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Jade Helm 15: Massive Military Training Exercise Across 9 SW States

The military has been training for a while to take over civilian population centers here in America. Indeed some people have even been killed when the military rolled into town and the people there didn't realize it was just a "Training Exercise". Fire fights broke out. They've even got 100's of built and operational Gulags.. er.. I mean "Relocation Centers" (wink wink).. just waiting for the military to send them people by the millions that need "Relocating". Hurricane Katrina and the New Orleans disaster was turned into a military training exercise Martial Law. They confiscated everyone's weapons when they were needed most, cordoned off the city and even turned away rescue and relief efforts. They were NOT there to aid in any kind of recovery.

God only knows what the real purpose and reason for Jade Helm 15 is as the government, military and corporate controlled mass media will certainly not tell you. In fact you can bet safely they are lying to you about it all. That's what they do. That's what they always do.

Keep one thing in mind about all this. The military is not under the control of the people. It does not serve the people. It does not protect the people."Our" entire military is under the control of corporations and shadow government. Ike was right. All the warring over in the middle East has absolutely nothing to do with fighting terrorism nor defending America. It is rank aggressive imperialism serving corporate and megalomaniacal agenda's. PERIOD!! Completely destroying innocent countries and killing innocent men, women and CHILDREN by the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS in that process. The Nazis would be truly impressed! In fact if you understood it THE NAZIS ARE IN CONTROL of our military. Hitler was just their puppet front man. Now Obama is as are all "our" presidents now.

Knowing all that.. you think Jade Helm 15 has any chance of being a good thing for the people here in America? Massive military might rolling around in your streets don't worry they can be trusted? They're there to protect you? They're doing this for your good?

"Our" soldiers will not move against Americans? They already have... Several times. Just following orders.


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Hola Mexico! How You Doing Today Neighbor?

Corruption, Lies, Threats, and Journalism in Mexico

Hector Cubillos of joins James Corbett in Acapulco to discuss his own brush with the corrupt government officials of Mexico and the lies, threats and intimidation that keeps the lid (more or less) on journalists there.

OMG you too!? The exact same thing is happening here in America.

  • The bankers control the government.
  • The government controls the country.
  • Therefore the bankers control the country.

Both our countries are being run by the same people.. the bankers. Why am I surprised the same thing is happening to both of us? The people are now just banker livestock. It's their standard MO.

So the heavy hand of Federal Government is coming down hard terrorizing a college kid? Because they are afraid of what he might say? We have the same thing here in America. We call it "Freedom of speech" as long as we keep our mouth's shut. I say let the kid say what ever he wants to say. I'm not afraid of words.

Try whistle blowing if you think journalism has become dangerous.


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SOP: Use Of Lethal Force By Police If They 'Feel' Threatened

Alas.. this is where our police are today. If you "Feel threatened" shoot to kill lethal force is the proper response. No worries you will never be held accountable for outright murder in the dysfunctional criminal 'justice' system. In fact shoot anyone, anywhere and anytime you want just say you felt threatened in court. You might even get a paid vacation for it.

I'm not going to get into "Try and get away", "Try to subdue", "Shoot to disable" nor any other alternative response instead. The point I am trying to make here is simple. Let me break it down real easy.

  1. If you feel threatened.. shoot to kill. No worries about any kind of accountability for it.
  2. MIAC releases regular reports to police agencies all across America defining for police that people defending the Constitution, Veterans, Pro 2cd Amendment and/or Ron Paul bumper stickers.. blah blah.. are all possible home grown terrorists approach with extreme caution they are a real THREAT! In other words feel threatened before you even get out of your car because they are patriotic and love America!!

The Constitution created the Federal "State". If you're defending the Constitution??? You're a dangerous enemy of the Federal "State"! You just can't make this stuff up. It certainly is amusing getting patriots to feel threatened by patriots.


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Alt Media Spotlight: Buzzsaw: FEMA Camps and Government Detention Conspiracy with Gary Franchi

Compare this interview of Gary Franchi by Sean Stone on Buzzsaw against an MSM Rachel Maddow, Bill O'Reilly or any MSM restricted content and views interview for that matter.

FEMA Camps and Government Detention Conspiracy with Gary Franchi


Next News Network

Camp FEMA: American Lockdown
| Please support the film makers and purchase a DVD. - Recent legislation attempting to legitimize the use of internment camps to detain U.S. citizens in the event of an uprising or civil unrest has many people asking what nation they live in.

In a country born out of political dissent, we watch our leaders in Washington slowly pass bills that label ordinary Americans as thought criminals and potential domestic terrorists for simply questioning the actions of their government.


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The Internet Spanks MSM TV For Severe Lack Of Channels

I think we all take in information, learn, the best when we actually have a natural curiosity about something, said information, and would like to know more about it. Feed it to me now I'm hungry for it!

Enter The TV:

A corporate controlled information gate keeper device. Everything we want you to believe and know. Nothing we don't want you to believe and know. Expert at bread and circus including the MSM "NEWS" channels they are all saying the exact same thing. We make this easy. Get comfortable. Grab a couch, your remote, a beer and some snacks. Select any channel you wish from the awesome collection of hundreds to choose from. There must be at least one, if not several, that will entertain you with mindless fluff and sensationalism. However not one channel offering what you have an interest in at this moment. Nor will it ever be found on any TV channel. Not one will ever let you know what it is. Oh well.. what else is on? I guess I'll watch this stupid shit nothing else is available. Hundreds of channels of what someone else wants me to see instead. I have several hundred choices.

The Bane Of Information Gatekeepers Everywhere Internet:

Every link/web site out there is a "Channel" to choose from. Not to mention all the sub channels many times. There are so many "Channel's" available on the Internet "TV guide" does not work.

Honey what's on channel 132.565.67.435 tonight?

Nah.. How about channel 132.565.67.436?

There is not enough time in your entire life to look through all the Internet "channels" just once. You died before you got to the last page. And they are changing dynamic. If you could even reach the end of the list in your mind it is no longer valid. You have to go back and check "Channel" 132.565.67.435 again something else is playing there now. There are so many "Channels" available major computer search engines are required to narrow you're choices down to a prioritized list of several hundred thousand on that particular interest alone.

Imagine if you will the information gatekeepers still standing guard on the one and only one door into what they do not want you to know. Only 400 "Channels" available. With the Internet the 30 foot high walls on either side of that door stretching from horizon to horizon are gone! It's quite amusing actually watching them freak out and go through all kinds of efforts trying to prevent everyone from knowing what everyone now knows.

Even worse for the information gatekeepers.. you can interact and communicate with others on the ground any where on the planet. An information gatekeeper worst nightmare.

What are you interested in at this moment? The Internet has several thousand "Channels" available right now on that topic of interest.

The choice is yours. Spoon fed easy by someone else or the hardship of having to feed yourself? I suppose another choice would be to just give up eating. I no longer need daily nutritional requirement.

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