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The Problems We Have Are To Be Expected!

This country and it's underlying infrastructure seems to be going to hell in a hand basket. More and more we want the government to step in and fix these problems. The result, of course, is just more problems that need more government to fix. Government creates the problem, the solution is more government!

Hello? Is there anybody out there? Are we seeing a pattern here? When will we see a pattern here? Can we even see at all? Do we even care?

Give control of education and media to the government and then, what a surprise I am shocked I tell you!, we can't think and are uninformed.

We need more government to fix this!

Recently a primary was held in Connecticut for a senate seat. The contenders were a constitutional conservative financial luminary and a wrestling mogul.

Hmmm.. The wrestling mogul!

Connecticut GOP elects Wrestling Mogul over the guy who predicted the Financial Meltdown

Good choice, bad choice, turn TV on, add lots of corrupt money, bad choice it is! The problems are to be expected if we keep getting played like this. The 2008 presidential election, as always, is another excellent case in point. We could have had a Thomas Jefferson class representative of the people and republic. Instead we elected a corrupt criminal duplicitous usurper with excellent rhetoric, TV and money backing. Another Oligarch puppet. Obama-Nation is once again upon us now.

The problems are to be expected. If you act foolishly don't be surprised when people think you are fools.

Too stupid to be allowed to vote?




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iPhone knows where you are, tells all

Id and track us. Who are you and where are you? You're papers please. The federal government has been hell bent on implementing anything they can that will fulfill this objective. Think the failed Real ID.

This is Nazi Germany now did you miss the memo?

The police have unprecedented power and authority. Even the military are now on our streets a direct contradiction to the American spirit and heritage. No cost is too great when it comes to police and military yet education and the like suffer no money for you!

It's all a matter of priorities you understand.

They will ID and track you one way or another. Since we all seem to be resistant to it direct via legislation they fall back on the tried and true do it by deception and stealth.

Everyone is carrying cell phones. Most modern cell phones are now GPS devices also. Reports are also surfacing that they can be used by "officials" to eavesdrop on conversations around them even when they are turned off.

Use your cell phone to take a picture, put it up on Facebook and announce to the world where and when that photo was taken.

Your backyard? Living room? Bedroom? Friends house? All public now just by reading the digital phone photo embedded information.

They don't even have to ask we freely give it completely unaware. They just love unaware.

iPhone knows where you are, tells all


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Obama Deception, CIA, Obama Deception, NSA, Obama Deception, Google, Obama Deception, YouTube, Obama Deception

Obama = Deception, Google = NSA/CIA, YouTube = NSA/CIA, Obama Deception, Obama Deception, Obama Deception, Obama Deception, Obama Deception, Obama Deception, Obama Deception, Obama Deception, Obama Deception, Obama Deception, Obama Deception, Obama Deception.

You're going to have to watch this hour of the Alex Jones show to fully understand what this is all about.

Alex talks with film-maker, broadcaster and former broker and options trader Max Keiser. Max formerly hosted The Oracle with Max Keiser on BBC World News and produced and appeared regularly in the TV series People & Power on the Al-Jazeera English network. He currently hosts a weekly financial commentary show which started in 2009 and is broadcast on Press TV, with weekly appearances by financial commentator Stacy Herbert and featuring interviews with well known alternative economists.

Alex discusses the removal of his video, The Obama Deception, from Google’s YouTube. On Thursday, Alex challenged activists to drive the popular documentary up in search engine ranking. Google trends rankings revealed a few hours later that it was the #1 search term, above Lindsay Lohan, the BP Oil Spill or the death of George Steinbrenner.

Part 1:

The rest: Max Keiser: NSA & CIA: The Secret America – Alex Jones Tv

Corporate government controlled socialism is not coming..

Censorship is not coming..

Tyranny is not coming..

The police state is not coming..

Treasonous criminal takeover of America is not coming..

Government sanctioned and enforced crime against the people is not coming..

They are all here now!

Most do not like the idea of the government wanting to ID, track, profile and monitor everything you do. Yet these same people will unknowingly freely turn all that information over to them for collection via their black op front corporations such as Google, YouTube and FaceBook.


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Gulf Oil Gusher: No Reason to Believe It’s Over

This is an article posted over at InfoWars.

Here is an AP propaganda video from the article declaring Obama is in charge all is under control trust us:

Here is the following video that paints a completely different report about trusting the government or BP concerning this whole debacle:

And some more related links:

Breaking: Seep Found Near Blownout Well, BP Not Complying With Government Demands for More Monitoring

SHOCK: Water “sample exploded” when chemist tested for oil; “Most likely” methane or Corexit (VIDEO)

Beginning of the end? Tests of BP well cap continue but no leaks yet

The government lies, the corporations lie, the media lies. One would be well advised to be "suspicious" of anything they claim. We've paid for all this wonderful military stuff like subs that could probably verify any claims about what is happening on the floor of the Gulf. Yet no verifications are being done with YOUR MONEY that has spent on the things and government agencies that should be doing just that. BP basically hands over press releases to Obama and he reads them.


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BP Official: BP Stopped Gulf Oil Leak

Well if this is true it is certainly long overdue good news.

If this is true. The problem at this point based on BP's actions they have absolutely no credibility. Why should we believe this when it seems so much other stuff has been out right lies?

What makes me even more suspect this is actually more lies is a statement itself from BP. It goes something like this: "We stopped the leak, but it is still in testing". Later Obama stepped up to the cameras and made a statement it goes something like this: "We stopped the leak, but it is still in testing". It was almost word for word identical to the BP statement. First off if Obama says it is stopped that is almost a guaranteed lie coming from him. Second the statements sound as if they were coming from the same PR person. Who's running BP and who's running America? It's just so confusing these days with corporate CEOs placed in charge of all the high government positions to manage the agencies for their industry. I suspect BP is running America Obama is just a flunky employee.

Related links:

BP stops oil leak in Gulf of Mexico for first time since April

Some have trouble believing BP stopped oil leak

Expert suspects BP has ulterior motive behind oil well cap

BP: Oil no longer flowing into the Gulf

The "Well Integrity Test" Is a Sham: "This Bet Is Against The Citizens Of The United States Of America Being Smart Enough To Figure Any Of This Out"

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