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EEEEEEEK!!! Corrective Action... Thank You.

It's been my experience that people generally appreciate it when you warn them of a danger to them that they are unaware of. For example it might go something like this:

Warner: "Excuse me?"
Warnee: "Yes?"
Warner: "There is a very large Kodiak bear coming up fast behind you and he looks really pissed."
Warnee: Turns and sees Kodiak bear almost upon them. They exclaim "EEEEEEK!!!" followed by some kind of corrective action such as run, climb a tree, find a small hole the Kodiak can not follow them into, etc. and then when it is over they usually thank the warner for the warning.

Most people, in my opinion, would choose to step out of harms way. There are the few clinical exceptions that would prefer to step INTO harm's way. But either way we must be aware of the harm coming towards us to make our choice about it. Wasn't that nice of them to let me know about that?

SPLAT!!! Aaahhhh... Thank you!

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The People Of Greece Vote No. The Government Says Yes regardless??

Recently the people of Greece voted "No" rejecting the international bankers financial package "Rescue" offer. Apparently the people of Greece have had it with being screwed over and over by the bankers.

This is why you can NOT let the people make decisions about such matters. It should be left up to a handful of banker owned and controlled politicians instead. The people will invariably get it wrong and vote incorrectly concerning what is best for the bankers.

Not to worry about the people of Greece coming to the wrong decision. Greece, like most every country these days, has a central bank. Therefore the central bank owns and controls the country and government. So the bankers just had the puppet government hammer out a "Yes" deal even though the people said "No".

It's a representative government just like all central bank governments. Isn't that right USA Inc.??


Greeks defy Europe with overwhelming referendum 'No'

Greece Prime Minister Sells Out Entire Country to EU

Google "#thisisacoup"


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YouTube Subliminal Sleep Messages?

I was watching a YouTube documentary the other day. It was long, it was well after midnight and I was tired so I left it playing as I laid down in bed. My workstations are in the bedroom.

Sure enough I drifted off to sleep rather quickly. Almost half way through the doc I was awoken by a loud and disturbing advertisement. It looked as if it was selling some pop star singing icon, A huge crowd had to be millions I can't believe the size of the stadium! The view of the crowd is a fly over the top of them aerial reconnaissance. Search lights all different colors sweeping across the fanatic crowd. What? The Messiah himself just landed from Krypton? Are they giving away free coke/pepsi's? Had to be a fish eye lens the far side of the stadium looked just short of the horizon.

Ok.. I'm awake. You got my attention as in WTF? The "SKIP AD" box is up but I gotta know what is driving half the planet in one spot crazy? Yep.. Some pop star singer headset on in performance clothes just smiling pretty. I almost went crazy also but thankfully I woke up first? Glad that's over. Goes right into another pop star ad instead of returning to the doc. I look at the yellow ad progress bar and it has barely moved off the left side. OMG!! This ad slot is a full length movie!!! Jump out of bed and click "Skip ad".

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Tenth Amendment Center 9 Year Anniversary

The Tenth Amendment Center is marking their nine year anniversary since their inception. The Constitution is a contract between the people, the states and the federal government. It gives the federal government very very limited power. Basically maintain standards, promote interstate commerce and act as a bargaining agent in international affairs. The tenth amendment, as you know, specifically takes away and prohibits any other power the federal government would like to usurp making it clear all others go to the people and the states.

My how times have changed. How did it come to this? The federal government today has usurped all kinds of power and control they have no contractual authority to have. Indeed they have become some kind of huge beast parasitic on all of America bleeding the life right out of her. We can't even afford to pay the federal government annual operating expenses they are borrowing us right into bankruptcy.

The states themselves have been complicit in creating and feeding this federal beast as they have not enforced the Constitutional contract, checks and balances, like they should have. The federal government can declare any kind of blathering about godship they wish. But if its not in the contract it means absolutely nothing at the state level. Shouldn't be enforced there yet the states let the federal government get away with non-contractual authority? No wonder we have major problems.

The Tenth Amendment Center, if I may be so blunt, is reminding the states they have balls and are helping them to find them. Time to reign this out of control federal beast back into contractual confinement. The Tenth Amendment Center has had many significant successes. Here is a link to their anniversary video message:

9 YEARS AGO TAC's Anniversary

For all you people that tell yourself "I'm just one person what can I do?"... Take a look at the Tenth Amendment Center for just one answer to that question. Nine years ago one person wants to spread an idea to a handful of people optimistically. Nines years later that one person is changing the course of American history. What can one person do? A good start would be to donate supporting the Tenth Amendment Center's public funded operation.


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Pathicalopolis: An Isolated Island For Those Wielding The Most Destructive Power And Control

On this planet we have over 7 billion people just wanting to be able to live their lives, raise their families and be left alone to do so. They are willing to work for it, make their own way and even by nature will help others around them struggling to do the same. They don't want to hurt their neighbors, steal from them, kill them nor tell them what they must do and how they must live. Everyone recognizes the environment is a mother that gives us all life and should be protected not trashed forever gone for spreadsheet bottom line numbers for a few who won't even be able to spend it because all life on the planet is gone now.

I'm sure there are the exceptions, bad hair days, but I believe this is pretty much the gist of it.

Then there are the very few, less than 1 million I'm pretty sure, who have managed to gain all the control, power and wealth the fate of the entire planet is in theirs hands alone. Using power and control for their own personal gain. Damn everything, everyone everywhere. It is just those very few that is important no matter how damaging and the consequences of their choices for everyone and the entire planet itself. Yes they are destroying it all but that is not important. What is important is that they were in control of it all when the lights go out.

Give us your sick, twisted, emotionally damaged, early childhood traumatized...

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