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Mother's Day 2016

Once again it's that day of the year designated as a time to honor and recognize all our mother's. They gave us life. They nurture us. They protect us. They provide for us. Unconditional. Forever...

Mothers are powerful in our lives. You know? "NO MOTHERS!"? I can handle anything EXCEPT you dissing my mom??? It's truly primal and instinctive. Stirs up all kinds of potent emotions and feelings. This is sacred and hollowed ground in our lives! Sacrilege and heresy incur sever repercussions and wrath. No?

I mean really.. if anyone out there would want to hurt, harm, damage or compromise their own mother in any way most, not all we are human after all, would take exception to that. Something is severely wrong with them. They would be lucky to make it to some kind of lock up, medical or judicial, and not be killed first before they got there. Although I'm not sure it could be considered "lucky" explaining to others in hard time lock up "You did what to your own mother?" The guards would be spectators as they mangle you, one after another I wanna be next, down by the showers??

If this is the way it is with us? Could someone please explain to me why we are letting them do what they are doing to our mother Earth?

For some reason I have a powerful need to please and protect my mother.


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Artist: Styx: The Grand Illusion

Ya know.. I'm just not all that sure and secure in the fact that us, humans, achieving sentient abstract reasoning and self-awareness is a good thing.

Is this some kind of evolutionary cul-de-sac?

It's lots of ability vs. too little wisdom?? The kids found the matches?? Apes with fire?? We now know everything except for how much we don't know??

Illusion, delusion and confusion. They all seem to be tightly related and a result of our "we got this but did not get that that should go with it" when they were being handed out at the evolutionary soup kitchen??

You know? You only have to "Appear" to be.. not actually be? If you got all the "Appearances" right... I'm good? In fact we'll kill each other over illusions, delusions and confusions. Our illusion is not only better than their illusion but also our illusion is right and theirs is wrong! My illusion is good their illusion is bad and no illusion is real!

Illusion, delusion and confusion are just so and all important!

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David Icke Tells It Like It Is

I can't help but be reminded of Simon and Garfunkel many times when it comes to information the public accepts and rejects. Trust those that openly and intentionally lie to you and shun, denigrate, those that try to bring the truth as they know it to you.

It is weird when those trying to shine a light into the dark are burned at the stake and ridiculed while those that in your face lie to you are revered as heroes and saviors?? In an empire of lies truth is treason!

..and the words of the prophets are written on the subway walls.

- Simon and Garfunkel

Big Brother Gone Mad? No - He's Just Pure Evil: The David Icke Videocast Trailer


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An American Quadrennial Farce: The US Presidential Election

Well it's 2016 and that time again is here in America. A Presidential election! A once every four years, Quadrennial, farce. Just so we are all clear here and on the same page.. You know? Y'all understand what I'm saying???




a comic dramatic work using buffoonery and horseplay and typically including crude characterization and ludicrously improbable situations.

Thats right the presidential election is, and has been for quite a while.. a farce!

It is also a spectacle, dog and pony show, a con game, flim flam, academy award winning, running of the lemmings, maybe even a locust outbreak and most definitely a wonderful example of living the American Dream!!

OMG it's downright embarrassing...

Who will be president this time has already been decided, for the most part, by the elite that run this globe and all governments upon it. They've decided among a handful of people whom they will allow to be president. Understand these people, the potential future president, must show their worthiness to be selected/supported by the shadow masters exhibiting such things as boot licking, ass kissing, total immorality will sell their mother cheaply, will do what ever the shadow masters want and can lie with a straight face it is important to carry on the facade! Did I mention facade?

So election 2016! You decide!! From among the choices we the shadow masters allow you to choose and elect. Understand pick anyone they are still a shadow master boot licker?? Screw the people and/or country?

Did Obama do just ONE THING he promised to do? So many promises.. oh they were all so good.. Just what everyone wanted.. the media turned him into the messiah from Krypton here to save us all!! Just one??

How's that all working out? Let's do it again! and again! and again! and again! and again!!!!

The entire electoral system has been corrupted, compromised and is now a complete and utter.. yes.. farce. "Banana Republic" class farce!

The system is rigged so it is impossible for anyone to even have a chance of being chosen as the person that will put the screws to America this time around if they are NOT a Democrat or Republican. Only Democrats and Republicans are allowed to put the screws to the people and America. Only Democrats and Republicans are allowed to be Shadow Master boot lickers..

And honestly.. Call them Republicrats as they are both, go figure??, one and the same. Which ever one you elect the same result will be voted in.. duh? I'm so confused is that a farce?

So we all here in America have to go through almost an entire year of media abuse and deception.. it really is quite talented and amazing.. as they steer us all to the one choice the shadow masters themselves prefer. And we actually think we came to that all by ourselves! No one tells us what to do or think or feel or eat or drink or act or wear or is bad or is good or what just happened.. much less who to vote for!

I didn't vote for them because they didn't have a chance. No one is voting for them.. they are a kook! sorry..

It is not over yet nor decided by the shadow masters. This is when they play and make the "big deals" with the presidential lap dog wanna be's! A lot a back room deal making "Please put me in as president?!" I will... do what ever you want. And make no mistake.. all the presidential wanna be's know full well who decides and puts them into presidency in this country.. and it is NOT the people.

Hasn't been for a long while..

That's a farce..

I don't vote any more because they never offer, allow, a choice I would vote for. Why would I vote for the usual shadow master preferred corrupt criminal amoral boot licking sociopath for president? No matter which one I vote for, the choices the shadow masters allow me to chose from, they will all, each and every one of them.. be a farce... the new presidential old farce!


Google "us presidential election farce"

How The Establishment Elite Are Rigging The Presidential Election:

I'm Rich!!! I Know Where A Mother load Is!


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You Don't Even Know Who The Real Terrorists Are?

An email in from a friend just now and I quote:

Listening to the news...a huge childrens park in Lahore in Pakistan was hit by a suicide bomber,,The children slaughtered in the park in Lahore...I can't even be angry, yet..I am so asd that these babies in a playground on a beautiful morning were slaughtered

To which I replied:

I can guarantee you it was not hit by a terrorist but some government agent to fuel and fan the flames of terrorism.

Think about it [my friend].. The USA inc war machine has pissed me off and worse killed my family and friends..

Would you go out and kill a bunch of children because of that?

Listen carefully.. GOVERNMENT is the ONLY one that uses kill children terrorism..

"Usually" and "Normally" that is..

FEAR!! be afraid.. very afraid.. Beg government to protect you! We need more government to ensure it will never happen again until the next time.. We need a military/police state.. And of course we must take your rights away to protect you better.

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