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REALITY REPORT #91 - Bleeding for Change

In this jam packed edition of the Reality Report, Gary Franchi compares the American political revolution with the violent Middle Eastern revolution that is now taking place. We take a look at what Ron Paul had to say to Sean Hannity on FOX about the 2012 presidential race. Walter Reddy is back to update us on the SWAT team raid on his home, that took place in February, and Jason Bermas tells us about how the 9/11 first responders are still being cast aside by the U.S. government in his punk rock politics segment. We take a look at Gary's interview with Adam Kokesh on his new show, Adam VS The Man, where they discuss the seizure of cell phone information. We also share your thoughts are with our Viewer Poll Results. As always, we dip into the mailbag and brand another enemy of the state.


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Reality Report: Crashing the Debt Ceiling

Obama's Change has finally arrived, does your paycheck reflect it? Gary Franchi gets "mad as hell" about the Debt Ceiling and wishes Washington DC well in "the Rant." He presents good news about the Social Network at and Jason Bermas is back in the lineup with an all new Punk Rock Politics segment about who will be first to use a global currency. Monetary Architect Bernard von NotHaus phones in with an update on the Liberty Trial Case, and Congressman Ron Paul explains his thoughts on the current budget crisis.

Angie delivers the top stories of the week including a SWAT Team raid against a mother simply protecting her child, the TEA Party Rallies around the nation, and a story tip from a viewer who noticed discrepancies in a poll from a major news outlet.

As always, we read your mail and a viewer brands another enemy of the state.


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Artist: Evanescence: Bring Me To Life

Artists are those within our society that have a special insight, understanding, knowledge... vision... that the rest of us do not see with such ease as they do. In many cases these artists also have the ability to express and share what they know with the rest of us via “artistic expression”. Their gift is two-fold. They have the vision and are able to express it artistically with the rest of us to be become recognized by the masses for their gift as an artist.

There are also many that have the “vision” but not the gift for expressing it. Would they also be considered an “Artist”?

Alas for these artists what they get to see and know many times is not easy to carry. Just holding a vision of theirs can be... personally challenging? Problematic? Hard to accept? Hence the rise of what we all know as the “tortured” artist. Some one staggering around under the weight of what the rest of us do not carry.

We all know this instinctive these people are the visionaries and prophets among us. Not only do they deserve latitude from us but, more importantly, they deserve our attention, to be heard, what they are expressing we can all learn from their gift.

Evanescence: Bring Me To Life:

How can you see into my eyes like open doors?
Leading you down into my core where I've become so numb
Without a soul, my spirit sleeping somewhere cold
Until you find it there and lead it back home

Wake me up
(Wake me up inside)
I can't wake up
(Wake me up inside)
Save me
(Call my name and save me from the dark)

Wake me up
(Bid my blood to run)
I can't wake up
(Before I come undone)
Save me
(Save me from the nothing I've become)

Now that I know what I'm without
You can't just leave me
Breathe into me and make me real
Bring me to life

Wake me up
(Wake me up inside)
I can't wake up
(Wake me up inside)
Save me
(Call my name and save me from the dark)

Wake me up
(Bid my blood to run)
I can't wake up
(Before I come undone)
Save me
(Save me from the nothing I've become)

I've been living a lie
There's nothing inside
Bring me to life

Frozen inside without your touch
Without your love, darling
Only you are the life among the dead

All this time, I can't believe I couldn't see
Kept in the dark but you were there in front of me
I've been sleeping a thousand years it seems
Got to open my eyes to everything

Without thought, without voice, without a soul
Don't let me die here
There must be something more
Bring me to life

Wake me up
(Wake me up inside)
I can't wake up
(Wake me up inside)
Save me
(Call my name and save me from the dark)

Wake me up
(Bid my blood to run)
I can't wake up
(Before I come undone)
Save me
(Save me from the nothing I've become)

I've been living a lie
There's nothing inside
Bring me to life


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Attention Vets And Patriots: Oath Keepers: Operation Sleeping Giant

"Attention" as in "Attention K-Mart Shoppers", "Attention" as in can I get your "Attention" for a moment about this. "Attention" as in you really should take note about something.

However... considering the subject of this "Attention" information "Attention Vets" takes on another very significant, and very relevant to the subject, meaning.

"Attention Vets" as in "Attention soldier", as in you are a highly trained professional for this purpose. "Attention Vets" as in form a line, close ranks, enemy target acquired, prepare to engage!

No one in their right mind will argue that our "Vets" are NOT heroes among us. Those that are willing to step up and offer the ultimate sacrifice for the defense of our country and Constitution... their own life.

It just doesn't get much better than that.

America has a long and proud history of "Patriots" coming to her defense Indeed... the only reason she still exists is because of her defense by these historical Patriots.

Heroes by any definition every one of them. EVERY ONE of them.

Sadly, alas, these are dark times. An enemy is upon us that does not openly declare war upon us though they are at war with us. An enemy is upon us that does not clearly attack our shores though they are attacking our shores. An enemy is upon us that operates from shadows and lies... deception is their WMD.

"They are your enemy". No, lie, they are not.

"I am your friend". No, lie, you are not.

Dark times a lie can accomplish what an army could not. Treachery and treason can accomplish what outright assault could not. We are attacking and killing very possible friends while at the same time protecting and defending a very definite enemy.

Enemy domestic, not foreign. That's right.. your Johnny has gone south and in fact is now some kind of anti-Christ evil nightmare. They do have a wonderful smile as they hold the knife that is in your back however.

And for all you "Patriots". To all those that did not join the "military" and are not "Vets". Go read your State Constitution. In particular the part about how your state, your nation, will defend itself. I'll bet dollars to doughnuts that they list as the state defense "Militia".

That's right. Virtually every state in the union use extremist, radical, terrorists groups for defense!

Oh wait.. that's our domestic enemy defining who the bad guys are again...

Militia is good. Militia is the original, genuine article, homeland security. Someone comes and says militia is bad? Odds are they are bad, your real enemy, whom said that.

Oathkeepers has a very simple premise. All military and police who entered into duty had to swear an oath, first and foremost, to protect and defend the Constitution from ALL enemies foreign AND DOMESTIC.

Enemies are domestic... Uphold your oath!

Oathkeepers now has a drive on to rally, call to arms, all soldiers, vets, police and patriots.

Operation Sleeping Giant

Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes explains the vital two part mission of Oath Keepers, and especially the responsibility of veterans:

The tree is in severe need of water... all you vets, police, patriots grab your buckets!


