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Fuck The System: Volumes 1 + 2.

Here are a couple of YouTube documentaries released 2013-2014 out of England. The title suggests this should be posted over on the Resistance blog. However I placed it in the Matrix blog as it documents nicely what the powers that be are able to get away with. UN-Fucking-beleivable what they can get away with. UN-Fucking-beleivable what we are putting up with.

FUCK the system V1:

FUCK the system V2:


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The Bible Is The Absolute Divine Word Of God Himself!

I'm sure this blog posting is probably going to upset a few people out there. I'm going to be doing something that many would consider downright sacrilege, heresy and blasphemous. I'm going to bring into question orthodox beliefs about the Bible itself.

Now before I blow my own head off with many out there simply by asking questions about that which is not allowed to be questioned, the Bible itself, let me state right up front and for the record I BELIEVE IN GOD!!!! THERE IS A GOD!!! I'm NOT questioning God. I'm questioning the Bible. This might help you, the reader, better understand where I am coming from about all this. My Christmas 2014 Ecard:

Seasons Greetings 2014

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Independence Day 2015

Celebrating our independence under a faux defacto martial law (military dictatorship) corporate government.

First they came for our federal government.

Let the deception, criminality and usurping begin! In 1871 after the Civil War the organic government treasonous created a corporation to handle the business of government. Seated in D.C. and only had jurisdiction in D.C. The trademark names of this new Federal Corporation are ”THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT”, ”United States”, ”U.S.”, ”U.S.A.”, ”USA”, and ”America”. U.S. Inc. adopts America's Constitution, "The Constitution of the United States of America", as their corporate charter calling it "The Constitution for the United States of America". Even during U.S. Inc's birth it is criminal. The Organic Constitution at the time of U.S. Inc's birth had 16 amendments. U.S Inc dropped the thirteenth Amendment and the ones that followed move up to fill the void. Basically the original thirteenth amendment forbid anyone who had ties to foreign governments to hold office conflict of interest. That would be all BAR accredited lawyers.

President Lincoln declared Martial Law when the Civil War broke out. That state of Martial Law has never been rescinded. Yes.. America has been under Martial Law since the Civil War. That is the origin of the president's authority to issue "Executive orders" AKA "Dictator decrees". Lincoln issued the very first. Go into any court room in America today and take a look at the flag that is on display there. That flag denotes and designates that court's jurisdiction. They are ALL gold trimmed flags designating "Maritime/Military Law" jurisdiction.

America now has two governments in place. All elected officials hold two positions. One in the organic republic the same position in the corporation. The vacating of the original organic republic begins. A BAR lawyer could be elected to the corporate government but could not legally hold the same position in the organic republic. U.S. Inc could do things that the organic republic could not do but it only had effect and force withing the 10 mile square area of DC and any other jurisdiction of U.S. Inc.

America now has two classes of citizens also. Original sovereign Americans and U.S. Inc. 14th Amendment "U.S. Citizens" wards of the state. The organic Constitution does not apply to U.S. Citizens.

and I didn't speak out as I was not born yet.

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Charleston SC: Yet Another Mass Media 24/7 Beating

Before I get started on this one let me say first and again all my sympathies and prayers go out to the people of Charleston SC concerning their tragic event.

We all knew, didn't we?, the moment it happened we were all in for yet another 24/7 mass media non stop beating about this event. How tragic and terrible, lets drop emotional nukes all over the place all the time and yes we need to outlaw guns so this never happens again. One week later the public is considering repealing the second amendment.

Why don't we just have mass media TV implants placed into our brains at birth so we can skip the entire week of brutal mass media psyop beatings just to get us to act and think stupid? That way we will all demand instantly for solutions that won't work and upon hurting ourselves saving a whole weeks worth of valuable alternate programming time in the process.

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Charleston South Carolina Church Shooting

What an undeserved tragedy has befallen the people in Charleston South Carolina. A mad man walks into a church full of unarmed defenseless people and just starts slaughtering them. A typical coward MO. And it seems an apparent hate crime. Among the worst out there.

Once again the stats are proved out if you have to wait for police to stop it the death count will be on average 9.x before they do. On the other hand if an armed civilian is at the scene at the time of the incident the average death count would be 1.x instead. Too bad someone in church did not have a gun on them. Oh wait.. having a gun in church is against the law and the church was full of God fearing law abiding people. That law didn't stop the killer did it? In fact it made it safe for him to drop tragedy upon the people of Charleston.

My heart, sympathy and prayers go out to all the victims, their families and to the people of Charleston also.


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