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Artist: Moody Blues: Nights in White Satin

What is the sum total of my life?

Maybe the question should instead be "What am I investing my life energy into?"

Is the question "What is it in life that I desire and chase after?"

Or maybe the question should be "What is it that I will spend my free time on each and every day of my life?"

Could the question be "What do I try to amass, collect and add to every day?"

Is it a question of "What will I make myself available to should it present itself to me?"

A question of "What am I passionate about?"

Basically a question of "What is important to me?"

Or is the question simply "What floats my boat?"

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I Pledge Allegiance To The Central Bank Of [Fill In The Blank]

[Fill In The Blank] is the name of your country, your culture, your heritage, your society, your nationality, your government any where on the planet. Except for two or three.

That's right.. except for only two or three sovereign nations every other nation on the planet has a central bank.

One might think that central banks are a good thing. They issue the money, control the money and protect the money within a nation's monetary system!

Nothing, as they say, could be further from the truth. Are you living in some kind of "Matrix Reality?"

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From My Personal Archives: A Time Machine

Sometimes.. here and there? Now and then? It can really help us in life to take a step, or two.. maybe even an entire three.. back and take a look at the "Big picture", as they say, to get things into proper perspective.

To help us understand correctly the true order, value and priority of "Things" in our lives?

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The Criminal Justice System: I'm So Confused!

Here in America today the criminal justice system, like most all else governmental, does not really make a lot of sense to me. Putting people in jail when there was no victim? Letting people avoid jail when there was a victim? This they call justice?

I'm a little confused about all that. Should it not be the other way around? People in jail that hurt people? People not in jail that hurt no one?

Is it me? I have some kind of weird twisted understanding about what justice is? I am totally confused and clueless as to what criminal activity is?

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Found On The Net: Collapse Imminent

In my "Hyperlinking" all over the internet I came across a Don't threaten - withdraw consent forum going on at Survivalist Boards. Most of the conversation going on there regarding the topic is pleasantly "Educational, Constructive and Positive".

Obviously I am recommending the read and providing the link to do so.

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