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Artists: Trevor Jones & Randy Edelman: The Kiss


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Artists: Trevor Jones & Randy Edelman: The Kiss


A beauty of artistic expressions is that different meanings/perceptions are instilled upon different observers of the said artistic expression. 10 people view an artistic image, 10 different perceptions are received. The same is true for artistic audio, music, melody.. song.

This melody, The Kiss by Trevor Jones and Randy Edelman from the movie The Last of the Mohicans, has no words, no lyrics. Pure melody. Yet, at least to me, it touches something inside and carries significant meaning. A classic signature of an artistic expression's effect upon us.

This is what this melody stirs inside me...

Follow up:

I personally believe everyone, EVERYONE as in all no exceptions, is born and brought into life with a special talent, gift, ability unique to them. I also believe this is a gift from God just for you. This "gift" is what God want's you to bring into the world. Let's call this "Your Song".

Everyone, no exception, should get to know "Their Song" that God gave them. Their gift for the world. Find your song, know your song and then sing your song!

If you think your song is things like "Make lots of money", "Have lots of material possessions" or it interferes with others trying to sing their song... it is probably not the true song God gave you. This is the tricky and extremely important part. It makes all the difference between singing the song he wants you to sing.. or not singing what he wants you to sing. If you get the song right God will smile upon you and bless you. If not.. well what can I say?

Now The Kiss..

The tune begins and very soon into it a violin melody starts and is carried through the whole song. That would be the birth and playing of "Your Song". Through the entire melody, this is important, keep playing your song. If you play it long enough, if you play it well enough, if you stay true to it you will get to know and receive all the gifts and blessings for singing what he has given you, and only you, a very special song to sing.

And they titled this song "The Kiss", imagine that.

Trevor Jones & Randy Edelman: The Kiss (The Last of the Mohicans)

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Many stories were written about Native Americans, called also Indians,but the most I like Winnetou, he was my hero when I was teen-ager.He taught me about dignity .

...lots of Kisses.

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