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Unite In Action and March On DC: 9/11, 2010

Now more than ever are large marches on DC important. We have to let these "reps" know they are "reps". More important they have been manipulating us with fear for years its time to turn that around and put the fear into them. The combination of state controlled schools and corporate controlled media has mangled us from childhood to the point we are almost ready to beg them to enslave us and burn our Constitution. For our protection? Have we gone insane? They are not the protection, they are the threat! Some crash courses in liberty and freedom principles is right on time. Alan Keyes is just one of many good people out there. Time to start listening to some good people.

From an email announcement:

Breaking News: This is the largest conservative training event in history hosted by Alan Keyes' Declaration Alliance, American Majority, The 912 Project & over 40 other grassroots groups. The Liberty XPO Symposium provides the classes and tools Americans need to SAVE OUR COUNTRY!

From the March On DC website:

Unite in Action invites you to come join us as “We the People” gather from sea to shining sea and converge on our nation’s capital for 4 full days patriotic events and presentations culminating with a march and rally at the National Mall.

The 2010 March on DC is not just a rally... it is 4 whole days of spectacular freedom promoting events that will educate, inform and inspire all who attend. The March on DC and associated events are truly grassroots—our leadership consists of members from some of the country’s largest independent conservative-minded organizations. All those involved in the planning of this event are non-partisan volunteers who share the common goal of unifying constitutional patriots to preserve liberty and the Constitutional principles upon which this nation was founded. This is an event of the people, by the people and for the people—it is We the People United in Action!

Conservatives from across the country descend on the Nation’s Capital for four full days of liberty and learning.
Network with the largest collection of conservative grassroots patriots in one location
Join top conservative leaders like Ginni Thomas of Liberty Central, best selling author Larry Schweikart, Ned Ryun of American Majority, Kimberly Fletcher of Homemakers for America, Lori Parker from As A Mom, Yvonne Donnelly of the 912 Project, and many more for the largest ever conservative grassroots training session.
Meet and greet with best selling authors, your favorite patriot performers—and even some celebrities—all coming together to promote liberty and Unite In Action

It’s the Patriot Event of the Year You Won’t Want to Miss!

They are trying to raise money for this event in the hopes of providing the training for free. Visit March On DC for more information or to donate.


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[Not] FAIR: NBC Meet the Press

This from FAIR (Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting):

July saw more U.S. troop fatalities in Afghanistan than any month since the war began nine years ago. Gen. Stanley McChrystal was removed from his commanding post amid controversy, and WikiLeaks released a trove of classified documents that paint a picture of a failing war and unreported civilian casualties.

How has NBC's Meet the Press responded to these developments? By inviting on guests to defend the war and Obama's Afghanistan policy.

Sundays on NBC have been a steady drumbeat of pro-war sentiment: an hour-long puff piece on Gen. David Petraeus (8/15/10); a one-on-one with Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (8/1/10); and panel discussions stacked with hawks (7/27/10, 7/11/10). Over the past two months, a single strong antiwar voice has been heard on Meet the Press--California Rep. Barbara Lee (7/27/10)--but she was given little room to speak on a panel with four pro-war guests.

You mean a big network "political pundit expert" panel is biased and misleading?!?!

They all are anymore! I don't get how people can watch these spectacles of false debate like they have some sort of validity. How can you sit and watch when they argue "how much war" or "how to war" it is implied "No war" is out of the question much less debated.

FAIR has a petition you can sign to stress NBC about their Pravda tendencies on Meet The Press. You can read more and sign it at:

Tell NBC: Debate the Afghanistan War

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On this edition of The Reality Report, Gary weighs in on the Ground Zero Mosque debate and presents Ron Paul's recent remarks on the topic. Nina Police takes a look at this weeks headlines including, how it maybe easy for someone to hack into your car's computer, how a 'frankenfish' could be coming to your grocers freezer, and she reveals the 2008 American Friends of Bilderberg tax return. She also presents Dr. Mercola's recent interview with the head of the Fluoride Action Network, Dr. Paul Connett. Gary also sits down with Chris Broughton, the infamous Obama Rally Gunman and reveals this weeks Enemy of the State.


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YAL 2010 National Convention Video

Thank God the kids are becoming politically active in a big way. Their energy and high idealism is a much needed addition to the effort of overthrowing this beast on all our backs known as "our" government.

