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Fox News: Glimpses Into The Pravda Propoganda Machinery

You control the media, you control what the people know and think. That is simply how it is. Many large corporations are well aware of this axiom that is why virtually all media is owned and controlled by a very few corporate empires.

The news is about what is best for corporate agendas which by the way include The New World Order. Mass media can make or break presidents, prime ministers, popes, kings and queens simply by controlling what the public is told about them.

You are prime time Neo they are playing you not like just any violin.. they are playing you like a fine Stradivarius Violin! Here are a couple of videos that give you glimpses into the main stream media Pravda propaganda machinery.

Some people say... Fox News is Fair and balanced... You can't believe some things some people say.

FOX News Whistle blowers:

And the documentary OUTFOXED : Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism:

Not just any violin.. a Stradivarius Neo..


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Shopocalypse: The Perversion of Christmas

Two millennium ago Hebrew prophesy was fulfilled, there came a foretold Messiah, Jesus. Born into the meek of the world, in a manger among animals and straw, was the son of God! Born to save us from our own failings of humanity and open the door to the kingdom of heaven for us all by dying on the cross for our collective sins. A new covenant.

Turn water into wine, walk on water, raise the dead, command the forces of nature, feed many with little, cure any whom were just able to touch his robe and the wisdom of God flowed from him in simple but extremely powerful words and parables. Two thousand years later he is the most known and read about personage in all of history you would have to be totally blind or in complete denial to not acknowledge that, you think, God's hand might have had something to do with those facts.

Nothing has happened before, nor after, Jesus and his acts anywhere in history by anyone. No one, ever, anywhere duplicated or even came close to what he did. No one.. ever..

More than two hundred years ago our nation was founded with strong underpinnings and based upon God. Acknowledging his existence and his directive for us America was created under his divine guidance. Where do you think you get your "rights" from? Certainly not Obama nor our government. These are God given rights outright acknowledged and placed into law that is America. And what God has given you, no one may take away. Inalienable is the term used in our Constitution for that truth.

In God we trust.. our creator. This image we all should be familiar with says it quite well. George Washington was tasked with the job of taking a handful of rag-tag colonists and going against the then super power of the planet, England. It would seem an impossible task, request, wouldn't it? George knew he was outnumbered, outgunned, out financed.. out classed. So he did something brilliant tactically.. He asked for God's help and guidance with this seemingly impossible task placed upon him and his feeble forces. The rest, as we all know, is history.

Our entire nation is a gift from God. Our original culture was intensely spiritually based and in many ways to this day that aspect of America still lingers. Consider our history and leading example of being generous and extending a helping hand to others in need here at home and around the world. Uniquely American in scope and duration.

But sadly there is also a dark side. In truth light can not exist without dark and vice versa. There are forces opposing God, tempting and derailing us from his light and path. Corrupting and perverting what is God's goodness and blessings available to all of us. And there is our challenge and task in life. We must decide which is real, which is right, what path we will follow, what authority we will acknowledge. We have a choice, it is ours to make.

For one to see an example of this perversion of God and the gift he has given us all look no further than our Christmas celebration and what it has become. Christmas.. the celebration of God's gift, the celebration of the birth of Jesus. Joy to the world, peace on earth, good will towards fellow man is now a season of consumer madness.

I don't feel loved unless someone buys me something expensive. The more expensive, the more "upscale" the store it came from, the more loved am I!

I am not happy or fulfilled unless I can buy some item I probably don't even need or has no value in the real of life.

People are trampled to death in their rush to be the first through the door and to the material goods for sale at their local Walmart.

A person is shot at a merchandise counter in a fight for some product. Worse.. the person on the floor bleeding from the mouth is begging the sales clerk to take their wallet from their pocket to secure the sale before they die.

Oniomania.. look it up it is a plague our society is suffering these days where is this perversion coming from we should all ask ourselves.

There is no greater gift you can give some one than something that is of you. Came from you, made by you.. you is the best gift you can give anyone. Not to be found in Walmart or any other retail temple.

I'll let Rev. Billy and his Church of Stop Shopping take it from here with Shopocalypse.


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Debra Medina Has Government Criminals Worried

The Texas governor election process is becoming another fine example that criminal elements are running this country. This year in Texas is a repeat of the 2008 presidential campaign. Debra Medina, an actual person and not an oligarch approved puppet, has entered the race. Just like Ron Paul, when she speaks it makes sense, she wants to stay within the law as specified by the Constitution and according to debate results she is popular with the people.

Deja Vu! Where have I seen this before???

Well.. the criminals running this country can't have PEOPLE taking charge of THEIR government! So now that she is showing herself to be a threat to their control they do what they do best, be criminal. The corporate controlled mass media Pravda propaganda engine is swinging into slime mode smearing, lying, distorting, misleading, misrepresenting and doing their best to find anything the people of Texas will believe to terminate her chance of winning in Texas. The Pravda mass media propaganda slime machinery is also lying, misrepresenting, distorting and misleading the public concerning her Oligarch approved puppet Republican opponents trying to find anything the people of Texas will believe to get them in office. Many examples abound in this race of the media using their slime stuff to terminate her and have one of their approved puppets win. A classic example would be the recent incident in which Glen Beck was used to try and set Medina up for a major fall. What a guy Glen Beck is. It went something like this:

Medina gets to be interviewed by, I don't understand this definition of conservative, political hack man Glen Beck. At some point she is asked about the 9/11 incident. She basically says the people can ask for whatever they want to ask for, you know, free speech and all. I get the impression it didn't matter how she answered that question. Within minutes it is reported she is some kind of demon and evil what an atrocity her 9/11 position is. Also quick to hit the Pravda slime engine was her Republican opponents reaction to this claimed, again I don't get it, absurdity also demonizing her. Almost as if the whole thing was scripted and coordinated, determined beforehand how it would all go.

