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Categories: Groups/Orgs, Politics, News Gearing Up For 2011 And Beyond! is a social networking site that integrates with other social networking sites. It is a tool specifically designed to help you, the activist, to be more effective in your efforts to restore the republic, take back America.

Are you Oligarch cannon fodder and livestock or are you an American?

Do you want America destroyed for the Nazi UN New World Order or are you American?

Do you want the banker/elitist puppets in criminal corrupt DC to rape and pillage from you even more or are you American?

Are you going to quietly sit by as they destroy the best thing a people have ever had or are you American?

Time is running out they are making the decision for you that America should die so their New World Order Global Nazi police state can be put in place.

Are you, or are you not, American?

"Never let it be said we did nothing." - Dr. Ron Paul


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16 Dec 2010 10AM: Troops And Vets To Storm White House!

On the 16th of December 2010 at 10am a civil resistance event in front of the White House is scheduled. The event is planned and organized by our very own military personnel. Troops and vets that are against the bogus wars for corporate profit and imperialism. You can find out more information about this event along with a complete schedule of planned activities at STOP THESE WARS. From their website:

Join activist veterans marching in solidarity to the White House, refusing to move, demanding the end of U.S. wars, which includes U.S. support—financial and tactical—for the Israeli war machine as well.

If we can gather enough courageous souls, nonviolently refusing to leave the White House, willing to be dragged away and arrested if necessary, we will send a message that will be seen worldwide. “End these wars – now!” We will carry forward a flame of resistance to the war machine that will not diminish as we effectively begin to place ourselves, as Mario Savio said, “upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus.” and we will make it stop.


Join us at the White House on December 16th!

For a world in peace,

Nic Abramson, Veterans For Peace; Elliott Adams, Past President, Veterans For Peace; Laurie Arbeiter, Activist Response Team; Ken Ashe, Veterans For Peace; Ellen Barfield, Veterans For Peace; Brian Becker, National Coordinator, ANSWER Coalition; Medea Benjamin, Co-Founder, CODEPINK for Peace; Frida Berrigan, War Resisters League; Bruce Berry, Veterans For Peace; Leah Bolger, Veterans For Peace; Elaine Brower, Anti-war Military Mom and World Can’t Wait; Scott Camil, Veterans For Peace; Ross Caputi, Justice For Fallujah Project; Kim Carlyle, Veterans For Peace; Armen Chakerian, Coalition to Stop the $30 Billion to Israel; Matthis Chiroux, Iraq War Resister Veteran; Gerry Condon, Veterans For Peace; Will Covert, Veterans For Peace; Dave Culver, Veterans For Peace; Matt Daloisio, Witness Against Torture; Ellen Davidson, War Resisters League; Mike Ferner, President, Veterans For Peace; Nate Goldshlag, Veterans For Peace; Clare Hanrahan, War Crimes Times; Mike Hearington, Veterans For Peace; Mark Johnson, Executive Director. Fellowship of Reconciliation; Tarak Kauff, Veterans For Peace; Kathy Kelly, Voices For Creative Nonviolence; Sandy Kelson, Veterans For Peace; Ron Kovic, Vietnam War veteran and author of Born on the Fourth of July; Joel Kovel, Veterans For Peace; Erik Lobo, Veterans For Peace; Joe Lombardo, United National Antiwar Committee; Ken Mayers, Veterans For Peace; Nancy Munger, Co-President, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom; Fred Nagel, Veterans For Peace; Pat O’Brien, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom; Bill Perry, Vietnam Veterans Against the War; Vito Piccininno, Veterans For Peace; Mike Prysner, Co-Founder, March Forward; Ward Reilly, Veterans For Peace; Laura Roskos, Co-President, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom; Cindy Sheehan, Founder, Peace of the Action; David Swanson, author; Debra Sweet, National Director, World Can’t Wait; Debbie Tolson, Veterans For Peace; Mike Tork, Veterans For Peace; Hart Viges, Iraq Veterans Against the War; Father Louie Vitale, SOA Watch; Jay Wenk, Veterans For Peace; Linda Wiener, Veterans For Peace; Diane Wilson, Veterans For Peace; Col. Ann Wright, Veterans For Peace; Doug Zachary, Veterans For Peace

What better way to send a message of Peace, Love and Hope to the people of the world this Christmas season then to, as so eloquently put by Mario Savio, place yourself on the gears, wheels, levers and apparatus of an odious war machine to make it stop!

