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MatrixUSA Updated: Yet Another Housekeeping

MatrixUSA has been updated. Yet Another Housekeeping, YAH, has been done. Several video links on the Docs Page had to be relinked.

Is this the start of the copyright wars?

In addition some broken links and a lot of spelling errors were corrected on the Matrix Page.

A lot of spelling errors.. OMG.. who wrote that??

Thanks Kathleen...


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MatrixUSA Updated: Housekeeping

MatrixUSA has been updated. Some basic housekeeping has been done here and there. Links and context, the VOTE 2008 button, etc. More updating to come as time permits.


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MatrixUSA Updated: Links: Electronic Frontier Foundation

MatrixUSA has been updated. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has been added to the Activism Section of the Links Page.


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MatrixUSA Updated: Links Page: Luminaries: King And Gandhi

MatrixUSA has been updated. The Links Page Luminaries Section now includes Martin Luther King and Mahatma Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.

I have to confess... these two individuals are personal favorites of mine. It would be no understatement to declare that I have a lot of respect, revere and admiration for both Martin Luther King and Mahatma Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi in particular.

They both came telling us, and more important demonstrating the reality of, how we could defeat the big powerful ugly violent evil insane beast upon us simply by using the even more powerful weapons of Love and Peace?!

Does that pretty much sum it up correctly?

Is, or is this not, two very fine and exemplary testimonies of those whom possessed God's authority?


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Facebook, Twitter, et al: Self Serve CIA Tracking

In America... no... more accurate... THE UNITED STATES, Inc, DC, today the government is all powerful. They are all knowing. They will care for you. They will protect you. They will solve all your problems. They are the good guys. They will give you love! What ever you need... US,Inc., DC, Is the source for that. What ever is good is US, Inc., DC. If it is not US Inc., DC, it is implicitly bad.

Just give them everything you own, do everything they demand, accept what ever they tell you and do not ever question any of it!

That would be Washington DC, US Inc. That is NOT America. In fact it is pretty much the exact opposite of what Constitutional America is supposed to be. In fact Washington DC, US Inc., from an America perspective, is actually a foreign nation state, foreign corporation. Whom does US Inc., DC, resemble if not at all America? Yes, alas, Nazi Germany would be the best fit.

US Inc., DC, is the new Nazi Germany. Your papers please, checkpoints, military dictatorship, gulags, police state, no rule of law Habias Corpus, public tracking and surveillance, blow up that country that did not attack you to protect you! Corrupt, criminal, treasonous, duplicitous, treacherous, sociopathic and homicidal greedy insane.

Ok.. I have done the research about all this. Yes, I will admit right up front that this is actually a gross understatement. I'm being gentle, going easy on them, white washing the real truth.

Nazi central of US Inc., DC, many would effectively argue is our very own CIA. We brought back all the Nazi movers and shakers from Germany and gave them high level government positions here in America... no.. more accurate... Washington DC, US Inc.

"That's crazy! It could never happen in America!" Your absolutely right. Again.. I can not stress the importance of this enough, it is critical... Washington DC, US Inc., IS NOT AMERICA!!!!

When you consider the US Inc, DC, CIA if you think in terms like "Nazi", "SS", "Gestapo" you will probably be closer to understanding what they are about. It's about surveillance, tracking, spying, dossiers, data bases, profiling to discover who might be just a remote threat to them. And that is not the half of it...

Imagine how easy their job became, tracking Americans, because of Facebook and Twitter, et al. They don't need to investigate, dig, hunt, search, collect, examine, spy on... We all just willingly give them the information, keyed in, digitized, organized and collated ready for their "Analysis" of it. For all practical purposes when you Facebook, Twitter, et al, you might as well log on to the CIA computer data base and key in the report about you yourself!

"Shall I enter this information into the CIA data base about you?"
"No thank you.. that's ok, self serve, I'll do it myself!"


Google "CIA Monitoring Twitter, Facebook"

Facebook CIA Project: The Onion News Network ONN

Google "CIA Facebook"

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