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MatrixUSA Updated: Links Page: The Struggle

MatrixUSA has been updated. The Struggle has been added to the News-General Section of the Links Page.

Here are a few examples of their recent work:

Stop US Toxic Gas to Egypt

Most of the gas that the Egyptian police are shooting against their people is made in Jamestown, PA. Email Michael A. Monteleone to call for a stop and come to the Friday, Nov. 25, NYC rally corner of 6th Ave. and 56th St.(1370 Avenue of the Americas)

CL&P, You Messed Up My Neighborhood

Occupy Hartford demonstrates along with Intl. Brotherhood of Electrical Workers about CT Light and Power. Nov. 19, 2011. Hartford

"We Don't Have to Explain the Reasons..."

Yale students set up a mock Israeli checkpoint to give classmates an idea of what Palestinians face going from one Palestinian area to another Palestinian area. Nov. 16, 2011


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America: Doped Up, Dumbed Down, Distracted And Divided

Doped Up

Your government tax dollars at work for you! All this is permitted by government regulations if not mandated by the government. They just want to keep you safe and protected even though it may not appear that way. This is not about chemical population control and manipulation even though it may appear that way. This is love for you not Special Interest/Conflict of Interest profit and control.

Google "Nazi Sodium Fluoride", "Aspartame Controversy", "Psychotropic Epidemic", "Medication Nation", "Government Chemical Control".

Dumbed Down

Your government tax dollars protecting your children (you also) insuring they are healthy, have good cognitive function and a quality education. So much love they want us all to be healthy and smart even though it may not appear that way. This is not about damaging population cognitive/reasoning abilities even though it may appear that way. This is love for you not protecting their criminal/corrupt activities preventing the hard questions.

Google "Nazi Sodium Fluoride", "Aspartame Controversy", "Psychotropic Epidemic", "Medication Nation", "Government Chemical Control, "Thimerosal Autism Epidemic, "Indoctrination Education, "Education Industrial Complex, "American Education Ranking".


Like any good government worthy of the name "Fascism" the corporations must be in bed with the government working together for their common interest. Government strokes corporations, corporations stroke the government.. it's very freaky shit. Corporate controlled mass media (all of it, TV, Radio, Papers, Movies, Advertising, Computer games, Internet as much as possible... ALL) has one major purpose. No, it is not keeping you well informed and socially healthy. It is to make sure you DO NOT know what is actually going on in addition to conditioning you for their purposes. It is to make sure you are all focused on meaningless issues as the real ones get no attention. Demand more government, demand more laws, we'll tell you who to vote for, we'll tell you who is good, who is bad, what is right, what is wrong. We love you too!

Google "USA Government Corporate Fascism", "Corporation Nation", "Industrial Complex", "Corporate Media Failure", "Corporate Media Propaganda", "Project Censored Top Unreported", "Media Public Manipulation", "Media Political Manipulation", "Money Political Manipulation", "Some Bullshit Happening Somewhere".


Divide And Conquer! Us vs. Them, Left vs. Right, White vs. Black, Republican vs. Democrat, Liberal vs. Conservative, Red vs. Blue, Straight vs. Gay, To Be vs. Not to Be, Day vs. Night, Hawk vs. Dove, Young vs. Old, Male vs. Female, Rich vs. Poor, Good Guys vs. Bad Guys, My Team vs. Your Team, Coke vs. Pepsi, Potatoe vs. Potato...

They're not human with lives, families, children.. they're Gooks, Nips, Rag heads, Krauts, Commies, Chinks, terrorists, insurgents...

Can't trust your family, your kids, your parents, your community, your neighbor, your friends, your eyes, your instincts...

You can trust government and ONLY government however no vs. there... Ad nauseam.

Google anything and everything in this block.

Why does nothing change? Why does it all keep getting worse? Why is the house on fire? Why do we have these problems?

Google "Land Of Confusion".


The Sad Truth To Why Most People May Not Wake Up!


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World War III: Because There Is Not Enough Money And Power In The World To Satiate My Greed And Megalomania

The really sad truth about "War" is that they are fought to gain money and power. Virtually every War in history was fought for these sad, and truly sick, reasons. To make the sadness even worse... virtually every war in history has been "Manufactured".

