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America's Fastest Growing Housing Market Is About To Explode In Demand

Now is the time for the market savvy to invest in housing market commodity futures. Many investment opportunities are available that promise to return lucrative profits after the market explodes and the housing demands overwhelm resources available they become extremely valuable.

As with all housing markets you can choose which one you wish to futures invest in. Upper class, middle class or lower class housing. Many out there with a keen eye for trends already know about this investment opportunity.

Hooverville is returning as Obamaville. Tent Cities!

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Fungus Among Us

Years ago I came across and read a book written by a homeopathic doctor. I'm sorry shamefully I do not recall the name of the author nor the title of the book. It was a very long time ago. What I do recall and was vividly imprinted into my brain I will never forget was two very powerful medicines that he told me were right in my own kitchen pantry. Both of them anti-bacterial and both of them tried many times by me the proven repeatable results confirmed it to be absolutely true. Quite memorable to say the least.

The first was garlic. He had all kinds of praise in general about having garlic in our diets daily due to it's many unique nutritional characteristics. But it was “Crushed Garlic” in particular that became an extremely potent anti-bacterial compound. As he explained it crushing garlic ruptured the cell walls allowing this anti-bacterial compound to form. That compound, he claimed, was THE most powerful gram negative anti-biotic known to modern medical science. Understand also that you have to give the crushed garlic a few moments rest, some time, in order for the compound to form. The longer the better. Understand also this compound is not a highly concentrated dose as you would find in most pills. This was good according to him the body was not being “Shocked” by massive sudden doses. So one had to do this often and regular to build up and achieve the desired effect of this compound. The good news is the body is not being “Shocked” and in fact it is nothing but normal food to our body. No one has ever had adverse reactions to it, unlike pills, as far as he knew. I tried it many times and found it to work very effectively most times, not all. I assume the failures were due to the fact that the bacteria I was having trouble with was NOT gram negative. As far as I could tell tried and true by me he was absolutely right about that.

Let me add this also about garlic. I dehydrate garlic to use in cooking and to make my own garlic powders. If I put it in the dehydrator uncrushed it comes back the normal garlic powder color. However if I put it in the dehydrator crushed it comes back green.

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Did We Send Flares Into The Night Sky Of The Universe?

I've been taking in some documentaries lately doing that information junkie thing of mine. It's been all over the board. No particular focus just randomly selecting from a list of docs. 'The Deepest Place On Earth: Mariana Trench', 'World's Biggest and Baddest Bugs', 'Are We Real?'.. you get the idea.

I was part way through 'Dan Aykroyd Unplugged on UFOs - 2012' when a thought occurred to me about our rash of current UFO/Alien activity over our planet. Abductions people getting medically examined in particular. Our history seems to tell us that aliens have been visiting us for millenia. Why are they doing abductions and medical exams? Didn't they get all that information several thousand years ago?

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ZOK! Mach 986,381 Light Speed To Dead Stop Instantly Over Earth

Zumbol waving his hand towards the starship's view screen: That's Sol-3. What the local inhabitants call Earth. Give me a moment to connect to the planetary computer network and find that video for you.

Kertac: It's beautiful. Look at all the water!

Zumbol poking at the ship's control panels: Yeah. Over 70% of the planet's surface area is water.

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OMG! I Missed The Super Bowl!!

Having recently moved I am still sans TV. I've got two of them actually but they are older models in need of a digital converter which I do not have.

Apparently I am not prioritizing my life correctly.

As a result of this major fault of mine it has finally come home to roost. The consequence being realized. I completely missed the super bowl event.

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