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Washington DC, US Inc.: A Pale Horse?

Whats' a Pale Horse might you ask?

(7) And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see. (8) And I looked, and behold, a pale horse, and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell folowed after him, and power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with beasts of the earth.

- Geneva 1599: Revelation of John 6:7-8

The short answer to that question, as referenced above courtesy of John's revelations, would be "A beast bringing death".

For some of you out there referring to "Our" federal government, DC, US Inc., as "A Pale Horse" will come as no surprise and need no explanation.. well duh? For others this may be something not understood... a testimony to the Magic Matrix Machinery.. How can you say such a thing? ...Gasp!

Death by Sword...

That would be the military-Industrial complex? Carlyle Group? Wars of aggression killing innocent men, woman and children across the planet? Our own children coming back draped in flags?

Openly trying to start a nuclear World War III... Nuclear first strike a nation who did not attack us? Have we gone insane and lost our minds??? Yes.. yes we have. The number that would die by the WWW III nuclear war sword would be staggering if not rendering the entire planet unable to support any life.

We are the last "Super Power" standing.. no one to challenge us, yet we spend on military death machinery more than the next top.. what? 5, 10 countries combined?

Then there is "our" militarized police... Tazers R us they're safe except for the people they kill. Police caused death on the rise, of course, Nazi Germany Part two, police are rarely held accountable for their blatant criminal activity. They get paid vacations should it be really bad..

Death by Hunger...

Unlike our glaring killing by Sword killing by hunger is is not so obvious. If we had a real Investigative News media everyone would know the truth of this. We don't. We have the Magic Matrix Mass media corporate controlled manipulation machinery that makes sure no one knows about this. You die.. they make money.. it's a win-win for them only. Lose-lose for you and your family.

This would be your GMO foods. How to eat yet at best get no nutrition.. at worst get poisoned or made reproductively sterile. Food as a weapon! Who would even suspect...

And then there are the fast "Food" chains... you know.. it looks like, smells like, tastes like but is not at all real food? Some chemically doped up animal parts. Should you choose to diet on only that you will surely die within months. Probably be overweight also when you did die of nutritional complications.

Walking through your local grocery store has been rendered effectively into a walk through a mine field of dietary killers. The produce, probably GMO, is laden with herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, fungicides or any combination of even more chemical toxins. Don't worry.. each one will only kill a certain percent of the population therefore "Our" government declares it safe to use. The meat products, more and more GMO, have been poisoned with hormones, antibiotics, steroids and God only knows what else. Would this be "with beasts of the earth"? Don't worry.. they will only kill a percentage of the population therefore "Our" government declares it safe to use. The animals are raised and fed in freekish high profit for corporation ways. So what if the quality is poor if not toxic to you. Then there are all the cans, boxes and plastic wrapped factory food. The ingredient lists you are all familiar with. Think preservatives, colorings, flavor enhancers, stabilizers, anti-caking agents.. the list goes on and on. It seems sometimes half the label turf is spent on fine print ingredient lists! Don't worry.. each and every one listed will only kill a percentage of the population therefore "Our" government declares them all safe to use.

Chances are your water has also been poisoned. Sodium Fluoride, an extremely toxic and poisonous industrial waste compound is dumped into your public drinking water and they call it "Dental Health"! It is not.. And that isn't the only nasty found in you're drinking water. Chlorine, medical wastes?? Pretty much anything known to man can be found in public water systems. Don't worry.. "Our" government acknowledges they are all straight up killers but if the amount is "limited", in this absolutely no dosage control delivery method, it is safe to use....

And the air.. sigh.. no where on the planet can a sample of air be gathered that is pristine and clean. The entire atmosphere has been poisoned with all kinds of industrial pollutants.

Hunger?? Don't think in terms of dying from lack of food. Think instead Hunger for clean, untainted, not-poisoned food. Hunger for actual nutrition in my "food". Hunger for non-killing air and water?

And then there is just plain Death...

Death is certainly rampant all around us as a direct result of this Beast we all know as Washington DC, US inc. Here are a few samples of that.. Death by poor economic condition.. unable to buy proper food, clothing, shelter, medical care? Death by medicine itself? Government "Approved" medications killing only a percentage of the population, therefore, yes, it is safe to use. Cancer cures suppressed, cancers treatments more dangerous than the cancer itself, the entire vaccination medical fraud containing severely damaging, especially to children, compounds? The drug wars our kids killing each other on street corners over turf disputes? And lets not forget "Democide", the biggest killer of people historical that plagues this planet.

Death seems to be a specialty of this beast we all know as Washington DC, US Inc. A pale horse? Since this expression was opened with a bible quote, here is another Bible quote to consider in closing:

(43) For it is not a good tree that bringeth forth evil fruit: neither an evil tree, that bringeth forth good fruit. (44) For every tree is known by his own fruit: for neither of thorns gather men figs, nor of bushes gather they grapes. (45) A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth good, and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart bringeth forth evil: for of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh.

- Geneva 1599: Luke 6:43-45


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MatrixUSA Updated: Links Page: The "Kick Them All Out" Project

MatrixUSA has been updated. The "Kick Them All Out" Project has been added to the Activism/Preparedness Section of the Links Page.

Can this be? Is it possible? You've all seen the political posters along the highway as of late that simply say "Vote them all out!".

It is definitely time to "Drain the swamp?". Exterminate the infestation of vermin? Give the house a total cleaning?

