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The TPP: Corporations Writing Laws

That's right.. The TPP is an example of corporations writing international treaty law. And does it even need saying, they are without soul nor conscience, that these laws will be good for corporations and bad for nations, people and the environment? Well duh? This is a wonderful example of the problem of having corporations run and control governments. Does Corporatism or Fascism give you a warm fuzzy?

And that's right also.. You didn't think this was a problem with just "Your" government did you? Corporations own, run and control virtually ALL GOVERNMENTS EVERYWHERE!!! The TPP if nothing else will verify that for you.

For all of you whom hate to take a stand and get involved activist and/or political? Don't worry about any of this because the corporate controlled media will make sure you do not know about any of this! In fact corporate controlled media will explain if you have a problem with corporations burning down the entire planet and running your government that you are crazy!! Everyone wants to burn down the entire planet for short term corporate profits. Corporate government laws are a good thing!!! It's the right thing to do all the rational will be corporate controlled media spoon fed psyop to you. Just sit on the couch with your beer, turn on the TV, put on a bib and open your mouth wide.


Flush The TPP! is an action campaign to Stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). We invite you to join us. In order to stop the TPP we need to act quickly and in solidarity with people in other countries. This massive trade agreement is a high priority for transnational corporations, and they are working fast to make it law.

The TPP affects many issues, including worker’s rights and wages, environmental collapse and climate change, sovereignty of nations and democratic rule of law, Internet freedom and online creativity, food safety and agriculture, healthcare and financial regulation (including controls over the flow of capital), and much more. For a quick overview of some of the issues, click through the slides on our home page. While this website is focused on action to stop the TPP, if you want to learn more details about what it is, visit the websites to the right, or check out this list of articles.


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Under The Influen$e

Where ever did you get the idea that We The People run this country?


Our founding fathers creating a system of "Checks and balances" was NOT about corporate spreadsheets and quarterly statements!


Under The Influence


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The Clintons Are Sleazy Criminals. Well Duh! What's Your Point?

I watched a YouTube doc about the Clintons. Both Bill and Hillary. It is an investigative journalism expose type thing of their entire political careers. Uncovering and reporting about their political history of corruption, criminality and just plain low life sleaziness.

The documentary was exactly the same type of thing that you will not, nor will ever, see on your corporate controlled TV news "Shows".

Yes the Clintons are about as criminal and corrupt as any of our political leaders are any more. Criminality, corruption and amorality are a job requirement by the people that put them in power which is NOT the American public. They, both Bill and Hilary, are a wonderful example of what is holding our highest positions of governmental power these days. Your, our, government at work! What I don't get is why are the Clintons singled out for an investigative expose documentary? All our presidents and most of congress has been criminal and corrupt. The Bush's have made criminality and corruption a long family tradition. Some would even make the Clintons look like pillars of morality and integrity in comparison. Is this some kind of political election maneuvering? What's your point?

Clinton 2016? Conspiracy Shocker! Must See Documentary!

Published on Apr 19, 2015

Absolutely shocking suppressed documentary about the full blown drug smuggling, money laundering, womanizing, murder, political favors, killing anybody who talked; both Clintons crime syndicate, including the murder of children! Some of this I read about in Cathy O'brian's "Trance-Formation of America", but this documentary takes the revelation on the Clintons to a whole new level. I simply cannot believe it! Full drugs and murder of anyone who spoke out!


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The Empire Files: Abby Martin's New Weekly Video Program

She's back! As if she ever really left considering her Media Roots activity. Abby Martin debut's her new weekly video program The Empire Files hosted by teleSUR ENGLISH. The program airs every Friday, 9:00pmEST.

Here is the debut episode:

The Rise of History's Biggest Empire // Empire_File001

Published on Sep 5, 2015

Abby Martin debuts teleSUR's The Empire Files exploring the U.S. Empire, its rise to world hegemony and its impact on people and the planet.

teleSUR's The Empire Files airs every Friday night at 9:00 pm EST / 6:00 PST. Watch live here:

In a world of severely compromised news one must find and follow uncompromised reporters. The tricky part is if you able to discern between compromised and uncompromised. The Matrix is very very expert at selling you bad goods.


Media Roots Newsletter Announcement


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The Good About Clueless Is You're Clueless That You're Clueless

Here on planet Earth, Sol-3 to some and clueless how all the off worlders reference it we are at a very unique and special place in life form evolutionary development. A rare Jewel I would suspect that is naught but a brief flash of time in the universal grand evolutionary time scale. Surely this event must be of extreme interest to witness, observe and study to all the archaeologists millions of years, or more, ahead of us. In fact I would dare say it must be amusing to them also. We are making the transition from pre to post sentience and conscienceness. A species on this planet has became self aware and is now able to reason in abstract symbolic terms. They can now talk, read, write and count higher than the number of digits on their hands. Yet another species "Woke up" as it were. For all those clueless what I refer to is specifically mankind, humans, Homo Sapiens to some and I am clueless how all the off worlders reference us. I'm not sure I'd like to know and might prefer to remain clueless about that.

Maybe it might help to get perspective on this by thinking of our own 5 year old children. Living in an extremely limited awareness world it is all very simple for them there is nothing they don't understand! By the time they are leaving their teens they know it all! Kids.. ya gotta love em! It will be years, decades for some even, for them to learn the more they know the more they realize they do NOT know till they finally reach adult awareness that they are in fact, in the grand scale of it all, utterly clueless.

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