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Pan-Dimensional. Is This Who We Are?

There seems to be a lot more about us, the human creature, than is acknowledged. We got a lot more going on they would rather we don't know. We have power that is being socially suppressed.

Pink Floyd is my band. I find myself in the middle of a Division Bell tour concert at Yankee Stadium. Oh I am so in the moment and going with the flow. At one point I start clapping to the music they are putting out. But only moments later the crowd on the other side of the stadium from me starts clapping. It moves like a wave through the crowd till it finally washes over me and everyone is now clapping.


It seems we are allowed to only recognize five senses as real and valid. The ones that coincidentally can't be denied. Yet in life many of us demonstrate and have access to senses that are not on the five allowed list.

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Season's Greetings 2017

Hi everyone. I hope you all have been well
That the year that past has been swell
And that a good new year time will tell.

The time of year has come again
Many will celebrate and in different ways entertain
Each according to their own life terrain.

Family, friends and loved ones we draw near
With them share food, drink and jeer
The ones that are in our hearts dear

Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus
One who was sent among us to free us
He taught us that love is a very big plus

There is a God up above
He is also in our hearts feel the love
A power it gives us all just make use of

I hope your lives are filled with love of his
In the days that have past and yet to come there is
The best that life has to offer it tis

Here is my xmas 2017 ecard.

Its filled with rhyme and prose
This year that is how it goes..

Peace and love to you all, Trebor


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It's Just Amazing The Matrix Indoctrination And Fixation!

They really do have most of us living in a true Matrix of illusion and delusion. It is so powerful that we ourselves not only refuse to question it but contradictory information to the Matrix is automatically rejected by us sometimes violently. I know as I was there myself as one of those in The Matrix.

The good news is that we can break free of the Matrix. But first one has to become aware that they are even in a Matrix of illusion and delusion! It really is amazing that so many can be living in this Matrix fantasy and not even know it. Not even question it. Indeed any information that contradicts the Matrix indoctrination will often times just be patently rejected as crazy and absurd if not rationalized so that the Matrix illusion is undamaged!

With myself all it took was one anomaly, contradiction, event that was able to break through my Matrix Indoctrination Fixation for it all to collapse and me to break free of it. What just happened here? The Matrix questioned!! It opened the door. The answer to that one was my Matrix reality being shattered. It was like the pebble that started the avalanche.

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Overheard In Conversation

And I quote:

The boot time virus scan just finished.

Interesting it found several in google chrome add ons.

Even more interesting? I never wanted google chrome never intentionally installed it???


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Can They Dance? Can They Sing?

Snap! - Rhythm is a Dancer

Haddaway - What Is Love

Do they even get it?

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