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Artist: The Cars: All Mixed Up

Living in America under the governance of US Inc., has become something of a dysfunctional relationship. I don't know what is like for everyone out there under different "Governance" but let me tell you what it is for all of us here in the good old USA, USA, USA.. wave flag.

Something is seriously wrong with this "Relationship" the government tells us we have. "We the people!". "Of by and for the people!!" In practice and application quite frankly is complete and utter BS.

Personally I'm thinking US Inc., is exceptional and exclamatory as to just what government really is. A complete lie only there to keep everyone under suppression and control for others that are NOT the people.

They barely try to hide anymore that they do not serve the people at all. Why should they? Why should any of them?

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The 9/11 Terrorists Did Some Pretty Amazing Things

What I don't understand is why they are not laying claim to what they were able to do? In fact after it was all over and done they seemed to have went way out of their way just to hide their amazing terrorism powers and abilities. Creating a cover story event of planes running into the towers just to hide what they were actually able to do? This doesn't make any sense to me. What they were actually able to do is much more terrifying than the bogus fly a plane into a building cover story to hide the truly terrifying about it all. Isn't the whole purpose and point of violent terrorism is to create terror? To terrify as much as possible? Why would someone commit a terrorist act and then go to extremes to hide the truly terrifying about said act?

Here are just a few examples of what I am referring to:

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Artist: Jefferson Airplane: White Rabbit

This song was released back in 1967 by Jefferson Airplane with their album Surrealistic Pillow. 1967 as you should all be aware was critical mass ground zero, or very close to, the whole "60's" experience thing and phenomenon.

Shaking off old paradigm societal models with war, death and destruction at their base. Embracing instead peace, love, tolerance, acceptance and broader consciousnesses/awareness. Just listen to the music or view the activism that came out of that era for testimony about all that.

Get a hair cut!

Get a mind!!

Psychotropic compounds were not at all uncommon and one might dare say even popular at that time for their ability to expand perceptions?? I beleive this is when the euphemism "Alternate Reality" was born. One of my favorite questions that could be heard quite often from that era was:

Do you see it too?

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Google 'HJR 192'. In 1933 The FED Became Our Government

And we can all thank the criminality and corruption of U.S. Inc., Washington DC, for that. U.S. Inc. was not created to defend The Constitution nor protect America. That's just U.S. Inc. public education indoctrination crap. Their purpose was and still is to take down America.

It all started back in 1913 when The Federal Reserve Central Bank Scam was established. Constitutionally illegal to do yet do it they did U.S. Inc. It took a lot of corruption and criminality in DC to accomplish that.. no problem.

A Central bank scam as you all know is for one purpose only.. for bankers to take control and ownership of an entire country via bankrupting the government. U.S. Inc. was full aware of that when they created The FED and knew where it would end.

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Internet Alt Media Spotlight: The Juice Media

Got Internet? Got broadband? Got Multimedia?

Yes? Then you have everything needed to experience an exciting and refreshing alternative to corporate controlled mass media(CCMM) TV programming.

To me CCMM is so boring? No matter which channel you choose they are all saying and doing the same exact thing. CCMM news has become, no matter which channel you choose, nothing but Twilight Zone reruns. You seen one you've seen them all. PBS partially excepted.

Where is the diversity? Where is the rich range of perspectives on important topics? Where is the free speech? Where is the free press? Where is my choice about what is interesting? And most important where is the chaos that is life?

If you must in order for it to feel right about it then by all means get a large HD monitor, a cordless mouse and set it all up in front of a couch!

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