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Artist: Styx: The Grand Illusion

Who is it that substitute "R's" for "L's" when speaking English? The Japanese??

"We're holding an eRection!"

They got it right and it is probably much closer to the actual truth. The USA Inc presidential election 2016 spectacle is coming to a climax! In the immortal words of Sam himself:

If voting made any difference they wouldn't let us do it.

-- Mark Twain

It's already been decided who will be president by the criminals with money and power. These are the choices they gave, allowed, us to have. As usual...

Hmmm,, It's either a sociopathic homicidal criminally insane congenital liar I'll do anything for money.. or.. Something more/less evil???

It's all just to give you the ILLUSION that you have a choice.. You don't! But hey.. Why not?? Just about everything else concerning USA Inc is ILLUSION therefore isn't it fitting that the presidential eRection should be also? But that's the way it is virtually all over the planet.

Our ILLUSION is better than your ILLUSION!!!

USA, USA, USA! Wave flag.. The American DREAM!!

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You Could Spend Decades Researching It Yourself Or Ask David Icke Instead

You know?? Find a person that has already done the long research needed to discover what does not want to be discovered? To see what tries to remain unseen. To know what does not want to be known.

But be warned.. it may be more of a leap than you are prepared to take. Can you handle the truth?? Here are just a few examples of David Icke:

David Icke's Best Presentation Ever - The Elephant in the Living Room [MUST WATCH]

David Icke - Do You REALLY Want to Know This??


David Icke: World Wide Wake Up Tour


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Hillary Is The Most Qualified To Be POTUS

And not just the most qualified but I would dare say the perfect person to be POTUS. I mean this would be like the match made in hell between her and US Inc.

For your consideration:

US INC: Is an usurping pretender.

Hillary?: Ditto.

US INC: No longer serves nor really cares about the people and/or Nation. Except at election time.

Hillary?: Ditto.

US INC: Has become some kind of clinical liar to the people all the time.

Hillary?: Ditto.

US INC: Answers to and serves only corporations and big money. Just to line their own pockets. Bribes R US.

Hillary?: Ditto.

US INC: Is a cesspool of criminality and corruption. Only the honest are punished.

Hillary?: Ditto.

US INC: Has a long history of doing almost nothing except destroying lives and what they did do was a disaster.

Hillary?: Ditto.

US INC: Apparently will do anything for money.

Hillary?: Ditto.

US INC: Is a fraud and financial black hole.

Hillary?: Ditto.

US INC: Based upon their historical activity is completely devoid of any morality or conscience.

Hillary?: Ditto.

US INC: Is not prosecuted in any way, shape or form for their numerous prosecutables.

Hillary?: Ditto.

And the big ones..

US INC: Is a sociopathic homicidal maniac killing machine for self interest, protection, power and profit.

Hillary?: Ditto.

US INC: Will have no problem pushing the button that will destroy the entire world. Wants to for the oligarch NWO handlers agenda!!

Hillary?: Ditto.

Clearly US Inc and Hillary are birds of a feather.. Cut from the same clothe.. On the same page.. Separated at birth! Compadres!!


Google "Clinton Body Count"

Google "Clinton sudden death syndrome"

Google "Clintonization"

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MatrixUSA Updated: Links Page: Gold Money

MatrixUSA has been updated. Gold Money has been added to the Preparedness Section of the Links Page.

Founded in 2001, Goldmoney’s mission is to provide secure and accessible gold-based savings to everyone, while also making gold useful for everyday payments. Goldmoney® helps people around the world build and protect their savings, transfer value instantly, and empower their business with the tools they need to succeed.

In today's treacherous and criminal world of financial activity one is lucky if they can even hold on to their wealth much less grow it on Wall Street. To big to fail and to big to jail.. so the beat goes on. Portfolios grow in single digits across the years to one day lose 30% or so of their value to yet another Wall Street criminal scam.

Lose the US Inc paper as that is all it is and it's going bye-bye. A Federal Reserve Note is not, repeat NOT, money. It's paper and ink legal tender created right out of thin air. Money is something that has actual and intrinsic value. It can not be counterfeited, created out of thin air nor run off a printing press. Gold and Silver IS money as are all precious metals. So is a bushel of wheat, a car, a house or even a pair of Nikes!

"I'm sorry.. I don't have any money on me. All I have are these Federal Reserve Notes.. Will you take them??"

Gold and Silver have the same value today that they have ALWAYS had. They never change. What changes is the value of the fiat money (Federal Reserve Notes) needed to buy Gold and Silver. The price of Gold went up? NO... The value of Federal Reserve Notes went down!!! Gold and Silver stayed the same.

Return to Constitutional Class money and protect your wealth. More important help kick The FED to the curb.


How To Buy A Dozen Eggs With A Dime


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O.. M.. G.. Hillary Was Telling The Truth!!!!

There really is a "Right Wing Conspiracy" wanting to impune her character. I found it over at YouTube! It's official!!!

Here is a video from the YouTube "Right Wing Conspiracy" Channel:


This "Right Wing Conspiracy" is impuning Hillary's character with facts rather than lies nor even "tin hat" agenda hallucinations as Hillary tells us all. That is how she "perceives" it. And I personally would not consider any YouTube channel a "Vast" anything although I am sure many could be argued they are in fact "Vast". I do understand the way Hillary is in said given critical of her situations. Specifically if just one person points out and/or challenges any one of her many faults and/or criminality that qualifies as "Vast" to her. I get it. I really do. She is being done wrong that's a lie!

Not to worry.. Hillary is still the same person we have all come to NOT know, everything has been rigged and corrupted around her and of course it goes with her "MO" the implicit mistrust and fear she inspires in us.

FBI: Everything she told us was a lie.. EVERYTHING!
Hillary: The FBI has confirmed I was being honest through the entire investigation. Every lie I told them they confirmed was in fact the truth!!

She's amazing..

There is in fact, I found one, a "Right Wing Conspiracy" trying to impune Hillary's character. How dare they accuse her of the factual she has done criminally, corrupt and even worse. It's a conspiracy! And I thought anyone claiming they have a conspiracy theory was automatically labeled and categorized as some kind of kook and nut job. Don't even listen to their reasoning as to how they became an insane conspirorist! You also may become insane should you do so. As we all know thanks to the TV any "Conspiracy theory" must be implicitly both crazy and more important has no truth nor merit at all to it. You all know.. Conspiracies? There is no such thing and you'd have to be crazy to think there is one even if there is one.

Hillary's a conspiracy theorist?

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