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CPAC 2010: Ron Paul Alive And Well

The annual Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC, was held back in February. This is the Mecca for Freedom lovers all across the country. Constitutional government, sound money and all issues that made America great are up for discussion and celebration.

They hold a straw poll every year this year was no different. The poll this year asked if a 2012 presidential election was held today who would win? Now granted the audience polled were Constitutional American patriots from all across the country. Their opinion therefore is biased that way. To win the CPAC poll is like taking a title a prestigious feather in one's cap. Here are the results:

2010 CPAC Straw Poll
Ron Paul 31%
Mitt Romney 22%
Sarah Palin 7%
Tim Pawlenty 6%
Mike Pence 5%
Newt Gingrich 4%
Mike Huckabee 4%
Mitch Daniels 2%
John Thune 2%
Rick Santorum 2%
Haley Barbour 1%

That's right... Ron Paul blew away Mitt Romney unseating his three year running title for this event. And also of significant note is that Ron's 31% is the largest victory margin ever for this poll.

Now I know main stream media, the propaganda mouthpiece for the Oligarchs running this country, would like Ron to disappear. Apparently according to the CPAC 2010 poll they are losing their grip. Nothing could be more frightening to a control freak.

It seems after reading a Huffington Post article about CPAC the Huff Post itself is a compromised information source. The article talks up big, name dropping, the top Oligarch false Conservative puppets. It also talks down the real conservatives and doesn't even mention Ron a 2008 presidential candidate and star of the conservative movement and CPAC. As the poll confirmed. Here is the Huff Post article if you would like to see bias and misinformation presented as fact:

CPAC 2010 Updates: Latest News, Video From Conservative Political Action Conference

The Huff Post article is another testament, as main stream media, that the Ron Paul R3volution/Tea Party/Public awakening is becoming a force to be reckoned with. They are doing all their usual mis-info redirection trying to convince those in the movement that their false Oligarch puppets are actually leaders in this movement when in fact they are not. Not at all.. they are Oligarch puppets trying to dupe you into thinking they are real. That's what they do, that's what they always do...

...lets not fall for it this time please.


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Why is immigration reform being pushed to the side? Will the next Pearl Harbor be a cyber attack? Will tanks soon be rolling down the streets of Chicago? StartPage Story- Google now releasing your information to the government. Catherine Bleish joins Ronan O'Shea to talk about the Liberty Restoration Project


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Hitler reacts to the Hitler parodies being removed from YouTube

The video sequence below has been lifted and "creatively" reworked to make one point or another political. This understand is protected under "Free use" political statements copyrights have no hold or legal bar forbidding this kind of activity. Simply the material is used for political statement not ripped off for the purpose of making money from their work. MatrixUSA actually takes advantage of this "Free use" understanding basing the entire web design and theme upon the "Matrix" movie trilogy for political statement with copyright impunity because of that.

The videos created using this Hitler sequence for political statements apparently have been quite effective as they are now being taken down off YouTube citing copyright infringements. This of course is absurd and actually illegal under "Free use" laws.

So here is a new video that surfaced on YouTube using the exact same sequence that has been used by many political statement free use artists which now seems to be "They don't like it" we bend laws any way we want to serve our interests now and are forcing them removed.

This is odd.. Hitler defending "Free use" open political expression laws??? That is until it is illegally removed for copyright misuse.

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R3volution Compassionate Help For The Trolls

A helping hand extended to a troll. This is how you know we here in the "R3volution" are actually on the right track, doing the right thing, holding the high ground!

For those of you not familiar with the "troll" reference a quick and simple definition is in order. A "Troll" is someone who could also be labeled as "A Mole", "Undercover Agent", "Agent Provocateur" and the like. My personal favorite would be "Asshole". Someone who comes in posing as one thing but is actually just the opposite you get the idea.

"Trolls" are something that sadly the R3volution has to deal with there are way too many of them this is what we are up against. Covert enemy attack by lie and deception. I shot myself in the head because my trusted troll friend suggested it would be a good idea!

Trolls are up against a variety of challenges some of them easy some of them a bit more... problematic? I guess it depends on the level of awareness to their existence the target crowd is. The naive are sheep for the slaughter to these trolls. For the more, lets say, experienced it is not so easy for the trolls. For example they have a much harder time over at The Daily Paul its as if they can smell them when they come through the door over there.

This is what it is, this is the enemy that is upon us they just love attacking from smoke and shadows. I am your friend ignore the knife in your back. Hmmm.. come to think of it this last observation pretty much sums up main stream corporate controlled news.

But on to the "High ground"! The R3volution, the people, are not like that. They do not operate in the realm of "black" it is more light in color most would call it "white". Here is an example of the difference between white and black. Someone on the white side has decided to extend a helping hand to these trolls on the black side. This is the subtle but extremely important difference between us.

