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Book Burning in the Digital Age...and so it begins

Book Burning in the Digital Age...and so it begins
From Mainstream Media Review

When all is said and done, it is now abundantly clear that these companies and government agencies working in concert, have begun dismantling large swaths of the internet this summer, with a three-pronged assault on liberty, through lawsuits, through cutting financing, and through direct action by blocking and terminating access to the internet. Make no mistake about it folks, this is the burning of books in the digital age. The only question is if you are going to accept the excuses ever-ready at the hand despots the world over, and then bow down to the march of the jack-boot, while gleefully chanting the rhetoric that it is all for our safety, all for our children, all for our own good as we spiral down into the pit of totalitarianism. This is it, our last chance, the end game. There is nothing else left for them to take, but these last bastions of free expression and liberty, where the news can be pondered and debated without censorship, where we can collect our memories and look back to them to see what our tomorrow has come to. Do not forget what you have read here today. Remember the burning of the books.


Read more..

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The Gulf: So Many Questions, So Few Answers

Questions are important. Especially the right questions. Let me give an example here.

"Excuse me, why were the World Trade Center buildings rigged with demolition explosives before the planes even hit them?"

Not only a good question but a truthful answer would be even more illuminating. There is no answer. In fact the "Official" report does not even acknowledge what is painfully obvious the buildings came down because of demolition explosives not because a plane hit them. In fact Building 7 was not even hit by a plane yet it came down just like the others. Demolition explosives in the building before the event even occurred.

Lets see.. you watch someone shoot and kill your pet then they turn to you and say your pet got hit by a car. Would you believe them? In the case of 9/11 what you are getting is what is known as "Plausible deny ability". It's the JFK "Magic bullet" thing all over again.

You remember JFK? Lots of questions, no answers. 9/11? Lots of questions, no answers. Now the Gulf.

From Who Killed The Gulf? Good question!

Did you know that

Between March 22nd and 24th of 2010 (before the Gulf oil disaster occurred) the Department of Homeland Security and the US Coast Guard conducted drills, they called [Oil] Spills of National Significance. Boy, were those guys prescient, or what?

And according to direct witness testimony, BP knew about the cracks in the drill casing of the Deepwater Horizon oil casing two weeks before the blow out?

Did you know that as many as eight fireboats shot, “10,000 to 50,000 gallons of seawater onto the [Deepwater Horizon] rig per minute,” according to a complaint filed in federal court in New Orleans. That was how the rig was flooded, destabilizing it, causing it to tip over and sink. The piping then broke and the well really began spewing oil and gas.

The fireboats should have used their “dynamic positioning systems” to hold the rig in place, while fighting the fire with industry-approved methods, the complaint stated.

Some oil rigs have burned for weeks at a time without ever collapsing.

Did you know that Tony Hayward, BP’s Chief Executive, sold about a million dollars of his BP stock, and the BP corporation sold about half of its own stock less than a month before the blowout occurred?

Goldman Sachs, the Monetary Cartel’s main investment bank in the US, sold close to half their BP holdings just prior to the Gulf blowout, earning over $250 million on the transactions.

Another Cartel mega-corporation the Halliburton gang (of Dick Cheney infamy) – apparently also loaded with psychic powers, bought an oil spill clean up company (Boots n Coots) just before the Gulf blowout. And guess who’s now making millions if not billions on the phony clean-up in the Gulf. If you said Halliburton, you’re only partially right, as all large corporate profits percolate up to the private oligarchs of the International Monetary Cartel. (Incidentally, according to PressTV, Halliburton’s profits soared 83% in the second quarter of 2010.)

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal wanted to build barriers to protect his state’s coasts, but US federal regulators prevented him from doing so, while “No Drama Obama” looked the other way.

After the blowout, BP sealed off the entire Gulf Coast region, with the help of the US Coast Guard, local police, and private contractors, thus denying all media access, except for the photo-ops orchestrated by BP. Let us hope BP doesn’t take charge of the US Marine Corp., with orders to shoot people who take pictures of the awful coastal disasters. For now, they are only arresting those who insist on taking such pictures.

BP took full control of all information released from the Gulf, leaving independent scientists and researchers no way of verifying the data released by the oil company.

The Cartel’s government, corporations, and the people who run them, have pulled out all the stops to ensure the truth in the Gulf will never be officially told. Can we even believe the constant videos of busted wellheads, with lazy bubbling liquids of ever changing colors gurgling soundlessly upwards, as many of those wellheads look different in the various tapes BP has released.

