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Governments Preparing To Do Their "Democide" Thing Once Again

All the governments of the NATO alliance seem to be trying desperately to start a nuclear WW III with Russia. Sabre rattling, acts of aggression and just plain pissing on Russia's shoes disrespecting them. Of course over here in the good ole USA, USA, USA! ..the corporate controlled mass media propaganda machine paints it all as Russia being the aggressor and provoking WW III. USA Inc is bombing and occupying countries all over the planet Russia is not. USA Inc is spending half the GNP on Nazi war machinery Russia is not. USA Inc is run and controlled by a military industrial complex Russia is not. You do the math.

Now Russia and China are doing some Sabre rattling of their own in retaliation it seems. The largest Naval drills ever conducted by Russia and China together are being carried out for the first time in the Japanese seas?

Escalation to war by government is never a problem. Diplomacy and defusing war by government is always a problem. Government claims they always want nothing but peace but they always start nothing but wars. Government claims to represent the people and no one wants war yet government goes to war anyways. Government claims it is protecting people somehow by destroying countries and killing people by the millions. Government claims it wants to make the world safe as it is getting ready for nuclear WW III wiping out ~80% of the planet population, billions this time, and possibly returning humanity to the stone age in the process.

"Democide" is a long and honored by government tradition of government being responsible for the deaths of more people than the black plague itself. Once again government is headed hell bent on doing it's "Democide" thing. You can be sure those in position of government power who want this war and are forcing this war upon humanity will not be part of the war but off safe somewhere watching from the side. You can be sure the people do not want war yet the people will be the ones that will die in the war.

I'm thinking maybe it is time to lose this government thing. Can Anarchy be any worse? Please government STOP PROTECTING ME!! And concerning Russia and China aligning? Thank God for that!!! There is a super power out there that can stand up to the international banker's new Nazi war machine USA, USA, USA!!

Wave flag..


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Google Advertising Syndication Revelation?

So I'm watching a YouTube documentary. Of course having to painfully endure Google advertising as I do. It's the insulting and offensive advertising content not the amount that is painful. Doesn't Google own YouTube now? Isn't Google nothing but a big government internet surveillance device? Isn't any major internet social traffic site now owned by Google? Aren't Google browsers and apps forced upon us all any time we do software updates and the like anymore? Is it me or has Google become some kind of defacto definition of all things internet? Is it me or has experiencing the internet become impossible without Google? Is it me or is hanging around outside my window, digging through my trash and following me around where ever I go considered stalking?

Is there anyone on this planet that has not heard of Google?

Even from those stalking us where ever we go.. Even from those who are creating nightmares in our sleep.. Even from those that are driving us towards clinical counseling.. Even from those that are making a strong argument that meds in our lives can be a good thing.. We can learn something?

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Uh Oh.. The Rats Are Abandoning The Ship??

Isn't that supposed to be an indication that the ship is about to sink? Well then it looks as if the ship is about to sink because it looks as if the rats are running, hiding, ducking and otherwise seeking cover and safety.

Here on planet Earth 99.99% of the entire population is the personal property and livestock of the other 0.01% of the entire population. The 0.01% basically own and control virtually everything on planet Earth including your governments and all your "leaders". For decades the 0.01% have been planning and prepping for their New World Order. Basically a global Nazi military dictatorship with them at the top. They've had control of the entire planet for hundreds of years now. I can only assume they are doing this because they are tired of hiding under rocks. behind curtains and in shadows.

The plan is the usual MO only this time on a global scale. Drive the entire world into some kind of nightmare hell on Earth biblical death and destruction all around chaos and then step in after it is all over and done just short of totally destroyed to save us all and prevent it from ever happening again. The global Nazi military machine is all built and in position bases all across the planet. Excuse me a moment..

USA! USA! USA! Wave flag...

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Evidence We Were CREATED in gODS Image?

That's right.. There seems to be overwhelming evidence, proof even, that we were in fact truly CREATED in gODS image. We were NOT created in God's image. We were created in gOD's image! Evidence suggests gODS created us from God's creations.

It's all so confusing as man has inserted himself in our lives as an authority about God. If you want to be on God's good side you must accept man's definition of it all, do what man says and most importantly give man lots of money. Do what I say and give me your money? Where have I heard that before? Usually special hats, clothes, titles and buildings go along with that claim as beyond question proof you must do as they say and give them your money.

Here is the problem that seems to be mucking up all the waters of understanding about this. The Bible and our cultural history both refer to two different gods. They are spelled the same. They are pronounced the same. But they are NOT the same. Man and his Bible seem to use them both interchangeably as if they are one and the same.

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U.S. Inc., Washington DC, Is A Testimony

U.S. Inc, Washington DC, is not even American. From America's perspective it is a foreign corporation/land. Yet this foreign corporation/land has usurped the federal governmental authority over America. The natural organic government still exists though it is not being used and is vacated. It's true the Constitution is the highest law in the land.. for America. For U.S Inc, Washington DC, the foreign corporation the Constitution does not apply. Most everyone is under the impression that U.S. Inc, Washington DC, is the government of America. Is America! Even Washington DC itself is loaded with American memorials such as the Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial and the like. All symbols of America erected and constructed on foreign soil to America. All symbols that have absolutely no meaning at all to U.S. Inc the foreign corporation to America. Yet every year millions of Americans pay homage and visit this foreign country as Americans to honor America??

Surely this is a testimony, probably several, about U.S. Inc., Washington DC.

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