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Petition Pelosi/Reid Blocking FED Audit

The Audit The FED bill which has so many co-sponsors it is approaching the entire congress has gone nowhere. Why? Because key people in the vote protocol, Pelosi/Reid, are blocking it protecting the FED from examination. Understand, The FED which has legal authority to counterfeit money, controls the nations financial works, and basically has a stranglehold on congress has NEVER been audited! You however make a typo on your tax form and you'll be audit three years in a row.

There is a big push right now to petition Pelosi and Reid. You can read and sigh the petition at Campaign For Liberty.


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Yet Another Flu Scandal: The WHO Flu Scam Video

This whole flu, pandemic, vaccination mania has more holes in it than swiss cheese as the saying goes. This has got to be a government operation it is being botched so badly.

Todays scandal comes in the form of another documentary released on the net available for free to download. Actually, it comprises six mini-documentaries.

1: WHO Flu
2: Toxic Shots
3: Slow Kill
4: Fast Money
5: NWO Agenda
6: Genocide

You can find it and the associated links at The Flu Case.

If you have broadband and a BitTorrent client you can download them all directly from PirateBay.

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Obama, Media, Politics: The Web of Lies

Obama is an excellent example of just how powerful mainstream media is when it comes to controlling the public. They alone have created, and are maintaining, the public "Obama Mania". He is a rock star. He is an idol. He is our supreme leader. He is the messiah. We all love and adore him he will save us all. Nothing he does, wants, needs, requests should be questioned. There is something wrong with you if you have any issue about him. He is the greatest thing since sliced bread! We all want to know what he ate for breakfast. We all want to know what clothes he wears. We all want to know all the "gossip magazine crap" associated with any celebrity.

He is, this is a fact, a polished and eloquent speaker. The problem is that he is, this is also a fact, a polished and eloquent LIAR. It sure sounds good, too bad none of it is real. But isn't that what we are all about anymore? It's NOT what you are, it's how you look. It's NOT what you do, it's how it appears. It's NOT about truth, it's about what you say.

Obama is an example of where we have come, what we have allowed to be done to us. He epitomizes the pinnacle of unprincipled life we now accept not only from our supreme commander and chief but also from our media and congress as a whole. Corruption is ours now to enjoy.

There is a big "birther" controversy going on. Obama, the media and congress refuse to answer it. His birth history can't even be agreed upon between him and his own wife! They tell two different stories. But this is the problem with deception. The web of lies we weave when we start to deceive. The story changes from version to version, from person to person, it is rarely the same.

There are many legal challenges to his eligibility to hold the office of President of The United States. Many! Of course you will not hear about this from Obama, the media nor congress they are all complicit in the treasonous crime of usurping. According to them these are just the crazed rants of non-human "birthers". You know the same bad types like krauts, nips, gooks... public manipulation never changes.

Here is an excerpt from a 10/5/09 hearing trying to discover if the rule of law actually exists in this country anymore.

10:53 13 If one got in the White House by virtue of massive
10:53 14 fraud when I have presented to you statements from two
10:53 15 licensed investigators from different sides -- different
10:53 16 parts of the country showing that Mr. Obama has 39 different
10:53 17 social security numbers in national databases and the social
10:53 18 security number that he used most often is the social
10:53 19 security number of an individual who is deceased today, who
10:53 20 was born in 1890 in the state of Connecticut, Your Honor, I
10:53 21 submit to you this is massive fraud.

Obama has 39 different SS numbers? The one he uses the most is that of a deceased person?

He is the messiah! Messiah of what is the question we all need to be asking?


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Yet Another Vaccine Scandal

Since this whole vaccine thing has drawn public attention it is a non-stop flow a negative and detrimental discoveries about vaccines, H1N1 and the whole medical science behind it all.

Yet another discovery about vaccines has hit the net. I'm surprised the main stream media news watch dogs didn't catch this one! To their credit I did get to learn this morning from them why men don't listen to women. They even had an "expert" about it. Some guy I am not sure was really a guy. Anyways they explained to me all the reasons they don't listen none of which made any sense to me and personally, as a man, found it insulting and offensive to say I am that way. But what do I know, I listen so I must not be normal.

