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Bumper Stickers: Getting Ideas Rolling

The "Matrix" is all about creating an illusion, a lie, that everyone believes is true. Controlled education and controlled media are the two major enabling devices that are used to implement this tactic, the Matrix itself. When you have built your entire control structure on lies and deception nothing is more dangerous and volatile to that structure than one little piece of truth. One little tiny piece of truth can rip through and evaporate an entire ocean of lies. Hence the need to control education and media to ensure that truth is not revealed. That is the most dangerous thing to the Matrix itself.

From the MatrixUSA Activate page:

Bumper Stickers
This is a great way to reach people where they are. Specifically stuck in traffic burning Exxon/Mobile stolen blood oil going nowhere, coming or going from their debt servitude slave jobs to fund the government and the FED. The right expression on a bumper at a moment of "Are we having fun yet?" epiphany in traffic can work wonders.

Here are a few ideas to help make the point:

"Free Radicals" can do major damage systemic to this "Matrix" upon you. Just ask King George circa late 1700's about that. Are you a US Citizen or are you an American?

You get the idea... now lets get rolling!

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Reality Report #87: Obama's Libyan Lies

In this edition of the Reality Report, Gary Franchi reveals the lies behind President Obama's address to the nation on Libya and shoots down his justification to start an unconstitutional war. We have a clip with G. Edward Griffin on the Glenn Beck show explaining that the New World Order is taking over. Angie Ress runs down the latest headlines, including a car that runs completely on water. She also tells us about how the U.S. and the European Union are converging on internet privacy, and the rising radiation levels in Japan. We also have an exclusive interview with the former Governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson. He tells us his view on the Libyan rebellion. Jason Bermas is back with a new Punk Rock Politics segment about the upstate New York prison system. Plus, we'll show you a commercial you'll actually want to see on TV. As always, we see what you, the viewer has to say as we dip into the mailbag and we brand a new enemy of the state.


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Libya: Global Manipulation Herd Control Agenda

Here is a collection of alternate views and opinions regarding the Libyan contrived fiasco. These are NOT things you will hear from Oligarch/Corporate controlled MSM, your "Morning Show" news.

Webster Tarpley & Alex Jones: Libyan Assault/Invasion Planned Months Ahead!!

Al-Qaeda is created, owned and controlled by the same people who claim to be fighting them. Al-Qaeda bad in Irag, Al-Qaeda good in Libya. Al-Qaeda has F-15's? You think Libya is a random event?

Part 1:

Part 2:

Lew Rockwell(founder Ludwig von Mises Institute): US enjoys sending Tomahawks, killing

Humanitarian??? All the places this can be used and never is. All of a sudden this is important? It's not about the control of oil. It's just a coincidence that all conflicts are with countries that have valuable resources to be stolen. It's not like the Military-Industrial complex is making a fortune manufacturing death they have no interest in "manufacturing" enemies also to ensure market demand. Your tax dollars, borrowed from your great grand children, at work! Quick, somebody find me a flag to wave!

Lew Rockwell(founder Ludwig von Mises Institute): 'US is broke, dollar down, yet policy is to divide and conquer'

Good guys, bad guys. Terrorists, non-terrorists. Excuse me... are not the good guys bad? Are not the non-terrorists terrorists? It's all so confusing...

David Icke ☼ Don't Let The D◕t Control Billi☼ns Into Misery And WWƸ Come Together

Yes, I know, Bush, Obama and the queen of England are actually lizards. They certainly don't act like lizards do they? Get over it! This is a long video the relevant here, that is Libya is just another manipulation, starts at time index 6:56. David is quite lucid and learned about what they do, what they have always done, what will result with Libya. What's up with the lizard thing eh? By all means watch the entire interview with David. I am not MSM suggesting you limit your vision to what is chosen for you.

Ron Paul: Libya Reaction

The good doctor, singular voice of reason in congress, thinks the Constitution should be followed, obviously a mad man insane, weighs in on Libya. Obama the ender of wars, Obama the Constitutional scholar and defender, Obama real hope and change at last... not. Obama acting as UN flunky low level employee does what he is told. You think maybe you were duped, manipulated here?

Ron Paul: Leave Libya Alone!

Ron on the congressional floor trying to bring reason. We made mistakes before attacking innocent countries over lies. Why are we blowing people up that did not attack us? Why are we doing acts of war against others who did not act of war to us? Lets not be stupid again? This is NOT preaching to the choir. That Ron he's a funny man insane no? He is clueless when it comes to stopping the creation of terrorists. How did he ever become a doctor?

These are but a few voices you will never hear on MSM about this. Not because you are being manipulated but because they are crazy and insane don't listen to them! Want more insane? Google "libya planned". Seems like there is an epidemic of insanity out there.

Confusion, chaos, mayhem and fear are not just emotional states. They are very VERY effective herd control devices. Cattle prods each and every one of them. Say "Moo" then run in panic with the rest of the herded herd. Also, don't forget this is important and a big reason for it all, demand protection from prodding from those that are prodding you!


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Artist: Collective Soul: Shine

We all know this one: "One nation under God...", no? Heard that before anywhere have you? Ring a bell? ...or two? Just exactly what do you think that means? Here's a thought as to what it means, just my opinion, experience:

We break from the safety net and controlling structure...

Drop out of the system...

Throw our selves onto the street with nothing...

God... I give myself to you...

Do with me what you will...

In God I trust!

The rest is history we went from a nothing rag tag bunch of colonial survivalists to super power all across the board. Virtually overnight in historical terms. Name it... We excelled were number one.

We gave ourselves to him... he "blessed" us. His favor and assistance to this surrender to him should be obvious to all but the totally blind. Historical. Just exactly how do you think a ragged band of revolutionaries defeated a world super power? Does the "David and Goliath" biblical story have any relevance here? Luck you think?

Not hardly... that is what it is... historical. You either have him on your side or you do not.

God just loves it when we do what we did. That... historical... is THE deciding factor to our survival and success.

Yes or no? Are you or are you not with him?

