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Are You Part Of The Avalanche?


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Are You Part Of The Avalanche?

There is a comparatively small number of treasonous corrupt criminal usurpers that have taken over America. Washington DC, US Inc. We are all now back on the plantation thanks to legal/financial fraud and scamming.

Could it be that The FED, International bankers and monetary funds are the biblical beast anti-christ foretold? They certainly fit the description perfectly.

Back to the criminal usurpers US Inc... We out number them 1,000's to 1 yet somehow they have convinced us they are more powerful and an authority over us not to be challenged nor questioned even?

This has got to be a testimony to the power and effectiveness of the magic matrix manipulation machinery.

They are not the power and authority, we the people are. They know this. It is important, critical to their control, that we the people do not know this. They are doing their best to control and steer the people and their beliefs. When it comes right down to it they are nothing but whores and prostitutes. If they lose control and all the people go "that" way they will be the first up front declaring they are the leader of "that" direction.

Yes!!! I am everything you think I should be! What ever that may be my values are defined by the advantageous moment self centered greedy. Trust me.

We have the numbers, it is simple math. We have the power it is simple math. We are the authority it is simple math. Should we, with our numbers, decide to redefine how it is going to go, oppose the small number of control freaks in Washington DC, US Inc., it would be game over, said and done, it's all over but the shouting, that is how it will go.

Each and every one of you is a possible pebble in a possible avalanche of opposition. Here is Larkin Rose throwing one of his many pebbles into this avalanche:

The Tiny Dot...

And here is YouTube FarhanK501 throwing their pebble into this avalanche:

A Bug's Life - "Then they ALL might stand up to us"

This blog.. indeed MatrixUSA itself, are but a few of my pebbles into this avalanche.

Get it? Which pebble, part, of the avalanche are you?

Would this be a Saturday night special?

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