Again, I digress.. Sorry, I have a personal "fondness" of the main stream media always attempting to mess me up.

Back to yet another vaccine scandal.. Apparently World Health Organization (WHO) documents have been discovered outlining plans to use vaccines for human extermination and planet population reduction. Outline using vaccines as biological weapons. You know the WHO? That subsidiary of the communistic organization of feudal lords and bankers trying to dominate the world commonly known as the United Nations (UN)?

It's a three step process that goes like this:

Shot 1) First totally disable the Immune System.

Shot 2) Load every cell of the Victim’s body up with Infection. Or simply let nature do this with the crippled immune system.

Shot 3) Switch the Immune System on causing the host to kill themselves in a Cytokine Storm.

One, Two, Three, Dead!

You can read more about this at SHOCKING!... W.H.O. 1972 Memos... Describes How to Turn Vaccines Into a Means of Killing! It also contains links to the WHO documents.

Since we're on the subject of vaccine scandals and they are coming in en masse I'm going to double up here and throw in yet another vaccine scandal.

Obama, the same Obama that made H1N1 a national emergency enabling them to force at gunpoint the vaccine upon you, is refusing to have his children vaccinated! You can read more about this over at PrisonPlanet in an article titled Ron Paul Questions Why Obama Daughters Haven’t Taken Swine Flu Vaccine. The good doctor has not gone away.

Oh yeah, not a peep out of MSM media news about any of this.


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Fall Of The Republic - The Presidency Of Barack H Obama - The Full Movie HQ

Here is The Fall of the Republic full HQ version from YouTube.


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Republic Magazine 17: Politics of Innovation

Issue 17 of the Republic Magazine focuses on energy.

Nikola Tesla: The Politics of Innovation, Spotlight on Solar Power, Curing the Oil Addiction, Energy-Freedom-Murder, Renewable Vs. Peak Oil, Power Up Your Car With Alternative Fuels, Tapping the Earth, Truth About Water Powered Cars, Harness the Wind, Building a Do-It-Yourself Solar Pannel, Dr. Paul on Alt. Fuels, Hydroelectric Power, Zero Point Energy, The Electric Bicycle Alternative and More…

You can pick up a digital copy (PDF) of the magazine here.


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Yet Another H1N1 Vaccine Scandal

It's become readily apparent that this vaccine they are forcing upon everyone, and I mean everyone around the planet, is more dangerous than the Flu itself. One has to wonder "Whats up with that?". Never before has a global mandatory forced vaccination been imposed in history. Never before has force been imposed before the actual pandemic. Never before has the vaccine clearly demonstrated more danger than the pandemic it purportedly protects you from.

Never before.. has anything been seen like this, what's up with that?

Anyways.. back to another H1N1 vaccine scandal. This time in Sweden. A group of nurses receive the vaccine, a major outbreak of illness occurs and even a possible death from the vaccine.

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Fall of the Republic Released

Alex has done it again. Another documentary attempting to educate and wake up the masses to the very real danger they are in right now. I have to admit earlier in life I didn't understand how a "Hitler" could take over a nations people, have them throw sanity out the door and convince them all to murder en mass innocent men, women and children. How could he convince people to attack someone who did not attack them? How could, in hindsight, this insanity ever come about?

I understand now. The very exact same thing is happening right here in the US. The TV tells people that good people are bad, bad people are good and has the masses here almost totally disconnected from reality marching to their own demise. .. and looking forward to the trip! Now I know what it must have felt like for those in Germany aware of the madness unfolding around them while the masses were not.

You can find the Fall of the Republic at Alex's site. You can also find it at Republic Magazine.


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This is your brain on the Internet. Any questions?

A UCLA research team has confirmed that those using the internet seem to have increased activity in the brain areas related to memory, making decisions and complex reasoning.

