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"In Point Of Fact, ..."

... fluoride causes more human cancer death, and causes it faster than any other chemical.

- Dr. Dean Burk PHD

Dr. Burk has 34 years at the National Cancer Institute... He knows what he is talking about.

This quote by Dr. Burk was taken from the Congressional Record 21 July 1976. The government has known this for years.

Sodium Fluoride is basically an industrial waste compound that is so toxic it can not be released AT ALL into the environment. Major expense to properly dispose of it. Yet because of a corrupt science study result that claims it improves "Dental Health" (wink wink) it is recommended that it be dumped into public drinking water. Now public municipalities pay corporations for their extremely toxic waste to add to the public water supplies??!! How sweet is that?

Cancer is an AMA major money maker. Make no mistake they do NOT want a cure. Making way too much money off it. In fact all cancer cures are suppressed and forbidden.

Same thing as big oil. Unlimited free electrical energy was discovered back in Tesla's days.. They are making way too much money off oil. Alternatives to it are suppressed and forbidden also. Just bad for business you understand.

So die and let the environment die also.. business is good!


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OMG! Is It Me Or Has Google Become Yet Another MSM Marketing Whore?

This is a case in which I had to endure several minutes of advert marketing net transactions and I never even got to see the content I was looking for. I gave up waiting for it!

"Google" recipe ideas about potato salad. Who would would think such a simple thing would become a nightmare? Google comes right back with lots of hits about potato salad recipe ideas and opinions.

So far so good..

But right up top of the list of hit results, number one, is a "box" giving me the info I am looking for. I don't have to follow any other link or look no further!

Whoa.. GOOGLE! GOOGLE! GOOGLE! ... wave flag.

But not all the details are there. I need to follow that special presented link to get the rest. So I do.

Let the nightmares begin..

Page load time.. no problem I have a 50mb smoking internet connection so no page should take more than mere seconds to load no matter how heavily advert laden it may be.

So I assumed clicking on the link.

No.. it went like this:

Net ref ad notify and ping...
Net ref ad notify and ping...
Net ref ad notify and ping...
Net ref ad notify and ping...
Net ref ad notify and ping...

Still no content..

Net ref ad notify and ping...
Net ref ad notify and ping...
Net ref ad notify and ping...
Net ref ad notify and ping...
Net ref ad notify and ping...

still no content...

Net ref ad notify and ping...
Net ref ad notify and ping...
Net ref ad notify and ping...
Net ref ad notify and ping...
Net ref ad notify and ping...

Still no content..

Net ref ad notify and ping...
Net ref ad notify and ping...
Net ref ad notify and ping...
Net ref ad notify and ping...
Net ref ad notify and ping...

Still no content..

Net ref ad notify and ping...
Net ref ad notify and ping...
Net ref ad notify and ping...
Net ref ad notify and ping...
Net ref ad notify and ping...

Still no content..

Well over a full minute has passed and all the page adverts are still notifying each other it's not even finished yet.

This is smoking broadband? This is more like lame dial up! Screw this! I give up waiting for it and closed the tab.

I don't want to know any more. In fact it completely spoiled my appetite for potato salad!


Now I don't know. Maybe I'm mistaken about this. This was after all requested in a Windows "Operating System" (wink wink gafaw gafaw) joke and extremely crippled environment.

And there is also all the NSA tracking and reporting that has to be done which also needs to be considered and which of course adds more overhead exactly like the..

Net ref ad notify and ping...
Net ref ad notify and ping...
Net ref ad notify and ping...
Net ref ad notify and ping...
Net ref ad notify and ping...

OMG it's become worse than TV. Minutes of net marketing and reporting activity just to retrieve zero net content??!!

So the NSA was informed I was looking at a Potato salad recipe and yet I never even got to see the potato salad recipe?

Load your website with net advertising to raise your Google ranking?


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JBS Support H.R. 899: Abolish The Department Of Education!

Having the Federal government take over our children's education has got to be one of the worst things that has happened to America and her children. The Dept. Of Education is a wonderful example and testimony how government destroys that which they claim to be protecting!

America's children were amongst the most highly educated in the world when their education was managed and defined by parents and local communities. Eighth graders were setting up and running successful transnational corporations. Had a sense of community and didn't rely on the federal government to take care of them. They knew how to take care of themselves.. Americans!!

Then the federal government took our children's education over back in 1979 with the creation of The Department of Education. All to "protect" our children and their education. Now how the children are raised and educated is ALL under the control of the federal government. Parents have little say nor choice about it. Since then the quality of our children's education has been declining rapidly so now they are average at best and often times among the worst educated. Do US students really hold the 2cd position of the most ignorant in the world? Not only that it is pure indoctrination. They take the children away from the parents at 5 years old and spend 6-8 hours a day raising them instead. Hope you love the current president when your young children are singing songs of praise to them in school. Government good. Don't question authority do as your told. Be good 9-5 worker drones for corporations. And most important conform as imagination and creativity will be beat/drugged out of them.

By all measurements The Department of Education is a complete and utter disaster and failure. So typical of government destroying what they profess to be protecting! The DOE.. mangling our children since 1979. But you may not know that after being government "educated". In fact after government "Education" you may be totally unable to accept government is anything but good... as they destroy your children's education and all our lives.

