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Clinton's For prison 2016!

Ya know after all their major criminal activities the Clinton's should have been behind bars for years at this point. If that isn't bad enough that they are not.. Hillary is on the ticket a major contender for the POTUS??!! That is just plain insane!! It's a testimony to just how criminal and corrupt the entire system has become to allow this to come to pass. If you ask me a LOT of people need to be arrested and go to jail. A major house cleaning is in order as it were. Start with the Clinton's and then move through the FBI, DOJ, Congress, all the federal agencies and of course The FED. Then move on to the corporate world. Wall Street comes to mind real quick as ripe for criminal harvesting. But I think also the handful of corporations controlling all media need to be taken out back and scattered to the four winds for allowing it to get this bad by keeping their criminality away from public awareness. Revoke their corporate charters everyone of them that has gone criminal. Especially you demon seed from hell Monsanto and the entire military-industrial complex!

Prisoner Clintons! President Trump!! Brutal Accusations From all Sides!! (Part 1 of 2)

Prisoner Clintons! President Trump!! (Part 2 of 2)

It looks to me as if even the rats are jumping ship and don't want to be taken down with her when Hillary self destructs. She has become too hard to plausibly pass off anymore. Praise alt media for that shift!

And here is what a Clinton Rally really looks like. A highly controlled secretive staged event to give you, the TV viewer, the completely wrong impression.

Hillary Bars Alt Press, Buses In Students to Hide Pitiful Rally Turnout

The whole thing is embarrassing I tell you.


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Today Is Trash Day For Me. I Probably Should Bring The Trash To The Curb.

It's amazing how much trash piles up in just one week. Even when I work at reducing my trash out put it seems I can NOT eliminate it all together. I've got it down to two little grocery bags of garbage and one big bag every two weeks of recyclables. That's the best I am able to achieve.

Some of the trash is so nasty in just one week it threatens to turn the house and entire community around it into a toxic rot the stench of which grows and expands until it is removed and cleaned out. Let it go to long and it spreads to the point in which the entire environment is unfit for human habitation!

Napolitano Exposed The Government And Was Fired! Now Obama, DOJ, Hillary, Lynch, Comey!

The trash needs to be taken to the curb regular so it can be carted off and tossed in the dump! Or not if I don't mind it piling up turning my home into a dump and force all my good neighbors downwind to deal with the stench of it.


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I'm In Solidarity With The Nations And People Of Standing Rock

In the summer of 2016, a group of young activists from Standing Rock ran from North Dakota to Washington, D.C., to present a petition in protest of the construction of Energy Transfer Partners' Dakota Access Pipeline, which is part of the Bakken pipeline, and have launched an international campaign called ReZpect our Water.[1] The pipeline, which goes from North Dakota to Illinois, the activists argue, would jeopardize the water source of the reservation, the Missouri River.[2][3] The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe has filed an injunction against the US Army Corps of Engineers to stop building the pipeline.[4][5] In April 2016, three federal agencies—U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Department of Interior, and Advisory Council on Historic Preservation—requested full Environmental Impact Statement of the pipeline.[6] In August 2016 protests were held, halting a portion of the pipeline near Cannon Ball, North Dakota.

- ReZpect our Water Wikipedia

Many Indian nations have united together in Solidarity with The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. Indeed many people from all over the planet have joined in solidarity with them also including me.

Why me?

  • Something must be wrong, flawed and/or corrupt with the entire planning, vetting and approval process for this pipeline for it to be receiving such strong opposition to its construction now. It needs to be halted and the entire project reviewed.
  • Excuse me but.. Don't we have a major global warming problem upon us all? Shouldn't we be retiring and moving away from fossil fuels NOT increasing them?
  • A full Environmental Impact Study has been called for concerning this project. Why wasn't it called for BEFORE the project was approved?? I'll make it real simple for those compiling and filing that report. The pipeline is spec'd to transport approximately 470,000 barrels per day with a capacity as high as 570,000 barrels per day or more. All of it, every single drop, will end up in the environment in one form or another. Some during transport to refining, some during refining, some during transport to market and most during market consumption. Do we really need an additional 0.5 million barrels of oil dumped into the environment every day? Environmental Impact: 0.5 million barrels PER DAY into the environment.
  • SUP with the army corps of engineers building oil company pipelines??? Are the oil companies paying them or is the public paying them?
  • And finally the oil company pipeline construction project managers have used uncalled for, unacceptable and just plain wrong violence upon the peaceful Standing Rock Tribe protesters by bulldozing sacred and historic tribal sites, with prejudice, and turning attack dogs loose on them children and pregnant women injured.

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is up against a corporate/government beast that cares nothing for people nor nations nor even Mother Earth herself. The Sioux Tribe needs all the help they can get.

10 Ways You Can Help the Standing Rock Sioux Fight the Dakota Access Pipeline


Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

ReZpect Our Water

Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline Petition

Indian Country Today Media Network

The Dakota Access Pipeline Project


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Conspiracy Theory: A CIA Weaponized Device To Turn You Off

"Conspiracy Theory" is a wonderful example of how the media is used to program and condition the public. Just like, identical to, Pavlov's dog. Ring the "Conspiracy Theory" bell and the public plugs their ears, closes their eyes and wants to know no more about it. They will even attack and assault anyone who comes to them with what media has labeled a "Conspiracy Theory". Oh you must be crazy and start ridiculing never bother to hear their arguments and reasoning for such a conclusion. Shut the entire conversation down before it even starts!!

Ding, ding.. salivate, salivate.. the media can't program and condition me!!

Got attention span? Can you handle being shown how you are being played like a violin? Want to see how they do it to you? Interested in why they want your conversations and questions shut down? Care to know what it does to you? Curious about why it works so well?

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Presidential Candidate Popularity: The Corporate Media Grand Illusion

I can tell you right now who will "win" the presidential election this fall.. Hillary. You know how I know? Because that is who the TV(corporations/oligarchs) want to be president of the US. The TV is selling her as popular with the masses, she is the greatest thing since sliced bread, They are worshiping the ground she walks on, She can do no wrong Trump can do no right and she is the best choice Trump is the worst.

Of course the corporations want her. She is amoral, devoid of any conscience, the people and country mean absolutely nothing to her and she will do ANYTHING for money. Perfect! A Corporation's wet dream candidate!

And you know? The TV will get it. The TV could sell water to a drowning person. The TV will sell Hillary right into the oval office. Works every time. Has for decades now. The TV always gets who the TV wants. The TV always destroys who the TV doesn't want.

Apparently, what this tells me anyways, the public masses are herd animals. We want to know what everyone else is thinking and doing because that is what we will think and do! You know? If everyone is jumping off a cliff so will I. I'm normal.. leap.. arrrgh.. splat! Who wants to be a kook, fringe, weirdo, tin hat, nut job by going against the herd consensus?? And the TV will make it clear that is exactly what you will be if you do! Take your beatings at the office water cooler the next morning by your fellow employees because you don't agree with the TV.

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