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Embarrassing: I can Build A Computer But Can't Bake Bread

I have been educated prepped and conditioned to slide easy into computer design and construction. Yet on the other hand all I want to do is to be able to feed myself today. I have real trouble with that. Bake a loaf of bread no prep education easy to slide into there. I feel like I'm dealing with a lost art attempting that.

What's wrong with this picture?

I'm autodidactic and have numbers in my camp that I assault life from. This I have learned is a good and bad thing. Self educating is great but terrible also schooling was such a bore. Cutting the frontiers of knowledge and awareness at home my head and attention was out the window in class the next day. Let me know when something is happening here I need be aware off. Pissed off my teachers but my mother was amused by it.

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I Got This Woman So Beautiful She Owns Me Body, Mind and Soul Complete

If you ask me she is the most beautiful woman in the entire Universe. There could not possibly be another woman out there, this solar system or any other solar system, more beautiful than she is. My love for her is primal I have no control of it.

Her beauty is breath taking and awe inspiring. No matter what her mood is nor what she is wearing this moment upon my eyes it is always excitingly beautiful. When I sit close with her I am overcome with peace and spirituality. All the problems of my petty life just fade away in her majestic embrace. She helps me to correct myself getting it all in proper perspective the trials and tribulations of my daily life. Now minor and insignificant in comparison to her timeless everlasting beauty. She keeps me properly grounded, emotional healthy and strong inside.

She cares for me all the time providing my shelter, food and all other basic needs for survival required by me. I am never alone she is always with me where ever I go.

Even though half the time she keeps me in the dark, is always spinning me around and around and refuses to belong to only me I still love her madly. I could not live, would die, without her.

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Artist: Fever Tree: Where Do You Go

We are government. Here to protect and serve you! Depend and trust in us we are there for you. We love you. We have created a system/infrastructure in which you are forced into dependency upon it for your very survival.

If you do not wish to depend upon it preferring to seek alternative dependencies instead? Where do you go for that? We need to know so we can destroy and/or restrict your access to that also.

Oh we're sorry.. our forced system upon you collapsed. No one could have foreseen such a thing. It wasn't our fault. We need more government to prevent it from happening again!

It was the only thing available. You had to depend upon it. It is now gone. Where do you go when the lights go out?

To us the government of course! You will pay anything for us to save you from desperation we the government put upon you. It will never happen again. As usual trust us we'll protect you.

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Another Year Of Mass Media News Censorship

Every year Project Censored releases a report of the most censored news stories for the year. Here is the: Top 25 Most Censored Stories of 2013-2014.

Here is Abby Martin and Amber Lyon, investigative journalist watch dogs, kicking it around and reflecting on what it is like to deal with the mass media news censorship Juggernaut:

Punishing Reporters for Truth in a Censored Media | Abby Martin & Amber Lyon

Abby Martin interviewing the director of Project Censored Mickey Huff:

Investigative journalist watch dogs. An endangered,threatend and persecuted species. In an empire of lies and criminality truth is treason!


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ET/UFO Activity And Agenda Explained: Earth Quarantined

Ooh! Of course!! It all makes perfect sense now. It's blatantly obvious in hindsight. I'm feeling rather stupid I didn't figure that out myself.

Ever since circa 1950 there has been a major spike of ET/UFO activity. I mean epidemic like never before. They are all over us here on Earth in "Force". Literally. Long term operation bases on the Moon and Mars. That ET exists and is in our face intense is quite obvious. No question at all about that.

Obviously also their intentions must NOT be hostile because if it were it would have been all over and done for us circa 1950. With their level of advancement and technology I would think just send one "battle cruiser". Lights out for Earth no contest.

The big question remains "Why?" are they doing this here and now. What are they up to? What's going on? Earth has been quarantined by them. That explains everything. We're not being allowed to leave this planet until we get our act together. Even access to our moon and neighboring planets has been severely restricted.

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