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MatrixUSA Updated: Links Page: War Criminals Watch

MatrixUSA has been updated. War Criminals Watch has been added to the Activism/Preparedness Section of the Links Page.

That's right War Criminals as in plural many. Corporate controlled TV News is not calling them out. Corporate controlled government is not calling them out. Too big to prosecute even by the international community combined!! Truly frightening they can do what ever they want no one will hold them accountable lest they be war crime drone striked also.

Someone has to call them out.

All those committing war crimes, and there are many, are just following orders. The president? Just doing what he is told to do by controlling corporations. Our government? Just doing what they are told to do by controlling corporations. We all know how "Just following orders" holds up in war crimes court after WW II no?

They do it for money, power, control, theft and sadly way too often simply because they are a sick sociopathic homicidal maniac that just loves pulling the wings off flies so to speak.

Sure.. put that money in my bank account and I'll kill my mother myself!

Just as was true for Nazi Germany WWII the same is true here. Specifically Hitler was just a flunkly lap dog doing what he was told by the powers that be. The same powers issuing orders to our government and presidents now. THE SAME!!!

They are the TRUE NAZIS. The same several hundred people sitting on the controlling boards of all the controlling corporations that are issuing the orders. They NEVER COMMIT THE CRIMES. They have their flunky lap dog presidents and governments do it for them.

Germany lost the war. Flunky lapdog Hitler was defeated. Millions of people died the world was devastated. The TRUE NAZIS weren't even scratched and in fact quite amused by it all. They have a new flunky lapdog war machine now. Our very own military-industrial complex. Unlimited money for death and destruction yet returning veterans are dying in our streets homeless no money to save them. A new rabid lapdog killing machine just following the TRUE NAZI'S orders.

USA, USA, USA... Wave flag.


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Google "Bill Clinton Rape"

All the "Rape" accusations against Bill Clinton are completely bogus and have no validity at all. Every one of them as many as there are.

Once again "Bill Clinton Rape" is being kicked around. For example:

The Corbett Report: Google "Bill Clinton rape"

We should hold no animosity towards Bill about this because as he explains himself he is being singled out from all the other political power players woman are trying to destroy his political career by bringing false rape allegations. That poor man. Why do woman do this with him but not others in political power? This has been haunting him again and again his entire life.

Even if what all these woman are claiming, that Bill raped them, is true in their mind it is still a bogus and invalid claim.

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Am I Seeing An Internet Access Pattern? Do You See It Too?

I have an Internet access account with Verizon. 50mb FiOS it truly is a smoking connection to the net. It doesn't matter what time of day or night max speed is always available. Well designed Verizon I'll give you that.


As you should all be aware I go cruzing around in the Net wanting to link to "Alt" media and expressions of all kinds. I don't visit ABC, CBS, NBC nor the like.

Verizon's FiOS service is amazing a fast connection is made and the page loads in literally an eye blink. All the time every time.


When I am trying to connect to alt news sites or links that are hostile to the powers that be by just exposing their ugly truth. Then, how weird is this, many times, quite often actually, Verizon goes all bugshit. Can't find the site. I have to go through Google to get it. Then when connected the site takes forever to load. I mean dial up would be faster! And not unusual the page load will completely fail because it "Timed out" it was taking so long.

The Verizon bugshit seems to only be with the hostile to "herd" control agenda web sites. It's not government approved information.

I'm not saying Verizon is directly responsible for the internet link going all bugshit. That path to the site has to go through several channels and servers before Verizon delivers it to me. It may be Verizon or it may be someone else somewhere else along the path to that site that is causing the bugshit.

Advertisements, bread/circus meaningless distractions and state approved agendas never go bugshit. Do you see it too?


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Just A Reminder. It's Friday the Thirteenth. Be Afraid.

In our modern culture the masses are oppressed and controlled by the very few in many ways. One of their biggest clubs that they beat us into submission and compliance with is "FEAR". They just love putting FEAR into us all about all kinds of things. The state does it. The church does it. The media does it.

So in a society in which FEAR is so important to it's complete dysfunction one should look upon today, Friday the Thirteenth, as a day of celebration in honor of FEAR itself.

Sit home and contemplate that you are not safe from all the bad things that can happen to you because it is Friday the Thirteenth. Use your imagination. Be afraid. Be very afraid.


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Hola Mexico! How You Doing Today Neighbor?

Corruption, Lies, Threats, and Journalism in Mexico

Hector Cubillos of joins James Corbett in Acapulco to discuss his own brush with the corrupt government officials of Mexico and the lies, threats and intimidation that keeps the lid (more or less) on journalists there.

OMG you too!? The exact same thing is happening here in America.

  • The bankers control the government.
  • The government controls the country.
  • Therefore the bankers control the country.

Both our countries are being run by the same people.. the bankers. Why am I surprised the same thing is happening to both of us? The people are now just banker livestock. It's their standard MO.

So the heavy hand of Federal Government is coming down hard terrorizing a college kid? Because they are afraid of what he might say? We have the same thing here in America. We call it "Freedom of speech" as long as we keep our mouth's shut. I say let the kid say what ever he wants to say. I'm not afraid of words.

Try whistle blowing if you think journalism has become dangerous.

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