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May 21, 2016: March Against Monsanto.. Everywhere!

Monsanto has such a notorious history it has to be the corporation from hell poster child. Their long time list of infamy is way to extensive to list here. If you have the time needed to research this massive and ugly list here are a couple of starting locations in the net for you:

Google "The Monsanto Monster"

Where you can find things like:

The Complete History of Monsanto, “The World’s Most Evil Corporation”

"Evil" is no exaggeration.. "Poster child" I tell you! This is the problem when you let deep corporate pockets control government. Monsanto has ex employees on the supreme court. Heading up federal government agencies for the good of Monsanto! Screw the people where ever did you get the idea USA Inc represented and protected the people???

For more information about this march and hopefully get involved... a show of hands would be good:

March Against Monsanto!


Neil Young
+ Promise Of The Real: The Monsanto Years


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International Women’s Day

Women.. they are critically important to our survival as a species. Without them we will not. They also have a voice from their perspective that is also critical for our survival as a species. It needs to be heard and honored.

I love you ladies!

Vagina 101 with Naomi Wolf

Act Out! - Episode 1

Cindy Sheehan: America needs to wake up

Dr. Dahlia Wasfi - Life in Iraq Under U.S. Occupation


Google "Historical Woman"

Amnesty International: End the Cycle of Violence Against Women


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Finally! A Cell Phone App For Frogs??!!

Just watch this YouTube Vid first to understand(????) the rest that will follow...

Unbelievable Funny FROG Video EVER Seen 2012":

I'm sorry... but this VID raises many questions in me..

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Artist: Tears For Fears: Woman In Chains

Artistry is amazing. Even though the artist might have one thing in mind as they render their expression.. true art.. if you ask me.. is boundless and crosses many borders. Can be taken in many directions. It stirs within us all kinds of things in addition to the original intent of the artist's intended expression itself. Complex? Add a viewer and it becomes synergistic?

That may be what you intended and were trying to render artistic but you did it in a way that effects me the viewer of said artistic expression in ways you might not have expected?

Am I passing this understanding and perspective well?

Let me try it this way.. within this artistic composition is one phrase that, for me, sends me off into alternate understandings and realizations??

I just love art!

"... And I feel somebody somewhere is trying to breathe ..."

Complex.. It is artistic.. It can be rendered in many ways?

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Easily Amused? Such Is Life?

I have a little field mouse that has been sharing my kitchen with me
ever since it got hard cold outside. We 'bump" into each other now and
then but in general he stays away from me and out of sight.

This morning I had a major incident me and the field mouse when I went
into the kitchen.. What follows is an email conversation that resulted
from said incident. (edited) Enjoy..

I just had to rescue the mouse from the kitchen sink. Somehow he got
inside and could not get out. Poor little fuck was not in good shape on
ice cold cast iron. So I reached in and he climbed up my arm. I turned
him loose on the floor.
See, I Knew you loved your littlest neighbor...thank goodness you found
him in time!!

Your mouse will probably bring a whole family inside, since you are such
a good provider and kindly landlord.
He is a dark brown field mouse. I figure it's just short term winter
occupancy.. Kinda like [my freind] going to Florida for the winter.
Come spring he'll be breaking out..
Your house as Mouse Florida, I like that!
He was wet and shivering.. I felt bad for the little fuck. Let me tell
you what happened.. I reached in and he climbed up my arm. I then bent
down and to the side so he could jump off me onto the floor. I looked
for him on me and couldn't find him so I assume he jumped and ran.

I go back out to the front room and start doing my email. I was sitting
there for a good 10 minutes when I felt something moving down my back...
the little fuck was still on me from the kitchen! He jump off me and I
watched him find a spot where he could squeeze under the door. He looked
dryer kinda fluffy and no longer shivering. The last I saw him he was
headed NW towards the kitchen.
Oh how sweet!! .You are the kindest man, even if accidently drying the
little probably spared him pneumonia!!!
Sweet? Thats what I figured.. once he was on me and realized it was
soft, dry and warm he was not leaving anytime soon... it would have been
a brawl and major struggle. I was used and taken advantage of by a
mouse!! Until he got what he wanted then he tossed me aside like just so
much trash...

He walked all over me!!!
AWWW, poor [Trebor], used and abused? by a TINY mouse...
He's a "ballsy" little fuck. I've had people in the kitchen with me when
he will dash right thru the middle of us all. Everyone just stands there
and watches him dashing thru.. "You saw it too?" "Pay no attention to
the mouse.."
Hee hee, he loves a crowd! Plus he probably hopes there will be food
soon if there are people.I know that feeling, LOL

I hope you got as many laughs out of this as we did.

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