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Dr. Who Is Quotable!

Dr. Who as you may know is a popular BBC Sci-Fi series. As you may also know I have been reviewing different aspects of mass media as it applies to passing concepts and ideas onto the public conscientiousness. Basically how do they expertly get us to believe what they want us to believe without us even knowing it. Manufactured.

Yes, The BBC with Dr. Who is also playing the Military is good and needed once again to save us from the evil aliens trying to destroy the world once again. It seems repeating the concepts they want implanted is critical to the implantation. I heard the same thing from 12 different directions it must be true!

No.. in some cases it only means "They" were able to say the same LIE from 12 different directions. Remember the part about they are expert at this?

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Anonymous: US vs Them

[10/16/14 Ed.: This is just a concept idea needing cleaning up and refining to better deliver the point trying to be expressed. I'll be back.]

Let me say right up front that I am NOT any kind of expert nor wealth of insight and knowledge concerning the "Anonymous" movement? Phenomenon? Anomaly? I honestly don't have enough understanding about "Anonymous" to even properly present, label nor define what it actually is.

That being said understand the point of this expression, as I understand it in the rough, is that "Anonymous" the people trying to damage the powers that be vs "Anonymous" the actual and real powers that be working in the shadows are perceived different though they both do the same exact thing.

"Anonymous" the people are trying to disrupt and damage the powers that be agenda from the shadows. This is a bad thing you all know about them these people are terrorists! However "Anonymous" the power behind the powers in the shadows disrupting and damaging the people is not a bad thing. Why? Because they truly are "Anonymous" and do not even exist.

If you the public masses are done major harm needing retribution behead your president and all political leaders! The "Anonymous" people controlling them and telling them what to do that caused you to behead them will escape all harm and culpability they are truly "Anonymous". We'll find someone else to damage you. Someone else for you to behead because of what we caused to happen. Truly "Anonymous". The men in the shadows "Anonymous". Defeat and destroy Hitler! Yet we, the "Anonymous", the real Nazis live on not damaged in any way to continue our Nazi nightmare "Anonymous".

"Anonymous" the public is aware has got it wrong. You do not advertise to the world they must know this is an "Anonymous" action. No.. "Anonymous" is you do not even know we exist and are doing what we are doing causing you to behead our flunkies for it.

[10/17/14 Ed.: Nah.. I've changed my mind this is all I'm going to say about it. I've probably said too much already using the word "Anonymous" so many times. Quoting it even. I've probably flagged myself hundreds of times in dozens of government spy on the people computers. The MatrixUSA server traffic spiked after this blog was published. Let that be a lesson for all you out there trying to make money from internet advertising traffic. Increase your traffic easy just by using key trigger words all the government spy computers bug with. I'd bet the word "Terror", in all it's forms, would be a really good one to trigger the spy computers with. Easy money. This is worth a blog itself. More people should be made aware of this easy way to increase their internet advertising income.]

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Alternative News/Knowledge/Perception Spotlight: Abby Martin: Breaking The Set

Got News? Knowledge is power? Do You know what you are seeing/hearing? The truth will set you free? The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their rightful names? Connecting the dots? Are you part of the solution or part of the problem? Time to step outside the (TV) box?

Breaking The Set

Breaking The Set BEST OF Season One!

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The Battle At Kruger

Pay close attention and watch full this video. There is a big lesson to be learned here. We are being preyed upon with fear and violence. It can be be turned around. The prey can become the predator and the predator the prey. The government knows this and it is their worst fear and nightmare that they will cross the line and cause this flip to happen. This is what they would understand as being, colloquially, in deep doo doo.

The Battle At Kruger:


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At Theaters Now: Kill the Messenger

Kill the Messenger is a movie based upon the true story of Gary Webb an investigative journalist. He uncovered dirty laundry at high levels of government that should have got him, in my opinion, a Pulitzer Prize. Should have been the top evening news story on TVs all across America. Should have been front page news of newspapers all across America.

No.. none of that happened. His career and life were completely destroyed for it instead.

Here is Democracy Now, a REAL news outlet, breaking down nicely the significance and importance of this film:

"Kill the Messenger" Resurrects Gary Webb, Journalist Maligned for Exposing CIA Ties to Crack Trade

That all happened years ago and nothing has changed since then. In fact it has gotten even worse. Dirty laundry about your neighbor will be top story front page all across America.. for an entire week. Corporate controlled news can and will, easily, destroy whom ever they want. Isn't that right all elected officials requiring public approval?

Today the government can handle this problem themselves. Just drone strike assasinate/kill Gary Webb claiming he was an "official" terrorist SUSPECT. Even better claim he was another high level "Second in command" terrorist master mind. Need proof? Just watch TV. A definate threat to "National Security" exposing our dirty laundrey.

Welcome to America today.


Gary Webb Dark Alliance

Shadows Of Liberty

I Have A TV!!

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