Duh.. Like the old "This is your brain on drugs" campaign using eggs being fried this new research has to be extended like the original to examine your brain with "a side of bacon"!

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DHS: Buying Diapers is Suspicious Activity

Why not.. The Department of Homeland Security has decided just about everything is suspicious. We're all enemies of our own country now if you haven't noticed. Veterans and people who believe in and support the Constitution are particularly dangerous it seems.

Well the 4409 group in their usual irreverent and in your face way has has made a short video contacting the DHS reporting suspicious activity. This is funny and reminds me of The Laslo Letters.

4409 -- DHS: Buying Diapers is Suspicious Activity

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Obama: 7 Lies In Under 2 Minutes

At this point it should be clear to everyone that Obama is a master of not only rhetoric but also deception.. lying.

Maybe we should have gleaned this about him prior to election as he has multiple identities and SS numbers. Look that up yourself it's out there.

Here is a short YouTube of Obama campaign promises. What he said will happen if he is elected, what did not happen when he was elected. What is interesting here is that they do know what the people want to hear. They do know what should be done.. yet it is not.

Man.. it sure sounds good don't it? Too bad none of it is real. If you're still believing in this guy your believing in illusion.

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US Flag Wiped from Collective Conscience

Here is an interesting discovery.. Do you realize the US has TWO flags? A civil flag and a war flag? We're all familiar with 'Ole Glory'. It is the US war flag that is being displayed everywhere! However there is a second flag, a civil flag. This second flag was the original flag for our country. It was revolutionary and rebellious by turning the flag of the British East India Company on end. Vertical stripes, not horizontal.

US Civil Flag

Somehow this flag has been erased from our history, and from our collective conscience. If you would like to know more about this forgotten flag you can read more at The Mystery of the Forgotten U.S. Flag Revealed for a start..


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AP Archive: Obama Born In Kenya

Someone has found an AP news wire report from 2004 in which it is readily admitted and acknowledged that Obama was born in Kenya. For a senate seat that is ok, for election to the presidency however it is NOT ok.

It is an interesting article reporting that one of his opposition contenders on the ticket was being wiped out with media scandal. In hindsite it appears ALL of the contenders against Obama were knocked off the ballot for one dubious reason after another until it was only Obama alone on the ballot. In hindsite it appears, and this archive AP report is testifying to someone being taken off the ballot, that Obama won the election by default. All other contenders were eliminated before election day leaving only him on the ballot. You can research this it is claimed Obama with the help of powerful connections rigged this election.

But I digress..

The point here is that in 2004 AP readily admitted Obama was Kenyan born. Today it is impossible to get any background information about Obama's nationality and POTUS natural born citizen qualification information, it is all locked down.

We have a president with multiple identities, multiple SS numbers and no official public qualification papers.

Bush was an example of they can put an idiot/monkey in office. Obama is an example they can put a criminal in office.


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Reality Report - 23

RR-23 is available. In this edition Gary covers covers the rising vaccine revolt and the new Global Police Database. He also interviews Christina Tobin about developments in the race to exclude candidates from ballots. Michael Nystrom from the Daily Paul is interviewed in the Flashback segment. Gary introduces info on the upcoming Freedom Summit and of course... the mail bag.

Reality is the operative word here. You can watch your ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and the like news "shows" which are state corporate controlled propaganda engines. You know wrong is right, bad is good and the opposite right is wrong and good is bad programming. Or you can watch something like RR-23 that is trying to inform you of the real issues and news. If you want "Don't worry, be happy", the safe comfortable illusion of lies and deception, you want ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, etc. Do not view RR-23.

Here is a flashback examination of MSM "news" exposing how it is nothing but pathetic propaganda and public manipulation should you need help with reality. The examination is done by a media professional and clearly shows how the MSM is used to move the public from reality into the fantasy world.

You are prime time Neo.


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The Future of Food: Destroying The Fabric Of Life

The Future of Food is a documentary examining food production in our "modern" world. Radical is the appropriate adjective describing the change from thousands of years of learned and developed agriculture techniques to our now corporate/government genetically engineered model that is now being used.

