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More Mass Media Mind Messing

It just goes on and on. Since I was able to break free of the "Matrix" illusion I can barely handle the mass media news anymore. It's hard to express and put into words all the feelings, emotions and thoughts that are stirred up inside oneself watching the "TV News" outright, you are now aware, lying to you, telling you what is right to think and do that you now know is completely wrong and wrong. Watching "TV News" spend 20 minutes about some celebrity, promoting some product or just trying to be as amusing and entertaining as any circus side show while they are closed lip didn't happen concerning real issues that are happening is getting old fast.


What a wonderful collage of reaction to someone trying to mess me up this way. On the one hand I would like to rip the TV away from the wall and throw it through a window. Preferably 20 floors above the ground the more the better for its satisfaction for me! On the other hand I can not turn it off I want to know what kind of crap are they telling and selling everyone today.

"Keep your friends close and your enemies closer."???

For examples of what I am referring to here just turn on any mass media news any time. It is 100% gone. They throw out little teeny tiny tidbits of truth just to give the truckload of lie they just dumped on your lawn credibility.


You know even the level of conversation is an insult to me personally. Am I really that simple and shallow? What kind of mark or chump do they take me for? Answer: USDA Grade A first class!

The more floors the better...

And you know all mass media news is working for the same people, against you, because no matter which channel you watch they are all reporting the exact same big crisis issue this is what we are all supposed to think and know today. Think "Healthcare", "Bailouts", "Terrorists".. you get the idea.

Obama.. Obama.. Obama.. Obama.. Smack, Smack, snap out of it man!

Its not just the "news" either. Advertisements pump you, the entertainment shows pump you and even major motion picture big screen media is pumping you. Look for the common theme coming from your common controllers this is the way everyone is thinking and acting I saw it last night on TV it must be true! Was it Howard Beale in Network that said "You think like a tube, you act like a tube, you dress like a tube!"?

Head + Wall = Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang.

Here are a few examples out in the net concerning mass media manipulation of the public.

NBC's 'cynical' mind-control games

And here is CNN using the TV power of suggestion to turn Tea Party patriots into your enemy! You'll be seeing a lot of this on all channels and shows as the government wants to target them, wants you to believe the government is protecting you as they lock up your grandmother because she had an attitude about government criminality. These patriots are a threat to criminal government activity that is why you are being told they are a extremist, radical, dangerous, crackpot, fringe, nutcase, racists.. whatever works.. enemy.

Listen.. if you really must let someone else do your thinking for you then do yourself, do us all, a favor and select your "mentor" carefully! TV is a very poor choice. And if you are not prepared to handle the "Psyop subliminal programming" then for now turn the TV off until you have learned to recognize and protect yourself from malicious manipulation.

Incoming!!! ............ SMASH!


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Corporate Media + Government Education = Ignorant Public

Let me first define "Ignorant" as it is used in the title. Ignorant as it is used here means unaware and uninformed. And that is exactly what both the corporate media and government controlled education are designed to achieve. Neither of these entities wants an informed aware public as they have both become criminal and treasonous. It would ruin their robbing us blind not to mention the criminal charges and jail time normally associated with their activity.

Here are "Yet another" examples of what they do and have done. The first is a video from We Are Change that is very similar to Jay Leno's Jay Walking routine. People can answer questions about celebrities and sports but are clueless concerning basic political awareness issues.

WeAreChange talks to America

And this example is about how The Cartoon Network is messing up your kids as you are doing dishes in the other room. The kids are not only told our founding fathers are stupid and offensive but they are also told that negative personal attributes are a good thing and the proper way to be.

Zombie Tea Party! Cartoon Network’s High Definition Brainwashing

Keep all this in mind as you see your corporate controlled main stream media TV telling you what a good and wonderful thing congress and Obama has done with the Health Care reform. Aware and informed would right away tell you this is a "red flag" it is most probably a bad thing they have done and that, sadly, is more accurate.

Health Care reform is not about concern for the people. It is all about bailing out insurance industries you are criminal if you do not buy from them!!


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Making An ABC Nightline "Hit Piece"

Main Stream Mass media "news" has traces of truth here and there to give their outright lies and misdirection reporting a hopeful sense of plausibility. Optimally believable. There was a very small fragment of truth in the report therefore the massive lies and deception must also be truth, no?

