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FEMA Concentration Camps: They're Ready, Are You?


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FEMA Concentration Camps: They're Ready, Are You?

That's right... while you were busy being distracted by corporate controlled news, main stream media, your tax money was being used to quietly build concentration camps all across America. Hundreds of them are now fully operational capable of holding, combined, tens of millions of Americans.

Here is some more bad news they kept from you. Many of these camps have an "Air tight" building on site. This would be your gas chamber. The Nazi "showers" are right here in America today just waiting to be put into operation.

Here is some more bad news Pravda kept from you. Our very own military is being trained along side UN foreign military, like Russian and Chinese, to take down the civilian population. Military, UN forces including our own children, roll into town, take over all control centers, you have a full blown fascist military dictatorship martial law The Constitution means nothing. People are rounded up, put on trucks or trains meant for livestock modified with shackles and transported to your nearest concentration camp. UN multinational forces right here, right now and in training. Did Pravda fail to mention that between dirt about Paris and some BS bleeding heart human interest story?

As I see it they are good to go. Camps built, military trained, laws in place. The only thing missing is the catalyst, the activating ingredient, the reason to turn it all on and start using the UN military force to round up Americans. They're playing with that problem right now and rest assured they will figure out how to send military into towns and lock people up everyone thinks they are being saved.

First they came for... Hello?

In case you might be having trouble thinking you're government is not bad and making plans to take you, and your country, down consider for a moment some very very simple facts.

Washington D.C., Incorporated, is NOT your government. In fact D.C. is actually a foreign country to the original "dejur" states and republic that has no jurisdiction outside of D.C.. Not only that D.C. Inc. is a privately held corporation that is bankrupt and in receivership, owned and completely controlled, by the Federal Reserve central bank. The FED cares less about America other than how the government can serve it to better rape the country as a whole stealing the wealth using "your reps" to do so. The FED, along with their international "affiliates" wants to own and control the world. There is no place for America in their "New World Order".

Military has unlimited funding, police have unlimited funding. States, schools, hospitals, retirement pensions or any other "people need" funding is being cut. No money for you, FU.

We, America, have attacked, preemptive, countries (plural) that did NOT attack, nor were a threat to us. Does the name Hitler and his preemptive wars to prevent war ring any bells in the space between your ears? America is doing exactly what Hitler did. The same game plan is being run. EXACTLY! ... let me say it one more time.. EXACTLY THE SAME! The Nazis weren't defeated. Hitler was defeated. The Nazis are right here in America right now. The same ones that caused Hitler are doing the same thing only this time it is America. EXACTLY THE SAME.

Media and think tanks are working together on how to condition and program everyone that your neighbor is a terrorist that wants to go suicidal and kill us all. Look for signs like they support the second amendment, free speech, the Constitution, Ron Paul, the Tea Party movement or any other "they love America" tendencies. These are clear indicators that military Martial Law is needed to "protect" you from these dangerous terrorists and extremists. They are enemies of the state now.

First they came for... ...EXACTLY THE SAME!

Oh.. by the way. Many of these "FEMA Camps" have plastic coffins stacked up by the hundreds of thousands each one capable of holding two or more bodies. Did you miss all the reports about the government studies and research into securing suitable sites for "Mass Graves"? You know just dump them in by the truckload and bulldoze over them problem solved?


They are completely ready did you actually believe them when they said they are doing this for "Your protection"?


So.. what will it be? Nuke an American city? Release a military developed biological weapon? Destroy the money causing a breakdown of society? Just quietly slow poison the entire population and environment you are under attack and don't even know it? Research Chemtrails for that one. Will it be some environmental initiative way to many people are breathing to save the planet kill yourself? Better yet, we'll do it for you for your protection.

They are ready, are you?

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Google "sodium fluoride proof government enemy"

An extremely poisonous substance is in your public water. The government mandates it for "your protection". EXTREMELY POISONOUS! Public water delivery systems have absolutely no control of dosage amounts. But it was highly favored by the Nazis for population control. Think about that.

And finally the MatrixUSA page itself on this website. Scroll down to the "Fascism" section there are lots of links and information about these FEMA camps.

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