America... super power in super decline fading fast about to be totally wiped out, destroyed. Why is that? What do you think went wrong? You think that just maybe it might possibly be just a "black and white" thing here?

Artists are those within our society that have a special insight, understanding, knowledge... vision... that the rest of us do not see with such ease as they do. In many cases these artists also have the ability to express and share what they know with the rest of us via “artistic expression”. Their gift is two-fold. They have the vision and are able to express it artistically with the rest of us to be become recognized by the masses for their gift as an artist.

There are also many that have the “vision” but not the gift for expressing it. Would they also be considered an “Artist”?

Alas for these artists what they get to see and know many times is not easy to carry. Just holding a vision of theirs can be... personally challenging? Problematic? Hard to accept? Hence the rise of what we all know as the “tortured” artist. Some one staggering around under the weight of what the rest of us do not carry.

We all know this instinctive these people are the visionaries and prophets among us. Not only do they deserve latitude from us but, more importantly, they deserve our attention, to be heard, what they are expressing we can all learn from their gift.

Collective Soul: Shine:

Give me a word
Give me a sign
Show me where to look
Tell me what will I find
Lay me on the ground
Fly me in the sky
Show me where to look
Tell me what will I find
Oh, heaven let your light shine down

Love is in the water
Love is in the air
Show me where to look
Tell me will love be there
Teach me how to speak
Teach me how to share
Teach me where to go
Tell me will love be there
Oh, heaven let your light shine down

I'm gonna let it shine
I'm gonna let it shine
Heaven send a light, let it shine on me
Hey Yeah
Hey Yeah
Heaven send a light, let it shine on me
It's gonna shine on
Shine on Me
Its gonna shine on
Well come on and shine

My choice:

Studio (official) Sorry... you have to go to YouTube to see it:

Will love be there? Read... will "God" be there! Virtually anything government controlled has "outlawed" God. Is it true that love is NOT a word that can be found in the Quran?

Dots to be connected? Shine...

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Freedom Watch - Just Another Shakedown 3/7/2011

Government adding to the price of Gas? Government killing domestic oil production compromising national security? Another occupation disaster this time Libya? Private Bradley Manning cruel and unusual prison treatment for exposing government criminality, whistle blowing? Government controlled education soaring costs falling results? NYS bill to register and license bicycles? TSA corruption and failure to protect TSA sexually molested travelers? Government medicare LOSES four times as much money as private insurance profits now they have Obama-care? White house wants to use strategic oil reserves to offset political blowback of oil prices? Government out of control money printing and spending destroying the dollar causing severe price inflation fixed income poor suffer most and your great great grand children will be born into massive debt they have to pay it back?

This is only what is addressed in this one episode of Freedom Watch. Just a proverbial scratch on the surface. Hello? Is there anybody out there?

With friends like this who needs enemies? Just exactly how bad does it have to get before you realize our government is the enemy? Is the problem? Is a danger to us all.. global?

Is the beast?

Not enough regulations? Didn't spend enough money? We need more agencies and departments? Screw all this it's boring, what's the latest on Charlie? Refer to Albert here:

Insanity: To keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

- Albert Einstein

Here is some more relevant:

Patient: "Doc, it hurts when I do this..."
Doctor: "Then Don't do that!"

Q: Just what kind of chump do you take me for?

A: First class!

Wake up Neo... your enemy, "our" government, is smiling in your face at the same time holding the knife in your back.


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The Answer to 1984 is 1776 Contest: Top Three Winners
March 23, 2011

I am pleased to announce the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners to "The Answer to 1984 is 1776" video contest. The response to this contest and the sheer volume of entries has been nothing short of overwhelming and inspiring. We have received, watched and re-watched well over 1,500 total videos, and while the task of deciding on the finalists has been a difficult one, I am confident that the three winners chosen best exemplify the spirit of the movement: raising awareness of and combating the totalitarian nightmare that is 1984.


A Day In The Park

However, continuing the fight against the growing police state doesn't end with a contest deadline; there is far more work to be done. We must all continue to do our part in waking the masses and defending our liberties from the tyranny that is the New World Order.

To all of you who contributed and took part in this contest: you are the real winners, and I am honored to be with you in the fight for liberty. Make no mistake: this is a war against our freedoms, our lives and our dignity. But we will be victorious. Congratulations to you all, and thank you.

Top Three Winners

Your fellow patriot,

Alex Jones

The Answer to 1984 is 1776 Contest: Top Three Winners


YouTube search results for "Answer to 1984 is 1776 Video Contest"

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Yet Another "Inside Job": Wall Street/Bankers

A documentary was released in October of 2010 entitled "Inside Job". No, this is not about the 9/11 "Inside Job", this is a different one. When it comes right down to it much of what our "government" does these days could be considered "Inside Jobs". You think Obama-Care is about health reform?

Here is a "Plot Summary" from ComingSoon:

From Academy Award® nominated filmmaker, Charles Ferguson ("No End in Sight"), comes "Inside Job," the first film to expose the shocking truth behind the economic crisis of 2008. The global financial meltdown, at a cost of over $20 trillion, resulted in millions of people losing their homes and jobs. Through extensive research and interviews with major financial insiders, politicians and journalists, "Inside Job" traces the rise of a rogue industry and unveils the corrosive relationships which have corrupted politics, regulation and academia. Narrated by Academy Award® winner Matt Damon, "Inside Job" was made on location in the United States, Iceland, England, France, Singapore, and China.

Here is the official trailer:

Related links:

Inside Job Website

Producer Charles Ferguson began his Academy Award acceptance speech by reminding us that three years after our worst financial meltdown "not a single financial executive has gone to jail."

Inside Job Facebook


A Film for All Seasons

Regardless of how little or how much you think you understand the current financial crisis, make plans to see the movie ‘Inside Job’ while it is still playing in theaters – or, the DVD is now available (see below). The film will mesmerize, horrify and stun you as it explains what caused the pain and suffering through which so many Americans have lived.

