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BP Official: BP Stopped Gulf Oil Leak

Well if this is true it is certainly long overdue good news.

If this is true. The problem at this point based on BP's actions they have absolutely no credibility. Why should we believe this when it seems so much other stuff has been out right lies?

What makes me even more suspect this is actually more lies is a statement itself from BP. It goes something like this: "We stopped the leak, but it is still in testing". Later Obama stepped up to the cameras and made a statement it goes something like this: "We stopped the leak, but it is still in testing". It was almost word for word identical to the BP statement. First off if Obama says it is stopped that is almost a guaranteed lie coming from him. Second the statements sound as if they were coming from the same PR person. Who's running BP and who's running America? It's just so confusing these days with corporate CEOs placed in charge of all the high government positions to manage the agencies for their industry. I suspect BP is running America Obama is just a flunky employee.

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The "Well Integrity Test" Is a Sham: "This Bet Is Against The Citizens Of The United States Of America Being Smart Enough To Figure Any Of This Out"

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NH: Romney volunteer defects to Ron Paul

And this is what happens when it dawns upon you that you should be voting with your head instead of with the "Party". You should be selecting a candidate with integrity and principals. The candidate with the best grasp of the problems and most qualified to handle it. NOT the best rhetoric and most corrupt support from criminal insiders that want to maintain their "turf". Obama would be a fine case in point. Tell me lies but make them good with wonderful rhetoric saying nothing and you can be completely unqualified or experienced yet you won. Had the best line of BS.

China has an established "Party", go against the "Party" line and die. The same could be said for all the most brutal totalitarian regimes across history. Marxist Russia, Nazi Germany.. yadda yadda yadda...

Here in America we have TWO "Parties". An illusion of choice. Pick which crime family you want this time nothing ever changes. Keep voting for rhetoric, Party line and what the TV tells you to do. Keep getting screwed.

Or... you want change? Then try something different.

You be the change you want to see in the world.

- Ghandi

Another one bites the dust. Mitt Romney loses another activist to the Ron Paul revolution.


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World thinks Americans Stupid - What's your IQ?

The blog title is also the title of the YouTube video below. The video, shades of Jay Walking, has Americans being interviewed on the street and asked historical political questions testing their awareness on the issues. Sadly there are way too many that are clueless no wonder the world thinks in general Americans are clueless.

Here is the video:

Now I realize it would be easy to come to the conclusion that there must be something in the water here making us this stupid. In fact that is not far from the truth research Sodium Fluoride. It is injected into municipal water supplies under the pretense of promoting "dental health". Of all the pandemic ailments plaguing our society apparently dental health is the only one so important the municipal water, the public, is drugged with it.

Sodium Fluoride has nothing to do with dental health it has EVERYTHING to do with drugging the public making them apathetic and dumbing them down. That is what it does it does NOT improve dental health.

And that is just the water. The food has also been poisoned with IQ destroying compounds. Research Aspartame. A chemical so toxic and detrimental to the public it took someone in high position politically to force it upon the public.

Ok.. getting back to the point I am trying to make here. Yes. Jay can do his walking and has no shortage of material to broadcast making the point that Americans are dumb and stupid, clueless. My point is that maybe there are legitimate reasons for all this ignorance. My point is Americans are not really stupid. My point is Americans have being heavily medicated and between state controlled education and corporate controlled media lied to and misdirected their entire lives.

You bash someone over the head with multiple blunt instruments they will act like they have been bashed over the head and in a daze. That is what has been done to Americans with the 1-2-3 punch of meds, indoctrination and propaganda.

Garbage in garbage out. Exactly what they wish to achieve. They are doing quite well with it.

If interested there is no shortage of videos illustrating Americans are being kept in the dark and intellectually compromised by policies. This does not mean they are stupid. If it means anything it means they are too trusting.


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G20 Toronto: Police Burn Cars, Vandalize, Blame Protesters

G20 Toronto is your New World Order showcase of what they will be bringing to you. I can't believe people could actually demand to be beaten, ripped off and framed by our very own police. How can they possibly sell this as some wonderful new Utopia all problems are solved when this is age old stuff that has always caused us problems and misery across millennia of history?

Research "Agent Provocateur". G20 Toronto is a text book classic case of this. The police dress up as protesters, mask their face and hide their identity then set fire to four police cars, vandalize some property and it is blamed on the PEACEFUL protesters. Of course they are rounded up and arrested by the hundreds for something they did not do.

Listen, this is a message to the police. If your going to get out of uniform, tie a bandanna across your face so as not to be identified as you do violence to be blamed upon the innocent... you have to lose your police issue jack boots also as you do this. Duh! And it doesn't help your credibility to be standing with mask on holding big rocks acting violent in front of a whole line of police and they do nothing.

ABC reported it of course they conveniently left out the part it was actually the police acting as "agent Provocateurs" and not the protesters. But you got to see nice staged camera angles of police cars being set on fire, property being vandalized.

Thank God all these militarized Nazi police were there to contain all these radicalized violent extremists! You neighbor is probably going to flip out and burn your house down.

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Report: Toronto police rough up journalists, arrest peaceful protesters at G20

If you're going to beat someone with a nightstick on camera, then by God do it right.


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G20 Toronto: Nazi Police State Showcase

This year's G20 summit if nothing else is a public conditioning and declaration that your New World Order is here. Be afraid be very afraid. They are the rulers you are the feudal fodder this is what will happen to you if you go against their brutal agenda. Brutal is what they specialize in. Apparently we have all been properly conditioned to whimper instead of bite.

Speaking of conditioning let me through in an observation about our state controlled education system: SCHOOL DAZE AT L.A. SCHOOLS. From the article:

This district is sitting on a powder keg ready to go off. If a martian were to land at many of the campuses, the interplanetary visitor would correctly assume that the mission statement of our academic genius administrators would be: maximum confusion, minimum effort, near-total apathy and dysfunction.

This year the G20 in Toronto finds Toronto in virtual martial law, police/military state full lock down. The G20 is just so proud Nazi Germany is back. This is surely boasting of what they have achieved. We can military/police lock down a city like Toronto with full Nazi powers and get away with it. The people do not deserve respect nor protection. They are pestilence and sub-human vermin on the planet glad we all know this now.

Just for this event they have enacted "special security measures" that give the police unprecedented power to pretty much do whatever they want. This power will be lifted after G20 leaves. Don't worry this power is held in check by the honorable and noble morality of the police to use their benign and wise discretion.

Here are some related links to clarify how "police discretion" will use this Nazi power wisely:

Police Brutality

Police taser an 86-year-old disabled grandma in her bed for taking an "aggresive posture"

New World Order Bars "We Are Change" From Covering G-20 in Canada

Here are some videos documenting the "Love Police" bringing their message of peace and love to this gathering of the world's top war mongers and mass murderers. Charlie is about as harmless as they come:

G20 Toronto - The Love Police Arrested (Part 1)

G20 Toronto - The Love Police Arrested (Part 2) (Note human being on the left sick pup on the right)

My G20 Toronto Arrest Statement - Minutes After Release

The government and corporate controlled media make it quite clear that anyone using, thinking of using or even appear they may use violence is totally wrong they are a menace and threat to society. Yet the truth is government and corporations are the most violent organizations on the planet they specialize in it. Mass murders 'R us. Only they can be violent against you! You can not be violent against them. In fact you are bad and a possible terrorist if you even try to protect yourself from their rampant violence by owning a self defense weapon.

And finally I'll conclude with some musings from a former Kansas state trooper: WHAT WILL IT TAKE FELLOW AMERICANS? HAD ENOUGH?

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