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Veterans Day 2014: 22+ Suiciding EVERY Day

I say 22 *** + ***, a real conservative number, as only about 30 states are contributing data to this statistic. Duty, honor, patriotism, heroes, fighting for freedom and democracy! ...8,000+ suicide EVERY year.

I'm sure this stat and fact are being buried, quietly swept under the rug, by MSM media. Even Google seems complicit as their top hits for Veterans Day are all the "Meals, Deals and freebies" for Veterans on Veteran's Day. Rare mention of Veteran suicides. Needing help preventing veteran suicide "Ranks lower" than where can they save a dollar spending their money.

3,000+ people are killed by a criminal 9/11 act. The who did it is highly questionable, vague and extremely dubious. We declare war and then destroy several nations killing millions of innocent men, women and children who definately had nothing at all to do with 9/11. Our own DoD and VA are killing 8,000+ of our children every year by their actions/inactions and no retribution at all for that tradgety. Not even worthy of a nightly news report.

"Support the troops"?? DoD and the VA don't even support the troops yet your an unpatriotic monster if you don't. Veteran suicide is a good thing. Less obligatory burden the government must endure. Death and destruction, once again, is highly profitable good for business and the economy!

USA, USA, USA. Wave flag. Slit throat.


Google "Military Suicide"

Google "Veteran Suicide"

On Eve of Veterans Day, a Former Soldier Speaks Out on Hidden Costs of War From PTSD to Suicide

Google "Jackson Browne: Lives In The Balance"

Google "Midnight Oil - Beds Are Burning"


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Artists: Major Tom

We are only a few fractionally small group trying to keep billions of people under our control and influence. Taking your power away is critical to this objective.

Hurt, damage, impair, cripple, mislead, disconnect, maim and otherwise neuter any way we can your true power and potential against us.

When was the last time your bare feet were in contact with mother Earth herself? You don't have to walk through an ancient forest barefoot to feel her medicinal correction upon your spirit. She can deliver this from the lawn in your yard. The question is are you listening/receiving it? Are you properly grounded?

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Election Day: Corporate Chattel Property Deciding Corporate Officers

As "Americans" it is our "Civic Duty" to vote for our "Representatives" in "Government". But in order to do so, vote that is, we have to "Voter Registration" first. And there is good reason for the "registration" as ONLY "U.S. Citizens" are allowed to vote.

Make sure you answer "Yes I am a U.S. Citizen" on the registration form. Only corporate chattel property, U.S. Citizens, are allowed to vote in the corporate officer election. If you are French, Canadian, Tibetan or a U.S. National (American) you do not get to vote for U.S. Inc. corporate officers.

It's a "Privilege" to be corporate chattel property.

Once you have “Registered” yourself as a “U.S. Citizen”, Chattel property of U.S. Inc, you have the “Privilege” of voting in U.S. Inc elections. Tibetans do not have that “Privilege”. So choose your “Representatives” well.

You are corporate chattel property deciding the corporate officers who will “Represent” you. Who do you prefer to be your owner? Who do you prefer to decide how all your money now theirs is spent? You are now a slave choosing your master. You are now corporate livestock choosing your butcher.

Election 2014: You Decide! You have a choice who will be your owner, master and butcher.


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Election 2014: Yawn

Election 2014 is a "Mid-term" non-presidential election year. Therefore the corporate media does not hype it as they do for a presidential election.

A presidential election the corporate media is marketing it rabid, feverish and all year long. Every channel we are all talking and concerned about who will get elected. What is a candidate wearing today? A true spectacle if there ever was one.

All other elections get little or no coverage from corporate media. Trivial lip service maybe except for the odd and unusual exceptions.

Are corporations telling us only the presidential election is important? Are corporations telling us they are only concerned for some reason important about the presidential election? Are corporations telling us only the presidential election can have an effect upon them all others do not?

What's up with that? Election 2014 you decide!


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Nothing Like A Good Contract

Any contract signed and dated by you is legally binding and enforceable. It matters not if it is wrong, unethical or even immoral.. you agreed to it.. it's legal. Here is an example of a "Full Disclosure" contract. You have been told what the terms of the contract are.

I agree to pay Trebor one dollar every week for the rest of my life.


Return to Trebor

Feel free to modify the contract increasing the amount, the frequency or even, ideally, both. Here is an example of another contract:

Are You A U.S. Citizen? (Yes/No) _______

Signature: ___________________________

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