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Dogma And Calendars

Dogma, unquestioned beliefs, is one major mechanism that is used for human population herd control. We imprison ourselves by accepting what we are taught without question. This is the big reason for government controlled education "Indoctrination". They want to make sure you get a good education!(Dogma) They want you to be well informed about the way the world is.(Dogma) It is all about empowering our children.(Dogma) Dogma, Dogma, Dogma... It must be true... everyone knows it!

No, it's not true.

Another big Dogma example would be that our federal government is American!(Dogma) The government serves the people!(Dogma) It has checks and balances!(Dogma). They are working for the good of America!(Dogma) Protecting You!(Dogma) You are free!(Dogma) Dogma, Dogma, Dogma... It must be true... everyone knows it!

No, it's not true.

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ICANN: Transfer Of An Internet Control? I'm Thinking This Can Not Be Good

ICANN? Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers? Ever heard of them before? Maybe you have as information about the transfer of it's control has gone viral on the Internet.
Many conflicting arguments about this abound on the Internet. Basically they are divided into two "Top Level Domains": and

I assigned the "Top Level Domain" names the way I did because I'm going to weigh in with the "Nays".

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Cruel And Inhuman R U.S.

I don't need to say a thing about this. U.S. can speak for itself.

Google "US Government cruel and inhuman"

Did the Magic Matrix Mass Media Manipulation Machinery fail to mention this to you? Chanting USA, USA, USA and waving a flag takes on a whole new meaning after becoming aware of this.


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Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: ...WTF!?

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 apparently mysteriously disappeared along with the 239 passengers on board. Please don't misunderstand me about the tragedy that it is. Trust me about this. I also indeed feel the pain and hurt about it all regardless of the "WTF" point and expression I am about to try and make concerning this event.

I turned the MSM corporate news TV off years ago. So when the MSM corporate news TV does one of its 24/7 lets beat everyone, everywhere, morning, noon and night non stop for weeks about some sensational event??? ...I am one of the last to know about it.

My wife comes home a few days ago and says "Did you hear about the Malaysian Airliner?" No.. I did not. Tells me the story. A plane disappearing, lots of people probably dead, no one knows what happened..

Everyone is talking about it!

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I Want To Feel... Safe??

"Feel"? As opposed to, not the same as, "Be"?

No Problem!!!

But before I can make you "Feel" safe I have to first make you "Feel" threatened. In order to do that I need to make you "Feel" like I can be trusted so that when I tell you about a bogyman you "Feel" like it is actually real. Now we can go blow up some bogyman country and steal their resources for corporations and at the same time make you "Feel" like we are protecting you and make you "Feel" like we are the good guys fighting evil!

We don't want you to "Feel" like we don't care about you. Nor do we want you to "Feel" like we don't represent you. That wouldn't make you "feel" good about US.

So "Feel" free (haha) to contact us if you have any problems about what we are doing. We would just love to know how you "Feel"!

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