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CPAC 2011: The Empire Strikes Back?


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CPAC 2011: The Empire Strikes Back?

CPAC(Conservative Political Action Conference) held it's annual meeting in Washington DC February 10-12. CPAC is the "Conservative" event of the year. Many of the would be, wanna be, movers and shakers in the "Conservative" arena come out for this event. Some truly "conservative". Alas, some just wishing you think they are "Conservative".

We have upon us a monster that works covertly. Co-op, compromise, divide and conquer we now have moles are the operative mechanisms here. Lies and deception are their forte! That's what they do, that is what they have always done. Just some more of the same ole same ole herd control.

Or is it flock?

Last year the R3volution/Tea Party activism had significant effect upon CPAC 2010. Is there an actual movement, groundswell or otherwise prairie fire going on? Indeed there is. Therefore that becomes target for Co-op, compromise, divide and conquer we now have moles are the operative mechanisms here.

CPAC 2011 brought out the big hitters, the who's who of our elite criminal class, for this event.

Rumsfeld gets the "Defender of the Constitution Award"?!?! How weird is that? Just exactly where did that come from? What kind of money was spent or back room dealing brought this abomination of reality about? No matter how absurd or outlandish they have no problem making the claim. What's even more frightening is they do this as it is effective.. there are many out there that will believe this to be true?

What am I missing here could someone please explain to me the reasoning behind this award?

You want to know something Rumsfeld should be honored for? Try this.. Aspartame. You know, the poison many at the FDA resigned over this political fiasco to get it approved for consumption?

How Aspartame Became Legal - The Timeline

Dick Cheney also makes an appearance at CPAC 2011?! Why not? Just more insanity Cheney has a knack for being everywhere he should NOT be! You know.. like involved in the stand down of NORAD on 9/11? By any measure as I am able to learn this man is a truly sick pup and a homicidal maniac. Nuking major population centers would give him personal satisfaction.

The attendees of CPAC 2011 were witness to a rare and unusual occurrence from Dick 'you can tell he is lying when is lips are moving' Cheney. He actually uttered words of truth at CPAC 2011 when he basically, in so many words I admit I'm summarizing here, told everyone to "sit down an shut the f#^k up!". Wow.. true and sincere from "Dick"! I have to write mom about this. What is just as amazing and UNBELIEVABLE is the standing ovation upon his entrance!?

USA! USA! USA! To the man who insured NORAD failed on 9/11....

I'm thinking this is either the Twilight Zone or a "padded" crowd has been put in place for this photo op event. I've yet to come to a decision about this they are both very real possibilities.

Apparently someone was slick enough to get by the must be "screeners" at the door and accosted Cheney for his "War Criminal Acts". To Cheney.. of course sick pup that he is.. this is obvious compliment to him.

Here for your consideration is this event:

CPAC 2011 was just loaded with what I can refer to in no other term than "Spectacles". Even Donald Trump made an appearance and speech. Donald Trump? CPAC 2011? He does have a long and non-existant history of political moves just like this.


He did take a shot at trashing Ron Paul. Personally I think by that move he trashed himself. But that is what it is CPAC 2011 seems to be all about "trash".

Here is a link to the top rated #1 Google listing about CPAC 2011. Conservative.org Take special note and attention to all the "icons" of "Conservative" they present on their home page. All of them extremely questionable. Not one of Ron Paul caliber can be found in that group. A listing of "moles" if you ask me. Take the Conservative.org site a little deeper into the CPAC 2011 video page and you get another listing of "moles". What is conspicuously missing in their video list is Ron Paul's appearance at CPAC. You remember Ron? You heard all about how crazy he is on MSM.

He won the CPAC 2010 AND CPAC 2011 presidential straw poll. Yet no video link for Ron's appearance at CPAC?


This is apparently some new and completely unfamiliar definition of "Conservative" to me that is coming out of CPAC 2011.

Or maybe this is what they do... Co-op, compromise, divide and conquer we now have moles are the operative mechanisms here.

The empire is striking back?

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