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Obama-Nation: Yet Another War: Libya, Pot Calling The Kettle Black

Well... here we go again! "Our", and I use this ownership adjective very loosely here, military is now being sent into "Yet Another" country. Coincidentally, not, middle eastern... Libya. As always, of course, does this even need saying anymore, it is to protect "the people" from "evil" governments. Not like right here in America. Our government isn't evil the people are protected, right?

Just so many quotes here this is really getting boring.

Here is our usurping president, liar in chief, making an official announcement. Clarifying for all the sheep out there what insane, this makes no sense at all, reasoning that we should all wave our flags to. "Yet again" detailing for us all, trust me would I ever lie to you, who the bad guys are. We are just so wonderful bombing, killing and otherwise mayhem hell released "yet again"... to protect!

Violence to stop violence... There is nothing that can not be solved with the proper application of explosives. 1984... War is Peace! Let's kill "yet another" whole bunch of innocent people.. but of course.. to spread the message of good!

Here is Obama-Nation himself doing what his puppet masters order of him... Make sure you have your flag in hand to wave as you view this insanity. USA.. USA.. USA!

President Obama delivers speech on Military Action against Libya

He is the man that can not only pull off what Hitler pulled off but make Hitler look like a chump! After he speaks people will be shooting themselves in the head wanting to do the "right thing". Hitler was a loser.. watch his act!

From his selling of Oligarch agenda, I mean speech, above in chronological order till I can't handle any more...

"the situation in Libya.."

Did we slip here? Forget to mention the operative, takes on a whole new meaning, adjective "manufactured"?

Relevant documentary: TerrorStorm

..watched events unfold in Libya with Hope and ... alarm? Watched?? Refer to "Situation" above". At least we have the there is, always, hope. Hope is good a magic word. Exactly what that means you define in your own head. I'll bet it's warm and fuzzy.

...last month protesters took to the streets to demand their "Universal" rights.. Universal? Is that the same as God given inalienable? No... I didn't say inalienable, Universal is NOT inaleinable. Universal sounds good but make no mistake "Universal" is not God given no one can take them away... I demand my "universal", government decides, rights!

...and a government that is accountable to them and their aspirations. Just like right here in the good old USA right? We don't want Obamacare, FU, you got it. We don't want to bail out criminal wall street.. FU, pay for it. We want charges for all the war crimes and treason! FU! We don't want out of control spending.. FU.. I have corrupt pork to pay back. We want balanced budget! FU! You mean that kind of accountable to the people we have right here Obama?

...but they were met with an iron fist, That's rich you have got real nerve saying that. Iron fist is America today. Didn't you know? Watching too much prime time are you? Try RNC, G20 Philadelphia, Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, and even post Katrina New Orleans. Torture, rendition, Obama can assassinate whomever his whim desires. Homeland security identifying and targeting real patriotic Americans as enemy combatant terrorists? No iron fist here.

..independence from brutal regime.. refer to "Iron Fist" above.

...forces of change! A magic word! Warm and fuzzy again. And, as always, exactly what change is that?

..instead of respecting the rights.. ..chose to pass brutal suppression of his people.. refer to "Universal" and "Iron Fist" above.

...innocent civilians were beaten, imprisoned and in some cases killed. Not like here in the USA where peaceful protesters are brutalized by police/military. We torture, rendition and yes.. ..right Obama?

Thats it for me. Just how much shit are you willing to eat? Obama thinks he can make Hitler look like a chump. He can spoon feed you and have you eating whatever shit they want to feed you.

Gak! Give me a break. You have got to be kidding? This is, to me, the pot calling the kettle black! Lets go attack Libya because he is doing to his people what we do to our people right here in the USA.

Did you miss the memo? Too much Pravda prime time? Too much Sodium Fluoride? Too much indoctrination and conditioning? WTF? Just exactly how much in your face does this have to be before you realize it is in your face?

Why not.. let's blow up Libya also. Kill a bunch of innocent people that were no threat to us this is a good thing we are doing them a favor! Who's next?

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[UPDATE 03/24/2011]
This has been added as it is directly relevant. Gary at Reality Report.

The Hypocrisy of Regime Change

And let me throw in this video also since I'm here expanding.. relevance.. If no other you have to watch this one.



Just exactly how much in your face does this have to be before you realize it is in your face? Are we having fun yet? Does the fun begin when they kick in your door for hope, change and, of course, your protection?


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Tea Party Reauthorized Patriot Act?