Globalists behind financial chaos to create NWO

Despite evidence to the contrary, there are still those who believe that the New World Order is nothing more than conspiracy fodder. Others believe that the New world Order is merely conceptual, or at worst, it is an altruistic plan that is necessary to facilitate a global economy and stabilize the economies of nations, including that of the United States. It’s a good thing, we are told, and something that will quell the volatility of the global economy. Yet nothing could be further from the truth.

We are witnessing a New World Order that is being incrementally forced through financial terrorism. And the tempo of the financial terrorism is picking up at a rapid pace. We are seeing it in food prices, gas prices, and the cost of goods bought and sold in our economy today.

Anonymous hackers release Bank of America emails

Emails obtained by someone claiming to be former bank employee appear to show improper sub-prime lending practices

The Dollar Will Collapse Within 3-4 Months

The US Dollar's inflationary death spiral continues. We've now taken out the 2010 low leaving only two more lines of support before we're in completely uncharted territory.

At its current rate of collapse, the US Dollar will do this within the next 3-4 months. This means the greenback will break into a new all-time lows by 2H11, which will precipitate the coming inflationary collapse.

Possibly the Last Time to Get Out of the Dollar

Come June 30th, though, with the supposed end of the “I’m not printing money” money printing that is quantitative easing, the US government will have lost, in theory, two of its biggest buyers– the Federal Reserve and Japan. And with both China and the OPEC nations slashing their own Treasury purchases, it leaves one simple question:

Who will buy all of this US government debt?

Did someone say that the biggest bank robbers are the bankers themselves? How do you rob a bank? Own it?

All these inside jobs... Robbing us blind... Rule of law with criminals running the country? Are we having fun yet?


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Got Broadband? Us And Them...


Bloopers from Cook's Country

DIY home Deck stain & Repair job. Watch for the bloopers

Let It Ride Blooper Dance (HD)

Best Fishing Bloopers by Bill Dance

Bloopers - Birds Attacking People

QVC bloopers - funniest ever!

Funny Bloopers

A Garden For All Seasons - Garden Bloopers!

Us.. this is who we are. This is what we do. People pursuing the things important "real" in life to them. Proof positive God has not only infected us all with personal fever but God also has a sense of humor. A beautiful thing lots of light.


David Rockefellers Speech for Population control


New Rules: You and the IRS this January

President Obama on the Situation in Libya

What can I say? Not with the program? Raining on our parade? Severe issues? An ugly thing lots of dark.

This is just a quick "hack" of an idea. Just a thought. I hope you understand, and enjoy, the point of what is being expressed here.

"Let it ride" gets my vote. Sums up quite nicely "Us". Light good... dark bad... let the music play...

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Artist: Pink Floyd: Us And Them

Artists are those within our society that have a special insight, understanding, knowledge... vision... that the rest of us do not see with such ease as they do. In many cases these artists also have the ability to express and share what they know with the rest of us via “artistic expression”. Their gift is two-fold. They have the vision and are able to express it artistically with the rest of us to be become recognized by the masses for their gift as an artist.

There are also many that have the “vision” but not the gift for expressing it. Would they also be considered an “Artist”?

Alas for these artists what they get to see and know many times is not easy to carry. Just holding a vision of theirs can be... personally challenging? Problematic? Hard to accept? Hence the rise of what we all know as the “tortured” artist. Some one staggering around under the weight of what the rest of us do not carry.

We all know this instinctive these people are the visionaries and prophets among us. Not only do they deserve latitude from us but, more importantly, they deserve our attention, to be heard, what they are expressing we can all learn from their gift.

Pink Floyd: Us And Them:

Us and them
And after all we're only ordinary men
Me, and you
God only knows it's not what we would choose to do
Forward he cried from the rear
And the front rank died
and the General sat, and the lines on the map
Moved from side to side

Black and blue
And who knows which is which and who is who
Up and Down
And in the end it's only round and round and round
Haven't you heard it's a battle of words
The poster bearer cried
Listen son, said the man with the gun
There's room for you inside

Down and Out
It can't be helped but there's a lot of it about
With, without
And who'll deny it's what the fighting's all about
Out of the way, it's a busy day
I've got things on my mind
For want of the price of tea and a slice
The old man died

Pink Floyd - Us And Them (live '87)


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CIA Killed Aaron Russo

"CIA killed aaron russo" is the title of a YouTube video that was posted back in August 2009. I watched it to see what kind of case they had to make for that claim. Not much actually except making the case of things Aaron found out and got to know. Forbidden knowledge. Combined with Aaron could get a message out to millions... these are big toes he is stepping on.

Aaron, like many these days, had become a problem for their "agenda". The idea, suggesting, the CIA was behind his demise, from what I have learned of the CIA and agendas would not surprise me at all. In fact I suspect it may be true simply because what Aaron knew, because of his visibility, it just follows so to speak.

I'm posting this video here not because it made a great case for this claim but because of all the other information that is presented within the video. Google it, research it, a plethora of quiet assault upon you and your country is exposed.

Aaron... still causing them problems.

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C4L: Petition For FED Audit

Another attempt to audit The Federal Reserve is being made. As you know The FED is a cartel of private bankers that have complete control over our entire nation's money system. Indeed, they can create, print, money right out of thin air we call it counterfeiting they call it monetary policy. Not only do you have to pay back this "paper money" you borrowed you have to pay them interest also!

Here's the real kicker you're gonna love this. They will foreclose and seize all assets "real" if you fail to pay back their "printed paper" you borrowed.

In their entire history of operation, since 1913, The FED, in complete control over an entire nations money, has never, repeat... NEVER been audited. Not even once! Obviously this is not as important as the tax forms you file every year audits in the millions.


Last year the good doctor put forth a bill to finally audit The FED. Being a mid-term election year the bill enjoyed literally "hundreds" of co-sponsors. A lot of want you to believe the government operations are actually accountable up for election... "Reps"... were all talk. When it came to action most jumped ship and the bill was gutted. Removed of real teeth. The "Reps" verify their "Rep"?