Un-official guide to trolling Freedoms Phoenix


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The Other 95%: More 95% VooDoo Math

There seems to be a lot of mass media hype lately trying to portray the Tea Party people in any bad light possible. This would be the same as "keep throwing shit at the wall till something sticks". Why not it's always worked before!

Obama himself was quoted as saying he doesn't get it why are these people protesting they should be thanking him for all his tax cuts. This from a $30,000 a plate private celebrity jet set exclusive dinner party. Give or take the amount of obscene in the details.

Obama is taking bows for giving 95% of working Americans a tax "cut". The mass media and other Obamatronic idolaters are praising this 95% tax cut of course, as Obama suggests, anyone protesting taxes is funny and obviously disconnected from reality.

Drop to knees, bow low, thank you savior messiah Obama of the lies for such a wonderful lie. We love you!! Tell us more lies that we like!

That's right your 95% tax "cut" falls into the same amount of credibility as his new era of government transparency. You know Nancy Pelosi telling you will find out what is in the bill once it becomes law type of government transparency?

There is no tax "cuts" for 95% of Americans. I suppose you could have surmised this it does not make sense the math is already bad something is wrong. As one person over at Yahoo Answers spotted:

(Excuse me.. I have a question..)How will Obama cut taxes for 95% of Americans when only 48% of Americans pay taxes?

These people and their pesky foolish questions are not they funny?

And there in lies the "trick" of it. Sleight of hand, smoke and mirrors tax economics. His 95% tax "cut" is described best, broken down nicely, by an article over at the Wall Street Journal.

Obama's 95% Illusion

You really should read this it spells it all out nicely. The short of it is this.. basically redefine the meaning of "tax cut". With this totally new definition of the "cut" we work our illusionist magic.. Presto Chango.. that is how 95% of Americans got a tax "cut" though only 48% pay taxes. It's magic he is the messiah!

Actually it is much more insidious than even the WSJ article defines. This new cut is not a cut, it is hidden wealth redistribution.. welfare via the tax department. You will have socialism know it or not. Oh what a tangled web we are getting into this is just plain VooDoo..

Now we have the DC tax day Tea Party protest. These Tea Party people are becoming a troublesome lot. Protesting instead of thanking Obama for his bastardization of the English language and hidden socialist moves. Thank God they are only fringe nut cases as demonstrated by a new group that suddenly appeared out of nowhere just days before the DC event to stage their own "counter" protest to the Tea Party.. The Other 95%.

If you Google The Other 95% the top center front page results are all about the other 95% of Americans. Click on any link about them and it brings you to a web site about "The Other 98%"!

95.. 98.. I'm sure it's all explained and makes perfect sense somehow in this wonderful world of illusion. These people should really stay away from numbers and math. But on to the group itself.. let's say for consistency.. 95. Seems to be a popular number to throw around.

Right away this mysterious out of nowhere group all of a sudden just days before the DC Tea Party to stage their own counter protest has all the flags, and odor, of this just ain't right. Like the 95% tax cut for all Americans.

First.. who protests in support of the government? That's just plain weird.. Kinda gives me the heebee jeebees.

Second.. ok.. the Tea Party they say is fringe and they represent, lets say 98% for better illustration here, of the population. The Tea Party had four separate events in DC alone that day. They had one. The Tea Party had hundreds of events all across the country that day.. they had one. If you break down the number of people involved in Tea Party activity vs. the number involved for the other, whatever, percentage it comes out to roughly 98% were at Tea Party events and a small fringe of maybe 2% was at their one event.

That pretty much sums up we have upon us now. A small fringe of 2% are declaring themselves the majority and at the same time telling you the 98% is fringe nut cases. Hello? I'll leave it at that but for more critical examination of this group representing most of America you can read:

“The Other 95%” = 100% Lies

The Other 95%," Another Stooge Democrat-Funded Astorturf Anti-Tea Party Effort? Is Cass Sunstein Involved?

Astroturf: On Heels of Failed ‘Coffee Party,’ It’s ‘The Other 95%’

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Judge Andrew Napolitano Freedom Watch All Star

Judge Andrew Napolitano Freedom Watch is a regular program of the Fox network. The judge, like Ron Paul, like most of Americans are under the impression that this is still America. You know... the Constitution, rule of law, freedom, people are the sovereign rulers and the government, I know this is very upsetting to the control freak dictatorial oligarchs, are the servants. You remember our power and authority is unrestricted theirs is, by our permission, extremely limited? We do things a little different here from the rest of the big government controls everything world you need to beg for their permission to do anything? You remember a young nation going from nothing to a major super industrial power almost overnight under these rules and conditions history has never before witnessed anything like what the American experience defined?

Sadly, alas, it seems that too many do not remember and have lost sight of what it really means and is to be an American. Between the government taking over education turning it into a perverted indoctrination system and the few powerful oligarchs taking over media, and the government, it seems we have been led astray. Misinformed.. duped?