This will never happen unless We The People decide it should happen..

From the The "Kick Them All Out" Project site:

“Politicians and diapers must be changed often, and for the same reason.”

― Mark Twain

Sam.... Ya gotta love him!


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MatrixUSA Updated: Docs Page: New World Order: Blueprint of Madmen

MatrixUSA has been updated. New World Order: Blueprint of Madmen has been added to the Docs Page.


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John Stossel's Illegal Everything: You're All Criminals

This is what happens when you let corporations get in bed with your out of control, we are all powerful, government. Eventually you cross this place we are now at on the road to Tyranny.

The trip is not over. It gets worse unless it is brought under control.

Corporations buy laws, regulations and even, yes, exception from regulation. Government writes laws that give them more power and control... this lets them price the laws they sell higher. Corporations, big business, wants government to write laws that prevent competitors from damaging their profit statements. In fact no competitors is best we can set whatever price we want. Understand "Competitor" could be someone trying to start a competing business. It could also be you trying to provide for yourself without paying for the corporate product. Government, being so lily white and pure, has no problem abusing it's authority persecuting and prosecuting those not in favor of government people. And of course, on this road to full blown Tyranny, the police are given "Carte Blanche" power and authority they literally can shoot you down in the street for no reason and not be prosecuted for it. Police can be severe criminal it is almost impossible to make them accountable.

It's all in a sad and severe state right now. We are free? You got to be kidding? You need government permission for everything. The few things that are safe to do is give corporations money and give government money. Not many hindrances or otherwise government obstacles there....

You make everything illegal then selectively enforce the law to keep the people in line, remove those that are a threat to you, etc. This is classic Tyranny building and we have a classic Tyranny being constructed right in front of us.

John had a show "Illegal Everything". Highly recommended he does an excellent job of bringing to light this legal nightmare they have placed on us all.

Lemonade stands are illegal? Collecting rain is illegal? Yes and you can do serious time and/or serious financial penalties should they take issue with you. Destroy your life, your property in a heartbeat over what is basically insanity. Rule of law? Justice? Government protecting and keeping us safe? Watch John's show...

John Stossel's Illegal Everything

This Stossel special will blow your mind! The government, especially the EPA is out of control as well as local prosecutors trying to make a name for themselves.


Google "aspartame controversy"

Google "Common Law Jurisdiction"

Google "Sovereignty Movement"

Google "Freeman on the land"

Google "14th Amendment Slavery"


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MSM Says: "Ron Paul Has A Congressional Record Of Failure!" I Say: "Its Yet Another Endorsement."

Main Stream Media, MSM, our very own Pravda at it again. Of course what ever they say is not only true... it is gospel! Their credibility is beyond question. They speak for all of us here in corporate Oligarch Fascist US Inc. It is, you can take it to the bank if you can find that bank, a factual representation of what is real and what everyone, the pulse of America, is thinking.

Excuse me a moment.... GAK!!

Here is the inspiration and trigger for this blog post. Thank you Doug... and you too FOX "News"! (Time index 4:23 specifically):

The Best Of Doug Wead: "Why Ron Paul Should Be President"

This video is a compilation of the best of Doug Wead's recent appearances on cable news programs, and was used to present the case for why Ron Paul should be the 45'th President of the United States. This was also made to show tribute to Doug Wead for his masterful job thus far as a surrogate for the campaign.

Ok... This claim by MSM is technically true. Ron Paul has sponsored and submitted a plethora of bills to be considered and I think only one actually made it all he way to the "Force of Law". I'll give them that. One that was insignificant and harmless to the beast, I mean US Inc., DC no less. Clearly Ron Paul is a loser!.. "Failure" as MSM suggests this tells us.

"Failure and Loser!" they suggest? No... I can not give them that. I suggest this is actually yet another endorsement for Ron Paul.

To understand this wild leap from MSM speaks reality for us you have to understand Ron's record from another perspective. US Inc., "our" government, is a snake pit of corruption, greed, criminality and, here is the big thing, treasonous fuck the Constitution we will do what ever makes us the most money, power and pleases our NWO Oligarch bankster owners the best.

Pretty much anything coming out of US Inc., DC, today is flagrant unconstitutional, yes, treason is another word for that. Think of all the "Successful winners" that sponsored all this treasonous activity in congress that made it to law.

Are you with me here?

Now enter Ron Paul.. a mad man in this environment. Mad as in truth is treason in an empire of lies. Mad as in the emperor has no clothes. Mad as in one voice of reason in a sea of insanity. Mad as in sponsor and submit yet another bill trying to do the right thing in a world where right is wrong.

Balance the budget! ..Loser!
Audit the FED! ...Failure!
No Congressional Pay raises! ...Where's the pitch forks?
No War! ...This is truly insane.

The list goes on and on where one bill after another was sponsored and submitted by Ron that said basically "Follow the rule of law Constitution." Even worse.. "Lets be principled and honest!" Well... what a loser he is.. this is certainly not preaching to the choir.

This is a history of trying to do the right thing in an environment where they are not interested in the right thing. It failed a miserable record NOT for Ron.. a miserable record for US Inc, congress. This is actually and true an endorsement of Ron.. he has always tried to do the right thing.. Congress was not interested in that.

Who is the loser here? Who is a failure here? Is this yet another endorsement for Ron Paul?


Google "ron paul record of failure"

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