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We Want Perpetual War, Death and Destruction..

Business is good!

Entire countries destroyed and others brought under financial vulnerability and control..

Sure I'll sell my mother, children and the Earth itself for the right price!

Sociopathic megalomania R us.. Control freak bed wetters?


..and then there are the rest of us...

i feel love - venus hum & blue man group


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Adam Kokesh - The Truth About National Security

Ya know??

I never got the sports thing. Team A against team B. Fight each other. Destroy each other. Kill each other!!


NO NO NO!!! Help each other. Nurture each other. Take care of each other!! Are you down? Extend a hand to help them back up!!! Don't kick them... I may need a hand held out to help me back up some day..

Help each other all across the planet.. not fight each other..

Ya know??

Adam Kokesh - The Truth About National Security

Published on Jan 20, 2016

Everything you know about national security is based on one simple lie.
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Stop Eating It Wrong!

I love to eat therefore I love to cook. It is kind of a hobby of mine. I find food and cuisines from around the world very interesting. It's not uncommon for me to be ransacking YouTube taking in cooking videos. How to prepare this or that. The other day I think I was traveling via YouTube somewhere through Polynesian kitchens when I bumped into this related video:

This Is How You Carve a Whole Roasted Chicken - Stop Eating It Wrong, Episode 18

I watched the first few seconds of the video in which someone is biting into the entire roasted chicken. Yep.. just as I thought.. telling me "I am eating it wrong!".. Is wrong!!!

Excuse me but if I am eating it the way I like to eat it isn't that implicitly the right way to eat it? There may, or may not, be times when I actually feel, would like to, carve the roasted chicken first. And again? I will carve it the way I like it to be carved which is, yes, implicitly the right way to carve it for me. Hell.. I may forgo the carving altogether and just tear off a leg quarter preferring to eat it that way this time.

And at the end of the day? I enjoyed eating some roasted chicken and it is now in my stomach digesting. Explain to me again exactly how I ate it wrong between my belches. No one wants to be wrong! And worse no one wants other people to think they are wrong.. that whole peer pressure thing? Did I really make her faint by eating a roasted chicken? OMG everyone is talking about how I eat roasted chicken wrong!?

I better watch this video and for the rest of my life never ever eat/carve a roasted chicken other than the way THEY tell me is right! That will ensure no one will ever think I am carving a roasted chicken wrong! Won't it?

Nah.. that's ridiculous and absurd. You carve it and eat it the way you like and I will carve it and eat it the way I like. You telling me I am wrong for doing it the way I like which is right for me is wrong! Got that?

Wow.. You're spoiling my roasted chicken dinner with the only one right way bug thing!

If you're one of those people that love telling other people they are wrong because they are not doing it your way nor someone else's "Right way"? Here ya go:

Stop Eating It Wrong 22 video playlist


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What a way to start the New Year! A militia take over of a federal building. Apparently they made some kind of resolution that enough is enough we should have said no to them a long long time ago??? Standing up at last???

Here is a take on it from Gary Franchi at Next News Network(N3). It includes some interviewing.

This is a wonderful example of how the Magic Matrix Mass Media Manipulation Machinery(MMMMMM) "Spins" the story and facts in such a way so that the only conclusion a rational person can come to is Militia bad and government good. Government right and innocent Militia wrong and guilty. It's all very objective??! Pay real close attention kiddies.. This is how they have been duping us all for years... about pretty much everything! Turn on your TV it will explain it all to you.

You can start by Googling "Bundy Militia". The first thing to notice in the Google search results is that the top returns, front page, nothing but, are ALL the big MMMMMM players. Oh wait.. Google itself is a bought and paid for big corporate player! What a coincidence. And you can safely bet they are ALL saying basically the same exact thing. They are ALL big corporate controlled entities ALL controlled by the same small group of corporate board players to ensure that you NEVER get the truth about what is really going on. Their job is to get you to believe what THEY want you to believe and you can believe it has very little to do with truth and reality. Usually complete and utter, shameless even, BS. Isn't that right 9/11??

If you want anything that resembles real reporting about what is going on you have to seek out NON-Corporate bought, sold, and controlled entities. Something to note about that.. You'll have trouble finding them and of course they won't have the same level of trustworthyness as CNN? ABC? NBC? CBS? FOX? NY Times? Rolling Stone? What they all say is absolutely gospel truth just because they told the lie...

Have fun.. Be real careful as there are many false "Freedom Patriot" sites out there specifically to stear you wrong.. dis-info.. muddy the water.. try not to get mangled too badly..

Personally something does not seem right about this to me. It's like they are trying to instigate bloodshed violence over questionable issues NOT of that kind of importance?? Seems to me this might be grounds for a good legal battle not gun play?? I don't know yet which way this will go with me only time will reveal more to me.


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Paris Climate Summit 2015: Asking The Foxes To Guard The Hen House??

The Paris Climate Summit 2015 has come and gone. Now that the dust is settling from that event I'll weigh in about it all from the side line. At a glance from a distance? Post cards from the edge? I don't have near the amount of time available to devote to this highly complicated issue to come up with technical and informed arguments and perspectives about it all. I must rely upon quick and roughed out analysis based upon "key indicators?" and/or "highlights?" applied to "Historical precedents?"

Some examples of what I refer and how I go at it all lacking the time to do it proper..

Precedence? Government is the worst one to ask to fix a problem. Any problem! In general ANYTHING they are given to manage and protect they completely muck it up. And I mean disastrous and biblical!! In fact a good argument can be made the whole reason the environment is suffering and we have this problem now can be laid right on the government doorstep. Government isn't there to change anything. They are there to maintain and protect the status quo. Delay and block change for as long as they can! That's what they do. The 2015 Paris Summit has little to do with correcting environmental problems. It's all about buying more "Non-change" time and appeasing the natives that are growing restless about it all. A dog and pony show. Lots of wonderful lies? You know? All the usual crap you get from governments? A lot of talk and absolutely no action. Empty promises? No teeth? If you believe that?

And really.. government no longer represents the people's will. Nor the environment. They represent big money and trans-national corporations. Here in America we put the CEO's of the corporations in charge of the government agencies that are supposed to be watch-dogging them?? Monsanto corporate reps heading up the FDA, EPA and even in the Supreme Court?? What's best for Monsanto not the people nor the environment.

I mean really? These "Climate Summits" have been going on for what? 20+ years? Nothing significant has changed across all those years.

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