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Common Core: Government Education Indoctrination Upon Little Children

Do you know what the government is teaching your grade school children? You may have heard some people, myself included, claim that government controlled education is actually "Indoctrination". Maybe you have even thought, since it is absurd to think the government could be ugly and bad in any way, that this claim is all nonsense and just blow it off without even a second thought as ridiculous.

Well.. good news, or bad depending upon your own level of Indoctrination, there is now more hard evidence of this all over the net.

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Classic Government Insanity: ObamaCare Rate Shock

ObamaCare, AKA The Affordable Care Act, is a classic example of government insanity.. once again.

ObamaCare was forced upon the American people though it was overwhelmingly NOT WANTED by the people. This from "Your" "Representative" "Government". After a move like that you would have to be insane to think any of the "..." quoted here is true.

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If... Then You Might Be Living Under Tyranny.

If this is what it is, Yes or No, then, Yes or No, that might be what it is! If they lie to me then they might be a liar! No?

Lets move on to "If... Then tyranny.".

When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.

- Attributed to highly debatable.

IF the people fear the government, Yes or No, then...

IF the government fears the people, Yes or No, then...

Do you fear the government? Does the government fear you? Yes or No? Then...

Let's try a few more direct and to to point "IFs".

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Why... ???

Why? An excellent question from one wanting to understand the reason, purpose, point and just plain rational behind an action. Any parent any where across the entire planet is well aware of their children going through the "Why???" phase at a very very young age.

Parent to very young child: This is what we are going to do.
Child: Why?
Parent to very young child: This is the reason "Why".
Child: Why?
Parent to very young child: This is the reason "Why".
Child: Why?
Parent to very young child: This is the reason "Why".
Child: Why?

Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Young children get it. Apparently it is a basic requirement of ours that needs answering so that we may understand what we are doing and most importantly "Why" we are doing it. Make Sense?

So in that spirit try explaining to your children the following "Why..." questions from them in a way that makes sense.

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Artist: Rod Stewart: Passion

Passion as in I am real flesh and blood. Passion as in I have a heart and a soul. Passion as in I have hormone precursors working upon my primal instincts. Passion as in I can get/go all feverish/ballistic in a heart beat if you hand me the proper triggers.

Such as..

You're threatening the welfare/future/safety of those under my protective wing.

It's going to get real PASSIONATE... real quick!

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