This is a highly recommended documentary to sit through. Learn how the perversion of government is now being put on the fabric of life itself. The problem here is that this perversion of government isn't just destroying health care options. This perversion can actually destroy all life on the planet.

This is what confuses me most about these oligarch. globalist control freaks. They are pushing all kinds of agendas to advance their control and cause, many of these objectives could destroy all life on the planet! What's the point? You have control of everything but everything is destroyed there is nothing left but barren sterile rock?

View this documentary. It touched upon many of the perversions that life on this planet has to now endure because Government/Corporate partnership is forcing upon life so someone can have a new big number on their spreadsheet, so someone can have a new big number on their bank account.

Ever hear of "Suicide Genetic Technology"? A most appropriate name for this technology. You thought genetic engineering was great when they could ship a tomato from the other side of the planet and it still looked like cardboard on you grocery shelf two weeks later. I just love "Bio-Hazard" signs posted all around my fields of crop for me to eat. Wait until they develop "Suicide Genetic Engineering". Plants produce sterile seeds unless you buy the chemical license. If this gets loose in the environment.... All plants produce sterile seeds...

You think maybe this could be bad and very dangerous for all life on the planet? No, not if your measure of bad is numbers in books. They'll be great right up until the lights went out for all life on the planet.

Whew.. where did ethics go? When did what is right and wrong no longer be the primary consideration?

There is a bright side in this documentary. It ends with a message of hope. We just love hope. You never know which poison and perversion they are putting upon humanity, and all life actually, will be the one that breaks the camel's back.

The Future of Food. Documenting how what does not work is subsidized and what does work is destroyed. How farmers must pay Monsanto because Monsanto damaged their property. Thank you corporate controlled government.


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God, All this effort to destroy what doesn't exist

This is a pure "view" post. I recently came across some information regarding how "God" was somehow, what a huge blunder, overlooked and not recognized in a new $600-plus million Capitol Visitor Center in Washington, D.C.

Our nation, founded under "In God we trust" has this small detail missing in this new visitor center. An incredible national heritage oversight? Just a major blunder?

No.. I think it is more by design, intentional. I come to this "feeling" based upon our governments recent history and activity to eliminate God from all aspects of our lives and from our culture. You can't have a school organization honoring God but you can have one for witchcraft or the occult.

Clearly it has been nothing short of a witch hunt, a major campaign, all things "God" are to be attacked and eliminated from our collective conscience and culture. The word, and reference to "God" is now taboo, a bad thing. In fact popular culture now is pushing to ridicule anyone who believes in God. You must be a nut!

The "view" here is simply this. Why all this effort to make him non-existent? Clearly if he is as little and insignificant as you are trying to make him then he is not even worth all this effort!

And that's the rub.. He is not little, he is not insignificant, he is very real and he is very powerful should you know how to call him into your camp. That is why all the effort to erase him from our minds. Because he is a force and a threat to their "darkness" that they are trying to put on us.

God.. Oh he's nothing but we're jumping through hoops trying to eliminate this nothing.

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Obama, Nobel and Impeachment

It seems the Nobel committee has done it again, chosen an award candidate that makes little sense, rejects other obviously more qualified candidates to do so and is apparently making a statement that the committee has been compromised. The awards now seem to be political, not merit, based.

But this is how the assault on humanity is being waged. Take any trusted and honored institution by the people, buy it, corrupt it, infiltrate it or do what ever is necessary to now have the trusted institution now serve the interest of the globalists rather than the people and humanity.

Know what I mean Walt?

Under the category of "it just keeps getting weirder and weirder" the Nobel committee has awarded the, get this, Peace Prize to Obama!

Eh? I am not alone in this reaction. Here is a long list of why Obama doesn’t deserve the Nobel Peace Prize.

Control of the media is important. It's not what you do, it's what you say, how you look. It's not about substance any more it's about appearance. They say he is good therefore he must be, no? We've all heard the adage "You can judge a tree by the fruit it produces". Well here in modern Pravda controlled mass media times the tree's fruit can be bad, none at all or the entire tree can be non-existent! Facts have nothing to do with media reporting anymore. Just say there is a tree and the fruit is good, regardless of how blatantly this contradicts reality, and you're good to go.