The FED, if you imagine this horrific growth of leaves, branches, limbs of severe economic problems is the root of that growth. You think maybe it's time to have a look at their books, WTF? And I have to ask, why does it take an act of congress to audit The FED's books?


Election 2010 resulted in a lot of heads rolling. Failure to audit The Fed was one reason. There are many these days to choose from is that not right Obama-Care?

If you are into "stressing" your "reps" C4L has a petition campaign going on to once again get the head of the snake, I mean, Fed audited. Here is their newsletter announcement:

Accountable to whom?

Dear C4L Member,

Dodge. Duck. Stall. Sweep it under the rug.

Those are the plays the Fed-loving, statist politicians in Washington are calling now that you are demanding an audit of the Federal Reserve.

They are hoping against hope that you and I will be distracted by the latest "crisis" or just go away all together.

But that just isn't the case.

You and I know Trillions of dollars have been stolen from the tax-payers and funneled to Big Banks, Big Labor, and Big Auto companies during the financial crisis - which was caused by the Fed's reckless monetary policy and debt-fueled bubble.

And the Fed is continuing its economy-wrecking policies free of any substantial oversight or scrutiny.

There is good news, however.

Ron and Rand Paul have introduced Audit the Fed in both houses of Congress (H.R. 459 and S. 202) to finally shine a bright light on the Fed's looting of the taxpayers through disastrous cheap money policies.

But rather than come clean to the American public, the Fed's stooges in Congress are desperate to conceal the Fed's three-card monte hustle.

You see, only three senators have signed up as cosponsors of Audit the Fed.

I would have thought they got the message loud and clear after the last election, when dozens of Fed apologists were removed from office by voters outraged over their failure to bring accountability and transparency to the Fed.

But apparently their colleagues being given the old heave-ho wasn't enough. They need to be reminded it is THEIR seat on the line if they don't support Audit the Fed.

Our best chance to finally Audit the Fed is to flood the Senate with messages from Americans who are furious over Ben Bernanke not having to answer for the damage he has produced.

That's why I have prepared an online petition to your senators demanding they co-sponsor Audit the Fed. Please sign it right away.

C4L will fax your petition to your Senators and send a clear message that there is nation-wide outrage over the politicians in Washington refusing to completely open the Fed's books.

This fight to audit the Fed has never been more urgent.

We are staring down the abyss of the economic ruin of every man, woman, and child in America.

As the money flies hot off the Fed's printing presses to "pay" for TARP, the phony "stimulus" package, ObamaCare, and other big government boondoggles, our nation is $14 trillion - and growing - in the red.

While Bernanke and court jesters like Tim Geithner claim that inflation "is under control," you and I know the emperor has no clothes.

Food and gas prices are soaring.

The backdoor inflation tax is causing economic growth to stagnate and the purchasing power of Americans to diminish.

Families everywhere feel the squeeze as disposable income vanishes at the gas pump and the supermarket checkout line.

And your senators are ignoring the fiscal havoc the Fed has wreaked on our nation by refusing to support a full audit of the Federal Reserve.

That's why it's vital you fill out your Audit the Fed petition to your senators right away.

Demand they put an end to out of control monetary policies that are destroying the value of our currency and bankrupting our nation.

C4L will fax your petitions directly to your senators, demonstrating the nation-wide outrage over their refusal to support Audit the Fed.

After you fill out the petition, please chip in a contribution of $10, $25, $50 - or whatever you can afford - so C4L can conduct a nationwide liberty activist program through blogs, emails, phones - and if we have the money - hard-hitting newspaper and TV ads to force the Senate to pass Audit the Fed.

You see, the politicians who escaped last year's wipeout think they are safe.

They believe they waited out the storm and don't have to force the Fed to answer for one of the greatest plunderings of a country's wealth in the history of civilization.

With the next election so far off, they are hoping you will forget they are enabling the Fed's destruction of our economic prosperity.

It's up to you and me to demonstrate just how wrong they are by flooding their offices with petitions from liberty activists all over the country demanding Congress hold Ben Bernanke accountable for the fiscal disaster he has helped create.

So please complete your Audit the Fed petition to your senators right away.

C4L will fax your petitions directly to your senators to send a clear message that they cannot get away with any more dodging, ducking, or stalling a complete audit of the Federal Reserve.

And after you sign your petition, please chip in a contribution of $10, $25, $50 - or whatever you can afford - so C4L can mobilize liberty activists across the nation to join our fight.

I thank you for all that you do in this crucial fight to bring accountability and transparency to the Fed.

In Liberty,

John Tate

Andy was completely right in this expression about central banks:

"You are a den of vipers and thieves. I intend to rout you out, and by the eternal God, I will rout you out."
— Andrew Jackson

The FED.. our Central Bank...

Andy's opposition to the National Bank

The Second Bank of the United States was authorized for a twenty year period during James Madison's tenure in 1816. As President, Jackson worked to rescind the bank's federal charter. In Jackson's veto message (written by George Bancroft), the bank needed to be abolished because:

* It concentrated the nation's financial strength in a single institution.
* It exposed the government to control by foreign interests.
* It served mainly to make the rich richer.
* It exercised too much control over members of Congress.
* It favored northeastern states over southern and western states.

Andy.... Hello!


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Reality Report: The Hypocrisy of Regime Change

In this edition Gary Franchi takes Obama and Biden to the woodshed and exposes their hypocrisy to the world in a scalding rant regarding the unprovoked war against Libya. We also sit down with Heather Lewis to get the inside story on the verdict in the Liberty Dollar Trial. We present Ron Paul's recent statements on the unconstitutional no-fly zone over Libya and Jason Bermas is back with this week's Punk Rock Politics segment. We reserve a special place for a new Enemy of the State, dip into the mailbag and present last week's poll results. Angie Ress breaks down the latest headlines including a story on a grassroots effort to draft Jesse Ventura to run for president at and a new Ron Paul Video contest where you can win big with your creativity


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US-Observer: Providing Justice?

The US-Observer can be found on the MatrixUSA links page. From their website:

What does the US~Observer do?

