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ZOK! Mach 986,381 Light Speed To Dead Stop Instantly Over Earth

Zumbol waving his hand towards the starship's view screen: That's Sol-3. What the local inhabitants call Earth. Give me a moment to connect to the planetary computer network and find that video for you.

Kertac: It's beautiful. Look at all the water!

Zumbol poking at the ship's control panels: Yeah. Over 70% of the planet's surface area is water.

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OMG! I Missed The Super Bowl!!

Having recently moved I am still sans TV. I've got two of them actually but they are older models in need of a digital converter which I do not have.

Apparently I am not prioritizing my life correctly.

As a result of this major fault of mine it has finally come home to roost. The consequence being realized. I completely missed the super bowl event.

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American Exceptionalism: The Ebola Pandemic

The Ebola pandemic outbreak in Africa is yet another example of American exceptionalism. The international community is starting to respond with aid and support for the infected countries in an effort to stop the ebola pandemic before it goes global.

Here is a quick breakdown of the international responses courtesy of The Washington Post.

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Lessons For Us All From Heyu

Years ago I had recently moved from the country into the inner city. I also had recently lost a dog of mine in the country. In the inner-city I did not replace the dog. I felt it was no place for a dog as they need space to run and roam freely.

One day I get a phone call from my sister. She had found an abandoned stray pup trying to survive at a convenient store waste stream. Of course puppies do their thing with us she got all protective wanting to help a distressed baby and put the grabs on him. Would I take him in and take care of him was the question on the phone.

NO!!! I am inner-city now no proper place for the spirit of a dog. Please? No!! No.. No.. No!! Final!

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What's The Fastest Way...

...To get arrested? Walk into a police station and INSIST upon getting a complaint form.

...To get out of jail? Die.

...To be paying fines? Drive up to the corner store in your car for a loaf of bread.

...To get a fair hearing at a trial? There is no such thing.

...To start a war? Attack yourself and blame it on someone else.

...To get uninformed? Turn on the TV.

...To protect your life savings in Federal Reserve Notes? Exchange it all for gold and/or silver.

...To get clean healthy food on your table? Grow/raise it yourself.

...To get public water that is actually safe to drink? Run it through a multi-stage Reverse Osmosis filtration system first.

...To get yourself shot dead in the street? Piss off a police officer.

...To do the wrong thing? Trust government.

...To put yourself in harms way? Support the government.

...To end up in a bad place? Stay on a bad path.

...To effect change? STOP doing the same thing over and over.

...To perpetuate a myth? Tell others you beleive it.

...To perpetuate a problem? Do nothing about it.

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