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Knowledge Acquired By... Osmosis? GRAT? Background Radiation?

Now that I am breaking free of the Matrix illusion that is placed in all of us and looking back upon it all I find it amazing just how powerful and effective the Matrix Machinery is at putting "We actually believe it is true but is a complete lie" information into our heads. Without us ever doing any research nor investigation of our own about the actual validity of what we believe as true. It is just there unquestioned as gospel in our heads.

Where did it come from? How did it get in my head? Why do I believe absolutely sure it is true yet I never personally investigated it? Anything presented to me that calls it into question is immediately rejected as ridiculous and absurd not to be even remotely considered?

I didn't do the research and investigation personal that led to this Gospel truth I believe. Yet it is in my head as a Gospel truth I believe anyways.

How did it get there?? Osmosis(Contaminants in the water)? GRAT(Generally regarded as True)? Background Radiation(constant repetition I saw it on TV)?

Not only is it unquestioned/unexamined but we actually refuse to question/examine it.


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How The Governments Are Protecting Us From The Fukushima Global Nuclear Disaster

The Fukushima global nuclear disaster is an excellent example of how governments, national and the global wanna be NWO UN, really do protect the people from such events. Many people are not even aware of all the time, effort and expense governments are dedicating to protect the people from this particular ongoing threat to ALL life on the planet.

Honestly, once you understated how well governments can protect us all from global environmental destruction no one could possibly be against giving government totalitarian power so they may also save us from the Global Warming hoax. Governments really can effect massive protection on the global level.

The government's plan to protect you is quite effective with only one small drawback... You have to actually want the protection offered by the government! If you do not want their protection they can not protect you.

Here is their plan, how they are protecting us all: TURN THE TV ON! The TV will do everything it can to make sure you do not know and are completely ignorant about what is actually happening concerning the Fukushima global nuclear disaster... PROBLEM SOLVED!!! Let's move on to the latest celebrity gossip, fashion trends, weather reports, gadgets we should all buy and countless other meaningless distractions instead as life is heading towards extinction for the entire planet.

Or... you could...

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Artists: Lets Get Together

One song, three artists, out of the where did you go children of the 60's? Peace and Love vs. War and hate. Help and heal your neighbors rather than kill and hurt them?

Where did you go children of the 60's? Have we become caught up and entrapped by the same system we were opposing in the 60's? Got investment portfolios, property, vehicles, retirement funds we don't want to risk losing? Yet with the stroke of a pen in DC you lose it all in a heart beat. In fact you own nothing if you do the research. That;s not your property.. Thats not our vehicles... those are not even your children! They all belong to the STATE.

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The Same Ole Same Ole Fracking With Us

What the Frack is he talking about now?

"Fracking", as you may or may not be aware, is a method used to "Fracture" shale allowing it to release trapped gases that would not normally be accessible. That's what we are told by the energy industry. If you go to the Wikipedia entry about Fracking it is defined as something that provides proven enormous beneficial gains at the risk of very few questionable side effects.

”Proven” big gain? Few “Unproven” negative effects? Sign me up! How can I get Fracked?

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Thank You Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty...

...for sparking a social wildfire just by expressing your opinion about homosexuality. And thank you also for standing your ground against the assault upon you simply because you expressed an opinion.

Apparently a lot of people out there still believe this is America where people are not only free to express their opinions but will also defend your right to do so even if they may not agree with you.

How about that Voltaire?

The “Blowback” from America over the censorship move upon Phil reversed the censorship decision. This not only confirms the people actually have the power if they can act collectively but it is also the type of thing those spineless cowards in DC take notice of.

Google “Phil Robertson” to find out what is going on.


Go to and express your opinion about it. It seems the results of the national poll show that DC is a bit out of step with the rest of the country. Go figure...

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