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MatrixUSA is Google Chrome 'Insecure'

MatrixUSA is basically a read only site. It uses cookies as a bookmark for visitors. Remember the page you were on when you left. That's it. No credit card info, personal data nor any other sensitive information is solicited from site visitors.

There is no reason to take on the expense of having a secure socket layer(HTTPS). And as a person on a fixed income paying for MatrixUSA out of my own pocket such considerations are important. I don't like being told I have to do something that I do NOT need to NOR want to do.

Personally I believe Google Chrome is spy ware keeping track of everything you do and reporting it back to CIA/NSA data bases. Just like Google itself. So is that an Oxymoron? Google Chrome claims a site is insecure yet everything you do in Google Chrome is insecure! I think it deserves noting that the Google Chrome browser itself is deciding what will happen the user has no say in the matter. No option that can be set. No choice at all about it. I'm sure, no doubt, for your protection of course.

Maybe I'll leave MatrixUSA Google Chrome 'Insecure'. That way I am protecting all the Google Chrome users from Google Chrome itself. Understand if Google Chrome will not let them visit MatrixUSA then Google Chrome can not report to the CIA/NSA that they visited a site hostile to the government and the corporate fascist empire it has become.

Lose Google Chrome.


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Artist: Pink Floyd: Us And Them

It seems to me us humans can be two completely different animals. I don't get it. Being a country boy and growing up close to nature it didn't seem to be that way with other animals unless they were sick. If you saw one racoon, sparrow, hawk, deer, pigeon, salmon, canine, cat or bear you've seen them all! That is not so with us humans.

Most all of us, I think and if you ask me, got that life is important thing going on. You know? Things like compassion, love, caring, family, community, wanting to help others especially in distress, preserve and protect the natural environment well duh?

But there are others that don't get nor have that at all. Dead inside? No conscience, heart nor soul. I just caused millions to die or be in agony so what's your point? Why are you bothering me with this petty crap?? They're like lizard's or something other than human. Money, power and control are all important. Much more than anything else like air to breathe and water to drink. They don't even come close in value and importance to my Rolex and greedy megalomania!??

And now corporations, dead things extraordinaire, are "persons" also. OMG not more of them!! Great yet another plague upon the planet and life itself that is doing its best to kill us all for a quarterly profit statement? WTF is a quarterly profit statement? Isn't that just a piece of paper? And whats the point if we're all dead because there is no air nor water?

How did dead people and persons get in control over the living? They'll kill us all and make everything dead! Simply for profit, power and control. I don't know but off hand it seems a bit crazy to me. They need to be in institutions and/or locked up not running the show concerning life! They are clueless about life!!! But what do I know here in the world of the living?

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