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Shopocalypse: The Perversion of Christmas

Two millennium ago Hebrew prophesy was fulfilled, there came a foretold Messiah, Jesus. Born into the meek of the world, in a manger among animals and straw, was the son of God! Born to save us from our own failings of humanity and open the door to the kingdom of heaven for us all by dying on the cross for our collective sins. A new covenant.

Turn water into wine, walk on water, raise the dead, command the forces of nature, feed many with little, cure any whom were just able to touch his robe and the wisdom of God flowed from him in simple but extremely powerful words and parables. Two thousand years later he is the most known and read about personage in all of history you would have to be totally blind or in complete denial to not acknowledge that, you think, God's hand might have had something to do with those facts.

Nothing has happened before, nor after, Jesus and his acts anywhere in history by anyone. No one, ever, anywhere duplicated or even came close to what he did. No one.. ever..

More than two hundred years ago our nation was founded with strong underpinnings and based upon God. Acknowledging his existence and his directive for us America was created under his divine guidance. Where do you think you get your "rights" from? Certainly not Obama nor our government. These are God given rights outright acknowledged and placed into law that is America. And what God has given you, no one may take away. Inalienable is the term used in our Constitution for that truth.

In God we trust.. our creator. This image we all should be familiar with says it quite well. George Washington was tasked with the job of taking a handful of rag-tag colonists and going against the then super power of the planet, England. It would seem an impossible task, request, wouldn't it? George knew he was outnumbered, outgunned, out financed.. out classed. So he did something brilliant tactically.. He asked for God's help and guidance with this seemingly impossible task placed upon him and his feeble forces. The rest, as we all know, is history.

Our entire nation is a gift from God. Our original culture was intensely spiritually based and in many ways to this day that aspect of America still lingers. Consider our history and leading example of being generous and extending a helping hand to others in need here at home and around the world. Uniquely American in scope and duration.

But sadly there is also a dark side. In truth light can not exist without dark and vice versa. There are forces opposing God, tempting and derailing us from his light and path. Corrupting and perverting what is God's goodness and blessings available to all of us. And there is our challenge and task in life. We must decide which is real, which is right, what path we will follow, what authority we will acknowledge. We have a choice, it is ours to make.

For one to see an example of this perversion of God and the gift he has given us all look no further than our Christmas celebration and what it has become. Christmas.. the celebration of God's gift, the celebration of the birth of Jesus. Joy to the world, peace on earth, good will towards fellow man is now a season of consumer madness.

I don't feel loved unless someone buys me something expensive. The more expensive, the more "upscale" the store it came from, the more loved am I!

I am not happy or fulfilled unless I can buy some item I probably don't even need or has no value in the real of life.

People are trampled to death in their rush to be the first through the door and to the material goods for sale at their local Walmart.

A person is shot at a merchandise counter in a fight for some product. Worse.. the person on the floor bleeding from the mouth is begging the sales clerk to take their wallet from their pocket to secure the sale before they die.

Oniomania.. look it up it is a plague our society is suffering these days where is this perversion coming from we should all ask ourselves.

There is no greater gift you can give some one than something that is of you. Came from you, made by you.. you is the best gift you can give anyone. Not to be found in Walmart or any other retail temple.

I'll let Rev. Billy and his Church of Stop Shopping take it from here with Shopocalypse.


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The CIA: And You Wonder Why Terrorists Want To Blow Us Up?

The government, and our Pravda propaganda media machinery, told us terrorists want to blow us up because "They hate us for our freedoms!".

Eh? In case you haven't noticed we have few freedoms left. In case you haven't noticed our police, and military, beating on peaceful protesters and arresting them under false charges we are living in a police state. In case you haven't noticed our government has gone rogue cares less what the people need or want flagrantly shredding the Constitution oppression deluxe is upon us also known as Tyranny. In case you haven't noticed our government is torturing, killing and attacking civilians in any country they please violating all international laws.

Hmmm.. That last one may be a good reason they want to blow us up.

Getting back to what we were told was the reason they "Hate Us".. Thats just no true, plainly, its just another lie.

