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The Red Pill
So you want to take the red pill. Good for you Neo. On this page I will try to sum up and present in succinct terms just a few of the major truths about modern America that have been kept hidden from most of the public for quite some time now. The staggering difference is so large between what we are led to believe and the real truth about America makes the comparison with The Matrix scenario completely appropriate. A lot of research has been done on this to provide you with this summary and some links to get you up to speed quickly.

The revelations expressed upon this page may not surprise some. For many however they will be very upsetting and very hard to accept as even remotely possible much less actually true. It presents a truth and reality about our government and country that is quite different from what we are led to believe. It is a hard pill to swallow so to speak. As you read this be careful not to reject it straight out because it is so absurd. Yes, that's right, it is absolutely absurd, that does not make it untrue however! Hang in there, hear what is said and check it out for yourself with the help I am giving here. All the claims on this page can be verified as true. You have to go to the Internet and specifically look for the information. Mass media does not volunteer the information and what little they give is distorted or just plain untrue. The propaganda machinery does not have full control of the Internet yet, though they are trying. Fortunately the internet views censorship as a "fault" and routes around it.

Many links have been provided to help get you started however there is a lot of information being presented here. It is impossible to foresee or determine all the possible links viewers would desire. In the case of information that has no link you can turn it into a link simply by highlighting the desired word or phrase then right-clicking on it to query a search engine with the highlighted text. The Firefox web browser allows you to do that and you can even pick the search engine you want to query.

I am going to be forthright and very candid about what I am about to expose to you. This is not the time to mince words, sugar coat nor pander our time is very short Neo. Either you can handle this or you can not. Understand also that MatrixUSA is designed, it's purpose, is to "extract people from The Matrix". If MatrixUSA is successful then it becomes a "Transfer Station". Links to many good sites and organizations are provided to help get you started and on your way.

Modern corporate controlled mass media combined with government controlled education is "The Matrix" Neo. Together they create a very powerful illusion that you are kept in effectively controlling your life. They control the information the public is given, they control what you know, they control what you don't know, they control your thoughts and mind this way! They tell you what to think, they tell you what to do, they tell you who is good, they tell you who is bad, they tell you what is right, they tell you what is wrong. You are just a "battery for the machine" Neo, a disposable battery. Here is a video clip made up from The Network movie and the Zeitgeist documentary. Howard Beale in his "We're in a lot of trouble" rant tells it like it really is.

MatrixUSAFirst a quick summary and overview before getting into specifics and references. America is no longer a constitutional representative limited government republic, nation of free people nor rule of law. Modern America, should you do the research, is actually a corrupt Fascist Oligarchy carefully concealed from the public. Our current government, both in size and scope of what it does, is an abomination to our founding fathers and a rejection of what the constitution defines, illegally too often.

Our representatives do not represent us anymore many times going against the wishes of the people. Many in congress seem to be unfamiliar with the constitution or have no respect for it by passing legislation that violates the Constitution as a regular course of business. Too many representatives exhibit corruption and duplicity. The difference between a Democrat and Republican is very obscure as they have both, in general, become puppets of the Oligarch rulers and that is who they represent. The whole election process is becoming more corrupt and dysfunctional with each election cycle.

Mass media news is no longer news intentionally keeping important events and information from the public. It is now more like propaganda, programming and brainwashing violating the public trust and their constitutional obligations.

Virtually all of the indicators and charts are heading in the wrong direction. We as a people are becoming less free, less affluent, less informed, less substance, less educated, less tolerant, less civic minded and less aware of what it really means to be American. We as a people seem to be more easily controlled, more dependent on government, more apathetic, more violent, more greedy, more selfish, more lazy, more accepting of authority and of course, more overweight. We as a nation have gone from envy of the world to feared by the world in fact we are currently a nuclear rogue nation. As a people we have moved from sovereign individuals to property of the state they have complete control of our lives we need their permission for just about everything. Land of the free, home of the brave seems somewhat inappropriate in today's America. Read The Death of Freedom for further insight about this.