On February 7, 2017, Congressman Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) introduced H.R. 899, a bill to abolish the unconstitutional Department of Education. The John Birch Society has a prewritten letter for all your reps that you can customize to encourage them to pass this bill and end the ED.

In the immortal words of Sam himself:

I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.

- Mark Twain


Ranking America

Failure The Federal Misedukation of America's Children


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All Hail Our New Dictator. Freaking Out Judges, Amnesty International and Syrian Refugees With just one Decree!

And that is exactly the reason why dictators are not a good thing for America. Because the dictator changes every 4 to 8 years. Therefore all the rules change every 4 to 8 years. At least in places like Cuba the dictator never changed therefore the rules never changed!!

And excuse me? How did this dictator decree crap ever get started? The Constitution is very specific about that. ONLY CONGRESS can make law. Not the Senate.. not the Supreme Court and especially NOT THE PRESIDENT!! I don't recall any Constitutional Amendments about that? None listed. Yet we now have a dictatorship. And the dictator, "our president", can just make whatever laws they want.

This just in from Amnesty International:

Our top priority: Stop the bigoted ban for good

Dear Trebor,

Last night a federal judge ruled to temporarily block President Trump’s Muslim ban. However, this decision is short-term relief. Congress must step in to block this unlawful ban for good.

We are in the fight of our lives.

President Trump’s bigoted executive order banning Syrian refugees and immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries mocks the bedrock values of equality, fairness and inclusion that we hold as Americans and as human rights champions.

We must stop this ban. There is no losing this fight — or the consequences for our country and our world will be dire.

Make an urgent donation to support Amnesty’s all-out fight against the ban.

We have focused our entire staff’s efforts on mobilizing all of our members and activists on this critical campaign. Your donation will support our strategy and tactics to defeat Trump’s disastrous order.

Our primary goal is to get Congress to intervene and block the ban. We have allies, but we must keep up the pressure.

Our targets are Republican Senators from six states who will most likely sway the results: John McCain and Jeff Flake in Arizona, Ron Johnson in Wisconsin, Ben Sasse in Nebraska, Lindsey Graham in South Carolina and Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania.

Your donation will support our staff working directly with these Senators and their staff and our efforts mobilizing grassroots advocacy pressure from constituents in their states.

We are also focused on showing that public opinion is against the ban.

We are holding visible protests in DC, New York and other key target locations over the next week and we are researching cases of individuals whose lives have been torn apart or otherwise impacted by this ban so we can show the real consequences of hateful policies.

Your donation will support these key pressure points — all that lead back to Congress and the need for Senators to intervene.

You know this ban is anti-American. Families have been torn apart. Children as young as five have been detained for hours on end. Refugees — who had sold all their possession days before departing for the U.S. — have nothing to their name.

Stand on the right side of history with us. Donate and be part of the resistance.


Margaret Huang
Executive Director, Amnesty International USA

Great.. we have a bigoted dictator this time around. All hail! You know what is really sad to me about this? We created the Syrian refugee crisis disaster to begin with by destroying their country for corporations and banker megalomaniac imperialism. And now that biblical lives have been devastated by us and are in refugee status don't look to us for help!!!

I'm telling ya.. it just gets weirder and weirder.. This time around we gave a game show host dictatorship of America.


Apparently this dictator thing, well duh?, freaks Dave out also. Go figure.

My Pen Is My Sword To [Divide And] Rule - David Icke Dot Connector


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Global Nuclear War: Is This Why Our History Has Been Erased?

I just love history. "REAL" history that is. Not the "FAKE" history government controlled education pumps into our children in schools. That is nothing but indoctrination.

However the good of this government indoctrination schooling is once you get it, realize, it is pretty much all nothing but "Walla Walla" a whole new world of history awareness becomes available to you just for the looking and taking. Praise the Internet!!! It is the information gatekeepers worse nightmare. The gate is still there however the Internet has dropped all the walls around it.

So I've spent the last several years exploring "REAL" history via the Internet. In fact it is one of the only ways to find anything "REAL" available to us. The information gatekeepers have closed all the other doors it is that important we do NOT know "REAL."

One aspect of history I find especially fascinating is Ancient Civilizations. Understand according to the state approved orthodox model the world is flat and at the center of the universe! No.. wait.. sorry.. that was last week. This week according to the state approved orthodox model no high order civilization ever occurred in our past we are the first. Not only the first but the latest and greatest highest order of development mankind has ever achieved!

And I have discovered that is absolutely true if, and ONLY IF, you delete and erase every advanced civilization that came before us prior to 4 to 6 thousand years ago. Four to six thousands years ago is important to the state approved orthodox model because according to them there was no advanced civilization prior to that time. Advanced civilization only appeared and began just 4 to 6 thousand years ago, again according to them, for the very FIRST time.

And coincidentally according to the state approved orthodox model government first appeared about 4 to 6 thousand years ago. According to the state approved orthodox model, I'm shocked I tell you, government was instrumental and key to our civilized evolution as we could have not done it with out government.

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