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Ok... Here's The Plan(?)

Thank you all for coming to our regular conference of the world's leading power, greed and control freaks. We hope this years conference will give you all more of what you can never get enough of. (Applause from the crowd)

As you all know a current big obsession is the need to get the American herd out of America and have them move into our New World Order(NWO) North American Union(NAU) slave state. Just one more incremental step on the march towards our NWO utopian nightmare.

As in the past we will be using our practiced and highly developed talents to accomplish this obsession. Specifically lies, deceptions and manipulations... Upon both the public herd and ourselves. The actual "move" itself will not be a physical traversing of some linear delineation but instead a "move" of intellect and emotion inside the minds of both the American herd and ourselves.

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MatrixUSA Updated: Links Page

MatrixUSA has been updated. The News - General Section of the Links Page has been updated. An error in the original coding to the Next News Network hyperlink has been corrected.

This is a bit embarrassing that the error has gone this long without discovery. Understand that I kept an open tab all the time to N3. It wasn't until that tab was closed and I went to the links page to go back there that the error was discovered.

Who coded that page!?!?


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MatrixUSA Updated: Balance Page: Iraqi Death Count

MatrixUSA has been updated. The Balance Page now includes an Iraqi Death Count from Just Foreign Policy.

I'm a child of the 60's here in America. I remember, lived through, the Viet Nam War insanity. Back then every night on the news it was reported "How many today died in Viet Nam". After say 1, 2, 7 YEARS of hearing how many died today in this insane corporate political profit power grab war for lies it tended to wear a person down. Eventually, duh, there was overwhelming public pressure "STOP THAT WAR".

The war stopped. Of course it was portrayed as America the great and powerful was defeated by little insignificant Viet Nam. Yes.. it was. And rightly so! WTF were we doing in there anyways we deserved to lose!

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MatrixUSA Blog Picks

Over the years a subsatantial amout of "blogging" has been done here at MatrixUSA. Some better than others.. some worse than others..

For anyone coming through it would be almost impossible to view all the topic titles much less read them all. There are a few buried gems, in my opinion, that could easily be missed sans major discovery effort.

Here is a collection of several picks out of the "archives". Included also is the B2Evo blog engine view counts.

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MatrixUSA Updated: Agorist Metals

MatrixUSA has been updated. Agorist Metals has been added to the Activism/Preparedness Section of the Links page.

Agorist Metals also helps support a Freedom Fighter, or government Insurgent, Adam Vs. The Man.

When the US Dollar is destroyed, and it will be as it is a critical part of their plan to destroy America, will you be ready? If all your assets and investments are in US Dollars all your assets and investments will, poof, disappear you have nothing.

Gold and silver are hard assets. Cold hard cash ring a bell? Unlike the US Dollar they can not be counterfeited and hold their value. Invest in real worth and value.

...or just keep collecting paper and ink.

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