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Who's Fault Is It? Raise Hand.. Me.. Me. I Want It To Be My Fault!!

Such are the memories after a long desk job career in a state government office building. Talk about alternate realities. A whole completely different set of operating parameters in that environment.

Don't get me wrong about this. A lot of good people trying to do good things in a completely dysfunctional environment.

What's up with the "Who's fault is it" thing that needs to be identified first and up front when something went wrong for the reports and disciplinary action records? Why all the big focus and excessive energy devoted to that? Someone fucked up? That's what we do. That's what we all do me included. They call that being human. Just another metabolic burp/fart. After 10-15 minutes in the conference room fingers pointing he said she said.. AAAAARGHHH!!! Enough! It's my fault.. PLEASE!! Can we all just move along and dump all this wonderful energy on the problem we have at hand now?

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Terrorists Are More Fearful Than The MSM Fear Mongers Are Telling You

I'm a little confused about all the corporate controlled main stream media fear mongering concerning terrorists. Obviously they are obsessed with everyone should be afraid very afraid. Before 9/11 terrorists were a few radicals here and there. Some organized better then others. Today it seems terrorist organizations are springing up, each more fearful than the rest, at least once a month? Maybe more?

What is it now? Half of Americans on no fly lists they are terrorist suspects? I have to frisk grandma when ever she comes to visit to take all the guns and IED's off her first before she comes in the house. She's one of those high risk extremist radicals because she defends The Constitution. It's "official" she's now a terrorist suspect for that activity!

What I don't get, all confused about, if MSM media is so obsessed with the fear mongering? Why don't they use and tell us about the things that are truly fearful and frightening about terrorists? Why are they not telling us about that?

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Baltimore Police Prosecutions: Mass Media Is Now In Full Blown Shit Storm Mode!

Baltimore unexpectedly bringing police up on charges is what is known colloquially as "The shit has hit the fan." And I mean shit is being thrown at the fan from all kinds of directions. Let the sabotaging, derailing, compromising, torpedoing, disinformation, slandering, corrupting and any other sleazy treacherous form of damage to justice being served begin.

OMG Marilyn I hope you're up to it. People have their careers destroyed and mysterious accidents in situations such as yours.

Pay attention kiddies this is a wonderful example of how corporate controlled media, the TV, is used to manipulate the masses. In this case I am sure to demonize Marilyn and her actions as absurd.

I just came back from my corner store. Not only did I get what I went after I got something I didn't expect to get also.

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Artist: Buffalo Springfield: For What It's Worth

I think the one thing that made Sixties music "Revolutionary" was that for the first time music was used in a big way to address and speak to social issues and problems of the day. Such as a police state oppressive government.

Buffalo Springfield's "For What It's Worth" is a classic and excellent example of what I refer to here. They came out with this song in 1967.

You know what they are singing about and saying don't you Ferguson?

Here it is 2015 years later has anything changed since then Baltimore?

You're driving in your car and a police officer pulls up behind you. How does it make you feel any one any city any where USA?

This is way beyond just getting old.

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Fukushima: Raising The Allowed Safe Levels Won't Be Enough. Radiation Should Become A Daily Nutritional Requirement Now.

Why not? If they can commission a corrupt scientific study that declares an extremely toxic industrial waste such as Sodium Fluoride is actually dental medicine that needs to be put in all public drinking water then they can also make radiation exposure a good thing.

The usual government solution with the help of their freaky bed partners corporations would be to just hide the problem. Make believe it doesn't exist or is not happening. Of course the government always has everything under control no one could keep you safer.

So now that radiation is polluting the Pacific biblical headed toward our West coast the government goes into immediate protection mode.. ie.. stop testing radiation levels in West coast Pacific waters and in the air across America.

Don't worry.. what ever the level of radiation is raised to in the environment it will always be an "Official" safe level according to the government. Pay no attention to those crazy people that declare no level of radiation exposure is safe.

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