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MatrixUSA Updated: Links Page: Russell Brand R3volution

MatrixUSA has been updated. Russell Brand R3volution has been added to the Activism/Preparedness Section of the Links Page.

Russell has a new book out titled Revolution.



We all know the system isn’t working. Our governments are corrupt and the opposing parties pointlessly similar. Our culture is filled with vacuity and pap, and we are told there’s nothing we can do: “It’s just the way things are.”

In this book, Russell Brand hilariously lacerates the straw men and paper tigers of our conformist times and presents, with the help of experts as diverse as Thomas Piketty and George Orwell, a vision for a fairer, sexier society that’s fun and inclusive.

You have been lied to, told there’s no alternative, no choice, and that you don’t deserve any better. Brand destroys this illusory facade as amusingly and deftly as he annihilates Morning Joe anchors, Fox News fascists, and BBC stalwarts.

This book makes revolution not only possible but inevitable and fun.


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Ebola: Let The Mass Media Fear Mongering begin!

Corporate controlled mass media marketing of fear has for all intents and purposes made Ebola a common household word all across America. Be afraid, very afraid. Of course the government is heroic, capable and is working 32 hours a day 12 days a week to protect you from this extreme danger. Stay tuned for the latest "news" about Ebola creeping into your life and possibly threatening you and your entire family.

The TV is fear first truth last. You've all been primed by TV fear mongering and disinformation about Ebola. Now take all that the TV has led you to believe about Ebola and compare that to real information about Ebola. In order to find that you will need to go out into the Internet and do a little researching on your own about Ebola. The Internet is the sum total of all man's acquired knowledge at your fingertips in your own home. You think maybe when it comes to life and death issues you might want to learn how to access that wealth of knowledge and get a second opinion as to what the "TV" told you?

You might be surprised, even shocked I dare say, how far off base, misinformed, the "TV" has placed you on the subject.

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Fungus Among Us

Years ago I came across and read a book written by a homeopathic doctor. I'm sorry shamefully I do not recall the name of the author nor the title of the book. It was a very long time ago. What I do recall and was vividly imprinted into my brain I will never forget was two very powerful medicines that he told me were right in my own kitchen pantry. Both of them anti-bacterial and both of them tried many times by me the proven repeatable results confirmed it to be absolutely true. Quite memorable to say the least.

The first was garlic. He had all kinds of praise in general about having garlic in our diets daily due to it's many unique nutritional characteristics. But it was “Crushed Garlic” in particular that became an extremely potent anti-bacterial compound. As he explained it crushing garlic ruptured the cell walls allowing this anti-bacterial compound to form. That compound, he claimed, was THE most powerful gram negative anti-biotic known to modern medical science. Understand also that you have to give the crushed garlic a few moments rest, some time, in order for the compound to form. The longer the better. Understand also this compound is not a highly concentrated dose as you would find in most pills. This was good according to him the body was not being “Shocked” by massive sudden doses. So one had to do this often and regular to build up and achieve the desired effect of this compound. The good news is the body is not being “Shocked” and in fact it is nothing but normal food to our body. No one has ever had adverse reactions to it, unlike pills, as far as he knew. I tried it many times and found it to work very effectively most times, not all. I assume the failures were due to the fact that the bacteria I was having trouble with was NOT gram negative. As far as I could tell tried and true by me he was absolutely right about that.

Let me add this also about garlic. I dehydrate garlic to use in cooking and to make my own garlic powders. If I put it in the dehydrator uncrushed it comes back the normal garlic powder color. However if I put it in the dehydrator crushed it comes back green.

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Modern Military Movies: How Do I hate Thee? Let Me Count The Ways!

Please Understand the content of this blog is highly critical in an extremely negative manner towards both the main stream media propoganda industry and also our very own military as it is applied today. What is expressed may be somewhat uncomfortable to hear and possibly quite upsetting. One could easily go off all hostile towards what is expressed as being unpatriotic and not in support of our troops.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

What is about to be expressed is specifically because I am patriotic and love America. Because I do support the troops and believe most of them are there for the right reasons. Bring them all home now and have them DEFEND AMERICA and it's borders instead of Iraq's borders. Instead of defending Afghanistan's poppy fields. Instead of advancing oligarch wet dream agenda's of megalomaniacal global domination. Stop having our troops do things that are messing up America's babies. Military suicide rates are epidemic and at record levels.

Any hostility and sarcasm to be expressed is directed at the corporate controllers of the blatant outright lie propoganda concerning our military in media. Directed also at the upper levels of command and control of the military. The ones that know what they are doing and it is not what TV/Movies tell you they are doing.

Understand also that much of what is to be expressed is somewhat exaggerated and embellished for the purpose of drawing out from the background of modern military movies the messaging of ideas and concepts that are often delivered unnoticed, unquestioned and right into your head.

All that being said...

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9/11 2014: 13th Anniversary

The 13th anniversary of the 9/11 event is coming up. 9/11 shook our country and put us into a perpetual never ending war attacking countries all over the middle east that did not attack us.

It's been 13 years since that event. Are we all calmed down now about it? Not freaking out anymore like the day it was happening? Are we better able to think RATIONAL rather than EMOTIONAL?

9/11, like the Reichstag Fire, Gulf of Tonken and pretty much every other reason for going to every other war was a contrived event. False flag perpetrated by one and blamed upon another.

It should be obvious in hindsight the official explanation makes absolutely no sense at all. Important questions never asked. Why were several crime scenes completely scrubbed destroying all the evidence before any criminal investigation was allowed to happen? Ya know? Understand?

Here is a short and to the point video laying out just how absurd the entire 9/11 explanation was. And still is today. It's "Official".

9/11 - The Truth In 5 Minutes - James Corbett

The official story of 9/11 is a lie. Six of the 10 members of the 9/11 Commission said the final report is a whitewash. Given everything that was once considered theory has been documented FACT, how many more lies will you believe from our government before you realize that you really DON'T know everything going on in the world. Take 5 minutes out of your regularly schedule corporate controlled media and get a dose of the truth. And then do your own homework on all the information presented here, put your critical thinking cap on and decide for yourself what you believe.

Another question. Since the "Official" explanation is a lie and does not tell us who really attacked us that day then... Who really attacked us on 9/11? Because they are our real enemy. If I had to guess I would place any and all people associated any and all ways with our out of control "We just LOVE WARS Military-Industrial Complex" on the suspect list. They ALL need investigating.


The Corbett Report

Which MSM News Channel Do You Think Is Best?

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth

9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out

Google "9/11 was an inside job"

Google "Osama bin Laden died many times"

Google "DoD missing 2.3 trillion" (DoD is the MILITARY part of Military-Industrial Complex. The missing 2.3 trillion went to the INDUSTRIAL part.)

We Are Change (Founded by Luke Rudkowski who lost a family member on 9/11)
What does one TRILLION dollars look like?

Google "War is a racket"

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