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American War Criminal Suspect Gets Honored In Canada

And this is just how strong the matrix control is. Back in 2009 instead of being arrested the minute he set foot on Canadian soil, as Canadian law specifies, he is instead allowed to make a $400 a plate speaking engagement.

To the credit of many Canadian citizens they protested his arrival and one, Splitting the Sky, even tried making a citizen arrest since the police were not going to do their job. Sadly, Splitting the Sky got arrested instead for trying to enforce Canadian law and apprehend an international war criminal suspect. Here is an article at The Daily Censored that gives excellent in depth detail of this event:

The Trial of Splitting the Sky Versus George W. Bush and the Calgary Principles

The trial scheduled for March 8, 2010 was "prematurely terminated" whatever that means. Here is a post trial article complete with video documentary at Global Research revealing the many problems relating to this case that actually apply to all of humanity:

VIDEO: Splitting The Sky versus War Criminal George W. Bush: Cynthia McKinney Meets Splitting the Sky

For more information surrounding this event just Google "Splitting The Sky". How appropriate as this could all be considered... Splitting The Sky.


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Obama Breaks Campaign Promises To Pass Healthcare

Obama.. Change you can believe in! Before Obama presidential candidates would all promise one thing then when in office would renege on promises and do the opposite. This has been going on for decades it is really quite frustrating to keep voting for promised positions only to be told after the election that the promise, one reason or another, cannot be honored.

Obama changed all that with his "change you can believe in" campaign. Finally we have a candidate that knows what we want, knows what he should do and here is the important part... We can really believe and trust that he will do it this time!

He made it quite clear during the campaign he knew exactly what we wanted and made it quite clear that he also agreed and would deliver that. He also made it quite clear that he understood the problems and wrong in Washington and that he was the man to change all that to finally deliver, hope fulfilled, real change.

Here is Obama on presidential signing statements during his campaign:

He will obey the constitution. He will not use his pen to alter or make law. He will honor the several branches, their proper roles and the checks and balances. He will not overstep presidential authority. He will not use his pen to do an end run around congress. He is the man...

...that is until he is elected. As it turns out Obama is no different than all the rest and in many ways worse. We now have the government criminal disaster known as health care reform. The only way this bill made it through even with all the corruption and vote buying is that in the 11th hour when it came up short Obama made a deal for votes. He agreed to use his pen to write law in exchange for the needed votes to pass a bill the people were fiercely opposed to.

Executive Order Traded For Bart Stupak's Vote On Healthcare Reform: UPDATED

Now this should come as no surprise to anyone because at this point in his office it has been made "quite clear" that his campaign was pretty much all lies. He has broken nearly every promise he made. He is criminal and corrupt among the worst in Washington what's that saying? oh yeah.. "How's that hope and change thing working for you?"

The odd thing however about all this is why would Bart Stupak exchange his vote for law from Obamas pen? This really does not make much sense as it is just Obamas pen. Obama should he alone decide could change that law with his pen. The next president could change that law with his pen. An executive pen law is about as fickle and fleeting as they get. Try to understand it this way.. Stupak promised Obama he would deliver the needed votes to pass this reform disaster in exchange for Obama promising that the wind would always blow in one direction! Of course that will never happen getting a promise from Obama that is just as invalid makes little sense that would be his price. For an examination of this riddle you could start here:

The Stupak Mystery: Why did he hold out for a meaningless executive order?

Obama, change you can believe in! Just like all the rest assuring you that they will deliver and then never did. This is how they have been playing us for decades who are the fools here? Are we having fun yet?


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Corporate Media + Government Education = Ignorant Public

Let me first define "Ignorant" as it is used in the title. Ignorant as it is used here means unaware and uninformed. And that is exactly what both the corporate media and government controlled education are designed to achieve. Neither of these entities wants an informed aware public as they have both become criminal and treasonous. It would ruin their robbing us blind not to mention the criminal charges and jail time normally associated with their activity.

Here are "Yet another" examples of what they do and have done. The first is a video from We Are Change that is very similar to Jay Leno's Jay Walking routine. People can answer questions about celebrities and sports but are clueless concerning basic political awareness issues.

WeAreChange talks to America

And this example is about how The Cartoon Network is messing up your kids as you are doing dishes in the other room. The kids are not only told our founding fathers are stupid and offensive but they are also told that negative personal attributes are a good thing and the proper way to be.