The major media can’t even keep their lies straight. For the longest time, they were telling us about 100,000 ppi (pounds per square inch) of crude jetting into the Gulf, then suddenly they’re capping a pressure of 7,000 ppi.

Geologist Chris Landau has, also, asked an interesting question: How come the pressure gauges we see on videos supposedly at 5,000 feet below sea level are not even cracked, when nuclear submarines don’t descend beyond 1,200 feet below sea level for fear of being crushed?

Moreover, there is no light at 5,000 feet below sea level, as it’s as dark down there as being 5,000 feet below ground without lights. Did somebody set up a light stage 5,000 feet below sea level? Would lights or cameras even work at the pressures of 5,000 feet of sea water?

Are we being fed an illusion? But, an illusion is only as good as its weakest link, of which there seem to be many.

Is the busted well being at 5,000 feet, itself a lie? Why would our federal government ever tell us the truth, when lying has long been institutionalized within it?

Did you, also, know an entire area of the Gulf was decreed to be a “no-fly zone.” Why? How did BP gain such extraordinary powers to hide the truth of the disaster they caused?

Picture yourself being a successful business person capable of commanding the US Coast Guard, as your own private security force to block access to a sizable portion of the United States from public scrutiny after a major disaster that you caused.

Perhaps President Obama, and his huge cadre of bumbling gremlins, have no factual data, at all, about what has gone on, is going on, or will go on in the Gulf. Obviously, BP has more influence than our president and his entire army of well-paid, but corrupted US bureaucrats.

Nor can we expect any positive direction from the US Congress, as most of those imposters were bought off by the International Monetary/Banking Cartel, back in 1913.

And our court system? Rumor has it that most of the Gulf Coast judges have historically been heavy investors in oil stocks, with many of them receiving large cash gratuities from the oil industry for legal work “well done.”

Does BP have more power than the US government? No, but the owners of BP do.

Are we seeing a pattern here? Another good question.


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Philanthropic Foundations: Destroying America Benevolently

All these big foundations and trusts giving grants and helping to "better" our country. When you think Carnegie Foundation you think warm and fuzzy this is a good thing. They are giving all this money away just for me!

Well.. no.. not exactly.

That is what you are supposed to think. Especially when you are being influenced by one of their productions. This must be good I should listen and conform. Beyond question.

Well.. no.. not exactly.

Not only have major tax exempt foundations been questioned but an actual congressional committee was established to look into their "agenda". What were they funding, what were they promoting, what were they actually doing? The Reese Committee. Did they discover these big philanthropic foundations were benevolent for the benefit of America?

Well.. no.. not exactly.

In fact, upon close examination, many of these foundations were established primarily for the sole purpose of destroying America. Investigators discover a shadowy world of anti-American, pro-communism, benevolence?

Here is an interview of Norman Dodd, the head researcher for the Reese Committee. The interview was conducted by G. Edward Griffin back in 1982. Mr. Griffin recognized what Norman knew need documenting before he was lost to us all. From the video description:

Norman Dodd was interviewed in 1982 by G. Edward Griffin regarding the time he spent as the head researcher for the Reece Committee.

This is a truly eye opening look into what the tax exempt foundations are doing in the United States - their attempt to merge the Soviet System of Government with the USA.

Norman Dodd On Tax Exempt Foundations

It seems today not to many are aware of what it really means to be American. Our federal government is starting to openly declare they are Socialists and a large percentage of our society thinks this is a good thing. Obviously state controlled education is largely responsible for our loss of national identity. They were not working alone. The fact that Socialism always, ALWAYS, ends in miserable failure and massive bloody oppression of the people seems to be forgotten? The fact that the original model our nation was founded upon, the Constitution, proved this was the proven best model ever tried for the overall well being of a people and country seems top be forgotten?

Some slimy politician in the White House who is only concerned about his wealth and power knows best what is good for me. Our original documents defining that only people know what is best for people, an unqualified success, is not a good thing anymore is it?

Well.. yes it is.. exactly!


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Obama Deception, CIA, Obama Deception, NSA, Obama Deception, Google, Obama Deception, YouTube, Obama Deception

Obama = Deception, Google = NSA/CIA, YouTube = NSA/CIA, Obama Deception, Obama Deception, Obama Deception, Obama Deception, Obama Deception, Obama Deception, Obama Deception, Obama Deception, Obama Deception, Obama Deception, Obama Deception, Obama Deception.

