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Farm Wars: Chemtrails and Horizontal Gene Transfer – The GMO Connection

Government, in partnership with Corporations, are quite literally rewriting the fabric of life on this planet and destroying Nature's/God's design/wisdom. Using food/biology as a weapon and turning it loose in the environment to proliferate, contaminate, mutate and destroy the web of life as we know it.

All for profit and control... What you don't know will kill you.

From Farm Wars: Chemtrails and Horizontal Gene Transfer – The GMO Connection:

This is not a sci-fi fantasy, it is real. Our personal DNA and the DNA of just about every living organism on the planet is being changed in ways that we cannot even imagine through the process of horizontal or lateral gene transfer, courtesy of the biotechnology industry and geo-engineering programs.

Horizontal gene transfer is the transfer of genetic material from one organism to another organism that is not its offspring; this is most common among bacteria.



Google "Monsanto aluminum resistant GMO"

Google "GMO international contamination"


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Gitmo Hunger Strike: Batting 10,000?

The Gitmo hunger strike by 100 "Detainees" for 100 days is a "Batting (100 * 100 =)10,000" success for the government oppression machine.

Confirmation, affirmation.. a testimony.. as to how much they can get away with. Indefinite military detention. You are locked up, no charges, no right to defense counsel, no due process, no facing accusers, no rights, no justice... internationally illegal treatment of the detainees all because someone in "The Government" decided you were a danger to "The Government". Torture, cruel and inhuman treatment, humiliation, degradation and all the best you would expect from Nazi's. They don't have to prove their case and you have no rights to make your case.

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MatrixUSA Updated: Docs Page: Russell-Blaylock ~ Fluoride's Deadly Secret

MatrixUSA has been updated. The Docs Page now includes Russell-Blaylock ~ Fluoride's Deadly Secret

That is DR Russell-Blaylock.

This is not a formal documentary but instead an interview of Russell-Blaylock M.D. (Wikipedia Referance) a board certified "seasoned" neurosurgeon. Dr. Baylock is retired and is currently doing research. Researching the medical research even. This is a man whom is highly qualified, even by the government itself, to speak of what he speaks.

In just a little over one hour Dr. Blaylock lays it out how Eugenics, Social Engineering, is alive and well and how it is being accomplished today. Eugenics??? You're all familiar with that... right? You wear glasses so you should not be allowed to reproduce and, ideally, killed? You're old and no longer profitable and productive so you should not be allowed to reproduce and, ideally, killed? Animal husbandry... the herd should be docile, stupid and profitable. No? You should not be allowed to reproduce and, ideally, killed?

Sodium Fluoride for your "Dental Health"! No.. Eugenics. Fluoride proven has absolutely nothing to do with dental health and in fact harms teeth. Regardless of the extremely long list of harmful effects upon us and our children it's still fiercely promoted by the government. All water should have it. A Long list of mandatory vaccinations for your "health protection"! No.. Eugenics. The flu itself killed one person however the vaccination to protect you from that flu killed 500! Not to mention all the other damaging health effects by corrupt and flawed government/health vaccination programs. Eugenics... lots killed and damaged huge profits from doing this... for your health of course they love you!


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MatrixUSA Updated: Links Page: Unbound Radio

MatrixUSA has been updated. Unbound Radio has been added to the Internet Talk Radio Section of the Links Page.


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AVTM: Boston Marathon Bombing Can Wake People Up

Adam, of Adam vs The Man(AVTM), is interviewing a Boston woman in Vegas. This, to me, is a potent video in many ways. There are several things we can all learn here about what is upon us and what it does to us as a population in general.

Adam has broken free of the "Matrix" control. The woman he is interviewing is complete "Matrix" fodder... Sadly, as is also the general populace in America today.

Adam teaches us what is is to be free of the "Matrix". The woman teaches us what the effects and impact upon us are being caught up in the "Matrix".

In all fairness, lets show a little compassion and understanding here, do NOT judge this woman harshly. She exhibits good qualities and desires as do most people caught, entrapped, by the "Matrix". The "Matrix", doing what it does, has got her blind to the real and believing that the absurd, unreal and completely wrong, is correct and right instead.

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