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It's Super Bowl Sunday!!

I never got the sports thing. Keeping track of teams, players, stats and the likes. Being the dominant subject of conversation with others in my life. It just was never any interest at all to me.

Why are they fighting each other? Both teams could easily score over 300 touchdowns EACH if they helped each other! And no one would probably get hurt.

Q: Do you know how many people showed up at the Super Bowl this year?
A: Do you know how many people showed up at Woodstock last year?

Things like this did not, repeat NOT, enhance my social butterfly skills. And you know all those war movies where someone is challenged trying to cross the line with a sports question? If they were American they would know the answer to this football question? I'd be a dead man in that situation.

Q: Who's your favorite sports idol?
A: I don't know what sports he played but my idol is Leonardo Da Vinci!

NNNNNGH! Wrong answer... KA-POW-EEE! And just the other day I remember I saw who was playing in this years Super Bowl. But right now I can not even tell you it just didn't stick. Almost like its an aversion to me.

But hey America.. have a good time today. Getting together with family and friends is always a good thing.

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