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Wow.. Baltimore!!! Are you Serious?

Baltimore’s chief prosecutor, Marilyn J. Mosby, charged six police officers on Friday with a range of crimes including murder and manslaughter in the arrest and fatal injury of Freddie Gray.

In the words of Edward Jenkins, 44, a motivational speaker and musician who goes by the name Voyce, when he was told of the charges. “Are you serious?”

This is certainly surprising good news for the family of Freddie Gray and people everywhere. A step in the right direction? However just bringing charges is not the same as convictions. Can she make them stick? That's the real challenge and precedent that needs to be set. Are you serious?

The "Official" medical examiner reported the cause of death as a "Homicide". A healthy young boy till the police put their hands on him now he is dead a "Homicide" while in police custody. Sounds like a strong case to me.

Two of the charges I found most interesting were the charges of "False Arrest" no probable cause and "Depraved heart murder” which means indifference to human life. There is way too much of both these days it seems. The first is an insult to due process the latter is an insult to humanity. You should NOT be a police officer.

Go for it Marilyn and make history rendering justice for the family of Freddie Gray and the people of Baltimore.


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Baltimore: Violence Begets Violence??

Yet another "Death by police violence" and yet another wide spread "Riot violence" as a result.

In my opinion BOTH the police and the rioters are wrong.. More specifically VIOLENCE IS WRONG!! It solves nothing and in fact creates more problems such as begeting violence in return for it.

What's interesting to note is that police will use violence all the time upon the people. Often quite excessive. That, of course, is never brought into to public eye unless it was caught on video and/or someone died for it. However should the people use excessive violence it will be on every news channel across America 24/7 and of course they are wrong! Yes, in fact, they are. But so are the police when they used it but it was not reported. What are a people supposed to do?

Would you please stop murdering us? ...No.
Would you please stop the excessive violence? ...No.
Would you please prosecute for murder? ..No.
Would you please at least terminate their job? ..No.
Would you please have accountability? ..No.
Would you please improve your recruit screening? ..No.
Would you please change your policies? ..No.
Would you please make police answer to the same laws we have to? ..No.

What did you do? We gave them a paid vacation. Rest assured the police will investigate what the police did to see if there was police wrong doing or police breaking laws. Justice will be served!

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.

- John F. Kennedy

Shall we say "Change" instead of "Revolution" and there you go... Who is at fault here? Who started this ball of violence rolling? Who is able to stop it without further violence?

Yet another community burned down because of unchecked police violence?


Google "The Death of Freddie Gray"

Google "Baltimore solidarity protest"

President Obama on Baltimore Riots C SPAN

Pay close attention and listen carefully. Obama is a master of "Lip Service". Saying a lot he knows exactly what you want to hear but doing nothing with it. The answer is real simple ie the police need to be held accountable and to be prosecuted. Thats not happening.

"Task Force". Read stall, delay, drag feet, placate and lots of people making lots of government money that once again is completely wasted.

"Body Cameras". The police are the criminals. Body cameras for the criminals. Need I say more?

"This has been going on for decades". Thats right. Think about that one. Where were all the corporate controlled news outlets when people for decades have been screaming about this. Why has it never come into the public eye before??? And ask also why is it now coming to light???

"We need transparency". Obama, Mr. NON-transparency himself, the government is NON-transparent, he has a lot of nerve for even saying that.. with a straight face even!

Wanna File a Police Complaint (Arrested for Trying)

Either intimidated into leaving or arrested... Either way he couldn't File a Police Complaint

Could I please file a complaint form? ..No!!


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Hot Future Markets For The Savvy Investor/Entrepreneur

This post is in response to all you Nay-Sayers about the the damage and destruction done to everything everywhere by the banker controlled corporations and governments of the world.

We've been getting a lot of flak from the general populace about irrelevant things like destroying the environment, destroying economies, destroying jobs, destroying lives and just in general sociopathic amoral mayhem biblical. What the general populace fails to understand is just how unimportant these things are compared to the only things of real importance such as amassing power, control and profits.

Instead of focusing like a bunch of cry baby weenies upon all the destruction we are causing to everything and everyone everywhere why don't you all try to be more positive and focus instead on all the wonderful opportunities we are presenting to you all by our activities?

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"Obama Said They Created 50,000 New jobs... Where Are They?!?!?"

Such is the expression put to me by the owner/operator of a small corner store near my house. Apparently I walked right into the middle of a government macro-economic policy trashing session. Not one happy camper in the entire place. In fact there was a distinct and quantifiable measure of animosity about it all.

"Did they mention the 500,000 jobs they destroyed at the same time?" I asked the obviously concerned and quite upset owner/operator but I could see that might have been a mistake he was already pretty agitated.

So I quickly fell back on an alternate retort "That's just Government BS numbers on a piece of paper AKA a lie."

Amazingly that seemed to calm him down everyone here is in agreement the government lies so we get unto the business at hand. "What do I need today?"

I explain to him "I already have my usual beer in my bag but I also need a large bag of tobacco also." He puts a large bag of tobacco in my bag and I check out over a few more "Warm" words about our savior government.


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The Sugar Pine Mine Militia: Once Again The Government Needs Reminding About Rights And Due Process?

Things like we have "Rights" and are entitled to due process just keep getting overlooked by "Our" government. One could even make an argument "Our" government has real issues with "Rights" and due process. It just gets in the way of their stealing and criminality.

Once again the militia and Oath Keepers are called in to protect people from their "Own" government.

Where's the highest law enforcement official in the country.. The Sheriff? Didn't he take an oath to uphold the Constitution and protect the people in his county? Militia have to do what he will not? He needs to be recalled.

Militia is how it is meant for people to protect themselves from a government gone full blown tyrannical.. you know.. USA, USA, USA.. Wave flag?

And that is why the government wants to take our guns away.

Of course, I'm sure, corporate controlled mass media will present it all as fair and unbiased reporting. However the government will always be right and anyone who challenges them will always be wrong. Isn't that right Waco?

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