Hitler wasn't the evil sick fuck that killed millions over insanity. Hitler was a puppet following his masters orders. They are the true evil sick fucks. Hitler was terminated, they are still around.

All wars and conflicts have been staged and manufactured. Repeat, this is extremely important to understand...

...listen carefully... ALL!!!!

You name any major conflict in history and with little effort the "manufactured" behind it can be discovered and learned. Take the time to sit through the TerrorStorm documentary it is a real eye opener about this if you need that.

This is what it comes down to. A small handful of very powerful, very rich people, able to control entire countries, the media... it all... are pulling the strings and calling the shots. War benefits their bottom line, war benefits their grip on power and control, War is a drug they can not get enough of.

Our President is but their puppet. The King of England was but a puppet. These are the people behind the throne. Behind the curtain. They prefer to stay in the shadows and out of sight. If you didn't like what we told the King/President to do.. kill the King/President.. not us unseen in all this. We'll just get another puppet.

Hitler was defeated but the Nazis are still alive and well... isn't that right America, or more accurate, USA Inc., DC?

We are in a state of constant never ending war. Terrorists and boogie men are everywhere that require us to bomb and attack entire countries. Preemptive of course they didn't attack us. They MIGHT attack us. Or even worse.. they have a madman in a cave somewhere.

Wake up and smell coffee. World War III is openly being provoked and instigated right here, right now. If we don't go to World War III soon they will just have to nuke a city somewhere to get us all moving.

Animal husbandry? Modern farm mechanics? Herd control???

Again,, here is the really sad, and sick part, for MORE money and power. Understand these are the few that basically own half the planet they have money and power beyond the wildest imaginings of us common folk.

Apparently not enough. We want WW III to obtain even more money and power!

The fact that it may go nuclear, the fact that billions will die, the fact that it may return the entire human civilization back to the stone age....

...did I mention they were greedy megalomaniac sick fucks? You think reason has anything to do with this? You think there is enough money and power on this entire planet to satiate their greed and megalomania?


BREAKING NEWS: Obama Launches World War 3 (1/3)

Russia warns US.....WW3 COMING SOON!


Google "World War III"


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Corporation Nation: Complex's R Us

In America today, as in all across the developed planet, corporations are the norm. Virtually everything is incorporated.

A corporation sets up a fictitious entity that implicitly has it's own hierarchy/control structure, set of rules/laws (charter), limited liability, controlled by just one or a few individuals and legal privileges to name but just a few pertinent attributes. It is a "legal", as opposed to "lawful", construct. Legal and lawful understand are not the same in the world of law... let the complexes begin.

In the fictitious legal netherworld where corporations reside there is it's own language, vernacular, lexicon that is NOT the same as real world language. In the legal netherworld a word will have one meaning and implication yet the same word in the real world we live in will have a completely different meaning and implication in common usage. Are you a "Person"? "Driving a car" is NOT the same as "traveling using the common transport of the day". Do you "Understand?" Just trying to comprehend the difference in word meanings between these two worlds is in and of itself the definition of "Complex".

Not just the expected "Open for business" entities, as you might assume, are corporations today. Apparently there are more entities out there besides Walmart and McDonalds that are "Open for business" incorporated. One of significance to your life is the government itself. Our entire government system from top to bottom has been incorporated. Yes, the Federal government is actually a corporation, so are your states and virtually every municipality right down to your smallest hamlet USA. In the DeJur government world the federal government is the bottom of the command authority. Your county/local government, the people themselves, being the highest. In the legal corporate government netherworld in which we are all living it is exactly the opposite, flipped upside down, reversed. The Federal corporation owns the state corporations who own the county corporations... To make matters worse... US Inc., DC, is not even part of America. From America's perspective it is a foreign corporation and country that only has jurisdiction in the ten mile square area of DC and other jurisdictional claims such as "US Citizens". Like any corporation they have financial statements. Upon examination many would declare it is a "for profit" operation though the government claims it is broke no money for you! Corporate congress "Statutes" and "Acts" have the force of law for those in their jurisdiction but are NOT "Law". Confusing is a major symptom of "Complex".

