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JFK Assassination 51st Aniversary

I was 13 years old at the time. Even at thirteen years old I was able to recognize and discern the whole incident as portrayed "Official" to the public was riddled with... Discrepancies? That doesn't make any sense? Your eyes see one thing the government tells you it is another? Sound familiar 9/11?

Back in 1963 JFK was assassinated. All indications point to the government itself was deeply complicit in the whole affair. Sound familiar 9/11?

The patsy fall person criminal was quickly identified and collective conscience convicted of the crime. Sound familiar 9/11?

All evidence was immediately destroyed before any real investigation could be done. Sound familiar 9/11?

The government protections in place to prevent such a thing mysteriously "Stood down" allowing it to happen. Sound familiar 9/11?

Of course an official "Commission" investigated much later that was a pure sham the conclusion was spec'd out at its start. Sound familiar 9/11?

The REAL perpetrators of the crime walked away unscathed.. even rewarded. Sound familiar 9/11?

I will never forget.


Google "I killed JFK"

JFK Assassination Forum

Google "JFK blood sacrifice"


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Ferguson Missouri: Flash Point USA, USA, USA... Wave Flag

Disclaimer: I really hope this expression comes out right as I am laboring under highly charged emotional reaction to all this. Let me explain. An unarmed teenager with their hands up begging the police "Don't shoot, don't shoot, don't shoot". The police then shoot them MULTIPLE times killing them by all definitions murder. The police have a long history of just murdering people with complete impunity no less. That's got me a little fucked up about all that. I'm in emotionally charged solidarity with you now Ferguson Missouri. That wasn't "it's only a Nigger".. that was someones child of God. WTF is wrong with you police of Ferguson Missouri?

Pay close attention kiddies here in good ole USA, USA, USA.. wave flag. The people, community, of Ferguson Missouri are paying a high price and enduring sever pain and wrong. They are the vanguards of exposure to what is upon us all. Their police department is your police department. They can murder with complete impunity so can can yours. They have been Nazi militarized so has yours.

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Veterans Day 2014: IVAW: Winter Soldiers

IVAW: Winter Soldiers:

Iraq and Afghanistan featured testimony from U.S. veterans who served in those occupations, giving an accurate account of what is really happening day in and day out, on the ground.

Here is just one speech from just one Winter Soldier that went viral on the Internet. Maryland 2008 Mike Prysner tells it like it is:


It's Veteran's Day. You got the whole day off from work in their honor. Do you have the time, more important the stomach and stamina, for hearing other Winter Soldiers, veterans, telling it like it is?

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Veterans Day 2014: 22+ Suiciding EVERY Day

I say 22 *** + ***, a real conservative number, as only about 30 states are contributing data to this statistic. Duty, honor, patriotism, heroes, fighting for freedom and democracy! ...8,000+ suicide EVERY year.

I'm sure this stat and fact are being buried, quietly swept under the rug, by MSM media. Even Google seems complicit as their top hits for Veterans Day are all the "Meals, Deals and freebies" for Veterans on Veteran's Day. Rare mention of Veteran suicides. Needing help preventing veteran suicide "Ranks lower" than where can they save a dollar spending their money.

3,000+ people are killed by a criminal 9/11 act. The who did it is highly questionable, vague and extremely dubious. We declare war and then destroy several nations killing millions of innocent men, women and children who definately had nothing at all to do with 9/11. Our own DoD and VA are killing 8,000+ of our children every year by their actions/inactions and no retribution at all for that tradgety. Not even worthy of a nightly news report.

"Support the troops"?? DoD and the VA don't even support the troops yet your an unpatriotic monster if you don't. Veteran suicide is a good thing. Less obligatory burden the government must endure. Death and destruction, once again, is highly profitable good for business and the economy!

USA, USA, USA. Wave flag. Slit throat.


Google "Military Suicide"

Google "Veteran Suicide"

On Eve of Veterans Day, a Former Soldier Speaks Out on Hidden Costs of War From PTSD to Suicide

Google "Jackson Browne: Lives In The Balance"

Google "Midnight Oil - Beds Are Burning"


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Artists: Major Tom

We are only a few fractionally small group trying to keep billions of people under our control and influence. Taking your power away is critical to this objective.

Hurt, damage, impair, cripple, mislead, disconnect, maim and otherwise neuter any way we can your true power and potential against us.

When was the last time your bare feet were in contact with mother Earth herself? You don't have to walk through an ancient forest barefoot to feel her medicinal correction upon your spirit. She can deliver this from the lawn in your yard. The question is are you listening/receiving it? Are you properly grounded?

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