Zombie Tea Party! Cartoon Network’s High Definition Brainwashing

Keep all this in mind as you see your corporate controlled main stream media TV telling you what a good and wonderful thing congress and Obama has done with the Health Care reform. Aware and informed would right away tell you this is a "red flag" it is most probably a bad thing they have done and that, sadly, is more accurate.

Health Care reform is not about concern for the people. It is all about bailing out insurance industries you are criminal if you do not buy from them!!


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Making An ABC Nightline "Hit Piece"

Main Stream Mass media "news" has traces of truth here and there to give their outright lies and misdirection reporting a hopeful sense of plausibility. Optimally believable. There was a very small fragment of truth in the report therefore the massive lies and deception must also be truth, no?

Combine this sleazy way they do things with subliminal propaganda suggestive techniques and you have all the makings of an ABC Nightline News Report.

And you wonder why things are so bad? The media is hiding problems from us, pointing out enemies that are actually patriots trying to save us and sending us all in the wrong direction as they rape and pillage us. All the while reporting the rapers and pillagers are our saviors that want to protect us from the bad people trying to save us!

It really is that insane, and yes, that is exactly what main stream corporate controlled media news is doing. Sadly this crap actually works and this is how they control and steer the public.

The "reporters" do not go looking for truth to report to you. They go looking for material to cut, edit and paste, create their own lies and pass it off as truth and investigative reporting they only have your interest and well being in mind. It really is that insane that is exactly what they do.

Fortunately today we have the internet it is an alternate source of real news and information. Our very own Pravda propaganda machinery is loosing it's grip on people. People are waking up to their lies confidence in main stream media news is at an all time low.

Let me see if I can help drive that confidence figure even lower. It is the least they deserve and that I can do for them considering all they have done for me.

Here is an ABC Nightline report.. a classic "hit piece" protecting the criminal bad guys and making the good guys the criminals:

It is obvious the "reporter" certainly has their expenses paid for enjoying a lucrative profession by just looking at them. But what really does it for me is the "gleam" in her eyes as she is knowingly outright lying to the entire country. Doing that is actually exciting and desirable to her she enjoys it!

I could go on here about the many ways and the many levels they are playing the public. The all to many obvious and blatant, even subliminal suggestive put the wrong thing in you and send you in the wrong direction, devices she is using. But I won't. Instead I'll leave it up to you to study and dissect how they play you like a violin. What I will give you is a couple of YouTube short videos documenting their "reporter" collecting the video and sound bites needed to cut and paste this lie to you.

ABC vs. Loose Change Part 1:

ABC vs. Loose Change Part 2:

The Treason In America Conference had a wealth of news information and resources all over the floor that day. ABC was not interested in that. They came for one reason and one reason only.. to collect material for a "hit piece".

Alas.. Russia Today did a much more professional and informative report about the conference. What's happened to us?


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Reality Report #36

Reality Report #36 is out.

Does Obama want your DNA? How far will the IRS go to extract the peoples blood? What the heck is Chris Dodd thinking about the FED’s monetary power? Gary answers those questions and welcomes SpyChips co-author and RFID expert Katherine Albrecht to the show to discuss the latest in RFID and implantable human tracking technology?


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The Business Roundtable: America Destruction Is Just Business

I have no idea, it is completely alien to my way of thinking, how a corporation, a "thing" implicit, somehow obtained person status. To carry this insanity (as in my lawn is a person) a step further the "person" is allowed to partake in the political process of governments. And therein lies some more insanity to my way of thinking.

Government is an organization established by the people, for the people and of the people. It is a mechanism so as people can do their pursuing of life, liberty and happiness. Establish a rule of law and provide an environment for the people to be people. Consider it this way... A government is supposed to respond to the needs and demands of the people, NOT, repeat NOT the demands of the lawns, or any other thing, they created!

So Tom, let me see if I understand this correctly, what your saying is if I call a corporation a person it is... foolish?

The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their rightful names.

- Thomas Jefferson

Oh! Ok.. thanks Tom.

And there we go allowing not wise into our structure. Corporations can achieve immense power and financial resources the average person has not a prayer of competing against an entire sizable corporation. Is it any wonder or surprise by allowing this "foolishness" that we now have a government that responds to the needs and requests of our lawns?

Foolishness begets foolishness?

