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MatrixUSA Updated: Docs Page: Who Is Running America?

The MatrixUSA has been updated: Who Is Running America? has been added to the PDF Section of the Docs Page.

In fact it's not even America anymore. That's just a Matrix illusion they keep you in as they steal everything America is and has.

The people don't run America nor does the government run America. But don't feel singled out about this as pretty much every country out there has fallen prey to the same fraud and scam. That's right.. The Matrix[fill in any country in the world] is what it is.

This is a good read as it contains a lot of information many people would find ..surprising? ..disturbing? ..Enlightening! Oh! Now it makes sense what they are doing!

We are no longer sovereigns we are all now debtors. And this is no longer America.

USA, USA, USA! Wave flag...


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MatrixUSA Updated: Links Page: Gold Money

MatrixUSA has been updated. Gold Money has been added to the Preparedness Section of the Links Page.

Founded in 2001, Goldmoney’s mission is to provide secure and accessible gold-based savings to everyone, while also making gold useful for everyday payments. Goldmoney® helps people around the world build and protect their savings, transfer value instantly, and empower their business with the tools they need to succeed.

In today's treacherous and criminal world of financial activity one is lucky if they can even hold on to their wealth much less grow it on Wall Street. To big to fail and to big to jail.. so the beat goes on. Portfolios grow in single digits across the years to one day lose 30% or so of their value to yet another Wall Street criminal scam.

Lose the US Inc paper as that is all it is and it's going bye-bye. A Federal Reserve Note is not, repeat NOT, money. It's paper and ink legal tender created right out of thin air. Money is something that has actual and intrinsic value. It can not be counterfeited, created out of thin air nor run off a printing press. Gold and Silver IS money as are all precious metals. So is a bushel of wheat, a car, a house or even a pair of Nikes!

"I'm sorry.. I don't have any money on me. All I have are these Federal Reserve Notes.. Will you take them??"

Gold and Silver have the same value today that they have ALWAYS had. They never change. What changes is the value of the fiat money (Federal Reserve Notes) needed to buy Gold and Silver. The price of Gold went up? NO... The value of Federal Reserve Notes went down!!! Gold and Silver stayed the same.

Return to Constitutional Class money and protect your wealth. More important help kick The FED to the curb.


How To Buy A Dozen Eggs With A Dime


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MatrixUSA Updated: Home Page: Revolver Map

MatrixUSA has been updated. Revolver Map has been inserted into the Home Page

Revolver Map has only been showing and counting visitors to the blog pages. This page for example.

It will now show and count visitors that come through the front door also.


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MatrixUSA Updated: Links Page: Amnesty International

MatrixUSA has been updated. Amnesty International has been added to the Activism Section of the Links Page.

I subscribe to their newsletter. As an example of what they do here is the last letter I got from them:

Make so-called “honor killings” history

Dear [Trebor],

"I decided to kill her because our honor was dirtied,"

That's what one father said after he strangled his 14-year old daughter because she had been raped.

In countries around the world, women and girls face the horrific threat of so-called “honor killings.” Victims are murdered for a variety of reasons, including talking to an unrelated male, rejecting a marriage partner chosen by family members, committing or being accused of adultery, becoming pregnant out of wedlock, not dressing conservatively enough, and even being a victim of rape.

Most so-called “honor killing” cases receive scant attention. They happen in secret. And the women and girls who don’t survive them can’t tell their stories.

A "STOP violence against women" campaign.


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MatrixUSA Updated: Ecosia: Search Web and Plant Trees

MatrixUSA has been updated. Ecosia has been added to the Activism/Preparedness Section of the Links Page.

Ecosia is a search engine that uses advertising revenues to plant trees.

I don't know about you but I have always had a "thing" for trees. The more, deep thick forest, the better. The older, age measured in centuries, the better. Is it me? The air always seems better with trees around me than with trees away from me.

In a burn the planet down for profits corporate controlled world that seems hell bent on clear cutting ALL forests on the planet?? What a novel idea using profits to plant trees?!

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