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The War on [Fill in the blank]

These days probably the first thing you would think is [Terrorism]. Terrorism is bad we need big strong central government to protect us from this monster they are creating. Watch your mass media news see us blowing up another "insurgent" village? That's not stopping terrorism that is CREATING terrorism! Understand that blowing up a person's village, killing their family and friends makes them want to blow you up. Now you have more terrorists to deal with.

What is a terrorist? A person who has revenge in their heart for some wrong done to them? That seem fair? And exactly how is an aircraft carrier used against this person? Isn't this really a job for good police work not the military? And here is another novel idea, it seems to be common sense but apparently it is not.. why not stop unjustly hurting others. If we weren't there to begin with messing their lives up, their countries up for corporate agendas maybe, just maybe they would not want to blow us up. You think? Here is another novel and apparently common sense that can't be seen however.. how about if we feed, clothe, cure and just generally put out a helping hand to our neighbors across the planet? You think that might also work to decrease terrorism?

No.. we need a war! Nothing would reduce terrorism more than a good war with lots of killing and blowing things up right? This is destined for the same amount of success as probably our second most popular war...

[Drugs]. As implemented this war is about as futile and stupid as they come. Think about it. People have been doing this since the dawn of time, they might as well declare a war on [Human Nature] itself. What's the chance of winning this one? Common sense again seems to be lost and has nothing to do with these wars. Would it not be better to have this handled by the medical community? Got a problem with it, like alcohol or any other problem addiction, get treatment, not jail time. And ok fine if you are stealing, mugging or whatever crime against another because of your "problem" then that can be worked out in the legal system hopefully justice will prevail.

But no, lets have a war! Overload our justice system with people being people there is no victim or someone else being done wrong. Whom does this serve? Hmmm... The government they gain more power over you, they get to grab all your assets claiming they were obtained with drug money when if fact most often they are not. The police now we need many more of them and jails also business is booming! The illegal drug suppliers and dealers also make out big time with this stance. We just love our black markets creating insane prices big money is at stake along with it comes big territorial/market violence. Of course now we need more police and jails because of the increased violence and crime surrounding this black market the government created. Kill a person get 10 years in jail. Get caught selling an illegal drug and get life! Sounds right, no? Again, think about it, this is human nature it has been going on since the dawn of time. To think all you have to do is write a law and declare that now it is illegal and bad and it will all go away is... not common sense.

The [Drug] war is not here to protect you it is here to protect big pharma and other industries. Simply it is here to protect corporate profits and interests. Did you miss the memo about the government now representing the corporation and NOT the people? If you would like to know more about this angle might I suggest doing some historical research about the Hearst empire and Hemp (Marijuana: a term Hearst created). We don't care how beneficial this plant is to humanity it is getting in the way of my profits you are now criminals for it.

I'll let some comedians take it from here it really does belong in the realm of this has got to be a joke. A joke on you and I.

The war on [Cancer], [Illiteracy], [Poverty], [Obesity]. I don't know there seems to be many wars we are waging apparently I am to believe war is the answer and solution. War is good! War is good... again common sense where are you? Good for who? You? Me? It seems reviewing the fruits of these "wars" it is good for the "enemy" they are declared upon. On [Terrorism] we are getting more of it. On [Drugs] we are getting more of it. On any of them the problem has not gone away. What went away was your freedom from government control and oppression. What went away was your money the government has to take to fight these wars for your protection.

Got a problem? Just make war that always works, no?


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Haiti and US Aid: As if they haven't got enough problems

God help those poor people in Haiti, please!

Our government is already oppressive, tyrannical, greedy, corrupt, war-mongering and treasonous to name a few. Embarrassing has always been there but now it is significantly pronounced by our country's actions in Haiti.

The Haitian people have enough problems in the aftermath of their quake without compounding their problems with "US aid". At a time when almost every nation, every people, in the world are sending help to Haiti our government sends troops and the military. The first thing we do is take over the seaport, take over the airport, take over the government center and bring a powerful military presence to their ground, air and water.

Just walk in and occupy a country that is weak and wounded. What's worse, and here is the really embarrassing part, they are getting in the way of and preventing other countries from offering aid!

oh.. didn't you hear about this on your morning Prava news broadcast?

It is actually angering other nations "What are you doing?" Here are a just a few links to get you started about how embarrassing our government really is.


Washington focused on exploitation, not humanitarian aid

Haiti: Another U.S. Military Occupation

Doctors group complains Haiti supplies diverted

Lets see.. If you're an ex-president or military you can land. If you're "Doctors without Borders" carrying tons of life saving medical supplies and equipment, you can NOT land! We have really got to ditch these people in DC they are a bunch of losers bringing us all down and hurting people all over the planet!


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Mandatory Digital TV: Preparation to track you and products

I was so surprised to learn my government was so concerned about the quality of my TV programming that they enacted federal law mandating digital TV. Not only that, they must really love me and be concerned for my best interests, they also allocated billions in subsidies to make sure I had a converter for my old TV. Who would have ever imagined the FEDERAL government would take federal money stolen from hard working people illegally just so I could have a better TV?

My government must really love, and care about, me to do all that just for TV.

That would be the spin and sell line taught to our children in government controlled schools. That would be the thinking and reasoning that is placed in the public mind via MSM psyop propaganda programming techniques. We are doing this for you! We love you and know best what is good for you!

Not... Anyone with basic discerning ability should have recognized right away the federal government mandating your TV quality smells, feels, seems.. wrong. Why all of a sudden this big interest in my "TV quality" and it has to be corrected immediately?!? They will even pay for my conversion?!?! eh?

It's not about your TV quality. It's not about they care at all about you. It's about their desire to control and track you. They needed to free up the analog bands so the RFID chips placed in more and more of anything you acquire can be more easily and accurately tracked. They would love to "chip" you personally if they thought they could get away with it.

Here is an Ex-IBM Employee revealing TV Abandoned Analog Band to Make Room for RFID.

Here is a Google search about Digital TV RFID if you would like more information about how much our federal government cares about us.

And here is a Google search for a whole new market of anti-RFID, anti-skimming products to protect yourself from having your every move tracked in Washington DC.

My federal government. They love me, they just don't trust me.


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The Sky Is Falling! (Terror, Terror, Terror, Terror!)

Here is an old video of the Chicken Little fable. Fear is created, those that can protect us discredited or eliminated, accepting a solution provided by those creating the false terror..

I'll let you see the end result of falling to such nonsense and flat out manipulation.

My enemy will protect me!


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Conspiracy Theory: Crazy and absurd it must be false! ..How about true?

It's amazing how the use of labels has become an effective tool for manipulating reason and truth. They're left, right, democrat, republican, liberal, conservative. Even negative racism is made to take form simply by using labels of color or nationality. Then there are the slanderous labels such as fringe, kook and the like. Again for reasons of negativity and degradation. The truth is the victim. Loss of reason is victim. Too often someone being unfairly categorized and compromised is the victim.

Those that wish to control the masses and what they think surely love their labeling.

Here is another labeling tactic used to skew if not totally halt examination of an issue. All they have to do is declare "it's a conspiracy theory" and out the window goes reason and critical examination. Even if what has been label conspiracy theory is in fact true. Amazing.. apply one label and truth becomes an absurdity.

Here is an article entitled 33 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True, What Every Person Should Know. 33 truths that were rejected and not accepted by the public because they were given the label "Conspiracy Theory".

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