Of even more significance to your life you yourself J. Q. Public USA have been incorporated. Your birth certificate registered you as an asset to buy, sell and borrow against. Human Resource? That resource is part of the corporate control structure. All those "Not-Law" Statutes and Acts apply to your fictitious birth certificate entity. "J. Q. Public... Are you that 'Person(legal: corporation)'?" Yes? Well.. there you go... you just told them you represent that corporation that they own and control. You just told them you are in their netherworld jurisdiction. But don't feel bad about it. You're talking one language, they another. They knew it you didn't. Ignorance of the law is no defense and they make sure most are ignorant of the law. As a corporate citizen of US Inc., DC, you are not allowed to own anything nor make your own decisions nor question what they do with your money they stole from you. We are ALL on the plantation now. They have so many legal entrapment land mines placed in the field of life you are trying to cross it is almost impossible to not step on at least one, if not many! It's enough to give a "person" a "Complex".

So who is in control? We the People? Not hardly... Those people don't exist anymore. They all moved out of America into the US Inc., DC, corporate netherworld. As a "US Citizen" corporate asset of the corporate command chain follow it back to the top. That would be the Federal US Inc, DC, corporation... right? Nice assumption but wrong. The Federal US Inc., DC, corporation took on the Central bank scam in 1913. The central bank scam, they knew, would result in US Inc., DC, going bankrupt unable to repay the International handful of central bankers. So the US Inc., DC, goes bankrupt, into receivership, it is owned and totally controlled by the very small handful of international bankers. US Inc., DC, is there to manage the bankruptcy for the bankers. NOT for you where ever did you get an idea like that? All assets of US Inc., DC, are now the Central banks assets. US Inc., DC, has maneuvered itself to own and control it all and the central bankers own and control US Inc., DC. Is this too "Complex"?.

At this point, everything is a corporation. Corporations want to amass power, control and money. A corporate netherworld, corrupt helps a lot here, has been created. Enter the "Industrial Complexes"!

As if it wasn't complex enough...

Industrial Complexes use the force of corporate government to advance their profits and dominance in this corporate legal netherworld. Pass a "Law" you all have to buy their product! Pass a "Law" anyone even thinking of cutting into their action is terminated with governmental bureaucracy. Pass a "Law" and it is legal to do anything you wish to do, though not Lawful. Pass a "Law" and wham, bam, presto, chango your assets are now their assets! Is it any wonder that today in modern fascist America corporations are actually writing the "Laws" corporate government "Enacts"? The oil industry in charge of the EPA? The pharmaceutical industry in charge of the FDA? The agricultural industries in charge of the USDA? And of course the big one you have all heard about... The military industrial corporate control of the Pentagon. It's just good business you understand. Nothing personal I can assure you. Wow... a Complex-Complex!

These "Industrial Complexes" are pandemic. A major symptom of the legal corporate netherworld we all live in now. A few have already been specifically mentioned. How about "Government-Industrial", "Prison-Industrial", "Medical-Industrial", Educational-Industrial"... you get the idea. Understand these "Complexes" do exactly the opposite of what they are in business for. Let me clarify.. Military industrial does NOT want peace loves war. Medical does not want health loves sickness. It's all just good business, nothing personal. We just love a good "Complex"!


Google "Industrial Complex"

Our Industrial-Complex Complex

Fifty years ago today, outgoing President Dwight Eisenhower took to the airwaves to warn of the nation's burgeoning military-industrial complex. With that, he not only introduced a powerful and still-relevant concept, but also a handy all-purpose suffix for describing ominous-sounding social forces.

The Military Industrial Complex in Five Minutes

Tom Woods discusses the military-industrial complex, one of many topics covered in his new book, Rollback.

College Conspiracy

College education is the largest scam in U.S. history!


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MatrixUSA Updated: Links Page: Corruption Watch List

MatrixUSA has been updated. Corruption Watch List has been added to the Watch Dog Section of the Links Page.

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