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The Many Faces Of Government False Flag Terrorism

Here is a "60 minutes" type comprehensive examination of state sponsored false flag terrorism by Max Igan over at the Crow House. Max does a pretty good job of examining all kinds and variations of the standard operating procedure government MO of false flag terrorisms. There would be the obvious like 9/11 and the Reichstag Fire to start wars. But there is also your Pearl Harbor types in which a situation was created provoking another into violence and then standing back and allowing said violence to happen. I'm shocked I tell you!

But it takes many forms it really is a standard operating procedure government MO. A peaceful protest is infiltrated with agent provocateurs to specifically and intentionally commit violence enabling police/military response the protestors are violent!! Of course the ones that committed the violence are masked and rarely end up arrested nor doing jail time. But the peaceful protestors are and will.

A Brief History of Government False Flag Terrorism

"False Flag" terrorism is basically deceptive violence misleading the public. Under that umbrella I would suggest mass media and corporate controlled news could also be labeled as "False Flag" terrorism.

Rule by deception and fear. Demand that those whom are attacking you must do something to protect you! Everyone go barking up the wrong tree and how many millions over there died for something they did NOT do over here?


The Crow House


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It's Not Your Grandparents Produce

How do I love thee? Yet another way government love and protection for corporations can be counted. Yes good for them and bad for you.

I don't know maybe I'm way off on this one. You see normally government protection of corporations regarding food allows corporations to taint the food because the government says it is safe and ok. Just a little tainting not a lot. So you will find all kinds of xenobiotics in your food products. If it doesn't kill you instantly nor give you diarrhea it is safe according to our protective government. If it will only kill a small percentage of the population then it has protective government approval to use. Certainly our grandparents did not have to deal with these problems as often as we all do today.

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It's Super Bowl Sunday!!

I never got the sports thing. Keeping track of teams, players, stats and the likes. Being the dominant subject of conversation with others in my life. It just was never any interest at all to me.

Why are they fighting each other? Both teams could easily score over 300 touchdowns EACH if they helped each other! And no one would probably get hurt.

Q: Do you know how many people showed up at the Super Bowl this year?
A: Do you know how many people showed up at Woodstock last year?

Things like this did not, repeat NOT, enhance my social butterfly skills. And you know all those war movies where someone is challenged trying to cross the line with a sports question? If they were American they would know the answer to this football question? I'd be a dead man in that situation.

Q: Who's your favorite sports idol?
A: I don't know what sports he played but my idol is Leonardo Da Vinci!

NNNNNGH! Wrong answer... KA-POW-EEE! And just the other day I remember I saw who was playing in this years Super Bowl. But right now I can not even tell you it just didn't stick. Almost like its an aversion to me.

But hey America.. have a good time today. Getting together with family and friends is always a good thing.


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MatrixUSA is Google Chrome 'Insecure'

MatrixUSA is basically a read only site. It uses cookies as a bookmark for visitors. Remember the page you were on when you left. That's it. No credit card info, personal data nor any other sensitive information is solicited from site visitors.

There is no reason to take on the expense of having a secure socket layer(HTTPS). And as a person on a fixed income paying for MatrixUSA out of my own pocket such considerations are important. I don't like being told I have to do something that I do NOT need to NOR want to do.

Personally I believe Google Chrome is spy ware keeping track of everything you do and reporting it back to CIA/NSA data bases. Just like Google itself. So is that an Oxymoron? Google Chrome claims a site is insecure yet everything you do in Google Chrome is insecure! I think it deserves noting that the Google Chrome browser itself is deciding what will happen the user has no say in the matter. No option that can be set. No choice at all about it. I'm sure, no doubt, for your protection of course.

Maybe I'll leave MatrixUSA Google Chrome 'Insecure'. That way I am protecting all the Google Chrome users from Google Chrome itself. Understand if Google Chrome will not let them visit MatrixUSA then Google Chrome can not report to the CIA/NSA that they visited a site hostile to the government and the corporate fascist empire it has become.

Lose Google Chrome.


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Putin Himself On Russia Corrupting USA Elections

This is real good. Putin slaps down Megyn Kelly over the election tampering accusation she puts to him.

Putin Informs Hacking Expert Megyn Kelly That She Has No Idea What She's Talking About

Another video this time Putin is calling out CNN Fareed Zakaria about it.

Putin crushes CNN smartass Fareed Zakaria on Donald Trump and US elections

I saw another video of Putin on our elections in which he basically acknowledged that it doesn't matter who becomes president here in America as the policies NEVER change. You know he's right about that. If that is what he believes then why bother coverting in a Red or Blue when the result will be the same whomever is in office?

But of course you probably already saw all this on the MSM "Real News."

Maybe we should turn off the corporate controlled government TV when it comes to them telling us who our friends and enemies are. This is the internet information age most likely you can let these people speak for themselves. Maybe there is not as many enemies out there that the corporate controlled USA Inc out of control military/industrial complex TV would have us believe.


This is the Megyn Kelly clip from above with additional content.


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