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Cancer: What you don't Know Will Kill You

The Department of Education (DOE) brought us government controlled indoctrination.. er, I mean education. One of the first things any tyrannical regime does is take over the indoctrination, oops, education system. The corporations, government bed partners, have brought us controlled media. Another first required by tyranny is to take control of the media, control public information.

We have had both for quite a while now. So long in fact we now have an entire generation of government indoctrinated mass media spoon fed controlled information "subjects". There are now many out there whom think government is good. There are many whom think government is the answer. There are many whom think government is there to protect you. There are many whom think government can be trusted.

Sadly, in many cases, ONLY the government.

And this is the "Matrix" that is upon us all now. This is what must be overcome and busted if we are to have any chance of regaining that star of freedom, prosperity and happiness that America began as. The founding fathers had it right. Government is the problem, not the solution. That is why the Constitution was written to confine and inhibit government power and control.

That was a long time ago in a place far far away. Oppressive tyrannical forces have poisoned and chipped away at the original bedrock for so long that we are now pretty much what every other country under overlord rule has become, mediocre. We are now livestock and property of our overlords we only think we have choices and are free.

Let me submit an example of this truth that you are nothing more than livestock and property.. Cancer. Cancer alone will illustrate the truth about our government, about corporations, about what they really care about and is important to them. Cancer alone can illustrate just what you are to them.

Years ago it was discovered that cancer is actually a nutritional deficiency problem, back in the 50's I believe. It was also discovered what nutrition was lacking that allowed it to kill people. The problem you see is that cancer is a multi-billion dollar a year industry. To simply come along and say "Eat Right" and this entire industry dies was not allowed to happen. Industry was protected at the cost of your lives and finances. The information was suppressed and falsely negated officially.

You still think the government, corporations and even the medical community are about what is good for you? Watch this less than an hour documentary made over three years ago. After you are done learning about vitamin B-17, natures cancer control, how it has been turned into "quackery" by the profit seekers at the expense of you're lives, maybe you will see the real institutions that you have trusted your life with.


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Obama Czars: Know the monkeys on your back

It's amazing just how far gone this country has become. Strip us of rights.. no problem. Have the government nationalize industries.. no problem. Pre-emptively attack non threatening nations... no problem. Totally betray campaign promises.. no problem. Have the military brutalize peaceful protesters... no problem. Put everyone in the country under years of debt obligation just to keep the government running for part of one year.... no problem. Mangle my kids in school with government indoctrination.. no problem. Set the stage for military dictatorship.. no problem. Build operational gulags all over the country.. no problem. Import foreign military on our soil.. no problem.

It just goes on and on, it just keeps getting weirder and weirder.

We are now openly appointing "Czars" that will have broad federal power bypassing all of our checks and balances, they answer to our emperor Obama only. Czars?? problem.

ok.. we now have more Czars than Russia has had in their entire communistic history. If we are now forced to live under the dictatorial power of all these Czars it might be nice to know who they are.

Know the Obama Czar's by Shawn Roberts

You know.. I think there might actually be a problem.

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Net Neutrality: Government Internet Censorship

Net Neutrality...

Sure sounds good does it not? What could be wrong with that? To that I answer "The Patriot Act"! They just love giving these things names that sounds like they are good for you when in fact they are severely bad for you. Sounds good but is not. The Patriot Act Supposedly enacted to protect us from a guy in a cave that did not attack us on 9/11. It wipes out just about every one of our rights, sets up whole new illegal government organizations to keep an eye on, and control, US!

In case you haven't noticed, the government is not about what is good for you, government is about what is good for the government.

The reason for "Net Neutrality" is NOT about protecting what is good for you. Understand The Net has become a major threat to them. Here in the modern mass media TV zombie America we all do what were told to do, think what were told to think, elect.. attack.. demonize.. idolize.. you get the point. Well along comes the internet in which a hand full of oligarchs do not have control of the information. All of a sudden the truth starts getting out there causing problems for them. Consider Ron Paul. Just about everyone knows his name at least yet during the last presidential election his name was virtually taboo by mass media. According to mass media he did not exist and in the rare cases where he was mentioned he was demonized as a flake, fringe, nut job. He was for America and the people, not an oligarch puppet like most every other candidate. We can't have a media letting people know about things they do not want you to know about can we?

Even David Rockefeller himself, you know, the guy that thinks the world belongs to him, is on record declaring the internet is a threat to their plans of global domination.

This is what Net Neutrality is all about. It is getting legislation passed that lets the government control the internet content because Rockefeller wants that. Not because it is good for you!

If you would like to know more about "Net Neutrality" from a network source rather than an oligarch controlled mass media source a good start might be Preserve Internet Freedom -- Beware Obama's Net Neutrality at the website.


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You're Paying $400 for a Gallon of Gas

As many of you may have already guessed, yes, this is military spending. You know those same people who spend $45 for a $0.15 bolt nut, etc. Just released according to the Pentagon it costs taxpayers an average of $400 per gallon to fuel military vehicles in Afghanistan. And they burn fuel like there is no tomorrow.

