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Pathicalopolis: An Isolated Island For Those Wielding The Most Destructive Power And Control

On this planet we have over 7 billion people just wanting to be able to live their lives, raise their families and be left alone to do so. They are willing to work for it, make their own way and even by nature will help others around them struggling to do the same. They don't want to hurt their neighbors, steal from them, kill them nor tell them what they must do and how they must live. Everyone recognizes the environment is a mother that gives us all life and should be protected not trashed forever gone for spreadsheet bottom line numbers for a few who won't even be able to spend it because all life on the planet is gone now.

I'm sure there are the exceptions, bad hair days, but I believe this is pretty much the gist of it.

Then there are the very few, less than 1 million I'm pretty sure, who have managed to gain all the control, power and wealth the fate of the entire planet is in theirs hands alone. Using power and control for their own personal gain. Damn everything, everyone everywhere. It is just those very few that is important no matter how damaging and the consequences of their choices for everyone and the entire planet itself. Yes they are destroying it all but that is not important. What is important is that they were in control of it all when the lights go out.

Give us your sick, twisted, emotionally damaged, early childhood traumatized...

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Artist: King Crimson: Epitaph

This one is for all those aware that they are trapped and can not escape from a world gone insane. Tortured artists and visionary prophets they saw this all ending very badly for humanity from 30 years away.

For all those who can see the house they have to live in is being burnt down around them while everyone sits in the living room watching the game.

For all those that have to come to terms with dead zones appearing new all over the planet and expanding in size exponentially increasing as people are buying environmental terminator SUV's because the advertisement said buy it to be green.

For all those on a train they can see is headed 90 mph into a brick wall but can not get off nor stop the train and no one else on the train sees the wall coming.

For all those that can see unlimited money is available for death and destruction war machines yet none for life and construction. All the while the masses are worshiping this death machine please blow up and destroy another country for my own self worth. So a handful of megalomaniacs can blow it all up just to be world rulers of the tattered remains of humanity which is now just livestock.

For all those that can see the fate of all mankind is in the hands of fools.

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Back To The Stone Age... Again?

Several years ago something happened that caused me to turn the TV off, stop what I was doing and take a look for myself, as best I could, at what was actually going on. It was something like one pebble hit me that turned into an avalanche.

"Oh shit! That's not what I thought it was at all." I was lied to. Intentionally and knowingly deceived into believing it is something it is not!"

I don't know about you but "stuff?" like that bothers me. I don't like it nor want it. Now the door has been opened. "Their" credibility totally destroyed. The question that just begs asking? What other "Stuff" is floating around in me that is also nothing but intentional deception? Now I have to re-examine everything for myself as best I can. As it turns out just about everything bureaucratic, governmental, educational and via mass media in ALL forms is for the most part a complete lie. Nothing but STINKING "Stuff". I've been living in some kind of "Matrix" dream world. The American dream specifically.

A pebble caused an avalanche I tell you.

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A Tale of 2 Nullification Bills: Human Action Essential for Success

A brief Nullification primer. It goes something like this:

The Federal Government stands up and declares "I am God. Everyone everywhere has to do everything I say!"

The states, individual sovereign nations in their own rights, listen to this federal declaration with eyes squinting and mouths agape. They reply "No.. You're an asshole. And if we catch you in our state talking like that we'll have you arrested."

Now I know it doesn't actually transpire like this but this is, I believe, a good definition of the spirit behind it all.

This is usually how it comes down in practice:

The Federal Government enacts another UNconstitutional law that grants them more power and authority over everyone everywhere. They just love doing that.

The states respond by telling the Federal government "Wow.. that's a really nice new UNconstitutional law granting yourself even more power and authority. You seem to like doing that. But because it is UNconstitutional it is null and void. Not a law that will be enforced in our state. And should you come into our state and try to enforce that non-law we will have you arrested." Asshole....

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GLOBAL WAR ALERT: “Heavy fighting could flare up at any moment”

Seems to me that USA Inc has been trying desperately to ignite a global nuclear WW III for quite a while now. And as of late they seem to want to also paint Russia as the resurrected boogie man. They are evil! Now NATO is coming into the picture I can only assume to help prove how evil Russia is. We told you. Watch this short report from The Next News Network(N3) and then step back for a moment and consider what you are seeing and hearing.

Step back..

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