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Fourth Reich R US

I don't have to say a thing about this USA Inc., The bankrupt, corrupt and criminal foreign corporation pretending to be America's federal government can speak for itself.

You can search Ecosia and help replant some trees:

Ecosia "Forth Reich USA"

Or better yet use the NSA/CIA surveillance device and let them know you are interested and want to know about this.. Google it! Of course since this is not America but the Forth Reich that will probably put you on an enemy of the state terrorist no fly for you when the shit comes down you will be one of the first collected for "Relocating" (wink wink) placed in one of the hundreds of Gulags, er, "Relocation Centers" (wink wink) just waiting to be occupied by the millions. Complete with "Showers" (wink wink) by the way.

Google "Forth Reich USA"

Ok.. I admit it and confess... I didn't have to say a thing about this but I did! Hitler was defeated the Nazis were not. They took over America now and have a new maniacal madman front man "our" president and a new war machine country also. You have to be a sick pup of Nazi Hitler caliber it's required to be president now!

Seig Heil! ooops.. I mean.. USA! USA! USA! Wave Swastika.. I mean USA flag now..


Google "USA Gulags"

Here is a recommended quick read at It was published back in 2003.

America, The Fourth Reich


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Act Out! [37] - Veteran’s Day: in their own words

This just came across my radar today. A Veterans Day special video from Eleanor Goldfield at Occupy/Act Out. I feel it is worthy of echoing and spreading. Worthy of our time to see and hear what is shown and said... consider it. Sorry.. a bit late. Better late than never?

Act Out! [37] - Veteran’s Day: in their own words:

Welcome back.. Glad you survived it? ..Big warm hug.

You want to support our troops? It's not done with magnetic ribbons nor flags. Shut down the corporate war machine for profit and megalomaniacal imperialism. Our wars have nothing to do with fighting terrorism.. in fact it CREATES terrorists! Nothing to do with defense, freedom or even democracy. Has the military suicide rate finally over taken the death rate from combat? Not to mention all the foreign countries and people that are being destroyed biblical that had nothing to do with anything? They simply posses something the machine wants? Now they are our enemy because of that. oh no wait.. lets false flag destroy the world trade center and blame it on them! That's why they are our enemy!!! Carte Blanche never ending war whom ever we want to attack and invade now. Perfect! We'll bomb who ever we want when ever we want! Out of control homicidal maniac war machine nirvana!

Aren't insane rabid killer animals usually hunted down and put down?

USA! USA! USA! ..wave flag ..instead??!! ..What am I NOT understanding?


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The State is Out of Date: We Can Do It Better, an interview with Gregory Sams

I just watched this interview of Gregory Sams the author of The State Is Out Of Date: We can Do It Better. Pretty interesting picked up a few things I didn't know as usual. He relates and makes a good argument that government is pretty much a bad idea providing no solutions and only problems all the while sucking the financial life out of a country. Yes.. he's an Anarchist. I know.. I know.. Between government teaching our children and the Magic Matrix Mass Media Manipulation Machinery government is a good thing and anarchy is a bad thing. Maybe it's time to lighten up on the government mandated fluoridated(poisoned) water and re-exam/re-think all this now that we have a relatively short history of government to review. That's right SHORT history. A central government has only been around since a few thousand years BC? Coincidentally about the same time they tell us civilization started. Before that time we were mindless savages living in caves? Central government didn't reach North America till white man brought it in on boats but only a few hundred years ago. Had to kill most of the uncivilized savages that were here of course because they wanted nothing to do with it?

Before our white brothers came to civilize us we had no jails. therefore we had no criminals. You can't have criminals without a jail. We had no locks nor keys, and so we had no thieves. If a man was so poor that he had no horse,Tipi or a blanket, someone gave him these things. We were too uncivilized to give great importance to private property. We didn't know any kind of money and consequently, the value of a human being was not determined by his wealth. We had no written laws, no lawyers, no politicians, therefore we were not able to cheat and swindle one another. We were really in bad shape before the white men came and I don't know how to explain how we were able to manage without these basic things which, we are told, are absolutely so necessary to make a civilized society.

- John (Fire) Lame Deer, Sioux Lakota - 1903-1976

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Artist: The Doors: When The Musics Over

Let's see.. they have stolen everything from the people and country..

Often returning in exchange IOU's that they have no intention of paying back and are even unable to pay back.

There comes a point in which all their empty IOU's will be called in. What should they do as they can't/won't pay back what they stole?

Oh yeah.. time to stiff everyone FU! They'd rather kill you than have to pay you... think about that... the musics over time to turn out the lights.

BTW?? Hey Jim!!! How you been? Why do we let these bad things happen to us?

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Presidential Election 2016: You Decide...

...which of the candidates pre-choosen and allowed you want to be president.

...which candidate has the best lies Obama was an excellent choice not one campaign promise kept?

...which candidate offers the best chance for hope and change when nothing, for decades now, ever changes and just gets worse.

...which candidate you wish to screw you over for the next four years.

...which candidate you want to do as the Oligarchs controlling them tell them to do.

...which candidate do you prefer to not represent the people nor America.

...which candidate will hold the presidential position in a bankrupt and corrupt foreign corporation completely owned and controlled by bankers.

..which candidate you prefer in a totally dysfunctional, broken and corrupt electoral system.

...which BS works best on you. yet another banana republic presidential election!

...if you wish to again be played like a fool.

...if you will let the TV tell you how to vote and think and believe you made the choice.

...assuming of course that America is not a brutal military dictatorship under Martial Law at election time.


2016 Election

Election 2016 is a dog and pony show. You decide which you prefer the dog or the pony. Either way you lose.

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