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TV Is A God. ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX And CNN Are Religions.

For millennia and time way before current recorded history right up to the present day all of humanity has had to suffer the consequence of being controlled by the very few among us. A parasitic class of people? They prey upon and live off of the control of others? Wealth, power and control is in the hands of the very few because they know how to control the masses?

Their power and our misery is all about their ability to control the masses. They have been doing this for a very long time and have become very very good at it. Every and all methods of control are used by them upon the masses.

Probably the oldest and most effective means they used to control the masses was with a God(s) and the associated religions around said God(s). God(s) were perfect and ideal for controlling the masses. They are not to be questioned, do all they tell you and no one wants to incur the wrath of a God(s) upon them. Indeed in some ancient cultures the rulers/controllers achieved this by setting themselves up as, they were, a God(s). In others the religious leaders would just declare the ruler/controller was ordained by God(s). To go against them would be to go against God(s). The religions in simplistic definition would be to acknowledge God(s) and worship them correctly so as not to offend them.

It seems the few controlling the many have found another God they can use... TV. Believe what it tells you to believe, do what it tells you to do, don't question what ever it says and no one wishes the wrath of TV upon them. All the different TV networks are the new religions defining what is the right and wrong way for everyone to be according to their channels secular division.

9/11 was an inside job! Heresy and sacrilege shun them from society and don't listen to them.

Wonderful control and also wonderful division of the masses by the few using God(s) and religions.


Google "religion control"


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TX HB483: Texas Law Establishes Bullion Depository

Texas bill HB483 was signed into law by Gov Greg Abbott on June 12, 2015 establishing the nation’s first state-level gold depository. A return to Constitutional, sound, money in Texas.

This news feed was courtesy of the Tenth Amendment Center News Letter. You can read the full story here.

This of course will break the unconstitutional Federal Reserve strangle hold on Texas via their fiat "legal" tender Federal Reserve Notes(FRNs). Texas is requesting that The Federal Reserve return one billion of it's gold reserve to Texas to be "Repatriated" back into the state depository.

That ought to.. upset?.. The FED as this is one billion in real money not worthless paper and ink FRNs. It should be interesting to see how Texas fares with this. If they succeed I suspect other states will start falling in line like an avalanche as the entire Federal Reserve banking system was a treasonous act by the Federal Government in 1913 foisted upon all the states.

However International bankers are not to be trifled with. They are criminal, treacherous and ruthless. It would not surprise me that their flunky lap dog, USA Inc, will be put upon Texas for The FED trying to block this move by Texas.

Could this be the reason Texas is flagged as a hostile state in Jade Helm 15?

I'm proud to be a Texan today.


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WW III: The Nazi's Are Ready To Try Military Global Domination Again

First off right up front let me define, clarify, who the Nazi's are. I am not referring to Hitler nor WW II Germany, Both were nothing but Nazi flunky puppet lap dogs. Hitler Germany was defeated. The Nazi's were not.

The Nazi's are the men in the shadows that own and control it all including heads of states, governments and all major corporations. The Nazi's were funding both sides in WW II. The Nazi's existed long before WW II Hitler Germany. And the Nazi's are alive and well today. Call them what you will.. Oligarchs, Illuminati, Elite, 1%'ers, Bilderbergs and the like. They have found themselves a new puppet government and war machine.

That's right.. USA, USA, USA.. Wave flag or should I say Sieg heil! While we were all distracted by Nazi TV they were quietly turning USA Inc into a Nazi military dictatorship apparatus. All the laws are in place just waiting to take off the velvet glove. While we were all at the Colosseum chanting USA and waving flags countries in the the middle East have been dealing with our Nazi war machine aggression blowing them all to hell over there. We attacked them they did NOT attack us. After the cold war ended remember the peace dividend we were supposed to get? Cut military spending there is no enemy out there? Never happened did it? In fact military spending increased. We have been borrowing money for decades to finance and build this Nazi war machine. Obama was selected by the Nazis and put into office by the Nazis because he is a sociopathic sick fuck, Hitler class. He will do as he is told to do without question by the Nazis. Just like all our other presidents in recent history. Hello? Need more be said? Nazi! Sieg heil!

The USA Inc military is under the control of the Nazis. Put it in your pipe and smoke it. The sooner the better though it may already be to late.

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Deception: The Most Powerful And Effective Weapon Used by USA/Military Against America

That's right.. Deception as used upon the American public is a weapon. And I'll add, in my opinion, the most often used weapon. Based upon how effective it is and how many people fall prey to it resulting at times in biblical death and destruction qualifies it as a WMD also. One need look no further than the death and destruction the USA/Military is raining all over the Middle East fighting terrorism, the deception, for a case in point.

Deception, as you all know, is simply getting people to believe something that is not true at all. A lie. Reasons vary for the deceptions but they are always, normally, for a specific purpose. One common purpose would be for the deceiver's protection. You know? Avoiding the guillotine? Another common one would be to get the public to do what they want. You may know this one as manufactured consent or manipulation. The public came to it all on their own this is what we need to do. They are now insisting upon doing what the deceiver wanted them to do. They'll even tear to pieces anyone who dares point out that it is all based on a deception! There are certainly other purposes for deception including just plain amusement.

Because deception is putting false beliefs into people's minds the major delivery systems of this weapon would be government controlled education indoctrination and mass media propaganda. The TV deserves special honors here. They have become very very good at manipulating the public with deceptions. In but a few days they can have the public believing anything no matter how absurd it is.

In fact virtually everything the public believes about the USA/Military is one big fat "The Matrix" class deception. The American dream is really a deceptive dream. They have us all sitting on couches watching TV deception don't worry be happy as they are gutting and destroying America. Knowing that basically everything that is told to us via the delivery systems is a lie we can use this to our advantage.

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BREAKING: Pre JADE HELM explosions rock small town - citizens furious

Look what came in on my Next News Network emailing list:

BREAKING: Pre JADE HELM explosions rock small town - citizens furious

Almost absolutely NO information about this via a Google News search except that it was the town's fault for not notifying the citizens. Why do I feel that link is short of Gospel? And that's right.. not a peep out of any of the major corporate controlled news networks about this. Nothing. What does it take to displace celebrity gossip?

Personal Note: Jade Helm hasn't even officially started and they're fucking up already.

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