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Iraq Liberation: How To Make A Grown Man Cry

Iraq Liberation! We will free the people of Iraq from a brutal dictator, their infestation of terrorists and WMDs. The world is now safer. We have brought "Democracy" to Iraq. What a wonderful humanitarian thing we have done. We are the good guys bringing moral high ground to the lowest places on the planet. The lives of all the people in Iraq just took a turn for the better. We are heroes Iraq loves what "our" military did for them they are saved! Quick... find me a flag to wave... USA, USA, USA!

Wow... That all sounds good does it not? Proud to be "American" are you now? Just one small problem with it all. It's nothing really just a minor thing not to be too concerned about it. All of the above is your typical government propaganda, euphemisms, deception... bullshit! Not only is pretty much all of this a lie but in fact just the opposite is true.

Consider this please:

The beginning of wisdom begins by calling things by their right name.
-Ancient Chinese Proverb

That is what they do. You are told it is the "Patriot Act", find me a flag quick, as it decimates and destroys treasonous our Bill of Rights, America herself. Just can't get much more "Patriotic" than that can you?

We liberated Iraq? From the brutal dictator we installed and supported? Chased out the terrorist cells that were never there? The only WMDs found were the ones our military industrial complex had receipts for? They are now under the rule of a brutal dictatorship that makes Saddam look like a choir boy.. us? They are saved and safe as we murder, destroy and steal using military force? They went from the jewel of Arabia to genocide destitute people dying in abject bitterness they are saved? The Nazis have arrived you call that moral high ground their lives took a turn for the better did it?

Here is Stefan Molyneux of FreeDomain Radio reading a report about "right names" as to what is really happening in Iraq. How to make a grown, not immature, man, not boy, cry. Sit through this entire video if you are man enough. No sexist put down intended ladies you know what I mean. Stefan has it right. Clearly a healthy fine example of the human condition, a real man.

Standing in blood...

Did you get all that? That from late 2007? Today 2011 you can be sure the amount of our "Goodness", rightful names the depth of blood we are standing in, has increased. Did the MSM morning "news show" completely miss all of this they can be trusted? If tears are not in your eyes about this maybe you should do some serious self examination... maybe you're not really a man. Maybe you're not even human. If that is the case here is an example of a real woman, an Iraqi, demonstrating what it means to have "balls" about all this for all you pussies. No offense ladies... please you know what I mean:

Dr. Dahlia Wasfi - Life in Iraq Under U.S. Occupation

What's it going to be? Get me a beer, turn on the TV the game is on what is Paris and Charlie doing? As innocent men, women and children are being murdered and destroyed by Nazis, in your name, rightful names here... are you a grown man?

Please! No more "goodness" don't "save" me! ...until you get names right.


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RT Premiere: Adam vs The Man

Thats' right.. Russia Today(RT) is exhibiting free press and speech. Our own corporate controlled state propaganda engine we call MSM news should be utterly embarrassed about this as they don't.

...Nah, they're completely shameless about what they do. Selling out their own mother...

It's the world premiere of ADAM VS THE MAN! We expose the gun in the room with Stefan Molyneux, host of; and mourn free speech with former CIA analyst, Ray McGovern. Adam also called out mainstream media pundits and dedicates his new show. If you want a revolution Adam has some good news for you: The revolution and the LOVE-olution will be televised on ADAM VS THE MAN.

Adam Vs The Man: Episode 1


Freedomain Radio

Google "Ray McGovern"

Veterans for Rethinking Afghanistan

Charlie Veitch (The Love Police)

ADAM vs The Man

Good job Adam. You too RT.


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H.R. 1212: What's Wrong With This Picture?

H.R. 1212 RECLAIM Act from GovTrack:

To require the cessation of the use of force in, or directed at, the country of Libya by the United States Armed Forces unless a subsequent Act specifically authorizes such use of force.

And here is a nice analysis of all the "Political Maneuvering" in congress with this bill:

Bill to End Obama’s Libya War Attracts Bipartisan Support

When launching his military intervention into the Libyan civil war, President Barack Obama undoubtedly expected some resistance from Republicans in Congress. On the other hand, he probably did not count on members of his own party joining the GOP in opposing the operation, but that is precisely what is happening.

On March 29, Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) introduced legislation requiring the President to “cease the use of force in, or directed at, the country of Libya” and denying him the use of federal funds to finance the war. Amash was among the first members of Congress to declare Obama’s war unconstitutional, and the bill echoes his earlier sentiments, stating that Obama went to war “without the authorization of Congress”; that “Libya has not declared war or initiated hostilities against the United States or its allies”; and that the Constitution vests in Congress, not the President, the powers of declaring war and raising and regulating the armed forces. The only reasonable conclusion, therefore, is that the war is illegal and must be halted immediately.

Usurper Obama, or whomever he is we don't really know for sure Mr. Transparency himself is keeping that information secret, decides as usurping Commander-And-Chief of the military to attack, unilateral, yet another country. Libya. But of course he is acting "Humanitarian" not as a puppet of the "Wars 'R Us" UN Oligarchs. This is a good military action even the CIA Al-Quida are good guys in this one.

Yes it's impeachable. Yes it is Nazi. Yes it is war crimes we specialize in them now our military is the "Good" guys? Yes it will create more terrorists wanting to do damage to America. Yes it is just another occupation we specialize in them also these days. Yes America is now an "Evil Empire" using military force all over the planet it seems everyone knows this except us?

I'm sorry.. at this point US Inc. in DC, Socialist Nazi's, has a pretty solid history of being an out of control killing and spending machine that in no way cares at all what the people actually want. Cares not at all about the "Rule of Law". It's a military dictatorship did you miss the memo they made sure was not sent?

Now a bill is introduced on the floor of Congress to stop the military action in Libya??? I can't help but think this is nothing but "lip service". They have allowed and funded every illegal military action to date. Yes, it's criminal and yes it is impeachable like many actions before and yes that will never happen. We'll all make a good show of it offended this is an outrage as it never makes it through congress or if it does it will be too late the occupation over and done.

Isn't congress supposed to be the only one that can declare war and the use of military? And now I am told it takes an Act of Congress to stop an usurping president going off to war on his own? Lets not have him arrested and press charges. Lets all talk about it on the house floor but do nothing.

Is it me? You'll be brought up on charges, you'll be fined, you might even be arrested, you might even be tasered, you might even be shot because a light went out on your car! What's wrong with this picture?


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Tom Woods: The Military Industrial Complex in Five Minutes

The Military Industrial Complex. Sounds like one of those conspiracy theories you never hear about on MSM. Military and industry in bed together. A match made in hell it's love? The military loves their death toys and industry loves making money selling death toys to them. Definitely... love it is! Co-dependency love?

We just need a reason for all this insanity enter the "complex". Wars 'R Us. Business is good. Think about it... In your life time what has been the ratio of military activity to non-military(peace) activity?