Fading AmericaYou think maybe something is wrong Neo? Of course there is! Even our own bloated unconstitutional government admits that all the time. In fact virtually all the problems are a result of our bloated unconstitutional government. And you know the ironic part here Neo? The government will use as an excuse all the problems they created as a reason to create even more government! Isn't there something inherently insane in that argument? "He drowned because there was too much water.. we need more water so it doesn't happen again!" No... more will drown. This has been going on for so long we are on the verge of a major collapse and disaster the death of America being the result. We are about to throw away the best thing a people have ever had. America is fading away right before our eyes. What follows on this page are just some things that have been kept from the public, things the public really should know Neo for their own well being and safety.
Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.
- John Adams

Same S%$ Different A^&hole
History is replete with examples of people and organizations that want total control and possession of everything including you as their property. The battle for control between them and the people has been going on for centuries, millennia even. They believe only they have the wisdom and knowledge to handle how things are run and controlled, the general population is too dumb for this. They will decide who is in charge of what company, country, military, etc. They will decide who lives, who dies. People become property to serve them, you have no say at all about this.
A picture is worth a thousand words. Without getting into the thousand words of history and reasoning that commissioned and authenticated this artistic expression and political statement just consider for a moment what it is saying. Our presidents are a repeat Hitler of Nazi fascist style fame, Bush in particular. They are just the Oligarch front man as Hitler was, Obama is no different. Now consider for a moment that this could be true... because Neo, it is true! Refer to the J.O.E. American Death of Freedom articles on the LINKS page and Google "Fascist Bush" for more details about this. Did you know Neo That Bush's grandfather was implicated in a Fascist coup attempt on America? His grandfather was also associated with Hitler and aided his rise to power? I'll bet you didn't as the corporate controlled mass media is protecting their fascist representative. Refer to this Lynn Stuter article for more on Bush's family heritage and political leanings.
From Hitler to Pinochet and beyond, history shows there are certain steps that any would-be dictator must take to destroy constitutional freedoms and take down free societies. And, argues Naomi Wolf, George Bush and his administration seem to be taking them all. Here is a summary of the ten steps.
1. Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy
2. Create a gulag
3. Develop a thug caste
4. Set up an internal surveillance system
5. Harass citizens' groups
6. Engage in arbitrary detention and release
7. Target key individuals
8. Control the press
9. Dissent equals treason
10. Suspend the rule of law
It goes something like this: Internal and external enemy threats mandate the creation of a Gulag, supported by thugs and surveillance. By harassing groups and individuals using arbitrary detention and release, and targeting key people, the press [and reading public] can be controlled and manipulated. Dissent becomes treason and the rule of law is suspended. Dictatorship accomplished. This link to YouTube is a part 1 of 6 interview with Naomi Wolf about her new book, End Of America and the ten steps.
Our AssholeThe bad news doesn't end there. Also like Hitler, Our president is NOT the top dog. They are just someone lower in the command chain as are most other national leaders. The New World Order is the fascist resurrection of classic historical Nazi Germany. This time instead of trying to take over the world by force, as Hitler did, they are doing it by stealth and deception. They are very close to pulling it off. If they do pull it off there will be no other nation, or alliance of nations, to stand and fight against this newly emerged monster. It will be the only power and game on the planet and every human being will be subject to it. Refer to the NWO-NAU page for more information about this.
To say that Bush is traitorous, treasonous and criminal would be understatements considering the sheer number of times his administration has committed violations on this level. There are literally dozens of examples of this from him, any one a major offense impeachable and prosecutable. In fact the entire Bush clan, including all his brothers have made a career of stealing millions from the public with government help. It's all in the family. Not a word from corporate controlled mainstream media news about any of this. Many corporations are stealing from the public also via the government they now control. More frightening, not a word out of congress about it either. Google "Bush Crimes" to see for yourself just how many and how bad they are. What you will learn Neo is that it does not matter who the representatives are, what their label and party affiliation is, Democrat, Republican, left, right, conservative, liberal... they are all pretty much the same. Oligarch puppets serving the same masters and objectives. These are the same people that controlled the Nazis and defined what they did. Think about that.
Stop throwing the Constitution in my face, It’s just a goddamned piece of paper!
- President Bush

