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The American Collective Problem Is Genetic Predisposition!

I am referring here to a problem for those whom would try to control us. You know? The usual suspects? Government? Elite? Illuminati? Oligarchs? Banksters? Bilderbergs? Kings? Queens? Dictators? Mucky-mucks? And all other sociopathic homicidal maniac control freaks insecure?

Did I miss anyone with issues about Americans having a genetic predisposition? I'm sure I must have. So if your group/type is not listed here yet you also have severe issues with American genetic predisposition? Don't worry.. acknowledged or not you're still a flaming asshole!

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Artist: Uriah Heep: Echoes In The Dark

Artists!(roll eyes)

I'm going to say nothing about my own personal interpretation of this one. Like any good piece of art work interpretation is left to the viewer of said artistic piece. You decide what this piece of art effects inside you. What are you left with for it? How did it play upon your life experience?

Why am I posting this one? Cause I felt in my heart that I needed to do this? I'm not even clear in my own head rational recognizable why this is happening. If you would like a more definitive explanation all I can say is take this one up with God.

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Does Anyone Know Where The Sword Of Shannara Is?

The Sword Of Shannara is a novel written by Terry Brooks and originally published by Random House in 1977. It is a story set in a Medieval fantasy world about, you guessed it, The Sword Of Shannara. The sword is a magical weapon wielding great power and the only thing that can destroy the evil darkness oppressing all the lands.

A good read. I'd recommend it.

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Sausages Exposing The Matrix Madness Upon Us

What a blog title. It reads, first impression on the face of it, like I have gone mad instead? Seeing a duck where ducks are not?

Maybe. I've always allowed for that. It could be quite possibly a valid conclusion. You decide in the following expression where the madness lies. In me or in the sausages?

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Send Rambo Back To Afghanistan!

In the Rambo III movie John Rambo, our very own iconic freedom fighter one man army, goes to Afghanistan to rescue his friend captured and being tortured by the Russian Oppressors. While there he befriends some Afghan freedom fighters, rescues his friend and even helps the freedom fighters win battles and kill some evil Russian invaders.

Clearly in the movie it can be seen that the Afghan freedom fighters are the good guys resisting the clearly evil bad guy Russian invaders.

Rambo needs to go back to Afghanistan.

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