Seems the military is always attacking someone. And it's always somewhere else on the planet. And, for some reason, a "complex" I suspect, this is somehow in "our" interest. "We're killing those children in your name to protect you!" When in fact it is just business and vested interests, political, agenda, "National Security" takes on a whole new meaning. Those children did not attack me. Just exactly who attacked who? We have become the aggressors attacking first. Excuse me? Wasn't that a "bad" thing when Hitler did that? Yes, but now it is a good thing!

Pretty sad no? Severe issues their survival and prosperity depends on killing, delivering death and destruction. Quick, find me an enemy... Make one up if you have to! Would this be terrorists doing terrorism? I'm thinking we have a definite "Complex" here. It's clinical.

Here is the origin of the expression "Military Industrial Complex". Who coined the phrase. For all you thinking this is just conspiracy theory nut job stuff does this mean that the person who originally warned us about this is just one of those conspiracy theory nut cases?

Eisenhower warns us of the military industrial complex.

Ike... a military man himself. You think maybe he had some kind of "insight" into this "complex"? You think maybe he had a knack for spotting a danger to us?

Here is Tom Woods giving a "Military Industrial Complex" 101 primer.

If you liked that here is some more from Tom:

The Phony Case for Presidential War Powers

Don't Just Cut the Budget; Cut the Propaganda

News Alert: People Having Unconventional Thoughts

Learn Real U.S. History

Let me close this with a few words from Bill Hicks about the Military Industrial Complex. Another take on it so to speak.

Bill Hicks - Iraq Weapons Conversion

Bill Hicks - Gulf War Weapons Catalog

A trillion a year, if not more, this massive military machine nothing like it on the entire planet because some guy is in a cave on the other side of the planet talking shit and might do something? Isn't that police investigative work?

Who is talking shit here?


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Artist: Bruce Cockburn: If I Had A Rocket Launcher

Artists are those within our society that have a special insight, understanding, knowledge... vision... that the rest of us do not see with such ease as they do. In many cases these artists also have the ability to express and share what they know with the rest of us via “artistic expression”. Their gift is two-fold. They have the vision and are able to express it artistically with the rest of us to be become recognized by the masses for their gift as an artist.

There are also many that have the “vision” but not the gift for expressing it. Would they also be considered an “Artist”?

Alas for these artists what they get to see and know many times is not easy to carry. Just holding a vision of theirs can be... personally challenging? Problematic? Hard to accept? Hence the rise of what we all know as the “tortured” artist. Some one staggering around under the weight of what the rest of us do not carry.

We all know this instinctive these people are the visionaries and prophets among us. Not only do they deserve latitude from us but, more importantly, they deserve our attention, to be heard, what they are expressing we can all learn from their gift.

Bruce Cockburn: If I Had A Rocket Launcher

Here comes the helicopter
Second time today
Everybody scatters
And hopes it goes away
How many kids they've murdered
Only God can say
If I Had A Rocket Launcher
If I Had A Rocket Launcher
If I Had A Rocket Launcher
I'd make somebody pay

I don't believe in guarded borders
And I don't believe in hate
I don't believe in generals
Or their stinking torture states
And when I talk with the survivors
Of things too sickening to relate
If I had a rocket launcher
If I Had A Rocket Launcher
If I Had A Rocket Launcher
I would retaliate

On the Rio Lacantun,
One hundred thousand wait
To fall down from starvation
Or some less humane fate
Cry for Guatemala
With a corpse in every gate
If I had a rocket launcher
If I Had A Rocket Launcher
If I Had A Rocket Launcher
I would not hesitate

I want to raise every voice
At least I've got to try
Every time I think about it
Water rises to my eyes
Situation desperate
Echoes of the victims cry
If I had a rocket launcher
If I Had A Rocket Launcher
If I Had A Rocket Launcher
Some son of a bitch would die

Bruce Cockburn: If I Had A Rocket Launcher

Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and now Libya talking nuclear Iran? WTF?!?! You are a "Rocket Launcher". We all are "Rocket Launchers". Find and discover what your unique and special "Rocket" is...

...then launch it!

We have a lot more "Rocket Launchers" then they do. You think maybe there is enough justification for a launch? You think maybe some son of a bitch needs to be taken out they are not on the other side of the planet? Because you don't believe in hate but they do.

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Artist: Alan Parsons Project: Psychobabble

Artists are those within our society that have a special insight, understanding, knowledge... vision... that the rest of us do not see with such ease as they do. In many cases these artists also have the ability to express and share what they know with the rest of us via “artistic expression”. Their gift is two-fold. They have the vision and are able to express it artistically with the rest of us to be become recognized by the masses for their gift as an artist.

There are also many that have the “vision” but not the gift for expressing it. Would they also be considered an “Artist”?

Alas for these artists what they get to see and know many times is not easy to carry. Just holding a vision of theirs can be... personally challenging? Problematic? Hard to accept? Hence the rise of what we all know as the “tortured” artist. Some one staggering around under the weight of what the rest of us do not carry.

We all know this instinctive these people are the visionaries and prophets among us. Not only do they deserve latitude from us but, more importantly, they deserve our attention, to be heard, what they are expressing we can all learn from their gift.

Alan Parsons Project: Psycobabble

Tell you 'bout a dream that I have every night
Tell you 'bout a dream that I have every night
It ain't in Kodachrome and it isn't black and white
Take me for a fool if you feel that's right
Well I'm never on my own but there's nobody in sight
I don't know why I'm scared of the lightning

Trying to reach me
I can't turn to the left or the right
I'm too scared to run and I'm too weak to fight
But I don't care it's all psychobabble rap to me

Tell you 'bout a dream that I have every night
It's in Dolby stereo but I never hear it right
Take me for a fool well that's alright
Well I see the way to go but there isn't any light
I don't know why I'm scared of the lightning

Trying to reach me
Help me to find what I don't wanna know
You're taking me there but I don't wanna go
I don't care it's all psychobabble rap to me

Psychobabble all psychobabble
Psychobabble all psychobabble
I don't care it's all psychobabble rap to me

You're readin' my mind you won't look in my eyes
You say I do things that I don't realise
But I don't care it's all psychobabble rap to me

Psychobabble all psychobabble
Psychobabble all psychobabble

You're lighting a scene that's faded to black
I threw it away cause I don't want it back
But I don't care it's all psychobabble rap


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The Terminator Gets It Right?