Meanwhile back here in real life, you know that confusing and hard to see thing called "Reality" that the same Pravda propaganda machinery is not telling you about this same person, same tree, honored for it's wonderful fruit, is being called for impeachment for criminal and treasonous activities. Bad, non-existent fruit or the tree doesn't even exist.

So we have Obama getting the "Peace Prize", a savior of humanity as proceedings go forth at the same time to impeach him he is a threat to humanity.

Welcome to the fantasy vs. real world created by Pravda controlled mass media.

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Yet Another: H1N1 Vaccine Scandal

This whole H1N1 vaccine thing seems to be a never ending source of material regarding it's validity. I feel like a late night talk show host when Bush was president. The guy was a gold mine of never ending material that was good for a laugh.

Here is another scandal surrounding H1N1. This time the FDA is in the light regarding the vaccine.

This is why they really do not want us to watch what they are doing...

A law suit is filed against the FDA regarding H1N1 claiming the FDA suspended its own policies to approve the vaccine as it would not have been approved otherwise. You can read more about this over at NaturalNews.

Red flags are all over the place regarding H1N1 government vaccines. Why are they pushing this thing, even violating laws and using forceful gunpoint policies, to inject everyone with this the way they are?


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My CC2009 Dream Team

The upcoming election of Continental Congress 2009 state candidates is upon us. Tomorrow I will be voting for my New York State reps to this congressional hearing. I've looked over the list of available choices and have come up with my CC2009 team I would like to be sent in.

First it is implicit that all state representatives must be lovers of America and believers/defenders of our Constitution. After that has been satisfied then comes the selection of a team that will be sent in to solve a problem.

The problem is our current federal government has gone rogue, criminal even, they no longer represent the people, the Constitution nor the country. They have been petitioned and called out many times by the people trying to redress grievances and violations of the law. Their answer has been nothing short of FU! What do you do now? This is the whole reason for CC2009. State reps from every state in the union will convene a Continental Congress to review and examine the long list of criminal and traitorous violations of our current government and to also try to come up with a course of action that will reclaim. and restore, the rule of law under our Constitution, our republic.

That being the scenario, the problem at hand, I have reviewed all the candidates for my state and have come up with my choice for the NY team in the congress.

Robert Schutz: This is a white man administrator. Dot the I's. cross the T's, these are the rules and regulations we have to work with. Protocol is important.

James David Manning: This is a black man of the cloth. He will be God's representative in this endeavor. The spiritual and moral compass. Whatever plan of action they choose would be pointless if God can not get behind it.

Darlene Early: A woman over the edge, outside the envelope. This is America and that is America's strength and beauty. This rich and diverse nature of man. She has got a criminal record which makes her ideal she has a problem with the current system, they have a problem with her. She has demonstrated strength of conviction, will not be compromised. She will represent the human condition and the desire to live free.

As you can see by the choices this has nothing to do with political partisanship, there are no Republicrats in this congress. It also has nothing to do with race, gender or any other bigoted bias this is simply people coming together for a common purpose who will best serve the purpose. God help them all if my team gets sent in!


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Bible Prophesy: Can You Hear Me Now?

We really have to get back to basic truths. There is a God if you believe, or not, doesn't matter. What he will do is say, or express something to us. If we do not hear he will say it again but a bit louder. Still, if we refuse to hear it will be said again, and again, and again each time the volume and force being turned up..

Can you hear me now?

If we continue to reject what is being said the result will be our own destruction. Sad and so avoidable.

Here is a little something that to me falls into this category of "Can you hear me now?".

Mathew 24:7

For nation shall rise against nation, and realm against realm, and there shall be famine, and pestilence, and earthquakes in divers places.

800 Earthquakes hit California in one week!

Can you hear me now?

