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It's NOT What You Think It Is

Or maybe it is what you think it is if the Corporate controlled TV and your government controlled education are NOT your only sources of information and knowledge. Corporate controlled TV is to make sure you do NOT know what you should know. It is NOT news you are watching. Government controlled education is to make sure you do NOT learn what you should learn. It is NOT education.

If these two are the only sources of your information and knowledge then it is pretty safe to say it is NOT what you think it is. It is also pretty safe to say you can get a better understanding of what it is simply by putting one word in front of it... NOT.

Maybe some examples can illustrate how quickly the word "NOT" can improve your information and knowledge.

Example: NOT Department Of Education.

What it is: Department Of Indoctrination.

Example: NOT (Corporate controlled TV) News.

What it is: Propaganda, dis-information, herd control and most importantly news blocking.

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Unrest In Ferguson Missouri. Well DUH! That Tends To Happen...

...when you use tear gas on peaceful protestors children are in the crowd.

...when the police shoot multiple times and kill an unarmed person with their hands up pleading "Don't shoot"!

...when you use force, violence and threats against those not using force, violence and threats.

Have the Ferguson police gone insane? Forgot South-Central LA and Rodney King have they? The "unrest" in LA that had police refusing to come out of police stations for fear of excessive undue force and violence used upon them? Call the national guard to Fergson those people have a problem with tear gassing children and killing unarmed innocent people. Go figure?

Paid vacations for all the officers who shot the unarmed person until they are exonerated from all culpability and have to go back to work and kill someone else. Kinda gives ya a warm fuzzy knowing this is America where NO ONE is above the law and not Nazi Germany in which by just wearing a uniform you can kill anyone anywhere anytime with complete impunity. USA, USA, USA! Wave flag.

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ZOK! Mach 986,381 Light Speed To Dead Stop Instantly Over Earth

Zumbol waving his hand towards the starship's view screen: That's Sol-3. What the local inhabitants call Earth. Give me a moment to activate the ship's environmental sensors and have it connect to the planetary wide computer network also.

It's beautiful. Look at all the water!

Zumbol poking at the ship's control panels: Yeah. Over 70% of the planet's surface area is water.

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Training Terrorists R U.S.

I don't need to say a thing about this. U.S. can speak for itself.

Google "us training terrorists"

Google "US training ISIS"

Did the Magic Matrix Mass Media Manipulation Machinery fail to mention this to you? Chanting USA, USA, USA and waving a flag takes on a whole new meaning after becoming aware of this.


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Artist: War: The World Is A Ghetto

If you fall prey to all the government fear mongering, then for you, the world is a ghetto. Be afraid, be very afraid! Everyone is dangerous and can not be trusted except for, of course the fear mongering, government itself. Whom, also of course, only wishes to protect you from all the imaginary dangers they have made you afraid of.

Got that?

Let me spell it out.. if the government had their way you would believe your own grandmother was part of a sleeper terrorist cell she will kill all her grandchildren the first chance she gets, The only thing preventing her from doing such a thing is the protective government. They are blowing up and killing innocent men, women, children and countries all over the planet just to prevent your grandmother from killing her grandchildren! Watch TV or any modern movie it will all be explained to you just how much fear you need to have. But don't worry the government will protect you from it.

Now I know this is a bit exaggerated. Grandma will probably spare her own brood when she detonates the explosives strapped to her body. With all this government protection how was grandma able to pull that off?

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