Want to know a good reason they "Hate Us" and would like to "Blow us up"? I give you as an excellent reason and prime motivator The CIA. Central Intelligence they are not, state sanctioned terrorism they are! They are the dirty deeds branch of our so moral government. We are good, they are bad!

Consider how The CIA was formed. You all remember Project Paperclip. Over one hundred Nazi war criminals, most of the worst among them, were brought into America, their records white washed, and placed into high government positions. The CIA comes from those Nazis in power and position seems we were lacking in an "SS" or "Gestapo". The CIA MK Ultra program to manipulate the masses using trauma is a gift from these imported Nazis.

The CIA, Rotten from the start.

Now consider their illustrious history of achievements. Here is A Timeline of CIA Atrocities. You know. Overthrow democratically elected governments, sabotage, covert operations, Assassinations, installing brutal military dictatorships, drug running, false flag attacks framing the innocent, infiltrating organizations to derail and discredit and more. What a pleasant organization. And this is only the stuff on the books. Much of what they do is "off the record".

You do know Al-Qaeda is a CIA creation? Osama Bin Laden is actually the CIA agent Tim Osman (Ossman)? You can probably thank the CIA for 9/11 also.

You think there might be one or two good reasons in their history why others now want to blow us up? Thank you CIA for destroying the government we wanted and giving us this brutal dictator that raped and killed my family plus millions of others!

Here is one last thing to consider. No one in government controls The CIA. They are a private independent organization. It is a state sponsored criminal organization the law means nothing to them.


Here are a couple of videos about the CIA from people you should know and trust. First Jesse:

Then the good doctor weighing in on The CIA:

The CIA: Worlds largest terrorist organization.


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Monsanto + US Government = Classic Fascism

If you would like to see the result of government and big corporations getting in bed together, more discretely known as Fascism/corporatism, one needs look no further than the affair between the US Government and Monsanto. An examination of this affair will quickly reveal how they nurture and support their common corruption and criminality.

In the case of corporation Monsanto they are genetically and chemically messing around with things like food, life and the biosphere. They are doing this unchecked, unquestioned, unchallenged as their bed partner, the US Government, would be the one to do the checking, questioning and challenging. Executives moving back and forth between high positions in Monsanto and high government positions like the EPA for example, then back to Monsanto, then back to the EPA. You get the drill between these lovers. No one wanted that product on the market yet it is.. now you know why.

Again, understand it is your food, your biosphere, that the worlds biggest experiment is now being carried out upon. Should it go wrong, don't worry, the worst case would only be extinction of all life on the planet. If you think this is an "over-reactive" opinion then you do not understand the facts or what is really happening between the two of them. Google "terminator gene", imagine that getting loose in the biosphere. And Monsanto, using the bed partner government coercive force, is doing just that. The biosphere will spread it around on its own all you need do is turn the seed loose.

Imagine your organic farming property is damaged by Monsanto GM seeds blowing in on the wind. Do you get compensation from Monsanto for that damage to your crop and market potentials? No, in fact you have to pay a fine to Monsanto for having their unwanted GM "patented" crop in your field that destroyed your organic market potential! Insane.. yes, but that is how these two bed partners work together and that is exactly what is happening, not once, but many many times all across America.

But this is only a scratch on the surface of this insidious affair and all the damage they are doing. Go to The Future of Food for more about all this. Better yet sit through their one hour forty minute documentary film.

Monsanto and The US Government working together to destroy all life on the planet. You think maybe there is some evil at work here?

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Modern Corporations: Psychopaths Among Us

The modern corporation has achieved the status of "person". It is in legal terms, repeat, a person. Implicit that comes with that definition is all the protections, rights and privileges that persons enjoy.

It was not always this way. In fact at the start of this country corporations were to be avoided. At the start in order to obtain an "Incorporation" papers had to be filed specifically declaring the public good and purpose that would be obtained by granting said incorporation. Even then the permission was granted with severe restrictions upon them including function and operational life limitation. Here is some information about that.