Fascism USAAmerica is already exhibiting all the traits and symptoms of what is considered to be a classic fascist government. For example, our military has been involved almost non-stop since WW II in campaigns of non-declared war simply representing corporate interests. Most recently our pre-emptive invasion of Iraq under the pretense of chasing terrorists. There were no terrorists in Iraq, there were no WMD's in Iraq, they knew it, the whole world knew it, it was all lies. Iraq is an occupation to take control of the area and grab the oil resources for political corporate interests, Classic Fascism. See and decide for yourself with this link that will present you with the fourteen points that define fascism.
Executive Orders and Martial LawMake no mistake about this one Neo.  While we have been asleep at the tube a fascist dictatorial regime was being set up.  Dictator Bush, following Hitler's game plan exactly, has installed all the executive orders necessary to do this, as Hitler did. And now with the implementation of the military commissions act doing away with Habeas Corpus, all he has to do is declare "Martial Law" and America goes bye bye.  We'll have a full blown military dictatorship right here in America you'll be locked up, no charges, no defense, no chance of getting out just because you speak out against the regime.  All laws are ALREADY in place for this!!!! This link to Tripod summarizes the executive orders and also gives some tips on surviving martial law.
Friends of LibertyThey are using police/para-military mercenaries and control of the media to crush any opposition or threat to them violating the law and people's rights, just as Hitler did. Google this to find out what they are doing and what they are not telling the public. There are military/FEMA plans to lock up large portions of the population soon we all will be the insurgents. Concentration camps Neo, right here, right now.Project Censored Look it up: Google "Rex 84" and/or "Garden Plot Operation". The Friends of Liberty link will give the locations of the 800 concentration camps along with other associated information about Marshal Law for the US. The Project Censored link will bring you to the top 25 unreported stories. Check out 2007 #14, KBR, a subsidiary of Haliburton, is awarded a contract to build detention centers (read gulags) around the US. The camps are operational right now and the largest one in Alaska can hold 2 million detainees! Ask yourself Neo: Why does the government need 800 camps Closer than you think capable of holding tens of millions of detainees? The CIA/FEMA are setting up Red/Blue lists right now of millions of American citizens who will go to these detention camps and surely will not leave alive. This is the real purpose of warrant less spying on Americans Neo, to identify who will not be comfortable with their takeover, not to find terrorists. Red, Blue and Pink reflective dots are already showing up on people's mailboxes so the military knows whom to target.

Google "Martial Law" to get a feel of just how dangerously close we are to the brink. If you have broadband The American Warning link above is a puppetgov YouTube video showing how foreign troops are being trained alongside US Marshals to round up the American public, take over cities, right now. Several states are considering seceding from the union should such an event as Martial Law occur. Arizona has passed a former resolution declaring their intent to do just that if Martial Law is declared or guns confiscated. Again.. this stuff is for real, it is not made up. We are just one terrorist attack or other disaster away from the velvet glove being taken off and having the iron fist of Nazi Germany right here in America.
As a note about executive orders becoming public law: It is not explicitly permitted under the constitution therefore, as the spirit of the Constitution suggests, anything that is not specifically permitted is not permitted. Executive orders originally started as a way for our chief administrator to direct governmental agencies, departments and operations. Somewhere along the way it has now flowed over to public law, many times in violation of Constitutional law. Only Congress can make law, no one else, especially not the president. The presidents have no authority under the constitution to do this yet they do WITHOUT resistance from the legislative or Judicial branches!! In other words the federal government is already gone. Most of our representatives support this and are traitors to us and our constitution as is the president. Constitutional republic, rule of law?? No Neo, it is not. This is a perfect example of government creating problems like another "Hitler" because they refuse to follow the law stipulated by the constitution. This is big stuff Neo yet not one word in the mass media news about it. The government controlled education system is NOT teaching our children any of this. The first time most people will find out about this is when the storm troopers kick in their door and take them off to the gulags.
American City Military TakeoversHow you doing Neo? Taking all this in ok? Maybe you're ready for this now. Several towns and cities within the US have already been taken over by the military. Practice and exercises they say it was. This video link into YouTube documents several American cities in which the military rolled into town, took over major offices and control centers, confiscated weapons, took over the town as an "exercise" they said. Citizens were arrested and taken to jail, neighborhood kids were talked into squealing on who had weapons and there were a couple of incidents in which people were shot and killed because they tried to stop this! They're putting the military into neighborhoods in preparation of the takeover Neo. Wake Up! The enemy is here among us now!
Another note Neo. Apparently they have been doing these "exercises" for years but up until Bush's administration the use of military within the United States for police operations was illegal. Can't do it. Bush and his criminal regime found a way around the Posse Comitatus Act however making it legal now. Google "Defense Authorization Act martial law" to find out about this. Now they are using 10's of thousands of US troops regular within the states. Corporate controlled mass media never misses a chance to pump the public that having military in their neighborhood is a good thing people should want it. In addition they have brought in foreign troops also, sounds like they're getting ready for something big to me. Again, this is big stuff and again not a word about it in the mass media news. Starting to see a pattern here Neo?
What luck for rulers that men do not think!
- Adolf Hitler