You're going to have to watch this hour of the Alex Jones show to fully understand what this is all about.

Alex talks with film-maker, broadcaster and former broker and options trader Max Keiser. Max formerly hosted The Oracle with Max Keiser on BBC World News and produced and appeared regularly in the TV series People & Power on the Al-Jazeera English network. He currently hosts a weekly financial commentary show which started in 2009 and is broadcast on Press TV, with weekly appearances by financial commentator Stacy Herbert and featuring interviews with well known alternative economists.

Alex discusses the removal of his video, The Obama Deception, from Google’s YouTube. On Thursday, Alex challenged activists to drive the popular documentary up in search engine ranking. Google trends rankings revealed a few hours later that it was the #1 search term, above Lindsay Lohan, the BP Oil Spill or the death of George Steinbrenner.

Part 1:

The rest: Max Keiser: NSA & CIA: The Secret America – Alex Jones Tv

Corporate government controlled socialism is not coming..

Censorship is not coming..

Tyranny is not coming..

The police state is not coming..

Treasonous criminal takeover of America is not coming..

Government sanctioned and enforced crime against the people is not coming..

They are all here now!

Most do not like the idea of the government wanting to ID, track, profile and monitor everything you do. Yet these same people will unknowingly freely turn all that information over to them for collection via their black op front corporations such as Google, YouTube and FaceBook.


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Gulf Oil Spill: Bio-Terrorism Chemical Warfare?

On the one hand from the perspective they are trying to correct the problem. One could just say the handling of this whole gulf spectacle by government and BP has been... lacking? Incompetence? Bungling? Government doing the usual more damage than good? Classic cluster f^#k?

On the other hand from the perspective that this is an actual attack and assault on America and her people. Everything that is happening makes perfect sense they know exactly what they are doing.

Both BP and the government know this "dispersant" Corexit they are spraying by the millions of gallons is extremely toxic and poisonous. Outlawed in Europe. Even the EPA issued a statement telling BP to cease and desist with the Corexit. Of course BP ignored that and continue. Of course EPA does nothing further to stop them.

There have even been reports of planes flying over the gulf coast communities spraying Corexit right over the towns. At night.

And now we have reports of sickness en mass coming out of these communities did your morning TV Pravda news fail to mention this among their nonsense reporting?

Censored Gulf news: People bleeding internally, millions poisoned says 'EPA whistleblower'

Related link:

The Gulf Oil Spill – Too many coincidences…

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Is the Restore America Plan Actually the New World Order?

The Restore America Plan (RAP) sure sounds good. Too good maybe? I sent inquiries to them and got nothing back. Zip.. nadda, never happened. This from a group that implicitly by what they are doing would want to engage as much of the public as possible!


That of course didn't feel right and I left it at that. I don;t know what they are doing but if their stated objectives are correct I hope they know what they are doing.

Well.. seems some further information has surfaced about RAP that begins to raise some serious questions and concerns about this "plan". Understand also that this beast that is upon us, our real enemy in the shadows, is exactly that, shadowy! They don't come and attack you head on in the light. They attack you from behind in the dark. Their major weapons are not jets, bombs and guns. Their weapons of choice are deceit, subterfuge and sabotage. They don't spray bullets at you they spray disinformation. They don't blow up the resistance they send in a mole to take charge of it. What use to be there for you is now there for them. I give the the United States federal government, Inc as a testimony to that truth. You only think it is yours and their for you when in fact it is now an enemy attacking you and you don't even know it!

The Tea Party/R3volution movement is a powerful force that has been born and still growing across the country. Don't think for a moment this enemy has not noticed this very real threat to their plans. Their counter-attacks have already begun trying to de-rail, de-fuse, take over or destroy this movement any way possible. Of course by using the weapons they are most experienced with. You will see "Tea Party representative" favorites pumped at you via the mass media. Everyone wants them, they are real! Sarah Palin comes to mind. You will see black op agent provocateur actions smearing the movement. You will see mass media painting it black any way they can they have no problem lying. I'm sure several "think tanks" are already working on this "problem" trying to find the best way to "solve" it. You get the idea.

So now it comes forward that this whole RAP thing might actually be a "black op" itself? It would not surprise me at all if it were. Or maybe this report drawing RAP into question is the actual "black op" counter attack! That is the nature of this enemy we are against they poison and confuse. But, you decide, or maybe better, just take a grain, or two, of salt about all of it.

