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Ebola: Let The Mass Media Fear Mongering begin!

Corporate controlled mass media marketing of fear has for all intents and purposes made Ebola a common household word all across America. Be afraid, very afraid. Of course the government is heroic, capable and is working 32 hours a day 12 days a week to protect you from this extreme danger. Stay tuned for the latest "news" about Ebola creeping into your life and possibly threatening you and your entire family.

The TV is fear first truth last. You've all been primed by TV fear mongering and disinformation about Ebola. Now take all that the TV has led you to believe about Ebola and compare that to real information about Ebola. In order to find that you will need to go out into the Internet and do a little researching on your own about Ebola. The Internet is the sum total of all man's acquired knowledge at your fingertips in your own home. You think maybe when it comes to life and death issues you might want to learn how to access that wealth of knowledge and get a second opinion as to what the "TV" told you?

You might be surprised, even shocked I dare say, how far off base, misinformed, the "TV" has placed you on the subject.

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How To Easily Increase Your Income From Internet Traffic Advertising

If an increase in traffic at your web site would mean an increase in income from web site advertising then this blog is for you!

Across the years I've noticed here at MatrixUSA massive spikes in web site traffic as a direct result of some of my blog expressions. Just yesterday it happened again after I published Anonymous: US vs Them. Both my web site server and blog engine stats say the normal MatrixUSA traffic ranges from 1,500 to 2,500 a day. After that blog was published the traffic spiked to almost 4,000. I remember one incident a year or two ago in which the increased traffic spike was off the charts. It jumped to something like 50~60 thousand a day for several days.

This seems to happen only when "sensitive" words are used. In our Internet environment of today in which the government is spying on everything looking for specific information certain words seem to attract the attention of the government spy computers. Yesterday for example I assume it was government spy computers because of the heavy use of the word "Anonymous".

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9/11 Years Later And 16% Still Beleive Some Crazy Story About What Happened That Day

It doesn't seem to matter that the story makes little sense, has bold face lies and serious omissions.

It doesn't seem to matter that what NEVER happened before happened MANY times in that story.

It doesn't seem to matter that the impossible WAS possible MANY times in that story.

It doesn't seem to matter if the laws of physics themselves were violated in that story.

It doesn't even seem to matter that many of the people who created that story don't believe it.

None of that matters. 16% of the population still believe The 9/11 Commission Report to be the truth about what happened that day.

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Recipe For Disaster: Mixing Unchecked Militarism With WMDs?

What's a WMD you might ask? A Weapon of Mass Destruction. Right away what probably comes to mind is nuclear, biological and chemical weapons. Yes, they all would definitely qualify as WMDs. A rather short list actually. That's not so bad is it? All WMDs can be listed on but one single line on just one single sheet of paper. And they don't even need the entire one line in order to list them all. Phew.. thankfully there are only three WMDs.

Nnnnnngh! Wrong. Way wrong! Just using the WMD qualifying definition itself as to what a WMD is that list is much larger and longer than just three "Weapons". A weapon is a device/mechanism that can be used to cause destruction and harm upon others. "Mass" in this case would be MANY others.

Let's stick with obvious "Military" definitions for a moment. Would not an aircraft carrier attack group qualify as a WMD? Would not staffed, funded, trained and equipped Army, Navy, Air Force or any other large "Military" organization itself qualify as a WMD? Just one single jet fighter/bomber loaded with enough ordinance to completely destroy several large cities would be, no doubt at all, a WMD. Would not just one nuclear submarine armed with multiple intercontinental nuclear warhead missiles take the concept of WMD to an entirely new level? Then there is the "Military-Industrial Complex"(MIC) itself. We WANT war, We LOVE war, lets blow it all up. Destroy and kill everything everywhere it is the ideal MIC profit environment. Able to WMD in a plethora of different ways the MIC makes an entire fleet of nuclear submarines look like WMD chump change in comparison. And honestly just a few single troops armed with high capacity automatic weapons, grenades and the like would probably look like a WMD after they came through your neighborhood.. no?

And these are but an easy and simple few additional expansions "Military" of that short list. They also easily qualify as WMDs. Far from an exhaustive treatment on that aspect alone. And that's just classic "Military".

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Artist: Bruce Cockburn: If I Had A Rocket Launcher

Just recently our only for our protection government started bombing yet another country that did not attack us. Syria. Of course this freaks me the fuck out OMG lets' go kill thousands of other innocent men, women and children for corporate profit and Oligarch New World Order imperialistic interests. An international war crime by all definitions. Please prosecute the Nazis BEFORE they commit their war crime Holocaust not AFTER it is over and done and they are defeated.

So I do a Google of "USA bombing Syria" to get a little working material in order to completely freak out and bug with correctly. Selecting the "Google News" result refinement returned at the time of the search the number one, top of the list, result:

Syrian civilians in Raqqa cheer US bombing

This makes little sense to me. Let me sum up how this top news item at Google was received by me.. Eh? What kind of people cheer heavy ordinance being dropped international war crime of aggression upon them? I mean really? We "saved" Iraq by the same illegal war crime bombing. Turned their country from a jewel in Arabia to a hell hole here on Earth. Ditto for Afghanistan. Thank God the US is here to bomb us into the stone age and "save" us! Who in their right mind wouldn't want to live in a hell hole here on Earth?

So I follow the link. Please explain this to me. Obviously I'm a little slow on the uptake here.

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