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I'm A Little Confused About This Rule Of Law Thing

No one is above the law! We all know that's bullshit. The law applies to everyone! More bullshit. And you all should be well aware of that not even debatable.

Once again a "Miscarriage of Justice" in Ferguson Missouri over the fatal shooting of Michael Brown by a police officer. Once again we are told police can commit what ever crime they wish, including murder in this case, and will rarely if ever be prosecuted for it.

Go take a look at a chart of witness testimonies compiled by PBS Newshour. Yes, go figure, when police open fire upon people near you it tends to get your attention. Everyone's attention that is near the incident. Everyone's "Cameras" are now video recording.

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The History Of Thanksgiving: A lesson how History is Rewritten

Here is the rewritten "sanitized" version of Thanksgiving history as taught by government schools to our children:

As compared to the "unsanitized" much closer to the real history of Thanksgiving:

Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change did a great job pulling this information together. However.. though I believe most of his historical research, discoveries and assessments are, for the most part, correct... I'm pretty sure the Protestant Pilgrim women did not look like that.

Here is something interesting to note. The Pilgrims, a fiercely devout religious people accepting the extreme hardship coming to the "New World" to escape religious persecution, by their very actions declared they are "Godless". Killing the very same people that saved their lives. The native Americans, savage sub-human "Godless" heathens, on the other hand were demonstrating they were very close to God. Thou shalt not kill... unless they have something we want... then it is ok that we kill... it's in the name of "Thou shalt not kill God" he blesses it somehow. Go figure.

Regardless of all the "Ugly" sanitized out of the rewritten history of Thanksgiving. Celebrated today as a day to give thanks for what we have and gather with our families and loved ones around us is a good thing to do. I'm pretty sure "God" is down with that.


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Of Course I Have Authority Over You. Are You Blind?

Can't you see my buildings?

How big and expensive they are? Lots of Obelisks, domes, spires, pillars and long stairways. Statues and memorials all over the place. They just exude intimidating power and authority.

As we're all sinners, except for the people in the buildings, I approach the alter to ask for mercy and forgiveness.

Forgive me father for I have sinned.

Oh shit.. wrong building and alter.

I'm guilty your honor.

Good thing I brought lots of money with me to buy mercy and forgiveness. The amount required depends upon the magnitude of my sin. If I have enough money any sin can be forgiven. It's a miracle praise our lord(s)!

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JFK Assassination 51st Aniversary

I was 13 years old at the time. Even at thirteen years old I was able to recognize and discern the whole incident as portrayed "Official" to the public was riddled with... Discrepancies? That doesn't make any sense? Your eyes see one thing the government tells you it is another? Sound familiar 9/11?

Back in 1963 JFK was assassinated. All indications point to the government itself was deeply complicit in the whole affair. Sound familiar 9/11?

The patsy fall person criminal was quickly identified and collective conscience convicted of the crime. Sound familiar 9/11?

All evidence was immediately destroyed before any real investigation could be done. Sound familiar 9/11?

The government protections in place to prevent such a thing mysteriously "Stood down" allowing it to happen. Sound familiar 9/11?

Of course an official "Commission" investigated much later that was a pure sham the conclusion was spec'd out at its start. Sound familiar 9/11?

The REAL perpetrators of the crime walked away unscathed.. even rewarded. Sound familiar 9/11?

I will never forget.


Google "I killed JFK"

JFK Assassination Forum

Google "JFK blood sacrifice"


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Ferguson Missouri: Flash Point USA, USA, USA... Wave Flag

Disclaimer: I really hope this expression comes out right as I am laboring under highly charged emotional reaction to all this. Let me explain. An unarmed teenager with their hands up begging the police "Don't shoot, don't shoot, don't shoot". The police then shoot them MULTIPLE times killing them by all definitions murder. The police have a long history of just murdering people with complete impunity no less. That's got me a little fucked up about all that. I'm in emotionally charged solidarity with you now Ferguson Missouri. That wasn't "it's only a Nigger".. that was someones child of God. WTF is wrong with you police of Ferguson Missouri?

Pay close attention kiddies here in good ole USA, USA, USA.. wave flag. The people, community, of Ferguson Missouri are paying a high price and enduring sever pain and wrong. They are the vanguards of exposure to what is upon us all. Their police department is your police department. They can murder with complete impunity so can can yours. They have been Nazi militarized so has yours.

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