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Artist: The Beatles: Revolution

Children of the 60's... You know..."Flower power", "Question authority", "Make love not war", "Power to the people", "Sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll", "Tune in, turn on, drop out", "A mind is a terrible thing to waste" and my personal favorite from that era the construction of the following sequence of words.. "Do you see it too?"

You dig?

Where did you go? Where are you now? Has "The man" got you worried about holding on to your investment portfolios? Your life accumulated assets and net worth? All your properties and possessions "The one who dies with the most toys wins"? Invested so deeply and dependent upon a system as a child of the 60's you knew was "What a drag!" that you will not question nor challenge it now?

Catch my drift?

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Victories! Big nullification wins on Gun Control, Obamacare, Spying and more!

The title of this blog is the tile of the email update I received from the Tenth Amendment Center. Here is a copy of the related content from that email update:

Tenth Amendment Center

On Gun Control, Obamacare, Spying and more..

The nullification movement is growing - it's no longer just about education and good ideas. It's about getting things done. While there is a LONG way to go - we're setting the foundation for more actions moving forward.

As more and more people learn that going to the federal government to limit the federal government will never work - each of these actions helps educate people that there is another path - one that doesn't rely on DC politicians from either party. Please share these reports widely!

  1. Missouri Senate votes to nullify federal gun control
  2. Georgia Health Freedom Law goes into effect July 1.
  3. California Sen. committee votes 5-0 on bill to pull plug on NSA
  4. Missouri house votes to nullify Agenda 21
  5. South Carolina house votes to ban warrantless cellphone tracking

"going to the federal government to limit the federal government will never work"... No you say!

Always vote for change, nothing ever changes.. are we having fun yet?

Tenth Amendment? Think critical check and balances mechanism as it does not rely on the federal government to police itself.


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Artist: Al Stewart: Roads To Moscow

Like all art interpretation is the viewer's challenge. Like most art I view this artistic expression figuratively, metaphorically, abstractly and definitely not literally.

To me, my personal interpretation, this expression is all about failed relationships and the road on that path to the proverbial smoking hole in the ground. It took a while, scratching and clawing all the way we did not want to go there, but there we ended none the less.

Apply this to the failed relationship between the people and the government that is supposed to represent and protect them here in America.

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Random Acts Of Kindness... Pay It Forward!!

Today, as every day this borders on ritual, I went to my local community beverage center to buy my one a day 40oz beer. As I pull up and park in front of the store so does an Indian, or some where middle Eastern she appears to me, woman. I rush to get to the door ahead of her "Please, allow me." as I open the door for her and let her walk through ahead of me.

I enter and collect "the usual" 40oz'r and proceed to checkout. She is ahead of me at the register. As she is transacting her purchase I am pulling out the exact change for my purchase, I've done this before, getting ready for my turn at the register. Don't want to hold anyone up.

She completes her purchase and walks away. My turn. I step up, exact change in hand, all ready to perform the daily ritual when I am informed the woman ahead of me paid for my beer.

The reaction from me went something like this: "What?"

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Four Blood Moons: Prophetic Signs In The Heavens?

I don't know if you are aware of this but there is a sequence of four Blood Moons that are occurring within an unusually short time frame. The first Blood Moon in this rapid fire sequence happened but a few days ago on 4/15/2014. The last Blood Moon in this sequence is a "Super" Blood Moon occurring at the moon's orbital perigee. Within this same time frame of the four Blood Moons are also two Solar Eclipses, one full the other partial.

The Bible itself instructs us to watch/look for "Signs" of prophesied events about to occur among many places in particular the Heavens. This highly unusual sequence of four Blood Moons has students of Bible prophesy stirred up.

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