You can read more about this at Is the Restore America Plan Actually the New World Order?


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Meet Your Strawman

Most do not even realize they have a strawman! Yes, yes you do. And it represents a corporation in your name that is a bond the government can spend and borrow against. Ever heard the term Human Resource?? Now you know the true meaning.

It gets even better. By involuntarily submitting yourself to represent this fictitious fraud and scam you also declare that you give up your sovereignty and rights. You become the dreaded 14th amendment citizen commonly known as a "US citizen". As a "US citizen" with no rights you have also involuntarily agreed to comply with all acts and statutes the federal government decrees. Though most are un-Constitutional matters not as the Constitution no longer applies to you.

It gets better! As a "US citizen" not only do you promise to pay for any spending and borrowing the federal government does but you do not have the right to question, protest or otherwise have any say about financial matters.

An American National is sovereign and has inalienable rights living in the common law jurisdiction of a limited constitutional government. Rule of law. A "US citizen" is a subject of the socialist democracy otherwise known as The United States of America, Inc. They have no inalienable rights nor are they sovereign. Simply put they are bank fodder debt slaves.

And almost all of us have agreed to this because we simply did not and do not know any better. Tricked into it would be an accurate description. Police officers are enforcing corporate society laws. When you go to court it is all about contract violations not actual crimes. Pay close attention to the gold trim on the US flag designating court jurisdiction.

Welcome to the Matrix USA.

Meet Your Strawman

The story of how everyone has a strawman created for them at birth and how it is used to collect revenue for your government. A fun and informative animation made in the spirit of freedom. Please spread and upload with credits intact also link back to our channel if you do. Hi-res and mobile versions are avilable for download from our website.

Related link: The People's United Community


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Gulf Oil Gusher: No Reason to Believe It’s Over

This is an article posted over at InfoWars.

Here is an AP propaganda video from the article declaring Obama is in charge all is under control trust us:

Here is the following video that paints a completely different report about trusting the government or BP concerning this whole debacle:

And some more related links:

Breaking: Seep Found Near Blownout Well, BP Not Complying With Government Demands for More Monitoring

SHOCK: Water “sample exploded” when chemist tested for oil; “Most likely” methane or Corexit (VIDEO)

Beginning of the end? Tests of BP well cap continue but no leaks yet

The government lies, the corporations lie, the media lies. One would be well advised to be "suspicious" of anything they claim. We've paid for all this wonderful military stuff like subs that could probably verify any claims about what is happening on the floor of the Gulf. Yet no verifications are being done with YOUR MONEY that has spent on the things and government agencies that should be doing just that. BP basically hands over press releases to Obama and he reads them.


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The Evil History of the British Royal Family

And why here in America would we want to know this you might ask? The answer is simple, these are the people running this country. If you do your homework and research you will learn that America is owned and controlled by the Bank of England. Revolutionary war failed to get over on us. Then they tried the war of 1812 and failed again. Since the war machinery wasn't working it was time to "Nuke us". So they sent in the bankers and lawyers. They succeeded where the British military failed.

Did they not teach you this in the state controlled schools?

The bankers quickly ran the country bankrupt we are in receivership presently. The lawyers devised the most sinister and without honor legal contracts we all signed into without even knowing it. We all gave up our sovereignty and rights to become contractual "US citizens", subjects of the Crown, property of the state you have no rights you have privileges. The state will decide.

So.. that being the case it might be interesting to know who your owners and overlords are now. What have we legally pledged allegiance to? It's not pretty.

The Evil History of the British Royal Family

There are people who believe they have a God given right to rule over others. They harbor selfish ambitions to be rich, and to have power over what they describe as (common people.)
They lie, cheat steal, strangle, stab, and slash their way to power. They believe that their actual will power, what the British occultist Aleister Crowley described as "The Will of Thelema, (1) The royal will" must be obeyed. They are the British Royal family.

Some related links:

Concerning our education - Education Indoctrination

And Crown livestock - Government Mules

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BP Official: BP Stopped Gulf Oil Leak

Well if this is true it is certainly long overdue good news.

If this is true. The problem at this point based on BP's actions they have absolutely no credibility. Why should we believe this when it seems so much other stuff has been out right lies?

