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You Could Spend Decades Researching It Yourself Or Ask David Icke Instead

You know?? Find a person that has already done the long research needed to discover what does not want to be discovered? To see what tries to remain unseen. To know what does not want to be known.

But be warned.. it may be more of a leap than you are prepared to take. Can you handle the truth?? Here are just a few examples of David Icke:

David Icke's Best Presentation Ever - The Elephant in the Living Room [MUST WATCH]

David Icke - Do You REALLY Want to Know This??


David Icke: World Wide Wake Up Tour


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Hillary Is The Most Qualified To Be POTUS

And not just the most qualified but I would dare say the perfect person to be POTUS. I mean this would be like the match made in hell between her and US Inc.

For your consideration:

US INC: Is an usurping pretender.

Hillary?: Ditto.

US INC: No longer serves nor really cares about the people and/or Nation. Except at election time.

Hillary?: Ditto.

US INC: Has become some kind of clinical liar to the people all the time.

Hillary?: Ditto.

US INC: Answers to and serves only corporations and big money. Just to line their own pockets. Bribes R US.

Hillary?: Ditto.

US INC: Is a cesspool of criminality and corruption. Only the honest are punished.

Hillary?: Ditto.

US INC: Has a long history of doing almost nothing except destroying lives and what they did do was a disaster.

Hillary?: Ditto.

US INC: Apparently will do anything for money.

Hillary?: Ditto.

US INC: Is a fraud and financial black hole.

Hillary?: Ditto.

US INC: Based upon their historical activity is completely devoid of any morality or conscience.

Hillary?: Ditto.

US INC: Is not prosecuted in any way, shape or form for their numerous prosecutables.

Hillary?: Ditto.

And the big ones..

US INC: Is a sociopathic homicidal maniac killing machine for self interest, protection, power and profit.

Hillary?: Ditto.

US INC: Will have no problem pushing the button that will destroy the entire world. Wants to for the oligarch NWO handlers agenda!!

Hillary?: Ditto.

Clearly US Inc and Hillary are birds of a feather.. Cut from the same clothe.. On the same page.. Separated at birth! Compadres!!


Google "Clinton Body Count"

Google "Clinton sudden death syndrome"

Google "Clintonization"


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O.. M.. G.. Hillary Was Telling The Truth!!!!

There really is a "Right Wing Conspiracy" wanting to impune her character. I found it over at YouTube! It's official!!!

Here is a video from the YouTube "Right Wing Conspiracy" Channel:


This "Right Wing Conspiracy" is impuning Hillary's character with facts rather than lies nor even "tin hat" agenda hallucinations as Hillary tells us all. That is how she "perceives" it. And I personally would not consider any YouTube channel a "Vast" anything although I am sure many could be argued they are in fact "Vast". I do understand the way Hillary is in said given critical of her situations. Specifically if just one person points out and/or challenges any one of her many faults and/or criminality that qualifies as "Vast" to her. I get it. I really do. She is being done wrong that's a lie!

Not to worry.. Hillary is still the same person we have all come to NOT know, everything has been rigged and corrupted around her and of course it goes with her "MO" the implicit mistrust and fear she inspires in us.

FBI: Everything she told us was a lie.. EVERYTHING!
Hillary: The FBI has confirmed I was being honest through the entire investigation. Every lie I told them they confirmed was in fact the truth!!

She's amazing..

There is in fact, I found one, a "Right Wing Conspiracy" trying to impune Hillary's character. How dare they accuse her of the factual she has done criminally, corrupt and even worse. It's a conspiracy! And I thought anyone claiming they have a conspiracy theory was automatically labeled and categorized as some kind of kook and nut job. Don't even listen to their reasoning as to how they became an insane conspirorist! You also may become insane should you do so. As we all know thanks to the TV any "Conspiracy theory" must be implicitly both crazy and more important has no truth nor merit at all to it. You all know.. Conspiracies? There is no such thing and you'd have to be crazy to think there is one even if there is one.

Hillary's a conspiracy theorist?


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Working My Way Through The First 2016 Presidential Debacle

I didn't watch the debacle "live" last night. Sorry.. I was occupied with the higher priorities of life at that moment. No problem.. we live in the modern age of YouTube.. I'll catch it later when I'm bored senseless and have nothing else to kill time with.

It's just so important to me watching pretender democracy at work. ASK GARY OR JILL THAT QUESTION!!!! Oh wait.. this isn't a real debacle among ALL the contenders..

So I fired the debacle up on YouTube this morning and presently am trying to struggle through it. At this point I'm about half way through. Up to the part in which they are both talking about gun control and stopping gun killings. You know.. black lives matter mixed in there suggestive I think.. not sure. Of course bring up Chicago to make your point. You got to be kidding?? Chicago????!!!!! You mean the city with one of the toughest gun control laws in effect in the entire country? You mean the city in which the death by guns is among the highest in the nation now because of the gun control laws? That Chicago??? This is a wonderful example making your point???

And these are the people in which either if elected will put their hand on a bible and swear to protect and uphold the Constitution? Have they read it? You know? Second Amendment? We have the right to bear arms and protect ourselves? From others in Chicago and more important the biggest killer with guns our very own government??

I'm telling you it's a struggle for me. I had to hit pause at that point.. again. Praise the internet and YouTube.

