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Fukushima: Misplaced Trust Is Lethal

The Fukushima Japan nuclear disaster is an example that "Misplaced Trust Is Lethal". In many ways.

Basically, once again, trust in government is lethal. Government tells us it is ok to build these nuclear reactors. They are safe, they will regulate and monitor, this is good for you!

OK! Build a bunch of them. Building them in high population areas and on fault lines would be even better! Oh we will because they are safe!

Think about it. They are safe? Radiation is safe? They can guarantee there will never be a breakdown, accident nor, as we are learning again, an unforeseen situation? Oh wait.. we are talking about the government. They see and know all! Amazing, just sitting in a chair, lets say in the White House, you become God!

Thats' right, I'm glad you understand.

They will regulate and monitor? If anyone out there believes that one in this modern day of the industries themselves control the agencies that regulate them... what can I say to that?

And then "it's for you!" Gak... sorry that is way too much. We should all know at this point the government will put the screws to us no problem they serve special interests, big money, the highest bidder! NOT YOU! For me you say?

Trust in government is extremely lethal! Just the wars they create for nonsense alone would make the Bubonic Plague look pathetic as to which is the more "lethal". Actual death counts that can be laid at the respective doorsteps government beats the plague no contest, not even close! Understand virtually all wars are government inspired. Most people just want to live their lives, raise their families. In most cases people would rather have a beer and a few laughs at the pub with others rather than kill them. All it takes is one sick pup in a position of power and wars you have.

Isn't that right Obama[handlers]?

Government has taken control of your drinking water it is now poisoned (Fluoride) for your dental health! Don't worry Fluoride is the only poison that does not kill and we have it under control. Trust us!

Government has taken control of the food. Is it real or is it Frankenstein? You'll never know. Is it even food? Probably not Dow chemical is making a fortune. But don't worry it all meets government approved standards. That means only a percentage of you will die or become sick. In other words it's safe.

Acceptable levels! What's that chemical taste like? More important... who is making the big money not how many is this killing?

Getting back to the Fukushima disaster... radiation is entering the environment in "Biblical" proportions. There are those that are already claiming this is the worst environmental disaster ever!

You keep "trusting" these people wait till next year kiddies...

Radiation is anti-life. All life. Any life. There is no such thing as a safe exposure level. Government is telling the people in affected, now radioactive, areas... basically.. "Don't worry, be happy!". It is a "safe" level. Misplaced trust is lethal!

Radiation is making it's way around the planet. Already it is showing up in milk on our west coast. What does our government say? "Don't worry, be happy, acceptable levels you are safe!!". Misplaced trust is lethal!

Oh.. it won't be a problem, it's safe! People and life in general, sadly, are now going to die for that misplaced trust.

Using Nuclear energy to basically "boil water" is like using a cannon to kill a fly. Here is the thing. The big problem with nuclear is it is "Anti-life". Any life. All life. This is not something you want to produce and proliferate is it? This is not an avenue we wish to pursue? "Anti-life"? Is it? Worse.. this stuff lays around for 10's of thousands of years. Repeat.. tens of thousands! And they call that a "half life"?

Uh oh! We had a "boo-boo". "Fell down and went boom!". Yeah.. ok.. an area the size of Pennsylvania is now a "dead zone". No worries you can move back home in about 30,000 years, give or take a century or two. The plus side here is everything "down wind" now glows in the dark and look at all the new genetic mutations! Now there's an interesting character they light up my life!

Trust us we can dispose of the "spent" fuel safely. What we don't need for nuclear bomb grade material, an anti-life thing lethal extra-ordinair, will be stored in a place that will be safe and contained for thousands of years! Trust us! You are safe! These are not "Anti-life" time bombs we are planting all over the planet my concern is making it safe till I am gone.

West coast... if the government tells you "Don't worry, be happy, it is a safe level"? Run! Stop drinking milk! Seek safety it is a lethal situation.

