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Obama-Care Org Chart: Bureaucracy on Steroids

The medical community is already heavily impaired, burdened and outright crippled from existing government intervention, regulations, mandates and the like. And now we have Obama Care being offered as a solution to all the problems they created.

There has been much effort by Pravda propaganda main stream media lately to convince the stupid and gullible that Obama's plan really is good for you. Ignore all the nay sayer's throwing actual facts around, it is just "misunderstandings".

Here is an organizational chart of the new and improved government intervention and bureaucratic answer to the problems they have created. Yes, as you suspected, the answer to a system plagued and destroyed by government bureaucracy is even more government bureaucracy. Sadly this is how they think and work, they can never be the problem.

Obama-Care org Chart

And for those of you hardy enough to handle even more bureaucratic detail here is a link that lets you actually read what is written in all the line connected boxes.

Obama-Care org Chart Detail

I believe the "blue" on the chart is new bureaucracy. One thing is clear. It is all about the health of the insurance companies, pharmaceuticals, money masters and government. The government pretty much f^%cks up everything it manages the current state of our country is a prime example. You would have to be insane or suicidal to allow the government to take control of your health care, personal medical decisions.

And finally here is a list of the top 10 signs your company has switched to Obama-Care.


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RED ALERT: The Total Takeover Of America Enters Its Final Phase

While the main stream media has us all distracted with trivia on their TV news "shows", behind the scenes not reported to you America is being quietly shut down. This has been going on for so long they are about ready to turn the lights out on America forever.

We all wave our flags, put magnetic "support troops" stickers on our cars and claim we are free. The flag is now an icon of fear and terror around the planet, the troops are not fighting to protect America but to advance the Communist New World Order agenda and our bill of rights has been almost totally obliterated the government controls every aspect of our lives how do you define free?

Here is a link to an article that spells it all out. Tells you what the TV is hiding from you. It's educational and informative learn just how close we all are to the end of America. The article is entitled RED ALERT: The Total Takeover Of America Enters Its Final Phase


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DOE: Children are Fodder on the Front Line

Where in the progress of our nations history and growth did it ever come to make sense that the state, the government, is superior to parents deciding educational matters of the children?

Where in the progress of our nations history and growth did it ever come to make sense that the state, the government, knows better than parents what is best for their children?

Where in the progress of our nations history and growth did it ever come to make sense that the state, the government, has more authority than parents regarding the children?

It is a simple thing. When parents are in control it is generally what is best for the children. When the state, the government, is in control it is what is best for the state, the government.

The state, the government, is now in control of your children's education and early development. Should you have a problem with what they are teaching your children they will be taken from you as you are obviously an unfit parent.

The damage and harm the state, the government, via education is doing to the children is nothing short of catastrophic. Smart and critical thinking is not a desired result. Your children are being mangled by the DOE which seeks only to entrench state dominance and authority.

Where in the progress of our nations history and growth did it ever come to make sense that the state, the government, should be given our children as lambs for the sacrificial altar?

The DOE is not about making your children empowered it is about making your children submissive to the state. Do the research, read. Arithmetic, do the math. The internet is loaded with comprehensive information about the devastation of the DOE upon the children. The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America is a free e-book that would be a good start.

DOE: The state, not your family, is to be trusted children.


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It's Official: DoD declares Patriotic Americans are Terrorists


The Department of Defense (DoD) is now training that patriotic Americans involved in protests are terrorists! Click on the link above for that story.

How far are we willing to go? How far are we going to let them push insanity making criminals out of the best in our society simply because they have a problem with "The State"?

What comes to mind for me here is Pastor Martin Niemöller's famous quote back in Nazi Germany.. "First they came for.... ...then they came for me and no one was left to speak out". Make no mistake about this here and now Neo these same people that were controlling Hitler are now controlling our government. This is how it will go. Everyone sooner or later will become an enemy and criminal of the state. A threat that needs to be eliminated. You see these oppressors go against the grain of life, humanity and justice they are outright criminals of course any decent person is a threat to them.

The people in pre-Nazi Germany didn't think such a thing could happen there. Sound familiar? Holocaust is the end result if we allow it to continue.


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Bilderberg 2009: Destroy the Dollar

This year the bane upon humanity, The Bilderbergs, have decided to destroy the dollar. A step along the way to their New World Order. No one should ignore this decision of theirs as The Bilderbergs have been deciding the fate of all of humanity for decades. In general what they decide is what will happen. So.. if The Bilderbergs once again have their way this year that would mean within one years time the dollar will be just worthless paper as it is now actually. It would be wise to prepare yourself for this probability as The Bilderbergs control our president, congress and many large institutions both public and private. This will undoubtedly cause major chaos as the US economy collapses the point of it all actually. Then the very ones who engineered the demise will step in to save us from the destruction they actually brought upon us.

Lose the dollar, convert to more solvent currencies or precious metals.

What has always worried me about these Bilderbergs and the destruction and havoc they wreak upon humanity simply for profit and control is that they believe they can turn loose the most hideous and monstrous demons so to speak and be in full control of how it turns out. The worry is that in truth they are all criminally insane and delusional should they believe such an absurdity and one of these times they are going to unleash something that blows up in their faces, in the face of humanity even possibly ending in the extinction of the human species. For example they toy with the idea of starting a nuclear WWIII to reduce world population and enhance their control. They have started many wars before. It is not beyond possibility that after a global nuclear exchange that no life on the planet will survive, the ecosphere could totally collapse.

As The Bilderbergs ramp up their agenda with the taste of blood in their mouths it seems ironic that at this time they themselves are even a bit worried that the chaos they release may get out of their control. And you know that is a very real possibility.

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