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MatrixUSA Updated: Links Page: The Anarchast

MatrixUSA has been updated: The Anarchast YouTube channel has been added to the Education Section of the Links Page.

Welcome to Anarchast!

Just like our very own government and Matrix system upon us The Anarchast, Anarchy, may not be what you think it is.



YouTube "Anarchapulco 2017"


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An Inconvenient Truth In Hindsight

Back in 2006 Al Gore came out with his "Inconvenient Truth." It's been a few years since Al made his claims and assertions that carbon dioxide drives global temperature. And we now have anthropological carbon emissions off the charts that will of course, if you follow Al's reasoning, result in global warming off the charts.

Be afraid, very afraid, we are all going to die and take the living planet with us as we do! A wonderful work of pure fear mongering worthy of study. Twist, distort, exaggerate and/or otherwise blatantly lie about the truth of it all then present it as gospel scientific fact and there you have it. An inconvenient truth! To it's credit it did seem to arouse a global awareness about environmental health. We all do need and depend upon it.

Before I go any further let me say right here up front that I am a country boy. Grew up close in natures embrace all around me and I have a reverence for mother Earth, nature and our planetary environmental health. And all life that depends upon it. If what you hear that comes next from me suggests to you I care not about the environment you are way off the mark.

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The Oppressed Praising The Oppressors!

That was the impression I walked away with after watching this video:

Condoleezza Rice Stuns On 'The View' By Explaining Guns Saved Her From Racists(VIDEO)!!!

Guns can be good in the hands of people? Well duh! Even Condoleezza can tell stories about that. But as the conversation goes not ALL guns only certain types. We need to take away these guns from people they are bad in their hands.

Oh I know this one. Then after they are gone we need to take away these guns from the people they are bad in their hands. Then when they are gone we need to take away these guns from the people they are are bad in their hands!

And then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out. Need I say more?

And excuse me the government is allowed to have any and all assault weapons they desire including tanks, bombs, jet planes, rockets, explosives of all types including.. yes.. Nuclear. And they use them to ASSAULT innocent men, women, children and countries for corporations no less. Make no mistake they will use all that on us the people in a heartbeat. But that is ok and beyond any debate on The View. They are the government. And this is Condoleezza.

The View is a major team player. Completely choreographed I'd bet.


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The Many Faces Of Government False Flag Terrorism

Here is a "60 minutes" type comprehensive examination of state sponsored false flag terrorism by Max Igan over at the Crow House. Max does a pretty good job of examining all kinds and variations of the standard operating procedure government MO of false flag terrorisms. There would be the obvious like 9/11 and the Reichstag Fire to start wars. But there is also your Pearl Harbor types in which a situation was created provoking another into violence and then standing back and allowing said violence to happen. I'm shocked I tell you!

But it takes many forms it really is a standard operating procedure government MO. A peaceful protest is infiltrated with agent provocateurs to specifically and intentionally commit violence enabling police/military response the protestors are violent!! Of course the ones that committed the violence are masked and rarely end up arrested nor doing jail time. But the peaceful protestors are and will.

A Brief History of Government False Flag Terrorism

"False Flag" terrorism is basically deceptive violence misleading the public. Under that umbrella I would suggest mass media and corporate controlled news could also be labeled as "False Flag" terrorism.

Rule by deception and fear. Demand that those whom are attacking you must do something to protect you! Everyone go barking up the wrong tree and how many millions over there died for something they did NOT do over here?


The Crow House


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It's Not Your Grandparents Produce

How do I love thee? Yet another way government love and protection for corporations can be counted. Yes good for them and bad for you.

I don't know maybe I'm way off on this one. You see normally government protection of corporations regarding food allows corporations to taint the food because the government says it is safe and ok. Just a little tainting not a lot. So you will find all kinds of xenobiotics in your food products. If it doesn't kill you instantly nor give you diarrhea it is safe according to our protective government. If it will only kill a small percentage of the population then it has protective government approval to use. Certainly our grandparents did not have to deal with these problems as often as we all do today.

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