Someone knocks on your door talking "shit". How do you respond? There was a scene in the first Terminator movie in which exactly that question was posed. Here is the Terminator's, I believe correct, response:

For clarification:

Possible responses:

  1. Yes/No
  2. Or What?
  3. Go Away!
  4. Please Come Back Later
  5. Fuck You, Asshole
  6. Fuck You

That's right. Number 5 was chosen as the appropriate, correct, response. You see it is not only important to answer the question correctly but possibly even more important is that you address them personable by name also. It always helps immensely to connect personal and recognize who they are to get your true feelings passed clearly. Let's not misunderstand each other.

From the receiver point of view is it not a good thing being told exactly where you stand in relation to the sender?

Be polite, please, address others by their proper name. Do not insult them by suggesting you don't even know their name or who they are when actually you do. Name and proper recognition is important.

How to deal with the government knocking on your door talking "shit". Social butterfly 101...

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Attention Ron Paul R3volutionaries: Alex Interviews Jesse

Did you catch this interview of Jesse by Alex? Jesse suggesting a 2012 ticket, something worthy of consideration, of him and Ron Paul?

Honestly, myself, I thought this would have been a good ticket team, Ron and Jesse, for many reasons, during the Ron Paul 2008 try.

Here is Alex's interview with Jesse:

Jesse Ventura Exclusive: Jesse Talks About Season 3 of ‘Conspiracy Theory’ & Ron Paul is The Man!

As I see it the message sent would have been something like this:

"This is how it is going to go, this is what we the people want...

Ron: Like it...

Jesse: or not... is going that way".

We can do this the easy way or hard way but either way we are going to do this!

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Ron Paul First Takes On Reluctant FED Exposure

Recently 29,000 pages of information about Federal Reserve(The FED) activity has reluctantly been released by them. The FED whom is in control of our nation's money, The FED whom is actually a private banking cartel, The FED whom is America's "Illegal Central Bank Scam" that bankrupted and took control of our government, The FED whom has never had a full audit, The FED whom has always resisted any look into their operations, The FED whom has always operated in the shadows, The FED whom it took a 3 year lawsuit all the way to the Supreme Court to get this information has finally been wrestled to the ground and the information ripped out of their clutching desperate hands. Is reluctant the right word here?

To be sure this release of information is and of itself a monumental historic event. Finally some light going into the darkness. I suspect this is a direct result of the Ron Paul R3volution that brought public and popular awareness about The FED to the people.

Popular slogan from those Ron Paul R3volutionary trouble makers: "End the FED, End the FED, End the FED!" In the words of Rudy himself, somewhat upset and a bit terrorized I might add, "Those Ron Paul people are everywhere!". Hilary received, with the same amount of "grace" as Rudy, the same message. As did many others. We're talking groundswell, prairie fires here. A change of wind direction to all but the totally blind, stupid and/or outright delusional such as the master of delusion himself Obama. You think maybe this had something to do with the breakdown of FED power? Know what I mean?

The FED itself getting nervous losing control? Good work kiddies... keep those cards and letters coming!

Here are a couple of "First takes" about the FED feeling "the lov3" from the good doctor himself. You know, Ron Paul whom has been the bane of The FED, Ron Paul whom is the person that now chairs the Financial Services Subcommittee?

Groundswell, prairie fire... Good work kiddies! Keep those cards and letters coming.

Private Federal Reserve Admits They Secretly Gave Billions To Foreign Banks

Fed finally admits they secretly gave billions of dollars to foreign banks. Secretly redistributing Americas wealth. RON PAUL 2012

Ron Paul: The Fed Is Stealing the People's Money

Last week I was both surprised and pleased when the Supreme Court upheld lower court decisions requiring the Federal Reserve Bank to comply with requests for information made by Bloomberg under the Freedom of Information Act ("FOIA"). Bloomberg simply wanted to know who received loans from the Fed's discount window in the aftermath of the 2008 financial market crisis, and how much each entity received. Surely this is basic information that should be available to every American taxpayer. But the Fed fought tooth and nail all the way to the Supreme Court to preserve their privileged secrecy. However, transparency and openness won the day. There are some 29,000 pages to decipher, but a few points stand out initially.

The Fed lent huge sums of our money to foreign banks. This in itself was not surprising, but the actual amount is staggering! In one week at the height of the crisis, about 70% of the money doled out went to foreign banks. We were told that bailing out banks was going to stave off a massive depression. Depression for whom? We now know that the Fed's bailout had nothing to do with helping the American people, who have gotten their depression anyway with continued job losses and foreclosures. But now we learn that a good deal of the money did not even help American banks!

In light of recent world events, perhaps the most staggering revelation is that quite a bit of money went to the Arab Banking Corp., in which the Libyan Central Bank owned about a third of its stock. This occurred while Libya, a declared state sponsor of terrorism, was under strict economic sanctions! How erratic the US must appear when we shower a dictator alternately with dollars and bombs! Also, we must consider the possibility that those loans are inadvertently financing weapons Gaddaffi is using against his own people and western militaries. This would not be the first time the covert activities of the Fed have undermined not only our economy and the value of the dollar, but our foreign policy as well.

Of course I can't say I'm surprised by the poor quality of the data provided by the Fed. The category of each loan made, whether from the "Primary Discount Window", the "Secondary Discount Window," or "Other Extensions of Credit," is redacted. Thus, we don't know with certainty how much discount window lending was provided to foreign banks and how much was merely "other extensions of credit". Also, some of the numbers simply do not seem to add up. We are of course still wading through the massive document dump, but it does seem as though several billions of dollars are unaccounted for.

As the world economy continues to falter in spite of - or rather because of - cheap money doled out by the Federal Reserve, its ability to deceive financial markets and American taxpayers is coming to an end. People are beginning to realize that when the fed in effect doubles the worldwide supply of US dollars in a relatively short time, it has the effect of stealing half your money through reduced purchasing power. Rapid inflation will continue as trillions in new money and credit recently created by the Fed flood into the commodity markets.

It is becoming more and more obvious that the Fed operates for the benefit of a few privileged banks, banks that never suffer for bad decisions they make. Quite the opposite - as we have seen since October 2008, under our current monetary system politically-connected banks are paid to make bad decisions.

Wow... this big powerful ugly, and I mean real ugly, beast upon us...

No problem. Easy! ok.. Send in one old man...


Good job kiddies.


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Reality Report #88: Tyranny in Full Bloom

Tyranny in Full Bloom? Ahhh... springtime in America today.

In this edition of the Reality Report, Gary turns up the heat on Delaware State Trooper Jennifer Griffin for her attack on property rights in The Rant. In our Headlines, Angie discusses the debut of, Sen. Rand Paul's visit to Iowa, the rising price of oil, a former CIA officer setting CNN straight, and the radiation leak in Japan. ; We have an exclusive interview with former radio host Adam Kokesh. He tells us the details of his new show Adam vs. The Man on Russia Today. We also have an all new Punk Rock Politics with Jason Bermas. He lets us in on a secret award President Obama was recently given that shouldn't have been kept so secret. As always, we dip into the Mailbag and brand another Enemy of the State. Check out our 88th edition NOW!