People who are wrongly charged with crimes can hire the US~Observer to investigate their case. This does not mean the US~Observer will support a client that is shown to be guilty through a thorough investigation - in such an event; the client will be dropped immediately. Should it be determined that the client is, in fact innocent, our evidence is first given to the authorities (in a majority of cases), typically the district attorney of the case who is pursuing charges against our client. Should that DA ignore the evidence and continue pursuing the prosecution, our first step is to typically inform the public through the publication of an article that injustice is going on in their area. It is through the continued publication of articles that will lead to your vindication.

The only thing that the enemies of justice hate is exposure! Like-wise, the only thing that corrupt individuals within government fear is that their family, friends, neighbors, colleagues and constituents will learn of their wrongdoing. In short, we use our newspaper and its supporting internet as a club against corrupt people and the evil they take part in.

From their newsletter today:

Everyday, people are charged with crimes they didn't commit. From small infractions to rape and even murder, people are forced to defend themselves from these false allegations or face stiff penalties and even prison. People rarely, if ever, stop to consider the injustice currently taking place within our justice system, regarding criminal/civil arenas and right down to traffic court, until they become a target/victim.

Typically, the first call made by those facing false charges is to a lawyer. It's a mistake that generally ends with a plea bargain being rammed right down the throat of the innocent person - not to mention the top dollar paid to their attorney for their "defense."

If there are any defense attorneys out there with a winning record beyond a 50% win-to-loss ratio, we would like to hear from you! Keep in mind, pleading someone out is not a win.

It is imperative that innocent victims of the system know that they have another option - really, the only option - in the US~Observer. We do the work that attorneys fail to do or that their convoluted “bar rules” prohibit them from doing.

Forward this to everyone you know; post us on Facebook; Tweet us. Help us vindicate the innocent!

And, if you know of anyone who is facing charges, have them call us immediately - 541-474-7885.

Has some scam artist stolen your money, have you been enticed to invest in a scam or Ponzi Scheme? Pick up the phone and call us…

Also, if you are facing unwarranted civil issues, give us a call. Don't let an attorney soak you dry, before leaving you defeated and often flat broke.

Forward this!

We Get Results Examples (in case you missed them):

One match, candle, can obliterate any amount of darkness. No amount of darkness can overwhelm, defeat, the light from a single match, candle.

Light, the nemesis, bane, of darkness. Let there be light.


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Project Avalon: David Icke And Jordan Maxwell In Conversation

Last year Project Avalon arranged a conversation/interview with both David Icke And Jordan Maxwell. The two in a room together kicking it around sort to speak.

This is potent stuff a mother-lode of decades to learn understanding. Be warned, both David and Jordan have spent decades, repeat this is critical, DECADES of intense investigation and research to come to their respective conclusions. From a "normal" perspective the stuff they carry can easily be thrown off as "Way out there, crazy!".

Let me try it this way... Both David and Jordan have basically spent their entire lives trying to figure out "What it is". Many upon hearing what it took decades for them to learn and discover, many whom spent little or no time at all trying to discover this, will reject it straight out.

I, who spent no time at all researching any of this, can say with complete authority that you, who spent decades to learn this, are absolutely wrong!

This takes some prep and learning to even come to the realization that this is stuff to be considered. You come into this totally "Neo" you're completely out of your element, overwhelmed, too much of a leap to make. Do us all a favor... don't even bother. Stick with the boxes you're comfortable and safe with.


David Icke and Jordan Maxwell in conversation about the agenda to control Planet Earth, meeting again for the first time in 15 years. Wonderful stuff.


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ATTENTION: Rule-Breakers, Misfits, Troublemakers, Free-Spirits And Pioneers...

Everything the establishment has told you is wrong with you - is actually what's right with you...



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Freedomfest 2011

Every summer over 2000 freedom lovers from around the globe gather in Las Vegas to address the latest threats to our freedoms -- to learn, network, socialize, and discover how to recover our lost liberties. We discuss everything from the current state of the economy, finance and investments, geo-politics, philosophy, history, and science & technology to art & literature, and healthy living.

In fact Milton Friedman said it best, “This is the place for everyone in the freedom movement to come together once a year to talk, argue, listen, celebrate the triumphs of liberty, assess the dangers to liberty, and provide that eternal vigilance that is the price of liberty.”

Freedomfest 2011

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Reality Report: The SIEGE of the FEDERAL RESERVE

The nationwide siege of the Federal Reserve begins! In this edition of the Reality Report Gary Franchi presents the case against the FED and the group who is calling for a total blockade of the Central Bank. We also deliver the good news about a State of the Union who will now be accepting gold and silver as legal tender. Senator Mark Kirk spanks Ben Bernanke in a special clip and Tom Woods presents this weeks Question of the Week. Walter Reddy, the founder of the modern Committees of Safety, is interviewed about the SWAT team raid on his home. The lovely Angie returns to deliver the latest news in our headlines segment, and as always, we dip into the mailbag, present last week's poll results and brand another enemy of the state.


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How To Buy A Dozen Eggs With A Dime

Yes, that's right, you can still buy a dozen eggs for just one dime. Here is the catch... it has to be a "real" dime(Dismes). Specifically a dime with 90% silver and 10% copper content. In other words a dime that was minted before 1965. Once you have a "real" dime in hand there are actually several ways to secure a dozen eggs with it.

The easiest way to buy a dozen eggs with a "real" dime would be go out to your garage, get in your time machine, and drive it to your local 1913, or earlier, egg dealer. 1913 is important! That was the year The FED took over the job of "protecting" the dime's value. Don't get the date wrong or the dime will not get you a dozen eggs without excess effort. And don't take a "fake" dime with you the egg dealer is likely to think you are trying to rip them off. It is not wise to piss off an egg dealer.

...or any dealer for that matter.

There is a big problem with this first method of getting a dozen eggs with a "real" dime. I know, I know, you're thinking "real" dimes are just getting too hard to find any more. The truth is, you're right, they are getting harder and harder to find these days. They can be found however. The big problem with this first method is the time machine itself. Ever try to locate and/or obtain a time machine? No easy task it would make obtaining a "real" dime look easy in comparison.