Here is a video from the Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) 2010 national convention.

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The Martial Law Mindset: “War on Drugs” Edition

This story out of San Jose, California illustrates to some degree the vile depths of the deepening cesspit in which Americans have seemingly become inexorably inured over the course of their decades-long police state indoctrination and subjugation, in this case under the auspices of the fraudulent, immoral, and counterproductive so-called “war on drugs” (read: “war” on non-government-approved drugs).

According to San Jose Mercury News:

Walking into his neighborhood convenience store for a $1 lottery ticket, Henry Stevens Amador hoped it would be his lucky day. But instead of walking out with three cherries and a thousand bucks, Amador was violently busted by San Jose police officers.

Afterward, a sergeant reportedly unlocked the handcuffs, helped clean the blood off his face and apologized.

The identity of the individual, Mr. Amador, who had his unalienable rights wantonly and belligerently violated by the state’s armed enforcers, was in this case “mistaken” by the police for what was described as a “drug suspect”. Mr. Amador had apparently committed no crime against life, liberty, or property, and thus was the victim of criminal aggression at the hands of the state.

The Martial Law Mindset: “War on Drugs” Edition

This is the problem with "unchecked" government authority and force. This criminal behavior is actually sanctioned and protected by the corporate controlled news media. You will rarely hear about these many unchecked power enabled events from them. There are some exceptions to the reporting. Especially if video was captured of the event and put up on YouTube. Here is a fine example of this "Mindset":

Police Shoot Unarmed Man in the Back Execution Style

Thats right.. Three police have a man face down on the ground one officer stands up, pulls his gun and shoots the man on the ground in the back killing him. This would be our Nazi police mindset.

As Aaron Russo would sometimes ask his audience at speaking engagements. Your driving down the street completely legal when a police car pulls up behind you. The question..Does it make you feel safe or threatened?

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Artist: Muse: Uprising

Artists are those within our society that have a special insight, understanding, knowledge... vision... that the rest of us do not see with such ease as they do. In many cases these artists also have the ability to express and share what they know with the rest of us via “artistic expression”. Their gift is two-fold. They have the vision and are able to express it artistically with the rest of us to be become recognized by the masses for their gift as an artist.

There are also many that have the “vision” but not the gift for expressing it. Would they also be considered an “Artist”?

Alas for these artists what they get to see and know many times is not easy to carry. Just holding a vision of theirs can be... personally challenging? Problematic? Hard to accept? Hence the rise of what we all know as the “tortured” artist. Some one staggering around under the weight of what the rest of us do not carry.

We all know this instinctive these people are the visionaries and prophets among us. Not only do they deserve latitude from us but, more importantly, they deserve our attention, to be heard, what they are expressing we can all learn from their gift.


Paranoia is in bloom,
The PR, transmissions will resume
They'll try to, push drugs that keep us all dumbed down
And hope that, we will never see the truth around
(So come on)

Another promise, another seed
Another, packaged lie to keep us trapped in greed
And all the, green belts wrapped around our minds
And endless, red tape to keep the truth confined
(So come on)

They will not force us
They will stop degrading us
They will not control us
We will be victorious
So come on

Interchanging mind control
Come let the, revolution takes its toll
If you could, flick the switch and open your third eye
You'd see that, we should never be afraid to die
(So come on)

Rise up and take the power back
It's time the, fat cats had a heart attack
They know that, their time's coming to an end
We have to, unify and watch our flag ascend
(So come on)

They will not force us
They will stop degrading us
They will not control us
We will be victorious
So come on

Hey, hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey, hey

They will not force us
They will stop degrading us
They will not control us
We will be victorious
So come on

Their music video:

Puppetgov political video using Muse Uprising:

Muse political activism examined at Prison Planet:

Muse Urges Its Fans To Take The Red Pill

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AFP Mark Anderson: Inside the Mainstream Media

The Editor of American Free Press Newspaper, Mark Anderson, is interviewed by Gary Franchi of Restore The Republic concerning mainstream media "news", or lack thereof.

An very interesting and informative session they cover many topics in a short time. You can view the video interview here.


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Pac-Man Takes Down Sequoia Voting Machines

Could this be the real reason the government has pushed for the conversion of all voting machines to "electronic" formats? Foolish me, I thought it was just a way for them to easier hack, corrupt and steal elections. I stand corrected! They did this so we all may enjoy Pac-Man video game entertainment as we go to the polling stations to look for relief.