So now we find ourselves the masses under control of this "Matrix" machinery there is a severe and critical need to detox, deprogram.. break the "Matrix" hold over us. This is where the judge's show can be used to great advantage. The best way to break this Matrix and illusional manipulation and control via education and media is to expose yourself to material, views and understandings, that are NOT of the "Matrix".

Obama is my supreme ruler he loves me! NO! He is not, he does not! He is just a cog in the Matrix machinery trying to tell you America is bad and anyone defending it is a terrorist! Think about that careful.. those that want to protect themselves and you and our country are now by government definition the enemy!

Does something smell a little foul about this? It should reek to you actually. But education and media have done their damage please blow my head off for my well being and own good!

The Matrix they have imposed needs to be broken. Freedom Watch can be an excellent source of education and perspective as to what it is really supposed to be, which by the way, is the complete opposite of what the "Matrix" tells you is right.

Here is a recent episode of the Judge's Freedom Watch. He has an all star cast of real freedom lovers outside the matrix hold on this particular show. Sit down, shut up, pay attention you can really learn a lot from those put before you.

Part 1 of 6:

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Amazing Speach By War Veteran

You got to see this video. Veteran Mike Prysner tells it like it is.


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Open Letter to DaSurreal1da

This is an odd post life can be weird these days. How did I get here? I was "cruzin" around the net when I came across one of his videos. Here is the video:

Is the Tea Party Racist?

Of course the Tea Party is NOT racist as DaSurreal1da has issue with also in his video. I was moved and impressed and wished to share with him, give him positive feedback, about his video expression. Alas.. I could not leave a comment for DaSurreal1da on YouTube though I had a YouTube account. It seems Google owns YouTube and if I want to give DaSurreal1da positive feedback, though I was signed into Youtube, I could not. I had to create a "Google" account to leave feedback for DaSurreal1da.

ok.. give me the create Google account page. Up pops a page asking and wanting to know all kinds of things about me personal, sorry Google, ain't going to happen, piss off!

So now for my refusal to turn over my life private to Google they refuse to let me send DaSurreal1da my "Hey!" note.

Fine.. So I am sending DaSurreal1da my note in this open letter on my blog I hope it reaches him. Here is the original text that Google would not let me send without surrendering my life to them first:

Good work.. this racism crap is just that.. crap! Since skin color is the big false issue let me say I am white, I probably have more black friends than white, I have done just what you suggest, took action in a poor black neighborhood to help those around me and let me throw in here, the point and purpose of this statement, I am proud and honored to have you on our side only you can reject with authority this "black thing racist bullshit" I can not though I completely agree because I'm white?!? Keep it up you honor us all!

I would have said more but the comment form limited me to that amount of space. I am not using their comment form now so my space is not limited. So for DaSurreal1da and everyone else out there I would like to expand upon my expression for him with a little story about a "racism" experience of mine.

A few years back I found myself in county lockup for a few weeks for the crime of being human. The details are not important. What is important is that I was put in county "dorm" for a few weeks with thirty other big bad menaces to society thank God we have all these jails and police now. Looking around the open room at my fellow inmates it quickly occurred to me these are not criminals, these are my neighbors and friends! They were no more a danger to society than I was and in fact many would argue I was actually an asset. But this is what it is. I have no shame about this incident in fact if anyone should feel shame it should be the system that has done this. But on to the expanded story for DaSurreal1da.

There was an incident inside that dorm in which I was in a political debate with Keith. Keith understand is a person from my neighborhood that I both knew and, more important, respected. But here is the Racism of it... Keith is black, I am white. For Keith and I both this meant absolutely nothing we both know that it is the validity of our argument that has all the meaning and importance in this debate. There came a moment in this debate in which I responded to Keith with "oh you people are all alike thinking that is the way it is". Sitting to the side was someone listening to the whole debate whom at hearing the "you people" thing let out a gasp and said "I don't believe you said that!".

This interrupted the debate as I turned to them confused "What are you talking about?". That's when they told me it was a racist comment "you people" meaning "blacks" to him, he was white. It took me a second but it finally sunk in and I turned to Keith "oh my god Keith I hope you don't think that is what I was saying?" Truly worried about it that is not what I was saying and as I said, I respected Keith.

Keith however was way ahead of me on this. He had a big smile and seemed to be enjoying what was just happening. "Not to worry" he knew "you people" meant anyone holding that position, not his color.

Thank God I liked Keith and did not wish to offend him Racist even by misunderstanding. So now I find myself aggravated and annoyed at this interruption suggesting racism that is pathetic to the wonderful debate we had going. So I turn to "vent" a little opinion about all that on the interrupter stupid when Keith stops me and says "No, don't thrash them for it I would be honored and actually enjoy it if you let me thrash them for it!".

