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Us And Them: A Division That Is Never Marketed?


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Us And Them: A Division That Is Never Marketed?

Division's, you know, they are different from you, are marketed to all big time. Left vs. Right. Conservative vs. Liberal, Republican vs. Democrat, Bad(defined by the dividers) vs. Good(defined by the dividers). You are all, I am sure, very familiar and know this sales tactic quiet well these days. So well I would even suggest it is getting old, tired, worn out... whom do I hate today? What do I fear today? ...yawn.

In their, the division definers, expertise, and fever even, they just love and need to define divisions. They get up at 7:01am, that is wrong and evil a danger and threat to us all! Everyone knows you should get up at 7:02am. Don't worry... lucky you... we will protect and save you from this clear and obvious danger and threat.. we will go blow them up and kill them all!!!!

For your protection of course...

Phew... lucky me?

Here is a thought... God forbid... how about a division that seems obvious and apparent but is never, ever, mentioned nor marketed regardless of the severe chasm it seems to present?

Us:(A Random Abundant Sample)

Them:(A Random Abundant Sample)

Forgive me... I'm sure much better examples, for Us and Them, are out there to illustrate the point here. I hope given these quick choice examples you get the point. There is a major division between us here in America and this beast we refer to as Washington DC Inc.

A major Us/Them division that is going unmentioned nor marketed. A clear enemy upon us not being pointed out by those who love to point out enemies?

Seems odd they, whom favor pointing out differences we need to fear and attack, have missed such an obvious one... no?

In fact they tell us they are our friend? What's that saying? With friends like that who needs enemies?


Pink Floyd - Us and Them LIVE 1994 in Oslo

Pink Floyd playin' Us and Them in Oslo in 1994.

Artist: Pink Floyd: Us And Them

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