Deja Vu! Where have I seen this before???

Here is Alex Jones, the bane of Oligarchs everywhere, reporting on the incident:

The Pravda propaganda slime mass media machine is proof enough they are both criminal and worried about Debra Medina. It appears that it doesn't end there however. Our very own top criminal organization, the CIA, looks as if they are getting involved in the Texas Governor race. Again coordinated with the Pravda propaganda slime machinery Texas has a, it has all the signatures of a "False Flag" public manipulation(Deja Vu), terrorist event. Of course the terrorist is an evil person that thinks something like Medina see how dangerous these people are????

No.. but I do see how criminal, dangerous and worried they are! It seems this time the Texans are on to them also. Instead of hurting her it is pissing them off and hurting them. Don't mess with Texas!


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You're Police/Military/Globalist/Coma or You're a Terrorist!

The intellectually challenged but extremely well connected politically Bush Jr. openly said you're either with us or against us. You either support our false wars, stealing from generations yet unborn, shredding the rule of law and Constitution... or you're a terrorist?

That is certainly the direction and target environment they seem to be shooting for. Either you are one of those that support the destruction of America or you are an enemy of "The State", a terrorist, enemy combatant, bad person.. boogy man!

Public acceptance of this concept is being tested all over the country in one form or another. If you love the country, love the Constitution, disagree with their criminal behavior then you are the enemy. It's just another to be expected step in their march to taking down this country. We're going to take this from you.. got a problem? No? Ok, now we're going to take this from you, got a problem? No? Ok, now we are going to take this got a problem? No? ....

What and when will we have a problem with these major abuses of power and authority? I hope soon as it is getting to the point in which you are either one of the chosen elite and privileged or you are criminal.

Google "MIAC Report" or "The Homegrown Terrorism Act" for some general information about turning patriotic Americans into terrorists and criminals. You can easily be defined and labeled a terrorist, anyone at a whim. Got a problem with that? Well now if you do you are criminal!

The Homegrown Terrorism Act is actually number 6 of the top 25 censored stories of 2009 by Project Censored.

Got broadband? This is what news reporting is suppose to look like.

First they came for.. then they came for.. then they came for.. then it was too late. Hello?


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Internet Censorship: Free Speech Not Allowed

What? You think this is America? You think you have inalienable rights given by the creator that can not be taken away like free speech and expression?

Well.. it is not, you do not and the government will decide what rights you have free speech is not granted to the public. They only let you falsely believe these things until they are able to get their police state/military/surveillance/gulag control grid and apparatus operational then they won't care what you believe or know.

They are pretty much ready, everything is set up and in place the only thing remaining is to disarm us. Take away our weapons. What? You think thats an inalienable right? Maybe you should check on what Hilary is up to with the UN. Didn't you're morning news show tell you about this? oh wait.. no they wouldn't tell you that's censored information you're not supposed to know about this they are trying to do this in the dark of night. According to them the right to bear arms is a UN privilege that we Americans must adhere to. We DO NOT have the UN's permission to bear arms.

Censorship. Want to know what that is like? Just watch any main stream media news "show". They not only practice censorship keeping vital information from you but they also practice propaganda, putting false information in you. What? You think this is America? Where have you been? Watching too much TV are you?

A year or two ago major Oligarch loser David Rockefeller decided "The Internet" was the biggest danger to their plans of global domination, AKA, The New World Order.

And he was right, it is. Understand they are doing all this by deception, in the dark, behind your back. The worst enemy for that is having the public light of scrutiny shine into their plans. One small truth will rip through and evaporate an entire ocean of lies. It would all collapse like a house of cards, which in truth, it is. That is why all the main stream media is controlled, including advertising, movies.. everything!!

The Internet is the wild card. It is breaking their control of the information you are allowed to know. It truly is the biggest threat to their plan of global domination, I mean, The New World Order. So now they are coming after control of the Internet, for your protection of course. The internet is bad! The internet is dangerous! The internet can hurt! Yes, it can be all of that. The big question is who?

Maybe you should check out what "Hope and Change you can believe in, Yes we can" Obama is up to. The military has big money allocated to shutting down and controlling the internet. Legislation is in place considering you need a license to access the internet. What next? A license to use the phone? ISP's are being stressed as to what content they will be allowed to deliver. The internet is under attack from many angles they are trying to shut down your freedom of information.

For you protection of course.

Here are a few links to get you started about the assault on the internet that censorship main stream media is not letting you know about. In fact they will try to convince you censorship is good.. for your protection.

Censoring the Internet Moves to silence dissent?

Internet Censorship Alert! Alex Jones exposes agenda to ‘blacklist’ dissenting sites and license users

or just Google "Internet Censorship".

Remember, know.. this is not a government we are dealing with. These are criminals we are dealing with the Mafia has nothing on them. Expect to have the Internet shop busted up by them to convince us we need protection from them of the internet shop being busted up. It's worked before for them.

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