Fiat Money How could this happen you might ask? Money.. that's how. First the international bankers gain control of a countries money system. Once they have control of the money they have control of the country. Of all the countries in the world I believe there are only 7 or 8 left that they do not control. Think about that one Neo. When I saw the list of nations that have rejected the international central banks and/or paid off their debt, thereby rejecting turning over control of their country to them, what impressed me was who was on that list. Getting my information from mass media, this very small list comprises many I have been told are the worst, evilest, baddest regimes on the planet, the "Axis of Evil",. Coincidence? Iran is on that list by the way. Hmmm.. refuse the international bankers and they'll blow you up. It's all coming clear why we are pushing to nuke Iran, the banks control us, Iran rejects the banks.. The banks destroy Iran.Currently thre are only 3 countries left w/o a ROTHSCHILD Central Bank! Google "money masters" to learn about the real central bankers. In particular the Rothchilds are the banking masters of the planet. They have been a bane upon humanity and nations most of recent history misery can be dropped squarely in their lap. Here is a YouTube video entitled Criminal Rothchilds that gives a history lesson of what America alone had to deal with from the Rothchilds and their banking dynasty. As you will see they have been causing major problems right from the birth of our nation.
Pyramis SchemeThese people who want possession and control of the entire world are basically criminally insane. They utilize mass murder and terrorism on many levels to achieve their objectives. One of their favorite pastimes is manipulating nations and their people into wars for profit and control. Yeah.. Millions died, so what, they made a fortune financing both sides of the war they wished more could have died and it could have gone longer. That sums up the moral fiber of the international bankers. In addition the bankers run financial systems that keep nations in debt it is impossible to pay off the borrowed money without borrowing more. It is nothing more than a giant pyramid scheme with them at the top. Failure and collapse are built in. It allows them to control countries and people turning us all into debt slaves. They are the elite. We are the plebes, livestock and pestilence even. These are the real rulers of this planet, the power behind the power, the ones in the shadows, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.
Price IndexThe actual coup of America happened back in 1913 when congress handed over control of our nation's money to a private corporate organization, The Federal Reserve. That's right, The Federal Reserve is no more government than Federal Express is, in reality it is a private corporate cartel. These are some of the people actually running the country. It should be noted here Neo that the "Fed" is a violation of constitutional law, only the government, both state and federal, are allowed to coin money, and only in gold or silver. Gold and Silver, hard money, have been specified in the constitution for good reason. It keeps the value of the money stable and the government honest. This is a consumer price index chart since 1800. Notice how the prices remain stable while the money is issued by the government and is based on gold or silver. Look what happens to the index once control is turned over to the FED (1913) and even worse when it goes off the gold standard in 1933. Once off the gold standard its instant inflation, the dollar becomes worth less every year. That is how they can steal right out of your savings accounts. The Fed is every bankers "wet dream", they create money out of thin air, loan it to the government which must pay it back.. WITH INTEREST! If we were to do this Neo it would be called things like theft, fraud and counterfeiting. Google "illegal federal reserve" if you would like to find out more about this bane upon our country.
Funny MoneyThis is called a Fiat Money system, paper money based on nothing, just like Monopoly money. All, repeat.. ALL fiat money systems eventually fail ours is no different. The destruction of the dollar is actually quite imminent Neo. What we are witnessing right now with the price of everything rising rapidly is actually the value of the dollar falling rapidly, they call this inflation. It is accelerating to the point of hyper-inflation which is the death throes of the currency. Money, Banking and the Federal Reserve is a 40 minute Google video documenting the Fed and it's devastation upon our country. History of the Federal Reserve(Money Masters) is a 3.5 hour comprehensive video on the 200 year history of the battle between private bankers (federal reserve) and the power of the people to control the issuance of money. This video also documents how the FED took control of our country and the impending economic collapse making the Great Depression look like a "Sunday School Picnic". A word of caution about Money Masters. Though it is true that the documentary is good source for defining the problem and it's history it offers an incorrect solution. The Matrix machinery at work "Controlled Opposition". There are many other good documentaries about the FED.
Consider how our government is spending our money like a drunken sailor, the corporations are getting ungodly profits. Spending has gone through the roof yet they do not tax us for this money, they just have the FED print it up right out of thin air.Amero Currency They are doing this intentionally to engineer the collapse of the dollar, the bankruptcy of America. Understand this is how you can defeat and destroy a "super-power". That is how the Roman Empire collapsed, that is how the USSR collapsed. Not because they were conquered, because they went bankrupt. They destroyed themselves. That is how they plan on destroying America, without force. Once this bankruptcy occurs, the dollar is destroyed which they engineered, they will offer the Amero, NAU currency, as the answer to that disaster. The Denver Mint is already coining it. That will move us closer to the NAU/NWO, Another part of America will be dead and buried, just a footnote in history under irony. Know this also Neo, whenever a currency change occurs there are those who make out big and those who get wiped out. Haliburton will reap ungodly profits. You and I Neo will be wiped out, and I mean cardboard box under a bridge beg them to put you in a concentration camp wiped out. It will be the largest theft in the history of the world. You can click on this link to get more information about the Amero and it's purpose.