OMG they are both terrible. I can see why many of my friends and family are claiming they will NOT vote this year.

I'm surprised with Hillary. Is she on drugs? Got an ear plug coaching her? She so far is doing her wonderful deception thing like she has it all figured out what needs doing and I almost believe she actually believes it! She's awesome!!! It is just so clinical..

And Trump? WTF? Come on man this is your big moment in the lime light. I was under the impression you were good at this. I guess not. What are you doing??? Are you up there to make sure everyone votes for psycho Hillary????

I don't know man.. I just don't know. This is too much I need a moment to regroup. I'm thinking take in a Chinese buffet with a honey friend of mine. Maybe I'll understand it all better after life gives me a fix. There's always hope.

[UPDATE 092816]

Gnnghh Gaffaw Gaffaw She said "Law and Order" and people can't be selling our information for money??!!! You mean like you do Hillary? State Department for sale and rent? Bring them to justice??

And Hillary seems to be in communication with someone in the audience in front and a little the left of her. Maybe it is an ear plug coaching. Only one moderator instead of the many. And she avoids looking at the whole audience. Camera, trump, moderator and of course someone in particular in the audience only.

Trump is certainly not a pro career politician. It just feels all wrong because he isn't. And I'm sorry I'm a birther myself there is a lot of good evidence that Obama was NOT born here but in Kenya.

OMG they are both terrible. Lots of talk about solutions to problems that were in fact created by the government itself! And as usual it's because we don't have enough government or enough power to do what we want.

They both seem to be making wild and grandiose untrue claims and Hillary is definitely a master at that. Remember the part about the FBI investigation in which she lied her way through the entire investigation but every single lie was the gospel truth?? And even after the FBI reports it was nothing but lies from her she stands up and claims the FBI says she was telling truth??? Eh?? She's amazing!!

Trump seems to have to defend himself from the moderator.. Hillary does not.

Just a thought.. If the Clinton's can rig and corrupt BOTH the FBI and DOJ so as to walk away from major criminality and even treason? What chance do you think the debate has not been rigged, sabotaged and corrupted by the Clinton's?? That's what they do. That's all they do!

I've seen enough it is a dog and pony BS show. Circus. The whole thing is a joke and the joke is on us.


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2016 Presidential Debacle, er, I mean Debate!

Once again out of all the presidential contenders, and there are many, only two are allowed into the presidential debates. The Democrat and Republican candidates only. I don't want either one. I prefer among all the possible contenders the Libertarian candidate first and Green Party candidate second. As most of America will be watching and deciding during these debates their voices have been forbidden to the public by a corrupt and rigged electoral process.

All the other candidates were forbidden from the debates because "They didn't make the cut based on major polls".. So says NBC therefore it must be gospel! EH?? And what polls would they be? The same ones that always declare Hillary in the lead even after avoiding jail time only by blatant corruption of the entire legal system? The same polls that always declare Hillary as the front runner even though here stumping stops have pathetic if any turn out and Trump's are almost always standing room only?

The Libertarian Candidates are on the ballot in ALL 50 states! Yet some how they don't "cut it?" Exactly what does it take to "Cut it?"

The Green Party and Constitution Party Candidates are on the ballet in 40+ states. They don't "Cut it" either.

And for some reason the dozens of other candidates are only on the ballots of 20 states or less. What happened to the 20-40 range state ballots.. nothing? That strikes me as very odd that gap is totally devoid of anyone.

So once again the rigging and corruption of the entire electoral system is showing it's true color and nature. Only the "accepted" candidates will be seen and heard no matter how popular the other candidates may be. Banned!!!

This isn't a debate.. It's a controlled choreographed debacle! All the questions and answers carefully constructed I'm sure to bias favoritism to Hillary. You know like all the polls that make no sense at all? Constructed for a very specific result.

OMG please get this over with. It is insulting and painful. Let me google the news one more time most every political news article picture is of Hillary. It seems everywhere I look and listen it's Hillary... Hillary. . Hillary.. Hillary!!! But never Hillary herself if you know what I mean. Arrrrgh! Of course she is presented as sane, healthy and "presidential". All of which are absurd. Show me yet another picture of Hillary looking the part side by side with Trump looking rabid frothing at the mouth. Fair and balanced no bias there.

Hillary has spent her entire campaign keeping out of large confrontations and more important groups of reporters. Not allowed anywhere near her as it triggers seizures. Can't let the public see that. Not to mention she has trouble staying on her feet always collapsing and being carried away. And finally her unresolved major anger issues and lack of connection with reality unbelievable lies R her? How are they going to pass her off in a open debate? She gonna be heavily doped up on her "Chillin Pillins" so as not to scare people?

It should be real interesting to see how they are going to slide her through the public eye when she can't even handle a few reporters at once. I'll bet this is a debate where one candidate, Hillary, doesn't have to really answer anything of significance and just do a lot of warm fuzzy huggy feely stuff. She has a plan for everything but not one detail about any of those plans.

Does it matter? She could bomb out of the debate nuclear and the next day all the major media outlets will report her as the clear winner. Tune in to all the pundits, probably the same ones that will be guiding you by the hand through the entire debate, and they will explain it all to you. Hillary need do nothing but stay out of the public eye and keep her mouth shut.

Stay tuned America. Tonight is the start of the 2016 Presidential Choreographed Debacles.


Tonight’s debate: watch the staging

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