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Distraction: A Favorite Tool Of The MSM Propaganda Machine

MSM would be Main Stream Media. TV, Radio, Newspapers, Movies, Advertising or any other major source of corporate/state controlled information, of any kind, for the public at large. AKA here at MatrixUSA as The Magic Matrix Mass Media Manipulation Machinery. It really is Magic how a handful of people, using that word very loosely here, can control the mind of virtually the entire country. And it really is Matrix Manipulation what they are doing with the public mind.

You think that's News you're watching? Can't happen here? Freedom of the press? Free speech? The government loves you? The government wants to protect you? The government is good? The government is competent? It's your government? The government serves the people? You are free? You have Constitutional rights and protections? Etc., etc., etc.

Well there you go.. complete Matrix fantasy. All of it. How ever did that get in your head? Can you see the Magic now?

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I Should Get A Warm Fuzzy Seeing And Hearing Military Gunship Helicopters... Right?

Ever since I broke free of "The Matrix" I've been studying, among other things, the "Trinity" of the matrix manipulation machinery. That is specifically Education, News and Mass media. These three in combination, and coordination, quite effectively create the matrix fantasy realities that are put upon us all.

They are also used to condition and steer the public herd to react and go the way they are supposed to react and go. A well behaved and manipulated herd is what the matrix "Trinity" is very good at achieving.

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Plato’s Allegory Of The Cave And Living Room TV's

Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, found in Book VII of The Republic, is an interesting musing about many things including philosophy, learning, human nature, perceptions and truth.

If you are unfamiliar with this allegory you can click on the Google search links above and do your own discovery about it. There is certainly lots of study and analysis concerning Plato's Cave Allegory. It is, after all, philosophical musing. If that is your pleasure by all means have at it! For the sake of brevity here is a summary in layman terms that is an entertaining read found at PhilosophyBro. Understand Plato put it quite differently in The Republic but this does give the "Gist" of it:

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Election 2012: It Would Be Laughable If Not So Sad

We decide elections in the greatest and most free country ever conceived. USA! USA! USA! We are number one! We are free! We are the moral high ground! No one owns and controls us in the land of the free home of the brave!

Can you see the "Laughable if not so sad" about this?

Yes? Then enjoy the laugh, if you can, that will follow... and... Thank you, thank you, thank you for being "Aware". Laughable if not sad.. eh?

No? Please allow me to break it down for you read on...

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MSM Says: "Ron Paul Has A Congressional Record Of Failure!" I Say: "Its Yet Another Endorsement."

Main Stream Media, MSM, our very own Pravda at it again. Of course what ever they say is not only true... it is gospel! Their credibility is beyond question. They speak for all of us here in corporate Oligarch Fascist US Inc. It is, you can take it to the bank if you can find that bank, a factual representation of what is real and what everyone, the pulse of America, is thinking.

Excuse me a moment.... GAK!!

Here is the inspiration and trigger for this blog post. Thank you Doug... and you too FOX "News"! (Time index 4:23 specifically):

The Best Of Doug Wead: "Why Ron Paul Should Be President"

This video is a compilation of the best of Doug Wead's recent appearances on cable news programs, and was used to present the case for why Ron Paul should be the 45'th President of the United States. This was also made to show tribute to Doug Wead for his masterful job thus far as a surrogate for the campaign.

Ok... This claim by MSM is technically true. Ron Paul has sponsored and submitted a plethora of bills to be considered and I think only one actually made it all he way to the "Force of Law". I'll give them that. One that was insignificant and harmless to the beast, I mean US Inc., DC no less. Clearly Ron Paul is a loser!.. "Failure" as MSM suggests this tells us.

"Failure and Loser!" they suggest? No... I can not give them that. I suggest this is actually yet another endorsement for Ron Paul.

To understand this wild leap from MSM speaks reality for us you have to understand Ron's record from another perspective. US Inc., "our" government, is a snake pit of corruption, greed, criminality and, here is the big thing, treasonous fuck the Constitution we will do what ever makes us the most money, power and pleases our NWO Oligarch bankster owners the best.

Pretty much anything coming out of US Inc., DC, today is flagrant unconstitutional, yes, treason is another word for that. Think of all the "Successful winners" that sponsored all this treasonous activity in congress that made it to law.

Are you with me here?

Now enter Ron Paul.. a mad man in this environment. Mad as in truth is treason in an empire of lies. Mad as in the emperor has no clothes. Mad as in one voice of reason in a sea of insanity. Mad as in sponsor and submit yet another bill trying to do the right thing in a world where right is wrong.

Balance the budget! ..Loser!
Audit the FED! ...Failure!
No Congressional Pay raises! ...Where's the pitch forks?
No War! ...This is truly insane.

The list goes on and on where one bill after another was sponsored and submitted by Ron that said basically "Follow the rule of law Constitution." Even worse.. "Lets be principled and honest!" Well... what a loser he is.. this is certainly not preaching to the choir.

This is a history of trying to do the right thing in an environment where they are not interested in the right thing. It failed a miserable record NOT for Ron.. a miserable record for US Inc, congress. This is actually and true an endorsement of Ron.. he has always tried to do the right thing.. Congress was not interested in that.

Who is the loser here? Who is a failure here? Is this yet another endorsement for Ron Paul?


Google "ron paul record of failure"

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