Assuming most people don't have access to a time machine you can still get a dozen eggs with a "real" dime. Here is another method. Take the "real" dime to your local coin collector or jeweler. Either one will convert it to present day "Federal Reserve Note" value.

A quick note about The FED would help to clarify the "conversion" option. The FED is a "fiat" money system. Federal Reserve notes are not based on any commodity much less gold and silver as our dollar used to be. The Federal Reserve just creates money out of thin air. You all probably know this as counterfeiting. They call it Monetary policy. Federal Reserve notes are backed by nothing but trust. They are just paper with ink on them. Not like a "real" dime that has intrinsic value that can not be counterfeited nor created out of thin air. And The FED just loves to print money. They print too much, they "inflate" (inflation) the money supply. The value of each dollar becomes worth less. Ultimately worthless. Hence the need for a "real" dime in this process.

Presently, thanks to The FED "protecting" the value of our money, as of today, and it changes daily, converting a "real" dime to Federal Reserve Notes would get you about $2.60. You can easily secure a dozen eggs from pretty much any retailer with the "real" dime converted money. The problem with this method is that the "converter" will want their cut for the conversion. Another problem is the need to stop by a "converter" before seeing the egg dealer. A lot of running around.

There is a third method to get a dozen eggs with a "real" dime. This would be to find an egg dealer that you can "barter" with. This would not normally be a cashier at a super market chain checkout. This would be a smaller retailer. One in which the owner/manager is right on the floor you can talk to them. Call them over. Tell them you want a dozen eggs for a dime. Then quickly explain before they throw you out, wave in front of them, it is a "real" dime you will give them for the dozen eggs. Now any business man retailer that knows his stuff will make that deal in a heart beat. The problem with this method... probably over paid for the eggs.

Related links:

Pieces of Eight (Book)

The U.S. Constitution and Money

MatrixUSA Docs Page


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RTR Mad As Hell 3/12/11 Money Bomb/Webethon

From the Mad As Hell Money Bomb site:

March 12th Event! Don't miss it!

On March 12 we're taking action on a host of issues with experts on the Federal Reserve, Nullification, RFID, the economy, the freedom movement, 10th Amendment, Oathkeepers, Constitutional Abuses, Agenda 21, Operation Defuse, Music with a message, Power of the Sheriff, Chemtrails, Heath Freedom, Vaccines, Trilateral Commission, CFR, 9/11, Oklahoma City, CAFR, Fusion Centers, FEMA Camps, Black Box Voting, Trilateral Commission and more! This one day blitz of information will saturate the web as the reports go viral from our broadcast facility. This event is crucial to the survival of our movement. Donations accepted during the webethon will support our efforts for the whole year! They will enable us to keep our social network open and free, pay our rent, utilities and keep our staff paid, so we can keep producing independent news and documentary films to wake up and activate the masses.

You will also be able to chat live with other viewers and
submit questions to the hosts and their guests at: The (All star) Guest list/Schedule:

Guest schedule:
Time Guest

12:00 pm Central John Bush/ Cat Bleish
12:30 pm Central Joe Banister
1:00 pm Central Jason Bermas
1:15 pm Central Michael Murphy
1:30 pm Central Manny Badillo
2:00 pm Central Charles Goyette
2:30 pm Central Luke Rudkowski
3:00 pm Central Patrick Wood
3:30 pm Central Tom Woods
4:00 pm Central Randy Kelton
4:30 pm Central Adam Kokesh
5:00 pm Central Camp FEMA 2
5:30 pm Central Camp FEMA 2
6:00 pm Central Camp FEMA 2
6:30 pm Central James Lane & Holland
7:00 pm Central Ernest Hancock
7:15 pm Central Tom DeWeese
7:30 pm Central George Shepard
8:00 pm Central Len Horowitz
8:30 pm Central Sherri Kane
9:00 pm Central Michael Lemieux
9:30 pm Central Richard Mack
10:00 pm Central Stewart Rhodes
10:30 pm Central Michael Boldin
11:00 pm Central OPEN
11:15 pm Central Mark Dice
12:00 am Central G.Edward Griffin

The promo videos:

March 12 - Mad As Hell Money Bomb Guest List

It's time to get Mad as Hell!

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Sen. Rand Paul: Would This Be 'Texas Straight Talk'?

The good doctor, Ron Paul, must be very proud of his son Rand. He has not only become a doctor himself but election 2010 made him a US Senator also!

It's been a moment or two in the Senate for Rand since the election. Enough time for him to make his statement. Declare who and what he is. What is his story? The stuff he is made of.

Clearly the age old adage about "The apple not falling far from the tree" is being proved out here. This is every parents right and responsibility actually. Instill in your children what you have learned and believe is correct and right. The values, principals and morality you have come to accept you pass, ...with love, to your children.

A real "Head start"?

Or.. you can leave that up to the without heart, without soul nor conscience devoid of all morality, bankrupt actually, state to do this for you. Indeed they are surely trying to replace, negate, your parental role. I present the Department of Education as proof of this claim. Parents bad, state good!

Do you know about "Due diligence"?

Down in Texas, where the Paul's have spent a bit of time, they have a tradition they are quite proud of. They call it "Texas straight talk". I have only spent the first 1.5 years of my life in Texas so I can not lay claim to any intimate knowledge about this thing the Texans can do they call "straight talk". I am willing to bet however that it is exactly.. EXACTLY!.. the opposite of what you get out of Obama.

Hmmm.. for that matter I would bet most of congress falls into the "Exactly opposite of Obama" definition.

What ever this "Texas straight talk" thing is it has apparent merit and value achieving tradition and a place of honor among the Texans. You're on the right track, doing the right thing.

I suspect here also, in further trying to get a clear understanding about this proud Texas tradition, that it touches upon, may actually be one in the same as, Jefferson's famous adage:

The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their rightful names.

