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U.S.A., Inc. An Idiom Magnet

It seems to me that a lot of people are wasting a lot of their time and energy by trying to work with, effect change upon, the Federal Government U.S.A. Inc. They do not understand that U.S.A., Inc., is just one big lie and illusion it is not what you are lead to believe it is.

U.S.A., Inc., is "Our", America's, Federal Government! No.. it is not. In truth it is nothing but a defacto usurping foreign to America corporation.

U.S.A., Inc., is there to serve the people! No.. it is not. It is there to serve the Central Bank, The FED, and manage the in receivership bankruptcy to them for them.

It get's a lot uglier the actual truth about U.S.A., Inc., do your own research turn the TV off forget what government controlled education taught you.

So if your investing your time trying to work with, make change to or even voting in their fraudulent corrupt and a complete sham elections then you are wasting all your time and energy might as well just throw it out a window, over a cliff, in the trash and away.

There are a few idioms that describe this behavior and activity quite accurately.

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Which MSM News Channel Do You Think Is Best?

It doesn't matter what you think as they are ALL one and the same. It is NOT news. It is programming.

Ever wonder why the government was giving away free TV converters when broadcasting went digital? Here is the answer to that.

It's just not this funny: RT brings the news, not the jokes

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Weaponized: It's All Around You

To "Weaponize", as you may all be aware, is the military obsession, fascination?, compulsion? ..with turning ordinary things, anything, into a military advantage. What serves the military's agenda best.

Here in what use to be America the entire country has become one big experiment and application of Weaponization. One could even argue that America herself has been "Weaponized" as virtually all the productive energy of the entire country is being channeled into our world infamous Military Industrial Complex death machinery. Indeed we even borrow what we don't have promising to pay it back to give to our world infamous Military Industrial Complex death machinery.

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ICANN: Transfer Of An Internet Control? I'm Thinking This Can Not Be Good

ICANN? Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers? Ever heard of them before? Maybe you have as information about the transfer of it's control has gone viral on the Internet.
Many conflicting arguments about this abound on the Internet. Basically they are divided into two "Top Level Domains": and

I assigned the "Top Level Domain" names the way I did because I'm going to weigh in with the "Nays".

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The 2014 SoTU Address? I Didn't Watch It.

Why would I? As of late if you've seen one you've seen them all! It always goes something like this.. and I quote..

Blah, Blah, Blah!

It's a "Dog and Pony Show"! The president gets up and tells of all the wonderful things they have done, America's never been better, they're going to push even harder for even more "Change Improvements", it's all about the people and it's all under control. Couldn't be rosier... as pretty much exactly the opposite of all of that is closer to the truth.

Understand most ALL of what he says and claims is not exactly 100% true.. most not even close to 100%, many well below 100% and a few 0's in there also. There are the occasional 100% trues such as, an example, "We created 'X' number of jobs!" Whoa.. Stand back in amazement! What they didn't mention was in the same time frame X+X+X number of jobs were lost!!

Q: Just what kind of fool do they take me for?

A: First class.

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