Recently H.R. 514: FISA Sunsets Extension Act of 2011 (The Patriot Act) was "reauthorized". Why they call it the "Patriot" Act is beyond me as it is anything but "Patriotic". Unless, of course, you consider shredding the Constitution, destroying the rule of law and giving the government vast unchecked powers "Patriotic".

Isn't that right Obama?

To get a feel for the bad about the Patriot Act try Googling these search terms for a start:

the patriot act unconstitutional

the patriot act police state

And here is just one example of the Patriot Act being applied by the government. Hint: It has nothing to do with "catching terrorists" and everything to do with finding and targeting, get this you're gonna love it......REAL PATRIOTS! You love America then you are an enemy of the state!

Isn't that right Obama?

ALERT: Patriot Raided by SWAT Under Patriot Act

Does the name Hitler or Nazi Germany ring any bells here?

Ok.. now that we clarified how "good" it was to reauthorize this abomination to our entire Republic we can move on to the actual point of this expression. That is, specifically, upon examination of the congressional voting record reauthorizing this abomination it is revealed that 77.5% of the Tea Party backed candidates that got into congress voted to pass this abomination to the rule of law.

This is a wonderful example of what we are up against, what is upon us and what we have to deal with.

One thing it clearly demonstrates is the amount of "deception" by candidates in the electoral process. They said they were this and that, you voted for this and that... NNNNGH! Not really fooled you again! They are very very good at this. Have no doubt they receive full support and coverage from the Pravda media placing these deceptions into you. They talk a good talk. There maybe even be some good walking here or there for effect. But when it comes to the "fruit of the tree" thing, what they do... NNNNGH! Not really fooled you again! They've been killing us with this one.

Isn't that right Obama?

Look the list over you might be surprised who voted against you and your country reauthorizing The Patriot Act. Michele Bachman was a big surprise to me. Liberty lunches with Ron, speaking at the big DC rallies, sure looked good... NNNNGH! You lost me on this one Michele.

Jesse Ventura: Sarah Palin & Michele Bachmann Are Puppets!

Another thing upon us that is brought out by Tea Party candidates reauthorizing the Patriot Act is the psyop stuff they are pulling on us. This may be harder to see, or even believe, from some out there. Destroy spirits, beliefs, morality, trust, movements. Spread confusion in spirits, beliefs, morality, trust, movements. Co-op spirits, beliefs, morality, trust, movements. De-base spirits, beliefs, morality, trust, movements. Psyop...

The Tea Party in not what you thought it was.

The Tea Party is not a good thing.

The Tea Party is a joke.

The Tea Party is a mistake you don't want to be associated with.

The Tea Party does not represent you!

Maybe this will help you understand this better:

Michele Bachman didn't betray you, the Tea Party betrayed you! Michele betrayed yet Michele is not presented as betrayer. Tea Party didn't betray yet Tea Party is presented as the betrayer.

Where did that bad taste in my mouth about Tea Party come from?

No! The Tea Party is definitely not for criminality. Patriot Act IS criminality. The Tea Party loves America, the Patriot Act wants to destroy America. The Tea Party has had it DC follow the rules! The Patriot Act throws the rules out the window.

Tea Party reauthorized The Patriot Act? No.. traitors to our country reauthorized the Patriot Act.


Tea Party My Ass, Yet Again

How did (tea party) patriots act?

Tea Party Cements Patriot Act Into Place


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I'm Not Selling a Bridge Is To Another Bridge Sold As...

You're all familiar with the simple logic exercise “A is to B as C is to D”. Here are a few simple logic exercises for you to consider:


  • ...White is to Black?
  • ...Right is to Wrong?
  • ...Day is to Night?
  • ...Truth is to Lie?
  • ...Lucy holding the football is to Charlie Brown?
  • ...Say one thing is to do another?
  • ...Trust me is to Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah?

This is just a very very short list. Every link above is a Google search of the exact phrase. Many will bring you right to the point. Others you might have to poke around a bit or even tweak the terms to find the intended point. Each and every item listed above needs closer examination as to what they are really doing, what it really is. Pick your poison, there is lots of it to choose from. Pick your battle they are all attacks on us.

Are we seeing a pattern here? It seems there has been a lot of “If you believe ... I have a bridge to sell” going on. We've bought at least one too many bridges. As long as they tell us what we want to hear they can do whatever they want?