Related links:

Mario Savio "The Machine Speech" on The Sproul Hall Steps, December 2, 1964

No Act of Rebellion Is Wasted

I stood with hundreds of thousands of rebellious Czechoslovakians in 1989 on a cold winter night in Prague’s Wenceslas Square as the singer Marta Kubišová approached the balcony of the Melantrich building. Kubišová had been banished from the airwaves in 1968 after the Soviet invasion for her anthem of defiance, “Prayer for Marta.” Her entire catalog, including more than 200 singles, had been confiscated and destroyed by the state. She had disappeared from public view. Her voice that night suddenly flooded the square. Pressing around me were throngs of students, most of whom had not been born when she vanished. They began to sing the words of the anthem. There were tears running down their faces. It was then that I understood the power of rebellion. It was then that I knew that no act of rebellion, however futile it appears in the moment, is wasted. It was then that I knew that the Communist regime was finished.

Farm Wars Public Service Announcement: Revolution! (Audio)

What we chose to ignore

And to clarify my "Storm" reference: So Many Topics, So Little Time


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Election 2010 Update: C4L Thanksgiving Message

The Thanksgiving email newsletter from The Campaign For Liberty(C4L) newsletter contains much information about the recent 2010 election making the point quite well that we have much to give thanks for this holiday. The good doctor likes to keep things as positive as possible and election 2010 gave him a "basket of plenty" to be positive about. Here, in it's entirety, is the C4L Thanksgiving newsletter:

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 25, 2010

Dear C4L Member,

Here at your Campaign for Liberty, we have a lot to be grateful for this Thanksgiving. Despite unprecedented challenges this year, we’ve experienced some significant victories thanks to you!

We are thankful that we’ve seen tremendous growth of our young organization, as we now close in on 600,000 members nationwide. This is incredible growth for an organization that is less than three years old.

This election, at least twenty of our C4L members were elected to state offices, including two State Senators and ten State Representatives.

And in 2010, we trained over 2,000 grassroots activists across the country to fight for freedom.

During the 2010 legislative season, we were able to put both the House and Senate on the record for Audit the Fed in addition to fighting statist power grabs like the DISCLOSE Act, Cap and Tax, the FDA’s War on Food, and ObamaCare.

This November, 39 members of Congress who voted against Audit the Fed lost their reelection bids.

And the incoming 112th Congress will include fourteen members of Congress who returned our survey 100%. Additionally, nine scored a 95%, and seven answered 90% correctly.

As we gather with family and friends this Thanksgiving, we wanted to take a brief moment to thank you for all your efforts over the past year.

None of these successes would have been possible without your support, and for that, we are truly thankful. And we look forward to even greater things in 2011 as we continue working together to reclaim the Republic and restore the Constitution.

We wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!

In Liberty,

John Tate


Are we seeing a movement here? Would this be what they refer to as "Groundswell" or "Prairie Fire"? Silent majority silent no more? The sleeping giant has awakened? "Don't make me come over there", too late... now I'm coming over"?

Keep those cards and letters coming kiddies!


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Nullify Now: Courage, Liberty, Guns and Weed

"Courage, Liberty, Guns and Weed" is the title of a posting over at the Tenth Amendment Center. Michael Boldin of the Tenth Amendment Center gave a short speech at a gun rights rally in California. An excerpt from his speech:

I’ve often been told that when you’re giving a speech – if all you get is applause and cheers – and you never piss anyone off – you’re no better than a low-life politician, because you’re not challenging anyone’s conventional mode of thought. Hopefully, I get at least a few eyebrows raised here in my 8-9 short minutes….

So let’s start out with the easy stuff, ok? I’m a tenther. That means I believe that the federal government should exercise only those powers that we the people delegated to it in the constitution – and nothing more. For example, no Obamacare mandates, no bank bailouts, and definitely no federal gun laws – period.

