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UN Agenda 21: NWO Return To Dark Ages Feudalism


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UN Agenda 21: NWO Return To Dark Ages Feudalism

The tyrannical, dictatorial and Communistic NWO has been searching long, far and wide for an excuse to justify their existence and establishment. It seems they have finally found one that they think will work with the masses to accept their global domination.. Green! Save the Earth! Sustainable development!

The fear mongering and propaganda false information are already flowing in flood proportions. Only the UN can solve this, only if you surrender to their absolute authority and if you don't you will all die! That about sums up the crap they are pumping us with from all angles including your children in the state controlled schools.

Of course we all love Mother Earth and recognize that if she is not protected we run the risk of killing ourselves should we destroy her. Who isn't green or does not love the planet?

It's a good plan they have people do want that.

But! And again and again here is the BIG BUT! That is not what Agenda 21 and sustainable development is all about. Agenda 21 is false environmentalism. Keep in mind and try to understand that these people and groups that are selling themselves as the savior of the planet and your lives have been the ones that have been raping the planet all along committing outrageous and heinous acts of environmental damage to the degree it could be considered outright bio-terrorism! Here are a couple of articles to inform you about this aspect of their claimed green authority and morality.

Is the U.S. Conducting Biological Warfare Against Its Own Citizens?


Monsanto's GMO Corn Linked To Organ Failure, Study Reveals

Now all of a sudden because "WE" did so much damage to the environment, humanity itself is a threat to the environment, a NWO global tyrannical, dictatorial and communistic government is required to save us from what "WE" are doing to the planet. Who better can save the planet than a good unelected, unaccounted for, answerable to no one brutal oppressive dictatorship? Why wouldn't anyone trust them or doubt they are motived by purely humanitarian objectives? Almost every government organization in the world has been corrupted and is flat out criminal, treasonous, yet once we give them global domination we will finally see fairness and justice in our courts and equity for everyone. Criminality and corruption will be a thing of the past once the largest most criminal and corrupt organization in the world, the UN, is in charge we will all be living in Eden forever!

Agenda 21 is a full blown assault on humanity itself and nations everywhere from the top right down to your small town local government. All your federal agencies are now implementing Agenda 21 programs serving the UN not you. Your schools are now teaching your children that to save the planet they should surrender to global domination or die. No one owns land, we are all herded into detainment "Smart Zones", travel is severely restricted and all freedoms have been lost.

Agenda 21 not only is the mechanism, under the pretense of saving the planet, to usher in their NWO return to the dark ages but understand also Agenda 21 requires reduction in planet population by 90-95%. Thats right, about 9 out of 10 of you must die! For your own good of course and to save the planet, makes sense no?

Any volunteers?

Here is a post that that will give you a quick primer about the UN Agenda 21. It contains text, a collection of short videos and some related links.

The Missing Link …UN Agenda 21


I have been trying to warn people about Agenda 21 since I realized this was the bottom line. I even went to my village hall armed w/ tons of info on it. All the clerk could say was "WOW". She'd been clueless til I talked to her about it. Every county in the US has a Smart Growth plan. Hoping I won't be re-located, as I have no debt & paid off the mortgage. Now all I have to do is stock up & hunker down.Stopping Agenda 21 is like trying to stop a tank with a paper doll. Anyone on the gov't dole had better wise up & prepare. Red Flag phony food crisis on the horizon. It's what the news isn't talking about that gets my attention. Expect food & fuel to rise exponencially this year.Expect hyper-inflation. Expect it to begin after the Census.
03/10/10 @ 10:09
Comment from: mindy [Visitor]
I hate to admit it but I did know what UN Agenda 21 was until a few months ago. Ever since then I have tried to get groups together to fight it and it is difficult but I am still trying.

What else can I do to do my part to stop it?
01/13/11 @ 15:13
Comment from: trebor [Member] Email
I don't know what the easy answer is to any of this. I do know however that we have the numbers on our side. They can only do these things as long as we all agree and consent to it. When we all no longer agree or consent their game is over.

Do whatever you can do, be the one drop of rain in the rainstorm that changes the landscape with flash flooding.
01/13/11 @ 17:42

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