This is how the international banking cartel has taken over control of most nations on the planet. Usually they gain control of the money, drive the country bankrupt, foreclose because of default, and then keep the country in a permanent state of bankrupted debt they can never get out of it. America, Canada, England and most other modern nations have already fallen to this. America, Canada and England are all owned and controlled by the "Central Banks", including all resources, people are the "Human Resources". America went bankrupt in 1933 it only took 20 years for the third American Central Bank to do this to us. Remember the "turn in all gold"? Ever since then the corporate government has been in "Receivership", owned by the Central Bank. The government isn't there to represent you Neo, they are there to manage the bankruptcy for the bankers who own them. Federal Reserve Bank Notes are NOT money, we are not allowed to have real money, they are "debt notes", promises to pay.

Ever since they took control of our country it's just been a matter of time to transform it to the their New World Order. You see the Federal Reserve is just a subsidiary of the IMF, International Monetary Fund, The Bank of England. Like America, other Nations have also been taken over silent coup style. The link above is a one hour video about our Fiat Money, it's devastation upon us and how they pulled it off.
Again, big stuff, again not a word from the corporate controlled mass media news nor the state controlled education system about any of this.
Remember how John F. Kennedy tried to take away the power of the Federal Reserve by issuing Silver Certificates? We all know how that went. The first thing Johnson did when he took over after Kennedy's assassination was to destroy the Silver Certificates.
A little group of willful men, representing no opinion but their own, have rendered the great government of the United States helpless and contemptible.
- Woodrow Wilson

Joseph Banister websiteWant more Neo? With the establishment of the unconstitutional "Fed" the gouging and gutting of America begins. 1913 was also the year the IRS was created, a very very bad year for America. The IRS is a fraud, and like the FED, is NOT Federal. There is no constitutional basis for the application of this tax, in fact it is illegal as are many others for that matter. They have no right to tax us like this yet they do, voluntary compliance. We are all voluntarily submitting to this tax though we do not have to because they have made us believe it is legal. Refer to America: Freedom to Fascism on the Docs page for in depth information about this.
You think this money goes for things like roads, education, services? Wrong! Almost the entire amount of usable money collected by IRS is used SOLELY to pay the interest on the money borrowed from the Federal Reserve, the national debt. Refer to The Wikipedia Grace Commission entry for a start about that. That's right, the entire income tax collection is being handed over to private bankers. These bankers have been stealing from the public for years using the fraudulent IRS to do it, how sweet is that?
The image above links to the website of an ex-agent of the IRS. Joseph Banister was a special agent for the IRS till he tried finding the law that makes IRS legal and could not. After two years of investigation he finally submitted a 90 page inquiry to his superiors at IRS asking them to please let him know where the law is. His answer came in the form of a memo asking for his resignation! IRS is illegal. Worse, if you don't pay this illegal stealing of your money they have sent in police quasi military Gestapo style full tactical SWAT teams in some cases. On the floor now a gun at your head. Basically we are being mugged. The IRS will confiscate any possessions of any value that you have. Even the FBI is afraid of the IRS. Google "illegal IRS" for more about this.
Again Neo, this can not be said enough, this is big stuff. Yet not a word out of the corporate controlled mass media about any of this. Nor is any of this taught in the state controlled education system.

The Shock DoctrineMoney may be the driving force and a powerful means to an end as utilized upon our government. Some things just cannot be bought straight out however. So another tool, mechanism or device they use to implement major changes to their advantage is "Public Shock". A crisis, either real or manufactured, is used to make profound changes within the system. The democratic process is messy and cumbersome to get major changes made. However, introduce a crisis and the people in reaction stunned can be pushed aside installing major changes that would never have been created without said crisis. Shock Democracy as some have labeled it.
Shock democracy is quiet effective to manipulate the public to an end that they would not normally succumb to. It has been used for centuries by one government or another to great advantage. For example, 9/11 terrorist attack results in Patriot Act which is the destruction of many civil rights not to mention resulting war upon non-threatening nations to grab their resources and give corporations ungodly profits. Naomi Klien has written a book and done documentaries about such a thing called "The Shock Doctrine". The link above will bring you to a YouTube video that sums it all up nicely. You can click here to go to her website.
Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful. This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government.

