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Blog Updated: You Are Sovereign. Get Over It? Deal With It? Come To Terms With It? At Least Acknowledge it!

The Blog You Are Sovereign. Get Over It? Deal With It? Come To Terms With It? At Least Acknowledge it! has been updated.

[Ed. Note] 3/27/12 Some more added and updated on my sojourn to completion.


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Blog Updated: You Are Sovereign. Get Over It? Deal With It? Come To Terms With It? At Least Acknowledge it!

The Blog You Are Sovereign. Get Over It? Deal With It? Come To Terms With It? At Least Acknowledge it! has been updated.

[Ed. Note] Well.. ya'll get to see how I come to a completed written composition. A work in progress... First there is the "fever". I can't type or get the words out fast enough the "juice" is flowing! Next.. clean it up, you know, make sure that phrases actually makes sense, coherent, what was I trying to say? Then on to the next part.

Is it like this for you writers?


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MatrixUSA Updated: About Page

MatrixUSA has been updated. The About Page has been updated to include some additional information. A link to this page can be found at the bottom of every MatrixUSA page.


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The Largest Street Gang in America

Great.. just what I need... more insane crap.. on a Sunday no less. I stumble across an Internet video documentary entitled "The Largest Street Gang in America". Be warned.. this is a very disturbing video to watch. It is a testimony to the axiom that if you grant "Absolute Power" the result is that it "Corrupts Absolutely".

Police.. protect and serve.. right? Yet a cop on any day can shoot you down in cold blood because they had a fight with their spouse that morning and it just made them feel better to kill someone. No reason, no point.. just letting off some steam. All of you are.. or at least you all should be, aware of the truth about this. Police are rarely questioned nor, more importantly, prosecuted for criminal behavior. Extremely protected by their fellow officers and the entire "Legal Justice" system.

The above scenario is available to any police office.. they all know it.. we gave them that kind of authority and power.. that kids.. is why the Constitution in spirit declares no one has any power or authority over anyone else.


Power and authority over others has been strictly forbidden by the Constitution.

REPEAT.. Listen carefully..

As this "Documentary" illustrates the effect of such power... that is exactly why it has been forbidden.. not granted.. it allows abuse.

Yes.. officer JQP has a gun, tazer, mace and unlimited unquestioned power and authority over the public. Yes.. officer JQP has clinical anger and self esteem issues. Yes.. officer JQP probably should not be in this position.. Yes.. officer JQP is in this position. Yes.. officer JQP is using that position to terrorize the public trying to answer to his own personal issues he is free and protected to do so.

It's your word against officer JQP... need more be said to understand this?

Before this "Documentary" is presented I would like to temper it with a word of caution. Specifically.. not ALL police officers get corrupted. In fact there are many who are upright and of good honor even in this environment of absolute power given to them. People of true integrity and principle your respect they deserve.

Why it's not a good idea to grant absolute power:

Police-The Largest Street Gang in America part (1/6)

Here is a link to this documentary in full at Boiling Frogs Myspace:

The Largest Street Gang in America

Acknowledged.. agreed.. it is but "A few bad apples". The problem.. issue I have with it... is the authority and system that these "few bad apples" exist severely cripples and impairs any effort to cull out the bad ones. Cripples and impairs any effort to bring the "Bad ones" to justice. And in fact this gang protects itself even the "Good ones" are extremely reticent to go against the "Bad ones".

That all being said.. be that as it may.. I suggest the maker of this documentary has it wrong! The police are NOT the largest street gang in America. The police are just one of the strong arm grunts for the actual, real and true, largest street gang in America... "Our" federal government.

Again.. pay attention.. listen close.. observe! "Absolute power absolutely corrupts". Granting absolute power and authority is NOT a good idea.

The truth here is that "We" have allowed and permitted all this to be. "We" accept it. "We" authorize it. "We" condone it. "We" are to blame.

It's a sad day for "We". Hang our heads in shame about this. Consider, if you will, a different perspective and approach to this problem:

If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.

- Desmond Tutu

And here are a couple of video illustrations making this point. The first one is of an event I have seen and searched for to repeat here. I did not find the exact video I had in mind but did find this which says basically the same thing. The scenario.. a handful of police are on a sports field arena beating one person we are police! The crowd in the arena "flips" over this scene on the field in front of them. Next thing men are jumping the railings all across the field by the hundreds with issue and anger over what they have just witnessed confronting this handful of police. Now I want to beat on you! You were 8 against one now you are 8 against 800. The police run in fear...

Hooligans Storm On The Field, Fight With Police, Destroying Stadium

The Hooligans, of course, would be the police who incited this madness.

This next example is "Primal". Apparently to hot for YouTube to handle:

We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For


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MatrixUSA Updated: Links Page: Survival ISO

MatrixUSA has been updated. The Survival ISO CD found on the Links Page has been updated.

A Militia sub-folder has been added to the CD image. It contains several PDF basic military 101 manuals relevant to the subject. It also contains a PDF file on forming and organizing a Militia group.

The Titles Include:

  • How to Start & Train a Militia Unit
  • The Marine Rifleman Combat Skills
  • Infantry Units Scout and Patrolling
  • Land Navigation Handbook
  • Military Operations In Urban Terrain
  • Anti-armor Operations
  • Basic Engineer Combat Operations
  • Introduction to Evasion and Resistance to Capture

Sad.. that I feel this information needs to be included.

Sad.. that the Constitutionally defined method of defense, militia.. protect your family, community, county and state... is labeled by Washington DC, US Inc., as "Extremism", "Terrorism" and "Insurgents".


Sad.. real sad..

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