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The Sugar Pine Mine Militia: Once Again The Government Needs Reminding About Rights And Due Process?

Things like we have "Rights" and are entitled to due process just keep getting overlooked by "Our" government. One could even make an argument "Our" government has real issues with "Rights" and due process. It just gets in the way of their stealing and criminality.

Once again the militia and Oath Keepers are called in to protect people from their "Own" government.

Where's the highest law enforcement official in the country.. The Sheriff? Didn't he take an oath to uphold the Constitution and protect the people in his county? Militia have to do what he will not? He needs to be recalled.

Militia is how it is meant for people to protect themselves from a government gone full blown tyrannical.. you know.. USA, USA, USA.. Wave flag?

And that is why the government wants to take our guns away.

Of course, I'm sure, corporate controlled mass media will present it all as fair and unbiased reporting. However the government will always be right and anyone who challenges them will always be wrong. Isn't that right Waco?

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Weaponized: It's All Around You

To "Weaponize", as you may all be aware, is the military obsession, fascination?, compulsion? ..with turning ordinary things, anything, into a military advantage. What serves the military's agenda best.

Here in what use to be America the entire country has become one big experiment and application of Weaponization. One could even argue that America herself has been "Weaponized" as virtually all the productive energy of the entire country is being channeled into our world infamous Military Industrial Complex death machinery. Indeed we even borrow what we don't have promising to pay it back to give to our world infamous Military Industrial Complex death machinery.

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The Business Roundtable: America Destruction Is Just Business

I have no idea, it is completely alien to my way of thinking, how a corporation, a "thing" implicit, somehow obtained person status. To carry this insanity (as in my lawn is a person) a step further the "person" is allowed to partake in the political process of governments. And therein lies some more insanity to my way of thinking.

Government is an organization established by the people, for the people and of the people. It is a mechanism so as people can do their pursuing of life, liberty and happiness. Establish a rule of law and provide an environment for the people to be people. Consider it this way... A government is supposed to respond to the needs and demands of the people, NOT, repeat NOT the demands of the lawns, or any other thing, they created!

So Tom, let me see if I understand this correctly, what your saying is if I call a corporation a person it is... foolish?

The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their rightful names.

- Thomas Jefferson

Oh! Ok.. thanks Tom.

And there we go allowing not wise into our structure. Corporations can achieve immense power and financial resources the average person has not a prayer of competing against an entire sizable corporation. Is it any wonder or surprise by allowing this "foolishness" that we now have a government that responds to the needs and requests of our lawns?

Foolishness begets foolishness?

Now that we have all that in perspective. Consider this: AAA, NRA, ACLU, BBB and the acronyms go on and on the organized collectives representing a demographic group of people's agendas is almost endless. As a collective they can bring more power and influence to the political table. What happens when these faux persons, AKA corporations, exerting undue influence over people governments get together and organize as a group like people would do? For the same reason that people do.. that is to advance and promote their agenda and needs.

As if one sizable corporation distorting influence over the people government isn't foolish enough let's combine their resources the sum total of the entire group could very well be able to project more power than the entire government, and underlying country, itself!

And exactly what is their agenda? Provide for the future of their children? Provide for the well being of their family? Protect themselves from any threats or enemies? All of this of course but here is the rub. People operate with hearts, feelings... blood flows in the veins. Corporations are soulless, heartless, cold there is no people thing about them. Their objective is enhancing spreadsheets and power-point presentations. Far to often they have demonstrated complete lack of conscience and morality. Should a person become ill this way, or even their collective group, the harm they do is minimal in the grand scheme of things. On the other hand these "person" entities more powerful than entire governments and countries should their hearts go black and become ill the damage they do could not only wipe out an entire country but in fact could wipe out an entire planet!

Pretty spooky isn't it? If this has your interest maybe you could pursue this "foolishness" upon us further by starting with The Business Roundtable and take it from there.

Find out who your government serves. Hey.. nothing personal, it's just business, not sorry the lights went out it made a wonderful PowerPoint presentation!


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Shopocalypse: The Perversion of Christmas

Two millennium ago Hebrew prophesy was fulfilled, there came a foretold Messiah, Jesus. Born into the meek of the world, in a manger among animals and straw, was the son of God! Born to save us from our own failings of humanity and open the door to the kingdom of heaven for us all by dying on the cross for our collective sins. A new covenant.

Turn water into wine, walk on water, raise the dead, command the forces of nature, feed many with little, cure any whom were just able to touch his robe and the wisdom of God flowed from him in simple but extremely powerful words and parables. Two thousand years later he is the most known and read about personage in all of history you would have to be totally blind or in complete denial to not acknowledge that, you think, God's hand might have had something to do with those facts.

Nothing has happened before, nor after, Jesus and his acts anywhere in history by anyone. No one, ever, anywhere duplicated or even came close to what he did. No one.. ever..