Now that we have all that in perspective. Consider this: AAA, NRA, ACLU, BBB and the acronyms go on and on the organized collectives representing a demographic group of people's agendas is almost endless. As a collective they can bring more power and influence to the political table. What happens when these faux persons, AKA corporations, exerting undue influence over people governments get together and organize as a group like people would do? For the same reason that people do.. that is to advance and promote their agenda and needs.

As if one sizable corporation distorting influence over the people government isn't foolish enough let's combine their resources the sum total of the entire group could very well be able to project more power than the entire government, and underlying country, itself!

And exactly what is their agenda? Provide for the future of their children? Provide for the well being of their family? Protect themselves from any threats or enemies? All of this of course but here is the rub. People operate with hearts, feelings... blood flows in the veins. Corporations are soulless, heartless, cold there is no people thing about them. Their objective is enhancing spreadsheets and power-point presentations. Far to often they have demonstrated complete lack of conscience and morality. Should a person become ill this way, or even their collective group, the harm they do is minimal in the grand scheme of things. On the other hand these "person" entities more powerful than entire governments and countries should their hearts go black and become ill the damage they do could not only wipe out an entire country but in fact could wipe out an entire planet!

Pretty spooky isn't it? If this has your interest maybe you could pursue this "foolishness" upon us further by starting with The Business Roundtable and take it from there.

Find out who your government serves. Hey.. nothing personal, it's just business, not sorry the lights went out it made a wonderful PowerPoint presentation!


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Huffington Post censures Jesse Ventura

When I first started researching, tracking and looking for "real news" (as our Pravda mass media TV and cable does not provide it) on the net the Huffington Post was one of the first to get my attention. I even signed up for their "news letter".

What was I thinking?!? I got my lead to check the Huffington Post from a Pravda mass media promotion. Duh..

I followed the Huffington Post for about a year or so before finally canceling the subscription to their news letter. It became clear to me the Huffington Post was biased and seemed to have a political agenda. That is not "real news".

Later I put up this web site ( as a resource to help wake up the Pravda controlled public that were unaware of Pravda's tendency to manipulate and deceive. Hopefully also provide some links in which people could use to pursue their own research and come to their own conclusions based on more accurate and complete information. I did NOT include the Huffington Post in my list of starting suggestions for sources of real news on the net.

My "thumbs down" conclusion about the Huffington Post was based upon some experience with them. It took some time but eventually it became apparent they also were practicing deception and manipulation the same as Pravda main stream. One thing I did learn about the Huffington Post is that they certainly seemed to like their celebrity writers.

Well.. it seems it has come to light that the Huffington Post really does practice censorship and even with a celebrity! As you may know Jesse has been doing some investigative reporting work lately in his Conspiracy Theory show. They refused to post a commentary by Jesse about 9/11 as reported by American Free Press.

American Free Press is listed by MatrixUSA.


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UN Agenda 21: NWO Return To Dark Ages Feudalism

The tyrannical, dictatorial and Communistic NWO has been searching long, far and wide for an excuse to justify their existence and establishment. It seems they have finally found one that they think will work with the masses to accept their global domination.. Green! Save the Earth! Sustainable development!

The fear mongering and propaganda false information are already flowing in flood proportions. Only the UN can solve this, only if you surrender to their absolute authority and if you don't you will all die! That about sums up the crap they are pumping us with from all angles including your children in the state controlled schools.

Of course we all love Mother Earth and recognize that if she is not protected we run the risk of killing ourselves should we destroy her. Who isn't green or does not love the planet?

It's a good plan they have people do want that.

But! And again and again here is the BIG BUT! That is not what Agenda 21 and sustainable development is all about. Agenda 21 is false environmentalism. Keep in mind and try to understand that these people and groups that are selling themselves as the savior of the planet and your lives have been the ones that have been raping the planet all along committing outrageous and heinous acts of environmental damage to the degree it could be considered outright bio-terrorism! Here are a couple of articles to inform you about this aspect of their claimed green authority and morality.

Is the U.S. Conducting Biological Warfare Against Its Own Citizens?


Monsanto's GMO Corn Linked To Organ Failure, Study Reveals

Now all of a sudden because "WE" did so much damage to the environment, humanity itself is a threat to the environment, a NWO global tyrannical, dictatorial and communistic government is required to save us from what "WE" are doing to the planet. Who better can save the planet than a good unelected, unaccounted for, answerable to no one brutal oppressive dictatorship? Why wouldn't anyone trust them or doubt they are motived by purely humanitarian objectives? Almost every government organization in the world has been corrupted and is flat out criminal, treasonous, yet once we give them global domination we will finally see fairness and justice in our courts and equity for everyone. Criminality and corruption will be a thing of the past once the largest most criminal and corrupt organization in the world, the UN, is in charge we will all be living in Eden forever!