Brilliant! Who said the government is incompetent and inept? Finally the frustrating voting process will become fun and entertaining even though it is dysfunctional and open to hacking more than ever.

Pac-Man for president!

Pac-Man Hacked Onto a Touch-Screen Voting Machine Without Breaking 'Tamper-Evident' Seals

This is your Sequoia touch-screen voting machine....

This is your Sequoia touch-screen voting machine with Pac-Man hacked onto it without disturbing any of the "tamper-evident" seals supposedly meant to protect it from hackers...

Any questions?...

Can this be for real or is this just someone's idea of Photoshop humor? Whatever.. these new electronic machines are quickly becoming known for how easy they are to corrupt and hack.. like the elections they are used for.

Google "voting machine hacks" to see what I am referring to here.



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The Love Police: Earth

You have to see this video..

Charlie has a gift from God. Thankfully for the rest of us he is openly sharing it.


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Gulf Oil Spill: Tale Of Two Realities

It seems lately, it you listen to our "Pravda" propaganda news engines, if you believe "our" government, the gulf oil spill disaster is over. According to them not only is it over, the leaking that is, but the entire gulf is now clean and free from any bad effects from it all.

Obama himself went swimming in the gulf with his children just to make that point. A wonderful example of staged photo-ops and how they are used by Pravda and our government to deceive the public. Two realities. One they wish you to believe, the second contradictory reality is better known as truth.

State sponsored, inspired and Pravda delivered reality one says the gulf oil catastrophe is no more everything is all better it is like it never happened. Reality number one also suggests you were saved by your government.

Reality number two however seems to be a complete contradiction to reality number one. Reports from independents and people on the ground in the gulf tell a completely different story. Here are a few links to information in the net to people and organizations completely out of touch with Pravda and government reality.

Gulf Fishermen Crash Obama’s FL Vacation With Concerns About Seafood Safety

Coastal Heritage Society of Louisiana

Project Gulf Impact


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The Obama-Nation Continues

This collection of links is just from the past few days. Bad seed, bad tree, bad fruit. What can I say?


The swim was staged

US Secret Assault on Terrorism Widens on Two Continents & 12 Countries

Arabs disillusioned with Obama

No vacation for Obama from eligibility question

Officer's defense team demanding Obama docs

Outed! Congresswoman member of socialist group (Obama also)

Supremes looking at eligibility, again

Did your morning Pravda corporate controlled news fail to mention even just one of these? You don't think it might be intentional oversight on their part do you?

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The Southern Avenger Beyond The Mosque

This Mosque issue at the 9/11 site is certainly emotionally charged.. a flashpoint even. That is what modern media is all about. Throw wave after wave of emotionally charged at you with little real significance in respect to the much bigger picture and issues that are happening all around us that go unreported.

The Southern Avenger does an excellent job of getting this all in perspective.

Related link:

Obama backtracks over Ground Zero mosque after furious 9/11 families label him 'insensitive and uncaring'

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The Ron Paul R3volution

The 2008 presidential election cycle was a historic event. I am not referring to the election of president Obama. Granted the oligarchs, and mass media control propaganda machinery once again proved they can manipulate and control the outcome of a presidential election as they always have in recent history. They put a complete idiot in office, twice, George Bush junior. And now they have put a completely unknown, highly corrupt, intensely anti-American socialistic radical in office. I truly am happy America has overcome the "race" issue as testified by Obama's election into office. Sadly, and frankly of no sense at all, now that we have all elected him no race issue racists are everywhere mass media is telling us?!

I am truly saddened that the first black man in office is there to destroy America and damage it's people.

That is historic no doubt.. but that is not what I refer to here. Obama's election, disregarding the race issue, is simply more of the same we have been getting for decades from the corrupt and dysfunctional system we call free elections. Nothing historic at all from that perspective. What I refer to during the 2008 presidential race as historic is the birth of the Ron Paul Revolution. Try as they did to compromise, bury or otherwise destroy Ron's message he brought onto the 2008 presidential election stage.. they failed!