The video:

Related links:

Nullify Now!

States Should Nullify the Entire ObamaCare Law

There’s a lot of confusion occurring over what’s being nullified by the “Freedom of Choice in Health Care Act” legislation that’s been introduced in over 30 states, and already enacted into law in Virginia, Idaho, Arizona, Georgia, Missouri, and Louisiana. This legislation has been based on model legislation developed by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) back in December 2008, over a year before ObamaCare finally became law.

The confusion that has arisen is that the “Freedom of Choice” legislation is being referred to as nullification of ObamaCare, when strictly speaking it is only concerned with partial nullification of ObamaCare, because it would only nullify the Individual Mandate provision of ObamaCare which requires everyone to buy health insurance.

We Refuse

Tell your state legislators and governor's that you refuse to recognize the Unconstitutional national health care law. Tell them that you will not be forced by the federal government to buy a good or service from a company. You are not a slave to the government or to any other American. Tell them that you will not be strong-armed by the Federal Government and that your State must nullify the forced national health care mandate.


Obama rerouted the socialist transformation road around congress by assigning 32 czars into positions of regulatory and policy control, only answering to him not congress. It is most clear from Obama’s response the last two years to any criticism and challenges to his ‘socialist change plans’ that he hates our constitution and any constraints to his view of power.

Related Videos:

Restoring American Federalism

Ron Paul Talks Nullification

Related Audio: Restoring Power to the People

“Thomas Jefferson and James Madison both warned us that if the federal government ever became the sole and exclusive arbiter of the extent of its own powers – that power would always grow, regardless of protests, lawsuits, elections – or anything else.”

“Nullify Now is about We the People exercising our rights whether they the government wants us to or not.”

Nullify.. It's what's for dinner.


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Downsize DC: The Rubber Band Syndrome

Downsize DC is a Washington watch group that allows you to easily email your "reps" concerning specific issues. They will send you notices via email concerning new issues you may wish to take part in. A good operation I would recommend joining them.

Today I got an email notice from Downsize DC they are looking to expand their web site and effectiveness. Donations a fund drive. Unlike main stream media and the like whom have access to unlimited government and corporate purses the grassroots organizations do not. Those purses come with strings the size of The Queen Mary mooring chains. Virtually all grassroots efforts can not use these as it contradicts their mission. Will demand they drop and forfeit their mission! So it is up to the people and freedom loving organizations to help fund their efforts.

Downsize DC explains in their fund drive email the concept of "The Rubber Band Syndrome". Here is the bulk of their newsletter:

"The Rubber Band Syndrome vs. The Mental Depth Charge"
(This essay is provided as an educational service by the Downsize DC Foundation)

Quote of the Day: "Man's mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions." -- Oliver Wendell Holmes

Surely you've had this experience . . .

* You marshal your evidence
* You deploy powerful arguments
* And you thereby convince a friend to drop his or her support of some government policy.

But then, you don't see your friend for a while . . .

* He or she is left for weeks or months, swimming in the river of Statist propaganda that streams from every media outlet
* So that when you meet again you find that his or her mind has snapped back to where it was before

It's as if the two of you had never talked. He or she has completely forgotten . . .

* The evidence you marshaled
* The arguments you used
* The fact that he or she ended up agreeing with the case you made

Jim Babka calls this the "The Rubber Band Syndrome."

* Visualize yourself stretching a cartoon brain to a larger size
* Visualize the brain snapping back to it's former shape as soon as you walk away

This Rubber Band Syndrome makes a mockery of our persuasion efforts. It causes us to waste time, energy, and money. But here at Downsize DC we consider it part of our mission to prevent wasted effort, to make difficult things easy, and to constantly accomplish more with less. That's why . . .

We want to find a cure for The Rubber Band Syndrome.

Is there a cure? We think there is. In fact, we think there may be two cures . . .

Cure #1:

It seems clear to us that we have to equal the river of Statist propaganda that streams from every media outlet every day. One way to do that is something we talk about constantly . . .

Operation Everywhere.

For those who are new to this list, Operation Everywhere is our plan to reach a size that will enable us to make our ideas seen and heard by everyone, everywhere, every day. In other words . . .