What makes me even more suspect this is actually more lies is a statement itself from BP. It goes something like this: "We stopped the leak, but it is still in testing". Later Obama stepped up to the cameras and made a statement it goes something like this: "We stopped the leak, but it is still in testing". It was almost word for word identical to the BP statement. First off if Obama says it is stopped that is almost a guaranteed lie coming from him. Second the statements sound as if they were coming from the same PR person. Who's running BP and who's running America? It's just so confusing these days with corporate CEOs placed in charge of all the high government positions to manage the agencies for their industry. I suspect BP is running America Obama is just a flunky employee.

Related links:

BP stops oil leak in Gulf of Mexico for first time since April

Some have trouble believing BP stopped oil leak

Expert suspects BP has ulterior motive behind oil well cap

BP: Oil no longer flowing into the Gulf

The "Well Integrity Test" Is a Sham: "This Bet Is Against The Citizens Of The United States Of America Being Smart Enough To Figure Any Of This Out"

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NH: Romney volunteer defects to Ron Paul

And this is what happens when it dawns upon you that you should be voting with your head instead of with the "Party". You should be selecting a candidate with integrity and principals. The candidate with the best grasp of the problems and most qualified to handle it. NOT the best rhetoric and most corrupt support from criminal insiders that want to maintain their "turf". Obama would be a fine case in point. Tell me lies but make them good with wonderful rhetoric saying nothing and you can be completely unqualified or experienced yet you won. Had the best line of BS.

China has an established "Party", go against the "Party" line and die. The same could be said for all the most brutal totalitarian regimes across history. Marxist Russia, Nazi Germany.. yadda yadda yadda...

Here in America we have TWO "Parties". An illusion of choice. Pick which crime family you want this time nothing ever changes. Keep voting for rhetoric, Party line and what the TV tells you to do. Keep getting screwed.

Or... you want change? Then try something different.

You be the change you want to see in the world.

- Ghandi

Another one bites the dust. Mitt Romney loses another activist to the Ron Paul revolution.


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BP Oil Disaster: Final Assault On America?

This whole gulf coast BP oil disaster stinks of something is not right about it. There is more to this than we are being told. Too many things are happening that make no sense from a contain and stop the disaster perspective. However from a different perspective of this is an attack on the United States it all begins to make perfect sense!

I've blogged this opinion myself that damage is wanted not contained by our government in corporate collusion. They have been marching us slowly across the decades to our downfall. They are planned, they are prepared they are closing the trap. Our enemy is actually sitting in the white house! The attack is happening on our gulf shores and the public is unaware of both.

Here is a link to an article in which this whole debacle is examined from many perspectives. The only feasible conclusion is the same this is a full blown attack on America. The quiet war that has been raged against us in stealth for years is coming to conclusion. The public actually trusts and is supporting our real enemies! Enough said the article's research is lengthy and comprehensive.

Here is a supporting video in the article of a CIA op speaking out:

Here is the article:

Oil Disaster:Follow the money trail.


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Bailout Blowback

Bailouts. It seems this is something new we do now. We take the public money and give it to special interests and call it a "Bailout"? Excuse me? Isn't that pork?

Well.. technically... yes.

However "bailout", as it seems, is just a more politically correct way of labeling "pork". You don't say they are your "elected representatives". You say they are "Morally challenged" or maybe "Developmentally impaired". See how by using politically correct grammar even the most vile thing sounds much better. It implies they really want to do right, they mean well, it's just we haven't found the right pill yet for their condition.

Now by using the politically correct term of "Bailout" instead of the more commonly understood term "pork" it completely changes what appears to be actually happening. "Pork" implies corruption and stealing money from the public trust in exchange for bribes, oops, I mean "contributions" from special interests. Bailout however has a much more noble air about it. Instead of "stealing from you" it becomes "I'm doing this for you". Instead of "treasonous criminal" they become "Patriotic savior".

To illustrate just how much more effective it is to use the politically correct term just look at the results. As "Pork" they could only steal billions and you knew you were being ripped off corrupt. However now by using the politically correct term of "Bailout" they can steal trillions from us and make it sound like they did us a favor patriotic.

They prevented something bad from happening to us we should thank them for it! Ahh... the power of political correctness.

