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Obama, Facebook, and Restoring the Republic

Are you big into the Internet social networking sites Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, LinkedIn, MySpace and others?

You have got to see this. The techies over at are do some pretty amazing stuff basically networking all your social networks. Imagine posting just once and all your networking accounts and sites get updated! Thats just part of what they are doing over there. Gary explains a lot more about it in this video:

Obama, Facebook, and Restoring the Republic

Obama has an Ace up his sleeve moving into the 2012 election cycle, but so do we. In this report we expose why you may be seeing strange things on Facebook lately.


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AMA: Health-No, Profits-Yes

Talk about "Matrix" machinery look no further than the AMA for a fine example of it in operation.

You all would think the American Medical Association is all about advancing public health, right? Try all about what is good for business and how can we maximize profits would be more accurate.

Just like all the free energy devices are suppressed protecting the big oil and energy industries the AMA does the same in the health industry. You might have heard rumors of cancer cures. Yeah.. well there are, many. AMA insures they do not make it to market it would destroy a huge industry. It's all quackery!! Don't get more than two x-rays a year it could be dangerous? Yet their 30-days of 100 x-ray equivalent each radiation "treatment" is good for you. That's not quackery that's "endorsed".

In the case of free energy you're trapped into paying Exxon/Mobil tribute every so many miles you drive. In the case of AMA you're "entrapment" means you must die so they can profit.

Big money all the way around. Educating "endorsed" doctors into the locked system. Big "endorsed" pharma industries. Expensive "endorsed" medical equipment. Hospitals for profit.

The most powerful, richest best medical science country on the planet has one of the worst public health conditions.

Its all about making money and has little to do with what you think it is. You know... like the military-industrial complex. We spend trillions on military and wars the only super-power on the planet because one guy in a cave is talking shit?

Yet no money for education, health, housing or even taking care of Vets.

The AMA Matrix machinery will flat out kill you if you are not careful. No natural cures allowed! No Naturopathic allowed no money in that. Quackery! Only Allopathic allowed that is "endorsed". Now they are even coming for your supplements. Vitamins and minerals will be controlled substances!

AMA... FDA.. All for your protection of course!


Google "AMA corruption"

Google "World Without Cancer"

Google "B17 Laetrile"

Cancer Tutor

Google "Codex Alimentarius"

Google "Natural Cures"

Google "Naturopathic"


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Attention Vets And Patriots: Oath Keepers: Operation Sleeping Giant

"Attention" as in "Attention K-Mart Shoppers", "Attention" as in can I get your "Attention" for a moment about this. "Attention" as in you really should take note about something.

However... considering the subject of this "Attention" information "Attention Vets" takes on another very significant, and very relevant to the subject, meaning.

"Attention Vets" as in "Attention soldier", as in you are a highly trained professional for this purpose. "Attention Vets" as in form a line, close ranks, enemy target acquired, prepare to engage!

No one in their right mind will argue that our "Vets" are NOT heroes among us. Those that are willing to step up and offer the ultimate sacrifice for the defense of our country and Constitution... their own life.

It just doesn't get much better than that.

America has a long and proud history of "Patriots" coming to her defense Indeed... the only reason she still exists is because of her defense by these historical Patriots.

Heroes by any definition every one of them. EVERY ONE of them.

Sadly, alas, these are dark times. An enemy is upon us that does not openly declare war upon us though they are at war with us. An enemy is upon us that does not clearly attack our shores though they are attacking our shores. An enemy is upon us that operates from shadows and lies... deception is their WMD.

"They are your enemy". No, lie, they are not.

"I am your friend". No, lie, you are not.

Dark times a lie can accomplish what an army could not. Treachery and treason can accomplish what outright assault could not. We are attacking and killing very possible friends while at the same time protecting and defending a very definite enemy.

Enemy domestic, not foreign. That's right.. your Johnny has gone south and in fact is now some kind of anti-Christ evil nightmare. They do have a wonderful smile as they hold the knife that is in your back however.

