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Veterans for Standing Rock #NoDAPL

On December 4th it looks like thousands of Vets will be "self-deploying" to join and stand in solidarity with the water protecting protesters at Standing Rock.

Wow! The military coming to protect them and not oppress them!!!??? That's a unique and novel concept...

GoFundMe has raised over $800,000 of the $1,000,000 goal in 20 days to finance this operation.

How sad.. "Our" government will finance by the billions to send our troops all over the planet to assault the innocent. And at the same time the innocent are being assaulted right here in America by that very same beast. The Vets are volunteering, self-deploying, to come to the aid and defense of the innocent being assaulted right here in America. And the people have to finance, pay for, the operation to help get the vets there on site.

I donated in a heart beat!

You can go to GoFundMe for more information and hopefully be able to support the cause. You can also Google "Veterans self-deploy to North Dakota" to see how the information controllers are playing it all down..


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I Found Real News: A Way To Protect Myself From Fake News!

Yes I found the real news on the Internet. If real news can be found anywhere else please let me know where! In my bookmarks I have a folder entitled "Net News." In that folder are web sites from all around the world in which relatively reliable real news and information can be found, some real good investigative journalism and the like.

I don't use a couch, remote and TV for "news" and haven't for a very long time. Why would I? It's complete and shameless BS. Lie to me again.. PLEASE!!!

But I do need news, real news that is, so that I may make informed decisions and otherwise just come to know important things that one might want to know. Why are all the flags at half mast? OMG the back side of the planet was tore off by a small moon sized asteroid and the rest of the planet is now hurtling towards the sun!

... OK.. Maybe I wouldn't want to know that last one.

Here is the "Real News" explaining a way you can protect yourself from "Fake News".

#UnfollowFriday to End #FakeNews Epidemic - #NewWorldNextWeek

That's right.. It's Simple.. Easy.. Brilliant!! Basically just tell ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN, Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc., to just STOP sending Fake News to you. Unfollow them.. Unfollow them ALL!!! Lose the BS?


The Corbett Report

Media Monarchy

Apparently We Have A New Fear. FAKE NEWS! Be Very Afraid! LOL


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I Rescued A Life Today

Actually this happened a few days ago. I hope you enjoy this recent experience of mine as much as I did...

When I got back to the house there was a mob on and next to my porch. About 10-12 kids and 3-4 women. Everyone was upset a severe issue was at hand. Of course I pulled up right into the middle of it all. God and his timing is amazing. The big major problem it seems was a young possum, just a kid, a little punk, was in one of the trash cans. He had everyone freaked out they didn't know what to do. LOL So here I am to the rescue.. of the possum not them but I didn't let them know that. Let me park my bike and I'll bring the possum out back where it is quiet and semi wild. So I brought the trash can out back complete with the little punk possum. Set it down on it's side in a good spot and gave the can a few taps to let the possum know to make a break for it. He heard that loud and clear I didn't have to say it twice and came scooting out of the trash can. Last I saw he was heading west at a rather brisk pace. Poor little fuck the crowd had him scared shitless. I brought the can back sans possum and everyone was thanking me.. thank you thank you thank you.. Some of Gods work is a real joy...


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The 3rd Congress of Freedom Force: 'Global-Warming; an Inconvenient Lie.'

The 3rd Congress of Freedom Force

will be convened in Phoenix, Arizona, on December 3 & 4, 2016. At that time, we shall unleash a powerful weapon upon the world, and you are invited to be a witness. The weapon is called:

Global-Warming; an Inconvenient Lie.

It is a gathering of the world’s top experts on this subject who will put an end, once-and-for-all, to the myth of anthropogenic (man-caused) global-warming.

WHERE: Phoenix, Arizona ‒ Marriott Phoenix Tempe at the Buttes
WHEN: 2016 December 2‒4.

Personally I'm not down with the "global warming" thing. Too many false claims and corrupted science, if that were true then why aren't we doing this yet we aren't it's not even an option and other "red flags" that tells me it is nothing but hype and agenda... walla walla.

On the other hand the environment is being destroyed biblical all over the place. Dead zones are every where now and expanding. Major swaths of the planet environment are being killed and destroyed yet no talk about that.

The government isn't going to save us.. they are going to kill us all.. the entire planet living biosphere included!! Earth.. one big dead zone. But a lot of people and corporations made a lot of money killing all life on Earth... including themselves.


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Yay!!! Hillary Won!

According to several web site election trackers Hillary won the popular vote.. but lost the electoral college vote.

YAY!! Never before have I been happy about that anomaly in our electoral system.

YAY!! Never have I been so happy before about being so wrong. The TV almost pulled it off once again the impossible. Close but no (wink wink) cigar.

Now if we can just get her and Bill behind bars!!! That would be a good start. In fact lets fill the jails with the right people. You know? Real criminals? I'd be all for building new jails if need be in that case.

And as usual with only two bad choices. Who ever wins we lose.

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