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ICANN Brings Down MatrixUSA

MatrixUSA was down for a couple days due to new ICANN domain ownership procedures. An email was sent trying to verify the owner but was sent to an old outdated email address. A new one was on file but somehow they had the old one. When no reply was received they turned off the domain name.

Let the nightmares begin! I had to scan and send an ID three times to two different addresses. Once in color because the black and white ones didn't cut it. Email verification was sent to an email address I never had where did you get that one I'm curious???? The front end support people tried helping me a few times but finally created a "Ticket" and turned it over to the back room big boys to handle. I think even the folks over at my hosting servers were a bit confused themselves as this is all new stuff to them also.

But as you can see it was finally worked out and MatrixUSA is back up. I had to verify the "Change of Ownership". It was really just an email address change the owner was the same but fine what ever you say at that point!


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The Mandela Effect: Sup With That?

This just came across my radar for the first time but a few days ago. How it came to pass is not something I wish to get into here with the... Uninitiated? The Mandela Effect is basically collective memory of things that never happened. You can Google "Mandela Effect" or even visit this page that lists several popular examples of the effect.

Well in one of those examples I discovered I myself have apparently fallen prey to this "Mandela Effect". What??!! They never said that??? I have clear memories of them saying exactly that. Not only saying that but clear and even vivid memories of how they said it! Now you tell me it was never said at all??!!! Spooky!

The one I'm referring to is number three on their list. “We Are the Champions” by Queen ends differently than many recall. Specifically there is no "of the world" at the end. I was around when that song first came out and was released. And understand also music is "big medicine" so to speak with me. I have an extensive music collection and I can recite out of memory the full lyrics of many of the songs. This is not possible! I mean this memory is so clear, vivid and powerful that things like fractured time lines and pan-dimensional crossovers make more sense to me. Yes.. it is and is not there are both true! Depends entirely upon which time line or alternate dimension you are coming from!

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Wow.. A Matrix Menagerie Examination That Ended With Drugged Children And School Violence!!

Let me also add NEEDLESSLY drugged children, which the Matrix denies of course, that apparently causes the school violence, which the Matrix denies of course, as the same said drugs are almost always involved in the violence cases.

But that is where I ended up. Let me back this up to the beginning and hopefully be able to relate how it all came to pass, how I got here, as this Matrix Menagerie examination unfolded. It's a wonderful study in how the Matrix mangles us all and touches upon many of the important who's-who of the Matrix team players helping to deliver this Matrix Madness right into us all!

We're talking smoke and mirrors here, Let the buyer beware, dis-information, slight of hand, faulty reasoning and of course all the "You can always trust me" sources of information that CAN'T always be trusted. And these are only but a few of the many pearls of poison they threw at me trying to prevent me from arriving at this place I arrived.

It all started with the YouTube video Jon Rappoport, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny & Andreas Bachmair - Zika Virus “Outbreak”... Here is an excerpt from the video description:


Our three returning guests join us for a discussion on the dangerous affair of vaccines and the misleading propaganda being peddled by infectious disease agencies. We begin with an in-depth look into the latest “outbreak” hysteria centered on Zika,...

Think government-big pharma industrial complex here. Quick create a war.. er.. OUTBREAK so that we can sell death and destruction machinery.. er.. VACCINES!

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It's All A Matter Of Perspective. Pick A Cooking Show..

..any cooking show here in America or any other "Developed" countries around the world. You know? The ones with the well kept house slaves?

Now watch that show and imagine if you can, or will, what it must look like through the eyes of these children:

Hungry Children

From a place of affluence and abundance.. What's wrong with this picture?

If you ask me this is a clear crime against humanity. And whomever allowed this to pass, or even worse this is probably by design, is seriously sick and deserves no mercy. This could even be your tax dollars at work! Does that work for you????


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Government: Because You Would Not Accept The REAL Authority

I'm going to keep this one simple. This is how it is. There is a power behind the throne that is greater than the king himself. Call it what you will.. the Illuminati.. The Bilderbergers.. The Elite.. The 0.00000001 percenters..

The very small handful that pretty much own and control it all! Including most every government out there across the planet including our own.

These are your Lord Rothschilds, Rockefellers and the like. You know the ones I'm talking about. They are the REAL Nazis! Hitler and his government were just their flunky front servants. These are the people who decide who will be president and who will not. Government gets its major marching orders, agenda, from these people.

The problem is that an entire country of people will not get "on-board" and surrender to, lets say, David Rockefeller telling them all what to do and what will happen. Ain't going to happen. And there you go the whole primary purpose of government. To get the people on board and surrender to an authority. Of course that authority is only just a duplicitous front for the real power behind the throne.

So at the end of the day the 0.00000001 percenters tell the government what to do and then the government tells you all what to do making sure the people do what they want done.

Plus! They get to stay in the shadows when it all goes wrong and it will go wrong. The King will be dragged out not them.

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