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Memorial Day 2015

Memorial Day is a day in which we remember all those who have died while serving in the USA armed forces. There has certainly been many who have died and they certainly deserve remembrance.

What I don't remember is when America was ever attacked by the armed forces of another nation outside of Pearl Harbor. But even Pearl Harbor doesn't truly count as an attack upon America. I remember America was committing acts of economic war against Japan for the sole purpose of goading them to attack us. And even when they saw the Japanese fleet heading toward Pearl Harbor they did nothing and allowed it to happen.. wanted it to happen! So in a sense Pearl Harbor was attacked by our very own government. They just got the Japanese to do it for them.

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Obama Speech "America Is A Terrorist Organisation" FKN Newz

This is actually quite close to the real truth as I have come to learn:

Obama Speech "America Is A Terrorist Organisation" FKN Newz

Substitute the usurping pretender USA Inc., for America in the speech and you will be spot on! Understand also USA Inc., is totally owned and controlled by The FED. USA Inc is just doing what it is told to do by international bankers. USA Inc is just exhibiting the moral character and fiber, or lack thereof, of the international bankers. Nothing personal. It's all about money and power. Nazi's need a good war machine.

Thanks Deek..


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Patriot Act Reauthorization

Sections of the Patriot Act will sunset June 2015 and need to be renewed. Specifically Section 215 needs to be reauthorized. You may all know this section as the authority we gave ourselves to warrant-less spy on every one, every thing and everywhere. Ok.. maybe you don't know about this because it ranks lower in priority than meaningless BS. What you need to know on the nightly news.

This is important that this section gets reauthorized so that we can better protect you from things like 9/11, Boston Bombing, Oklahoma City bombing, Gulf of Tonken, Pearl Harbor and the like. Don't listen to anyone who may tell you we knew about them all ahead of time and may have been critically instrumental in their perpetration. They are just crazy conspiracy theorists!

Contact all your Fed Reps and insist they reauthorize Section 215 of the Patriot Act. It is vitally important that the government knows every thing about every one every where. Unfortunately we can't explain this to you as everything we do is classified and private. National Security you understand.

Don't let your Fed Reps become radical extremists by doing something as foolish as voting down the Patriot Act, defending The Constitution and/or your protections from the government.


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Jade Helm 15: Massive Military Training Exercise Across 9 SW States

The military has been training for a while to take over civilian population centers here in America. Indeed some people have even been killed when the military rolled into town and the people there didn't realize it was just a "Training Exercise". Fire fights broke out. They've even got 100's of built and operational Gulags.. er.. I mean "Relocation Centers" (wink wink).. just waiting for the military to send them people by the millions that need "Relocating". Hurricane Katrina and the New Orleans disaster was turned into a military training exercise Martial Law. They confiscated everyone's weapons when they were needed most, cordoned off the city and even turned away rescue and relief efforts. They were NOT there to aid in any kind of recovery.

God only knows what the real purpose and reason for Jade Helm 15 is as the government, military and corporate controlled mass media will certainly not tell you. In fact you can bet safely they are lying to you about it all. That's what they do. That's what they always do.

Keep one thing in mind about all this. The military is not under the control of the people. It does not serve the people. It does not protect the people."Our" entire military is under the control of corporations and shadow government. Ike was right. All the warring over in the middle East has absolutely nothing to do with fighting terrorism nor defending America. It is rank aggressive imperialism serving corporate and megalomaniacal agenda's. PERIOD!! Completely destroying innocent countries and killing innocent men, women and CHILDREN by the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS in that process. The Nazis would be truly impressed! In fact if you understood it THE NAZIS ARE IN CONTROL of our military. Hitler was just their puppet front man. Now Obama is as are all "our" presidents now.

Knowing all that.. you think Jade Helm 15 has any chance of being a good thing for the people here in America? Massive military might rolling around in your streets don't worry they can be trusted? They're there to protect you? They're doing this for your good?

"Our" soldiers will not move against Americans? They already have... Several times. Just following orders.


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Stop And Seize: Police Grand Theft Highway Racket

Baltimore is a good start by prosecuting police for murder when they commit murder. While we're at it, reigning in police criminal activity, why don't we also prosecute them for grand theft when they grand theft? At least break up the on going police grand theft racket if nothing else.

Here is another wonderful example of police/government corruption and criminality. Remember the "Asset forfeiture" policy that was put in place to seize property obtained with drug money? Who wouldn't think that was reasonable and fair to do in our false war on drugs? The problem with it is the implementation and application by police:

Routine traffic stop. OH!! A large sum of cash!!!! That's drug money so we're going to seize it!!!!!

What?? They don't even bother charging you with any crime nor arresting you. And they don't even have to bother proving it's drug money. I suppose we're lucky we were not also charged with being a drug cartel.

Across the years hundreds of millions of dollars have been grand thefted from the innocent by police using this racket. Many of the police know full well it is nothing but grand theft and not drug money.

The Washington Post Stop and Seize Collection

Google "Stop and seize"

YouTube "Police steal"

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