just "Extremely Careless"??!!

Eh? What? Yeah.. well so was I when I parked there but I got prosecuted anyway for the parking ticket. The judge wasn't amused when I pleaded "Extreme carelessness". As I understand it now the parking ticket must be a much more severe crime than exposing national top secret documents to the world.

Most people out there don't understand how Bill Clinton was able to get the justice system to not prosecute Hillary just by talking about his grand kids two days earlier.

How do you plead?
Your Honor let me tell you about my grand kids! ...I suspect that will just make it worse for me.

So to help understand how "Extremely Criminal" can become just "Extremely Careless" one need only examine "The Clinton Foundation" for more insight about that. Where better to learn this subtle but profound redefinition of activity than the Clintons whom apparently are masters at avoiding prosecution for criminal activity. The Clinton Foundation would be a wonderful example of that.

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The Clintons: An Anatomy Of Criminality And Corruption In America

The Clintons have to be the "Gold Standard" when it comes to criminality and corruption in America today. A review of their political career easily reveals how government criminality and corruption works. Just how bad and rampant it has become.

Of course you wouldn't know any of this because the criminality and corruption of the corporate controlled media and fourth estate kept this from you. Bed partners.

If you would like to get a glimpse into the severity and reality of Clinton criminality and corruption, America today, you will not get it from American corporate controlled media. Indeed they are protecting their favored corrupt criminals for self serving reasons of course. You have to go else where outside American corporate controlled media to have this "reported" to you.

Here is an example of the forth estate contrast from, of all places, Russia Today. As opposed to American corporate controlled media whom is doing damage control, spinning, smoke and mirrors and the ever popular choreographed complete lie and Matrix illusion selling that Hillary is still highly in demand by the people her corruption and criminality does not impair her bid for presidency. Clearing her path for presidency. Indeed ramming her down our throat.

Clinton hid 1000s of emails, put classified data on her server... but shouldn't be charged - FBI

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