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War And Peace. Walk and Talk?

The majority want peace, the minority want war. Our politicians stumping for our votes seeking office are well aware of this they promise peace, promise to end the wars, they are all that, know exactly what we want to hear as they "Talk", say to us what we want to hear, looking for votes.

Really.. what is broadcast broadband MSM we want peace! Peace talks, peace negotiations, nobody wants ugly war hostilities, we all would love to end it war. That's all I want is to end this ugly of war!

Peace talks, peace talks, peace talks, peace talks!

Let me summarize.. Talk , Talk, Talk, Talk...

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It's Official: Obama And US Inc, DC, Are Homicidal Maniacs!

Apparently in recent news it has been leaked that Obama and US Inc DC have an "Official Kill List". “Official” government assassinations. Understand my use of the "Homicidal Maniac" label is based upon the fact that they, Obama and US Inc DC, have claimed authority to kill whom ever they want, where ever they want, when ever they want, no charges, no over site, no judicial process, no due process, no explanation they are judge, jury and executioner with complete impunity. And they are using said authority actually killing people with it. We are not even told they did this much less why.

I can kill any one, any time, any where, with out examination nor explanation nor repercussions about it. It just doesn't get much more "Homicidal Maniac" than that. A "Homicidal Maniac's" wet dream?

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The Banned Episode Of Conspiracy Theory: Police State

Conspiracy Theory is a series on TruTV hosted by Jesse Ventura. The Season 2, Episode 4 show, Police State, was "removed" AKA Banned, Censored.

Here is an excerpt from the Wikipedia entry about this series regarding this episode:

'Police State' criticism

Shortly after the season two episode "Police State" aired, U.S. Representative Steve Cohen from Tennessee, who was interviewed in the episode, called for the removal of this program from truTV's lineup. He called the episode "outrageous distortion and an outright lie," as well as "dangerous and irresponsible." He stated "when the media purposely distort the facts to create confusion and mislead people, they must be held accountable. Unless we actively debunk false and misleading reports, we risk leaving the public with a dangerously skewed vision of this country." Cohen said he was "shocked and appalled" that Time Warner would air a program "so full of inaccuracies and irresponsible distortions."

"...when the media purposely distort the facts to create confusion and mislead people, they must be held accountable." ... That's rich. Isn't that what they do all the time? What's his problem now all of a sudden he has issues about it and wants accountability? Oh wait.. I get it. It is not distortion it is truth that is why they have major issues with it!

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UFO's And The Matrix Machinery

The Matrix Machinery (MM) is used to create, control and steer the illusions, delusions and otherwise complete fantasies in the public mind. Some may think there is no MM and this is just the insane blathering of a mad man. Others might know the MM exists but may think it is only a recent phenomenon born with the invention of Radio/TV. And some may even believe the MM is only used to manipulate politics or to start wars.

One could even make a compelling argument that all of these beliefs could be proof positive about the MM need I say more I rest my case?

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Terrorists Have No Rights And You Are All Terrorists!

We, "your" government, has finally convinced you, the people, there are "terrorists". AKA "Bogymen", out there trying to kill you all. It was a rather simple thing to do actually. All we, the government, had to do is blow up some buildings, set some bombs off and then let our corporate MSM bed partners stoke the fires of fear and blame someone else for what we, the government, did. We have to go to war to protect you from the "Bogymen".. er.. I mean.. "terrorists"!

Standard government operating procedure. Just ask the Reichstag Fire, Gulf Of Tonken, Pearl Harbor and the Lusitania about all that. You can save yourself a lot of research truth digging time by just sitting through the documentary Terrorstorm.

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