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Chicken Soup For The Soul: Use The Force Luke!


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Chicken Soup For The Soul: Use The Force Luke!

This is a true experience of mine that I lived. To this day it still amazes me what actually happened that night years ago.

"Chicken Soup For The Soul" as you may, or may not, know is an effort to publish a collection of spiritual experiences for others to share.

Yes.. this shit happens trust me on this. Yes.. "Chicken Soup" is in fact a Jewish penicillin!

On to the point of this post.. the force itself.. I thought about writing and submitting this "tale" to the "Chicken Soup" publishers. The problem, why I did not, is that the context of the story involves things like alcohol and violence. They seem to shy away from such things.

Fortunately, the force, God, does not.

Here is the tale..

Years ago I found myself in "Not a good place" so to speak? My marriage, family, was coming apart and going out the window. No matter what I was able to offer trying to hold it together was of absolutely no value and use.

To lose your family, your children, to a force not understood by you and out of your control is very definitely "Not a good place". Every one handles such a thing in their own personal way. For me? I can honestly say it was NOT handled at all this was way beyond what I was prepared for. I "handled" it by NOT handling it when it went out the window. To clarify.. it was too much for me.. overdose.. overload.. my entire reality just went south? With my children?!?!

Not a good place it almost completely destroyed me. So here I was.. in this NOT good place.. basically using alcohol to anesthetize what was unhand-able and extremely painful for me.

The resolution and solution of this "predicament" is a tale even more powerful than the one being told now. This is just to give perspective about what happened that night years ago. Set the stage so to speak.

Here we go...

I was on my way home one night after the usual "I'm not in good shape" anesthetizing. Yes.. inebriated pain killers important! Coming back into my home town and recognizing that "I am not in good shape". I don't want to kill or damage anyone because of my problems and issues I stopped at a local bar to "collect myself" for the safe passage through my town.

Now I know on the face of this it doesn't make much sense at all. Without further definition of this place and that reasoning that is what it was.

So I park my car, "walk", if you can call it that, into the local bar, take a seat, order a beer and proceed to take in this environment I find myself on my way home.

As best I could with the glasses I happen to be wearing at the moment..

It was your standard home town local on the corner "pub". A family community place. The ambiance was rather pleasing this is a good thing they have going on here.. community family!

This pleasant presentation upon my sad shape was quickly disturbed, totally disrupted, by the action on the pool table behind me. "Family" was being done an unjust wrong! Over in one corner was mom and pop with the kid coming out for some quality family time the kid liked to play pool. Over in the other corner was three, lacking for a more accurate definition, assholes on the pool table telling themselves they were hustlers and pool sharks because they were kicking the kid's "I have no idea how to hold a pool stick correct" ass.

Clearly these three were bigger assholes than I was. Not with the program. Raining on parades. Ripping apart quality family time to tell ourselves we are something we are not? It didn't take long for that realization to come across my impaired evaluation.

It should be said here that I enjoy the game of pool myself. Have been known, from time to time I have no idea why it is like this, been good at it. Seeing these three assholes tell themselves they are hustler pool players because they are beating mom, pop, and the kid in town for a little quality time, on that night, did not sit well with me shall we say? My quarter challenge to the pool table came quick. I know I'm not in good shape but this was too much I don't care! I will do whatever I am able to do to take these three not with the program assholes down!

And this is where it gets real weird! Understand I was barely able to walk into this place. Now I am set upon playing pool like I am completely sober and talented? It did not, for sure, make much sense... go figure?!

And here is the "Chicken Soup" of it all...

Not only was I able to stand and hold a Q stick, amazing as that was considering the situation, I was spot on devastating "Minnesota Fats" R us. There were three of them and they all each challenged me twice. Six games were played. I was running the table they were lucky to even get a shot. And I was doing it with "prejudice". In your face. Fuck you asshole! Who's next?

In retrospective.. God works in mysterious ways needs to be applied here. I could barely walk yet tore them to pieces? With prejudice no less?

So.. six games came and six games went... with extreme prejudiced brutal. Someone is now kicking your ass's like you don't even know how to hold a Q stick. How weird is that? After six games of having their asses busted severe they decided maybe they wanted to leave this place. Go somewhere else where their real talent is appreciated?

Hit the road you assholes! Get the fuck out of here! No prejudice?

Here comes the chicken soup of this all. The "Bad boy hustlers" have just been sent packing with their tails between their legs. Given a sever spanking. Now, I own and dominate this table, the mom and pop kid's challenge is upon me. This is my gift I will carry to the end of my days for this all. This kid just watched me brutalize six times each of those assholes they were lucky to even get a shot much less have any chance of winning. I out classed them exactly like they were out classing this kid.

The look on this kids face, the place he was brought into.. was priceless a true gift from God was being handed me.

"Oh shit! This guy just gave a spanking to the guys that were spanking me!" Priceless.. to the end of my days will I carry that he gave me at that moment.

The rules were changed now. Prejudiced and attitude were gone now that the assholes not with the program were gone. It was an entirely different game being played. Now my "rules" were not hostile. Yes.. I have the table.. you are challenging.. Saturday night special, quality family time, is in progress now.

I broke and through the entire game I stayed 1 ball ahead. If it took him three or four turns to make a ball then it was three or four turns before I made my ball making it exactly one ahead of him through the entire game.

Finally it came down to the 8 ball. End game. My next ball was the 8. He had one left to go plus the 8. This is also something I will carry to the end of my days. Not only did he make his last ball, he made the 8 also two in a row!

"You won! The table is yours." To the end of my days is that gift he gave me.

The table was back where it belonged. I went back to my seat at the bar this is done praise the lord clearly about this.. Before I could even sit back in my seat the kid's father was on me in a heart beat his arm over my shoulder...

"Bartender!!!! Wild Turkey!!"

Great.. I barely was able to walk in. Just what I needed.. to the end of my days!

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