Alas, the problems surrounding stealing the public money to pay off bribes was not completely solved by the brilliant application of politically correct word play. Now that we have a fast lane opened to the public money stealing "pig feeding trough" it seems the pigs themselves are having issues about it. To make my point and support this claim I submit this video:

Bailout with UPS

The whole special of this video driving my point home, I rest my case, is the very last few seconds of the video in which credits are displayed as to who produced it. The video rags on UPS getting pork, I mean bailout. The producer.. I truly am enjoying this.. FedEx.

Typical government they fix one problem only to create others.


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Schools Suppressing American Heritage

Since the "state" has taken control of educating, and raising actually, our children is it any wonder the children do not know our own heritage and worse view the state as more trustworthy than family too often? The state makes sure the state is served. It is NOT about what is good for you, your family, your children nor your country. It is all about what is good for the state, period.

Why do we turn over our children to be mangled by them?

Here is yet another example of child mangling. Forbid them from knowing a basic pillar of our entire country. Worse, forbid light to disperse darkness, stay in the dark!

Poster Child

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The Story of Your Enslavement

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

There are many sources of information available which try to explain and expose our invisible slavery and imprisonment. Sadly as a species we seem to have always had something of a predator, criminal or maybe more accurate parasitic class of people among us. Those that prey upon others to have their needs and desires provided. Instead of growing your own food take what someone else has grown.

Entire cultures and societies are actually based on servicing the predators among us. Many methods are employed to actually cultivate, or farm as it were, the human resource. Here are a few more attempts at raising awareness about we are just livestock.

Statism is Dead - Part 3 - The Matrix

The Story Of Your Enslavement:


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Full Blown Attack On America, Full Blown Denial In America

Moses went up on a mountain after bringing the Hebrews out of Egypt to be handed by God what we all know as the "Ten Commandments". If you are down with this or not please bear with me a moment as something so profoundly and with out any question delivered a major impact upon all of humanity. An impact redefining the course of human history still in effect today. If you believe or do not does not change the fact of what has happened and has been recorded in history concerning this.

Lets consider for a moment the list itself. "Ten" commandments. Ten. This is by all interpretations and understanding an extremely short list. Only 10? Yes.. only 10 things we should and should not do according to God. And the list has not changed for over two thousand years! The list is short, succinct and to the point if you adhere to this small list you will keep yourself out of trouble. To me that pretty much confirms this is God's hand because if it were man's hand the list would be volumes and thousands of things we can and can not do and it would change from day to day. There is much more that can be expressed concerning this aspect of the list but I move on towards the point I am trying to make here.

Then there is the list itself, what is on it? The list contains some pretty obvious common sense type things like "Don't Kill", "Don't Steal", "Don't Lie", "Don't' Covet", "Respect Your Parents". The first four items on the list however concern advice as to how we relate and organize our personal selves in relation to a "God". These four are probably a little harder to understand what is actually being said. To better understand you first have to recognize and acknowledge that it is our nature to have a "God" or "Gods". Things we place extreme high value and priority upon. What is most important to us in our daily lives. Money? wealth? material possessions? fame? You get the point. And here in lies the trick of the first four. You can make "God" your God and place that as most important or you can make money, for example, your God and make that most important.

And now on to the purpose, or point, of this list that has as a few believe actually been handed to us by God. This is why it is known as a "revealed" religion. Why tell us this? What's the point? Some would think these commandments are an order, decree you must do this or else! Well.. yes and no. Understand that God, if you will, has also given us "free will". You may, and can, do whatever you choose to do, that is your choice, that is your prerogative. Therefore implicitly if we have free choice the list is reduced to advice and suggestions as to how we should act and conduct ourselves. Here is his advice your choice if you think it is wise and will follow it.

And now to the point of all this. These commandments were not given as a threat to us. They were given as advice to help us from hurting ourselves. You start violating his small simple list of things to do and not do then sooner or later those actions will come back to bite you right in the butt they have consequences. And the consequences will be harmful and damaging to you and those around you. In many cases if the wisdom of this advice is just totally rejected the result is nothing short of your own personal destruction and misery. Lets examine just one item from his short list:

Thou shalt not bear false witness. (Don't lie!)

Most can easily understand the profound wisdom of this suggestion of his. Sadly however there are many that do not. This one also illustrates the easy road is the wrong road. "Oh what a tangled web...". If someone chooses to manage their lives by ignoring this advice sooner or later it will result in that person being the person deceived. Your life will become a lie, you will be living lies and you will need lies more and more to make it all work. Of course by that time you will, for all practical purposes, be totally gone. To come back to the truth at that point would be an utter impossibility as it would completely wipe out your entire character and existence to do so. In fact the truth becomes a bad and ugly thing if anyone were even to attempt to give it to you it would be viewed as a threat and assault upon you they are your enemy!

