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The Clintons: An Anatomy Of Criminality And Corruption In America

The Clintons have to be the "Gold Standard" when it comes to criminality and corruption in America today. A review of their political career easily reveals how government criminality and corruption works. Just how bad and rampant it has become.

Of course you wouldn't know any of this because the criminality and corruption of the corporate controlled media and fourth estate kept this from you. Bed partners.

If you would like to get a glimpse into the severity and reality of Clinton criminality and corruption, America today, you will not get it from American corporate controlled media. Indeed they are protecting their favored corrupt criminals for self serving reasons of course. You have to go else where outside American corporate controlled media to have this "reported" to you.

Here is an example of the forth estate contrast from, of all places, Russia Today. As opposed to American corporate controlled media whom is doing damage control, spinning, smoke and mirrors and the ever popular choreographed complete lie and Matrix illusion selling that Hillary is still highly in demand by the people her corruption and criminality does not impair her bid for presidency. Clearing her path for presidency. Indeed ramming her down our throat.

Clinton hid 1000s of emails, put classified data on her server... but shouldn't be charged - FBI

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Hillary Clinton FBI Conclusion: "Extremely Careless" Not criminal?

Ok so the FBI comes back and concludes, I'm shocked I tell you, Hillary's actions are not prosecutable? And of course my initial reaction to receiving information such as this disturbing my reality and understandings goes something like this:


Or maybe even:

Excuse me?

And of course the classic in a situation like this:


She was just "Extremely Careless!????" Will that work for me also when I am extremely criminal? I seriously doubt it. In order to pull that one off requires a lot of high power connections in a lot of high power places and I'm sure a lot of money and favors are also involved. None of which I, just a common we the people, can wield.

Unbelievable. During this process Hillary lies to the investigators and public, excuse me.. I mean "misleads", through the entire investigation. Destroys evidence. Flip flops all over the place what she declares depends completely upon whom she is declaring it to and at the end of it all reveals herself to be, excuse me I'm going colloquial, pretty "fucked up".

That cinches it for me.. If she can pull her fat out of the fire after this one she deserves to be president of USA Inc. An organization of massive criminality and corruption that is able to avoid any kind of accountability of said criminality and corruption. OMG she is a master at it!!!!

Jee willickers.. how can I tell if my government has gone corrupt, criminal and is now dysfunctional? Duh??

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I Discovered Another Reason For Gas Vehicles

We've been trapped in a virtual no choice other than gas vehicles for a long long time. Regardless that we have had the technology able to produce viable electric vehicles for a long long time. Now I understand oil is big money and has a long long time ago taken control of the government when it comes to their quarterly corporate statements. Alternatives not allowed it damages their quarterly profit statements.

So even in the face of a global warming green house gases fear they are putting on everyone global the biggest perpetrator would be the gas vehicle industry. Yet there are no government mandates to move away from oil and gas. That's not even on the table!

Be that as it may..

One has to wonder the reasons, as insane as they are, that oil, gas vehicles, are so protected by government politicians and the corporations that grease and bribe them fattening their bank accounts and lining their pockets. That is after all how it works in a fascist country. Corporations buy the laws that favor and protect them from greedy self serving government law writers. You better make it millions I am after all selling out my country and her people! You didn't think they rep'd the people did you?

I discovered another reason why gas vehicles must stay and an electric alternative just won't do! Watching an old move today in one scene, you've all seen this one many many times, a car goes off the road tumbles rolling down a hillside to land at the bottom and explodes into flames! Thats it! You realize how hard it would be to have an electric vehicle explode into flames like that? Movies everywhere would be damaged and have their theatrical displays inhibited and seriously crippled with an electric car. Not to mention the loss of all those motor noises during chase scenes and the like.


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Old Doesn't Mean Stupid And Young Doesn't Mean Know It All - The David Icke Videocast Trailer

David Icke is popular, controversial an certainly and interesting character. I don't agree 100% with all his views and conclusions but for the most part I think he is spot on. I suspect his lizard thing that I don't see exactly his way has merit and there is some kind of truth in there.

Be that as it may. I differ on that point. does not mean the rest of what he puts forth is invalid. I like David.. a lot. I believe he is putting forth what he believes not what someone in the shadows behind him wants you to believe. That is honorable and becoming an ever increasing rare commodity in today's world of deception for sale.

Another thing I like about David is that what he has learned in his journey of discovery and investigation, to put it bluntly, pisses him off, annoys him doesn't like it, as it should! If you ask me the entire populace of planet Earth should be extremely pissed off what we are being sold and "they" are doing.

Free speech is a wonderful thing no matter what you do with it! Here is a snapshot of David, Enjoy.

Old Doesn't Mean Stupid And Young Doesn't Mean Know It All - The David Icke Videocast Trailer

I remember when I was young and knew it all. In the years since then I have learned a lot including the big one.. just how little I do know.


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NYS AG Schneiderman: Cracking Down on Assault Weapon Dealers

That's what the email title line declared on my weekly email update from NYS Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman's office. My first reaction was something like this:

OMG finally someone is cracking down on General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, Boeing, Lockheed Martin and many others gathered around the government pork barrel. All big players in the out of control military-industrial complex ASSAULTING R us war machinery. I mean these dealers are handing all this off the chart ASSAULT weaponry to criminal Nazi's, I mean, USA Inc. and their "Defense", that's rich, department. Millions of innocent people, men women and children, killed across the decades by these ASSAULT weapons, Dozens of innocent countries destroyed by these ASSAULT weapons. It is long over due they all be brought up on criminal charges, both the dealers and buyers, and locked up like the rabid insane animals they are!

Unlike we the people an AK47 and hand guns are used for "DEFENSE". It's a "DEFENSIVE" weapon. 95+% of the pubic keeps these weapons for "DEFENSE!" Protecting themselves?? There is of course the small minority that do use them for "ASSAULTING". The criminal, the insane and probably the biggest in that group the gone full blown psychotic due to big pharma industrial complex psychotropic drugs.

That was my first thoughts and reaction.. You go Eric!

Then I read the announcement.. sigh..

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