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UFO's: Yet Another Testimony About USA Inc Insanity

Apparently I am still in aerial information assimilation mode trying to satiate my information junkie thing. I have moved from Sukhoi's SU-27 line of fighter aircraft to UFO's. Advanced to more advanced. And yes.. UFO's once again. This time a documentary entitled "I know what I saw" and currently "UFOs Out Of The Blue".

OMG is there ANYTHING USA Inc ISN'T mucking up?

For examples...

A UFO lands in a USA Inc nuclear military airbase in England. So they send out a security team to investigate. The team arrives at site and sure enough a UFO is parked just off the road just inside the tree line. Two of the team members actually walk right up to it, around it and even put hands on it. Then after a short while the craft takes off rising above the trees and departs at an instantaneous mind boggling rate of speed. A note placed in the book from one of the security people looking it all over: "Impossible!". Yet you just saw it happen.

How did USA Inc handle this? Everyone wants to know right? They confiscated all the reporting docs surrounding the entire event.. yes.. they all mysteriously disappeared. Then they made people sign statements that they were mistaking a lighthouse in the distance for a UFO. Can you imagine being forced to sign that after having your hands on the craft itself??

Basically it didn't happen and you're career is destroyed if you claim it was a UFO instead.

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How Sad Is That?

So I find myself watching a few documentaries about Russian military aircraft. Yes I'm all over the place and yes I like the Russians as I like most all the people of all nations on this planet. We all have our special beauties and unique, usually governmental, problems.

Once again I am admiring Russian practicality? Pragmatism? Just plain common sense? And their ability to think outside the box?? And it is all showing with their approach to building military aircraft. In particular I was stuck on the Sukhoi's line of fighter jets. SU-27 and up. Very impressive. I would even say amazing the planes seem to have some affinity for being up in atmosphere like fish do in water. As one Russian pilot put it after an SU-27 test flight:

"Before the plane did not match my pilot capabilites. With the SU-27 I felt I did not match the plane's capabilities!"

Or something to that effect. Sukhoi's long experience building fighter aircraft is showing as their current lines are formidable air superiority craft by any measure. Designed from the ground up to enter extremely hostile environments and come back. Think flying tank here.

The docs gots into Sukhoi's long history of developing and building military aircraft. We build an advanced craft... Russia has to build a better one... Then of course we have to best that one... then they have to best our best... you know the drill. Extreme money and competition to produce the best aircraft killing machine on the entire planet!! And it shows these machines have become extremely deadly. Very very good at what they were designed to do. Perfecting kill and destroy.

How sad that that kind of money and effort was not put into perfecting feeding people? Perfecting housing people? Perfecting providing clean water for people? Perfecting providing energy for people? Perfecting providing help for those in need of help? Perfecting providing medical availability to people?

Perfecting providing peace not war.

Good for Sukhoi they finally got to market their wares on the world stage and China, another super power, bought a lot of the SU fighter jets.

Bringing me to even sadder. OMG please tell me there is actually hope out there that combined super powers will have the ability to put to death our out of control military industrial complex new Nazi war machine that is terrorizing the entire planet for yet another attempt by them by force trying to satiate their lust for imperialism and megalomania. Kill that rabid beast once and for all.... please!!!

And kill all their owners and controllers which are NOT the people but the same Nazi's that did this exact same thing before with Germany.


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Amnesty International's Matching Funds Have Been Extended to Oct 15, 2016

During Amnesty International's annual September membership drive this year all donations were being matched in value. The matching offer has been extended to October 15, 2016.

Amnesty International is doing some real good work all across the planet helping those in need. Just go to their website to get a real quick idea of the issues they take on.

One wonderful current example of Amnesty International's efforts would be the biggest human crisis on the planet today.. The Syrian Refugee situation. Millions of people who's lives have been destroyed and many are now displaced. In limbo.

Unlimited government money for our out of control military-industrial complex war machine for profit. They had a direct hand in returning Syria to the stone age and making it yet another hell hole on Earth. They destroyed millions of INNOCENT lives displacing many of them. Now that they have done that what are they doing to help them? That's right basically nothing. No profit in that. Remember this is all about protecting people! People and organizations now are reaching into their own pockets to help clean up this unprecedented mess and disaster created by the governments.


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I Have A Suspicion About Nikola Tesla

I'm eclectic, auto-didactic and a true Renaissance man. Basically self educating and EVERYTHING interests me. I'm all over the place and can go from abstract to concrete, left to right, so fast it takes me a moment, or two.. maybe, to catch up with myself!

OMG don't let him near the broadband Internet! We won't see him for days at a time. Trebor's gone bye-bye again.. Oh wait a minute.. maybe we should?

What a wonderful world we live in which basically everything is kept hidden from us. So much to learn and discover on our own! This I call entertainment and excitement??

So.. all that being shamelessly, and more important PROUDLY, confessed let me tell you how I came to my Nikola Tesla suspicion. If nothing else you may find it quite humorous..

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If You Insist On Voting For A Criminal Female For POTUS Forget Hillary!

That's right.. forget Hillary! If you absolutely want the next POTUS to be both Female AND criminal there is a much better choice available rather than Hillary. The Green Party POTUS candidate, Jill Stein, out does Hillary on both counts.

She Is Female

Hillary is almost completely devoid of any and all characteristics you would normally associate with the "Female" of our species. In fact, if you were to ask me, she is missing several critical characteristics that would even qualify her as a member of our species. Jill is a much better characteristic representative of both "Female" and our "Species".

She Is Criminal

Now I know one would think no one could trump (ha ha) Hillary when it comes to criminality. But please let me point out for all of Hillary's major and numerous crimes she has never, repeat NEVER, been charged and/or prosecuted for said criminal activity! Countless man hours and money spent on investigating all of Hillary's never ending criminal activities resulting in... NADA.. Nothing.. All wasted for what? At the end of the day for all her major criminal efforts Hillary has achieved nothing more, risen no higher, than scandalous. Jill on the other hand has actually been charged with criminal activity. A very subtle but also a very profound difference separating the real women from the girls as it were. Not only that but she was able to achieve this higher status without wasting money and manpower in investigations that never go anywhere like Hillary. Whom is unable to rise above scandalous. Jill achieving easily with almost no effort what Hillary can not with numerous and major efforts!

And this is why they keep the third party candidates hidden and suppressed. Because they are almost always a better choice than the standard, pathetic, lame and as usual loser "Republicrat" offerings.


Jill Stein for President

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