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Here Is Just One Major Problem By Having God In Our Lives

Before I get into expressing my point I feel first I have to defend my religious/spiritual beliefs about "God". Alas, welcome to America today. USA, USA, USA wave flag, we are free to express what we believe, we are free from religious/spiritual persecution? I feel I have to go off all DEFENSIVE about this first.

It seems to me it is getting popular to ridicule "God" or anyone that has belief in "God". You know? "They believe in an invisible man that lives in the sky whom needs lots of money?" "God loves us and is forgiving but he will make us burn in hell forever if we do not do as he says?" Sounds pretty foolish... doesn't it? That's because IT IS!!!

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Logic 101 Test: Corporations And Government

The application of "Logic" can help us to deduce and know things that may not otherwise be readily apparent. Here is THE classic "Logic" example:

  • A = B
  • B = C

Therefore, believe it or not, we can logically deduce that:

  • A=C

Understand in order for "Logic" to work correctly for you, that is a valid useful logical deduction is achieved, it requires that you:

  • Are able to accept the results
  • Are able to insert valid values into the formula's variables

Here is a simple example to illustrate how logic can be defeated. This example may not be true in ALL cases but could be true in many cases.

  • Your spouse is cheating on you
  • A cheating spouse does not care for you

Therefore we can deduce:

  • Your spouse does not care for you

Can you understand how the conclusion here could be completely rejected regardless of it's validity? Can you understand also how someone may have a tendency to alter, or even completely reject, the values that are inserted into this formula?

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Hello. Can I Take Your Order?

Customer: Yeah. I'd like a double major cardiovascular medical issues with cheese. A large side of unknown Dow Chemical medical Russian Roulette compounds and a 6 piece general dietary deficiency.

Order Clerk: Would you like something to drink with that?

Customer: Yeah.. a high fructose corn syrup fat builder extreme.

Order Clerk: That will be $12.95. Pull up to the pickup window please.

Customer: Oh wait! Could you super size all that?

Order Clerk: Certainly sir. That will be $19.69.

Customer pulls away from drive up order station and moves toward the pickup window.

Passenger: You could have got the "Unknown Medical Problems" special number 4 instead. You would have saved a dollar.

Customer: Shit! I'll have to remember that tomorrow. I love this place. Fast, convenient... EASY! It tastes so good and the kids just love it.


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Valentine Poem

Valentine's Day, February 14, 2014, is almost here. Here is something I wrote several years ago. I'm sharing it here and now as another pebble thrown into the pond of life. I hope the ripples that span out across the water from this pebble get to echo off receiving shores.

Valentine Poem

Looking around where ever I go
Do not understand why it is so

So many people in this sea of life
Have no husband or no wife

Even some that have been wed
Still feel alone in their bed

We are all human, very much the same
A heart, needs, desires, and a name

Someone special in their lives most do yearn
Its instinct, natural, something common we learn

Why all the confusion and trouble
To find and have for us a double

We all seem to know what it is and should be
This is what we show if this we want to see

It is very basic and primitive inside us
Why all the complication and all the fuss

What has happened to us as a collective
So many unable to achieve this imperative

It really is a simple and basic thing
If this we want, this we must bring

I will give it to you and you to me
Alone no longer will we be

Yet sadly in life it is not that simple
Thoughts, emotions, experience define people

To many what we see and hear
Is influenced by want and fear

What we can receive and can give
Depends upon the life that we live

Individual and unique we are this way
Finding exact match is hard try we may

Are some just lucky and happen to find this
Or did they search the right place finding bliss

Do we search outside ourselves in this quest
Or is it inside us were we will find the best?


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Artist: Vicki Lawrence: The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia

I was in my local grocery store picking up a few items when God dropped this one on me. Just appeared out of no where, popped right into my conscience. I say God as I'd like to believe it is his doing rather than just crazy going on in my head. Call it "The Force" if you like.

This song came out in 1972. It tells a sad story of an innocent man being hung by a dysfunctional justice system. That, in and of itself, is my main argument against capital punishment. The justice system is flawed, we are flawed. No one should have the authority to administratively order the execution of another. Why should we be cold blooded killers about this? Just put them in a cage for life. Why not? We do that all the time with people there wasn't even a victim. Plus they have a chance to vindicate themselves if they can.

How does Jacques Pépin keep garlic from sticking to his knife as he is mincing it???

Let's not even talk about giving a corrupt, criminal and clearly they just love being homicidal government the "Authority" to easily execute whomever they desire simply by using their corrupt and criminal court systems.

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