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Artist: Michael Murphy: Wildfire

Wildfire.. as in America.

Wildfire.. as in you are free to follow your heart and truths as long as they do no harm to other hearts and truths.

Wildfire.. as in the great American experiment that not only swept across our plains but swept across the entire planet.

Wildfire.. as in America's candle burning brightly in the night.

Wildfire.. as in drawing "Moths" believing in it's flame from all over the world.

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Yet Another GLOBAL March Against Monsanto Today

Today another March Against Monsanto is scheduled. Events are being organized all over the planet.

Here is an excerpt from an article at the March Against Monsanto web site:

History Repeats Itself; #MAM Readies For 2nd Global Event!

In mere hours, MAM events will start in New Zealand and revolve around the world as we embark on the second March Against Monsanto. This cause has truly united the world! Over 400 cities in 57 countries will take place as we, the citizens of the world, say NO to poison! 3 million people will stand up for the food supply, the environment, and our planet's sustainability. Join an event near you and be a part of this moment in time:

A second global anti-Monsanto march protesting Monsanto's anti-life policies. Even larger than the last global march against Monsanto! Monsanto is finally getting the global recognition they properly deserve.


Vandana Shiva: March Against Monsanto for Freedom:

And since today is global Monsanto recognition day here are a couple of my own:

Farmers "Appalled" That Monasanto's Activities Can Happen In America

Farmer's Coalition Sues Monsanto, "Roundup Ready®" Takes On New Meanings


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Thank God!! A Government War On Whistle Blowers/Journalists/First Amendment.

Now I know this blog title makes little sense. Government trying to kill the Fourth Estate? Kill Free Speech? Kill Whistle Blowers exposing criminal activity? This is a good thing?

Have you lost your mind?

Maybe... honestly it is probably somewhat debatable as to if I ever had it to begin with.

Bear with me... hopefully the point I am trying to make will make sense?

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Is Obama'a Syria Fiasco The Last Straw that Broke The Ranks?

Obama, Mr. Nobel Peace Prize winner himself, Mr. I promise to end the wars and bring the troops home if elected himself, is pushing for another military act of aggression this time upon Syria.

Like most all military aggression upon other countries by the USA in recent history this one, Syria, is also for "sketchy" reasons. And of course no matter how "sketchy" the reasons were for these military aggressions by the USA they received full support from all the USA "Team" players. England, NATO, Most Western Countries, countries controlled by USA, The Media and otherwise all other international freaky bed partners with the USA.

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Post 9/11 2013: What Just Happened?

9/11/2001 was a national tragedy event in which every one can remember where they were when it happened. You know? Like that other bogus national tragedy the JFK assassination? Lots of similarity between these two permanent memory burning events as they occurred and then played out upon the public.

I know in both cases they were solved immediately. Instantly they knew who did it and why without any investigation what so ever much less "Official"! And then it was explained to every one by the "News Media" over and over and over and over just minutes after it happened. You remember..

...Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaeda, Terrorists!
...Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaeda, Terrorists!
...Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaeda, Terrorists!
...Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaeda, Terrorists!

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