If you would like more insane economic cost information about our military you can start with Google or Global Issues.

Our military. Running us bankrupt attacking countries that did not attack, nor threaten, us for the globalists and Military Industrial Complex profits. Blood for money, power and control.


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Congress’ Secret Plan to Pass Obamacare

And this, for all those that still think congress is there for us, is another example of congress cares less what the public wants. Congress in fact has bureaucratic manipulation methods long tested and used up their sleeve to pass what the public does not want passed.

They use things like this to push through what is not wanted, they use things like this to block and stop the passage of what is wanted.

ObamaCare, bad for you, good for corporations, more control over your personal life by a criminal government. They decide if you live or die.. not you.

Congress’ Secret Plan to Pass Obamacare – CONFIRMED

Here is just one example of a successful private health care option: The Whole Foods Alternative to ObamaCare


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Iran: Iraq All Over Again?

Iran is trying to develop nuclear weapons..

This is bad they will use them to blow me up...

We have to sanction/attack Iran for my protection..

...Deja Vu. Where have I heard this before??

Oh yeah! Iraq!

I have yet to figure out how attacking a country that has not attacked me, how killing innocent men, woman and yes, children many times in front of their parents, prevents terrorism?!??! Wouldn't that create more terrorism? I know if foreign troops marched into my country, killed my wife and children in front of me for no reason they would have another terrorist to deal with.

Wouldn't a helping hand of friendship work much better than a bullet in my family? Wouldn't the obvious weapon against terrorism be diplomacy, food, medicine and other aide?

I guess I just don't understand...

The media is at it again, beat me to death every time I turn the TV on Iran is evil and going to hurt me. Get me all worked up in a frenzy of fantasy fear rational goes out the window I beg my government to attack someone who is not attacking me!

Deja Vu...

The question that begs answering is who are the REAL terrorists?

For an examination of our PRAVDA mass media propaganda engine's manipulation, I mean questionable reporting practices, about Iran you can go over to an article about it at FAIR (Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting). The article also links to other related articles on the medias part regarding Iran and Iraq.

FAIR: Iraq All Over Again?


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DOE: Another Bullet In You That You Paid For

What amazes me about this entire assault upon us and our country is the way it is being done. Basically it comes down to simply we are paying for the tools and devices that are being used against us. You were shot in the head with a gun and bullet you bought and paid for!

You are paying for the military.. it is being used against you.

You are paying for the government.. It is being used against you in every way possible.

You are paying for the police and jails.. It is being used against you.

Here is one more example of this. But in this example instead of you directly it is being used against your children! You know those little innocent and defenseless ones that are counting on you to protect them?

The Department of Education.. you are paying for it being used against you through your children. Ever since the DOE took over control of our children's education we have seen a sever fall in the quality of their education. We have seen a sever rise in dysfunction and even kids killing each other in school under government mandated policies. Our children went from the best educated in the world to among the worst. These are your children I am referring to here that are enduring this bullet you are paying for.

Under the DOE your children are taught that "Authority is truth". Before the DOE under parental control the rule was "Truth is authority". Notice the subtle but significant difference? Your children are being taught about truth and authority that is for sure.

Under the DOE it went from trust in family and community to trust in the state and authority. Under the DOE it went from distrust of state and authority to distrust of family and community. Another subtle difference?

Your children stupid in America and you paid for it.


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The Patriot Act: Big Brother Is Now Watching You!

The Patriot Act, the perversion of English and our laws, that allows the government to spy on you unchecked under the pretense of protecting you from terrorists is really about collecting information about you! Understand what they mean by "Terrorist". A terrorist is anyone who is a threat to their plan to destroy America and establish their communistic "New World Order". That mean veterans, people who support the Constitution and Bill of Rights, political activists against what they are trying to do are all now considered terrorists by our own government! Yes, you have become an enemy of your own country thanks to our government and the Patriot Act.

The Patriot Act is NOT about terrorism and your protection. The Patriot Act is about being able to spy on, collect information about, anyone in the United States that may have a problem with, or be against, their plans of global domination. It's about determining who will resist their illegal and traitorous activities.

Understand when you think of terrorism you think think of buildings blowing up, innocent people being killed by madmen trying to advance their agenda. That would be our own government, they are the terrorists! The truth of 9/11 should be all you need to know for a verification of this claim.

So now you, your family, your neighbors, every citizen in this country is now a possible terrorist if you love this country. To find out who is a threat to them the Patriot Act allows unlimited, unchecked, spying on you all! Information is being collected about you and put into a massive FBI database when you least suspect it.

You can read about Motel Lodging, Car rentals and even retail store purchases that are all profiling you as a possible terrorist. Watch out Twitter, Facebook, You Tube - Users!

All your phone calls, tollbooth highway movement and any other information that goes into the hands of government agencies, many corporations and even internet web sites is now FBI fodder to determine if you should be targeted for roundup.

The Patriot Act: Turning patriots into terrorists and enemies of the state!

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