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Yay!!! My Brown Paper Towels Arrived...

You might be wondering why such a thing, acquiring brown paper towels, would be exciting to me? Is significant? The point is what?

First let me declare I probably have a "clinical" aversion to man made unnatural chemicals.. a phobia? Always have.. probably always will. They are not a good thing and their danger to us is often hidden, unknown and/or suppressed.

White paper is but one, an excellent one, example of just how bad this chemical problem in our lives, and environment, can really be. Most people have no idea and are clueless about the extreme toxicity both in production and final product often times simply by the making of "white" paper products. When the bleaching is a chlorine based operation Dioxin is typically the result of the process. And it is both dumped into the environment by the tons and the final paper products themselves often times are laced and contaminated with it.

What's a "Dioxin" you might ask?

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I don't have to say a thing about this. USA Inc. the bankrupt foreign corporation, "Our" usurping federal government, can speak for itself.

Google "US created ISIS"
Google "US trained ISIS"
Google "US funding ISIS"
Google "US equips ISIS"

You don't think US is trying to eliminate terrorism do you?

Google "US created terrorists"
Google "US trained terrorists"
Google "US funding terrorists"
Google "US equips terrorists"

and finally..

Google "US terrorist state"

I don't have to say a thing.. I'm sorry.. I will..

When the military-industrial complex death and destruction machine is making mad money in a never ending war on terrorism we need terrorists! Lots of terrorists! We'll give you the weapons if you'll use them.

Recently Putin offered to aid the US in the fight against ISIS terrorism knowing full well ISIS was actually a US construct and device. I'm beginning to really like Putin he's a funny guy! Of course US got all nervous and jerky about that as Russia would be bombing US assets direct yet US can't say they are their assets. OMG did the main stream media have to go into steroid propaganda mode to try and explain US Inc's position about that... We don't want you're help!

That beast known as our out of control military-industrial complex death and destruction machine for profit has to be taken out back and a bullet put to its head. It's a rabid and dangerous animal to the local community of Earth. They ARE the terrorists!!

I'm gonna let Bill Hicks take it from here...

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Memorial Day 2016

Memorial Day is a national holiday for the purpose of commemoration for those that have lost their lives in wars defending our country. The very first "official" Memorial Day was on May 5, 1866. Right after the collective horror of the Civil War and all the lives lost in that event.

National Memorial Day Museum

The Civil War, which had torn our nation apart, had come to an end. In Waterloo, NY, as in the rest of the nation, the great sacrifice of our most precious asset, our young men, weighed heavily on the minds of our citizens. During the fall of 1865, Henry C. Wells, a local Druggist, proposed that a commemoration be held to honor their sacrifice. Late in the winter of 1866, he enlisted the aid of General John B. Murray who immediately threw his support behind the proposal and on May 5, 1866 the first Memorial Day was held.

We should give homage to all those whom have fallen in the belief they were protecting America from aggressors. Their lives is the highest price to pay and they deserve our respect and honor. Indeed many had already fallen in wars before Memorial day was even started. There was the "War of 1812" and "The Mexican-American War" in which many lives were lost, on both sides, in these "Wars".

And we should also recognize that in every single case of war in our entire history it was a fabrication and lie by the state wanting to achieve imperialistic and conquest objectives. WE WERE THE AGGRESSOR!!! There was no defense. The defense the public was sold was a compete and shameless lie. EVERY TIME!! So more accurately since no one died defending America but push upon others our state agendas we should expand those that we honor to include all that have been put to death by the hands of our very own government.

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Dollar Collapse of 2016: Another "New Deal?" Saved By Government Again?

"Our" government, USA Inc, in bed with The FED have been wreaking havoc on America ever since they became freaky together. If you may recall The FED was formed to protect the dollar and provide a stable financial base in which to build a national economy upon. At least that is how it was sold to us all.

Lets ignore for the moment that the creation of the FED was Constitutionally illegal and criminal. Lets ignore for the moment that the dollar was extremely stable for decades being based upon gold and silver therefore somehow requiring The FED protection?? Lets ignore for the moment that The FED lets "our" government borrow what ever they wanted public approval was no longer required. Lets ignore for the moment that once everyone became US Citizens they were on the hook for everything the government borrowed AND could not question it. Lets ignore for the moment that under The FED's protection of our monetary system America went from the number one creditor nation to the number one debtor nation on the planet. Lets ignore for the moment that The FED transformed the dollar from silver/gold based currency to a fiat currency based upon nothing but trust. And finally lets ignore for the moment by use of the central bank scam The FED has completely taken control and possession of everything in America including "our" government.

For the moment? We've ignored all this for over 100 years and now the time has come to pay the piper and reap the consequences of this we have allowed to happen.

We can ignore reality, but we cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.

- Ayn Rand

Hi Ayn! The current Federal Reserve Note is just that.. a note, an IOU, nothing but paper and ink created right out of thin air based upon no valuable commodity. When the trust in these fiat notes collapses they will become what they are.. nothing but paper and ink. Pretty toilet paper and wall paper. Well that time it seems is at hand. In fact I'm no monetary expert but it seems to me the FED notes are already past the death bed and are being kept alive by emergency life support maneuvers. The FED has gutted, stole, 97+% of the dollars value, the central bank scam has played out all that is left is the fiat currency collapse as they always do. Definitely ignore that one!

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From Putin's Own Mouth. As Opposed To Hear-Say.

It amazes me how our Magic Matrix Mass Media Manipulation Machinery use "Hear-Say" all the time and get away with it. "Hear-Say", as I understand it, is totally inadmissible in a court of law and for good reason. In other words "Hear-say" is all but meaningless and worthless of no validity. Yet the corporate controlled "News" media throw "Hear-say" at the public all the time as if it is gospel! They just love telling you what they said, they did and what they are! We don't need facts.. just turn the TV on they will give us the facts as they wish them to be told. You can trust them as they have a long history of lying to you and have zero credibility now.

Here is a video I found of Putin himself responding to a press conference. In our world over here where they keep you from the people saying things and must rely upon them, TV, to tell you what they said? You may find this interesting and possibly even surprising.

Putin Tells Everyone Exactly Who Created ISIS:

Explain to me again why American troops are being killed by American weapons...

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