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Evil Empire R US

I don't need to say a thing about this. U.S. can speak for itself.

Google "US Evil Empire"

Did the Magic Matrix Mass Media Manipulation Machinery fail to mention this to you? Chanting USA, USA, USA and waving a flag takes on a whole new meaning after becoming aware of this.


America The Forth Reich?

10 Reasons America Will Be Judged as the Most Brutal Empire in History


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Distraction: A Favorite Tool Of The MSM Propaganda Machine

MSM would be Main Stream Media. TV, Radio, Newspapers, Movies, Advertising or any other major source of corporate/state controlled information, of any kind, for the public at large. AKA here at MatrixUSA as The Magic Matrix Mass Media Manipulation Machinery. It really is Magic how a handful of people, using that word very loosely here, can control the mind of virtually the entire country. And it really is Matrix Manipulation what they are doing with the public mind.

You think that's News you're watching? Can't happen here? Freedom of the press? Free speech? The government loves you? The government wants to protect you? The government is good? The government is competent? It's your government? The government serves the people? You are free? You have Constitutional rights and protections? Etc., etc., etc.

Well there you go.. complete Matrix fantasy. All of it. How ever did that get in your head? Can you see the Magic now?

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MatrixUSA Hit By NSA Internet Spy Bots?

The MatrixUSA Networking page is a b2evolution blog platform. Two blogs are available there The Matrix and The Resistance. You are viewing a posting in The Matrix blog right now.

MatrixUSA blogging has achieved modest success with a daily average of 2500-3500 visitors from all over the world. This count comes from the b2evolution blog engine stats and is confirmed by the MatrixUSA internet server logs.

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The Obama Nation ObamaCare: More US Inc. Usurping In Progress?

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), AKA ObamaCare, is a fine study in how US Inc usurps power and control. A fine testimony about US Inc moral fiber or lack thereof. Another fine example of US Inc does only what is good for US Inc even if it is bad for you.. illegal even. A fine case of exactly how US Inc manipulates the public by creating problems that they can then come save us from... usurping complete!

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Food: The Redefinition What Is "Good"?

"They", the power and control freaks sociopathic on the planet, just love to hurt, damage, impair or otherwise cripple "Us", the people, any way they can. It's tactical enhancing their power and control. "They" want to restrict and control your choices, restrict your options and your control. Having you chase after the wrong thing rejecting the right thing is a specialty signature of "Theirs".

Food is a fine example of all this here in America today under U.S. Inc., AKA "They", control and protection.

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