- Thomas Jefferson

Another example of Texas straight talk might be "The emperor has no clothes!".

Rand Paul, at a Consumer Choice in Energy Committee Hearing, presented a fine and definitive example of what might well be known as 'some good ole Texas straight talk'.

If this be "Texas straight talk" then this is good stuff. These Texan's have this right we all should learn from them about this.

Here is another example: Sen. Rand Paul: State of the Union Response


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Nullify Now Tour Cincinnati: Tom Woods: Turn The Tables

Nullify encompasses two major points... two questions that need proper answering.

First: Do you consent or do you not consent to government activity?

And second: Who is the ultimate authority here, the people or the government?

Here is Tom Woods speaking in Cincinnati – March 5th at the Harriet Tubman Theater in the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center.

Here is education, entertainment and an example of proper American attitude. How we do it here.

“It’s not enough to think outside of the box. The box needs to be crushed to the ground and set on fire…”

Related links:

Tenth Amendment Center

Interview with a Zombie

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C4L Ron Paul: End The Obamacare Mandate Petition

Ron Paul has introduced an END THE MANDATE ACT designed to repeal the Obamacare IRS enforced you have to buy government approved health insurance. This mandate, of course, has nothing to do with health care. In fact the entire "Obamacare" package will most likely destroy the health industry as we know it. It is all about control of you, fascist the government makes it law you have to buy that corporations product and propping up a failed economic model.

You can sign a petition to have your reps support this legislation, support the repeal of the Obamacare mandate.

Here is the description from the Campaign For Liberty petition page:


Big Government statists have launched a scheme designed to do two things they love more than anything else: vastly increase the size and power of government – and give our federal masters more control over our personal business.

It's getting harder and harder for them to conceal their true intentions. And people are waking up to it.

Now you and I have a choice to make. We can give up and give in. Or we can FIGHT BACK.

C4L is working to contact millions of Americans about Ron Paul's END THE MANDATE ACT, which would repeal ObamaCare's mandate forcing Americans to carry government-approved insurance – a requirement that will be enforced by our old pals at the IRS.

Your signed copy of the first page of Ron Paul's bill, along with those from millions of others all across the country, will show the statists in Washington that we are not ready to surrender our health freedom.

This critical battle cannot succeed without your help.

Sign the petition right away!

In Liberty,

John Tate
Campaign for Liberty

Here is the C4L newsletter concerning this petition:

March 3, 2011

Dear Liberty Lover,

The ObamaCare scheme is designed to do two things statists love more than anything else: vastly increase the size and power of government and give our federal masters more control over our personal business.

Power over our very lives.

It's getting harder and harder for them to conceal their true intentions - and people are waking up to it.

You and I saw the results of this in the recent elections, giving us an opportunity to take action.

Ron Paul has a plan to fight back and END THE MANDATE, but Campaign for Liberty needs your help today to get the battle really moving.

You see, the debate over nationalized health care isn't about what Congress wants to "give" Americans.

It's not even about health care at all.

It's about power.

It's about what THEY take.

It's always been about what they take.

And their "take" is staggering.

Passage of ObamaCare means:

*** Statist politicians will collect more than $570 BILLION in new taxes on everything from prescription drugs and private insurance plans to medical device manufacturers;

*** Big Government will grow even bigger, as the IRS alone will hire more than 12,000 new employees to "ensure compliance";

*** The power of politicians and bureaucrats will expand dramatically as they FORCE U.S. citizens to buy insurance as a condition of citizenship and seize unprecedented control over American health care and businesses of every size.

You and I have a choice to make.

We can give up and give in. Or we can FIGHT BACK.

Well, Ron Paul has made his choice and is preparing to introduce legislation to END THE MANDATE.

Will you help C4L fight back alongside him?

As you know, recently a Florida federal judge correctly ruled that the ObamaCare mandate is unconstitutional.

This follows a similar ruling in Virginia.

While the momentum is on the side of health freedom, President Obama will continue to fight these rulings.

And it's far from guaranteed that the Supreme Court will uphold them.

A final ruling could be YEARS away - more than enough time for the mandate to take effect.

And you know what happens once a new government program is started.

So you and I must take action - IMMEDIATELY - to ensure we permanently defeat the mandate.

If you agree that we can't let ObamaCare stand, won't you please sign the copy of the first page of Congressman Ron Paul's END THE MANDATE Bill?

If passed, Dr. Paul's bill would end ObamaCare's mandate to force citizens and businesses to carry government-approved health insurance.

And this fight MUST start now.

You and I have seen the anger of the American people over this federal power grab.

After all, you've seen the news reports.

But they don't tell the real story.

No matter how government propaganda agencies manipulate economic statistics, unemployment continues to increase.

Some are reporting the real figure is close to 20%.

Yet, despite the Obama Administration's post-election rhetoric, the plan is to continue the federal spending spree.

In fact, as I write you, the federal debt is over $14 TRILLION and growing.

So I'm not going to sugarcoat this.

If you and I refuse to END THE MANDATE, it could be the last straw that sends our fragile economy nosediving off a cliff.

You see, some reports show ObamaCare could cost as much as $3 TRILLION or more over the next decade.

The new taxes and "fees" intended to partially cover the outrageous cost of ObamaCare will instead most likely stifle any new economic growth and worsen the recession.

Before each provision of the law even takes effect, insurance companies are already either raising their rates or dropping coverage entirely.

That's why it's so critical you sign the copy of Dr. Paul's END THE MANDATE Bill IMMEDIATELY.

I can tell you, your signed copy of the bill - and those from millions of others all over the country - will make an
enormous impact.

You see, the statists in Congress believe they've beaten YOU.

After all, the politicians saw the polls.

They knew they weren't doing the "will of the people" when they rammed ObamaCare into law.

But they think they'll get away with it anyway.

You see, the statists are betting you'll just give up.

They hope you'll forget about politics and get back to your life.

They and their willing accomplices in the media and entertainment industries hope to continue to distract you with their "bread and circuses" routine.

But that's not what's going to happen.

