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DAPL Corruption Exposed: Another Example of Fake News Fake News!

Yet another war this time on "Fake News." OMG finally!! The MSM corporate controlled "Fake News" that has been corrupting everything in our country for decades has declared war on "Real News" they can not control by calling it "Fake News!"

Is that rich or what? I'm telling you ya just can't make this stuff up! Have you ever noticed when you catch a liar in a lie and confront them they usually defend themselves with, yes you guessed it, another lie?

We've all seen MSM corporate controlled "Fake News". Many of us for our entire lives have known nothing but MSM corporate controlled "Fake News." In the spirit of helping people discern the difference between "Fake News" and "Fake News Fake News" here is a wonderful example from the DAPL controversy of "Fake News Fake News:"

DAPL Corruption Exposed | Standing Rock | Knights-bridge Risk Management

You will see very little, in any, reporting about this on the MSM corporate controlled "Fake News". And that is why things are happening like this with complete impunity and no accountability because it is rarely, if ever, reported.. very few know about it!! The MSM corporate controlled "Fake News" isn't there to uncover and report criminality. They are there to protect and hide what the criminals are doing!

The MSM corporate controlled "Fake News" is corrupting a lot more than our electoral system.

Oh? Did we fail to mention a brutal Nazi police state dictatorship has been set up in America? All they have to do is declare Martial Law and it's Nazi Germany 2.0 right here in America! America has been the Nazi's new war machine for quite a while now. Attacking one country after another that did not attack us.

Did you not know anything about this? That MSM corporate controlled "Fake News" is no joke.


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We Don't Even Need Oil Much less The DAPL!

In fact we haven't needed oil from at least as long ago as Nikola Tesla himself. He figured it out a century ago how to pull FREE UNLIMITED electrical energy right out of thin air. That's right.. something about the size of a shoe box putting out all your home energy electrical needs. Zero point energy as it's referred to today. It's all around us.. We've had the technology to extract and use it since at least Nikola was doing parlor tricks with it.

But this is how it goes.. there is one big major insurmountable problem with free unlimited Zero Point electrical energy. It's been a century yet no solution to this problem can be found. A totally devastatingly unacceptable consequence and repercussion of using zero point electrical energy. .

Specifically.. the major problem preventing it's implementation? It's FREE!!! AND it would make obsolete the entire oil industry virtually over night. Gone.. History.. Nothing but a shameful memory of what we had done.

Are you out of your mind? Insane??!! FREE????!!!! Poor Nikola once his backer, J.P. Morgan, found out he was developing free electrical energy. J.P. literally burnt down his work and his life.

We have all, GLOBAL, been locked into and are still relying solely on fossil fuel energy for at least a century after it had become obsolete. Complete with all the biblical environmental chaos and destruction that goes with it. Forced to buy oil because all energy alternatives have been destroyed and/or prohibited by the corporations that are profiting from oil and their lap dog puppet governments.

BTW? This they call "Free Markets". You know? The same free market system that is failing us? That is why we need even more government to control the markets? To ensure, and most important this is what government always does.. PROTECT!, market freedom!!

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NoDAPL: Anatomy Of A Senator

Wow! 4,000 vets showed up at the Standing Rock NoDAPL Water Protection camp!!!!

Plus the 10's of thousands of people that pulled money out of their pockets to get them there and support them.

Plus the negative attention all over the web that this brutal violent police assaulting is stirring up.

Is changing the entire dynamic concerning the DAPL project. The criminals known as our politicians, corporations and the police protecting them are all being dragged out from under their rocks into the light of public scrutiny.

Here is a nice video critical of Senator Elizabeth Warren's recent and first statement about the whole affair basically after the water protectors won the current battle. A lot of nice words but do nothing. Don't single Elizabeth out with this. To me she is just one typical example of most.

Elizabeth Warren Breaks Her Shameful Silence On Dakota Access Pipeline


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Fake News: Militarized Police With Their Signature Brutality Assault Peaceful People.

Police at the DAPL are violently, brutally an even criminally attacking peaceful unarmed men, women, children and elders to protect a pipe. To protect corporations and their profits above all else. To protect the rich and powerful. Basically to protect the criminals and their criminality! They are not there to protect people. They are not there to protect the water.

You know how I know this is "Fake News?" Because all the corporate controlled MSM "Real" news outlets are either:

  1. Not reporting it at all.
  2. Mis-reporting it.
  3. Under reporting it

And the corporate controlled MSM "Real" news outlets do not want to mislead people with "Fake" news. And for good reason. This is a wonderful example of how "Fake" news can give the public the right idea about corporations, government and the police.

"Fake" news is dangerous stuff. If it gets out there the next thing you know Vets will be pouring in from all over America to protect people from being criminally and brutally assaulted by police. Hindering the police from doing their job of "Protect and Serve!" Of course that would just be more "Fake" news getting people all worked up once again over things that are "Real".


The media’s Standing Rock problem looks a lot like its Black Lives Matter problem

Google "Standing Rock NoDAPL Police Brutality"

Google "Standing Rock NoDAPL Vets"

Google "Crude Oil Pipeline Incidents"

Google "nodapl enbridge"

Veterans for Standing Rock #NoDAPL


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According to YouTube... Today I was A Peghead!

What ever that means I'm clueless. I saw a video.. it hit me wrong and put fur up on the back of my neck so I did a very unusual thing.. left a video comment! I hate using accounts with all the big CIA/NSA self registering/data base recording surveillance web sites, such as Google YouTube, and prefer to remain "Anonymous" as it were. Just to complicate their lives and make them earn their "just following orders" Nazi money. Call me "You got me Geeked" and now "Bug shit" it might be more accurate than "Peghead."

But I must confess here in YouTube's honor and credit they did let me post a comment "Anonymous". Call me what you will for it. Of course this blog totally blows the anonymity..

The YouTube Video:

What Should Libertarians Think of the Dakota Access Pipeline?

The Comment:

peghead 1 hour ago

This stinks.. reeks even.. extremely one sided and many claims by Rob Port make no sense at all nor ring true.

If we are after what to think shouldn't opposing sides be defending their positions.. not one side, pro-pipeline good protestors bad?

The pipeline changed course 140 times without going news worthy. .. they're flexible.. no problem! But now that its an international incident disputed turf no change for you!

Hmmm.. armed to the gills militarized police are there using Nazi tactics just wanting to be peaceful! But sadly the unarmed women and children want only violence forcing the police into it.

This is sad Tom.. your rep took damage with this one..

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