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What a way to start the New Year! A militia take over of a federal building. Apparently they made some kind of resolution that enough is enough we should have said no to them a long long time ago??? Standing up at last???

Here is a take on it from Gary Franchi at Next News Network(N3). It includes some interviewing.

This is a wonderful example of how the Magic Matrix Mass Media Manipulation Machinery(MMMMMM) "Spins" the story and facts in such a way so that the only conclusion a rational person can come to is Militia bad and government good. Government right and innocent Militia wrong and guilty. It's all very objective??! Pay real close attention kiddies.. This is how they have been duping us all for years... about pretty much everything! Turn on your TV it will explain it all to you.

You can start by Googling "Bundy Militia". The first thing to notice in the Google search results is that the top returns, front page, nothing but, are ALL the big MMMMMM players. Oh wait.. Google itself is a bought and paid for big corporate player! What a coincidence. And you can safely bet they are ALL saying basically the same exact thing. They are ALL big corporate controlled entities ALL controlled by the same small group of corporate board players to ensure that you NEVER get the truth about what is really going on. Their job is to get you to believe what THEY want you to believe and you can believe it has very little to do with truth and reality. Usually complete and utter, shameless even, BS. Isn't that right 9/11??

If you want anything that resembles real reporting about what is going on you have to seek out NON-Corporate bought, sold, and controlled entities. Something to note about that.. You'll have trouble finding them and of course they won't have the same level of trustworthyness as CNN? ABC? NBC? CBS? FOX? NY Times? Rolling Stone? What they all say is absolutely gospel truth just because they told the lie...

Have fun.. Be real careful as there are many false "Freedom Patriot" sites out there specifically to stear you wrong.. dis-info.. muddy the water.. try not to get mangled too badly..

Personally something does not seem right about this to me. It's like they are trying to instigate bloodshed violence over questionable issues NOT of that kind of importance?? Seems to me this might be grounds for a good legal battle not gun play?? I don't know yet which way this will go with me only time will reveal more to me.


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The TPP: Corporations Writing Laws

That's right.. The TPP is an example of corporations writing international treaty law. And does it even need saying, they are without soul nor conscience, that these laws will be good for corporations and bad for nations, people and the environment? Well duh? This is a wonderful example of the problem of having corporations run and control governments. Does Corporatism or Fascism give you a warm fuzzy?

And that's right also.. You didn't think this was a problem with just "Your" government did you? Corporations own, run and control virtually ALL GOVERNMENTS EVERYWHERE!!! The TPP if nothing else will verify that for you.

For all of you whom hate to take a stand and get involved activist and/or political? Don't worry about any of this because the corporate controlled media will make sure you do not know about any of this! In fact corporate controlled media will explain if you have a problem with corporations burning down the entire planet and running your government that you are crazy!! Everyone wants to burn down the entire planet for short term corporate profits. Corporate government laws are a good thing!!! It's the right thing to do all the rational will be corporate controlled media spoon fed psyop to you. Just sit on the couch with your beer, turn on the TV, put on a bib and open your mouth wide.


Flush The TPP! is an action campaign to Stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). We invite you to join us. In order to stop the TPP we need to act quickly and in solidarity with people in other countries. This massive trade agreement is a high priority for transnational corporations, and they are working fast to make it law.

The TPP affects many issues, including worker’s rights and wages, environmental collapse and climate change, sovereignty of nations and democratic rule of law, Internet freedom and online creativity, food safety and agriculture, healthcare and financial regulation (including controls over the flow of capital), and much more. For a quick overview of some of the issues, click through the slides on our home page. While this website is focused on action to stop the TPP, if you want to learn more details about what it is, visit the websites to the right, or check out this list of articles.


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The Sugar Pine Mine Militia: Once Again The Government Needs Reminding About Rights And Due Process?

Things like we have "Rights" and are entitled to due process just keep getting overlooked by "Our" government. One could even make an argument "Our" government has real issues with "Rights" and due process. It just gets in the way of their stealing and criminality.

Once again the militia and Oath Keepers are called in to protect people from their "Own" government.

Where's the highest law enforcement official in the country.. The Sheriff? Didn't he take an oath to uphold the Constitution and protect the people in his county? Militia have to do what he will not? He needs to be recalled.

Militia is how it is meant for people to protect themselves from a government gone full blown tyrannical.. you know.. USA, USA, USA.. Wave flag?

And that is why the government wants to take our guns away.

Of course, I'm sure, corporate controlled mass media will present it all as fair and unbiased reporting. However the government will always be right and anyone who challenges them will always be wrong. Isn't that right Waco?

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Weaponized: It's All Around You

To "Weaponize", as you may all be aware, is the military obsession, fascination?, compulsion? ..with turning ordinary things, anything, into a military advantage. What serves the military's agenda best.

Here in what use to be America the entire country has become one big experiment and application of Weaponization. One could even argue that America herself has been "Weaponized" as virtually all the productive energy of the entire country is being channeled into our world infamous Military Industrial Complex death machinery. Indeed we even borrow what we don't have promising to pay it back to give to our world infamous Military Industrial Complex death machinery.

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The Business Roundtable: America Destruction Is Just Business

I have no idea, it is completely alien to my way of thinking, how a corporation, a "thing" implicit, somehow obtained person status. To carry this insanity (as in my lawn is a person) a step further the "person" is allowed to partake in the political process of governments. And therein lies some more insanity to my way of thinking.

Government is an organization established by the people, for the people and of the people. It is a mechanism so as people can do their pursuing of life, liberty and happiness. Establish a rule of law and provide an environment for the people to be people. Consider it this way... A government is supposed to respond to the needs and demands of the people, NOT, repeat NOT the demands of the lawns, or any other thing, they created!

So Tom, let me see if I understand this correctly, what your saying is if I call a corporation a person it is... foolish?

The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their rightful names.

- Thomas Jefferson

Oh! Ok.. thanks Tom.

And there we go allowing not wise into our structure. Corporations can achieve immense power and financial resources the average person has not a prayer of competing against an entire sizable corporation. Is it any wonder or surprise by allowing this "foolishness" that we now have a government that responds to the needs and requests of our lawns?

Foolishness begets foolishness?

Now that we have all that in perspective. Consider this: AAA, NRA, ACLU, BBB and the acronyms go on and on the organized collectives representing a demographic group of people's agendas is almost endless. As a collective they can bring more power and influence to the political table. What happens when these faux persons, AKA corporations, exerting undue influence over people governments get together and organize as a group like people would do? For the same reason that people do.. that is to advance and promote their agenda and needs.

As if one sizable corporation distorting influence over the people government isn't foolish enough let's combine their resources the sum total of the entire group could very well be able to project more power than the entire government, and underlying country, itself!

And exactly what is their agenda? Provide for the future of their children? Provide for the well being of their family? Protect themselves from any threats or enemies? All of this of course but here is the rub. People operate with hearts, feelings... blood flows in the veins. Corporations are soulless, heartless, cold there is no people thing about them. Their objective is enhancing spreadsheets and power-point presentations. Far to often they have demonstrated complete lack of conscience and morality. Should a person become ill this way, or even their collective group, the harm they do is minimal in the grand scheme of things. On the other hand these "person" entities more powerful than entire governments and countries should their hearts go black and become ill the damage they do could not only wipe out an entire country but in fact could wipe out an entire planet!

Pretty spooky isn't it? If this has your interest maybe you could pursue this "foolishness" upon us further by starting with The Business Roundtable and take it from there.

Find out who your government serves. Hey.. nothing personal, it's just business, not sorry the lights went out it made a wonderful PowerPoint presentation!

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