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Linux Rescues My Data Held Hostage By Windows

A few weeks ago I had to finally let go of my old Windows XP computer. I thought a video card had gone bad so I plugged the monitor into the motherboard video circuits. Within minutes the motherboard video circuitry also went bad.

Ooops.. Bad monitor the bane of all video circuitry everywhere! Now I need both a new monitor AND a new Windows computer. Understand buying anything “new” is pretty much against my religion. As luck and fortune would have it I was able to get a used monitor that was even larger than the old one and a used Windows 7 Ultimate dual core computer much more powerful than my old one. I went less than 3 days without a Windows computer. Praise the lord!

I spent my first few weeks just reinstalling all the software I needed that new box to have and setting things up in it as they should be for me. It finally got to the point in which I wanted to recover all my data held on the hard drive of the old box. Bring it over to the new box. A simple thing to do I thought. Was I wrong!

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The Tenth Ammendment Center Needs A Mini Money Bomb

The Tenth Ammendment Center(TAC) has reached it's eighth year of existance and operations. A Birthday. Like all organizations fighting Constitutionally unauthorized Federal activity they have to rely completely upon public funding for their operations. No unlimited Federal funding for them in fact NO federal funding for them because they do not advance the Federal criminal activity agenda. In fact, also, they are all about imparing, NULLIFYING, Federal Constitutional contract violations. Federal criminal activity.

The TAC has in it's 8 year history accomplished and can lay claim upon some pretty impressive acheivements towards it's purpose and goal. Specifically to use the authority and power of the Tenth Ammendment granted to the states to keep in check, Nullify, Federal Constitutional contract violations.

Here is the TAC's founder, Michael Bolden "from the heart", reflections upon the TAC's 8th year of history.

And here is where you can donate towards the funding of their operations and activity. A paltry amount in the grand scale of it all. We could all easily support, reinforce and fund Michael's heart right here right now for another 8 years.

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Me And The Birds

I recently had to move from one city to a neighboring city. So now I find myself displaced, alone, in a strange new environment and having to learn all over again what the social network, community, is around me.

For my entire life I have had some kind of obsessive/compulsive disorder in which where ever I am daily I have to feed the wild birds and critters around me. I blame both my mother and God for this infliction.

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The Mozilla Foundation: Proof Not All Corporations Are Bad

In fact The Mozilla Foundation is proof that corporations can be good, on our side and are as pissed off as we the people are about Corporatocracy, oppression, censorship and the over reach of government.

Here in the good ole Corporatacracy R U.S. the large corporations own and control everything including your, no their, government. Government isn't there to serve and protect the people where ever did you get that idea? Oh yeah.. from the corporate controlled media and the corporate control of government in control of the education system.

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Start Mail Beta Testing Initial Impressions

Start Mail, as you may or may not know, is a brand new encrypted email service on the Internet. I signed up and promised to be one of the initial Beta testers for them. About a month ago they opened for Beta testing and I received my free testing account with them.

Sadly, alas, at the time Start Mail opened for Beta testing I was involved in some severe personal complications that were utterly destroying my functionality... my ability to fulfill obligations promised and expected of me... destroying me actually. All this unresolved anger and hostility why am I being punished for things someone else did to you a very long time ago? Not open for conversation of course just more unresolved anger and hostility if you think it should be. WTF!? So it was one of those I was in an extremely hostile insane environment and needed to "Get out of Dodge" quick things. Moving, recovering long story it is someone else's problem now God help them.

Anyways I'm back!! So I finally got to my overdue Start Mail obligation and did some initial testing of their new encrypted email system for them as promised. Sorry for the delay it was out of my control. Here are my first impressions of that testing.

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