Ron awoke the sleeping silent majority. Ron stirred the waters, shook up the routine, let the cat out of the bag.. inspired the uninspired apathetic to re-engage the political process. For the first time in memory almost completely forgotten a statesman was in the race. A true public servant dedicated to America and it's rule of law Constitution. America has drifted so far off course with the help of Oligarch controlled devices that by the 2008 presidential election cycle the "same ole same ole" candidates were exposed for the truly false and obscene choices they really were with the contrast of Ron Paul standing next to them on this stage.

The 2008 presidential election cycle had many historic and monumental firsts all revolving around the Ron Paul phenomenon. Did Pravda mass media fail to mention this to you as they were selling their corrupt illegal candidate?

Try as hard as they did they were unable to stop what Ron Paul started. The R3volution was born, is alive today and still growing.


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11 Reasons Why The Federal Reserve Is Bad

We're headed full throttle towards total economic collapse and even the destruction of the dollar. Whom is it that has total and absolute control of our money and economy?

The Federal Reserve central bank. Hmmmm....

Who is it that is completely missing as the main reason for all this in political pundit "expert" debates all over corporate controlled main stream Pravda media?

The Federal Reserve central bank. Hmmmm....

Who has never, repeat NEVER, in their almost 100 years of existence been subjected to a full and complete comprehensive audit even though they control the money for an entire country?

The Federal Reserve central bank. Hmmmm....

The Federal Reserve is the head of the snake solely responsible for our entire economic mess. We all owe them money in the trillions for interest on loans they gave us by simply creating the money out of thin air. For a mere book keeping entry on their part we must all pay them back with real wealth and property. Government sanctioned legal counterfeiting at its finest. Who would have the power to direct the government to establish these rules and who does it benefit the most?

The Federal Reserve central bank. Hmmmm....

11 Reasons Why The Federal Reserve Is Bad

Time is long past due to cut off the head of the snake.

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Trilateral Commission Secret Meeting Revealed On The Net

The Trilateral Commission's (TC) annual secret meeting place and time has been discovered and revealed on the net.

We have to get this net under control it is blowing our cover.

You all know the TC? It roughly breaks down like this. The Bilderbergs decide annually what is going to happen each year to advance toward their New World Order. The Council on foreign relations comes up with how to do it. And then the TC is the task force that implements their plans and assaults the beach heads. It's all very organized and might even be impressive if it were not for the fact that they are basically a bunch of really sick f*^ks.


The TC has a really nice quasi-Nazi logo. Other than that I can think of nothing else nice to say about them.

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The 12 Rules of Survival

At a time such as now when our government, nothing more than Oligarch puppets, are on the verge of financially imploding, and destroying, America one should "bone up" on basic survivalism. Understand what they are attempting to achieve is the destruction of the dollar and complete breakdown of society. Throw out the Constitution, roll in the military dictatorship, pledge servitude to the New World Order, we are saved!

Before you get to live in that "Utopian" world of the government will keep us all safe as livestock there will be a transitional period. If all goes well for the Oligarch's destruction of America there will be major chaos on the streets. Yes, you could very well die because you had a loaf of bread or some other life essential thing. But that is all part of the plan. Collapse society, we all kill each other in the millions just trying to survive then they step in to "save" the small number easily controlled that are remaining. Military dictatorship is wonderful from that perspective. History tells us it works every time they pulled that standard procedure for controlling society.

Now.. it is a matter of some significant debate if the survivors are actually the lucky ones. Yes, I am alive but I am nothing more than sub-human livestock and chattel rape my daughters, send my sons to wars and kill me on a whim. What a wonderful safe world this Utopia will bring us.

You can be one of the unsuspecting masses that are caught totally off guard.. you mean the government and TV lied to me? A statistic now rendered into history repeated. Or, you might want to prep for the engineered collapse. Again.. this is debatable if the other side is somewhere you want to be.

The choice is yours. Here is a start.

The 12 Rules of Survival


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Tea Party At Sea



Join your faithful like-minded partners at Loyal to Liberty Tea Party at Sea this September 19th - 26th as we sharpen and edify one another during 7 incredible days in the Eastern Caribbean. Joining your host Alan Keyes, will be Joseph and Elizabeth Farah of WorldNetDaily, best selling author of Obama Nation, America for Sale, and The Late Great USA, Dr. Jerome Corsi, as well as David Kupelian, author of The Marketing of Evil and his latest, How Evil Works, and also the author of Schmoozing With Terrorists and The Late Great State of Israel, Aaron Klein. More announcements to come soon!