People of Japan.. ditto.

People of the world.. ditto!

A "silver lining" to this entire nightmare can be had however. Let us learn from these mistakes, yes plural, so we do NOT repeat them.

Make sure trust is deserved before it is given, please! You see it is my children that die because you misplaced trust.

Now for a few related links as it seems MSM is trying to quietly sweep this whole thing under the carpet. Just like, exactly the same way, they made the Gulf oil rig disaster go away yet it is still ongoing and unfolding... lethal by the way. To All life not just us. You know, my children died because you misplaced trust?

The links:

The moment nuclear plant chief WEPT as Japanese finally admit that radiation leak is serious enough to kill people

# Officials admit they may have to bury reactors under concrete - as happened at Chernobyl
* Government says it was overwhelmed by the scale of twin disasters
* Japanese upgrade accident from level four to five - the same as Three Mile Island
* We will rebuild from scratch says Japanese prime minister
* Particles spewed from wrecked Fukushima power station arrive in California
* Military trucks tackle reactors with tons of water for second day

Unlearned lessons from Chernobyl and Fukushima

Do we collectively care about our planet, our home, this Earth, or don't we? When the economic bottom line rules decision-making, losses elsewhere can be staggering.

Coverup and denial in Japan

Despite a disaster multiples worse than Chernobyl, major media reports all along downplayed it. Now they largely ignore it, moving on to more important things like celebrity features and baseball's opening day, besides pretending American-led Libya bombing is well-intended when, in fact, it's another brazen power grab - an imperial war of conquest, explained in numerous previous articles.


The unfolding events relating to Japan’s damaged nuclear reactors is raising the concern in the U.S. of a worst-case scenario of a meltdown with a consequent cloud of radioactive particles following the jet stream over to the U.S. The prevailing jet stream winds would impact Los Angeles to Alaska, and would include Hawaii. Radioactive pollution would reach the U.S. within 36 hours. It would then travel the typical jet stream across the U.S that you see on your daily weather programs. While we all hope this problem does not happen, and various experts may debate the severity of public health issues involved if it should, it never hurts to have a better understanding of the subject. What would you do if such a cloud was headed your way?

27 Signs That the Nuclear Crisis in Japan Is Much Worse Than Either the Mainstream Media or the Japanese Government Have Been Telling Us

How much of a threat is the nuclear crisis in Japan? That question is on the minds of millions of people around the globe tonight. Unfortunately, the Japanese government and the mainstream media have both been doing their best to downplay this crisis.

U.S. Radiation Disinformation Campaign

The mainstream media comments on the radiation that is now just hitting the shores of the West Coast of the United States appears to be a carefully crafted disinformation campaign that focuses on the low levels of radiation now hitting the West Coast, but fails to mention that these levels are likely to climb substantially in the days ahead.

Do Western Elites Really Care About Fukushima?

Dominant Social Theme: Don't worry. The experts will fix it.

End of Nuclear Power?

Nuclear renaissance melts down over Japan disaster ... After more than two decades of stagnation, the global nuclear power industry was just coming back to life.

A nuclear engineer's briefing on the emergency in Japan

This Q&A briefing provides a concise overview of much of what you need to know on the nuclear emergency in Japan. Nuclear engineer Mark Mervine gave this interview to his daughter Evelyn Mervine.

Radioactive Cesium Content In Japan Sea Water 25 Times Limit, Radioactive Iodine At 127 TImes Maximum Allowed

According to Kyodo, the Fukushima sea fallout is getting material enough to where the sea soon won't need a blacklight to glow in the dark:

* Kyodo says radioactive caesium found in sea water 24.8 times limit
* Kyodo says radioactive Iodine found in sea water 126.7 times limit

The only logical solution is for the Japanese ministry of deadly disinformation to raise the radioactive Cesium sea water limit by 25 times, and that of Iodine by 127 times. And all shall be well.

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