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Uncensored Search Engines List Sans Google.


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Uncensored Search Engines List Sans Google.

Here is a link to a list of "Uncensored" Internet search engines over at Wistfulvistas Reviews. Note.. on this list can not be found the Internet Search engine commonly known as Google.

This should come as no surprise.. Just Google "Google Censorship Videos". "Videos" was added to the search term as the same term without it is.. well.. skewed? Censored?

Internet search engines have the power to tap into resources available on the Internet, rank them, categorize them, list them and return to you the entire sum total of man's knowledge on the search subject starting with page 1 of nnnnnnnnn in .023 seconds.

It really pretty amazing when you think about it.

So.. do you want ALL information available or do you prefer someone deciding what is proper for you to know? What you are allowed to know? If you think "Filtered", aka, "Censored" is for you.. please consider how just the simple omission of facts surrounding any topic can completely change your view and perspective about said topic.

Let me give you a simple, if somewhat graphic and, I'm sorry, offensive, example trying to drive the point home:

A man is accused of killing another man.

Well.. that's wrong! Thou shalt not kill, do no harm to others and all that.

Oh.. did we fail to mention, withheld, censored, the fact that the man who did the killing caught the one killed raping a nine year old daughter after killing her mother?

One omitted, censored, fact can change entire truths. If the facts around a subject are "censored", ie, not all provided, incomplete, one sided... you are working with effectively a lie.

Carrying that reasoning a step further.. those who "Censor" are lying to you..

Is that something you prefer?

Many times I will use Google as the search engine reference. They are easily linked to and have excellent bandwidth. I'll give them that. However, it is assumed the link is just a starting point for your own research and you are aware Google is not the ideal(?) engine in many cases.

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Comment from: Ron Spain [Visitor] Email · http://rspain.t15.org
What? Yahoo! is not uncensored, nor are most or all of the rest. Why do people say these things? AltaVista has been owned by Yahoo! for many years. Bing (owned by Microsoft) is as evil as Google. Pretty much all of today's semi-working search engines are pro-censorship, anti-sex, ageist, anti-freedom, fascist, corporatist, capitalist clones. Do I expect too much from all of this technology?
07/06/12 @ 14:13

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