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Blog Updated: Ron Paul: What Others are Saying...

The Ron Paul: What Others are Saying And More Important NOT Saying blog has been updated to include several additional related videos. Updated material presented here:

[UPDATE 9/26/2011]

Celebrity Ron Paul Supporters Speak Out !


Bill Maher LOVES Libertarian Republican Ron Paul

Finally! A candidate who fiscally responsible Democrats AND Republicans can support.

Ron Paul's Endorsements

What are people saying about Ron Paul?



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MatrixUSA Updated: Docs Page

MatrixUSA has been updated. In honor of the 9/11 ten year anniversary the long overdue addition of 911 Loose Change has been added to the MatrixUSA Docs Page.

Let us not forget.


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FEMA/Military Prepping For Major Terrorist Event... Hello?

The fact that FEMA and the military are prepping for major disruption of society in America is not new at all... in fact they have both been doing it for years. Research FEMA Camps and NorthCom Operations to get a start on some historical what they've both quietly been up to. FEMA has built and now has operational hundreds of concentration camps capable of detaining Americans by the TENS OF MILLIONS! The military has been practicing right here in your backyard to move against you, America, right along side foreign troops.

Did MSM news fail to mention any of this to you in between their reports about Paris and Charlie BS gossip dirt? Oh.. by the way... "your" military is being trained, along with foreign troops, to round you all up and then lock you all up in the FEMA operational gulags. Clearly not even close to the importance of dirt gossip about Paris and Charlie. Why would that be reported to you?

It's all a matter of proper priorities.. No?

There is some new news about FEMA/Military activity. Their direction and purpose defined historical is clear and unchanged. What is "New" is their focusing on the final and ultimate objective. They are very close to throwing the switch.. doing it!

All for your protection Neo they just love you so much. Nothing is more important to them than your protection as they themselves are the attackers upon you...

Imagine, if you will, being stuck on a bus full of people headed at high speed into a brick wall. Freaking out stop the bus! The problem is most everyone else on the bus thinks the "driver" is their friend and protector. In fact.. thats their job to have you think that when in fact their true job is to insure you hit the wall at high speed.

Let me clarify... FEMA/Military prepping is because they love and want to protect you! It's not really like their job is to hit that wall is it?


This crap is just so spooky you can't make it up.

Time trip back to Nazi Germany. In particular they are building concentration camps and military prepping to move against the people. Seig Heil! Sieg Heil! (or should I say USA! USA!?) Wave a flag Hitler loves and wants to protect me. Please, please build more concentration camps and prep the military better for operation against me all for "My" protection!

I'm just so loved and protected! Where can I take a shower and clean up?

OMG! Stop the bus! WTF is wrong with him?

Ok... whew.. got that out. Here is the new FEMA/Military news that inspired this breakdown of expression. The "Hello?" if you will.

FEMA has ordered 420 million survival meals.

Let me emphasize ... 420 MILLION! Reason for it being a major event causing that kind of need.

Military "Solid Curtain". I am just so loved and protected the military is prepping to move into my community for my protection after my entire world has been blown up.. by them.

Honestly... the driver loves us.

Historically.. this is time to freak out shit.

I refer to 9/11 America. On that day "our" military has "training" exercises in operation modeling the scenario... get this.. what a coincidence.. planes being hijacked and flown into buildings.

Freak coincidence?

England... the terrorist bombings. On that same day, in the exact same event locations, emergency responders practice operations of an event scenario exactly the same as what happened. As they were practicing for such an event.

Freak coincidence?

No.. MO! Repeat, let history teach us something.. MO! Now we have prepping for a major terrorist event by FEMA and the Military?

MO! MO herd control say Moo!


Stop the bus!

WTF is wrong with him?

The driver... Why is he headed into that wall at high speed foot down on the pedal?

Because he loves us.. wants to protect us!

Let me off this bus!!!



Camp FEMA: American Lockdown


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Blog Updated: Artist: J. Geils Band: Monkey Island

A blog has been updated: Artist: J. Geils Band: Monkey Island

A video, a beautiful image of Monkey Island and a related link have been added to the post.

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