Combine this sleazy way they do things with subliminal propaganda suggestive techniques and you have all the makings of an ABC Nightline News Report.

And you wonder why things are so bad? The media is hiding problems from us, pointing out enemies that are actually patriots trying to save us and sending us all in the wrong direction as they rape and pillage us. All the while reporting the rapers and pillagers are our saviors that want to protect us from the bad people trying to save us!

It really is that insane, and yes, that is exactly what main stream corporate controlled media news is doing. Sadly this crap actually works and this is how they control and steer the public.

The "reporters" do not go looking for truth to report to you. They go looking for material to cut, edit and paste, create their own lies and pass it off as truth and investigative reporting they only have your interest and well being in mind. It really is that insane that is exactly what they do.

Fortunately today we have the internet it is an alternate source of real news and information. Our very own Pravda propaganda machinery is loosing it's grip on people. People are waking up to their lies confidence in main stream media news is at an all time low.

Let me see if I can help drive that confidence figure even lower. It is the least they deserve and that I can do for them considering all they have done for me.

Here is an ABC Nightline report.. a classic "hit piece" protecting the criminal bad guys and making the good guys the criminals:

It is obvious the "reporter" certainly has their expenses paid for enjoying a lucrative profession by just looking at them. But what really does it for me is the "gleam" in her eyes as she is knowingly outright lying to the entire country. Doing that is actually exciting and desirable to her she enjoys it!

I could go on here about the many ways and the many levels they are playing the public. The all to many obvious and blatant, even subliminal suggestive put the wrong thing in you and send you in the wrong direction, devices she is using. But I won't. Instead I'll leave it up to you to study and dissect how they play you like a violin. What I will give you is a couple of YouTube short videos documenting their "reporter" collecting the video and sound bites needed to cut and paste this lie to you.

ABC vs. Loose Change Part 1:

ABC vs. Loose Change Part 2:

The Treason In America Conference had a wealth of news information and resources all over the floor that day. ABC was not interested in that. They came for one reason and one reason only.. to collect material for a "hit piece".

Alas.. Russia Today did a much more professional and informative report about the conference. What's happened to us?


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Huffington Post censures Jesse Ventura

When I first started researching, tracking and looking for "real news" (as our Pravda mass media TV and cable does not provide it) on the net the Huffington Post was one of the first to get my attention. I even signed up for their "news letter".

What was I thinking?!? I got my lead to check the Huffington Post from a Pravda mass media promotion. Duh..

I followed the Huffington Post for about a year or so before finally canceling the subscription to their news letter. It became clear to me the Huffington Post was biased and seemed to have a political agenda. That is not "real news".

Later I put up this web site ( as a resource to help wake up the Pravda controlled public that were unaware of Pravda's tendency to manipulate and deceive. Hopefully also provide some links in which people could use to pursue their own research and come to their own conclusions based on more accurate and complete information. I did NOT include the Huffington Post in my list of starting suggestions for sources of real news on the net.

My "thumbs down" conclusion about the Huffington Post was based upon some experience with them. It took some time but eventually it became apparent they also were practicing deception and manipulation the same as Pravda main stream. One thing I did learn about the Huffington Post is that they certainly seemed to like their celebrity writers.

Well.. it seems it has come to light that the Huffington Post really does practice censorship and even with a celebrity! As you may know Jesse has been doing some investigative reporting work lately in his Conspiracy Theory show. They refused to post a commentary by Jesse about 9/11 as reported by American Free Press.

American Free Press is listed by MatrixUSA.


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Fox News: Glimpses Into The Pravda Propoganda Machinery

You control the media, you control what the people know and think. That is simply how it is. Many large corporations are well aware of this axiom that is why virtually all media is owned and controlled by a very few corporate empires.

The news is about what is best for corporate agendas which by the way include The New World Order. Mass media can make or break presidents, prime ministers, popes, kings and queens simply by controlling what the public is told about them.

You are prime time Neo they are playing you not like just any violin.. they are playing you like a fine Stradivarius Violin! Here are a couple of videos that give you glimpses into the main stream media Pravda propaganda machinery.

Some people say... Fox News is Fair and balanced... You can't believe some things some people say.

FOX News Whistle blowers:

And the documentary OUTFOXED : Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism:

Not just any violin.. a Stradivarius Neo..

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