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Washington, DC: RT America: Adam vs The Man

Adam Kokesh, as all you R3volutionary trouble makers out there know, has been very active and outspoken in the movement. He had a radio show called "Adam vs The Man" now he's going video with it. Highly critical, and rightly so, about what our own government is doing it was not an American network that picked him up. That is no surprise. What is a surprise is who did pick him up.. get this.. RT America? Thats' "Russia Today" America!

Apparently a more free press than our own.

Adam Kokesh: Adam vs The Man

From the website: Adam Kokesh Announces New TV Show: ADAM VS THE MAN

Gary Franchi Reality Report Exclusive: Adam Kokesh joins Russia Today

For those not familiar with Adam here are a couple of videos of him "in action". The first is from the alternate 2008 RNC in Minneapolis. The Ron Paul Rally for the Republic. It includes extended information and some Jesse also.

Adam Kokesh Rally For The Republic Speech & RNC Protest 2008

Here is Adam at the 2008 Revolution march on D.C.

Adam Kokesh speech

"Defiance, rebellion and resistance". Is it that time?

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March 6: Remember The Alamo!


March 6 marks the anniversary of the fall of the Alamo back in 1836. For more than 13 days, 186 brave and determined patriots withstood Santa Anna’s seasoned army of over 4,000 troops. To a man, the defenders of that mission fort knew they would never leave those ramparts alive. They had several opportunities to leave and live. Yet, they chose to fight and die. How foolish they must look to this generation of spoiled Americans.


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Fukushima: Misplaced Trust Is Lethal

The Fukushima Japan nuclear disaster is an example that "Misplaced Trust Is Lethal". In many ways.

Basically, once again, trust in government is lethal. Government tells us it is ok to build these nuclear reactors. They are safe, they will regulate and monitor, this is good for you!

OK! Build a bunch of them. Building them in high population areas and on fault lines would be even better! Oh we will because they are safe!

Think about it. They are safe? Radiation is safe? They can guarantee there will never be a breakdown, accident nor, as we are learning again, an unforeseen situation? Oh wait.. we are talking about the government. They see and know all! Amazing, just sitting in a chair, lets say in the White House, you become God!

Thats' right, I'm glad you understand.

They will regulate and monitor? If anyone out there believes that one in this modern day of the industries themselves control the agencies that regulate them... what can I say to that?

And then "it's for you!" Gak... sorry that is way too much. We should all know at this point the government will put the screws to us no problem they serve special interests, big money, the highest bidder! NOT YOU! For me you say?

Trust in government is extremely lethal! Just the wars they create for nonsense alone would make the Bubonic Plague look pathetic as to which is the more "lethal". Actual death counts that can be laid at the respective doorsteps government beats the plague no contest, not even close! Understand virtually all wars are government inspired. Most people just want to live their lives, raise their families. In most cases people would rather have a beer and a few laughs at the pub with others rather than kill them. All it takes is one sick pup in a position of power and wars you have.

Isn't that right Obama[handlers]?

Government has taken control of your drinking water it is now poisoned (Fluoride) for your dental health! Don't worry Fluoride is the only poison that does not kill and we have it under control. Trust us!

Government has taken control of the food. Is it real or is it Frankenstein? You'll never know. Is it even food? Probably not Dow chemical is making a fortune. But don't worry it all meets government approved standards. That means only a percentage of you will die or become sick. In other words it's safe.

Acceptable levels! What's that chemical taste like? More important... who is making the big money not how many is this killing?

Getting back to the Fukushima disaster... radiation is entering the environment in "Biblical" proportions. There are those that are already claiming this is the worst environmental disaster ever!

You keep "trusting" these people wait till next year kiddies...

Radiation is anti-life. All life. Any life. There is no such thing as a safe exposure level. Government is telling the people in affected, now radioactive, areas... basically.. "Don't worry, be happy!". It is a "safe" level. Misplaced trust is lethal!

Radiation is making it's way around the planet. Already it is showing up in milk on our west coast. What does our government say? "Don't worry, be happy, acceptable levels you are safe!!". Misplaced trust is lethal!

Oh.. it won't be a problem, it's safe! People and life in general, sadly, are now going to die for that misplaced trust.

Using Nuclear energy to basically "boil water" is like using a cannon to kill a fly. Here is the thing. The big problem with nuclear is it is "Anti-life". Any life. All life. This is not something you want to produce and proliferate is it? This is not an avenue we wish to pursue? "Anti-life"? Is it? Worse.. this stuff lays around for 10's of thousands of years. Repeat.. tens of thousands! And they call that a "half life"?

Uh oh! We had a "boo-boo". "Fell down and went boom!". Yeah.. ok.. an area the size of Pennsylvania is now a "dead zone". No worries you can move back home in about 30,000 years, give or take a century or two. The plus side here is everything "down wind" now glows in the dark and look at all the new genetic mutations! Now there's an interesting character they light up my life!

Trust us we can dispose of the "spent" fuel safely. What we don't need for nuclear bomb grade material, an anti-life thing lethal extra-ordinair, will be stored in a place that will be safe and contained for thousands of years! Trust us! You are safe! These are not "Anti-life" time bombs we are planting all over the planet my concern is making it safe till I am gone.

West coast... if the government tells you "Don't worry, be happy, it is a safe level"? Run! Stop drinking milk! Seek safety it is a lethal situation.

People of Japan.. ditto.

People of the world.. ditto!

A "silver lining" to this entire nightmare can be had however. Let us learn from these mistakes, yes plural, so we do NOT repeat them.

Make sure trust is deserved before it is given, please! You see it is my children that die because you misplaced trust.

Now for a few related links as it seems MSM is trying to quietly sweep this whole thing under the carpet. Just like, exactly the same way, they made the Gulf oil rig disaster go away yet it is still ongoing and unfolding... lethal by the way. To All life not just us. You know, my children died because you misplaced trust?

The links:

The moment nuclear plant chief WEPT as Japanese finally admit that radiation leak is serious enough to kill people

# Officials admit they may have to bury reactors under concrete - as happened at Chernobyl
* Government says it was overwhelmed by the scale of twin disasters
* Japanese upgrade accident from level four to five - the same as Three Mile Island
* We will rebuild from scratch says Japanese prime minister
* Particles spewed from wrecked Fukushima power station arrive in California
* Military trucks tackle reactors with tons of water for second day

Unlearned lessons from Chernobyl and Fukushima

Do we collectively care about our planet, our home, this Earth, or don't we? When the economic bottom line rules decision-making, losses elsewhere can be staggering.

