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A White Pine Time Warp

I'm a country boy.. grew up with wild forests in my back yard and all around me. So as a young boy I spent a lot of time in the wild forest all around me.

Being deep in the the forest on a clear night with full moon lighting the forest around you is an experience, cosmic, that I wish everyone has a chance in there lives to visit.

Typical I am a child and basically a primate monkey I loved climbing trees and it was not unusual to find me high up in one. In fact many trees were examined and evaluated for their "Climbabilty?"

Today I had to meet the sheriff in town doing yet another sad eviction. The people being evicted needed some time to bag essentials to take with them the door will be locked and barred to them after they leave. This took some time today for them to deal with it and grab as best they could with such short time available to do so. The sheriff, Kudos!, was extending compassion and allowed them almost an hour to panic come to terms with reality. Well done sheriff you just got a lot of respect from me.

Anyways.. to the point of this expression.. so I had to kill, toast, some time. If the sheriff can do it compassionate I surely can hold out at least as long as he can without complaint nor problem with it.

So I go out into the back yard to throw my free time around. Hob nob and otherwise rub elbows with the locals passing my perimeter in life at this moment. Spend some time examining in detail an aspect of this back yard I never noticed in all these years before? I am expert at killing time. At one point wandering aimlessly around looking for any possible banes of time a white pine came across my perception. So having the time to give it a serious and worthy examination, when was the last time that white pine was extensively examined it is probably long over due, I ended up going into a time warp!

Travel back well over 50 years to my childhood in the wild forest. I remember coming across that white pine that was both ancient and huge in the middle of the forest! Indeed many small white pines around it were vying and duking it out with other vegetation for supremacy and survival! OMG that ancient and huge white pine was just begging for a small monkey brat to climb it to the top of the forest canopy itself.

Why did you climb Mount Everest? Because it was there! ..ring any bells and might apply here?

So up into the white pine goes the little monkey brat. Climbed it all the way to the top of it that was still able to support me. It was a magnificent and ancient white pine towering well above the forest canopy. And so now am I looking out over and across the top of the forest around me. Swaying in the breeze. Another experience I wish others could share and have.

Back to the present my eyes travel, climb, the white pine in the back yard. When I got to the top I could actually see into the past that little monkey brat at the top casting a life memory swaying on the breeze above the forest canopy.


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Valentine's Day: I've Said It Before And I'll Say It Again..

Love is the stuff.. I love you... All of you! What a wonderful thing to be able to give, feel and do. You, all of you, are my brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers., you are all my family.

Of course I love my brothers and sisters.. My mothers and fathers.. That by default includes every one on this entire planet.

We are therefore one family. I am related to you all! I am part of your family you all! Therefore, implicit, I love and care for you all!

I don't want to hurt you.. none of you.. no one any where! I want to help, protect and nurture you if I can. Everyone everywhere!! I love my family!!! ....and you are ALL my family each and every one of you out there across the planet. You are my children, my brothers and sisters... my mothers and fathers..

What a lucky man I am having such a large and lovely family?

Concerning intimate personal relationship between us? I've said it before.. I'll say it again:

Valentine's Poem

Related:Roxy Music - Love Is The Drug

Love is the drug! Call me a mutant junkie addict? I love my children.. I love my siblings.. And I love my parents... I have a severe problem and need a fix!?


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Random Act Of Kindness..

A friend of mine calls OMG they just have to tell me what happened to them. All excited and lit up so to speak.

Now I'm curious.. What??

They had left a library book on a bus by accident. Forgot to take it with them when the got off the bus. Realizing later when it crossed their mind the book needed to be returned.. they freaked. OMG I left it on the bus!!!!

So they call the library ready to confess the book has been lost and take the now you own and owe for it repercussion..

The library response? and I quote.. "What are you talking about that book has been returned??!!"

What? Yeah! We got it back.

I see it as damage control.. some person with a random act of kindness returned the book for her. They not only saved her the cost of having to now pay for and buy the book.. They reinforced the belief in our fellow man out there also..

I don't know about you but this kind of "stuff" just does wonders in my heart.. Such a simple thing easily doing major damage to damage??


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The Awakening: Blue Man Group: Introducing The Band!

We are all "Individuals". Call me free spirit. Have you ever noticed that we often times just seem to "Know things?" I know you know this one. Know you know what I am referencing here.

There in the audience is 1,000 plus individuals yet they are virtually all on "The same page?" A collective of individuals joined together as one? No longer individuals but a collective?

OMG! It was a mob scene!?

Ever notice also how it is a "Force" we all seem to be connected with and tapping into? I see it too! Ya know?

And you know also.. Isn't it the "stuff?" Give me more!!!!? Let me ride that wave?

I know what we know. I'm aware we are aware! My individual is being drawn into the collective. Radioactive.. we are all tuning in to the same channel and broadcast.

Here is The Blue Man Group Complex Rock Tour Live. By all means take in the entire experience from start to finish. Get on that page with all the others there. Ride the wave!! But I reference the closing sequence. Move up to time index 1:10:00 and play it out all the way from there. Introducing the band all those individuals operating collective in concert and in tune? Pay special attention to the audience. A collection of how many individuals?? Now all one collective!

It's interesting and even amazing how we can flip back and forth between individuals and collective. Ya know?

[Update 2/10/16]

Uh oh! The video went down and is no longer linking! "Copyright claims" you understand? Well do you also understand that this video has been offered under "fair use"? Copyright laws do NOT apply??? Yet somehow they are being applied even when they do NOT apply?? Ya got that? Get it? You're on your own to find the content referenced here. I'll bet it still can be found elsewhere just this instance has been blocked. It has nothing at all to do with copyrights??

[/Update 2/10/16]

[UPDATE 3/2/16]

Uh oh!!! I found another YouTube identical that is still up!!

[/UPDATE 3/2/16]


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16 States Simultaneously Announce Efforts to Protect Privacy, #TakeCTRL

OMG!! 16 states just declared themselves to be suspected terrorists and enemies of the state! That's it... they are all now on no fly lists never and impossible to get off that list. Take a bus, train or dog sled instead.

I was sitting next to DC on the bus today??!!!

BTW? Why are the airlines in business USA?

What are the states thinking? Are they crazy upholding and defending the contractual agreement commonly known as The Constitution? They are obviously dangerous and a threat to "National Security" having a problem with federal, US Inc DC, tyrannical criminality.

Probable cause? We don't need no stinkin probable cause!

Warrants? We don't need no stinkin warrants!

Constitution? We don't need no stinkin Constitution!

USA, USA, USA!!!! Wave flag..


The Tenth Amendment Center.. on the bus no fly for you also..

16 States Simultaneously Announce Efforts to Protect Privacy, #TakeCTRL

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