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Put Them To The Apple Cider Vinegar Test!

Years ago I came across a book written by a doctor informing the reader about "Home Remedies" for many common ailments.

Yes it was a book... this was LONG before the Internet. And the information that doctor and his book gave me let me glean into the reasoning that may motivate those who think some books should be burned and their author denigrated.

The two things I came away with most impressive from that doctor and his book was Apple Cider Vinegar(Anti-bacterial) and Crushed Garlic(Gram-negative Anti-biotic). Both, across the years of my life since that reading, have proved themselves to not only be true but amazingly effective also! So effective and so fast that if you are anything like me? It will leave you all pissed off about modern medical science, their mandatory doctor office visits and pharmaceutical industry pill prescriptions!

Let me relate a few true experience in my life stories about them both.

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Tiny Houses For The Homeless Rally

Today in L.A.

Apparently government once again is preventing people from helping other people. That's NOT allowed!!!! You know? You need government permission and licensing to feed someone if they are hungry? After all the government has to ensure what you are feeding them is healthy and safe. Of course the fact that starving to death instead, which is generally not healthy nor safe, is the healthier and safer alternative according to government.

Out in L.A. someone got the idea to construct small shelter units, basically a plywood garden shed, meagerly powered to provide "tiny houses" for the homeless. And yes, of course, that is not government permitted nor allowed. It's a "Health and safety" problem! Unlike sleeping out in the open on the street which is not???

I just don't get it. You know.. eyes squinting and mouth agape as they speak trying desperately to make some, any, kind of sense out of their words??

One has to wonder before power grids, and more importantly property taxes, where did people live that was not un-fit for human habitation? OMG how did they manage to survive such an un-healthy and un-safe environment??

It's shelter.. no? Give me access to food, water and facilities.. and I'm good!??! Seems to me it is a much better and more economical solution to the problem than insane dysfunctional financial black hole spending they are still on the street government programs currently in place. I have no idea why homeless is an epidemic and rapidly growing problem with all this government love, spending and protection??? Monsanto, Halliburton and KBR are living large and luxurious with government love, spending and protection.

Facebook: Tiny Houses For The Homeless Rally

And here is an article by the government propaganda sell insanity mouthpiece, I mean L.A. Times, explaining how government is protecting us as they force people out of shelter onto the street. This is a good and right thing they do:

'Tiny houses' for the homeless seen as health and safety problem

Obviously by providing the homeless with shelter you are creating criminality and drug problems. So therefore government reasoning tells us keeping them homeless on the street prevents it??

Eyes squinting.. Mouth agape.. Try as hard as I may I just can't do it.. I swear it is impossible!!!


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May 21, 2016: March Against Monsanto.. Everywhere!

Monsanto has such a notorious history it has to be the corporation from hell poster child. Their long time list of infamy is way to extensive to list here. If you have the time needed to research this massive and ugly list here are a couple of starting locations in the net for you:

Google "The Monsanto Monster"

Where you can find things like:

The Complete History of Monsanto, “The World’s Most Evil Corporation”

"Evil" is no exaggeration.. "Poster child" I tell you! This is the problem when you let deep corporate pockets control government. Monsanto has ex employees on the supreme court. Heading up federal government agencies for the good of Monsanto! Screw the people where ever did you get the idea USA Inc represented and protected the people???

For more information about this march and hopefully get involved... a show of hands would be good:

March Against Monsanto!


Neil Young
+ Promise Of The Real: The Monsanto Years


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International Women’s Day

Women.. they are critically important to our survival as a species. Without them we will not. They also have a voice from their perspective that is also critical for our survival as a species. It needs to be heard and honored.

I love you ladies!

Vagina 101 with Naomi Wolf

Act Out! - Episode 1

Cindy Sheehan: America needs to wake up

Dr. Dahlia Wasfi - Life in Iraq Under U.S. Occupation


Google "Historical Woman"

Amnesty International: End the Cycle of Violence Against Women


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Finally! A Cell Phone App For Frogs??!!

Just watch this YouTube Vid first to understand(????) the rest that will follow...

Unbelievable Funny FROG Video EVER Seen 2012":

I'm sorry... but this VID raises many questions in me..

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