Lets not even get into the damage and unfairness done to all those around you by this choice of yours to lie.

Welcome to modern America, empire of lies! That is how we as a nation work now are you in denial about this? Been watching TV too much? We pre-emptive attack a nation that did not attack us, kill innocent men, women and children for corporate war machine profits and we call this protecting ourselves fighting terrorism as we create terrorism by doing it.

Live by the lie.. die by the lie.

Our children in school are expelled or sent to severe counseling if they want to set up a "God" club. Yet they can organize every satanic cult and ritual godless club they want that is protected and actually encouraged.

Our government has become pure evil and is in fact now assaulting and attacking its very own citizens which it has vowed and swore oath to protect. By the lie of course. That bullet that was put in your child's head was of course for their and your protection they love you so much! This really is about fighting terrorism for your protection. On 9/11 it really was people that did not do it that attacked you! On 9/11 it was not the people that really did it.

Live by the lie.. die by the lie.

In fact that has become standard operating procedure.. lie! It is almost demanded and required if you do not lie you will not succeed in your own destruction. Your government is a foreign corporation that wants you destroyed wave your flag we are good they are bad as America commits war crimes, crimes against humanity, on a global scale mind numbing! That foreign corporation you call "your government" does NOT want to protect you it wants to destroy you!

Live by the lie.. die by the lie.

And that is just one of the items on a short list of ten. The ten does not seem so easy or short as it appears to do it right. But ten is all that is needed. America is going up in flames, down the tubes. You think maybe we might have slipped up on an item or two from this list of ten?

Our government has gone rogue, cares less what the people want and does what ever it can do to create and maximize damage to America and her people. The gulf oil disaster is a perfect example of you under under full blown attack. Obama refuses help, they stop independent damage control, our own military is working with BP to prevent news coverage and spray Corexit, banned in England it is so bad, on the gulf communities. They want disaster, they want break down, they want Martial law round people up at military gun point. The military is there waiting for the order. Watch the TV news none of this is happening Obama is going to kick ass about the gulf... 2 months after it occurred. And Obama is the MAJOR reason why nothing is getting done. Obama has effectively blocked any meaningful response to the disaster and he has been instrumental in actively making it worse. He should kick his own ass. Don't think for a minute he does not know what he is doing.

Here are a few videos that attempt to portray truth. I hope they do not hurt.

Simple Card Tricks for War

What BP Hid: Our Gulf In Peril

China & Russia are Coming! Prepare


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World thinks Americans Stupid - What's your IQ?

The blog title is also the title of the YouTube video below. The video, shades of Jay Walking, has Americans being interviewed on the street and asked historical political questions testing their awareness on the issues. Sadly there are way too many that are clueless no wonder the world thinks in general Americans are clueless.

Here is the video:

Now I realize it would be easy to come to the conclusion that there must be something in the water here making us this stupid. In fact that is not far from the truth research Sodium Fluoride. It is injected into municipal water supplies under the pretense of promoting "dental health". Of all the pandemic ailments plaguing our society apparently dental health is the only one so important the municipal water, the public, is drugged with it.

Sodium Fluoride has nothing to do with dental health it has EVERYTHING to do with drugging the public making them apathetic and dumbing them down. That is what it does it does NOT improve dental health.

And that is just the water. The food has also been poisoned with IQ destroying compounds. Research Aspartame. A chemical so toxic and detrimental to the public it took someone in high position politically to force it upon the public.

Ok.. getting back to the point I am trying to make here. Yes. Jay can do his walking and has no shortage of material to broadcast making the point that Americans are dumb and stupid, clueless. My point is that maybe there are legitimate reasons for all this ignorance. My point is Americans are not really stupid. My point is Americans have being heavily medicated and between state controlled education and corporate controlled media lied to and misdirected their entire lives.

You bash someone over the head with multiple blunt instruments they will act like they have been bashed over the head and in a daze. That is what has been done to Americans with the 1-2-3 punch of meds, indoctrination and propaganda.

Garbage in garbage out. Exactly what they wish to achieve. They are doing quite well with it.

If interested there is no shortage of videos illustrating Americans are being kept in the dark and intellectually compromised by policies. This does not mean they are stupid. If it means anything it means they are too trusting.

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