Agenda 21 is a full blown assault on humanity itself and nations everywhere from the top right down to your small town local government. All your federal agencies are now implementing Agenda 21 programs serving the UN not you. Your schools are now teaching your children that to save the planet they should surrender to global domination or die. No one owns land, we are all herded into detainment "Smart Zones", travel is severely restricted and all freedoms have been lost.

Agenda 21 not only is the mechanism, under the pretense of saving the planet, to usher in their NWO return to the dark ages but understand also Agenda 21 requires reduction in planet population by 90-95%. Thats right, about 9 out of 10 of you must die! For your own good of course and to save the planet, makes sense no?

Any volunteers?

Here is a post that that will give you a quick primer about the UN Agenda 21. It contains text, a collection of short videos and some related links.

The Missing Link …UN Agenda 21

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People: Free Range Livestock

From the dawn of time when people started producing more than they consumed, profit and wealth, there was born a whole new class, parasitic, they preyed upon, stole, controlled, that profit and wealth. Either I can produce or I can just steal yours! That would be the elite ruling class of course it is for our benefit the damage done do us is always for our benefit.

Again from the dawn of time we have had our cannibalistic predatory class enslaving, owning and managing other people as nothing less than their livestock. Might I suggest here that you are still livestock. You are still enslaved, managed and your efforts taken by your owners. Now instead of open and outright feudalism or even slave trading it is done in a more advanced agricultural method.. free range. You are allowed permitted movement and freedoms as it is more economical and productive for the livestock owners. None the less you are still livestock, owned and what you produce belongs to your owners.

Here.. this is for you Neo still living the Matrix illusion..

True News 13: Statism is Dead - Part 3 - The Matrix

Have any doubts about this? Consider all the restrictions and limitations placed upon your activity and movements. Think about how much is taken from your work efforts it does not belong to you. Just miss property tax payments to quickly find out who owns your property.


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Chemtrails: Test your water supply

Chemtrails: The use of aircraft to disperse agents into the atmosphere leaving a signature line of vapor(?) behind the aircraft. They are similar in appearance to contrails which is the normal vapor line appearing behind high altitude jet aircraft as a result of moisture released into a frigid environment. Contrails normally dissipate quickly as the moisture is dispersed whereas chemtrails remain as they do not disperse like water vapor.

There is an entire realm of controversy about this issue as to the fact it is really happening. Those against claim this is just conspiracy theory nut job stuff. Always a good sound rational based in facts argument. On the other hand those claiming it is happening cite things like how can a jet with three engine produce five contrails? Why in the sky over my town can you usually see one, two , maybe three contrails yet today there are 36 in a crisscross checkerboard pattern? And now aluminum and barium are showing up in water supplies at thousands of times above safe or expected levels where all of a sudden is it coming from? Here are a few links to get you started on your own research about chemtrails.

Google "chemtrails"

What In The World Are They Spraying

Chemtrail Ad in the Redding, California Paper

Citizens seeking answers to aluminum contamination concerns

Our water has already been state recommended poisoned with fluoride. This has no dental benefits but it does make people more stupid and docile just ask the Nazi's running our CIA how they used it in concentration camps to make the prisoners easier to handle.

Aspartame.. look that one up.. an artificial sweetener endorsed by corrupt government procedure that is actually toxic and also demonstrated to dumb you down.

Mercury in your vaccines?? Yep.. and yep.. it does sever neurological damage again reducing your cognitive capacities.

Are we seeing a pattern here? From what I have read aluminum accumulates in the brain causing damage what a surprise!

We have an outside the law and beyond examination from anyone anywhere CIA that is extremely Nazi both in historical conception and employment but more important by historical activity and deeds. Medical experiments and all.

So when you look up in the sky and see unusual contrail activity and patterns maybe it is time to test your water supply they seem to just love slow poisons.


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Obama Government Healthcare: Few Gain, Most Lose

The government healthcare program Obama and his criminals are illegally trying to jam down the throat of America against the will of the people is NOT, repeat, NOT about healthcare. It is all about control of you.

