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I Must Be A Trump Supporter. I Didn't Know That.

After all these years I've learned whom ever the corporate TV/Media tells me are the front runner popular choices, always a Democrat or Republican no other party or options exist to them, is the worst choice I can vote for as POTUS. That is definitely who I do NOT, repeat NOT, want as POTUS!! Voting for who the corporate TV/Media tells me are the best choices is pretty much the same as holding a gun to my head and pulling the trigger.

And vice-versa. If someone is actually popular with the people drawing interest, and votes, away from the Republicrats the corporate TV/Media will tell you they are the worst choice, fringe, crazy have I lost my mind? That's the one I should vote for.. The one the corporate TV/media does NOT want as POTUS!

The corporate TV/Media tells me I either want Hillary, Trump or am insane.

Real simple actually.. let the corporate TV/Media work for me! If they say best it must be worst. If they say worst it must be best. Did you miss the memo? So of course I don't want neither Hillary nor Trump!

Hillary in another one of her psychotic breaks from reality, obviously a corporate favorite, has once again opened her mouth and as usual nothing but lies come out. Some actually pretty comical like the kid caught with their hand in the cookie jar claiming their hand is NOT in the cookie jar? LOL

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China At G20: Obama Is Air Force One Doo Doo!

When Air Force One landed in Beijing for the G20 conference China did not provide an exit stairway at the normal door of the plane. No red carpet either. This forced Obama to exit from the rear belly of the plane which is normally an emergency/security exit. News outlets all over the net are short stroking this as China forcing Obama to exit via Air Force One's "Ass".


We haven't made them angry... have we?

Why would China want Air Force One to take a "dump" on their tarmac?

Why would they do this after we were nice enough to sabre rattle all our military-indutrial complex war machinery profit toys on BOTH Russia's and China's doorsteps letting them know all the money they loaned us was well spent?

Don't they know Obama is the messiah savior from Krypton and leader of the semi-free world?

Has this got something to do with American "Exceptionalism" (do what we tell you or we will bomb you!) in which we don't need to follow international laws nor bother with diplomatic negotiations with all other nations on Earth?

China know's it also that Obama and USA Inc DC are Doo Doo?


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Beware Earthquake Victims In Italy!

DO NOT let the Clinton's nor their foundation anywhere near your international relief and aid money like they did in Haiti after their earthquake. Bill Clinton was directly responsible for diverting most of the aid money to corporations and indirectly to himself and their foundation. The actual earthquake victims of Haiti saw almost none of the money from the international relief fund. To this day the hardest hit quake areas in Haiti look as though it happened only yesterday. The Clinton's basically stole it all preventing any reconstruction in the heaviest damaged areas of Haiti.

There was a big fund raising drive in my town yesterday to raise money for the earthquake victims in Italy. Of course I donated as did many people in town it was a large turn out. I want my money to go the the people in Italy who need it most after their earthquake.. not the Clinton's!!

People in Italy.. Beware! DO NOT let the Clinton's anywhere near your international relief money!! PLEASE!!!!


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That Makes No Sense. Why Is That?

Why has got to be one of the most potent questions we can ask of something. It requires a full explanation of Why it is so. Those of you with children, myself included, should all recall the Why stage of their growth. OMG once they learn what the word Why means and can do that sometimes is the only word they will use.. Why? [Answer] Why? [Answer] Why? [Answer] Why? [Answer]. Why would a parent ever forget that phase?

Is that one of the reasons for government controlled education indoctrination of our children? Don't ask Why? Because I said so that's Why? Some things are not to be questioned even though they make no sense?

So here we all are in the adult world and it seems like many things out there make no sense at all yet no one is asking Why is that? Why that is I do not know.

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Something Is Wrong...

I remember years ago when I was in school. I didn't understand nor get why some of the courses like algebra and trigonometry were even taught to everyone in high school. How often could that be useful and applied in practical life? Even the mandatory foreign language. At that time wasn't everyone migrating to America required to learn English? Unless I was seeking a job as a translator it would be of little use to me in American life. And history I absolutely hated in school. Almost an aversion to it like I knew there was something wrong with it but didn't know what. I did get America is home of the free and land of the brave. Our government serves the people, can not be corrupted and we are better than all the rest. I am a U.S. Citizen!!

The world is changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air (Elvish translation). Much that once was is lost; for none now live who remember it.

- The voice of Galadriel, Lord of the Rings-The Fellowship of the Ring

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