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Artist: Metallica: Nothing Else Matters

We sure are an interesting and complex species. Unlike all the others on this planet in many ways. Is it the sentience? Self-awareness? Abstract reasoning? Imagination? Conceptualization? Intelligence? Memory associative powers? Hormonal and primal chemistries at work again?

Then there is that pan-dimensional thing we seem to have going on. Connected psychic and para-normal to life and events around us. Able to see into the past, present and future. Able to connect with others in this world and also across the border into the spirit world. Connected with the great life force of the entire universe itself. Transcendental.

Then there is the synergistic effect of it all up on us. How many diverse tangents all crossed paths just now creating something new and unique inside each one of us. Why is one thing the most important to one and yet another is most important to another?

This song "popped" into my head several days ago. It has been floating around in there insistent and persistent ever since. Where it came from I do not know. Why it came I do not know. Apparently I just pulled it right out of the ether around me(???). But I do know it is here and has been and I must answer to it if I am to have any chance at all of letting it go and getting it out of my head.

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The Spirit Of Standing Rock

This is a new documentary produced by film maker Paulette Moore that I believe is intended to make people aware of where the native Americans are coming from about protecting water, and land, from damage by the DAPL. To help others understand how they see it and what their priorities are. And even to some degree be able to tell the story of this ongoing struggle from their perspective which, of course, MSM will NOT do.

Here is an interview of Paulette Moore by Eleanor Goldfield at Personally I believe this interview should be considered part of the documentary as it projects "The Spirit" of it very well. Eleanor and Paulette both bring the documentary into good perspective in this interview.

The Spirit of Standing Rock

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Artist: Elton John: Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding

I discovered today that James Corbett of the Corbett Report has an YouTube channel called Corbett Report Extras.

Sorry James for not knowing about this sooner. There are so many things pulling on my available attention and time that some things can get lost in the shuffle so to speak.

I watched a report of his entitled "Requiem for the Suicided: The DC Madam". What's that about?

After taking it in I get it.. it's all about untimely and unlikely "Suicides" simply because they were involved with the wrong people at the wrong time. Could do big damage to those in power and influence. In the case of this examination two women "Suicided" unexpectedly and of course at the most opportune time before they could do their damage.

Then I notice he has a whole series of "Requiem's for the Suicided." This is not an uncommon story many people have had their lives ended abruptly and questionably.

This brings me to, yes memory association, the Clinton's! OMG what is the body count up to behind their rise to political slimeness? Over 100? Over 200 now? Some of them even children.. kids.. that were just being kids at the wrong place and the wrong time discovering Clinton dirt. And the Clinton's are nothing but dirt.. lots of it.. The boys are dead for it as are many others around the Clintons.

These are all people who had lives, family, friends and loved ones around them. SNUF! Gone suddenly, unexpectedly and questionably. And worse? The known culprits walk free as they are untouchable! No justice at all for your losses.

Which brings me to Elton John with the pain of loved lost. Love lies bleeding in my hands...

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The Reason They Get Away With Fraud And Criminality Is Because We Let Them!

"They" of course being the government. All levels from the Constitutionally lowest authority Federal government to the highest local government.

Yes.. that's right.. In America your county sheriff is the highest law enforcement authority in the country when it comes to your county. Trumping the current Federal the Federal government. The "State" can take a back seat to the county Sheriff also.

This brings me to the second major point of this assertion. We let them get away with fraud and criminality. The reasons are many and varied but if you ask me the big one? It was a major mistake letting government take over the "Education" of our children. "Education" it is not. They make sure our children do NOT know what their rights are. They make sure our children surrender completely to government authority.. even if it is fraudulent and criminal.

We, the people, have the highest authority. "They" do NOT want us to know that. And so now the government uses fraud and criminality to entrap us and get away with what they get with because we let them and don't know any better. Government "education" has made sure of that.

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The Best: Me And My Dog Heyu

This is from a fifteen year old newsletter of mine.

A little over fifteen years ago, my sister calls me one day explaining she had come across a stray puppy that was abandoned living on the streets. She knows I like dogs, and about a year earlier I just lost one. I had moved into the city at this time, therefore did not get another dog as I could not let them run free outside, they need to do this. She asks if I will take the puppy, I tell her no, I do not want another dog in the city, she pushes a little but I am adamant about it, we hang up. About thirty minutes later she shows up at my house with the puppy, about four months old, and a supply of puppy food also. She turns the puppy loose in the house as she engages me pleading worried about this baby lost in life. Seeing how important it is to her, how deeply she feels about this, I can not say no to her, I will take the puppy, give it a home, care, and love. No sooner did this get resolved, I could see the joy in her she knows he will have a very good home with me, the puppy comes into the room, with one of my new loafers, tearing it to pieces in a fit of anger, destroying it. We both observe this for a moment as he is doing this, then I look back at her, already the price for kids in the house being paid, she smiles sheepishly and suggests "Isn't he cute?". "Yeah, cute, now I'm going to have to bring those shoes back to the store I bought them at and complain look at them, I want a new pair!!".

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