We both share the humor about it for a moment then I step aside and become spectator as Keith gives them a most respectful thrashing. They left the area quickly not appreciating the finer subtleties of it all as both Keith and I did.

When it comes to measuring a person I don't see skin color, I don't see age, I don't see gender, I don't see nationality, political alignment nor religious affiliation. If I try to see any color at all it is the color of their heart.

I really hope this reaches you DaSurreal1da.


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Tea Party Racism??

Since Obama has been in office I have heard more out of main stream media about Racism than I have across the last 30 years! The way MSM paints it we have an epidemic major problem all this hate, and implied violence, about skin color.

Excuse me?? Didn't we all get past this years ago? You remember, the civil rights movement? Martin Luther King? White people marching with the black people? I thought this was all old history now we as a nation have moved past that.

Apparently not if you listen to MSM and the like...

And they just love pointing fingers telling everyone who the enemy is the Tea Party people.

Eh? I thought the Tea Party was all about out of control federal government, people with attitude about what they are doing. How can they claim this is racism didn't the people vote for and elect a "black" man? Would that happen in a racist country? Now all of a sudden racism is everywhere specifically those dangerous extremist tea partiers.

They are not extremist, they are not dangerous, except for maybe the criminals in DC and they are certainly not racist.

Why do we let these people talk on TV?

Anyways.. just recently there was a huge Tea Party event in DC. A whole bunch of MSM declared racists in one spot. Some enterprising young man decided to take advantage of the situation and go around and interview the black people that were crazy enough to stand among so many extremist racists in one spot.

Here is the result from the Tea Party protest on DC. Take special note as he interviews the black people the racism and hate they are NOT concerned about. Take note also as these black people are interviewed of all the white people in the background NOT taking severe issue with a black person in their midsts.

Tea Party Racism??

Kinda blows the racism theory doesn't it? Why do we let these people talk on TV?

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Quotes on America

Over at Uncommon Sense a collection of quotes on America has been assembled by category across two parts.

A collection of wit and wisdom that spans many generations of patriotic Americans about America. For example here is one from Ben:

“Man will ultimately be governed by God or by tyrants.”

– Benjamin Franklin

Here is Part 1 and Part 2.


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Actions and Consequences

The web site makes liberal use of quotes from many people across history to help illustrate, emphasize and illuminate the viewers. The quotes, as you might expect, come from founding fathers such as Washington, Jefferson and Franklin among others. But also included are those such as Einstein, Martin Luther King and, yes, even Hitler.

The reason they are quoted is that what is expressed is noteworthy? Significant? Profound? Sage advice earning the title "Quotable"? We might be wise to listen and acknowledge what has been expressed that is quotable and in reference to our current frame of events.

Who was it that said "A smart man learns from his mistakes, a wise man learns from others!"?

I would like to throw out a few more quotes here from someone we should all know and be full aware of. Someone whom it would not be wise at all to ignore what he says, in fact, could be considered down right foolish are you insane? Do you have any idea what you are doing? But this only applies to those aware of his existence. For the rest I can only suggest maybe it requires "Eyes that can see" and "Ears that can hear"? Maybe it might be wise to consider that almost 100% of the greatest minds and thinkers through history could all "see and hear". This advice given applies to everyone including those that refuse to acknowledge the source.

"Thou shalt not kill."

- YHWH(Yahweh) The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob - Exodus 20:13

"Thou shalt not steal."

- YHWH(Yahweh) The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob - Exodus 20:15

"Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor."

- YHWH(Yahweh) The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob - Exodus 20:16

Now lets take a look at a modern frame of reference regarding this. We go to war based on lies against nations killing innocent people and stealing their resources all for the want of those seeking money and power. Maybe we should include more quotables here.

"Thou shalt have no other Gods before me."

- YHWH(Yahweh) The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob - Exodus 20:3

"Thou shalt not covet"

- YHWH(Yahweh) The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob - Exodus 20:17

Ok.... Understand these "rules" apply to nations as well as people. A wise man, nation, would avoid violating any single simple request of his and we just blew off five from the long list of only ten! This from a nation that received his blessing and help to even come into existence.

These have been our actions... Have we lost our minds? Do we have any idea what we are doing?

I suggest that maybe this should all be considered if one wishes to understand why now our whole world and country is crumbling and collapsing around us. You think this might be reason for it?

Almost all our institutions, government, education, media, news.. whatever.. has become your enemy. Your president is illegal, got there on lies, is actually a Muslim extremest who hates your country and wants it destroyed. The water is now poisoned it is all going bad you are very likely to lose everything you value. It truly is "biblical" the blight that is upon us now all things considered.

You can go out into the net and with very little effort if you are actually seeking "truth" you will find it. You can't rely on your mass media news "Watchdogs" they are now the "Gatekeepers" of this blight upon you. Keeping you in the dark and lying to you all the time. Imagine that why is this insanity happening?