My my how things have changed. Now corporations insist on being recognized as a "person". With all it implies that "person" can expect representation from our government for example. They want all the rights, freedoms and latitudes "Persons" enjoy. Yet they are not truly a person. In construct they are a "thing". Imagine your car, your house, your front lawn having the same rights, freedoms, protection and legal standing as you enjoy. That is what they have achieved legally in this country.

If they are a "person", and there are many of them now among us, what kind of persons are they?

So I submit for your consideration about them the clinical definition of a "psychopath".

Callous unconcern for the feelings of others.

Incapacity to maintain enduring relationships.

Reckless disregard for the safety of others.

Deceitfulness: repeated lying and conning others for profit.

Incapacity to experience guilt.

Failure to conform to social norms with respect to lawful behaviors.

Modern corporations: psychopaths among us I rest my case.


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FDA/USDA: Government Mandated Food Poisoning

The FDA/USDA. Think it's there to protect you? That's what they would like you to think. All their regulations and mandates are for YOUR PROTECTION Neo.

No Neo, it is not. It is, like most all of our government these days.. a lie. They are not there to protect you Neo. They are there to protect corporate interests, they are there to protect globalist oligarch agendas.

In the case of the FDA/USDA it is your food and water that is being compromised, poisoned even, under federal mandates and recomendations.

For your protection of course that is all the government wants to do is protect you Neo.

Here are a few links and articles to get you started on the truth about their agenda and what they are really doing. What's that biblical axiom? You can judge a tree by the fruit it produces... Here is just a small sample of fruit from the FDA/USDA tree.

Flourinated Public Water

Sodium Flouride placed in your public water as a dental health recommendation is a good start about the quality of their fruit. Sodium Flouride is an industrial waste compound. It has no, repeat, NO, dental benefits and in fact can harm your teeth. It also has been linked to a variety of health risks. It does have the big benefit however of making people who ingest it more docile, more manipulatable, more easily controlled. The Nazi's used it in their concentration camps for just this reason. As a side benefit it also knocks down your IQ potential, makes you dumber. It's in your water for your protection Neo. The government loves you and only wants to protect you, what is best for you is their primary concern! The Truth About 'Fluoride' (or what every Mother should know). If that isn't enough for you Google "charles perkins fluoride".


How sweet is this one? Aspartame is basically a pure chemical compound manufactured from three components... each one of them toxic and poisonous! Aspartame itself is an extreme health compromising substance. How then did this compound receive its government blessing as a food additive? Well.. this is government we are talking about isn't it? Things are done not for reasons of right and wrong, not for reasons of what is best for the public.. things are done as payoffs and favors. Rumsfeld gets to a position of high political authority and power. Using this position he basically forces the FDA to approve this toxin for the public as he has holdings and financial interest in the company that produces it. Yes, its poisonous and toxic, yes it was approved for public consumption because a major financial beneficiary of that decision held enough federal authority to power to force it through. And that in a nutshell is exactly why government should NOT be given power and authority. Aspartame - Rumsfeld's Bioweapon Legacy might be a good start about this fruit from our "they only want to protect us" government.

Fast food hamburger injected with Ammonia

Big Mac takes on a whole new meaning after learning about this USDA approval. Here is another example of fruit from the government tree that only wants to protect us. Buckling under corporate pressure and money the USDA allows the selling of floor sweepings from beef factories as long as they have been treated with ammonia to make them safe and sterile. This has nothing to do with serving corporate profits and interests Neo, this is all about your protection! Find out about what your fast food beef patties are really made of, what you are really eating no one is telling you. Window cleaning chemical injected into fast food hamburger meat

U.S. wants farmers to use coal waste on fields

There are many examples out there of government agencies established for the reason of protecting you have no interest in doing that. Here is just one more example of how insane government and political process can distort and even result in contradictory actions from their intended purpose. Coal waste which contains many heavy metal toxics are being pushed by our corporate controlled government as a good thing! Heavy metal toxins in your food soil.. only the government could come to such an insane conclusion. U.S. wants farmers to use coal waste on fields

And this does not even touch upon the Genetically modified food nightmare which the government refuses marketers of it to label it so. Clearly Neo they only want to protect us and have our best interest at heart. My government loves me I feel so safe!

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