Coverup and denial in Japan

Despite a disaster multiples worse than Chernobyl, major media reports all along downplayed it. Now they largely ignore it, moving on to more important things like celebrity features and baseball's opening day, besides pretending American-led Libya bombing is well-intended when, in fact, it's another brazen power grab - an imperial war of conquest, explained in numerous previous articles.


The unfolding events relating to Japan’s damaged nuclear reactors is raising the concern in the U.S. of a worst-case scenario of a meltdown with a consequent cloud of radioactive particles following the jet stream over to the U.S. The prevailing jet stream winds would impact Los Angeles to Alaska, and would include Hawaii. Radioactive pollution would reach the U.S. within 36 hours. It would then travel the typical jet stream across the U.S that you see on your daily weather programs. While we all hope this problem does not happen, and various experts may debate the severity of public health issues involved if it should, it never hurts to have a better understanding of the subject. What would you do if such a cloud was headed your way?

27 Signs That the Nuclear Crisis in Japan Is Much Worse Than Either the Mainstream Media or the Japanese Government Have Been Telling Us

How much of a threat is the nuclear crisis in Japan? That question is on the minds of millions of people around the globe tonight. Unfortunately, the Japanese government and the mainstream media have both been doing their best to downplay this crisis.

U.S. Radiation Disinformation Campaign

The mainstream media comments on the radiation that is now just hitting the shores of the West Coast of the United States appears to be a carefully crafted disinformation campaign that focuses on the low levels of radiation now hitting the West Coast, but fails to mention that these levels are likely to climb substantially in the days ahead.

Do Western Elites Really Care About Fukushima?

Dominant Social Theme: Don't worry. The experts will fix it.

End of Nuclear Power?

Nuclear renaissance melts down over Japan disaster ... After more than two decades of stagnation, the global nuclear power industry was just coming back to life.

A nuclear engineer's briefing on the emergency in Japan

This Q&A briefing provides a concise overview of much of what you need to know on the nuclear emergency in Japan. Nuclear engineer Mark Mervine gave this interview to his daughter Evelyn Mervine.

Radioactive Cesium Content In Japan Sea Water 25 Times Limit, Radioactive Iodine At 127 TImes Maximum Allowed

According to Kyodo, the Fukushima sea fallout is getting material enough to where the sea soon won't need a blacklight to glow in the dark:

* Kyodo says radioactive caesium found in sea water 24.8 times limit
* Kyodo says radioactive Iodine found in sea water 126.7 times limit

The only logical solution is for the Japanese ministry of deadly disinformation to raise the radioactive Cesium sea water limit by 25 times, and that of Iodine by 127 times. And all shall be well.


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What Do You Think Is Happening?

Main Stream Media(MSM), or "Lame" Stream Media as it is more accurately known by many, certainly would like to tell you what is happening and have you think you came to it all on your own. They have shown they will completely control, manipulate think Pravda, the information to insure this result. They are very good at it years of practice and experience. To be sure they are the major player in making and supporting the "Matrix" illusion you are kept in after leaving school. Herd control if that helps you.

If that, MSM, is your major source of knowledge and information then it's pretty safe to assume we all know what you think is happening. Your repeating and believing what Matrix Pravda spoon fed you this morning. You have lots of "experts" defining it all for you.

That certainly is one world, the "Matrix" itself, that way too many live in. There are those, to one degree or another, who have become, or are becoming, free from their dependence on the Matrix for their knowledge and information. Here is a small collection of links presenting what others think is happening. Views you're not likely to get from the Matrix machinery. Views never the less that you might want to hear and consider. There just might be other "experts" out there worthy of consideration than those the Matrix Pravda machine conveniently provide for you. If you are here then you already know you have to seek them out and find them for yourself.

I love the opening interview in this first video. Certainly a person who has their own ideas about what is happening. The "Matrix" has, obviously, no control over them. They are in Ireland notice the resemblance to what is "happening" in America. Think about that if you will.

David Icke - The Parasite Society

Parasite: An organism that grows, feeds, and is sheltered on or in a different organism while contributing nothing to the survival of its host; One who habitually takes advantage of the generosity of others without making any useful return.

Bankers parasite off the people. And people who refuse to earn their own living when they easily could are parasiting off the talents and efforts of others - parasiting off even those who have given their lives to exposing the parasite conspiracy (as I know from personal experience with 'loving' people who know no other lifestyle except being a parasite - see right hand column from 'Tin Soldier' downwards).

Indeed, we live in a parasite society right down to the parasites that feed off the human body.

This is what we can do about it.

"Greed, greed and more f*%king greed" you say? There are those that are doing nothing but ripping off, stealing, what other people work for, collect and try to build for themselves? Are you saying my government, system, is a parasite? "F*%k this man this, this, is a joke". Here is another view about what is happening.

Charlie Veitch of "The Love Police" Exposes UK's Nwo Puppets on Alex Jones Tv 1/4

Alex talks with Charlie Veitch, the man behind The Love Police blog. Veitch's videos have raised awareness of the authoritarian attitude of police and security guards in their dealings with the public in England.

The British government "Illusion of Democracy"? Liars and murders?! Whew.. This is America that doesn't happen here. In this video it can also be observed how others resist being "unplugged", as Morpheus would say, from the Matrix.

WeAreChange confronts Dick Cheney Stand Down 9/11

Luke Rudkowski and James Lane of We Are Change confront Dick Cheney in Wahsington D.C. at CPAC 2/10/2011.

Please help support Luke Rudkowski by donating to in order to fund future journalistic actions.

What!?! Dick Chenney ordered [NORAD to] stand down on 9/11? That would be murder of our own citizens!

ENHANCED VERSION: News Reports WTC7 Fell Before It Happens!

An astounding video uncovered from the archives today shows the BBC reporting on the collapse of WTC Building 7 over twenty minutes before it fell at 5:20pm on the afternoon of more 9/11. The incredible footage shows BBC reporter Jane Standley talking about the collapse of the Salomon Brothers Building while it remains standing in the live shot behind her head. How did the BBC know that it was going to collapse? And why did they report the collapse when it is clearly standing in the background?

Eh? MSM itself declaring what it thinks is happening. Clairvoyant are they? Pre-written press released a bit too early was it? Someone is lying about something...

George Carlin ~ The American Dream

"You have to be asleep to believe it."

A short excerpt from the video "Life Is Worth Losing" (2005).

We have Owners? It is just illusion of choice, AKA democracy, here in America?

