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Good News For All Those Needing Proper Motivation Before They Get Involved!

Here in America we no longer take part in the running of our country. In fact we are all no longer even Americans! Years ago we all moved out of America to become U.S. Citizens. Chattel property of a bankrupt, corrupt and criminal foreign corporation owned and controlled by international bankers... the Nazi's themselves. The Constitution does not apply to us. We have no rights. We no longer have to worry about nor spend time on the running of America. By becoming U.S Citizens we have have given that obligation to U.S. Inc. to do that for us. U.S. Inc. can do what ever it wants to do with America we need not be involved in it as long as it is NOT in our yard, does not effect our life directly and is not kicking down our door in the middle of the night. We just wait our turn as livestock to be slaughtered. Then we get motivated to change what is wrong. Finally get off our "couch" as it were.

Well good news for all you waiting for the bullet to your head or dynamite to your couch before you will take an interest in and involve yourself taking back control of this country from the Nazi's flunky bankrupt corporation.. U.S. Inc. All kinds of motivation is coming your way and will be here very soon. Kicking down your door in the middle of the night, effecting your life and in your yard! Your wait is almost over. Nothing like people in your community killing each other over slices of bread to get those motivational juices flowing.

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Colloquial elegance? Well said? People power? Telling it like it is? Us vs Them? Viva la Revolution? Dragging out from under rocks? Calling a spade a spade? Cutting through the smoke and mirrors? Getting off the couch and hitting the streets? Learn how to be everything corporate/government does NOT want you to be and spoon feed yourself? Have fun storming the castle sharing laughs about it at the community pub afterwards? How about a different perspective? This shit is getting real old? Let it not be said we did nothing? Join the battle? Social networking? Do you see it too? Kids... Ya gotta love em? Kids.. There is hope for the future? Another trouble maker?

I don't know. Maybe this will help you to find your own definitions:

Give us your tired, your poor - REMIX

Act Out! with Eleanor Goldfield - Episode 1

Thats right... Fuck Corporate Power?


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You're A Witch!

Burnt at the stake in the public square.

No proof required.

No evidence required.

No fair trial required.

No facts required.

No truth required.

No rights for you!

The only thing required is the ACCUSATION alone to get you burned at the stake in the public square.

It seems to me nothing has changed since then.

All that is needed to summary execute someone is just the ACCUSATION. Nothing else.

And it seems to me also the worst among us just love using the power of ACCUSATION alone. Why would we give that kind of power to our most sick and twisted?

We all stand by and do nothing, even insist they are burnt at the stake, as long as the ACCUSATION is acceptable to us all. Be careful what you say and do lest you be ACCUSED and burned at the stake in the public square also.

You're a terrorist SUSPECT! Off to the gulags indefinite detention for you with no chance to prove you are not. Not even ACCUSED. Just SUSPECTED of being able to ACCUSE??!! You take it from there.


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Graham Hancock Mysterious Memory Association Invocation

What can I say? Just being human can have it's fun moments? Traveling down the road of life an interaction makes me think of, recall and associate to memories inside me. That's the way we work... no? It's wonderful when the association and invocation can be understood the why it was so. The connection. The relation. The actual reason for the association!

But.. there are the buts.. I don't know about you... but... for me there are often times in which a memory association is invoked yet I am completely clueless as to the why it was invoked. The connection. The association is unclear or even unknown to me. Yet the invocation remains and stands. Is it just me that has to deal with this?

For some unknown and not clear to me reason Graham Hancock invokes a memory association with Douglas Adam's Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Specifically the opening premise laid out by Doug in his book. That is, roughly as I recall, the Earth was actually contractually constructed by a race of superior mice as a computer to find the answer to the question about the meaning of life the universe and everything. The association invoked related to the computer program that was just nearing completion after running for billions of years on the problem. Someone in a diner/restaurant had the answer pop into their head and went to make a phone call to tell someone about it. Alas.. in Douglas's book before the call could be made the Earth was destroyed by Vogons to make way for an interstellar bypass??? Somewhere in all that Graham memory associates in me to it. I'm clueless. I don't get it the reason for the association is not clear at all. But.. the but.. it does.

I like Graham, his research and his resulting conjectural conclusions based upon his discoveries. He, it, seems rational to me. That in itself is note worthy and a big plus these days. I've seen a lot of his "stuff" out there but the one I will present here is the closest thing to my not understood memory association that I can think of. And honestly.. but... it's NOT that close?!

Graham Hancock - The War on Consciousness - Banned TED Talk

Maybe you are able to understand and see the reason for this memory association invocation of mine.


YouTube Graham Hancock


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The Deek Test

Every once in a while, maybe ten years or so if we need it or not, we should examine ourselves. The Deek test is a test of our ability to handle gracefully free speech. Take a look at ourselves. Test ourselves. Self awareness is a good thing.

In todays education indoctrination mass media psyop propaganda programming world in which it is specifically designed to put "Crap" in our heads. Mess us up any way they can as it were. The government and corporations do not like free speech and are doing their best to destroy it in us all. It is a good idea to run a test of ourselves now and then to get a measure of the amount of damage they have done to us regarding free speech.

Keep in mind and remember this is America. Free speech is a Constitutionally protected RIGHT!! So though I may not agree with what you are saying I will fight to the death your right to say it? And that includes however you choose to say it? The entire country is supposed to be one big free speech ZONE? Everyone is entitled to their own opinions? People should not be locked up, persecuted, harassed nor executed for exercising their free speech right? Would you not like to be free from threat to exercise your free speech right?

So on with the Deek free speech test.

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