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MatrixUSA Mysteriously Reappears?

This is a follow up on the 09/07/12 Matrix Blog MatrixUSA Mysteriously Deleted? It seems MatrixUSA is back to it's usual high page ranking with Google. Maybe even ranking slightly better than before it disappeared from Google.

Go figure??? What's up with that?

Easy go, easy come... it's all so confusing.


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Yet Another White House Dictator Decree: Internet Censorship?

Found on Russia Today: White House leaks draft of CISPA-like cybersecurity executive order

The White House has leaked further details on a planned executive order that lets US President Barack Obama lay out blueprints for a program tasked with protecting America’s computer infrastructure following Congress’ failure to do so themselves.


Just how insane and obnoxious "in your face" does it have to get before you realize it is insane and obnoxious "in your face"?

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MatrixUSA Updated: Activate Page: Lose The Sodium Fluoride

MatrixUSA has been updated. Lose The Sodium Fluoride has been added to the Activate Page.

You are no good to anyone if you are sick, dead or have been chemically neutered no longer in the game.


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Election 2012: Are We Having Fun Yet?

Election 2012! Yet another once every four years spectacle of corruption and dysfunction. The entire presidential election process is nothing short of a complete sham. We truly are a Banana Republic.

You decide? ...From among the choices "someone" has previously selected for you.

We decide? ...From among the choices "they" have allowed us to have.

Once again, as was brought to light for many back in election 2008, any other choice besides the allowed choices will NOT be permitted. "They" have decided we will be allowed to have either "Puppet A" or "Marionette B". We decide, from the choices allowed of course, which one will screw us for the next four years. A or B? And ONLY A or B!

Isn't freedom wonderful! Eh!? I have a few questions...

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MatrixUSA Updated: Activate Page: Protect Yourself

MatrixUSA has been updated. Protect Yourself has been added to the Activate Page.

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