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Artist: Neil Young: Sample And Hold

I do design as in NOT you.

New design as in NOT old.

From the album "Trans" as in Transform.

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Thanksgiving is a holiday that is primarily observed both in America and Canada. Traditionally, classically, it is a celebration at the end of a growing season to "Give Thanks" for a good harvest. Though it is under some contention and there seems to be a lack of significant documentation it is believed by many that the tradition first occurred, started, with the Pilgrims that migrated to America in the 1600's.

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Empire: An Exercise In Futility

History is replete with examples of "Empires". As you can see from this link to a list of the "largest Empires in history" there are well over 200 Empires listed. A modest count culled to the most largest and notable across history. Many others have not been included in this count.

So here we are in the present. Now. Today. How many of these historical "Empires" are still alive and well? From the great and powerful to the small and think they are powerful the answer is virtually the same, unanimous as in no exceptions, as in for them all, "Historical" clearly the operative word here.. NONE! Not one. It never works. Historically the wrong approach. They ALL fail.

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One American's Fight To Defend The Constitution from Those Sworn To Defend The Constitution

What a sad title for this blog. What's wrong with this picture? Alas that is exactly what it is today in America under Federal US Inc. government control. US Inc., as you all know, is a foreign bankrupt corporation totally owned and controlled by international bankers. US Inc. is the usurping defacto pretenders "claiming" to represent and protect America when in fact they are representing and protecting international bankers that care not about America.

Here is one man's story about dealing with "our government" that you have to hear. It is quite an eye opener and revealing what US Inc. really is. Where ever did you get the idea this is America?

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Are You Ready For The Impending Economic Collapse?

What Economic Collapse? The TV and government financial experts all tell me the economy is Ok? Recovering? The government has it under control and is making it all better? Unemployment figures are dropping? Not to worry.. be happy?

If that is what you believe and who you trust, by all means, keep your entire financial portfolio value in US paper assets. After all.. the TV and government said it is ok therefore it must be true!

As for the rest of you, those that like to do their own thinking, those that do not trust the TV nor government then...

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