There are many, many examples of this to find if you wish to see and hear. Here is just one I think illustrates nicely how wrong and evil has been a choice we made. The consequences...

This is just one "modest" example as examples available goes. For other more provocative and quite frankly evil and sickening examples of what is happening over there, oh my God what have we done?!, I'll leave it to you to discover may God guide your way as you do.

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Is Obama deliberately going after Goldman Sachs to further his own agenda? Are the Tea Parties starting to taste like fascism? Will Google give the Government your cell phone number? Are your favorite patriots websites about to disappear? Who did Bill Clinton compare the Tea Partiers to? Is there a Freedom uprising taking place on college campuses? The Reality Report Crew takes on those questions and delivers the facts in the 41st edition.


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My Foolish Heart and the Impossibilty of Objectivity

This is a video released by cveitch of the Love Police. In this video he talks about objectivity, perception what we each see individual as our own unique reality.

CVeitch has a gift from God and lucky for the rest of us he is openly sharing it with us all. Here is cveitch in My Foolish Heart and the Impossibilty of Objectivity:

Praise the Lord for what he gives to each and every one of us. I'm pretty sure cveitch knows God is messing with him.

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Tax Revolt 2010: Views from the front

The "Tea Party" movement is going main steam. By this I mean it is moving from a handful of aware activists to the general population. Breaking down the walls that are by design placed around us. Here are three selected videos from events all across the country.

The first is Gary Franchi from Restore the Republic at the Chicago event.

Here is Michele Bachmann, republican congresswoman from Minnesota, at the DC event.

And finally a third selection this one is the most telling in my opinion remember "common sense"? It comes from an ordinary person from the Carmel New York event.

There were events all around the country your main stream media corporate controlled "news" will not tell you about it. Or worse, they will but what they tell you will be wrong and designed to make you believe the wrong thing. They are no longer the "watchdogs" they are now the "gatekeepers". For more news and information about what happened around the country, the Tax Revolt, you'll have to dig it out of the internet.

I'll give one more related video here. This is about our supreme usurper and liar AKA Obama ridiculing the people whom do not like and are protesting, rightly so, what the government is doing. Rush Limbaugh of all people got this right in response to his arrogance and disdain for the people.


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Tea Party 2010 Tax Revolt

Well it's that time of year again, April 15, your deadline for sending in your illegal, unconstitutional, banker tribute money otherwise known as your income tax.

You remember.. back in 1913 when corruption in government gave us the Federal Reserve, the illegal central bank the constitution specifically prohibits? Turned over the power to regulate our money to a handful of private bankers? Gave private bankers the legal right to flat out counterfeit money? All for the purpose of protecting the value of the dollar which by fed design inflationary is worth less every moment? Now many years later the dollar worth about three cents compared to the dollar they took charge of and our government, our country, we the people held hostage to their control of the money we have another tax day upon us.

Oh.. The Tax itself... sorry, got sidetracked about the bankers running our country thing..

IRS, Income Tax, yes, it is also illegal and was brought to us thanks to the same corruption that gave us the FED, created at the same time as the FED, in order to serve the now we have to pay interest problem having the FED "protect" our money.

Voluntary compliance they say... We are all volunteering to do this since it is illegal and there is no basis in real law for them to collect this money called income tax. Understand the government use of the word "voluntary" here. This is a whole new definition and meaning of the word voluntary.. Normally one would think voluntary means "my choice" if I do this or not. Under the government definition it is also your choice but with the added dynamic of if you do not make this free choice of yours expect to have everything you own taken from you and be thrown into jail you just perpetrated a crime worse than killing someone! Not like this is mandatory..

Subtle difference??

Finally the fraud and criminality of both the Federal Reserve and the IRS is fast becoming widespread public knowledge. We've been had by a handful of criminals. What do you expect from this "forbidden" knowledge reaching the public? A revolt would seem absurd? A grassroot uprising known as "The Tea Party" revolting against the Republicrat parties that are criminal robbing us illegal like the Crown of England did inspiring the original Tea Party movement.

Let's not forget the "without representation" part either. You know when the majority of the people express, as they have always in the past, "DO NOT DO THAT" and our reps do it anyways as in bailouts and health care reform? Of course you had to be actively involved in our birthright and responsibility as citizens of this nation to be aware of this big "FU the bankers and corporations are who we serve now" the reps returned to us.

So, what did you expect, the natives are getting a little restless? I don't get it.. they steal everything you own, illegal, then tell you that you have no say in the matter, illegal, and now with "Obamacare" you must also, they decide it, must die! Why would anyone revolt against this thing? We must be crazy rejecting such actions caressing us so loving.

The Tea Party has gone viral a true revolt against government tyranny and corruption is in progress. In case the mass media morning news failed to mention this to you. It has become so powerful and such a force that it moved from the overlord position of just ignoring it into the realm of it has to be criticized and belittled how dare the people want what belongs to them! The nerve....