So many of us go around giving "lip service" to God, church on Sunday, etc.. Yet when it comes to living our lives we will violate numerous items in this small list of things not to do, The Ten Commandments. Violating any one of the items in this small and easy list to understand and adhere to is a mortal sin. Fatal, you will be destroyed for it one way or another. It should be noted that our current government violates many items on this list as a course of business as usual. On a daily basis innocent people are killed the responsibility for it can be laid directly on our governments doorstep. On our laps. And that is just one....

Can you hear me now?

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New Trailer for Alex Jones’ Fall of the Republic

Alex has produced another documentary. He is amazing doing this among all the other activities he has going on. As can be expected from any Alex Jones documentary you will be given the truth, the very real hard truth about an assault on you and your country no one in mass media is telling you about.

You can see the trailer at his website. Here is the YouTube version:

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Pat Boone: A Call To Arms

I know what you might be thinking that this is about grabbing your guns in response to the open assault on you, your family, your friends and your country by our own corrupt government and those who control them. After all they are attacking you every way possible including the use of military/police force.

But that is not what Pat is referring to in his Call to arms. He is calling for a use of force against those using force against us. But the force he is referring to is a force much more powerful and greater than just guns and bombs. Guns and bombs are insignificant and of no use against this force. In fact guns and bombs have little meaning and no effect at all against the force he is calling for.

We have used this force before in our own revolution against England. Many have used this force before. In his article he reminds us of the historical event in which the "impenetrable" walls of Jericho shattered and crumbled with the use of this force.

Pat Boone: A Call To Arms. Pat suggests we stop toying with the forces of darkness now against us.


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CC2009: Oct 10 Delegate Election

On October 10th voting will be held to elect state representatives for the 2009 Continental Congress.

Its time to restore lawful Constitutional government. The one in DC has gone bye-bye and no longer represents the people, the constitution nor America. That, in fact, is the whole reason for CC2009.

You can get information about your state, the people who are running to represent your state and addition information at Give Me Liberty

Its time for the people to take back what is theirs!


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Top 25 censored news stories of 2008-2009

Project Censored has released their annual top 25 censored news stories. Learn about news that was not told to you. Learn how corrupt mass media really is. Learn how mass media news is not news but just a banana republic propaganda engine. Learn how you are prime time.


You can read a review of the top 25 censored news stories and associated book at Freedoms Phoenix:

Project Censored's 2010 book - fabulous and a must read

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Yet Another: Flu Vaccine Exposed

The government is walking a fine line between keeping us distracted, not paying attention to what they do and on the other hand having us stop what we are doing to take a long hard look at what they are doing.

Because of what they are doing they do not want the latter and prefer to former. As millions of people are now discovering it is not what you think it is.

Recently Flu Vaccines have fallen into "The Latter" category. For decades no one really questioned the reasoning and science behind vaccines it was just accepted without hard examination. By both the public and more frightening the medical community also!

Now that the government is trying to force at gunpoint vaccinate (read inject what with a needle) everyone you can be put in a concentration camp by the MILITARY if you do not they have lost their cozy "former" position. People are now stopping what they are doing and not only taking a hard look at this attempt to force vaccinate by means of medical martial law by taking a hard look at vaccines in general.

Yep, as expected upon close examination, it is not what you think it is. It seems to be coming to light that vaccines not only have little statistical credibility to their actual effectiveness but worse, statistics seem to bear out they do more harm than good! So why are failed programs, policies and procedures still maintained? Because big pharmaceuticals are making a fortune selling these highly questionable government mandated vaccines. Thats why. All the bribing, I mean, lobbying, paid off.

Here are a few links and some videos to get you started if you want to take a closer look at what they have been doing to the public harmful just for corporate profits. It has little to do with your health.

Flu Vaccine Exposed by Dr. Mercola

Some more videos by 4409 about the flu and vaccines.

Vaccines: The Deadly "Cure"

Just Google "Vaccine Exposed".

It's not what you think. Children are exceptionally vulnerable. Stop what you are doing and take a hard look. You're health and the health of you loved ones may depend upon it.

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