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Ignorance Of The Law Is No Defense!

Natural/Common/Unwritten Law:

These are the only real, true and actual "Laws" there are. There are no other "Laws". These "Laws" apply to everyone, everywhere, no exceptions.

  1. Harm No Others
  2. Harm No Property Of Others
  3. Honor Your Contracts And Agreements

No problem! I got it. Just basic common sense. The golden rule. Who could possibly claim ignorance of these laws?

Answer: No one unless there is something wrong with them. We are all born with this instinctive inside us at birth.. normally.

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Artist: Bill Hicks: 20 Years Without Him?

It was 20 years ago that Bill Hicks died and left us all. Bill, in my estimation, was arguably one of the best comedians that has ever lived and performed. A real artist with real talent and real visions. You could even say a real prophet in 20 year hindsight. He was able to raise awareness about and bring to the public's attention taboo topics under the venue of "Comedy". Many of which should be required study material for ALL Americans.

Frightening people man. Bush tried to buy votes towards the end of the election. Goes around, you know, selling weapons to everyone, getting that military industrial complex vote happening for him. Sold 160 fighter jets to Korea and then 240 tanks to Kuwait and then goes around making speeches why he should be Commander-in-Chief because, "We still live in a dangerous world." ...Thanks to you, you fucker!

- Bill Hicks

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Here Is Just One Major Problem By Having God In Our Lives

Before I get into expressing my point I feel first I have to defend my religious/spiritual beliefs about "God". Alas, welcome to America today. USA, USA, USA wave flag, we are free to express what we believe, we are free from religious/spiritual persecution? I feel I have to go off all DEFENSIVE about this first.

It seems to me it is getting popular to ridicule "God" or anyone that has belief in "God". You know? "They believe in an invisible man that lives in the sky whom needs lots of money?" "God loves us and is forgiving but he will make us burn in hell forever if we do not do as he says?" Sounds pretty foolish... doesn't it? That's because IT IS!!!

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Logic 101 Test: Corporations And Government

The application of "Logic" can help us to deduce and know things that may not otherwise be readily apparent. Here is THE classic "Logic" example:

  • A = B
  • B = C

Therefore, believe it or not, we can logically deduce that:

  • A=C

Understand in order for "Logic" to work correctly for you, that is a valid useful logical deduction is achieved, it requires that you:

  • Are able to accept the results
  • Are able to insert valid values into the formula's variables

Here is a simple example to illustrate how logic can be defeated. This example may not be true in ALL cases but could be true in many cases.

  • Your spouse is cheating on you
  • A cheating spouse does not care for you

Therefore we can deduce:

  • Your spouse does not care for you

Can you understand how the conclusion here could be completely rejected regardless of it's validity? Can you understand also how someone may have a tendency to alter, or even completely reject, the values that are inserted into this formula?

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Hello. Can I Take Your Order?

Customer: Yeah. I'd like a double major cardiovascular medical issues with cheese. A large side of unknown Dow Chemical medical Russian Roulette compounds and a 6 piece general dietary deficiency.

Order Clerk: Would you like something to drink with that?

Customer: Yeah.. a high fructose corn syrup fat builder extreme.

Order Clerk: That will be $12.95. Pull up to the pickup window please.

Customer: Oh wait! Could you super size all that?

Order Clerk: Certainly sir. That will be $19.69.

Customer pulls away from drive up order station and moves toward the pickup window.

Passenger: You could have got the "Unknown Medical Problems" special number 4 instead. You would have saved a dollar.

Customer: Shit! I'll have to remember that tomorrow. I love this place. Fast, convenient... EASY! It tastes so good and the kids just love it.

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