Always an interesting dynamic when the ones trying to impose tyranny and oppression illegal run into the "natives are getting restless" thing. For an interesting and informative read about the "Tea Party", "Crashing The Tea Party", and of course the "Crashing the Crashing the Tea Party" you may go over to an article at The World Net Daily.

April 15, 2010 revolt protest and marches are planned and scheduled all across America the big one is in DC storming the White House. You can go to Tea Party Patriots to search for a list of events if you desire to show up in person at any of the scheduled events. Should you be unable to attend you may also show your support by joining a "virtual uprising" at the Online Tax Revolt. Sign up, pick an Avatar, join a group if you choose and storm DC from the virtual world.

Be there..


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Bilderberg/Trilateral Annual Secret Meeting

Well it's that time of year again when the most powerful people on the planet, you know the ones that even tell governments and presidents what to do, get together for their annual "secret" meeting to review the past year's progress towards global domination and to determine this years goals for achieving global domination.

If you think Obama is in office to solve problems and bring change you are sadly mistaken. Obama does what he is told to do by these people as does most of your government. In fact their reach and influence over your governmental bodies and authorities is reaching right down to your small town/hamlet level. Research Agenda 21 and ICLEI which may be in your neighborhood right now.

These annual meetings of humanities biggest problems were at first 100% secret, complete news blackout of the event. Think about that one. The most powerful people in the world get together in one place and not one word out of media about it. Yet your neighbor will be all over national news for a week over something meaningless.

The "secret" however is no longer secret but they still try to keep it one. The big media outlets, specifically the ones owned and controlled by them, ABC, Washington Post, etc., still maintain the blackout though the independents are getting much bolder and reporting it. This to the bane of these groups that rely heavily upon secrecy and clandestine methods. The fact that they want to kill eight out of every ten people on the entire planet is not likely to receive popular public support. That they view the human race as pestilence and livestock is something else the public would probably not be fond of.

You can find out when and where they plan to hold the meetings this year from Jim Tucker over at American Free Press. Jim has been dogging the Bilderbergs for years and is one of the top authorities about them and their activities. Jim's article at AFP is BILDERBERG FOUND!

The Trilateral Commission is not as well known as the Bilderbergs. They also get together once a year, in secret of course, to review and plan their objectives. Their objectives, coincidentally, are identical to the Bilderberg Group, the same. Even before the end of inauguration month, President Obama has appointed eleven Trilateral Commission members to the most important government positions. They do have a nice quasi-Nazi-Swastika logo. Here is Patrick Wood from The August Review on the Reality Report giving a briefing about the Trilateral Commission:


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We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For

The PuppetGov video We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For:


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John Stossel Goes To Washington

This is the title of an entire collection of videos on YouTube. John examines the federal government. As anyone whom chooses to do that it is soon, quickly, realized the federal government, imagine this our founding fathers had it right, is a disaster at whatever they touch. You think maybe this is specifically the reason for the few and delegated powers that the federal government was allowed to do?

The collection of videos on YouTube of John looking at Washington are numerous. I've viewed a few and they seem to look at different aspects of the same problem, that is, government is NOT THE SOLUTION, IT IS THE PROBLEM!!!

Read more »


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What does the UN have in store for American gun owners? Is the Department of Homeland Security building a new super fortress? Will a Biometric ID card be required to earn a living in the New States of America? Where did Michelle Obama say Barack's home country is? What is the State of Idaho going to do to boost the state's economy? These questions and more are tackled by the Reality Report crew.


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The American Revolution...REBOOTED!

This posting is pure shameless plagiarism. There is an opinion editorial over at of the same title written by Leigh Scott. It's good stuff here is the text of the article:

If I had a dollar for every time some tool during the health care debate brought up how “we’re the only industrialized” nation in the world without socialized health care I’d have a lot of money. Why, I could even retire from my current job of poisoning the environment and taking advantage of the working man. I could, you know, relax.

Even the U.K., the drones blather, has government run health care. I guess they think we can identify better with the U.K. because they’re mostly white and speak English. I don’t know. I won’t waste any time trying to figure out the left’s thought process. Doing so would be as dangerous and pointless as trying to decipher the Necronomicon.

Invoking the U.K. as a model should, naturally, have the opposite effect on the American psyche. I hate to bring it up, but we kinda fought a war a couple hundred years ago to insure that we were NOT just like England. We already had the English life. We were right there and we rejected it.

Think of all the things we missed out on, only to aspire to end up in the same place. Our fish and chips are inferior. Guinness served over here is never quite as fresh. We don’t have tea time. I really like tea. We also ditched the cool accents. I mean seriously, I could have sounded like Ian McKellan or Sean Connery if it wasn’t for those clowns Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson.