Not if Ron Paul, Senator Rand Paul, and millions of Patriots come to the rescue.

The establishment doesn't think the American people will work hard enough to make this happen.

It's up to you and me to prove them dead WRONG.

Dr. Paul is ready to fight. Are you ready to help him?

That's why your signature on Dr. Paul's END THE MANDATE Bill is so important.

My hope is to distribute millions of signed copies of Dr. Paul's bill on Capitol Hill to SHOCK the political establishment.

Your signed petitions will show the politicians in Washington that we will not go away . . .

. . . that the fight isn't over . . .

. . . and that they'll never get away with ramming another Big Government Bill down our throats again!

Just as importantly, we can send this message to the politicians in BOTH parties in Washington, D.C. - work to DESTROY ObamaCare by cosponsoring Dr. Paul's END THE MANDATE Bill... or continue to face the consequences.

Trust me, after this past election, that will resonate in the halls of Congress.

After all, politicians who are concerned almost solely with power are always primarily focused on reelection.

But that doesn't mean this battle will be easy.

Far from it.

Statist politicians in BOTH parties aren't going to give up their newfound taxing, regulating, and spending power over American citizens without an all-out FIGHT.

So that's exactly what I have planned.

In fact, I've already begun contacting supporters throughout the country via the Internet and email to alert them to Dr. Paul's END THE MANDATE Bill.

If you and I want to make a real difference in this fight, I need to be able to begin mobilizing an additional fifteen million activists from all over the country IMMEDIATELY.

In addition to vastly expanding the Internet and email program, I hope to mail millions of letters, make hundreds of thousands of phone calls, work talk radio and the media, and, if funding permits, roll out hard-hitting radio and TV ads in targeted districts in the final days before the vote.

So, in addition to signing the first page of Dr. Paul's END THE MANDATE Bill, it's vital you chip in your most generous contribution IMMEDIATELY.

I know I don't have to explain how critical this fight is.

If we don't fight back - if we don't prove to the Big Government politicians that we will not rest until ObamaCare is totally DESTROYED - this will only be the beginning.

So please, chip in a contribution of $10, $25, $50 - or whatever you can afford - today. I know that's a lot, but just think about what's at stake.

Your chip in contribution of $10, $25, $50 -or whatever you can afford - is vital to help Campaign for Liberty and Dr. Paul END THE MANDATE.

Regardless of which political party is in power, there will be even greater assaults on our remaining health care freedoms until one day, federal bureaucrats are the decision makers in who receives care and who doesn't . . .

. . . and ultimately, who lives and who dies.

This is not the America I want to live in. And this is not the America I want for my kids and grandkids.

Robert, one reason Dr. Paul has fought against Big Government for over 30 years is that - like me - he believes ordinary folks can ultimately defeat the statists in BOTH parties and chart a new course for liberty for our country.

So I hope you agree we can't give up. I hope you'll agree to FIGHT BACK. If you do, please chip in a contribution of $10, $25, $50 - or whatever you can afford - TODAY!

In Liberty,

John Tate

P.S. It's up to you and me to show the statists that under no circumstances is the fight over ObamaCare finished.

The good news is, Congressman Ron Paul is preparing to reintroduce his END THE MANDATE Bill to end compulsory participation in ObamaCare.

It's vital you sign the first page of Dr. Paul's END THE MANDATE Bill so I can deliver it to Congress.



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REALITY REPORT #83: Toll Booth Tyranny

This is one report you do not want to miss. Americans are being detained for using cash! Gary Franchi presents the investigation into the Florida Department of Transportation. Filmmaker and radio host Jason Bermas joins the cast for his new segment called Punk Rock Politics. Also this week we present the special report on Project Gunrunner, how the BATF facilitated 'straw purchase' firearm sales that resulted in the death of one of our own. We'll also present a viral video explains Goldman Sachs is getting double dip profits off the Tax Payer's backs. Nina returns to present the top stories of the week and as always, we dip into the mailbag, present last week's poll results and brand another enemy of the state.


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Common Sense: Don't Talk To Police

Here is an interesting and informative video. A presentation from a lawyer and a policeman about why you should NEVER talk to police. Many good points and case examples are presented for you to consider.

Hows that saying go? It is better to have people think you are a fool rather than open your mouth and remove all doubt?

Related video: BUSTED: The Citizen's Guide to Surviving Police Encounters


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Artist: Nazareth: Please Don't Judas Me

Artists are those within our society that have a special insight, understanding, knowledge... vision... that the rest of us do not see with such ease as they do. In many cases these artists also have the ability to express and share what they know with the rest of us via “artistic expression”. Their gift is two-fold. They have the vision and are able to express it artistically with the rest of us to be become recognized by the masses for their gift as an artist.

There are also many that have the “vision” but not the gift for expressing it. Would they also be considered an “Artist”?

Alas for these artists what they get to see and know many times is not easy to carry. Just holding a vision of theirs can be... personally challenging? Problematic? Hard to accept? Hence the rise of what we all know as the “tortured” artist. Some one staggering around under the weight of what the rest of us do not carry.

We all know this instinctive these people are the visionaries and prophets among us. Not only do they deserve latitude from us but, more importantly, they deserve our attention, to be heard, what they are expressing we can all learn from their gift.

Nazareth: Please Don't Judas Me

Please don't Judas me
Treat me as you like to be treated
Please don't blacklist me
Leave me as you'd wish to find me
Don't analyze me, sacrifice me
Please don't Judas me.

Please don't chastise me
Show me just one shred of kindness
Try to help me see
Guide me in my eyes of blindness
Don't despise me, categorize me
Please don't Judas me.

No, no don't Judas me
No, please don't Judas me

Please don't head shrink me
Don't disguise your innuendos
Tell no lies to me
I can see the way the wind blows
Don't debase me, annihilate me
Please don't Judas me.

Please don't number me
Don't betray my trusted promise
Please don't anger me
I find it hard to bear no malice
Don't frustrate me, manipulate me
Please don't Judas me

No, no don't Judas me
No, please don't Judas me

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