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All Hail Our New Dictator. Freaking Out Judges, Amnesty International and Syrian Refugees With just one Decree!

And that is exactly the reason why dictators are not a good thing for America. Because the dictator changes every 4 to 8 years. Therefore all the rules change every 4 to 8 years. At least in places like Cuba the dictator never changed therefore the rules never changed!!

And excuse me? How did this dictator decree crap ever get started? The Constitution is very specific about that. ONLY CONGRESS can make law. Not the Senate.. not the Supreme Court and especially NOT THE PRESIDENT!! I don't recall any Constitutional Amendments about that? None listed. Yet we now have a dictatorship. And the dictator, "our president", can just make whatever laws they want.

This just in from Amnesty International:

Our top priority: Stop the bigoted ban for good

Dear Trebor,

Last night a federal judge ruled to temporarily block President Trump’s Muslim ban. However, this decision is short-term relief. Congress must step in to block this unlawful ban for good.

We are in the fight of our lives.

President Trump’s bigoted executive order banning Syrian refugees and immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries mocks the bedrock values of equality, fairness and inclusion that we hold as Americans and as human rights champions.

We must stop this ban. There is no losing this fight — or the consequences for our country and our world will be dire.

Make an urgent donation to support Amnesty’s all-out fight against the ban.

We have focused our entire staff’s efforts on mobilizing all of our members and activists on this critical campaign. Your donation will support our strategy and tactics to defeat Trump’s disastrous order.

Our primary goal is to get Congress to intervene and block the ban. We have allies, but we must keep up the pressure.

Our targets are Republican Senators from six states who will most likely sway the results: John McCain and Jeff Flake in Arizona, Ron Johnson in Wisconsin, Ben Sasse in Nebraska, Lindsey Graham in South Carolina and Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania.

Your donation will support our staff working directly with these Senators and their staff and our efforts mobilizing grassroots advocacy pressure from constituents in their states.

We are also focused on showing that public opinion is against the ban.

We are holding visible protests in DC, New York and other key target locations over the next week and we are researching cases of individuals whose lives have been torn apart or otherwise impacted by this ban so we can show the real consequences of hateful policies.

Your donation will support these key pressure points — all that lead back to Congress and the need for Senators to intervene.

You know this ban is anti-American. Families have been torn apart. Children as young as five have been detained for hours on end. Refugees — who had sold all their possession days before departing for the U.S. — have nothing to their name.

Stand on the right side of history with us. Donate and be part of the resistance.


Margaret Huang
Executive Director, Amnesty International USA

Great.. we have a bigoted dictator this time around. All hail! You know what is really sad to me about this? We created the Syrian refugee crisis disaster to begin with by destroying their country for corporations and banker megalomaniac imperialism. And now that biblical lives have been devastated by us and are in refugee status don't look to us for help!!!

I'm telling ya.. it just gets weirder and weirder.. This time around we gave a game show host dictatorship of America.


Apparently this dictator thing, well duh?, freaks Dave out also. Go figure.

My Pen Is My Sword To [Divide And] Rule - David Icke Dot Connector


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A New President And Another Change Of The Constitutional Guardians

The Democrats lost the White House it is now Republican. What ever that means as they both lick the same NOT THE PEOPLE boots. So now the Republicans will completely trash the Constitution for the next four years and the Democrats will become staunch Constitutional protectors citing the Republican violations of said Constitution. Why not? When the Democrats were trashing the Constitution in the White House the Republicans had to defend it during that time pointing out the many Democrat violations of said Constitution.

Honestly.. I don't get it. Why do they have to take an oath of office to uphold, protect and defend the Constitution yet do NOT have to uphold, protect and defend the Constitution once they are in office?

Inspired by a TAC newsletter:

Here we go again...

In the early days of TAC, I was a little surprised to see some people on the left using the same kind of Constitutional arguments that we do to oppose things like the "Patriot" Act, Real ID, and No Child Left Behind, but it quickly cleared up for me when they stopped doing it as soon as Bush was out and Obama was in power.

Now that the tables are turned again, I'm seeing prominent liberals citing the 10th Amendment once again. We certainly welcome discussions that focus on the Constitution, but it's also important for us to know what we're dealing with in the long run.

Here's how I put it in a new article today:

"That’s how these establishment people treat the Constitution. They use it when they need to and throw it away when they’re done. Just like toilet paper."

One guy in particular has been really awful and I called him out for it.

I thought you might enjoy reading this:

The Founders were quite concerned about this kind of situation. Many referred to it as the power of “factions." George Washington, for example, said it would lead to the "ruins of public liberty."

I included more of his quote in the article, along with others from James Madison and John Adams. I hope you'll enjoy reading it and consider sharing it widely on all your networks.


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I'm In Solidarity With The Nations And People Of Standing Rock

In the summer of 2016, a group of young activists from Standing Rock ran from North Dakota to Washington, D.C., to present a petition in protest of the construction of Energy Transfer Partners' Dakota Access Pipeline, which is part of the Bakken pipeline, and have launched an international campaign called ReZpect our Water.[1] The pipeline, which goes from North Dakota to Illinois, the activists argue, would jeopardize the water source of the reservation, the Missouri River.[2][3] The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe has filed an injunction against the US Army Corps of Engineers to stop building the pipeline.[4][5] In April 2016, three federal agencies—U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Department of Interior, and Advisory Council on Historic Preservation—requested full Environmental Impact Statement of the pipeline.[6] In August 2016 protests were held, halting a portion of the pipeline near Cannon Ball, North Dakota.

