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Google 'HJR 192'. In 1933 The FED Became Our Government

And we can all thank the criminality and corruption of U.S. Inc., Washington DC, for that. U.S. Inc. was not created to defend The Constitution nor protect America. That's just U.S. Inc. public education indoctrination crap. Their purpose was and still is to take down America.

It all started back in 1913 when The Federal Reserve Central Bank Scam was established. Constitutionally illegal to do yet do it they did U.S. Inc. It took a lot of corruption and criminality in DC to accomplish that.. no problem.

A Central bank scam as you all know is for one purpose only.. for bankers to take control and ownership of an entire country via bankrupting the government. U.S. Inc. was full aware of that when they created The FED and knew where it would end.

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Internet Alt Media Spotlight: The Juice Media

Got Internet? Got broadband? Got Multimedia?

Yes? Then you have everything needed to experience an exciting and refreshing alternative to corporate controlled mass media(CCMM) TV programming.

To me CCMM is so boring? No matter which channel you choose they are all saying and doing the same exact thing. CCMM news has become, no matter which channel you choose, nothing but Twilight Zone reruns. You seen one you've seen them all. PBS partially excepted.

Where is the diversity? Where is the rich range of perspectives on important topics? Where is the free speech? Where is the free press? Where is my choice about what is interesting? And most important where is the chaos that is life?

If you must in order for it to feel right about it then by all means get a large HD monitor, a cordless mouse and set it all up in front of a couch!

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Artist: Snap!: The Power

Corporations, which include virtually ALL governments, are lifeless in the legal fantasy lala world of UCC commerce. Artificial persons. Contracts, spreadsheets, profit statements, holdings. All of it nothing but pieces of paper. A dead thing describing an imaginary construct. Repeat it is a DEAD THING! No heart, no soul, no conscience. Lets start another war major profit statements all around not to mention the hostile takeovers and legal control gained by it also. Oh wait.. but millions of men, women and children will die horrible deaths! What's your point? It does not negatively effect our profit statement. In fact the more that die the higher the profits.

People on the other hand, natural persons, live in the REAL world and do have a heart, a soul and a conscience. Usually this means killing for profit is extremely repugnant to them. They, usually, would never do such a thing.

And you wonder why way too often the decisions and actions by corporate government make no sense, are cruel, unfair, heartless, unjust, soulless and without conscience of any kind? Completely wrong to all of us here in the real world? It's a simple matter of priorities. What's important and valuable. The dead do not add it up like the living do.

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Veterans: The Battle of Athens Tennessee 1946

Could this be why our government has such disdain for Veterans and are now trying to paint them as domestic terrorists? Disarm us?

The Battle of Athens Tennessee 1946

Veterans: The New Battle for Athens


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Artist: Johnny Cash: Man In Black

What can I say? Solidarity?

I feel like I am stuck on a train that is headed 100+ MPH into the proverbial "Brick Wall" or over a cliff. It's obvious to me. OMG!! STOP THE TRAIN!!!!

Not only does the majority of passengers on this train NOT want to see the rapidly approaching disaster they in fact do not like having blackness put in their faces and lives... me black? I know I am not the only one that has to deal with this. I'll let Johnny take it from here. I'll be back.

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