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Exposing Fake News: Top Censored Stories of 2015-2016

I'm telling ya.. the masters of "Fake News" themselves, corporate controlled MSM, pointing at Internet real news and calling it "Fake News" is rich.. comical even.. and I don't think it will ever get old!!!

How long did it take the corporate/state propaganda mouthpiece, MSM, to bring "Fake News" to virtually all Americans? Two days? Three? It's amazing really how much influence such a shoddy and disreputable true "Fake News" mechanism has upon us all.

One of the corporate MSM favorite "Fake News" tricks they use upon us is no news. They just don't report it nor talk about it at all. In fact that is primarily, if you ask me, the main reason corporations took over the MSM media. Specifically to make sure you do NOT know what they are doing. Mums the word. Apparently cooking/fashion segments and/or celebrity gossip takes higher "News" priority than KBR was contracted by USA Inc to build Nazi gulags complete with showers and coffins stacked by the hundreds of thousands all across America. What you don't know will hurt you!

Project Censored has released yet another list of the top censored stories. This time the top 25 for 2015-2016.

You won't find a new cake recipe nor the latest fashion trends anywhere on that list because Project Censored is a prime example of "Fake News Fake News!"


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SSRIs: A Prescription For Disaster

Selective Seratonin Reuptake Inhibitors, SSRIs, are a class of drugs that are typically prescribed to treat anxiety and/or depression. The more popular brand names for SSRIs would be Prozac, Zoloft, Celexa and Paxil among others. Apparently they can have side effects, though acceptable and/or denied by the drug corporations producing them and the governments regulating them, that most people find extremely distressing and totally unacceptable. As I understand it they must be used very carefully, cautiously and specifically otherwise psychotic episodes of extreme violence such as homicide and suicide may result. Just going on SSRIs or off SSRIs or even changes in dosage amounts may also have "side effects."

Is that listed on the warning label? So let me see if I understand this correctly.

Today I shot my parents, everyone in my family, plus several random people out in public and finally myself. BUT! I was feeling wonderful as I was doing all this up to the point in which the lights went out.

Or maybe I went into school this morning and started shooting at random and as many as I could students and teachers. And I continued to do so till I was gunned down in the cafeteria by a SWAT team. I did manage to get a couple of them before they got me! Honestly my SSRI treatment for ADHD was only partially effective. It didn't do much to ease my Hyer-activity but it nailed the Attention Deficit problem wonderful!

And they're prescribing this stuff like harmless candy? To our children? Yes.. yes they are BECAUSE it is very very profitable. And yes.. Kids all of a sudden going on killing rampages in schools started basically the exact same time SSRIs were put on the market.

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ShadowRing: Helping Me Become A Better USA Inc Terrorist!

ShadowRing, for those who do not know, is a documentary produced by Free Mind Films. From their website:

Our exciting new documentary ShadowRing builds on the success of State of Mind: The Psychology of Control—Free Mind Films’ follow-up to its multiple award-winning exposé A Noble Lie: Oklahoma City 1995.

Free Mind Films decided to work with international best-selling author James Perloff, drawing on research used in writing his book Truth Is a Lonely Warrior. Narrated by veteran Hollywood star Kevin Sorbo (view Kevin’s bio below), ShadowRing tells the story of the secretive oligarchy that has ruled America from behind the scenes for well over a century:

  • Embroiling us in wars through false flags, from the sinking of the Maine (Spanish-American War) to Tonkin Gulf (Vietnam War) to Saddam Hussein’s non-existent WMDs (Iraq War).
  • Controlling our foreign policy through the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), which has dominated the cabinets of Democratic and Republican Presidents alike.
  • Devastating our economy through the market-controlling Federal Reserve, which has destroyed 98 percent of the dollar’s value since the Fed was secretly planned at the infamous Jekyll Island meeting of 1910.
  • Scheming to establish a one-world government in which national sovereignty and individual liberty will be obliterated.
  • Keeping the public in the dark about its agenda through sweeping ownership of mainstream media.


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Overheard In Conversation?

Incoming email noting what was reported in a local rag:

It was Friday afternoon, and John Amidon was sitting in an Onondaga County jail cell, dressed as St. Joseph. He’d been there before, though sporting a Grim Reaper costume that time.
The 68-year-old Albany resident was one of four arrested Friday for protesting the U.S. government drone program at Hancock Field Air National Guard Base in DeWitt. But for Amidon, the story really starts with an October premonition.
“Why don’t the American people respond to the fact that we’re killing all of these innocent women and children with drones?” he asked himself at the time. “What would they respond to? Who we really care about?” The answer? Jesus.
That led Amidon, who served in the Marine Corps at Okinawa in the mid-1960s, and others from anti-drone groups to create a 20-foot nativity scene outside the base, a site of operations for the National Guard’s MMQ-9 Reaper drone program.
The message was simple, if bold: “If Herod had drones, Jesus, Mary and Joseph would have been incinerated.”

The response please forgive the colloquial:

What they, "our" government, are doing freaks some people completely the fuck out! I know and can personally attest about that..

USA, USA, USA... Wave Flag!


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DAPL Corruption Exposed: Another Example of Fake News Fake News!

Yet another war this time on "Fake News." OMG finally!! The MSM corporate controlled "Fake News" that has been corrupting everything in our country for decades has declared war on "Real News" they can not control by calling it "Fake News!"

Is that rich or what? I'm telling you ya just can't make this stuff up! Have you ever noticed when you catch a liar in a lie and confront them they usually defend themselves with, yes you guessed it, another lie?

We've all seen MSM corporate controlled "Fake News". Many of us for our entire lives have known nothing but MSM corporate controlled "Fake News." In the spirit of helping people discern the difference between "Fake News" and "Fake News Fake News" here is a wonderful example from the DAPL controversy of "Fake News Fake News:"

DAPL Corruption Exposed | Standing Rock | Knights-bridge Risk Management

You will see very little, in any, reporting about this on the MSM corporate controlled "Fake News". And that is why things are happening like this with complete impunity and no accountability because it is rarely, if ever, reported.. very few know about it!! The MSM corporate controlled "Fake News" isn't there to uncover and report criminality. They are there to protect and hide what the criminals are doing!

The MSM corporate controlled "Fake News" is corrupting a lot more than our electoral system.

Oh? Did we fail to mention a brutal Nazi police state dictatorship has been set up in America? All they have to do is declare Martial Law and it's Nazi Germany 2.0 right here in America! America has been the Nazi's new war machine for quite a while now. Attacking one country after another that did not attack us.

Did you not know anything about this? That MSM corporate controlled "Fake News" is no joke.

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