Thanks to the American Revolution we can’t claim Led Zepplin, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Arctic Monkeys, The Smiths, Blur or the Spice Girls as our own. James Bond is not our brother. Neither is Dr. Who. On top of it, I would probably be a Lord or Earl or something. Damn it, Lord Leigh Scott of Wauwatosa sounds freaking awesome! Thanks a lot Thomas Paine.


The second half to the whole “we’re the only nation to not have” nonsense is that we are the “richest” nation. To that, I would like to affirm the obvious. We are the richest nation precisely because we DON’T have bloated, intrusive, nanny state government.

But Leigh, they say, it’s over. They passed it. Elections have consequences. Just deal with it.

I think that’s a dangerous idea. Accepting defeat when it is so far on the horizon for our great nation would be a huge mistake. I quote my almost countryman Winston Churchill when I say “Do not let spacious plans for a new world divert your energies from saving what is left of the old”.

No matter how you want to spin it, what happened at the end of March was indeed historic. Circumventing the “spirit” of the law to force a massive expansion of government has never happened before. Both the Social Security Acts of 1935 and 1965 passed with healthy bipartisan majorities. They weren’t “squeakers” voted late on a Sunday night after months of back room deals and shady pay-offs.

The process that just gave us the Obamacare more closely resembles the power grabs in Central America than it does anything Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton wasted their time writing about.

Oh, yeah. I forgot to mention Lily Allen and Oasis. Great, we can claim Lady Gaga and Avril Lavigne. Wait, Avril Lavigne is Canadian? Damn it. Thanks again Alexander Hamilton.

Back to the point. The Left has made a critical error here. My Dad used to say “never make a threat unless you’re willing to follow through”. He was talking about fights on the playground, and later in business about suing people, but I think it’s true here. When you try to rig the system, ignore the will of the people, and rely on a favorable press to push a socialist agenda you better have the other toys that usually come in the evil dictator/commie/socialist toolkit. The American Left doesn’t.

Do you really think that any of this stuff is enforceable? What are they going to do when we all just stop paying taxes? What if we simply say “no thanks” to signing up with Blue Cross/Blue Shield? There aren’t enough jails. How long before the local police refuse to arrest people? The new bill calls for 15,000 new IRS agents, not 15 million.

Do you think that the 101st Airborne is going to accept an order to invade Arlington, TX?

The only way socialism overtakes America is if we accept it. If we simply mope around and complain about our taxes and the government like we always have. The only way this becomes the nightmare we all fear is if we let it.

And that is exactly what they expect us to do.

Unlike their heroes in Venezuela and Cuba, the left doesn’t have the muscle. I’ve gone head to head with union thugs. Not that scary. Sorry Nancy Pelosi, but I don’t see a Che Guevara in your future who can force social justice with the barrel of a gun.

It’s going to take more than Nancy Pelosi’s over-sized gavel, MSNBC, and presidential double talk to drive this country into the same recycle bin that the EU finds itself. It would take guns. And thanks to George Washington and Co., we have those too.

The Second American Revolution will be bloodless. It will amount to rank and file citizens sitting on their hands and on their wallets. Remember what our almost countrywoman Margaret Thatcher said; “the problem with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money”. Agreed Maggie. I say we cut it the purse strings early.

The ultimate genius of the Founding Fathers wasn’t simply the Constitution. We saw how malleable that piece of paper was Sunday night. No, their genius is the political philosophy behind it. It’s in the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, The Federalist Papers, and Paine’s Common Sense. It’s now part of our DNA, our national identity. The government works for us, we don’t work for it. When the government forgets that and oversteps its bounds…time for a new government.

And that idea, my friends, it tougher to beat than a few parliamentary procedures or stubborn representatives.

So I take back what I said. Who wants to be an Earl anyway? The American Revolution insured that we have what no one else has: true liberty and freedom. Millions of our countrymen did not sacrifice their lives to allow us to slip into the same wretched trap that the rest of the world has. Our countrymen stared down legions of Redcoats, and we can’t stare down a botoxed illiterate like Nancy Pelosi? Our countrymen endured hand to hand combat with Nazi SS soldiers and we can’t put a moron like Paul Krugman in his place? Right now our brave brothers and sisters battle crazed Islamic militants who dream of death, and we can’t tell the goon at Starbucks with three earrings who lives in his parent’s basement, working on his “band”, where to stick it? Please.

Outside of our fondness for scotch and red meat, we are now nothing like our cousins in jolly old England. Thank God for that. Sure, the U.K. can claim Duran Duran, but we have Nirvana. And Prince. And The Doors. Plus, we have MGD and PBR. Guinness is good, but it’s a bit filling, like a milkshake. I’d like to insert a Daniel Day Lewis “milkshake” joke here, but I don’t think enough people will get it.

Anyway, I still kinda wish I had the cool accent.

