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We're Preying Upon Your Children...

...and you don't even know it, don't care and many times, since we have been doing this for so long, you even approve of it pushing your children into harms way now.

Government education indoctrination teaching you're children the M-F 9-5 work ethic. Making sure they are dumbed down, do as you're told, don't question authority and the government is to be trusted not your parents, family nor community. Be a good citizen.

But that's not bad enough corporate controlled mass media is teaching parents are fools and bad ridicule them. Good ethics, morals, character development is bad. Bad ethics, morals, character development is good. American child sex slaves are the hottest!

7 year old girls want to be sexually attractive. Watch the choreographed show at school of 14 year old girls dressed in sexually erotic outfits putting on a full blown burlesque show. Then mom and dad applaud.

I wanna be a materialistic sex object before I'm 12 years old. Their role models are pop culture media marketing morally bankrupt rock stars and TV icons. Hannah Montana has turned super freak and took all her fans with her. It's that Disney whore some, I mean wholesome, children entertainment.

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Police Brutality USA: Why? No Accountability

This is what happens when police can do what ever they want, including outright murder people who gave that person a gun, and never be held accountable for it. We swear to uphold the law unless we break it.

You think everyone bugging over the recent murders at the hands of police is over reacting? Jeez a few bad incidents in a row and people are flipping out way out of proportion about it?

No.. YouTube this and weep. No shortage of material to work with. It is an extremely sad statement that police accountability for their actions is LONG overdue.

They give these people guns and badges. If anyone should be held accountable it is they with that kind of authority to kill.

Real change, right now, that crap has to stop immediately. What is it that they tell us all the time?? "If we're not doing anything wrong then we have nothing to worry about!" Then accountability should not worry them at all. And tell that to all the people that were doing NOTHING WRONG and are now dead at the hands of police for it. The officer got a paid vacation.

I say bring up all the people that authorized that officer to have a badge and gun on charges also. At minimum terminate their job. Their incompetency determining who is qualified to carry a badge and a gun cost the life of an innocent person.


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Christmas Special: Jesus Is Just Primitive Ignorance

And to prove that we'll point out how many unrelated primitive cultures across the entire planet have striking similar stories/myths of someone dying then being raised from the dead three days later.

Easy to explain away. The winter solstice. The sun appears less and less in the sky every day until it pauses then starts appearing more and more in the sky every day! After three days the sun was born again... Raised from the dead!

Don't you see? Isn't it clear and obvious how all the unrelated primitive cultures came up with the same myth? Of course it seemed to their extremely limited understanding God was at work here when in fact he was not. We're not primitive and understand celestial mechanics is not an act of God. Jesus and all related myths is just a primitive fantasy born out of ignorance. You don't want to appear foolish do you?

Wow, what a convincing argument. They were primitive we are not. It's just some kind of symbolic representation of the winter solstice therefore the whole "Jesus" thing everywhere is BS.

Oh really? Then perhaps you can also answer and explain away a few other things for me?

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Police Brutality USA: Let No Crisis Go To Waste!

Unbelievable.. On the heels of the Ferguson debacle not indicting a police officer for outright murder it happens all over again in NYC! Officer Daniel Pantaleo choked to death Eric Garner after Eric told them 11 times "I can't breathe". All over an untaxed cigarette being sold on the street no less. No indictment.

Seems to me the government just loves using crisis's to implement major, sweeping and overnight radical changes. They'll even create the crisis. "This is intolerable change is needed!" Finally change. Major change implemented overnight in a heartbeat when it gives them more power and you less. No problem they are the can do people of change.

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Drones Strikes Are ** NOT ** A Failed Policy

We here at The Federal government are catching a lot of flak over the drone strike policy. Citing such issues as:

  1. The military should never be used against civilians.
  2. Extremely low intended target success rate.
  3. Extremely high collateral damage innocent people killed indiscriminate. It is some unknown usage of the word "Surgical".
  4. If we know who, when and where the target is why don't we just have them apprehended? It would be less expensive, more humane and productive to the objective?

These are all good points. None of them can be disputed. The problem is that there is a lot of public misconception about the "Objective" of the policy. They think it's to fight and reduce terrorism. If that were true then it is a failed badly policy. However that's not the true objective. That's just the "Official Objective" backed up by corporate controlled main stream media propaganda to sell it to the public. "We're doing this to protect you!" They just love that fantasy. They'll probably beleive that when we attack them.

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