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Act Out! [37] - Veteran’s Day: in their own words

This just came across my radar today. A Veterans Day special video from Eleanor Goldfield at Occupy/Act Out. I feel it is worthy of echoing and spreading. Worthy of our time to see and hear what is shown and said... consider it. Sorry.. a bit late. Better late than never?

Act Out! [37] - Veteran’s Day: in their own words:

Welcome back.. Glad you survived it? ..Big warm hug.

You want to support our troops? It's not done with magnetic ribbons nor flags. Shut down the corporate war machine for profit and megalomaniacal imperialism. Our wars have nothing to do with fighting terrorism.. in fact it CREATES terrorists! Nothing to do with defense, freedom or even democracy. Has the military suicide rate finally over taken the death rate from combat? Not to mention all the foreign countries and people that are being destroyed biblical that had nothing to do with anything? They simply posses something the machine wants? Now they are our enemy because of that. oh no wait.. lets false flag destroy the world trade center and blame it on them! That's why they are our enemy!!! Carte Blanche never ending war whom ever we want to attack and invade now. Perfect! We'll bomb who ever we want when ever we want! Out of control homicidal maniac war machine nirvana!

Aren't insane rabid killer animals usually hunted down and put down?

USA! USA! USA! ..wave flag ..instead??!! ..What am I NOT understanding?


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Under The Influen$e

Where ever did you get the idea that We The People run this country?


Our founding fathers creating a system of "Checks and balances" was NOT about corporate spreadsheets and quarterly statements!


Under The Influence


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The Clintons Are Sleazy Criminals. Well Duh! What's Your Point?

I watched a YouTube doc about the Clintons. Both Bill and Hillary. It is an investigative journalism expose type thing of their entire political careers. Uncovering and reporting about their political history of corruption, criminality and just plain low life sleaziness.

The documentary was exactly the same type of thing that you will not, nor will ever, see on your corporate controlled TV news "Shows".

Yes the Clintons are about as criminal and corrupt as any of our political leaders are any more. Criminality, corruption and amorality are a job requirement by the people that put them in power which is NOT the American public. They, both Bill and Hilary, are a wonderful example of what is holding our highest positions of governmental power these days. Your, our, government at work! What I don't get is why are the Clintons singled out for an investigative expose documentary? All our presidents and most of congress has been criminal and corrupt. The Bush's have made criminality and corruption a long family tradition. Some would even make the Clintons look like pillars of morality and integrity in comparison. Is this some kind of political election maneuvering? What's your point?

Clinton 2016? Conspiracy Shocker! Must See Documentary!

Published on Apr 19, 2015

Absolutely shocking suppressed documentary about the full blown drug smuggling, money laundering, womanizing, murder, political favors, killing anybody who talked; both Clintons crime syndicate, including the murder of children! Some of this I read about in Cathy O'brian's "Trance-Formation of America", but this documentary takes the revelation on the Clintons to a whole new level. I simply cannot believe it! Full drugs and murder of anyone who spoke out!


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The Empire Files: Abby Martin's New Weekly Video Program

She's back! As if she ever really left considering her Media Roots activity. Abby Martin debut's her new weekly video program The Empire Files hosted by teleSUR ENGLISH. The program airs every Friday, 9:00pmEST.

Here is the debut episode:

The Rise of History's Biggest Empire // Empire_File001

Published on Sep 5, 2015

Abby Martin debuts teleSUR's The Empire Files exploring the U.S. Empire, its rise to world hegemony and its impact on people and the planet.

teleSUR's The Empire Files airs every Friday night at 9:00 pm EST / 6:00 PST. Watch live here:

In a world of severely compromised news one must find and follow uncompromised reporters. The tricky part is if you able to discern between compromised and uncompromised. The Matrix is very very expert at selling you bad goods.


Media Roots Newsletter Announcement


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Tomato Soup: An Alternate Perspective On The Ingredient List Sham

Here is another perspective about "Ingredient Lists" that is also a statement of just how messed up we have become with Madison Avenue TV Corporate marketing.

Tomato Soup: We've been beaten down for so long the bottom looks like up? We've forgotten what it is really supposed to be like?

Ok.. quick field test! Everyone out there sit down and clear your minds. Once cleared bring you mental acuity to focus upon "Tomato Soup". Release your imaginary mental imagery powers and make note of the "Tomato Soup" image that first comes to mind.

Got it? A solid image of what "Tomato Soup" conjures in your mind using your abstract reasoning prowess?

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