ENDGAME Sneak: Jim Tucker vs. The Bilderberg Group

This sneak preview for Alex Jones' ENDGAME: Blueprint for Global Enslavement introduces veteran reporter Jim Tucker, who has followed the secretive Bilderberg Group for more than 30 years as he fights to expose their plan for a one world government.

Eh? What's he talking about? Is he one of those "Conspiracy Nuts"?

Bill Hicks - JFK

Bill Hicks talking about JFK from Revelations

Obviously a mad man if he has a problem with the "official" definition because it makes no sense at all with what we all just saw. Bill Hicks again..

Bill Hicks - Waco Massacre

A clip from the documentary AMERICAN - THE BILL HICKS STORY

Eyewitness to Waco? He calls it state massacred citizens? What's he a comedian? "Exuse me?! That was f*#ked up and wrong you say? ATF agents in HD risking their lives to protect me! The HD that was not shown of unarmed women and children huddled in fear against walls and in corners being ripped apart by ATF bullets might render a completely different idea about what just "happened". Did everyone see what just happened?"... No major media marketing for you! ...Though that is what you would like. End of the line... What say you Ruby?

And again...

Bill Hicks and the System...

Bill Hicks talking about the system...

JFK happened a long time ago don't think about that!

Adam Kokesh speech

Adam Kokesh's speech at the revolution march


The Love Police

Please do everything you can to circulate this video far and wide. Post it in blogs, bulletins, forums, chain emails... Use your imagination...

Music: DJ Shadow - 'Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt'

You've seen others express what they think is happening. What do you think is happening?


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DHS Wants To Expand Virtual Strip Search Abuse Of Public

That's right all you air travelers. Now they want to also strip search other mass transit venues. Train, bus and ship specifically.

Finally I will be so much safer DHS wants to protect ME even more! What took them so long? I want to know when they will protect me from terrorists everywhere? When I go to the theater? A sports event? A concert? Grocery shopping!? I am starving here afraid to go to the market a terrorist might get me. When will they put the strip search scanners at the entrance to my grocery store? I mean I have to risk terrorist death in the dairy aisle just to buy milk?

You know.. thinking about it... when will DHS come right into my house? Living room, kitchen, bedroom and monitor everything I do to make sure I don't hurt myself? I sit around home all the time just trying not to hurt myself.

"Don't put your hand on that hot burner!"

Whew... that was close DHS saved me again!




This all seems a bit ridiculous doesn't it? Absurd and crazy would be apt descriptions... no?

Sadly, alas, the truth is what they are doing is even more absurd, ridiculous and crazy than any of this. Here are a few ideas to think about regarding my point.

The Second Amendment. Remember that one? They are desperately trying to eradicate and take it away from us? That IS for your security! It's not for hunting rabbits, maybe turkeys. It's all about our right to protect ourselves. Militia.. look it up what it really is and means. Virtually every state constitution lists "militia" as their state defense force. Are you armed? Are you organized militia patriotic duty here? DHS can not provide this level of security.

Then there is the issue that the whole back scanner DHS virtual strip search devices are not totally effective. Do your own research on that.

How about the political pork thing? The scanning devices, as ineffective as they are, is lucrative pork at it's finest. It isn't about real security it's all about making big money for the politically connected! Do your own research.. please!

Lets switch perspective and look at it all from another angle.

DHS. Thats Department of "Homeland" Security. Homeland? Ring any bells it should? Can I help? Try Nazi Germany circa 1930 to holocaust 1940's? Homeland, Fatherland needs protecting. Quick, find a flag to wave you are safe! Seig Heil! Just ask the German game plan being run right here.

Conditioning, conditioning and even more conditioning.

Authority in uniform has absolute authority over you! Your papers please... ok? You will completely submit to total state authority strip search your children for pointless reason get used to it! Understand?

Also.. when they pull a gun and shoot an innocent person in a subway because that person did not like their attitude, I mean full blown execution, you were just protected!

They can not be held responsible for outright murder. You had better learn this.

Conditioning, conditioning and more conditioning. Just ask Nazi Germans circa late 1930s early 1940s holocaust about all of this.




It gets even crazier... We're not done yet. Lets switch perspectives yet again. There seems to be coming out from our livestock handlers, yes we are livestock, they want to seriously reduce the size of "their" herd. That makes perfect sense actually there are so many of us and so few of them a "stampede" would be hard to control. And in all probability be risky to them also. Your protection! It would be so much better if the herd was smaller. And more tightly controlled by the way. So lets say.. just throwing out some round numbers... in the range of so to speak... I don't know... maybe 70% to 90% of the ENTIRE WORLD POPULATION HAS TO BE ELIMINATED!

A nuclear WWIII would be great!! Many die, Lots of money made and control taken. Their standard MO actually. Ideal! Their working on that to be sure. The point is this is the "mentality" of the herd handlers. Do your own research... please! It might be interesting to know here that you and your children are part of this to be reduced herd.

After all this crazy lets go back to DHS back-scanner virtual strip search body scanners. They are a device that exposes all who go through them to massive radiation doses. We all know massive radiation doses are a "bad" thing, no? Yes, there are severe health issues surrounding these DHS machines. We're talking a percentage will be killed by them. Another percentage, better yet, will be made sick long illness family wealth drained before they die. It's a win win.. not for you. Do your own research... please!




There are a few other perspective switches that can be pulled here on this whole insanity. I think enough said.. no? Do you even need any more? Do your own research... please!

Here are some links to get you going:

Napolitano Eyes Tighter Security for Trains, Ships, Mass Transit

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said this week that her department is considering beefing up security on trains, ships and mass transit amid a public backlash over the body scanners and "enhanced" pat-downs at airports across the country.

"Enhanced"? You mean as in interrogation AKA torture? My government is "enhanced"! My protection is "enhanced"! It's not like we got NAZI Germany circa late 1930 to early 1940 "repeat" holocaust going on here "enhanced" was what they did also. History redefined it as "Holocaust". This isn't the same, right? Hitler was defeated! Along with all his handler herd handlers right?

DHS: We Have the Authority to Routinely Strip-Search Air Travelers

The Department of Homeland Security told a federal court that the agency believes it has the legal authority to strip search every air traveler. The agency made the claim at oral argument in EPIC's lawsuit to suspend the airport body scanner program.

It's got me looking forward to being able to not only buy milk without risking my life but as a plus... it is some kind a freaky experience also!

Body Scanner Operator Caught Masturbating at Colorado Airport

Airport officials at Denver International airport were on high alert yesterday when a full body scanner operator was caught masturbating in his booth as a team of High School netball players went through the scanner.

High alert? Government works! You let this continue they'll be taking "turns" on you and your family.

