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Internet Reformation: Attention Internet Junkies, Cyber Marauders and WWW Surfers... Change Is Upon Us!


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Internet Reformation: Attention Internet Junkies, Cyber Marauders and WWW Surfers... Change Is Upon Us!

Life is strange... Reality... you just can't make this stuff up... Who would have thought? This has all the signatures, earmarks, signs that God's hand is in this one. A major injection of truth is available to you should you desire or even want it. You know... one little candle of light wipes out, obliterates, negates, destroys an entire room of darkness? Which has more power?

Internet Reformation... think candle the size of the sun.

Internet Reformation. Heard of that? Know what time it is? Got milk?

Every now and then something comes along that is a major game changer. Completely alters and disrupts the status quo playing field. Life as we know it on the planet has been forever modified.

This is so strange considering virtually every presidential election the Oligarch puppet hopeful candidates always promise change. We always vote for the illusion of best chance for real change. Change never occurs.. Isn't that right Obama? Don't think I'm singling him out this is racist or something stupid and invalid like that. The same could be said for every president we have had for decades.

"Change" is NOT something the government "excels at"? In fact change is something the government is completely opposed to. Has a real problem with it. Clinical.

Real change, major, in society comes instead from different directions.

Internet Reformation... think in terms, same effect as, magnitude of... Fire, Language, Written word, Printing press. etc..

Internet Reformation... much more dangerous and disrupting than revolution.

After all these years of voting for and never getting change...

Internet Reformation... Real change is upon us.

Here is a nice examination of Internet Reformation over in The Daily Bell Glossary:

The Daily Bell: Internet Reformation

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