- Henry Kissinger

Of all tyrannies, a tyranny exercised for 'the good of its victims' may be the most oppressive.

- C. S. Lewis

911 Truth SeekersYou better sit down for this one Neo. This is just how bad it has gotten and how far this fascist attempt has progressed upon America and other countries also.
9/11 was an inside job!
That's right, 9/11 was planned, organized and perpetrated by agents within our own government. How do I know this? Well, there is lot's of evidence out there that all points to this conclusion. To make it easy however consider how the buildings came down. In particular remember Building 7? It was decided to "pull" that building several hours after the other buildings came down? So they pushed a button and all the controlled demolitions at critical structural places went off in perfect timing dropping the building straight down into it's own footprint as America watched on TV. Clearly controlled demolitions. Excuse me?? They would have trouble just getting the structural plans of the building to the controlled demolition experts on site in a few hours. To actually set up a building that size would take days if not weeks to do!! Get it? The building already had the charges in place! And if you study both of the towers, the same is true for them also. All three buildings had controlled demolition charges in them before the planes even hit! They have claimed that the fires inside the towers and building seven is what brought them down which is, of course like most of the other explanations, absurd. No modern steel structure has ever fallen due to fire. The black smoke in the picture above is a result of fire that is oxygen starved, barely burning. Not nearly hot enough to compromise the steel structure. The fireball from the plane hitting the second tower is actually the majority of the jet fuel being ignited and burned off as a result of the impact leaving very little to do any further damage to the building. In addition the towers were actually designed to take a hit by two or three much larger much faster airliners and remain standing. Check it out for yourself Neo. Note also that building 7 was vacant when they pushed the button. The towers were not yet the button was pushed anyway's!
If you're thinking our government would not be involved in something killing so many of our own citizens.. don't be so naive. Wake up and look around you. America has been supporting and installing brutal dictatorships for decades, including Sadam by the way. Giving them the weapons and means to kill thousands of their own citizens. You think they have a problem doing the same here? That's like saying I know they lie, but they won't lie to me.... ok?
Now you might ask why? Easy. To make us all feel threatened by a manufactured enemy so they could take away constitutional rights via the Patriot Act. Order out of chaos. Not only that, it lets them declare an open ended war against, get this, a tactic, terrorism. This is a job for police, not military... Don't you see? The military is becoming the police. Get comfortable having Nazis, I mean the military, patrolling your neighborhood checking papers. All they have to do is claim you are a terrorist, true or not, and you are locked up indefinite, no trial, no jury, no Habius Corpus
Our government tells us to keep an eye out for terrorists among us and report someone exhibiting suspicious activity to them so they may act upon it, for our protection of course. One of the signs we are told to look for as an indication that a person might be a dangerous terrorist is anyone defending the constitution? Hello?
Nazi 911A 9/11 type incident is exactly how Hitler came into power. They call this type of thing a "False Flag" event. Perpetrated by one and blamed on another. Our CIA is expert at this they have done it many many times. For Hitler the manufactured False Flag event was the Reichstag fire. Enemy threat created, rights gone, dictatorship accomplished, the rest is honorific history. The same thing is happening right here in America!! The REAL terrorists are the Oligarch power mongers, Nazis,who have our government representatives on puppet strings. They are the ones running this country, they are the ones who are actually the threat and very real danger, they are the real terrorists. If you would like more information about this issue you can click on the picture above it is a link to Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth. Another good starting point for more info would be 911 Truth Seekers.
This one was heavily reported by the corporate controlled mass media news. However the reporting, or propaganda programming I should say, led everyone to believe the wrong things. The perpetrators were identified almost immediately though no one claimed this action. Most terrorist operations are claimed and the reasons for it given also. Amazing police work. Also the reporting was not "critical" in any sense anywhere in the unfolding of this story. All the reports, claims and witness testimonies that conflicted with their "story" were ignored if not outright ridiculed. They came up with a list of "terrorists" that were flying those planes in no time at all, again more amazing police work, it was as if the list was made up before the incident even happened. There is a problem with that list Neo I'll bet you didn't hear about. Several of the terrorists on that list that were blown up with the planes are still alive and living respectable lives somewhere in the Arabia area. A few even offended their name and ID were used on that list.
Sadly Neo, the 9/11 false flag attack so they could start a never ending war on terror is not unusual. It is not an odd one time thing. It is, in fact, quiet normal business as usual they have done this many many times before to get us into wars. Now they have done it again. If you would like more information about our own government creating these false flag events, the history of it, a good start would be the Alex Jones documentary Terrorstorm. It can also be found on The MatrixUSA Docs page. Remember Neo "The Matrix" is all about manipulating you into thinking what they want you to think, doing what they want you to do.
 Here are a couple of YouTube videos clarifying the "inside job" assertion about 9/11. The first is an engineer examining the facts. The second contains a nice primer about Thermite, the controlled demolition explosive of choice found all over the 9/11 site.
The U.S. government has consistently blamed me for being behind every [attack]. I would like to assure the world that I did not plan the recent attacks, which seems to have been planned by people for personal reasons. I have been living in the Islamic emirate of Afghanistan and following its leaders' rules. The current leader does not allow me to exercise such operations.