Sadly my representatives answer my protest letters with "We don't care most do not want it we are going to do it anyways". Their reason is there are people that need health care and the system needs reform. Both are bogus reasons. No one is ever turned away and the system, though distorted because of to much government regulation already, is still good and functional. Want to reform? Stop over regulating to protect your political cronies! Google CON Laws for more about government regulation and the major damage to the medical community for it.

Although it is true that some without health insurance will gain health insurance one has to understand what goes along with it. At what cost? The insurance will have severe restrictions on how much it will pay. Virtually useless for anything major medically, just die. The flip side however for the many, most, that have insurance, good coverage you are going to lose that! a few gain, most lose.

Lets not even get into the country is broke because of their out of control spending we can't afford another entitlement. They can't even pay for the existing entitlements!

So they may tell you they are doing it for you and for those who don't have insurance but what is gained by the few is useless and what is lost by the many will be their lives.

As I said, this is NOT about health care, it is all about control. Just sit through this short video of someone whom has examined the proposed "healthcare" package for some eye opening information about that.

This is full blown socialism, the government decides and controls everything. Keep in mind historically ALL socialistic experiments have failed miserably. Miserable for the people while those in power got rich however. Here is another article about socialized health care, or lack of it more accurately. THE HORRORS OF SOCIALIZED MEDICINE UNCOVERED. Still think the government loves you? Then die...


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Voice of Reason: Plug Your Ears!

Reason is not the way we do things anymore. Common sense such as if you wrongfully harm others you make new enemies is now a kook, crazy, crackpot, tin hat way of thinking. Keep your ears plugged, your eyes closed and your mouth shut. That is how we are told you can be a real American and true patriot!

Facts have nothing to do with anything anymore. In fact, speaking of facts, should you bring up any of these pesky facts that contradict state constructed fantasies, such as the 9/11 commission report, you are clearly a kook, a nut, crazy wearing a tin hat and worse are a threat to our nation. Just watch any corporate controlled mass media "News Show" for confirmation of that fact.

You have military, now operating against the people of The United States, brutalizing peaceful protesters... that isn't happening.

You have millions dying, or worse, in foreign countries under your military wars created from lies and false flag events... that isn't happening.

You have a government that has gone rogue and tyrannical using it's law and authority to rob the public and give it to corporations... that isn't happening.

You have concentration camps built and operational all over the country capable of detaining tens of millions! ... that isn't happening.

You have the Bill of Rights virtually totally destroyed and eliminated... that isn't happening.

You have presidents that have set themselves up as dictator, sole power and authority he can assassinate any one he chooses on his discretion alone without review or recourse.. that isn't happening.

You have the people's pension funds disappearing right before your eyes as they are stolen by government complicit in the act corporations... that isn't happening.

The government is mandating that your food, water and air must be poisoned and is now mandating that you do not have access to healthful natural herbs... that isn't happening.

You have government policies and laws being enacted all the time that are clearly an open assault and attack on the people of America and America herself... that isn't happening.

You are living in one of the most oppressive and violent military regimes in history.. that isn't happening.

The rule of law has been thrown out the window the centuries old civilized construct of Habeas Corpus is no more.. that isn't happening.

The largest culprits causing unchecked environmental destruction are now promoting themselves as pillars of environmental authority and protection.. that isn't happening.

You have a government that no longer represents the people and no longer upholds their oath to protect the constitution.. that isn't happening.

This list could easily continue and go on "ad nauseam"... that isn't happening.

There are many "Voices Of Reason" out there should you choose to open your eyes, unplug your ears and then speak about it. Here is just one of many...

Gore Vidal - American Empire

When the lights go out and you have lost the best thing a people have ever had and your children are condemned to a brutal and violent destitute future... that didn't happen!


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Fox News: Glimpses Into The Pravda Propoganda Machinery

You control the media, you control what the people know and think. That is simply how it is. Many large corporations are well aware of this axiom that is why virtually all media is owned and controlled by a very few corporate empires.

The news is about what is best for corporate agendas which by the way include The New World Order. Mass media can make or break presidents, prime ministers, popes, kings and queens simply by controlling what the public is told about them.

You are prime time Neo they are playing you not like just any violin.. they are playing you like a fine Stradivarius Violin! Here are a couple of videos that give you glimpses into the main stream media Pravda propaganda machinery.

Some people say... Fox News is Fair and balanced... You can't believe some things some people say.

FOX News Whistle blowers:

And the documentary OUTFOXED : Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism:

Not just any violin.. a Stradivarius Neo..

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