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Obamacare: Charting Insanity

In the present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.

- Ronald Reagan

Here is a chart of the Obamacare government bureaucracy needed to implement it. Source Chart reveals insanity of health care bill.

Pay special attention to the big important center of it all "secretary". Thats right, one person controlling the entire health, your health, industry. It is so easy to take over if we only need to bribe, corrupt or extort just one person in control of it all. That is the whole point of "Obamacare". To gain control not your health. Secretary.. one who transcribes what is dictated to them? All hail the secretary of Obamacare a new Oligarch puppet!

Simple. straightforward, typical government solution.. what can go wrong? Obamacare.. I rest my case.

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Nullify Now! Tour


The several States composing the United States of America, are not united on the principle of unlimited submission to their General Government.

- Thomas Jefferson

Jefferson's words are the simplest, but possibly most powerful, explanation of the structure of our federal, not national, form of government. The federal government is authorized to exercise only those powers delegated to it in the constitution. His advice when it doesn't? "a nullification of the act is the rightful remedy."

We the people are not the only ones the unconstitutional federal government usurpation of power and authority is threatening. The states themselves are also being threatened. Understand by original design the federal government was the LOWEST authority in the command chain. The federal government had no direct access or control of the people themselves. In fact the federal government had the most severe limitations and prohibitions placed upon it's authority and power. That would be America.

For the federal government to tell the people they all have to buy health insurance from an approved (read special interest group bribery defined) provider is nothing short of totally absurd in our constitutionally defined way of doing things.

The people have their remedies they may apply. The states also have theirs. States in America are sovereign and independent of the federal government. The federal government is little more than an international treaty that the many sovereign states signing up for it agree to live by. Common weights, common money, common language and common defense are what this state adopted and agreed upon treaty is supposed to be. It is NOT, nor never was, to be a powerful central authority that dictated to the states and the people what it's rules where.

Nullify is the state remedy for unconstitutional federal government delusions of usurped unconstitutional, unauthorized, authority.

Federal government deciding the created (itself) is greater than the creators (The states). Federal government acting little more than a spoiled brat in a grocery store throwing a tantrum on the floor because it wants what is can not have.

As we all know if you do not discipline the spoiled brat throwing a tantrum on the floor now you are only condemning yourself to much greater problems later. Nullification.. disciplining the spoiled out of control brat. A remedy who's time has come.

Nullify Now! Tour

Related Links:

Nullify Now

The Tenth Amendment Center

We Refuse

Will the Show-Me State Show Us How to Nullify ObamaCare?

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Judge Napolitano, Alex Jones and Gerald Celente: When They Talk...

... you should listen.

You all remember that line of advertising years ago concerning financial investing? Everyone, everywhere stopped what they were doing to hear what the "financial luminary" had to say.

Sadly that line of advertising was little more than public manipulation. Implied they are "luminary". Implied everyone thinks that. History tells us different now.

But the premise of the advertising had it's base in sound advice. That is.. if people of knowledge speak about what they are knowledgeable about it would be wise for you to listen to what they had to say. We can learn from their experience and knowledge.


I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.

- Mark Twain

The trick concerning this adage is selecting the proper "luminaries" we learn from. Should we choose poorly more harm than good will come from it. To make this point simply watch any main stream media (MSM) corporate controlled "Pravda" news show. They speak, they parade what they call "experts" and they imply big time. They are more than willing, in fact, that is their mission, to convince you that you should listen to them they are benevolent and luminary. This is what is right, this is what is wrong, this is what everyone is thinking. Pravda at its finest. More harm than good.. our very own "Pravda" mission statement. You can eat that if you choose.

On the other hand in today's critical investigative reporting news challenged world you can choose differently. The Internet is breaking their hold and control as to the information you have access to. It is giving you choices they do not want you to have.

"Experts" and "Luminaries" you would think by definition are those that actually do know what they are talking about. History will verify and testify their validity. Why is it that proven charlatans utterly wrong most of the time are still presented as "Luminary?" That would be your Pravda MSM News. Sadly that would also be your glorious leaders I am from the government your God they have gone insane reps.

