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Capital Punishment: Thou Shalt Not Kill...

...UNLESS you're the government.
...UNLESS you're following orders.
...UNLESS you're police and FEEL threatened.
...UNLESS you're military then its OK to kill many.
...UNLESS you hold money/power and someone has dirt on you.
...UNLESS it's a fall guy before his day in court.

And the best one of all?

...UNLESS it's in the name of Justice!

Isn't that how number six on God's top ten list reads? With God adding more exceptions all the time to number six?

Government has no business putting people to death as they are unable to judge correctly, make way to many mistakes and of course are corrupt and dysfunctional. If they must take a life away lock them up forever.

Here we go again:

Stop Virginia from executing a man with a serious mental disability

- Amnesty International

...UNLESS they have serious mental disorders.

This needs to be inserted because it isn't in the name of justice.


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Jim Marrs: From The Third Reich to the Fourth

I found this YouTube video posted at the TheRapeOfJustice Channel. Here is their description of it and the video:

Published on Jun 8, 2016

June 2008. On Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler, Martin Bormann, Hans Kammler, Solomon's Temple, Knights Templar, Teutonic Knights, Thule Society, Solomon's Treasure, Rennes Le Chateau, National Socialism, Fascism, Corporatism, Federal Reserve, Jekyll Island, Rothschilds, Warburgs, Rockefellers, Harrimans, Prescott Bush, Bolshevik Revolution, Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Winston Churchill, Karl Marx, Fritz Thyssen, Dulles Brothers, John J. McCloy, Rudolf Hess, Barbarossa, The Nazi Bell, "Die Glocke", Time Travelling Nazis, ORME, White Powder Gold, The Philosopher's Stone, Ark of the Covenant, Moses, Mount Horeb, Otto Skorzeny, Nazi Ratlines, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Prescott Bush & the USO (United Service Organization), JFK Assassination, Abraham Lincoln, Trilateral Commission, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Henry Kissinger, Bilderbergers, Hillary Clinton, NeoCons, Media Control, Bertelsmann AG, Mohn Family, and much more.

From The Third Reich to the Fourth ~ Jim Marrs

Jim Marrs is amazing the scope of the information he has looked into and considered. I hated history in school. Now that real history has become available to me I love it!

They, government education and corporate media, make sure you do NOT know history therefore are doomed to repeat it. How did the Germans fall for Hitler and the Nazis? Look around you the exact same thing is happening right here in America. Has been for a while. History is repeating.


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Bilderberg 2017 Was Right Here In America

Specifically it was held at the Westfields Marriott hotel in Chantilly, Va., from June 1-4 2017. Once again an extremely secretive annual meeting of the 0.000001% of the 0.000001%. The major power brokers across the planet got together to plan out the coming year for all of humanity behind closed doors. These are the people that basically control it all? And I mean ALL!

No reporters, no public scrutiny, no over site. Here is their website claimed itinerary:

The key topics for discussion this year include:

  1. The Trump Administration: A progress report
  2. Trans-Atlantic relations: options and scenarios
  3. The Trans-Atlantic defence alliance: bullets, bytes and bucks
  4. The direction of the EU
  5. Can globalisation be slowed down?
  6. Jobs, income and unrealised expectations
  7. The war on information
  8. Why is populism growing?
  9. Russia in the international order
  10. The Near East
  11. Nuclear proliferation
  12. China
  13. Current events

So.. probably from the biggest lock down and black out event of any news coverage across the year we must rely upon what they tell us is going on in there. And from this group of globalist control freaks? You can be sure that it is exactly what they tell us is going on in there. They were only sitting around the campfire singing Cum-Ba-Ya! All harmless not to worry. Trust them on this.

You'll know what they want you to know. They'll do what they want to do.


Google "Bilderberg 2017"


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Would This Be A Conversation From The Road Less Traveled?

I came across an interview, conversation, between David Icke and Luke Rudkowski. If you know these two then you also know they have both taken the road less traveled.

It's an interesting conversation that could have easily been posted to the "Resistance" side of my bloggings. Some nice perspectives that we can all learn from their reflections type stuff.

David Icke: The Truth about Consciousness

The reason I placed this blog on the Matrix side is because they both express the adverse personal costs for going up against the Matrix by simply taking that road less traveled. The Matrix at its finest having us police each other don't you dare step out of line!


David Icke

We Are Change


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Memorial Day 2017

Monday May 29 is Memorial Day 2017. The national holiday set aside for the purpose of remembering those whom have lost their lives, died, while serving in the countries armed forces.

Add the numbers that died in all the wars and that's a LOT of people to remember. And now that we have our never ending war against terrorism, a criminal tactic the police should be handling, the number to remember is growing daily and will for decades.

Does that casualty count include the ones who died after they returned home from the front lines? For example the Viet Nam war. All those that came home still alive but poisoned by the Agent Orange defoliant. All those that now have a medical syndrome caused by Agent Orange that is killing them slowly while the government denies it even exists and is real. No veteran medical assistance for them! Just go and die! Until there is only, what?, 3 left alive with the syndrome then they acknowledge it? SUP with that? Are they counted as those who died as a result of serving in the countries armed forces? That's a LOT of people to remember.

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