More than two hundred years ago our nation was founded with strong underpinnings and based upon God. Acknowledging his existence and his directive for us America was created under his divine guidance. Where do you think you get your "rights" from? Certainly not Obama nor our government. These are God given rights outright acknowledged and placed into law that is America. And what God has given you, no one may take away. Inalienable is the term used in our Constitution for that truth.

In God we trust.. our creator. This image we all should be familiar with says it quite well. George Washington was tasked with the job of taking a handful of rag-tag colonists and going against the then super power of the planet, England. It would seem an impossible task, request, wouldn't it? George knew he was outnumbered, outgunned, out financed.. out classed. So he did something brilliant tactically.. He asked for God's help and guidance with this seemingly impossible task placed upon him and his feeble forces. The rest, as we all know, is history.

Our entire nation is a gift from God. Our original culture was intensely spiritually based and in many ways to this day that aspect of America still lingers. Consider our history and leading example of being generous and extending a helping hand to others in need here at home and around the world. Uniquely American in scope and duration.

But sadly there is also a dark side. In truth light can not exist without dark and vice versa. There are forces opposing God, tempting and derailing us from his light and path. Corrupting and perverting what is God's goodness and blessings available to all of us. And there is our challenge and task in life. We must decide which is real, which is right, what path we will follow, what authority we will acknowledge. We have a choice, it is ours to make.

For one to see an example of this perversion of God and the gift he has given us all look no further than our Christmas celebration and what it has become. Christmas.. the celebration of God's gift, the celebration of the birth of Jesus. Joy to the world, peace on earth, good will towards fellow man is now a season of consumer madness.

I don't feel loved unless someone buys me something expensive. The more expensive, the more "upscale" the store it came from, the more loved am I!

I am not happy or fulfilled unless I can buy some item I probably don't even need or has no value in the real of life.

People are trampled to death in their rush to be the first through the door and to the material goods for sale at their local Walmart.

A person is shot at a merchandise counter in a fight for some product. Worse.. the person on the floor bleeding from the mouth is begging the sales clerk to take their wallet from their pocket to secure the sale before they die.

Oniomania.. look it up it is a plague our society is suffering these days where is this perversion coming from we should all ask ourselves.

There is no greater gift you can give some one than something that is of you. Came from you, made by you.. you is the best gift you can give anyone. Not to be found in Walmart or any other retail temple.

I'll let Rev. Billy and his Church of Stop Shopping take it from here with Shopocalypse.


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The CIA: And You Wonder Why Terrorists Want To Blow Us Up?

The government, and our Pravda propaganda media machinery, told us terrorists want to blow us up because "They hate us for our freedoms!".

Eh? In case you haven't noticed we have few freedoms left. In case you haven't noticed our police, and military, beating on peaceful protesters and arresting them under false charges we are living in a police state. In case you haven't noticed our government has gone rogue cares less what the people need or want flagrantly shredding the Constitution oppression deluxe is upon us also known as Tyranny. In case you haven't noticed our government is torturing, killing and attacking civilians in any country they please violating all international laws.

Hmmm.. That last one may be a good reason they want to blow us up.

Getting back to what we were told was the reason they "Hate Us".. Thats just no true, plainly, its just another lie.

Want to know a good reason they "Hate Us" and would like to "Blow us up"? I give you as an excellent reason and prime motivator The CIA. Central Intelligence they are not, state sanctioned terrorism they are! They are the dirty deeds branch of our so moral government. We are good, they are bad!

Consider how The CIA was formed. You all remember Project Paperclip. Over one hundred Nazi war criminals, most of the worst among them, were brought into America, their records white washed, and placed into high government positions. The CIA comes from those Nazis in power and position seems we were lacking in an "SS" or "Gestapo". The CIA MK Ultra program to manipulate the masses using trauma is a gift from these imported Nazis.

The CIA, Rotten from the start.

Now consider their illustrious history of achievements. Here is A Timeline of CIA Atrocities. You know. Overthrow democratically elected governments, sabotage, covert operations, Assassinations, installing brutal military dictatorships, drug running, false flag attacks framing the innocent, infiltrating organizations to derail and discredit and more. What a pleasant organization. And this is only the stuff on the books. Much of what they do is "off the record".

You do know Al-Qaeda is a CIA creation? Osama Bin Laden is actually the CIA agent Tim Osman (Ossman)? You can probably thank the CIA for 9/11 also.

You think there might be one or two good reasons in their history why others now want to blow us up? Thank you CIA for destroying the government we wanted and giving us this brutal dictator that raped and killed my family plus millions of others!

Here is one last thing to consider. No one in government controls The CIA. They are a private independent organization. It is a state sponsored criminal organization the law means nothing to them.


Here are a couple of videos about the CIA from people you should know and trust. First Jesse:

Then the good doctor weighing in on The CIA:

The CIA: Worlds largest terrorist organization.

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