DHS & TSA: making a list, checking it twice

23 November 2010: Following the publication of my article titled “Gate Rape of America,” I was contacted by a source within the DHS who is troubled by the terminology and content of an internal memo reportedly issued yesterday at the hand of DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano. Indeed, both the terminology and content contained in the document are troubling. The dissemination of the document itself is restricted by virtue of its classification, which prohibits any manner of public release. While the document cannot be posted or published, the more salient points are revealed here.

Troubling? Just exactly when was that threshold crossed?

Airport "Security"?

No country has better airport security than Israel— and no country needs it more, since Israel is the most hated target of Islamic extremist terrorists. Yet, somehow, Israeli airport security people don't have to strip passengers naked electronically or have strangers feeling their private parts.

Security? Provided by the government? You mean as in my safety comes from a real danger to me? That's crazy...

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David Icke - Sane!! In an Insane World!!! (You"re Not Alone!!)

The video, David, speaks for itself about "self".

Original blocked version on -

Here is some more from David:

David Icke - Police State U.S. (Wake Up America)

Wake up,wake up,wake up.

David Icke-Brilliant Speech

What is wrong with the world and why is it this way? This is from 1994! 16 years ago!..based on his book "The Robots Rebellion"

Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we're being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I'm liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That's what's insane about it. -John Lennon

"I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them to the real facts."
- Abraham Lincoln

"Laurel and Hardy, that's John and Yoko. And we stand a better chance under that guise because all the serious people like Martin Luther King and Kennedy and Gandhi got shot." -- John Lennon

David Icke Exposes The Matrix 2008

David Icke, bilderberg, new world order, fluoridation, bush, government, 2012

David Icke: Who Controls The Web?

The Peaceful Revolution That Will Set Us Free

YouTube "David Icke"

Google "David Icke"

Do you love your children?


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Reality Report: Tom Woods on the Coming Collapse

Gary Franchi sits down with New York Times best selling author, Tom Woods, to discuss the current state of the economy, the recent statements from the World Bank President... and just how long we have before total economic collapse.Special Thanks to the Illinois State University Chapter of Young Americans for Liberty.


The Federal Reserve as an Illegal Alien

Here’s the thing: If you haven’t noticed, the “Federal” government ruling us is already a kleptocratic, unitary thug-state like its bailout-buddy, the government ruling Mexico. No “illegals” were required to cross the border for the supra-national government ruling us to “bailout” the Mexican peso in 1994. The corporate-managed communist regime ostensibly headquartered in Washington, D.C. didn’t need any “illegals” to enable its costly, immoral, counterproductive, and unconstitutional “war on drugs” south of the border.

Operation: Keep the Change

Get your coppers at:
Make and Share your video at: http://RonPaul2012.TV
How will you spread the word?

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Did MSM Not Report This?

Yeah, it's April 1st, April fools day. Sadly this is no joke. Or is it?

Here is a small collection of links, information, coming off the "net" wire. Did Mainstream Media(MSM), corporate controlled information, our very own "Pravda" propaganda machine, not report any of this?

Obama Receives Transparency Award at Secret Meeting

On Monday President Obama received an award for transparency, which ironically was given to him during a closed, unannounced meeting. Bestowed upon the President from a group of transparency advocates, the ceremony took place in secret, even though — as of two weeks ago — it was supposed to be open to the press.

The Fed Bailed Out A Libya-Owned Bank

Here's one for the WTF files. While it is neither a secret that back in 2009 America had a thriving relationship with the world's suddenly most hated man Moammar Gaddafi (see "Obama is the first U.S. president to shake Gaddafi's hand") only to turn around and bomb him, nor is it surprising since after all when it comes to oil our administration will do anything and everything to procure it, no matter how many Nobel peace prizes are trampled in the process, it may come as a surprise to some that a bank majority owned by the Libya Central Bank, was the direct recipient of US taxpayer largesse in the form of discount window borrowing.

N.H. House Asserts State's Right to Nullify Federal Laws

If the Republican majority in the House of Representatives in Washington, D.C., wants to shake up the political establishment, lawmakers there might look for inspiration to the Republican majority in the House of Representatives in Concord, New Hampshire. The rebels in New Hampshire did not fire the "shot heard 'round the world" — not yet anyway — despite Michelle Bachmann's Midwestern confusion on that subject. But they have fired a few salvos that may be worth Washington's attention.

About That Meeting In Nanjing, Where World Leaders Are Discussing How To Abandon The Dollar

So there is this meeting in Nanjing where all countries but one are trying to figure out how to get rid of the USD as the world's major reserve currency, one country is trying to keep it's currency as the world's major reserve currency but have it depreciate against all the others, and one country wants its currency to become a reserve currency but doesn't want anyone to buy it without permission. The intended outcome is reform of the international monetary system.

Al-Qaeda 100% Pentagon Run

HAARP technology may have caused Japan's earthquake

Japan's Earthquake: Natural or Engineered? - by Stephen Lendman

An earlier article considered whether Haiti's January 2010 quake was engineered. Despite no corroborating proof, technologies exist to do it. More information below.

Put Down the Potassium Iodide, Now!

People across the country are buying up potassium iodide (KI) any way they can. If you’re one of ‘em and you’re about to pop or drink it to protect yourself from Japan’s Fukushima’s accident, stop! Put it down and listen up.

Yahoo! Messenger now censors the links you share

We've all thought it, but never dared think it could be true: what if Microsoft, Yahoo, and AOL actively monitor our instant messenger chats? What if mentions of 'bomb' and 'underage' are tracked and sent to law enforcement agencies? What if chat providers don't agree with the things we say, or the links we share, and filter or censor the content of our transmitted messages?

Low Level Radioactivity Found In US Milk, Despite Obama Promise That "Radiation Will Not Reach" America

From the AP:

The Environmental Protection Agency and the Food and Drug Administration say that very low levels of radiation have turned up in a sample of milk from Washington state. But federal officials say consumers should not worry.

US Kill Teams Target Afghan Civilians as Trophies

Commanders in Afghanistan are bracing themselves for possible riots and public fury triggered by the publication of "trophy" photographs of US soldiers posing with the dead bodies of defenceless Afghan civilians they killed. Senior officials at Nato's International Security Assistance Force in Kabul have compared the pictures published by the German news weekly Der Spiegel to the images of US soldiers abusing prisoners in Abu Ghraib in Iraq which sparked waves of anti-US protests around the world. – UK Guardian

Or did MSM report any of these? Honestly I don't know and am assuming they have not. I stopped watching MSM "News" a while ago. I don't like being manipulated. I prefer to come to my own conclusions. And... I know they have a real problem with this... I want to know all the facts surrounding an issue. It's that "decision" thing it is worthless if I am clueless.

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