- Osama bin Laden, from a statement issued to Al Jazeera within days of the 9-11 attacks

Project Censored Home Page"If all this is true why haven't I heard about it?" That's a very good question Neo. How is it possible that all this could be true and yet many know little of this? Mainstream corporate media channels, the newspaper and TV specifically, have been compromised for quite awhile. It is to the point in which they no longer represent the public interest. In fact they have violated the public trust, their constitutional obligations and have actually been complicit, a part of, the problem we now face. The news is no longer the news Neo. It is now programming, conditioning and even brainwashing is applicable to what they are and what they do. You are told things that are not true, and not told things that are true. Consider this one hard Neo, again, many know nothing, or very little, about any of this. That says it all about modern USA corporate controlled mass media news. We are all mushrooms Neo, they keep us in the dark and feed us horse manure. There are some independent news sources and the net that are still trying to get the truth out but they are under pressure trying to be shut down, or at minimum, invalidate them.
If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.

- George Washington

Truth-LiesRemember, this is a Fascist attempt on America and the world also, it is the big powerful corporations and entities that want the government to represent them, not you, Fascism, thats what it is. You have no rights, Government and Corporations have all the rights. They know everything about you, you know nothing about them. They have complete control of you, you have no control of them. They are innocent till proven guilty, you are guilty till proven innocent. Understand the ambiance in this restaurant where they are trying to get us to feed? Click on the image above to go to the Project Censored home page where you can get a briefing of the news that never made the news to see for yourself just how bad it is.

Back in 1987 CFR member and pro big corporate representative Ronald Reagan managed to repeal the FCC "Fairness Doctrine". The doctrine restricted the amount of media outlets any one entity could own and more importantly required as a part of FCC licensing that broadcasters were required to air opposing and contrasting opinions and viewpoints. News is the common term for it. After the repeal, news being an expense they no longer were required to burden themselves with, it all changed. Now most broadcasters get their "news" fed from conglomerate sources many of which contain what is known as "Video News Reports". VNR for short. These VNRs are inserted into your news mix as if they are real news when in fact they are not. They are produced by PR firms to advance an agenda or product and have nothing to do with "News". Simply put VNRs are advertisements presented in a "News Report" format. Corporations use them, organizations use them and even the government uses them to "sell" whatever they are pushing. But sell it as if it were real news! It has more effect and credibility if people think it is news and not an advertisement they are watching. This problem is rampant today and much controversy is surrounding VNRs and their deceptive use. Google it to find out more about VNRs.
Corporate USANow consider this Neo: Disney, "New" Viacom (and its former parent CBS Corporation, the former "Old" Viacom), TimeWarner, News Corp, Bertelsmann AG, and General Electric together own more than 90% of the media holdings in the United States. Repeat.. 90% of media is controlled by only a few big corporations and entities. See the connection here? They are the ones trying to pull this off, of course it's necessary to take over the media so they can control that you do not hear about what they are doing! That's why you haven't heard about this Neo. They kept you busy watching the war, American Idol, Dancing with the stars, football, etc. as they steal our country away from us. If you would like more in depth discussion and examination of this issue refer to Wikipedia and take it from there.

Mind Control TVIn fact it goes way beyond simple duplicity from the mass media, you are prime time Neo. They are using trauma based techniques like Monarch and MK Ultra, and newer non-trauma electronic techniques of mind control (MC) programming that grew out of the Montauk Project to condition (brainwash) the public. The purpose is to steer the public the way they want them to go, to think what they want them to think. Over 200 think tanks are working on this just in the United States alone. One of the most obvious examples of this conditioning that has been put into us is "conspiracy theory". Once those words come out the conditioned response is "this is crazy, nut job" any analytical examination of facts is skewed if not completely halted. You know Neo, there are such things in the real world as conspiracies, they do exist.

