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Artist: Vicki Lawrence: The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia

I was in my local grocery store picking up a few items when God dropped this one on me. Just appeared out of no where, popped right into my conscience. I say God as I'd like to believe it is his doing rather than just crazy going on in my head. Call it "The Force" if you like.

This song came out in 1972. It tells a sad story of an innocent man being hung by a dysfunctional justice system. That, in and of itself, is my main argument against capital punishment. The justice system is flawed, we are flawed. No one should have the authority to administratively order the execution of another. Why should we be cold blooded killers about this? Just put them in a cage for life. Why not? We do that all the time with people there wasn't even a victim. Plus they have a chance to vindicate themselves if they can.

How does Jacques Pépin keep garlic from sticking to his knife as he is mincing it???

Let's not even talk about giving a corrupt, criminal and clearly they just love being homicidal government the "Authority" to easily execute whomever they desire simply by using their corrupt and criminal court systems.

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Artist: Ritchie Blackmore: Self Portrait

Those that "Talk the Talk" and those that "Walk the Walk". "Talkers" and "Walkers" seems to be a high order division that can be placed upon people. We can all be broken down into one of these only two categories.

There are those that only concern themselves, priority practiced, of being able to "Say" the right thing to convince others they are something, that in fact, they are NOT at all. I don't actually have to be that. I only have to be expert at convincing you, with false words and actions, that I am that. Then I can lay claim that I am that when, in fact, I am not that at all.

The sad thing about this approach at life, as I have learned, is that if the "talkers" can convince you they are something they are not.. they use that success to validate, verify, to themselves they are actually what they "talk" they are... but in truth are not at all.

See! I convinced a million people I am what I am NOT! They think I am that. I must be that!

Make it 2, 4, 8, 16, 200,000 million! It doesn't matter at all how many. You still are NOT what you convinced them you are.

Lot's of people believe I, the "Talker", am actually something I am not based upon accepting, I assume in trust, my empty deceptive talk. So now you come at me and declare I am not what I'm "Talking"?! So many believe I am. GASP!! Are you calling me a liar!?!? Clearly I'm offended and insulted by you. How dare you accuse me of this. Everyone knows this as truth the lie I put to them.

Practiced empty "Talking", AKA deceiving, is also very convenient for convincing people of anything. "Talkers" can do one thing and have you convinced they did another. "Talkers" may wave what ever flag you wave. "Talkers" can be 12 different things to 12 different people. What a tangled web we weave?

Sigh.. I'm sure many of you out there have encountered "Talkers". I'm sure many of you out there ARE "Talkers". Confronting a "Talker" is a fine example of "An exercise in futility" Dare you challenge them about the actual validity of their false claims you will be quickly torn to pieces with more, quite invalid and untrue, empty deceptive "talk".. and "talk" only. There is no point in "Talking" to them.

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Phil Robertson: The Matrix vs. The Reality

This is America.. right? Free speech? Freedom of religious beliefs? The government is there to protect all these freedoms?


So Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty believing this is actually and true America, just how crazy is that, gets up in public and expresses personal views and beliefs.

Let the demonetization and the punishing harmful retribution begin. Cancel TV contracts, smear and assassinate his character. How dare he express a personal belief the government/mass media news do not approve of. This from a government/system that is supposed to be honoring and protecting a persons rights, they are free, to say and believe what ever they choose.

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Why Are We Using Gas Vehicles When Extremely Cheap Electric Vehicles Are Available?

In today's world of Global Warming concerns due to greenhouse gases produced by modern society one would think the first, and most effective, way to sharply decrease carbon emissions would be to replace gas vehicles with electric vehicles. Gas powered vehicles are by nature very damaging to the global environment. There is all the environmental damage that occurs just getting crude oil out of the ground, transporting it, refining it and delivering it to market outlets. Then there is the atmospheric damage done by using it. Converting safe clean air to toxic, poisonous and health damaging air. Lets not forget all the support hydrocarbon products associated with gas powered vehicles such as oils, greases and the like. And of course the environmental problems and damages caused by disposing of all this put into the environment.

Clearly gas powered vehicles are a major nightmare bane upon the environment from start to finish.

I'm sitting at the side of the road with my bicycle having a smoke enjoying the beauty all around me for a moment.. or two. A heavy gas powered SUV stops in front of me caught at a red light down the road. The driver and only person in the vehicle looks over at me smoking and gives a clear look of disgust. I'm a major health risk to people everywhere polluting a whole cubic meter with my smoke.

This comes from a person their vehicle not even moving yet polluting air by the use of an engine measured in the hundreds and thousands of cubic meters rather quickly. Yet I'm the environmental health hazard??

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Artist: Pink Floyd: Hey You

I've seen an old small frail woman run across a parking lot all upset and in panic rushing to the aid of a man who had fallen and was pinned under a 1,000 pound motorcycle. Thank God he placed me there at that exact time to intercept this old woman with such a beautiful soul and pull her off, stop her from hurting herself, trying desperately to lift the 1,000 pound motorcycle off this man. She was the first priority at most risk life threatened needing responding to. Rescuing the rescuer? He was simply inconvenienced embarrassing. Please stand away God's heart so beautiful I have what you need and are looking for give me room to effect it for you. Together the man and I were able to get the bike up and him out from under it. He thanked me and then had to spend a bit of time reassuring and calming down the old woman she needed to know if he was ok. She left her mark on my heart forever. I don't even know here name.

Then there was the time in which I got to witness a boy being knocked down and rolled under a car obviously in severe distress. The very same instinctive panic the old woman was overpowered by overpowered me. I jumped out of a moving vehicle and ran through an intersection to try and stop the vehicle with the boy trapped under it. That story can be found here.

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