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People Helping People

I think people, humanity in general, are beautiful and wonderful creatures. How quickly they will come to help someone in distress even at risk to themselves to do so. We can't help it as we are hard wired this way that is who we are. Everyone in the area of a distressed is now distressed also.

At least this is the world I have seen and live in.

Watch this video over at DailyMotion. You are the first responders. You are the real life Heroes.

Amazing Acts Of Kindness - People Helping People BRILLIANT VIDEO

I know this as I have experienced this personally myself several times across my life. Here is just one:

The Best: Crashes From The Sky

Google "People Helping People"

Google "Random Acts of Kindness"

Google "Real Life Heroes"



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In Case You're Wondering If YouTube Is Biased Or Has Been Compromised?

Well duh??!!! It's a major social info mechanism. Where ever the masses go for info/entertainment make sure it is loaded with "land mines" so to speak??

So I've been following John Pilger's work the past several days. You all know John.. A world class investigative journalist? A long history of it we're talking a reputation few out there can match?

The link above to John is a Google search.. yes Google is a big social masses resource.. yes it also biased and compromised. Go figure?

So I'm all over the net as John is all over the net. He's actually kind of refreshing to view his stuff as compared to the MSM alphabet propaganda and public manipulation/deception outlets. I followed a link to an interview of John over at RT by Afshin Rattansi about the last US election on YouTube. Something unusual was presented by YouTube I've never seen any other place on YouTube.

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Lakota People’s Law Project Petition #DropDAPLCharges

You all remember Lakota Standing Rock and the DAPL. Corporations, especially oil corps, will have full government protection and support irregardless of the law? Irregardless of how many people it will hurt and put in harms way. Yet another example of this treaty land is your's until we need it for something? And lets not overlook that oil pipelines have a wonderful history of protecting corporate profits but terrible history of protecting the environment itself!

Standing Rock, if nothing else in my view, is a wonderful example of just how Fascist and Nazi our own government has become. Always has been??? Accuse them of trespassing on their own land? Accuse them of rioting against you as you assault peaceful unarmed demonstrators in prayer? You just can't make this stuff up and you will never see it on the corporate controlled nightly news.

That pipeline went through many laws needed to be broken because the corporation would have had to pay late charge construction penalties if it did not? Screw the environmental impact statements, screw the environment itself, were talking about corporate profits or even more important corporate losses!!! The Lakota people are crazy and hostile doing stupid stuff like trying to protect their water. Something sacred to them like money is to corporations!

Daniel Sheehan: Winning justice at Standing Rock

Sign a petition to ask North Dakota's State's Attorney to drop all charges against water protectors.

If you can financially Support the Landmark Legal Defense.


Google "Oil pipeline spills"


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Overheard In Conversation

"Yeah that would be 'Colleen'. She could come up with a story a minute all requiring money if you weren't a cruel and evil person. She just loved dropping guilt. I can't tell you the number of times I saved her life with just 50 cents. And yes if you gave her something other than money she didn't like it but couldn't say no without blowing her story. LOL"

"They" have no problem finding people that will sell us all out, even their own mothers, in a heart beat. There is no conscience to scratch. A dime a dozen.

Just watch the evening MSM news anchors.

Bogus scientific studies. You all know.. Fluoride is for dental health? There is no cure for cancer that doesn't work? Climate change? Official scientific conclusions for sale!

Political reps that don't rep us but their bank accounts instead. Bail out criminal banks? Attack countries that did not attack us? Pass laws that favor big money but hurt the people? The people said no but they did it anyways a big money corporation said yes!

Where do they find these people? Go figure?


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Anarchapulco 2017

I've been away for a while attending Anarhapulco 2017. What can I say? I do a lot of time and space traveling in the Internet? Better late than never?

I haven't sat through all the speakers yet but the ones that I have, many, have been awesome! They are on a roll. OMG the speakers are all good!! And a nice wide diversity range of topics that are presented. Much to learn there and things to think about.

Here is the opening "Welcome" speaker of Anarhapulco 2017:

Welcome to Anarchapulco - Jeff Berwick, Anarchapulco 2017

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