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Presidential Candidate Popularity: The Corporate Media Grand Illusion

I can tell you right now who will "win" the presidential election this fall.. Hillary. You know how I know? Because that is who the TV(corporations/oligarchs) want to be president of the US. The TV is selling her as popular with the masses, she is the greatest thing since sliced bread, They are worshiping the ground she walks on, She can do no wrong Trump can do no right and she is the best choice Trump is the worst.

Of course the corporations want her. She is amoral, devoid of any conscience, the people and country mean absolutely nothing to her and she will do ANYTHING for money. Perfect! A Corporation's wet dream candidate!

And you know? The TV will get it. The TV could sell water to a drowning person. The TV will sell Hillary right into the oval office. Works every time. Has for decades now. The TV always gets who the TV wants. The TV always destroys who the TV doesn't want.

Apparently, what this tells me anyways, the public masses are herd animals. We want to know what everyone else is thinking and doing because that is what we will think and do! You know? If everyone is jumping off a cliff so will I. I'm normal.. leap.. arrrgh.. splat! Who wants to be a kook, fringe, weirdo, tin hat, nut job by going against the herd consensus?? And the TV will make it clear that is exactly what you will be if you do! Take your beatings at the office water cooler the next morning by your fellow employees because you don't agree with the TV.

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Artist: The Zombies: She's Not There

Hello all you people in cyberspace that are following the American quadrennial spectacle known as a Presidential Election. This year's spectacle, as usual, gives us only two choices. Republican or Democrat. Really no choice at all since they are both controlled by the same people and it is NOT the people. Got that? Once again we have two very disturbing choices.

R - Donald Trump. Not a professional politician. I just don't trust him. Why? Because he is not lying to me the way a professional politician should be. Even funding his own campaign. It's all wrong not the way it should be. Unnatural and Spooky!!!

D - Hillary Clinton. She has the lying part down pat. In fact she does nothing but lie no truth comes out of her mouth. ever! Plus she is well versed in having others pay for her campaign. Standard favors owed once in office. She is expert at selling government favors also. Just what we want and expect in our presidential candidates. The problem with her? People have to be kept away from her as she's an unstable psycho and can be downright frightening.

The stuff spectacles are made of...

This song is dedicated to "our" presidential election process, to "our" corporate controlled news media, to "our" federal government and most especially to "our" candidate Hillary herself.

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Hillary/DOJ/FBI Debacle: What do you do? Nothing!

Amazing! The FBI director got up and basically said Hillary lied about the whole email "scandal" and was actually criminal in her handling of classified information. Then recommends no criminal charges. Was that even his call? Hillary was just "extremely careless" AKA Gross negligence. Loretta Lynch at the DOJ announced the day before(?) that she would go with the FBI's recommendation. How strange. Earlier this year she declined an FBI recommendation concerning the Clinton's. Her meeting with Bill Clinton a few days earlier to talk about "grand kids" had nothing to do with her decision.

Obviously we have a miscarriage of justice here. The corruption of both the DOJ and FBI by those politically powerful the Clinton's. A true debacle!

Here is a corporate controlled mass media news example about the debacle:

Kelly File 7/5/16 Full: NO CHARGES for Hillary! Megyn Kelly Shocked!

Notice how they tell you all about it. Expert opinions and all. Yet not one word about about what you can do about it. I'm shocked I tell you! Shocked!!

So what do you do about it? You do what you are told to do. You bitch, moan, complain, be offended it's an outrage, cry foul and otherwise let every one know you don't like being wronged. But at the end of the day after all is said and done what do you do? Just complain and do nothing else.

And if you're thinking capital hill will make this right? Oh they're just as "shocked" and "Outraged" about this debacle as their constituents are. Here is an example of the congressional hearing with FBI Director James Comey:

Trey Gowdy Leaves FBI Director James Comey Looking Like A Third Rate Henchman For The Clinton's

And an example of the congressional hearing with DOJ Loretta Lynch:

Trey Gowdy Demoralizes Lying Loretta Lynch

But as we all know politicians are wonderful at talking the talk but rarely walk the talk. Hell I'm so cynical about congress half of them are probably just upping their bribe fee to have them drop it. Again? Do nothing but complain!


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When You Have Dirt On The Clintons You Want To Be Anonymous!

The Internet "Anonymous Official" group has weighed in on the Clinton career of criminality, corruption and lies. I've said it before and I'll say it again I'm not totally down with nor completely comfortable with this "Anonymous" thing. I generally like to consider the source when information is being presented to me. Those who hide things generally do because it is probably not a good thing something is wrong about it?

That being said.. However.. when it comes to exposing the Clinton's career long criminality, corruption, lies or any other damaging dirt to them I can TOTALLY understand wanting to be Anonymous about that!!! Understand the Clinton's have a long list of highly suspicious and very convenient timing trail of bodies, people, that suddenly died when they could hurt the Clintons.

Google "Clinton Murders" for more info about that. Pay special attention to sites like Snopes and the like how they pooh pooh it. You sort it out the ones trying to get the info out from the ones that can be bought and sold protecting the criminals and hiding the truth... like Snopes. It's just some urban legend or some kind of crazy, yes, conspiracy theory. Not real at all. Tell that to all the people that died conveniently before they could move against the Clinton's. A lot of them!!! Do we see a major pattern here?

My personal favorite? The two boys that happen to notice the Clinton Arkansas state sanctioned and protected cocaine drug running operation. They were curious what was being dropped out of planes in the middle of no where in the middle of the night lights out so went to see for themselves. Bad move. They were both murdered after their discovery. The boys were kind and thoughtful enough however to throw their bodies upon a train track after they were dead so that the Clinton controlled state coroner could rule cause of death an accident. They fell asleep on the train tracks and got run over by a train. It's a Clinton "Official". Most people all of a sudden become suicidal when they threaten the Clintons. Just a long long string of death coincidences can't prove a thing. Even if you could you'd probably die next.

Here is Anonymous weighing in on Hillary. So much easy source material to work with!

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The Rise of History's Biggest Empire // Empire_File001

This should be required viewing in all schools. This should be required viewing by all Americans and/or US Citizens. This is a wonderful and right to the point expose of just how powerful the USA Matrix machine is. How far off and away from reality the public is kept when it comes to the USA Inc "Government" and it's bloated beast the military industrial complex terrorizing the world.

It's a wake up call Neo.. answer the phone!!!

Abby Martin's Empire Files: The Rise of History's Biggest Empire // Empire_File001

USA, USA, USA, Wave Flag is, if you ask me, synonymous, one and the same as, identical to...

Sieg Heil, Sieg Heil, Sieg Heil, hold up right arm.


YouTube: The Empire Files

The Empire Files .tv

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