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RSS: Replacing The Old News Wires With A New Wire


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RSS: Replacing The Old News Wires With A New Wire

News Wire Services(NWS), AP, Reuters, etc., have been a major source of news feeds, content, for virtually all news outlets and providers. Basically a list of already written reports are provided on virtually any subject. Subscribers to these services can pick and choose from what is available and include them in their presentations.TV, Radio, Cable, Newspapers have all been making use of the established NWS for decades. Indeed, it has been a critical asset to any news provider as no one can be everywhere all the time.

Here is the thing... in today's environment of "We are the new Pravda", propaganda, censorship and basically just control of information you are allowed to see and know... this handful of NWS has pretty much been bought and brought under the control of the information gatekeepers. All the news we want you to know.. none of the news we don't want you to know. A handful of entities that own and control the handful of NWS have control and decide what is reported. They control your news, they control what you think is going on, they control you! The old NWS have been severely compromised, have been for quite a while, and are no longer credible sources of information.

Enter the Internet... a brand new channel of information distribution and communication.. on steroids I might add! Internet Email has already displaced the old postal services as the preferred way to send a written/content laden communication to another. Sent and delivered from the convenience of your in home computer link at the speed of light virtually instantaneously. You already paid for the "stamp" and "envelope" with your internet connection provider. Audio, video, graphic, written.. it does not matter what form the information is in the internet is able to "package and transmit" it.. right into your computer at home.

The Internet has already proven itself to be the bane of the "Information Gatekeepers". Was it Tom Woods who said, in effect, "The Gatekeepers and gates are still there except now the Internet has taken down all the walls around the gate"? On the Internet freedom of information and expression still live. "They" are most assuredly trying to end that. The problem "They" have with the Internet is that unlike Reuters or AP or The Washington Post or CBS... there is no single owner to buy or coerce. If it was as simple as that it would have already been done. That is specifically why they are turning to their purchased government, US Inc., Washington DC, owned and fully controlled by banks and Oligarchs, to try to take control of the Internet. Congress is considering all kinds of "Internet Legislation" presented of course as "Protecting the Internet" when in truth it is "Protecting their masters". China is their "Internet Censorship Poster Child"! They want to do exactly the same here in the land of the free home of the brave? Fortunately.. they have not succeeded .. yet. So until they do.. the Internet is where you must look for real news and information. Not "State Approved Propaganda" ABC.

This is where RSS enters this picture. RSS allows selected content to be fed to to you on your computer as it changes and updates. Effectively..a "News Wire Service". The big difference is that YOU decide what is fed to you and from where. You decide what information is valuable and trusted. You create your own virtual AP news wire with feeds out of the Internet you deem are important.

An RSS feed is pretty much a standard option at most web sites. MatrixUSA has RSS feeds that can be found at the bottom of the right panel on the blog pages. Web browsers, such a Mozilla's Firefox, are able to handle RSS feeds though it is not their "Forte"? The best way to access all your RSS feeds is with an RSS client, not a web browser. RSS clients present your selected news feeds many times the exact same way email clients present your email. In fact their overall appearance and how they work are almost identical.

Here is a screenshot from the RSSOwl client:


As you can see the similarities between it and an Email client are major. Tools at the top. Your email addresses in the left panel is replaced with RSS feed subscriptions. The top right panel email title etc info is replaced with RSS title etc info. And the bottom right panel email content is replaced with RSS content. Just like your email client you collect new and it displays what is "unread". RSS clients are very powerful and make it as easy as an email client to collect and view all your RSS subscriptions.

The Internet still allows you to collect real news and real information. The Internet allows you to decide what you want to collect and is valuable and trusted. RSS allows you to decide what your own personal Internet newswire is. RSS clients allow you easy interactive access to your own personal RSS newswire service.

You check your Email daily.. Get yourself a good RSS client and start subscribing to the RSS feeds of trusted internet news sources. You can check the news daily from your own personally defined Internet newswire service as easily as you check your email.

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