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David Icke Tells It Like It Is

I can't help but be reminded of Simon and Garfunkel many times when it comes to information the public accepts and rejects. Trust those that openly and intentionally lie to you and shun, denigrate, those that try to bring the truth as they know it to you.

It is weird when those trying to shine a light into the dark are burned at the stake and ridiculed while those that in your face lie to you are revered as heroes and saviors?? In an empire of lies truth is treason!

..and the words of the prophets are written on the subway walls.

- Simon and Garfunkel

Big Brother Gone Mad? No - He's Just Pure Evil: The David Icke Videocast Trailer


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Following the ChemTrails: The "debunk" Is "Da-Bunk?"

Chemtrails: What In The World Are They Spraying?

Seems to me this is a big question and concern pressing upon an ever increasing number of minds. It doesn't help to alleviate the concern by calling me a Kook I must be crazy it's not happening... when obviously, just look up in the sky, it is. In fact that they want to hide and deny it makes me even more concerned about it. Usually only criminal and bad things are hidden and denied?

For all you Chemtrail deniers? What can I say? Refer to my "Blind Faith" blog that might work? Believing in something even though there is evidence, massive, to the contrary?

So here is my thinking to the question at hand.. EASY!!! You want to know what they are spraying? What goes up must come down! And by ChemTrail design it is coming down all over the place everywhere. Just start testing water and soil samples for unusually high concentrations of things that should not be there at all. What's in the rain water? You'll find and have your answer to what they are spraying.

So I poke around in the net for just that kind of activity.. sample testing specifically looking for the answer to that question. And I find.. all over the place... basically the same answer is coming back. Aluminum, Barium and Strontium are all appearing in significant, even alarming amounts, where they should not be at all!

Here is something else I discovered on that quest of discovery.. OMG let the dis-info wars begin on the net. Smoke and mirror time.. let the reader beware!

Just one example of this would be the Mt. Shasta struggle for credibility supremacy between "Yes it is" and "No it isn't"... ChemTrail contaminated.

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Adam Kokesh - The Truth About National Security

Ya know??

I never got the sports thing. Team A against team B. Fight each other. Destroy each other. Kill each other!!


NO NO NO!!! Help each other. Nurture each other. Take care of each other!! Are you down? Extend a hand to help them back up!!! Don't kick them... I may need a hand held out to help me back up some day..

Help each other all across the planet.. not fight each other..

Ya know??

Adam Kokesh - The Truth About National Security

Published on Jan 20, 2016

Everything you know about national security is based on one simple lie.
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What a way to start the New Year! A militia take over of a federal building. Apparently they made some kind of resolution that enough is enough we should have said no to them a long long time ago??? Standing up at last???

Here is a take on it from Gary Franchi at Next News Network(N3). It includes some interviewing.

This is a wonderful example of how the Magic Matrix Mass Media Manipulation Machinery(MMMMMM) "Spins" the story and facts in such a way so that the only conclusion a rational person can come to is Militia bad and government good. Government right and innocent Militia wrong and guilty. It's all very objective??! Pay real close attention kiddies.. This is how they have been duping us all for years... about pretty much everything! Turn on your TV it will explain it all to you.

You can start by Googling "Bundy Militia". The first thing to notice in the Google search results is that the top returns, front page, nothing but, are ALL the big MMMMMM players. Oh wait.. Google itself is a bought and paid for big corporate player! What a coincidence. And you can safely bet they are ALL saying basically the same exact thing. They are ALL big corporate controlled entities ALL controlled by the same small group of corporate board players to ensure that you NEVER get the truth about what is really going on. Their job is to get you to believe what THEY want you to believe and you can believe it has very little to do with truth and reality. Usually complete and utter, shameless even, BS. Isn't that right 9/11??

If you want anything that resembles real reporting about what is going on you have to seek out NON-Corporate bought, sold, and controlled entities. Something to note about that.. You'll have trouble finding them and of course they won't have the same level of trustworthyness as CNN? ABC? NBC? CBS? FOX? NY Times? Rolling Stone? What they all say is absolutely gospel truth just because they told the lie...

Have fun.. Be real careful as there are many false "Freedom Patriot" sites out there specifically to stear you wrong.. dis-info.. muddy the water.. try not to get mangled too badly..

Personally something does not seem right about this to me. It's like they are trying to instigate bloodshed violence over questionable issues NOT of that kind of importance?? Seems to me this might be grounds for a good legal battle not gun play?? I don't know yet which way this will go with me only time will reveal more to me.


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Act Out! [37] - Veteran’s Day: in their own words

This just came across my radar today. A Veterans Day special video from Eleanor Goldfield at Occupy/Act Out. I feel it is worthy of echoing and spreading. Worthy of our time to see and hear what is shown and said... consider it. Sorry.. a bit late. Better late than never?

Act Out! [37] - Veteran’s Day: in their own words:

Welcome back.. Glad you survived it? ..Big warm hug.

You want to support our troops? It's not done with magnetic ribbons nor flags. Shut down the corporate war machine for profit and megalomaniacal imperialism. Our wars have nothing to do with fighting terrorism.. in fact it CREATES terrorists! Nothing to do with defense, freedom or even democracy. Has the military suicide rate finally over taken the death rate from combat? Not to mention all the foreign countries and people that are being destroyed biblical that had nothing to do with anything? They simply posses something the machine wants? Now they are our enemy because of that. oh no wait.. lets false flag destroy the world trade center and blame it on them! That's why they are our enemy!!! Carte Blanche never ending war whom ever we want to attack and invade now. Perfect! We'll bomb who ever we want when ever we want! Out of control homicidal maniac war machine nirvana!

Aren't insane rabid killer animals usually hunted down and put down?

USA! USA! USA! ..wave flag ..instead??!! ..What am I NOT understanding?

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