And for all you "Patriots". To all those that did not join the "military" and are not "Vets". Go read your State Constitution. In particular the part about how your state, your nation, will defend itself. I'll bet dollars to doughnuts that they list as the state defense "Militia".

That's right. Virtually every state in the union use extremist, radical, terrorists groups for defense!

Oh wait.. that's our domestic enemy defining who the bad guys are again...

Militia is good. Militia is the original, genuine article, homeland security. Someone comes and says militia is bad? Odds are they are bad, your real enemy, whom said that.

Oathkeepers has a very simple premise. All military and police who entered into duty had to swear an oath, first and foremost, to protect and defend the Constitution from ALL enemies foreign AND DOMESTIC.

Enemies are domestic... Uphold your oath!

Oathkeepers now has a drive on to rally, call to arms, all soldiers, vets, police and patriots.

Operation Sleeping Giant

Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes explains the vital two part mission of Oath Keepers, and especially the responsibility of veterans:

The tree is in severe need of water... all you vets, police, patriots grab your buckets!


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ATTENTION: Rule-Breakers, Misfits, Troublemakers, Free-Spirits And Pioneers...

Everything the establishment has told you is wrong with you - is actually what's right with you...



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Finally, The FED getting Proper Public Recognition

For too many years the Federal Reserve Bank(The FED) has operated under the cloaks of anonymity and mis-perception. Most people didn't even think The FED was a subject worthy of consideration much less giving them the proper recognition they deserve.

The FED was truly not getting the proper recognition from the the people for all the FED has done for them. That has changed. They are now, finally after all these years, getting the proper recognition from the pubic for what the The FED does.

Was it the Ron Paul "R3volutionary" 2008 presidential campaign that made the people aware that The FED needed some proper recognition? You all remember one of his more popular campaign slogans with his supporters? It went something like this:


Was it the Internet that can be credited with finally getting it to the public that The FED was just being completely unrecognized for all they did? The standard gate keepers of government controlled education (indoctrination) and corporate controlled news (propaganda) were still there restricting access to correct information. The Internet however dropped all the walls around these said gates. Here are a few examples of the Internet helping make people aware that they have just not been recognizing proper all that The FED has done for them:

Judge Napolitano on The Plain Truth of the Federal Reserve

Tom Woods Smashes Central Bank Dogma on Freedom Watch 12/21/10

Financial Guru Jim Rogers covers Fed Funny Money on Freedom Watch 12/21/10

Ron Paul on the Federal Reserve Audit - Glenn Beck

YouTube Search "Financial Services Committee Federal Reserve"

Ron Paul to Ask Fed Why After Trillions in Free Money, Unemployment Is Still Sky High

While everyone is relishing the Fed's third and only mandate these days, namely to send the Russell 2000 to 36,000 and cotton limit up to infinity and beyond, while everyone else is terrified to short stock in advance of what increasingly appears like near certain additional quantitative easing, congressman Ron Paul has announced that the first Monetary Policy subcommittee meeting will focus on one of those two now forgotten Fed mandates, that of creating jobs.

Virginia considers replacing US dollar with its own currency

Now, the rebellion has strengthened with some state legislators openly discussing plans to abandon the federal currency-the American dollar greatly weakened by soaring debt and dubious Federal reserve banking policy—and replacing it with state-issued currency backed by either gold or silver, or a combination of both.

The Federal Reserve Fraud (5 Part Video)

Correct information is now so freely available on the Internet that the government is looking for ways to implement "emergency" control of the Internet for "protection". Maybe some public recognition of what is meant by government "emergency" and "protection" legislation is finally being achieved here also.

These Internet examples show that The FED is starting to get proper recognition on the Gate Keeper airwaves and in the halls of government also.

Cloaks of anonymity and mis-perception are something preferred by criminals. Finally, after all these years, The FED is starting to get proper recognition for all they have done.

You are a den of vipers and thieves. I intend to rout you out, and by the grace of the Eternal God, will rout you out.

- Andrew Jackson on central banks

Irony is Jackson's picture on a $20 central bank note? And here is a famous quote from one of the founders of the viper thieves central bank dynasty:

Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes her laws.

- Mayer Amschel Rothschild


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