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Treasure Map: X Is Where It Lies

I suspect when most people think of a "treasure map" images of arcane recordings with key landmarks from where to start counting paces to the "X" where the treasure is buried come to mind. The treasure, of course, was something extremely valuable like lots of precious metals and jewels.

I remember stumbling across a treasure map years ago quite by accident. It was back in the 70's the beginning of my professional computer career. I was working as a main frame computer operator. Normally main frame computers are never shut off and run 24/7. It was at the end of a weekend shift we had instructions to turn off the main frame and shut it down. Unlike a PC one box with one button a main frame took almost 1/2 acre, or more, to house it all. There were component cabinets all over the place. To power up or down was a very specific sequence of 20~ steps you had to follow to accomplish it. I had never done it before but not to worry it is all clearly documented in the main frame manual. So I open the manual up to the relevant part and sure enough there is a diagram of the computer room and the layout of all it's components. Attached to component images were circled numbers starting at 1 where you could find all the power switches. Someone had hand written in pen a "Title" at the top of the diagram; "Treasure Island". Sure enough an "X" was marked in the room. Main frame computers sat on raised flooring. All connective wiring and cooling was under the floor. A refrigerator. There could have very well been a treasure under the floor there. A salami.. a six pack.. Such was the irreverence among computer staff long before PC's were even dreamed of.

Those are not the treasures I have in mind here. The treasure here is knowledge, understanding and insight that comes from the "X" itself.

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EPA: Environmental Perversion Agency

What SANE person would not want to protect the environment? A healthy environment is after all essential, critical even, to our very own survival. The air goes bad, we all die. The water goes bad, we all die. The eco-sphere collapses, we all die. It truly is “Mother Earth” she nurtures and protects us providing what we all need to live. We kill her we kill us. It is that simple.

The EPA, like most anything and everything government, does not hold up to close examination. It does exactly the opposite of what you would expect it to be doing. You know.. “The Patriot Act.” All conveniently drafted and ready for passage into law just waiting for the scheduled and planned for weeks/months 9/11 event to occur so it would pass through congress without even being read. It would have never passed pre-9/11. It decimated the Bill of Rights. You just can't get much more “Patriotic” than that can you? It's “Patriotic”! What SANE person would not want to be patriotic? And they still to this day keep “renewing” it by the way. The label/title suggests one thing while the content does exactly the opposite.

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Artist: Peter Frampton: Do You Feel Like We Do

Being able to "Feel" for other people around us is, in my estimation, one of the shining stars that define our very humanity. Coming to the aid of those around us "Feeling" their distress is particularly beautiful. We are out of control we have to do what ever we can do to help them.

A small frail old lady freaks out in a parking lot when she sees a man on a motorcycle tip over he is pinned under the bike. She runs in panic, completely out of control, to the man on the ground under the bike and tries desperately to lift the bike off him. She is actually in more distress than he is. It was my honor and privilege to arrive just in time, stop/park my car in the middle of the road and jump out, to pull her off the motorcycle before she actually hurt herself trying to do something impossible for her to do. Yet trying desperate she was none the less. Together the guy on the ground and myself were able to get the bike up off him. We were both worried about the old lady. He thanked me and I left my car was parked in the middle of the road. He then had to spend a bit of time thanking and placating the old lady that he was ok.

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Election Day 2014: REAL Change made REAL easy

Once again we have an election day approaching fast. That annual spectacle of banana republic corruption, fraud, rigging and the MSM TV's deciding for us all who to vote for or not.

It's amazing the banksters can account with complete paper trail accuracy and accountability every single penny electronically transacted at ATMs and online. 100% accurate. Don't even think about pinching a penny from a banker.

Yet when it comes to counting votes it's almost exactly the opposite. Pinch how ever many you want. There are so many ways the count can be and IS changed no accuracy nor accountability we have truly become a banana republic.

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Don't Worry About It Till They Come For You

Our federal government is well on its way to becoming a full blown martial law military dictatorship police state. This did not happen overnight. It took decades to slowly move the entire country in that direction. Across the many years the government slowly but surly usurped a little power and control here, a little power and control there until they have finally usurped it all. This is what governments do. And that is how they do it little by little. It truly is “Creepy”. David Icke calls this The Totalitarian Tiptoe. The government knows they have to take only one cookie at a time from the cookie jar so it goes unnoticed and people do not get upset about it. If they were to just take the whole jar you'd be able to see the fires in DC from orbit. The jar is almost completely empty at this point and still no fires. So the government keeps stealing a cookie here a cookie there no big deal.

Don't worry about it till they come for you.

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