It is nice that people are so trusting, our nature it seems. But!, we must protect ourselves from those that would take advantage of trust. They are among the lowest of the low.

I am free, I am free! Stand over there to say that. You got a permit for that? Let me see your ID. You dare have a problem with any of this I will SS Nazi beat you into the ground for your protection of course! What just happened didn't happen. What didn't happen just happened!

Lets all go kill a bunch of innocent men, women and children who did not attack us. We will call it a war for our protection. Trust me would I lie to you? I am your friend! They are you're enemy!

Bridges, bridges and more bridges.... Bridges 'R us?


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CPAC 2011: The Empire Strikes Back?

CPAC(Conservative Political Action Conference) held it's annual meeting in Washington DC February 10-12. CPAC is the "Conservative" event of the year. Many of the would be, wanna be, movers and shakers in the "Conservative" arena come out for this event. Some truly "conservative". Alas, some just wishing you think they are "Conservative".

We have upon us a monster that works covertly. Co-op, compromise, divide and conquer we now have moles are the operative mechanisms here. Lies and deception are their forte! That's what they do, that is what they have always done. Just some more of the same ole same ole herd control.

Or is it flock?

Last year the R3volution/Tea Party activism had significant effect upon CPAC 2010. Is there an actual movement, groundswell or otherwise prairie fire going on? Indeed there is. Therefore that becomes target for Co-op, compromise, divide and conquer we now have moles are the operative mechanisms here.

CPAC 2011 brought out the big hitters, the who's who of our elite criminal class, for this event.

Rumsfeld gets the "Defender of the Constitution Award"?!?! How weird is that? Just exactly where did that come from? What kind of money was spent or back room dealing brought this abomination of reality about? No matter how absurd or outlandish they have no problem making the claim. What's even more frightening is they do this as it is effective.. there are many out there that will believe this to be true?

What am I missing here could someone please explain to me the reasoning behind this award?

You want to know something Rumsfeld should be honored for? Try this.. Aspartame. You know, the poison many at the FDA resigned over this political fiasco to get it approved for consumption?

How Aspartame Became Legal - The Timeline

Dick Cheney also makes an appearance at CPAC 2011?! Why not? Just more insanity Cheney has a knack for being everywhere he should NOT be! You know.. like involved in the stand down of NORAD on 9/11? By any measure as I am able to learn this man is a truly sick pup and a homicidal maniac. Nuking major population centers would give him personal satisfaction.

The attendees of CPAC 2011 were witness to a rare and unusual occurrence from Dick 'you can tell he is lying when is lips are moving' Cheney. He actually uttered words of truth at CPAC 2011 when he basically, in so many words I admit I'm summarizing here, told everyone to "sit down an shut the f#^k up!". Wow.. true and sincere from "Dick"! I have to write mom about this. What is just as amazing and UNBELIEVABLE is the standing ovation upon his entrance!?

USA! USA! USA! To the man who insured NORAD failed on 9/11....

I'm thinking this is either the Twilight Zone or a "padded" crowd has been put in place for this photo op event. I've yet to come to a decision about this they are both very real possibilities.

Apparently someone was slick enough to get by the must be "screeners" at the door and accosted Cheney for his "War Criminal Acts". To Cheney.. of course sick pup that he is.. this is obvious compliment to him.

Here for your consideration is this event:

CPAC 2011 was just loaded with what I can refer to in no other term than "Spectacles". Even Donald Trump made an appearance and speech. Donald Trump? CPAC 2011? He does have a long and non-existant history of political moves just like this.


He did take a shot at trashing Ron Paul. Personally I think by that move he trashed himself. But that is what it is CPAC 2011 seems to be all about "trash".

Here is a link to the top rated #1 Google listing about CPAC 2011. Take special note and attention to all the "icons" of "Conservative" they present on their home page. All of them extremely questionable. Not one of Ron Paul caliber can be found in that group. A listing of "moles" if you ask me. Take the site a little deeper into the CPAC 2011 video page and you get another listing of "moles". What is conspicuously missing in their video list is Ron Paul's appearance at CPAC. You remember Ron? You heard all about how crazy he is on MSM.

He won the CPAC 2010 AND CPAC 2011 presidential straw poll. Yet no video link for Ron's appearance at CPAC?


This is apparently some new and completely unfamiliar definition of "Conservative" to me that is coming out of CPAC 2011.

Or maybe this is what they do... Co-op, compromise, divide and conquer we now have moles are the operative mechanisms here.

The empire is striking back?

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