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Anarchapulco 2017

I've been away for a while attending Anarhapulco 2017. What can I say? I do a lot of time and space traveling in the Internet? Better late than never?

I haven't sat through all the speakers yet but the ones that I have, many, have been awesome! They are on a roll. OMG the speakers are all good!! And a nice wide diversity range of topics that are presented. Much to learn there and things to think about.

Here is the opening "Welcome" speaker of Anarhapulco 2017:

Welcome to Anarchapulco - Jeff Berwick, Anarchapulco 2017

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Melissa Etheridge: Water Protectors Are Battling for Mother Earth

This just in my inbox from Indian Country Media Network:

Melissa Etheridge: Water Protectors Are Battling for Mother Earth

Iconic musician Melissa Etheridge to perform on February 17 at Turning Stone Resort to benefit water protectors; calls NoDAPL 'a battle in a greater ...

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Ya know? It is what it is. Oil and water do not mix. The Standing Rock NoDAPL confrontation is about protecting the water. The Native Americans seem to think safe water to drink is more important than any oil company corporate profits.

It IS an oil and water thing. They don't mix! It is one or the other as they are mutually exclusive. You can't have both. The Native Americans prefer drinking water rather than drinking oil no matter what the lost profit potential to oil companies may be. Go figure?

Oil companies have been raping the environment, communities, cultures and people... the world ...for a long time now. All that means nothing compared to their corporate profits. Oil companies have a terrible record and history in this regard. They don't care who/what is damaged nor who/what is hurt. Nor do they take any responsibly for the clean up after their profit driven who/what damages.

The Native Americans understand this and are fighting to protect Mother Earth, the water and what they will have to hand their children.


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Veterans for Standing Rock #NoDAPL

On December 4th it looks like thousands of Vets will be "self-deploying" to join and stand in solidarity with the water protecting protesters at Standing Rock.

Wow! The military coming to protect them and not oppress them!!!??? That's a unique and novel concept...

GoFundMe has raised over $800,000 of the $1,000,000 goal in 20 days to finance this operation.

How sad.. "Our" government will finance by the billions to send our troops all over the planet to assault the innocent. And at the same time the innocent are being assaulted right here in America by that very same beast. The Vets are volunteering, self-deploying, to come to the aid and defense of the innocent being assaulted right here in America. And the people have to finance, pay for, the operation to help get the vets there on site.

I donated in a heart beat!

You can go to GoFundMe for more information and hopefully be able to support the cause. You can also Google "Veterans self-deploy to North Dakota" to see how the information controllers are playing it all down..


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The 3rd Congress of Freedom Force: 'Global-Warming; an Inconvenient Lie.'

The 3rd Congress of Freedom Force

will be convened in Phoenix, Arizona, on December 3 & 4, 2016. At that time, we shall unleash a powerful weapon upon the world, and you are invited to be a witness. The weapon is called:

Global-Warming; an Inconvenient Lie.

It is a gathering of the world’s top experts on this subject who will put an end, once-and-for-all, to the myth of anthropogenic (man-caused) global-warming.

WHERE: Phoenix, Arizona ‒ Marriott Phoenix Tempe at the Buttes
WHEN: 2016 December 2‒4.

Personally I'm not down with the "global warming" thing. Too many false claims and corrupted science, if that were true then why aren't we doing this yet we aren't it's not even an option and other "red flags" that tells me it is nothing but hype and agenda... walla walla.

On the other hand the environment is being destroyed biblical all over the place. Dead zones are every where now and expanding. Major swaths of the planet environment are being killed and destroyed yet no talk about that.

The government isn't going to save us.. they are going to kill us all.. the entire planet living biosphere included!! Earth.. one big dead zone. But a lot of people and corporations made a lot of money killing all life on Earth... including themselves.


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I'm Not Voting This Year!

I've heard that several times this year. Referring, of course, to the American quadrennial spectacle known as a presidential election. As usual the standard allowed choices for us are either, only, a Democrat or Republican, Bad or Worse and neither represents what the people want other than in outright lies.

It always amazes me when they run for election they all know exactly what the people want to hear and they all promise to be the one to deliver it. Once in office however.. you know the drill.. elect "hope" and "change" every time yet it never happens. NEVER! In fact it is likely they will do the exact opposite of what they promised and got voted in with.

This time around is particularly insulting and offensive. We've hit a new low regarding presidential elections here in America. A new benchmark to be bested next time around. Hillary is an outright psycho criminal who should have been thrown in jail, along with her husband, dozens and dozens of times. And Trump? I don't even know what to make of him?

I'd like to suggest an alternative to NOT voting this year. Go and vote but vote for anything other than "Democrat" or "Republican". The Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson, and the Green Party candidate, Jill Stein, are both on the ballot in most states if not all states. Vote for who best represents your position. I'm pretty sure that is neither the Democrat nor Republican choices. Hasn't been for decades.

Better yet when you get in that booth? Vote anti-incumbent all the way. None of the above?? Yes.. VOTE THEM ALL OUT!!! Shake it up in DC they have gotten way to comfortable and cozy there. Send them a warning and wake up call.

Things will not change until we change what we do in the booth...

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