We can solve the problem of minds that snap back to their previous dimensions as soon as our arguments are no longer being heard, by creating conditions under which our arguments are ALWAYS HEARD. This is clearly a full-proof solution to the problem, BUT . . .

It's not an easy solution. Operation Everywhere will be hard to execute. It will take time to get there. So, this particular cure doesn't meet one of our most important criteria . . . making difficult things easy. Which brings us to . . .

Cure #2:

This Oliver Wendell Holmes quote is very famous: "Man's mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions." But the experience we've all had with The Rubber Band Syndrome tells us that it's actually very difficult to stretch a mind in such a way that it REMAINS EXPANDED. So what we need for Cure #2 is obvious . . .

* We need ideas that are so large and powerful that they do not allow the mind to shrink back to its former dimensions.
* We need ideas that EXPLODE the dimensions of the human mind to vast new boundaries.
* I call this kind of idea . . .

The Mental Depth Charge

You've probably had this experience too . . .

* You say something powerful to someone, but it seems to have no immediate effect
* Days, or months, or sometimes years pass, until . . .
* Eventually the person you said the powerful thing to comes to you and says . . . "I've only just now understood what you said way back when, and . . .

Understanding it changes everything."

You see, your idea needed time to sink-in, just like a "depth charge."

But for this to happen the idea has to be something that will actually stay in your friend's mind for the time required, and not be popped out by The Rubber Band Syndrome.

We've all had these experiences. We've all laid mental depth charges in the minds of others, and had them placed in our minds too. Often these explosive ideas come about by accident, in the flow of conversation, but the trick we want to master is to create Mental Depth Charges by design!

This means we need a laboratory to conduct experiments, and a factory for production.

I have good news! If financing permits, we're days away from unveiling our new factory/laboratory for creating Mental Depth Charges. This is the first of the 43 new tools we've promised to create, each of which is aimed at helping us to add at least 1 new net recruit per day to the Downsize DC Army. As you can see . . .

Our aims are modest. We believe this new tool can accomplish even more, but we don't want to over-sell it. After all, it's an experiment -- a laboratory. Fortunately, it's also something that can be funded with TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donations, because the new tool we're about to unveil is also . . .

A new home for our non-profit educational organization, The Downsize DC Foundation!

To be clear, most days, the Downsizer-Dispatch comes from, Inc. But this new project is part of the educational mission for the Downsize DC Foundation.

We've put our staff and vendors to work so that we can deliver this exiting new tool, quickly. Thus, part of the team needed to complete this project is is already hard at work. Now, we need to activate the rest of the team -- and that's YOU.

Organizational forward progress and timely delivery of this new tool requires about $6,400 in new income. Look . . .

That amounts to just twenty one cents per member of the Downsize DC Army. Or, just one person could pay it off in one big bite by contributing $6,400. More likely, we will need something like the following . . .

* 2 people to give $1,000 = $2,000
* 4 to give $500 each = $2,000, bringing us to $4,000 total
* 4 to give $250 each = $1,000, bringing us $5,000
* 10 to give $100 each = $1,000, bringing us to $6,000
* And a few dozen 10s, 20s, and 50s to round us out at $6,400

Thanks to monthly pledgers, we're able to get started. But to keep growing, we really need 21 new pledgers. Please consider making or increasing a monthly pledge.

Can you be one of the people who make this happen?

If so, we will publicly say "Thank you," by publishing your name in an upcoming Downsizer-Dispatch, as well as on the new website. Of course, if you wish to remain private, you can indicate so on the secure contribution form.

Thanks in advance for your confidence and support.

Perry Willis
Vice President
The Downsize DC Foundation

The brief essay contained in this message is copyrighted by Perry Willis -- (c) 2010. Permission to re-distribute or reprint this message for non-profit educational purposes is granted and encouraged, as long as proper attribution is given, and you provide a link to the original source. Permission to use this message for commercial purposes is denied.

D o w n s i z e r - D i s p a t c h

Official email newsletter of, Inc. & Downsize DC Foundation.

SUPPORT the "Educate the Powerful System".

I like explosives...

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