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DownsizeDC Dispatch Excerpt

This can not be said enough in modern America where mass media teaches us just the opposite: Government IS NOT the solution, Government IS the problem! That is why the constitution tries to restrain big government as much as possible. Here is an excerpt from a recent DownsizeDC Dispatch newsletter on this subject.


Big Government is a blunt force tool of coercion -- nothing more.

  • It doesn't inspire so much as it intimidates.
  • It is not the place of hopes and dreams; it is the place of power and grandiose pomposity.
  • It exists by taking from one party, to earn the support of another recipient party.
  • It is ultimately captured by the very interests it claims to regulate, in what alternates as a protection racket and a corporate welfare scheme.
  • It's a drag on our productive economy.
  • It rewards incompetence, and pensions sloth.
  • It disdains the moral character of citizens because it believes it knows best how to care for the citizenry's children, aging parents, and neighbors.
  • And yes, it even kills people. Whether it's the more subtle damage done in the name of protecting us from bad drugs, or the more obvious carnage of war, Big Government is the deadliest disease on our planet.


Wake up America, big government is NOT your friend, it is your enemy! It wants to enslave you and take everything you own. They do not fix things, they never do. They always mess things up and create problems. Our present situation is a case in point. It is a beast that will not only destroy us and our country, it is insane, it will destroy itself also in the process.

Deal with it for what it is.


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Bailouts, Stimulus and other Economic Plans

Our government has gone rogue and is no longer a representative of the people. It is now an elite corrupt group of insiders who do what they wish flagrantly violating the Constitution, belligerently going against the will of the people and obviously acting on self interest only. All the Economic plans to solve economic problems are nothing more than lies and deception from a congress that is corrupt and criminal, master of lies and deception. The government who has been sold out to world power and money for a long time now is NOT, repeat, NOT, interested is saving the economy. These powers that control our government, and us by default, want to DESTROY, repeat, DESTROY, our economy and country, and us by default. All the economic plans they pass off as "I'm doing this for you.." No, they are stealing from you. Look at this link from our own CIA of account balances for countries around the world:

Notice the USA? Bottom of the list? Over 700 trillion in the hole? All our government has managed to do is bankrupt us, spend money is what they do. Government is NOT the solution, government IS THE PROBLEM! It is a massive financial sink hole on the backs of us all. The founding fathers knew this that is why they wrote the constitution trying to restrain government. Wake up America, if we really are this stupid we deserve to be destroyed a few low life smooth talking criminal hustlers can take us for all we have. Tell us to go to hell and have us looking forward to the trip.

There was one man in the last presidential election race that had the nerve, and more important, morality, to get up and declare the emperor has no clothes and the mass media assassinated him they knew he was a real threat to their corruption. Unlike McCain, and Obama whom are nothing more than puppets whom have promised to push their agenda of destroying this country, Ron Paul would have actually fixed problems, terminated the sources and ended their reign of power and terror for corporate banking profit and control.

Oh well.. mass media told everyone what to think, how to act, whom to vote for even if that will be the person who destroys everything you have and all around you. Don't worry, they'll blame it on someone innocent or something not at fault they want you to believe is bad. Making you think though it all collapsed the person delivering the collapsing blow was really your friend and was really trying to stop it. Can you imagine being on a train with hundreds of other people and seeing the train is heading full speed into a brick wall or off a cliff but can not get anyone to notice the impending disaster, can not get the train to put on the brakes, can not get off the train....

Got broadband? Here's video called U.S. Economy : The Philosopher's Stone


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Know your enemy

Considering all I know know and have learned about modern American government and select corporations it is clear to me where the danger really lies. Our government has sold us out and is in bed with corporate enemies. And I do mean enemy its not just failing at their job and responsibility. It is outright intent to do us harm, push, back and sponsor what is damaging to We The People. They are truly trying to destroy America and her people.

Knowing this a person would be wise to take care what they allow the government and corporations to tell them. What is good for them, what they should think, what they should do, what they should drink, what they should eat, what they should breath. This is all advice from an enemy who would like you sick or even dead. Protect yourself. Think twice before buying every new "air freshener" that contaminates the air in your house automatically every 15 seconds with a chemical toxin that smells good if you know what I mean.

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