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The Sugar Pine Mine Militia: Once Again The Government Needs Reminding About Rights And Due Process?

Things like we have "Rights" and are entitled to due process just keep getting overlooked by "Our" government. One could even make an argument "Our" government has real issues with "Rights" and due process. It just gets in the way of their stealing and criminality.

Once again the militia and Oath Keepers are called in to protect people from their "Own" government.

Where's the highest law enforcement official in the country.. The Sheriff? Didn't he take an oath to uphold the Constitution and protect the people in his county? Militia have to do what he will not? He needs to be recalled.

Militia is how it is meant for people to protect themselves from a government gone full blown tyrannical.. you know.. USA, USA, USA.. Wave flag?

And that is why the government wants to take our guns away.

Of course, I'm sure, corporate controlled mass media will present it all as fair and unbiased reporting. However the government will always be right and anyone who challenges them will always be wrong. Isn't that right Waco?

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It's The "Looking Forward To The Trip!" Part That Is Real Special And Amusing

You've probably heard the expression "Telling someone to go to hell and have them looking forward to the trip?"

"Throw yourself off that cliff it's the right thing to do!"

Leap off cliff...Why is this taking so long?... SPLAT!

Definitely a person with a true gift of persuasion. Let that be a lesson to the rest of you! They threw themselves off the cliff doing the right thing. Therefore they deserve our respect and honor.

As sad and in a way funny as this may all seem what is important to note is they were not pushed off the cliff. All that was needed was to put the idea into their head, have them believe it, that it was the right thing to do and they jumped from the cliff themselves.

You might say "Big deal. You convinced Frank to jump off a cliff. He was never all that bright. Nothing special about that."

True. How about if you get most everyone everywhere to jump off the cliff thinking it is the right thing to do? In fact it gets easier to do after you have convinced many to do it. It must be right.. They all believed it before they leaped.

After getting hundreds, thousands and even millions of people to kill themselves and each other thinking it is the right thing to do?? Would you call that "Gifted?"

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Weaponized: You're At War Under Attack And Don't Even Know It

"Weaponized" has two distinctly different meanings and definitions. Put simply:

  1. Arming as in providing, usually military grade, weapons and hardware to some force, faction or group.
  2. Converting ordinary everyday things in life to serve now as a "weapon" against your enemy. The object being to damage and harm them any way possible. It is, after all, "War".

The first definition our Militarty-Industrial complex is doing all the time all over the planet. Providing military weapons to, of course, "Freedom Fighters". And this, of course, results in more armed conflict which, of course, requires that more forces, factions and groups need to be definition one "Weaponized" to defend against this new armed assault. Now we have to provide military weapons to, of course, new "Freedom Fighters". And this, of course, results in more armed conflict which, of course, requires that more forces, factions and groups need to be definition one "Weaponized" to defend against this new armed assault.

Get the picture? Understand?

This is nothing but Military-Industrial Complex market control and development. Business is good. Geo-political global domination NWO agendas are being played out. All the while the ones fanning the flames are taking the bows for trying to put out the flames. They abhor violence and want only peace as they definition one "Weaponize" every one every where! We want only diplomatic solutions though we sabotage every one. It failed but we tried hard. "They" were not interested in peace like we are.

Get the picture? Understand? ....Duh???

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End Of This "Heating Season" Experimental Experience. Conclusion And Observations.

Another "Heating Season" is coming to a close here in the great North-East America. Winter is breaking at this time of the year. The temperature at night actually stays above freezing more and more often. It has been a bitter cold winter I was begging for global green house warming at times. In addition we had a good amount of snow dropped on us this year. The deep piles of it have been reduced to patches here and there and are melting away fast now.

It is the great North-East understand. Yes... snow was still falling on us but two days ago. You can wear shorts and T-shirts during the day yet 12 hours later the wind chill temperature is so low it will kill you in 30 seconds if not properly protected from it.

Why would anyone live anywhere else??

The winter "heating season" is also the financial windfall season of all the energy corporations. We are all locked into that system. PAY UP OR DIE! Corporations.. all of them.. love that kind of market... PAY UP OR DIE! No other choice allowed us all. They're working hard in bed freaky with their puppet government to have the same be true for food, water, air and anything critical to life survival also. PAY UP OR DIE! No choice that is the systemic structure we are offered to "live" in. It doesn't get much better than that. It doesn't get much worse than that. Depends which side of the cash register you are standing on. And it is all about the God almighty cash register. Live or die is just a marketing tool.

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Google "Bill Clinton Rape"

All the "Rape" accusations against Bill Clinton are completely bogus and have no validity at all. Every one of them as many as there are.

Once again "Bill Clinton Rape" is being kicked around. For example:

The Corbett Report: Google "Bill Clinton rape"

We should hold no animosity towards Bill about this because as he explains himself he is being singled out from all the other political power players woman are trying to destroy his political career by bringing false rape allegations. That poor man. Why do woman do this with him but not others in political power? This has been haunting him again and again his entire life.

Even if what all these woman are claiming, that Bill raped them, is true in their mind it is still a bogus and invalid claim.

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