There are those out there that have actually been correct in their interpretations and predictions. And correct almost 100% of the time! Yet "Pravda" says they are nut jobs, crazy or refuses to even acknowledge they had it right time and time again. What do you expect from Pravda. Pravda tells you the ones that were wrong almost 100% of the time are "expert" and "luminary".

It is your choice the "food" you choose to eat. Bear in mind there are consequences for your choices.. choose carefully.

Here are three people in which history has validated their true "luminary" status. It would seem wise that when they speak.. we should listen.

Judge Andrew Napolitano at the Mises Institute: What Ever Happened to the Constitution?

Gerald Celente On the Alex Jones Show: Double Dip Depression Will Lead Us Into War

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Related link:

Transnational corporations control, censor, and manipulate TV/News/Media.


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Reality Report #57

Well.. it seems the state does fear the people after all. All it takes is for the people, majority, taking severe issue with state actions. The state quickly backs down and even apologizes for it's actions! In this case it was a 7 year old girl accosted by state health officials over a lemonade stand. That incident has caused all kinds of state "blowback" and rightly so. It is, as one person in Gary's report declares.. "a bit over the top".

A bit? Thats being polite. The beast.. are we having fun yet?

In this edition of the Reality Report, Gary shows you the horrifying police dashboard camera video of an officer tasing then killing a teenager. He also presents the story of a seven year old girl's lemonade stand being shut down by the health department in Portland, Oregon. Gary also covers the details on the Freedom Action National Conference and gives you a sneak peek of the speakers who will be speaking Thursday through Saturday in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.


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Obama-Nation, What Can I Say?

With Obama in office I feel like a Bush era comedian. Not only is there no shortage of material to work with in fact he is the mother lode itself. What do you expect having put into the oval office one of the top 10 most corrupt in DC? Criminality and corruption in DC have been taken to a whole new level. And we're talking "Chicago" style. Destroy any "non-team" players any way possible. Gangster politics at it's finest.

A sick pup is in the white house. Real sick severe issues. But he lies so well! Remember determining the quality of a tree by the quality of the fruit it produces? Here is a small sample of only the current crop of fruit coming from this "Obama-Nation" tree.

Obama's eligibility doubted by surging congressional candidate

Army gags officer challenging Obama eligibility

Obama Drops 2009 Pledge to Withdraw Combat Troops From Iraq

Obamacare could actually kill Constitution

New documents point to Indonesian citizenship

Kagan case: 'Real Truth About Obama'

Rush Limbaugh: It's Obama's birthday, without evidence

Iran's Ahmadinejad calls for TV debate with Obama

Oops! Obama mama passport 'destroyed'

No birth certificate among passport documents

Another Obama puzzle: 3rd grade in 2 countries?

Video: Michelle Obama Says Obama Visited his Home Country of Kenya

The Southern Avenger - Obama is a Threat to National Security

Obama's Executive Order: States' coastal jurisdictions subject to United Nations' Law Of Sea Treaty

States fight Obama's effort to kill legal challenge to federal health care plan

The Obama Presidency Increasingly Resembles France Before the Revolution

Congressman: Obama 'enjoying' eligibility dispute

Yes, Obama's eligible for president, in Kenya!

All In The Family: Obama’s CIA Pedigree

The tree has plenty of fruit. A mother lode even.. I don't need to say anything the tree's fruit speaks very well for itself.

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Judge Andrew Napolitano: The Plain Truth - The Government Lies to You!

"The government needs to be exposed because it cannot be trusted to expose itself, the light of day and the light of truth are the best disinfectants for the government"

Read his latest book "Lies the government told you". He holds nothing back calling out Republicans and Democrats from Lincoln, FDR, Bush, and even George Washington. This book will open your eyes to the truth.


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In this edition Gary Franchi zooms in on Charlie Rangel's Slavery Bill, HR 5741 and Nina Police presents video of Congressman Stark's admission of Federal Power. She also brings you the memo that exposes the US Immigration Service's backdoor amnesty plans, and Ron Paul's new SEC Transparency Bill. We also break a story on the new CIA / Google backed company currently harvesting web data to track you. Gary presents another sneak peek interview from "Enemy of the State: Camp FEMA 2" featuring Stewart Rhodes from Oathkeepers. Plus a new "Enemy of the State" is branded and we take a dip into the mailbag to find out what you think about Wikileaks.