Another good example of public conditioning and steering is the presidential election process. Everyone is conditioned to think their hand picked puppets, usually the sleaziest and most corrupt, are "front runners" while those the public really likes are turned into long shots, nut jobs, fringe candidates. The "front runners" will get their names exposed 100's of times a day. The "Fringe Candidates" will rarely be mentioned. The "front runners" will be reported incorrectly as the right choice for us. The "fringe candidates" will be reported incorrectly as the wrong choice for us. They do it every election, election 2008 was no different and in fact is a case in point. Polls are used to gauge and condition not actually represent facts. This worked quite well for Hitler in Nazi Germany, it is working well here also. Google "mass media brainwash" to find out more about what I am referring to here.

Did you know Neo that in 2006 Haliburton sold nuclear technology to Iran? I'll bet you didn't as it was never reported, kept very quiet. However in 2007 you heard all about Iran having nuclear technology and they are going to nuke you that is why we should nuke them first. They are beating us almost every day with this you would have to live on Mars to not know about this. Fortunately that did not work for them a second time so they are now grappling for anything that the people will swallow, make them move in the direction they want them to go.
Society is like a stew. If you don't stir it up every once in a while then a layer of scum floats to the top.
- Edward Abbey

Matrix Baby
These are just a few of the many things that have gone wrong and are no longer what they appear to be, we are truly living in a Matrix. The government controlled education does not teach you this anymore, the corporate controlled media news does not report this to you anymore. They are both now trying to teach, tell and sell you that Socialism is a good thing and free enterprise has failed! Eh?! No Neo, no socialist experiment has ever provided the prosperity and freedom that America achieved, repeat, none.. ever. Here is the big problem with Socialism they quietly keep to themselves:
Margaret Thatcher, in a television interview for Thames TV This Week on February 5, 1976. Prime Minister Thatcher said, "...and Socialist governments traditionally do make a financial mess. They [socialists] always run out of other people's money. It's quite a characteristic of them." It has been popularly paraphrased in various forms:
  • "The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money [to spend]."
  • "The trouble with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money."
  • "Eventually, socialists run out of other peoples' money [to spend]
And way too often they end up with millions dying at the hands of oppressors, the masses destitute and the elite/government rich and powerful. No nation has ever known such prosperity and happiness as when our markets were truly free.. Here is an excellent education about Capitalism and Corporatism. As I said, this is just some of what has been kept from you. If you would like a more comprehensive list I would recommend reading Chapter One of The Global Sovereigns Handbook. The section entitled Truth is an Endangered Species specifically.

If you want even more and are “able to handle the truth” though it may completely destroy your understanding and reality about our own government then I'll give you some more material to research. We have been asleep and complacent for far too long. It has resulted in much damage and distortion being done across time as the guardians, We the people, have not been exercising due diligence. Did you know Neo that we have not had a president, congress, or senate seated since the early 1900's? Did you know the same is true for the state governments but at a later date? Did you know our original government created by our founding fathers is still there it is just not being used? Did you know that our entire current government is actually a foreign corporation? Did you know that our current corporate government is actually owned and controlled by the IMF, world bank? Did you know that we the people are actually declared enemies of our IMF corporate government? Did you know there is a “quiet” war being waged on us and if they are successful not only is America gone but look around you 5 of the 6 people you see will be dead? Did you know that most Americans have become 14th amendment "US citizens" which means you are not sovereign and the Constitution and Bill of Rights do not apply to you? Did you know as a "US citizen" you are under the maritime commercial law jurisdiction of the foreign corporation you know as you're Federal Government, not the common law of our nation? Did you know you are allowed to travel using transport of the day no license or registration is required unless you are conducting business? Did you know you're birth certificate created a strawman almost the entire "legal/financial" system acts upon that strawman not you the spiritual being? Did you know "legal" and "lawful" are two completely different things? Did you know "Acts" and "Statutes" are NOT law? If you would like to know more here is a comparison of just how different what is America(De facto, usurped) and what should be America(De jure, original, intended). The Matrix USA is clearly delineated. Here is another link to a history lesson. One that you will never get from this enemy that is now controlling our children's education, controlling our education, keeping us asleep in The Matrix USA.