- ReZpect our Water Wikipedia

Many Indian nations have united together in Solidarity with The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. Indeed many people from all over the planet have joined in solidarity with them also including me.

Why me?

  • Something must be wrong, flawed and/or corrupt with the entire planning, vetting and approval process for this pipeline for it to be receiving such strong opposition to its construction now. It needs to be halted and the entire project reviewed.
  • Excuse me but.. Don't we have a major global warming problem upon us all? Shouldn't we be retiring and moving away from fossil fuels NOT increasing them?
  • A full Environmental Impact Study has been called for concerning this project. Why wasn't it called for BEFORE the project was approved?? I'll make it real simple for those compiling and filing that report. The pipeline is spec'd to transport approximately 470,000 barrels per day with a capacity as high as 570,000 barrels per day or more. All of it, every single drop, will end up in the environment in one form or another. Some during transport to refining, some during refining, some during transport to market and most during market consumption. Do we really need an additional 0.5 million barrels of oil dumped into the environment every day? Environmental Impact: 0.5 million barrels PER DAY into the environment.
  • SUP with the army corps of engineers building oil company pipelines??? Are the oil companies paying them or is the public paying them?
  • And finally the oil company pipeline construction project managers have used uncalled for, unacceptable and just plain wrong violence upon the peaceful Standing Rock Tribe protesters by bulldozing sacred and historic tribal sites, with prejudice, and turning attack dogs loose on them children and pregnant women injured.

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is up against a corporate/government beast that cares nothing for people nor nations nor even Mother Earth herself. The Sioux Tribe needs all the help they can get.

10 Ways You Can Help the Standing Rock Sioux Fight the Dakota Access Pipeline


Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

ReZpect Our Water

Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline Petition

Indian Country Today Media Network

The Dakota Access Pipeline Project


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When You Have Dirt On The Clintons You Want To Be Anonymous!

The Internet "Anonymous Official" group has weighed in on the Clinton career of criminality, corruption and lies. I've said it before and I'll say it again I'm not totally down with nor completely comfortable with this "Anonymous" thing. I generally like to consider the source when information is being presented to me. Those who hide things generally do because it is probably not a good thing something is wrong about it?

That being said.. However.. when it comes to exposing the Clinton's career long criminality, corruption, lies or any other damaging dirt to them I can TOTALLY understand wanting to be Anonymous about that!!! Understand the Clinton's have a long list of highly suspicious and very convenient timing trail of bodies, people, that suddenly died when they could hurt the Clintons.

Google "Clinton Murders" for more info about that. Pay special attention to sites like Snopes and the like how they pooh pooh it. You sort it out the ones trying to get the info out from the ones that can be bought and sold protecting the criminals and hiding the truth... like Snopes. It's just some urban legend or some kind of crazy, yes, conspiracy theory. Not real at all. Tell that to all the people that died conveniently before they could move against the Clinton's. A lot of them!!! Do we see a major pattern here?

My personal favorite? The two boys that happen to notice the Clinton Arkansas state sanctioned and protected cocaine drug running operation. They were curious what was being dropped out of planes in the middle of no where in the middle of the night lights out so went to see for themselves. Bad move. They were both murdered after their discovery. The boys were kind and thoughtful enough however to throw their bodies upon a train track after they were dead so that the Clinton controlled state coroner could rule cause of death an accident. They fell asleep on the train tracks and got run over by a train. It's a Clinton "Official". Most people all of a sudden become suicidal when they threaten the Clintons. Just a long long string of death coincidences can't prove a thing. Even if you could you'd probably die next.

Here is Anonymous weighing in on Hillary. So much easy source material to work with!

Read more »


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The US School That Trains Dictators & Death Squads

I found this over at Abby Martin's Media Roots. I feel it is worthy of echoing and plugging.

BTW? Big time major and severe extremely BRUTAL dictators..

The US School That Trains Dictators & Death Squads

Dubbed ‘The School of Dictators’ by human rights activists, the US Army School of the Americas, now known as the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, has produced some of the world’s most notorious torturers, drug traffickers and war criminals. The spectre of their crimes still haunts much of Latin America—from Argentina to El Salvador.


That's right.. this is information you will NEVER see reported on your alphabet corporate controlled news networks. The whole reason for taking control of the news networks is to make sure you NEVER know about this. Matrix??

If you get all your information from government education and/or corporate controlled news media? Then you are woefully and by intentional design ignorant and clueless. It is not what most people think, have been told, it is.

Abby has done some good stuff in the investigative journalism field. With considerable style and passion I might add. A respectable history she has. Pick your news reporters well. That's what she has done.. her history. What have you done? Your history?

Ya know? ...there are lives in the balance. There are people under fire. There are children at the cannons. And there is blood on the wire.


IMF whistleblower John Perkins, Confessions of an Economic Hitman - NwoMafiaCrimes

BRUCE COCKBURN - If I Had A Rocket Launcher

At least I have to try?!

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