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I'm Confused About This "Rule Of Law" Thing..

When "We the people.." break a law we are brutally prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for the most minor infractions. Especially if we don't give "Our" government all the money in our bank account to let us off the hook.

I'm not confused about that..

On the other hand "Our" government and the one percenters can break laws all the time with complete impunity as laws do not apply to them. And we're not talking minor infractions they are usually biblical making the mafia look like choir boys.

I'm not confused about that..

Whistle blowing about "Our" government criminal and corrupt activities is now a crime punished to the full extent by "Our" government. Yet reporting a crime by "We the people.." you're a hero! Especially if they are robbing from the filthy rich or government.

I'm not confused about that..

It would be stupid and unwise to piss off even a low level government clerk risking severe government repercussions it can boggle the mind how many laws you just broke! Yet they can beat you to death in the street for no reason at all except maybe for fun and not be held accountable under any law. Often times some of them also get paid vacations for it.

I'm not confused about that..

It seems the only time people in high places get prosecuted and indicted is when they piss off people in higher places. Often times for something they didn't even do.. framed?

I'm not confused about that..

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The Dallas Shooting: Thank You Eleanor And Company!

Its been a few days since this tragedy unfolded in Dallas in which 5 men in uniform were killed by a hate crime vendetta gun man. Of course I don't agree with the gun man. Of course this is a tragedy and unjust damage devastating to all the families of these men in uniform. The loss of a son, father, brother, husband.. Senseless and unjust? Devastating to family... Absolutely devastating.

My heart and sympathies go out to all of them.

Sadly, alas, I feel that the 24/7 non stop blitz by media and society about this is somewhat unfair. Biased. Prejudiced. Just a tad bit one sided. Unjust and wrong itself. Flags at half mast. Brutal beating by the media what a wrong this was.

It was. No argument.. flags should be at half mast. My problem is that this year.. what? 20 something police were killed by guns.. unjust? Yet this year thousands of people were killed by police. Unjust?

They were also members of families that were devastated by the killings. Yet no half mast flags for them. No 24/7 media blitz what a wrong was done. Hell many times it didn't even make the news. Explain that to their families that lost them by the hands of police why a human being in uniform has more worth than a human being not in uniform. Someone was unjustly killed and families were unjustly devastated. Thousands!!

I'm not even going to get into the millions of people, innocent men, women and children that are killed by our government war machine all over the planet that do not have their tragedy told in a mass media blitz how wrong and unfair it was!!! No half mast for any of them.

I just don't know what to say about this unending cycle of violence and killings that seems to be upon us. Indeed the government and media seem to be nurturing, instigating, fueling and even idolizing this killing violence. Its becoming epidemic.

Why is this even happening? Both ways?

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Independence Day: A Very Strange Day For America

America has become a very strange place in general. The USA Inc Matrix has virtually everyone here doing some pretty strange things. But on "Independence Day" it is particularly poignant and pronounced. It would truly be laughable if it were not so sad also.

When I reference "America" I refer to the original thirteen colonies that each became independent sovereign nations breaking free from British rule. I refer also to the original organic Constitution including thirteen amendments the first ten commonly referred to as "The Bill of Rights". This was truly a unique experiment drafted from a clean slate to work with. It turned the classic western European model of government upside down with the people at the top and the higher you went in government the lower their authority became. No level of government had more authority than the people of America. It was truly the first "United Nations" and it was truly quite amazing and different. People poured in from all over the planet just wanting to be free and avoid their respective government oppressions. Later more nations joined this new "United Nations" and America grew in size and power. Under the rule of the people, basically government kept out of the way and in check, it was the proverbial explosion. The rules were simple, common law, nature's law, God's law. There were only three and they to this day are the only true laws that exist. Basically:

  1. Hurt no one.
  2. Damage no ones property.
  3. Honor your contractual agreements.

They covered everything. If you violated none of the above then there was no crime. And being a nation of kings and queens government had no authority nor power to determine your guilt. It could only be done by a jury of your peers, other kings and queens.

The people of America were sovereign individuals. Kings and queens of their unique nation of one no subjects. You owned your life. You owned your property. You owned the fruits of your labor. No level of government could usurp your authority nor your property unless you committed a crime.

Truly America was a creation that is worthy of very proud celebration on the fourth of July Independence Day. And we do celebrate the birth of America!

That was then and this is now. It's become very strange.

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History Class WW II Pop Quiz

You've all been government controlled education indoctrinated. Here is a quick test to make sure you have NOT learned history:

Q: How was the insanity of nuking two Japanese cities "Justified"?

  1. It saved lives
  2. It ended the war
  3. None of the above

Q: Who delivered the most destructive blow upon Nazi Germany?

  1. The American forces
  2. The Allied forces
  3. None of the above

If you answered anything but "3" you may proceed to higher government education indoctrination. Become a "Doctor" of indoctrination! I have papers!! And corporate controlled mass media.. you know the ones?.. We can sell water to a drowning person?.. will confirm as right your wrong.

To find out why "3" was the actual correct answer read on. Consider this a class room exercise in critical thinking? Developing attention span? Weening yourself from the spoon fed thing?

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The Rise of History's Biggest Empire // Empire_File001

This should be required viewing in all schools. This should be required viewing by all Americans and/or US Citizens. This is a wonderful and right to the point expose of just how powerful the USA Matrix machine is. How far off and away from reality the public is kept when it comes to the USA Inc "Government" and it's bloated beast the military industrial complex terrorizing the world.

It's a wake up call Neo.. answer the phone!!!

Abby Martin's Empire Files: The Rise of History's Biggest Empire // Empire_File001

USA, USA, USA, Wave Flag is, if you ask me, synonymous, one and the same as, identical to...

Sieg Heil, Sieg Heil, Sieg Heil, hold up right arm.


YouTube: The Empire Files

The Empire Files .tv

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