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Yay!!! Hillary Won!

According to several web site election trackers Hillary won the popular vote.. but lost the electoral college vote.

YAY!! Never before have I been happy about that anomaly in our electoral system.

YAY!! Never have I been so happy before about being so wrong. The TV almost pulled it off once again the impossible. Close but no (wink wink) cigar.

Now if we can just get her and Bill behind bars!!! That would be a good start. In fact lets fill the jails with the right people. You know? Real criminals? I'd be all for building new jails if need be in that case.

And as usual with only two bad choices. Who ever wins we lose.


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Breaking News - Black Snake Prophecy Happening NOW - Standing Rock

Found on YouTube, What's happening and what you can do.

Published on Nov 1, 2016

Ancient Native Prophecy of the Black Snake is happening at this very moment. This is number 8 of 9 Hopi & Lakota Prophecies. The first 7 have all come into fruition. It is of the utmost importance that you watch, share and get involved now for the future of our water and all of humanity is at stake right now.

Right now thousands of natives and others have come together to stop the black snack Dakota Access Pipeline from crossing over the Missouri river into the land of the Lakota Indians. According to prophecy if the black snake crosses the river into the land the waters will be poisoned and it will mark off the end of the world. They do not call themselves protestors but instead they are the water protectors. They are protecting your water and your future so you must not sit there, you must get involved. If you at all care about the future of your children and grandchildren.

Spiritual Medium Joseph Tittel describes in detail the prophecy along with the last prophecy to come true. Joseph explains the current situation along with signs that have appeared from spirit. Very powerful signs. Included is detailed information on how you can get involved.
You can start by sharing this video with everyone you know.
Do you stand for standing rock?


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I'm Not Voting This Year!

I've heard that several times this year. Referring, of course, to the American quadrennial spectacle known as a presidential election. As usual the standard allowed choices for us are either, only, a Democrat or Republican, Bad or Worse and neither represents what the people want other than in outright lies.

It always amazes me when they run for election they all know exactly what the people want to hear and they all promise to be the one to deliver it. Once in office however.. you know the drill.. elect "hope" and "change" every time yet it never happens. NEVER! In fact it is likely they will do the exact opposite of what they promised and got voted in with.

This time around is particularly insulting and offensive. We've hit a new low regarding presidential elections here in America. A new benchmark to be bested next time around. Hillary is an outright psycho criminal who should have been thrown in jail, along with her husband, dozens and dozens of times. And Trump? I don't even know what to make of him?

I'd like to suggest an alternative to NOT voting this year. Go and vote but vote for anything other than "Democrat" or "Republican". The Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson, and the Green Party candidate, Jill Stein, are both on the ballot in most states if not all states. Vote for who best represents your position. I'm pretty sure that is neither the Democrat nor Republican choices. Hasn't been for decades.

Better yet when you get in that booth? Vote anti-incumbent all the way. None of the above?? Yes.. VOTE THEM ALL OUT!!! Shake it up in DC they have gotten way to comfortable and cozy there. Send them a warning and wake up call.

Things will not change until we change what we do in the booth...


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It Seems Mother Earth Is In Solidarity With Standing Rock!

Something real interesting happened this week out at the Standing Rock pipe line protest. A herd of buffalo swung by the protest, From what I understand this is NOT their normal migratory route. It came as quite a surprise to the Native American Nations and protesters themselves. Obviously they were all "Pumped" by the event.

Here is a video capturing the buffalo's arrival. Take special note what is being said and exchanged at the start of the video. Pay special attention also to unarmed peaceful men, women and children on one side of the fence. On the other militarized police with all the latest and greatest assault weaponry and devices. Who wants to keep the peace and who wants violence? We the people are the boss? We have the right to assemble? Freedom of speech? Even the rule of law and due process has been thrown out the window by the same government that is supposed to be protecting them. But we already knew that with Hillary didn't we?

When the buffalo arrived at Standing Rock Source: Davidica Little spotted horse

[UPDATE 11/06/16]

After the buffalo came thru a wild golden eagle actually landed in camp and even allowed some to touch it. A bald eagle did a fly over and a couple of Kites where just hanging with the crowd in a nearby tree.

Personally? If I was one of those militarized police the thought that I may be on the wrong side of the fence would have crossed my mind when the buffalo came through. But I'm sure it would have passed when it came time to criminally follow orders.


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"Debasing" Seriously Impairs Us

Just recently I got a first hand look and awareness of how much being "Debased" can mess us up. Severely impair and cripple our "game" as it were. Just by "debasing" us. Let me explain how this was blatantly demonstrated to me how potent debasing can be detrimentally upon us.

I have a morning routine. A cup of coffee and while I am drinking it I play a PC computer strategy game of struggle for survival. Seven Kingdoms II. I love that game I think it models "Chaos" wonderfully. And I'll tell ya before I have my coffee in the morning I should NOT drive cars nor operate dangerous machinery unless, of course, I wish to inflict self damage and pain. Which I don't I feel I need say for clarification. Frankly? I'm not ready for life before my coffee the game helps bring me up to speed so to speak. Nothing, repeat NOTHING!, will wake you up quicker than being dragged out of bed to fight for survival. I don't always win, survive, but better it be "played" out virtual before going live and real. Let me tell you from personal experience the coffee does not hold a candle to the game when it comes to "wake up" stimulants.

OMG.. I just got a severe spanking. Maybe I should go back to bed. Get some more sleep? This is one of those days where it does not pay to get out of bed???

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