The original article contains a nice graphic. A picture of government criminality protesters carrying signs, flags and banners. Take a good look at the people in the picture our current government and corporate controlled media will tell you they are terrorists, racists, extremists, right wing radicals and fringe nut jobs. Looking at the crowd they will probably appear to you as neighbors, co-workers and family members. Isn't it great having a government that will target "real" enemies for "your" protection? That's right we now need military operating inside the US to take down your terrorist grandmother!


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Whistleblower Magazine: The Great Awakening

The April 2010 issue of the Whistleblower Magazine is about The Great Awakening: How tea partiers are setting a new course for America.

It's been touted as the hot new "third party" of American politics. It's been demonized as a dangerous mob of extremists and racists. What it truly is, however, is nothing more nor less than the great awakening of the sleeping giant called Middle America.

"It," of course, is the tea party movement, focus of April's groundbreaking and inspiring issue of Whistleblower magazine, titled "THE GREAT AWAKENING: How tea partiers are setting a new course for America."

Jolted awake by what can accurately be described as an aggressive socialist coup d'etat in Washington, D.C., millions of regular hard-working, tax-paying Americans are not only fully awake, but outraged at what they see as the unprecedented arrogance, corruption and deceit of the Obama administration and Congress.

This is the same grassroot movement referred to by our glorious socialist leader Nancy Pelosi as "Astro-turf". This is the same grassroot movement that has set town hall meetings on fire expressing "a problem" with government mandating health care. This is the same grassroot that had massive marches on Washington. This is the same grassroot that overloaded congressional switch boards demanding "Representatives" reject health care reform. This is the same grassroot that comprises patriotic Americans from all walks of life, from across all parties that main stream media is painting as dangerous terrorists!

I've seen the grassroot crowd and in fact have stood among them. Look out across the crowd and see a crosscut of American middle class the elderly lady on her lawn chair is something the state should be afraid of, very afraid!

Here are issue highlights:

* "What's the tea party all about?" by Joseph Farah

* "A republic, if you can keep it" by Michele Bachmann, who honors tea party Americans for "choosing life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness"

* "America's first tea party" – a look back at iconic patriots revolting against "taxation without representation"

* "Go back to go forward" by Chuck Norris, who makes it clear that America's greatest problem is that we have forgotten our roots

* "Barack Obama and the date-rape of America" by David Kupelian, on what's really behind the unprecedented corruption and abuse in Washington

* "Full-scale rebellion ahead" by Henry Lamb, who says freedom-loving Americans are rising up to fulfill Thomas Jefferson's dictum

* "Palin: 'America is ready for another revolution'" by Chelsea Schilling, in which the former Alaska governor warns us that Obama, Pelosi and Reid are totally out of touch with the enemy America faces

* "The unlimited potential of the tea party" by Joseph Farah, who explains the grass-roots movement's true, simple agenda

* "New 'bill of particulars' cites Obama's failings" by Chelsea Schilling, showcasing former Alabama Supreme Court chief justice Roy Moore passionately telling tea partiers Obama "has ignored history, apologized to Arabs, pursued socialism"

* "Finding our way home before it's too late" by Joseph Farah, who explains that after neutralizing Obama this November, tea party activists must rescue America's cultural institutions and reclaim its spiritual priorities

* "If you can't beat 'em, bad-mouth 'em?" by Bob Unruh, who focuses on news anchors that resort to unbelievably crude sexual innuendo to criticize tea parties

* "Tax dollars used to ridicule 'teabaggers'" – profiling a government-funded commercial portraying tea partiers as stupid, drooling extremists

* "People are crazy about liberty!" by Herman Cain, who celebrates the fact that Americans' long-dormant passion for their country has been ignited

* "Dem panic! Anti-tea-party ads tied to Obama eligibility" by Chelsea Schilling, focusing on a campaign that seeks to convince voters "This movement is a fad"

* "NYT op-ed: Tea partiers are like 'Hee Haw' zombies" by Drew Zahn, showcasing a "mainstream media" columnist saying the tea party is manifesting "the desperate thrashings of a dying movement"

* "A million or more rock Washington" by Chelsea Schilling and Alyssa Farah, who report the taxpayer march might have been the biggest rally ever in the nation's capital

* "Third party? Try tea for 2" by Jane Chastain, who makes a persuasive case that tea party activists should take over precincts in both major parties

* "Secession in the air" by Patrick Buchanan, who shows how the tea party movement is tied to a growing states' rights movement

* "Tea-party explosion! Next up: House where Obama lives" by Chelsea Schilling, who reports that April's event will "deliver the crowd right to the White House"

* "2010 tea-party calendar" – See what all the fuss is about! Join patriots at several important events this year

* "What we must do: Defeat every liberal in Congress" by Roger Hedgecock, who declares: Election 2010 is judgment day for the left

The Federal government has finally crossed over the Rubicon...

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On the Beat with the Love Police

Bow your head and obey!

...or do not..

The Love Police on patrol again. Freemason Grand Lodge:

The Awakened Ones:

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