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America's Sellout: Another View

The supreme law when it comes to controlling the masses is NOT drawing attention to yourself and what you are up to. It worked for the Roman Empire Oligarchs right up to the end. Give the people beer and circus, keep them happy and distracted, as we rob them blind and make off with all their wealth.

This only works if the people are "distracted". If the people are not closely watching what they are up to. A fine line. Take a cookie but not the whole jar mentality.

Well.. it seems they have gotten too bold and over confident. I suppose after years of raping us unaware unbelievable what we will trust and allow them to get away with unquestioned would they think otherwise.

It seems the line has been crossed. People have had to put down their lives to take a close look at what our government is doing and why. What's going on?

Exactly the question the Roman Empire told them you do not want asked. Beer and circus is the rule when you are stealing cookies.

Actually the big rip off occurred way back in 1913. A very very bad year for America. Not only have they managed to keep that quiet they have also managed to rip us off further.

Ah... the power of beer and circus.

Somewhere along the line however recently they have crossed the "Rubicon". They F**ked up. Too much, too fast? Whatever. People started taking a look at what they were up to. It is a shocking awareness that is revealed upon close examination. Caught with their greedy dirty hands in the cookie jar.

This is not about what is good for America.. it is simply petty criminal crap stealing cookies. Trust me I'll watch your bank account and keep it safe while you work in the field of life.


Another one bites the dust..


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Freedom Watch Examines WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks is becoming something of an annoyance, a complication, an embarrassment for our government? They keep releasing information the government does not want you to know about.

Our Pravda mass media is well heeled being controlled by the same corporations that control our government. MSM "News" will never report these "sensitive" truths to the public. Understand when you've gone through all the effort to manufacture, and based your entire MO, on building lies and misconception in the public mind truth is a very very dangerous thing. One tiny little pebble of truth getting out can rip through and completely destroy an entire mountain of lies that took years to develop. Recovery from it may be impossible.

Free Speach and freedom of the press were specifically written into the Constitution for good reason. First if the people are going to have to run the country they need good, correct, information to work with. I refer you to an old computer adage... "Garbage in, Garbage out." If you are not working with the correct information don't expect to come to a correct conclusion. MSM understands this very well specifically giving you all the incorrect information you need to come to the incorrect solution they want.

Second another device needs to be in place to keep and eye on the government. History has confirmed they can not be trusted and in fact unchecked will soon become tyrannical and oppressive. The people need to know what the government is doing so they can respond "appropriate". Sadly our government has become our founding father's worst nightmare. Exactly what they feared would happen. This is were the press and media should be letting the people know what they are doing. This is also why they are not letting you know.

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have absolutely nothing to do with fighting terrorism. Did MSM News not mention this to you? Osama Bin Laden is not even a wanted criminal according to our own FBI. Did the MSM fail to mention this to you? On the other hand the founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, has become a key military target and objective.

Our military hunting down a man who is speaking free and giving the truth an avenue of exposure. Our military after him.. think about that a moment. He has been declared a threat to national security! Think about that for an additional moment. Now I know when you hear them say "National Security" your thinking your safety is at danger by violating this. Under normal, sane, circumstances that might actually be true. That is NOT how the label is being used here however. In this case the label is being used because the government itself is being threatened and endangered by his activities. In fact his activities are in "The peoples" best interest. It is NOT about protecting the people it is all about protecting the government corruption and control.

He is allowing the truth to get out. Shut him up he is public enemy number one our entire country is at risk because he is expressing something! Now you understand the real danger of free speech and free press. Now you understand why they want to oppress and outlaw it.

For YOUR protection of course....

Julian actually went into hiding for a bit understand also our military has become little more than paid "state approved" assassins. This is not about your protection they are there to protect the state. Did you think otherwise?

Well he comes out of hiding big time to jump right into the public spotlight! A wise move they can not assassinate him quietly in the shadows if he is in the public eye. And he choose the Judge's show to expose himself go public. I have no doubt the judge knows full well what Julian is up to by accessing his show. In fact the Judge shows himself to be helping Julian as best he can. The judge gives him his moment of exposure and then kicks it around a bit with varying opinions on it.

Freedom Watch:

Part 1:

Follow the YouTube indexing for the rest of it.

Are we in such sad shape as a nation that the truth becomes a national security threat to us? Truth threatens our national security? Truth is dangerous?

Something is seriously wrong here.

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