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Fantasy:The Siege vs. Reality:Bradley Manning

The Siege is a 1998 movie (Fiction/Fantasy) about Martial Law being declared in Brooklyn New York. The movie, as most all movies these days involving the government/police/military, has all the usual no relation at all to reality messaging. Just a few examples:

Etc., etc., blah, blah, GAK!

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Clare Daly Tells It Like It Is.. her Irish Politicians. And her politicians respond by saying they are, yes, politicians! We will make any insanity real as long as it promotes our career and fattens our bank accounts we don't care how many children have to die for that!

How dare you accuse me of promoting policies I promoted that are killing innocent men, women and children. How dare you call a war criminal a war criminal!

Politicians.. war is peace.. truth is treason!

Here's Clare telling it like it is:

Clare Daly.. I love you honey.. You go girl keep holding their feet to the fire. These politicians, homicidal maniacs for money and careers, have to be stopped!


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Main Stream Media Blackout: The Occupy Movement

That's right the Occupy MOVEMENT! One could even say the Occupy phenomenon, revolution and/or testimony.

Occupy is yet another glaring example of main stream media(MSM) blackout. Keeping information from you they do NOT want you to know AKA the other side of propaganda.

The Occupy Wall Street protest started as a 1% vs. 99% financial institution corruption kind of thing. It has since morphed into a general catch all place in which any frustration, grievance and issue can be put on display. It has also expanded from Wall Street into global protesting:

Occupy Map

A side note from the web page providing this global occupy map:

Sociology is about drawing imaginary lines and calling them "Structures".

Imaginary structures??? Hmmmm...

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When The Government Becomes Destructive

In The Declaration of Independence can be found the reason for the break from England's King. It is explicitly listed item by item in The Declaration and summarized as, and I quote:

--That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government...

Fast forward to "America" today and ask "How well does our Federal government serve us?"

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Attention Big Game Hunters!

Being raised as a country boy, rural rat, I grew up with guns and hunting. A lot of people had them, many times several, and a lot of people did this.

A gun is a tool of no use to you if you don't know how to use it. It can be used for protection and it can be used for survival.

Coming up in that environment obviously I've known a lot of hunters. There is one particular breed? ...class? ...type? ...of hunter I have in mind here.

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