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Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: ...WTF!?

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 apparently mysteriously disappeared along with the 239 passengers on board. Please don't misunderstand me about the tragedy that it is. Trust me about this. I also indeed feel the pain and hurt about it all regardless of the "WTF" point and expression I am about to try and make concerning this event.

I turned the MSM corporate news TV off years ago. So when the MSM corporate news TV does one of its 24/7 lets beat everyone, everywhere, morning, noon and night non stop for weeks about some sensational event??? ...I am one of the last to know about it.

My wife comes home a few days ago and says "Did you hear about the Malaysian Airliner?" No.. I did not. Tells me the story. A plane disappearing, lots of people probably dead, no one knows what happened..

Everyone is talking about it!

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I Want To Feel... Safe??

"Feel"? As opposed to, not the same as, "Be"?

No Problem!!!

But before I can make you "Feel" safe I have to first make you "Feel" threatened. In order to do that I need to make you "Feel" like I can be trusted so that when I tell you about a bogyman you "Feel" like it is actually real. Now we can go blow up some bogyman country and steal their resources for corporations and at the same time make you "Feel" like we are protecting you and make you "Feel" like we are the good guys fighting evil!

We don't want you to "Feel" like we don't care about you. Nor do we want you to "Feel" like we don't represent you. That wouldn't make you "feel" good about US.

So "Feel" free (haha) to contact us if you have any problems about what we are doing. We would just love to know how you "Feel"!


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Killing Machine R U.S.

I don't need to say a thing about this. U.S. can speak for itself.

Google "U.S.Government killing machine"

Did the Magic Matrix Mass Media Manipulation Machinery fail to mention this to you? Chanting USA, USA, USA and waving a flag takes on a whole new meaning after becoming aware of this.


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I'm A Little Confused About "Gun Control"

The government tells me they need to do this, control people's access to guns, to save lives and protect people from being killed by a gun in the hands of a killer. On the face of that claim it sounds completely logical. If they did not have a gun they would not have been able to kill someone with said gun. Who could argue against the truth of that statement?

Answer.. ME!!!

Try this one; Reverse argue it. I want to kill someone but I can't because I don't have a gun. Doesn't work does it? In that case I'll kill them with a knife, an oak chair blunt instrument, my automobile, some poison, strangle them to death, a nudge off a cliff, holding them underwater, tying a noose around their neck and call it suicide(I get to write a flowery death note with that one), dropping a plugged in electrical appliance in the water they are bathing in, setting their house on fire while they are home sleeping, lying to someone else about them so that they go and kill them for me(A favorite with the government), how in the world did that poisonous snake/spider get in their room?

Yeah.. you're right. Thank God we outlawed guns they weren't killed with a gun. They were killed by a '57 Chevy instead.

OMG! A '57 Chevy is a valuable collectable. I hope it wasn't damaged!

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Artist: The Police: Message in a Bottle

How to make our own instinctive nature as a herd animal work against us. First you have to acknowledge how the herd works. The social dynamics as it were. We all, normally, want to be part of the herd... normal! Accepted and recognized as another whom knows what is herb defined "normal" to be part of the herd. If we do we are accepted into the herd being "with the program". If we do not the herd will reject and shun us.. even persecute, ridicule, respond to us with hostility and possibly even kill us. This is a quite simplistic definition for the purpose of brevity trying to present the "Gist" of it. The point of this blog post.

Peer pressure at it's finest. A very powerful force upon us primitive and instinctual. The worst thing we can do is to be perceived by the herd as a "Kook?", "Tin Hat?", "Wacko?", "Nut job?", "Fringe?", "Extremest?", "Conspiracy theorist?", "Crazy?"... blah, blah, blah. These labels will all separate us from the herd, have the herd reject us, "With prejudice". Don't even think or dare to say or do anything with these labels attached to them lest you enjoy being "drawn and quartered" by the herd dynamic.

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